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1i. IL. IJ L'P-'YH, - iu'ti;ialer  l.
ficial Juuritil of L Paritjsh of
.,,ir 1, r ilthe Post ( firoal T. iedg , L.
..at tro,.d r1cuas mn;te.
CEIt yJAIt. IN Ai)VANt' i....... 8200
All com:nilll;t 3Ionf should te ad
dresse.d to The Ti 'rlu,, 'IOAx SN''rINgL,
$hibouialix. La.
Subscrlherse whii, il I t.eeiyvl e their paper
qg t'lne slou l nlotitf ul without delay.
aWFully prepared to do job work
of every description.
r orrc.ponlncie "in suljects of general
potere t sol l lthll .
To insure notlice of their colnliunications,
Writers must Iirnish their real name,even
though they should iiaire to witlhhohl Its
nnblieation, iSan it.' .ulc. of mood faith.
Matter intotIiet for putiicataon should be
written only otn onle side of the sheet, and to
Insure insecrtion ir the week's ieuee , coill
:nlllln ntilos should reach this office tby
A'ednesdav's uail of that week.
"The Lily Whites."
In an editorial under the
foregoing caption The Week
ly Messenger of St. Martin
ville, deals severely with the
Lily Whites. It says in part:
'The politicians who re
cenitly organized a wing of
the Republican party under i
the misleading name of Lily
Whites, and who have been '
preaching for the organiza- I
tion of a white Republican e
party in Louisiana, are prov- e
ing by their actions, that s
their preachings to our peo- I
ples for the organization of a
white man's party and the
elemination of the negro
from politics, were hypocriti1
cal and false.
They were not office seekers
but were citizens intewaested
in the welfare of ovti' state I
and our people, bii t we can i
pee these same ~feachers to d
the people aft 'their political
purity ap~tf untainted white
-.essAetting into federal af
rices one by one, and now
that they are enjoying these I
fat paying offices, they are t
beginning to fall under the
party lash and obeying orders ,
s they are received from
headquarters regardlesa of I
what nature they are.
Mr. W. ;. Howell, the col- i
tector of Internal Revenue at
New Orleans, one of the lead- a
ing figures of Lily White or a
White Republican party has i
just showed us what a hypo- 4
crite he was when he was l
ptumping the third congres- c
Vional district just two L
mnonths ago, and preaching t
elis false principle of snowy a
The Messenger charges Mr. r
Howell with hypocrisy be.
cause, in the face of his re
peated declarations in favor f
of "an all white" Republican a
party and his expressed con- c
tempt for the negro, he hasE
"removed from office Mr.
Erlirart, one of his deputies,
a white gentleman, esteemed,
respected, and fully compe- a
tent, and has appointed in t
his place one of the blackestt
ignorant negroes, of the old
regime, and this is the action t
of a preacher of the Lily '
White party," says the Mes- '
The SEN1NLEL thinks the
Ae&set4er does Mr. Howell'
an injustice in saddling upon
him the whole blame for the
appointment of a negro de. I
puty. It is well known that
be demurred and protested
when the subject of the ap.
pointment was first broached;
but the executive committee
of his party insisted, and so
reasoned and arguted, it is a
said, that lie finally gave in 8
ind made the appointment. I
O)f course, hle must bear his a
share of the responsibility, 1
but so also must his party, 2
for his act was the party's as I
much as his own. It is un- i
fortunate for him that lihe
yielded to the committee'es
imnportunities, for that one
act belies llis pst utterances
on the que\.tilj of an "all
white" Relpublicn party and
lays his record open to theI
strictures passed upon it. 1
But he was, after all, siniply
a victin of cironmstances,
which he lhelped to create,
when he and others tnder- 1
took to do the imposaible- to
fonrm :u "all white" lheVhlji- I
(;'t1 party -ald fr imr the ca.- i
-YeqUen.eis of which Ueithler I
henor they coiuld hope to,:
escape. No one can be a true
Republican without embrac
lug the Republican principle
of negro equality, :and when
the Lily Whites started out
to establish an "all white'
Republican party they simply
set out on a "wild goose'
chase, and were bound tc
come to grief.
The Lily Whites have
reached that point where
they had either to quit play
lng politics or recognize the
negro, and they have chosen
the latter alternative.
It would have been better
for their selfrespect and fair
fame to have quit and ack
nowledged their failure than
to have stultified themselves
by recognizing the negro as a
factor to be reckoned with in
their political calculations.
The ifeaa thus con
cludes :
"This action of Yollector
Howell is the death blow of a
decent, honest Ltepublican
party in LouiseI°aL ., as all th
leaders of that party in tws
state seem ready to ,"iate
with the negro iv order to
secur+ nffic* and this is
what the best element of this
staate object to. They want a
white party, but they want it
spotless, and not of the
Howell kind."
Well, nous verron8.
They Havey Taken In The
Speaking of the recent ap
pointment of a negro deputy
in an important federal office
dictated by the executive
committee of the Lily Whites,
in response to a hint from
Washington, The Truth, pub
lished at Baton Rouge,
among other things, says:
"But this is not the point
we desire to make, but to re
peat that the Lily Whites
have only done just what was
to have been expected-that
is, to cater to the negro vote.
It is ridiculously absurd to
suppose a white faction can
successfully maintain itself
in the republican party. The
voting power of' that party
lies in the negro, and it is a
case of no negro, no votes.
As the democracy is the par
ty of the white man, in the
south, so is the republican
party that of the negro, and
republicans who are such for
power and pelf will seek the
bulk of the vote. When a
man begins hankering for of
fice he is not over particular
as to the color or character
of the voter. He wants votes
and he will get them if he
can. The Lily Whites are no
exception to the rule and
while they may, and no doubt
will ostracise the colored man
socially, politically, they will
truckle to him or fail as poli
The Truth correctly states
the case. It is the "expected'"
which has happened. There
was no other solution of the
Old readers of the SENTINEL
will recall the fact that from
the very birth of the Lily
White party way back in
1894, the SENTINEL has al
ways contended that a pure
white Republican party was
an impossibility because in
contradiction with one of the
fundamental principles of
national Republican party,
and that by force of circum
stances the Lily Whites of
Louisiana would have to
swallow the negro, or rather
be swallowed bhy him, to be
come fullfledged Republicans.
Indeed as recently as in our
issue of the 8th of last Nov
ember, we, in a well consider
ed editorial entitled, "Lily
Whiteism Coming to Grief,"
said : "An 'all white' Repub
lican party is a contradiction
in terms; it is destructive of
the fundamental principle of
the Republican party: the
equality of all men, without
distinction of race, color or
previous condition. That is!
the cardinal dloctrine to which
e\very man must subharibe be
fore he can enter into the
fill fellowship of the Repub
lican party. Until he does
subscribe to it, he may call
e- himself "Republican," "Lily 1
. White," or any thing else he
e niay choose, but he is simply
I deluding himself if he be.
t lieves himself to be a Repub-!
lican; he is not, and caninot1
y i be, a full-fledged Republican
" until he does subscribe to
,!that cardinal doctrine of Re"
publicanism which is repul
e sive to every instinct of all
true Southern men."
This was said less than two
months ago, and already the
1 Lily White leaders of Louis
iana have learned to realize
c the force of the "logic of the
r situation," and have by their
action, the aproIntment of a
negro deputy and the recom
mendation if another for ap
pointmenu to a lucrative of.
fice, vir~nally subscribed to
the fundamental Republi an
d o e of negro equality,
a i whioh th
ong and so vehement
The bare fact of appointing
a deputy or recommending a
negro for office, may not, of
itself, constitute a surrender
to the Republican doctrine of
equality; but when such an
appointment is made under
the circumstances which forc
ed the Lily White leaders to
make the one under discus
sion, it does amount to a
practical recognition of that
fundamental Republican doc
trine which has always been
so obnoxious to Southerners.
Henceforth, there will be
but one Republican party in
Louisiana; our erstwhile Lily
Whites have taken the negro
to their bosom, politically
speaking, by recognizing him;
they have made him their
political equal, by sharing
office with him and taking
him into their council; they
will have to suffer the conse
quences of their misalliance,
by being overwhelmed by
him iu the end, for that is
bound to be the natural out
come of it all.
No doubt niany former Lily
whites will scout this idea, I
just as in times past they
scouted the idea of their re
cognition of the negro; but
as they have been forced to
recognize him, so also will
they in the end be over
whelmed by the negro, who,
because of his greater num.
bers, will again dominate the
Republican party of this State,
as in the days of Warmoth
and Kellogg. White men
may continue to hold offices
as Republicans and as ap.
pointees of a Republican ad
ministration, but only on
condition of catering to the
negro. That is the condi
tion "nominated in the bond."
It will not be many years
before readers of the SENTIN
ELsee this prediction come
true, just as its old readers
have seen its former predic
tion, that the Lily whites
would have to recognize the
negro, come to pass.
The Venezuelan imbroglio
may be settledw
On the suggestion of Presi
dent Roosevelt, who had been
solicited by the powers to
act as arbitrator, the matters
in dispute between England,
Germany and other European
nations and Venezuela have
been referred to the Hague
Peace Commission for arbi
President Roosevelt has
acted wisely in declining to
act as arbitrator himself and
referring the parties to the
Peace Commission. lie has
saved this country from pos
sible entanglement and given
prestige to the Commission.
A successful settlement by it
of the ramified disputes sub
mitted to its consideration
and decision will prove a long
step forward in favor of the
arbitration of international
disagreemerits in the future.
May success attend the labors
of the Commission.
They ave a new system of
collecti mercantile debts
at Bernioc, in the State. All
the meoL nts haes made out
their a umnts against (nll5y
tomers a have gotten up a
`black ' 'They have an
b: ,nbOu 1 *reement betweenl
tl. emaelr as follows:
-'We, j the undersigned
nmtl gbers.f tl e 'Merchants
Cr. lit netoit `ion' of Ber
nic bie on elves not to
clu. Oe Gs tr any party or
par, ; ese . ames appear
on'; 1,,k.'st' now held by
,i-t ary said ssociatiol,
until a1i4 Iebt is arranged
satisfs AY-c+.
Shoulg-'y member violate
this Vbwent he shall be
held able ,or said debt
and ag~'ees to pay
ame."--rgn. Rouge Advo
We e our readers
3n outf e way for some
time at Jsa We kept ham
mering away at it at a lively
rate, didp'tt we?
By the iay, dear reader,
if you ar6 a voter, permit us
to inquire, d you pay your
poll tax? If ou didn't why,
we are sorry for you, really
sorry, for th time is now
past and the is no remedy.
But don't yo4 think it is all
your fault?
Did you .-the usual for
mal new-' ear resolutions to
reform and save you kept
them til nowi
Several of our planters
have run their crop of 1902
into the New Year and are
still grinding. The crop in
general is good and the prices
ruled higher than last years?
The tonnage was generally
good, and that combined
with little better prices has
given the cane growers some
encouragement. It will also
put some money into circula
tion and business ought to
improve during the present
The' W d nalgives
a sensible bit of advice to the
negro of the North. It says :
"In many of'the Northern
States the negro holds the
balance of power, and the
national supremacy of the
Republican party is due to
his vote. He should make a
move on the White House
and demand for himself a
little of the public pap the
president is so generously bes
towing upon his brethren in
the South."
The Batox Rouge Advocate
thus answer a sophitiscal ar
gument latly advanced by
the Iberian:,
"The Ibegan indulges in
the remarkable sophistry that
the people re so disgusted
and outrage4 at the disgrace
ful conditiou of public affairs,
that they wil lie right down
and endure this condition
without a word. This, it
thinks is wly they will not
pay poll tats. Per contra,
it seems to ue that the situa
tion wunld rither argue that
with every State department
and e ry pblic concern so
admi ~bl) nducted and en
joyin~ soA excellent pros
perityl,r ai no need to
lie supi ei y l when hingu_
gowrong. We lo, noq give
this as the cause of faillre to
pay the pol tax, i it s an
swer to the Iberian.'
LoJ Ra, 'U on T. & .
Th.' to ritn , t,, hich e~ cursion
ti.kets to the ; will be sold
ha4 ~ween anrm ilerablv widened: I
addition to the sualn sale of ticketl
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the Tex-a & Plcic lrtaiwav (ou
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to principal points in lextcn, C,,lor
do, Arkansas, uissour;. Ka,s, Iwa,
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I seats in catir eas etc., may be had
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-. P. & T. A T. & P. 'y Co,.,
ARE YOU WISE A gre ,,tmany p eis ofe A rmu ,,"
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uationarS I no remedy to equalMees Mstauns nimeat,
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Throat in osder to kill disease germs
aid i»iure kalthy throat action is to
take half a glasfull of water put into
it a teaspoonful of
Mexican Mustang
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Then bathe the outlf the throat thcrobly with theli-I
meat and ter doing p omeona o lothand wrap/
aroundthe neck. It isa YBTIVE CURE.
25c., as.s and $1.00 a bottle.
IT MAY BE YOU ,'; " .rLb e"t i t' . ~ lt
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The Williams' l
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In this age it requires no argRent to convince thinking people that Elec
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Sole Agents
I KACECA uiJDarme. NEw Oursaua.
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4-ass K. cALDWELL. LELAND NUEK. T. D. wEs.
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Pi rk. Veal, and .usedj. a of atll kinds.
Market treet. Thibodaux. La.
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MEYER, DRE. A. J. & L. &
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StUtrseet,.. ..a . M* I -bA o
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ijOW'LL& MAI('IiN.
A ttLeraeys at a lw.
Roons 5. '. 7, e7, ak of Ithilwdaus Buildiag
As I Ioer*mey. .aw
O()ffees: Bar.k itulldiug. Entrance .a St
Louis Sir at
Masdc eacher
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notMsary Pbi le,
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Filter Cloth Enterprise
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Awnings, Sails, Etc.
Orders Promptly Filled,
Thibodaux, La.
Reduced to FIFTY
ew ea -.
Wonian's Rd
w eb ldy elleustr ted In cbs ad
lase hteit Aedca ps . tate I
n eow er issmmt ry
Sa rold m lto- Ck M
i  II OW 3ahngh Pew Tm. P. .
beeders of fancy iultel,
Bafl Caithin agi fir :.5 e t #UJ
hor Ae Ye rre I nvhte to 'lt
Call either at W. C Rsist a
deBufl Cor Kubin es uior " se La
dence or lioblucbea.l uicatr' al

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