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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, January 31, 1903, Image 4

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Meeting of Lalourche Prr,.
gresive Union.
The .dr,,arned ,,v.t-t',e 'f vb- I" .
foiurce l'rgr -sove )U 1o . w) e I -I
to o,,ler 1e T.-u,,--r rv * b' i:r.,:-t., IV
tf oie, n.*.,iu, -.V.' t") rucoe.v. L!.
-rp ,rt of 'Ii- ,:., :,attr' ctr, rm ittee
ailf o'cli ':t'* r w'.,i a3. :ai " line up
The " .. rt , t " ie n . .u s.t'ng coil,
mttee wal r c .v.:.l. a.id' Wae as
"To the l..rn'wrs. of th L-,fourche
Progresvie 'noia:
Ge,,tlewmen -- ',,ur Nomrniati:iu
CommittPe after .,e sand car ful co:
sideration. tie ta sjubmit far ,your
approval. the f ) IoVi, g names] dent e
m~.e to ill th. ' vuiue ,t 31es of th.
Laf,,r h'e Prgr. -a-,: t uiua::
For Pres-d.-nt. V. P. Martio.
Fur V\'e Precs . ]e-. Thos. B ., y,
EGR ,b;clba. ' P. hcer, Ju.e
tilchaux, Frank l'ara, 11. N
Cou ol.
Secr,.tary-.lanager, L. lU. Lanco -
Treasurer Edward Bad-asux.
Excut!vI Comrn:ttee: Frank Zer.
an,tt, W. . Martin, le-nry Riviere,
Ants,le Brand. C. R. BatLtie, Ozeme
_Naquin, L C Waterbury, P. W.
Necholl4. tb6 last n,,mel fur Chair
aue of Committee.
IRtspectfuly. Submitte.l,
J.. I. oaDL.,
K. .1. BRArD.
Upon the rf.ufi}pt of the rexport of
this comautte. l'Prof. L:fargule noov
1d the rat ii.ation of same for uuaui
mnos e!ectti,n.
Dr. Smith moved an amiendment
tlhat each name be voted on separate
Ly. The motiou for arendment was
lost, aulI the motionr for unanim,ou
riectioen was duly carried.
It was tbhnu mnvel sed seconded
that a committee of five be appointed
to draft UcnUtitutVUn anti by-laws, aod
the chair appoi,,,tl the following
named: I1. N Con.on, CLai:man. C.
RL Battie, This. A. Badeanx, Prof.
W. S. Lafasgue, F. W. Sicho!is.
.lotion by H N. Cou.oa, secoauled
by Dr. II. S. smith
Some remas ks were made at this
point retatiuve to the question as to
whether this last nam-d committee
should draft a charter for our organ.
zation, but upon due con-iderauoo,
taking Into account the unnecessary
expense attLich-d to filing, recording,
etc., of chartLr, this question was laid
pvAr for fui ther considieration.
The Chairman read a commiiuica
tion from Mr. Albert Godchaux en
dpusing a personal check for $50, and
the wishes of success for our Union.
Mr. The.. Badesux moved a vote
of thaaies be sent Mr. Godchaux, and
P" Secretary was so Instructed. Mr.
sdeauz thew made some remarks
relative to the establishment of car
ain commllttees to be as a guide to
the Committee on By-Laws and Con
rtation, and many appropriate re
marks were made by different me:n
bers along this line, and sugg.stiona
for names of diffrent eommittees
and the purpose of same, durang
which remarks Prof A. J. Dupyu
made a special request for an educa
tional oummit.,e, and his remarks
were received with much interest
The (ollowing named committees
were suggestel: 4onmaitee on pun
Ic )ods, Committee on Streets of
the town. Drainage. Taxes and
License. Electric Lght and Water.
wolks. Railroads. Manoufactures and
industries. Finance. Bridges and
ereri. Telephone and Telegraph.
Sntertainmeut. Public Buotldings
Mr. Martin then eade a suggestion,
afterwards put in form of a motioa
which was duly carried, that a prize
of $10, be offered for a descriptivs
-rticle relative tO the advantLager,
poisibilties, productiveness of on_
parish, showing the locations of the
diulfeant towns giving their special at
tractions; this paper to include facts
nd figores to be derived from the
proper channel, Thi paper must
:e delivered not later than the first
p1 April, to be handed in in large
seaIled envelope, oan use sigued to
the article, but uname of the writer to
be enclsed in a smaller enveicpe,
sealed and pla.ed inside of the large
envelope; this to be opened the even
ing that the prize is awarded. A
Committee of three will be apposted
Isark to pe ,won the merits of the
ab-- pape - ,. .
MrS. ILd. Badin akd lhst s.
anscial secretary be added to the roll
of olficers, and after doe considers
,on it was so ordered, the Nominat
ing Committee was instractedt to re
perr the name of a person for this
oMice at the next meeting.
Mr. Martin then made some ver\
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applicatiops as they rannol
;esch the diseased portton of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deaf
.tes, and that Is by coi,titutiouii
remedies. beafness is caused hy an
idnmed L.crauitios of the mucous liu
,g of the siasta( ian Toube. Whet
this tube is iifl.amel, you ate a rutin
bling sound or iua.?- teFt hlmriag, anu
yb.n it is eutirely cloa.-d Deafaoeas is
the result, anld unless the intamma
to n can be taken out and this tubs
peetored to its ioim ral 'eu'lhten, Iar
rag will he desto,3ld f ret-tr; riuns
pases oot of ten are cne-sed le Cat
abih, whih i nothiLng but no . tlrem
,d ceiedion ( the mucous surfar.-s
We will give One Hfaded IDol.erl
for any cause ,f DeIafaess (cas sdc b,
rat*elh) .st canoot es cured li
sill', ('starri C'ure. Snd fur circu
rs fe.
i. .9. CRENEY & CO., Tok do, o.
bold by )Droggists, 75t.
sal,'l Pa.ily pilla are the best.
.;: r.rit"e rer rks ret'tive to the
aseis of ertasg::.g tile c ,niges of
ihi Tow,, -f 'Th:ra ux. suggetiung
.,'uC, u -r:l to i arrr out the abov .
a'", IC nrn,'rite'. of three was at
1,o.,te'l w!th th h Pr.-i lte.t as (.r, .
oi, of -same. io take u,, this matter.
Tit: c am.rmttee as a who e wi.t he as'
., ..ws: W. P .tartiu. ex offIlcio,;
II N. ('oi on. Tho:no~a A; Badeaux.
Fritncis Kuuo,!oh.
A motion was then male and car
rie thit t0,' C. rnm:ttee on Constitu.
ti.n an ! BI-laws repyut at a meet
nug to be he'li two we.-k from the
,.re-, ,t in,--ting. , a ,l'a the eveiing of
F".:hrrarr 1O' i This motion madle
by \lr. N h.,~t -a-id seeoule'l tv M.r.
Liv. Riv'.re.
Mr. Y',u:,.. th,.n arose and offered
the a-i:-ca' of th- stenographer
ar.dl tyvpeuit.r to the EComu:ttee on
C,,n-titullton andl By-Laws. ?.r.
Nielv"ils mo"JVtl th.; a vote of tLanks)
e. ex:te led t., the New 0: leans & S.
W. It. 1 Co.. fir the services of their
,st- n,;grpher.
W. S. ia.fargue then arose for a
point of information relative to the
q estion as to whetLe- the name of
the ore,.iz.ati'on had been ofUiniatly
acted upon. It b6i:,g ascertained
that an action h d been taken in an
Mial way, )Mr Beattie tho-n m red
that the ,same of the ,,rgauization he
the '.iaf, urc.he Pogressive IUnion.
This m,,ti,,n r".cIvno g .numner,ui se
cowast was Int to the house and car
ried unasomouuJ v.
Mr. Nichuol, then sutgeste ' that a
reess of five m:nutes be ta . it for,
the enrollrn ut of ..w m. mlers and
the l,ayme',t of qiarter:y lu s: 'th
following narrs were aide I to the.
membership ro.:: F. W. Ni.bo!ls. C
H. Braud, Etig-ne Fiectwood, Morris.
I Ce estin. H. L. GI.,b-, A'h-rt J.
Duptuy, Chia. F. Bourgeois, Dr. H. L1
lucrocq. Mlstrtin S~hw.artz, Rcharl
McCormick, Junius Ma brough, E.
Dents, Thos. B -a , E Marqruette,
Leon Polmer, Tr..vi:le G .illiot, Fatlton
togers, A. J. Siromoneaud, Chas.
Riviere, C. H. Dick naou, U. N. Cou
Quarterly dues to the amount of
$40 50, were collected including re
mattar.c of Mr. Gochaux. $50, and
amnounts previousaly collected of
$12.70, making a total in the hbands
of treasurer $103. 20.
T[he membership committee was
instructed to have 500 membership
carsts printed and to pattern same af
ter the card used by the N. O. Pro
gressive Uniu.
The treasurer was instructed to
have blank receipts printed to be used
in the receipt for payment of dues.
All previous committees aslpointed
ate to hold over until ol cially dis
There being no further business, it
was moved by F. W. Nicholls, second
ed by Mr. y. By. ivere, to adjourn.
Thibodasu, La. Jas. lth, 1903.
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Boils acd Felons; removes Corns and
Warts. Bed Pile cure on earth.
Only 253 at All Druggists.
Dr. Josep.h Baner, of New Orleans,
and Mr. W. P. Tucker, of Houma,
were here for the funeral of Arthur
Thihodeaux, their brother in.law. The
ftuneral was also attended by Messrs.
E. B. Hobert. William Butcher, Desire
Val!ahan and otherTerrebonoe people
pre. Cure for Siek HPedsehe.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets ate a certain cnre for sick_
headache. If taken as soon as the
first indication of the dsease appears
they will prevent the attck. Get a
free ample at Both Drug store and
gate them a trial.
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gesuine bargains.
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ceries and good Liqorson,--of the
latter he carries always in stock a
Sne sssortment of ese gooods, sncb
as "The Old Vally Whiskey"-extra
special quality--which is excelled by
no other. 25.
Visit the bargal coouoter at Ellis
B-and's So., y, might inad so-
thing you seed thee much cheaper
than you could buy it elsewhere,
Opera House,
H. L GIBBS, Manager
rne merr AWeek,Jan. 31
C. B. Mlarvin's
A Wise Member,
Prices 2'., 35. 50, 75 C'ents.
Proceedings of the Police/
court Louse and jail 14 10
Ed. Srmithwick, repair water
work. jail anmd eart house 12 00
Dr. .1. J. Daigre, extract teeths
of prisoner 200'
H. W. Frost, Inmber for public
road a
Zendel & H., furniture tor court
houae 41 U
Thituodaux Sentinel, publishing
official proceedings 14 00
Thibodux Sentinel for publish
ing ordinance 450
Thibdxaux Sentinel for Job
printing. election, 74 75
Lafourche Comet. for publishing
official proceedings 14 00i
Lafourche c(',met, for publishing
ordinance 4 50
Lafourche Comet for publishing
R.gi-trar notice, election 225
A. J. l'rice, coroners fees O9
Roth Drug store, medi'ine for
jail 40
Lefort & Tetreau, bnggies for
.lection 12 00
Naquin & Keeler, buggies for
electin 20 50
Edma t'hiasaon, delivering box
es, election 5 00
R. A. Frost, delivering boxes,
election 25 00
Max Dupre, delivering boxes,
election 10 00
C. A. Eagerran, delivering box
es, election 10 00
Chas Riviere, delivering boxes,
election 50S
Commissioners of electloq. l 00
Clerk of election OS
Dy sheriffs of election 1 56
). L. Caro, election expenses 2 M
L. B. Thibodaux, Juror of in
quest, body of Zachari 2 00
Joe Esteon. juror of inquest
bhoy of Zachari 200
A. Thihodlaux, juror of inquest
bode Zachari 2 00
James HJearv heri ff, criminal
expense. V. Wright 26 34
James i -arvy iv.rifI, criminel
expens-es A. Edward 18 00
James lieary (.A W Connely)
criminel expt·r.scs A. Single 2 40
James leary t'has Triche)
criminel expct.-s M. Hall 13 90
James learv -hn.rif, eritnijtel
expn-es M.. !hill 2 00
Total bills approved $1 50 'f
Your C'ommitt.~e rcomlutend that
Pension be allowed to the petitioners
herein tbelow, for tihe amount per month
set opposite their respective names,
dating from January 1, lV'r to Decetm
ber 31, 1j3, towit:
Betsy Hill, from January 1, 1903,
per month 2 00
Mrs. Pierre Lopez from January
1, 1910, per month 2 00
Miss Vie. Benolt, from January
1, 19 per mouth
Fany ienterenimnt from Janua
ryv 1, l, per month 2 00
Mrs Auristilc Malbrough, from
January 1, l90o, per month .f..
Mary Lewis, from January 1,
Iwsl, per mouth 2 00
Susan Parker, from January 1,
190I, per month 200
Gra.ie Williamns from January 1,
l1r3, per month 200
Children of Nu:na Hebert, from
January 1, 1%9:;, per mnnth 2 00
Sophie Joseph from January 1,
19113, per mJuth 2 00
Henrietta Jackson, from Jan
uary 1, 1903, per month 2 00
Eug.'Edward, from January 1,
1103, per mouth 3 00
James Adams, from January 1,
1W-9, per month 200
Mrs Ad. Adam, from January 1,
1901, per month 2 00
Mrs Henry Williams, from Jan
naury 1, 1903, per month 200
Missouri Taylor ftom January
1,1901, per moats' -4,
_r l" ahmok 24
-u Hoinor, rom Jau a,
- er month 2
Jim So m from Jaary 1,mur0,
per month 200
louise Hoffmann from January
1, 191, per month 200
Hronry Michael from Janary 1,
It9; per month 2 00
Elizabeth Green, from January
1, 1903, per month S4
Mrs Henry Tabor Ion Janoary
1, 1903, per month , 200
Susan Stripling from January 1,
1903, per month 2 00
Hy P. Prodomme hadwife, from
January 1, 1908, per month 3 00
Abey Jarino. fromJmanusry 1,
1946 er month 2 0Q
John bor, from January 1,
I 1 per month 2 00
John D'Huet, froadanuary 1,
190, per month .. 9
Hannah Pierce frouJanary 1,
1913, per month 200
Richard Belt and w , from
January 1, 19034, m month 300
Henry Armstead,_ a January
1, 190I~s, per month 200
Mrs Klebier Legendre and father
from January 1, 1906, per
month 4 00
Mrs Syrmp. Dugas from January
1, 19t,, per month 2 00
Frank Smith, from January 1,
190. per month 200
Uchnyler Dantin, from January
I, 191, per month 200
Celina Dantin, from January 1,
ISO, per month 200
Mrs 1ime Tousin, from January 1,
1903, per month 2 00
Mis ieleste Boudreaux, from
January 1, l9M3,per month 2 00
Henrietta Jackson, from Jan
uary 1. 105, per month 200
Mrs E. J. Davideon, from Janua
ry 1, 1903, per month 4 00
ILoais CorLbet, from January 1,
190l3, per month 200
Melasie Adams, from January 1,
1903,per month 2 o
Tbeo andry, from January 1,
190. per month 2 oo
Lue Dempter from January 1,
135, pr month 2 oo
Mrs 9. r. Atkinson from Janua
ry 1, 1901, per month 2 oo
Joba arret and wife, from Jan
ur 1, 181 per month oo
Mar Bltser from  anary I,
108, per month to
-orlomon Brown from January 1 -
1008,per month oo
Mrs Ludovtc Baye from January
1, 1903, per month 2 oo
Mrs Ev. Chiaseon from January
1, 1903, per month 2 oo
Mrs. AuristLile Cherami from Jan
uary 1, 19os, per month 2 oo
Theopbile Guilfoux from Janus
ry 1, 19o3, per month 2 oo
Mrs Azelie Danas from January
I, 1903, per month 2 oo
Henry Clark from January 1,
11,3, per month 2 oo
Mary Ann Stuart from January
1, 190l3, per month 2 oo
Mrs Jos Parr from january 1,
19o3, per month 2 o00
Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigue from Jan
nary 1, 19o3, per menth 3 oo
Mrs oristile Savoie from Janna
ryI, 19o, per month 2oo
rs arcelin Martin from Jan
uary 1, 1913, per month 2 oo
Jim *letcher from January 1,
1903, per month 2 oo
Celestine Prince from January 1,
1903, per month 2 oo
Mrs Terranoe Toeps from Janua.
ry !, 19o, per month 2 oo
Mrs Camlle Troaclair from jau
ar o 19o3,pe r month 2 co
Mrs Peliclen Trommlair from Jan
nary 1, 19o3, per month 2 0oo
Pierre Molaisun from January li
1)33, per mnth 2 00oo
Ernest Cantrelle from January
1, 19o3. per month 2 oo
Mrs Emile Clement from Janua,
ry 1, 1903, per month 2 oo
Martha Bryant from January 1,
11io, per month 2 oo
Adele limel from january 1,
1:.3, lpor inoath 2 oo
Mra Avilien Mire from January
i, lt. per month 2 oo
Mary c'loo from January 1, 1903,
per month 2 .o
Tltal apprepriatin fur year $l.l8tUoo
Your Committee the pay- I
neat of the ealLari by ondin- .
aee, to the fo te of the,
aee and arenr towit:
C n rd . Bo oo00
A, er, cosetable g woard Voo
o. . ar, justicee p sd o 0
MaY Dupre eoetemsgli ward so o
E. P. ernard Jlm sM ee 4th
ward 16 ui
1. D. Hernard esaal4Sh ward .1 uo
A Cretlni justiepe pe.a S
ward 4 on
1. Remont coaestNabl wrd o 00oo
A. J. Lsseigne -p  7-. p th 0
ward 18 96
A. Ayo comstable& wI 80so oo00
Total $88 965
Total claims ipppved $1 25o 27
Total pension 1 ms o0
Total salaries di tie
peace and c S !B8 93
Grand total s9=2 2k
RespeetdallIy mbtiht
SJ. J.O Aceon,
A T EU5oT,
r-- ge on claims. 3
The exte4dem .IM mrods in the
lower portion of 3s h action
whereon had brom the
session of a1 taken up
and whereas, a a a on
htis matter eam r by this
jurT, wlham ssue Iein or
son closing I bei
l, in -tWasY6
The report of noaisitt*e j
m justice at the comtbe's
_slaries, tie sessioe of j
4eptember was elied for, sad A
thereupon, Mr. . IAei ehairman, J
stated that oo!laeeisat of the Rolling 5
sea.on and n on s ramn tof the very .
bad weather va t l Ile, his com- 8
itee had esn sbe to meet and I
live the patter proper eoadderation, 8
and for thee reasns, asked that furth- S8
ýr time, say until the meting of March
Rext, be granted his aommittee to hand (
in their report. I
The above request wa egranted.
The r'quest of Mr. Rladela, made in C
is ofldeial capacity, Is bperintendent (
f the public schools ot this perish, in
re-ard to the Inckpot Iaekup lot, was
~aied up as un ftnis business of yes
lerday, and on motS oet Mr. Morvant.
seconded by Mr. ,uedr, the President C
3f this jury wasns tnd end directed
to execute such deedordeeds as may be
eeessary to grat the d e of the Lock- C
port lockup lot, b to this prish, t
and which is sItaated Jthe ile of
Lockport, this p arL a period of 9I
rears, to the-ParF Pblie echool
Board of this parish, the condition
that same be used R1 be maintenance
thereon of a publiHc se l, and in the
event that it ceased he need for the
above purpose them use of sakd lot
shall ipes facto revert the parish as
at present, by the vote.
Yeas-Aueoin, y, Bar
rins and Morvant.
On motion of Mr. seconded
by Mr. Guedry, the of cutting I
nst a new dsi as requested
by Mr. Roger, ao y, was not
acted on, for the that said re
guest was not supported by
the residents of new dis- I
trict, as reqluired by , the opinion
at the jury.
At this time the communi
eation was read.
Thibodsux, e m. 14th 19
To the Preldenst u e bars of the
Pollee Jary, Parish Jlesrehe.
Gestlemea m .. wold
y a k swe ntsd fer the
ion was b with the u
rstandinl t t old nhee
donsbler eeeee an riter, <
adbl reprsit. -
Tngforusting you w1 isr this wlh It
tion was d ed r with the un-proper
derstandln at the Grar could nod:e- a
consider Iols5 .f0 Parish printer,
mad as to tl hLs the parish print
ing for ~yeahS, that would bej
Rias dur at the proper
The foriolag repheet the Grand t
gary for te leptber term of the
Court, waspla ed odered spread on
the minuem
To the owasrhe L.P. Clloset, Judge 1
of the Twennteth Jedielal District of a
the StatLe of Loudama, sitting in and 1
for the Parish of ~Laehe.
Your Orand Jurrs dly tinpaneled,
sworn and ehrgd aem th8th. day of;
eptem br, I be leave to submit.
W'e have esan the public ol-~_e
of the Parish hd - them neat and
well kept In ommining the Clerk'sl
Omce we learse'tht the ats from ifsI
to date have not m bemd, sad as im
portant actw a h esIs by reaeson of the
set ttthatet Mas .yar loosely
kept, we wold semsssse that the
oliceJry lhave  ld seats bound
withlotdeJ y . We ld farther ro
Coamed thet 0erstHoes be pro
v-o with a new Sag. ob e in use
now g Itn a ms-drladated eondi
Tatagir sabIted to as
ag d 'aesounts and
s ~te tsh s e asmelal condi
tl ofs e .ompoeed his
~t~ iqbeks ~U it both
ter than t years.
We had emisat of
hAte pubish
sehools is
are be thepresent
structure ill be much
more saiatei7 (be same time
give the auifort and
convele-1es gismers5 had no
complalns s mip stated to us
that they vems led end kiadly
tre hlave -- b l sueh erlm
inal matters s g t b toour at
tentm sd bi our seve
I neomeArg I lYe to thank the
omoers for iesg extended as dur
ing oar sessisls
l . Buace,
Fled s (Sp(Signed) P. J.
A trc e e Otee, Thibo
danx, . I~. uLU . J. AuonoI,
" Depuy Clerk.
The foliwr mmiifimm the joint
Thibodau - " vwas duly
,ne spread on
To the m reient end
Members of of the
parish ofl
Report of 5 Presdlent Thib.
odaux Bride Ifrom Janqary
1, 1o0, to D.
january81, bulde 11 ooo
March2 645 oo
PriI bog MS oo
3o,, O o6; oo
-pL So, , 67o1
Nor. 3o, red 4;e ;C. ei
Dec.. 31. receipt- from L,rTgl.: c %7 b,
Total $& 1
To Warrant" Paid:
January R, J. L. Aocoin. No. 1, 3 oo
January tt, .. N. N oth, No. 3 o o
January 9, E. U'. Morvant, No.8, aO:
january K. A. J. Branud, No. 4, o,
"anuary t. F. Zernott, No. 5. 3 o0
aiharv 8, R. Williamson, No. S on
anuary 31. K. Williamson. No.7 jo .)'
fanuary 31,. PO.. Naquin, No. 4 uo
January 31, Chan. Tabor, No. 9, t to
Feb. NP. OI. O. Naquin, No. lo, 4 00
Feb. 2, I'has. Tabor, No. 11, 4. to
Feb. 2, R. Williamson, No. 12, 10o oo
Feb. 2R, R. Williamson, No. 13, 665
March 14, A. J. Brand, No. 14, looo oo
March " P. L. Brand, No. 15, looo oo
March " F. Parrs, No 1lt, 3 oo
March " A. J. Brand, No. 17, 300o
March " E. U. Morvant, No. 13, 3 o
March " E. N. Roth, No. 19, 3 oo
March " J. L. Aucoin, No 2, 3oo
anury " F. Zernott, No 21 3 oo
January 31, P. O. Naquin, No 22, 00oo
anusry " Chas Tabor, No 23, 4 o00
anuary " R. Williamson, No. 24 13 oo
Aprl 2 H. W. Frost, No 25, 1 13
April 5, C. Lusignan, No 21, 375
April 23, R. Williamson, No 27, 1 30
April 3o, Chas Tabor, No :" , 45 oo
April " P. O. Naquin, No 29, 45 o
April " R. Williamson, No So, lo oo
ay 31, Wim. Keller, No 1, 45 oo
ay" P.O. Naquin, No 3, 4 oo
May " R. Williamson, No i3, lo o0
* " Thibodaux Sentinel,
a S. 4 25
no, P. O. Naquin. No 3, 45 oo
une " M. Keller, No 38, 4 00
une " J. L. Ancoln, No 37, 1o 00
ly 31, P. O. Naquin, No 38, 43 o
SM. Keller, No W, o00
-J. A , 4om, loo
No f T loos ea
July " Parish of Ltefrche,
No 42, ooo oo00
August 31, J. L. Aueoin, No. 4,, !o oo
August " P. O. Naquin, No 44, 4 oo J
August " M. Keller, No a4, 45 'o
Sept. II, F. Par., No 1, 300 oo
Sept " E. Morvant, No 47, 3 oo00
Sept " E. ltoth, No 4l, 3 o0
Sept " A. J. Braud, No L, 3 00
Sept " F. Zernott, No 5o, 3 ono
Sept 3o, P. O. Naquin, No SI, 45 no
Sept " M. Keller, No 52, 45 no
Oct. 3, P. F. Kurtz, No .3 42 o
Oct. 4, H. W. Frost, No 54, I 82
Sept 30o, J. L. Aucoin, No 55. 1o oo
Oct. I';, Joe Robi-haux, No 56, 4 oo
Oct " Planters' hardware Co.
No 57, 5o 75
Oct " Ja'es Beary, No 5, 4o oo
Oct 31, town of Thibodaux,
No 50, 75o oo
Oct " Parish of Lafourche,
No fo 7650o 1a
Oct " P. O. `aquin, No 61, 45 00
Oct " M. Keller, No 62, 45 oo
Oct " J. L. Auecoin, No 91, lo 00
Nov. 13, Victor Sposito, No 64, 3 6o
Nov. 25, town of Thibodaux,
No66, 6o oo
Nov. So, J. L. Aucoin, No 66, 10o oo
Nov. " P.O. Naquin, No 67, 4 00
Nov. " M. Keller, No 66, 4500
Dec. 12, James Beary, No 6, lo4 o6
Nov. 9, E. N. Roth, No 7o, Soo
Nov. " A. J. Brand, No 7', oo
Nov." E. U. Morvant, No 72, oo
Nov. "J. L. Aucoin, No 73, 3 oo
Nov. " . Zernott, No 74, 3 oo
Dec. 31, P. O. Naquion, No 75, 45 oo
Dec. " M. Keller, No 76, 45 00
Dec. " J. L. Aucuin, No 77, 1o oo
Dec " F. Zernott, No 78, 15000oo
Total 87244 12
Balanece on hand os51i o0
Salary of officers $1416 oo
Cash to perish 275o 0oo
Cash t town 721o on
Parish & town taxes A licenses o
Incidental expenses 134 27
Total 7914 tt
Z. Esmtlshsmm w,
ASt a t ib th D se s emtry Isemi
mrlass i kean the uased e Dir
estes of the Soldises Home at New Or
leanU, aelling the attention ed the J
to the fact that said home was in
of assistance,-whereupon on motion of
Mr. Theriot, seconded by Mr. Morvant,
an appropriation of 100oo.00o was order
ed made for the relief of said Home.
The communniation of Albert T.
Folse, asking to be named benelciary
Cadet at louisiana State University
and A and M. College, was read and laid
on the table.
On motion of Mr. Theriot, seconded
by Mr. Basset, the President was em
powered and directed to sell all the old
Iron belonging to the parish to the best
advantage and also that all the old lum
ber on hand resulting from the repair
of the jail, be turned over to sheriff
ery for use in the opperation of the
Jil Ineinerator.
Mr. Brasset complained that the Road
Inspector of the first District had not
performed his duty-if he did not do
ay bte.ttr from now on he would object
to said otfficer drawing his salary.
On motion of Mr. Morvant seconded
by Mr. Basset, the matter of any afurth
er repairs on the Pariah Dredge Boat,
wa: postponed to the March meeting,
There being no further business, the
Jury now adjourned, on the motion of
r. Basset, seconded by Mr. Barrios, to
the second Wednesday, the Ilth of
March next. Carried.
H. N. Cou, J. L. Arootm ,
Clerk. President.
Cured of Rheumatism After'
Spending $8,000 in Vain.
Mr-. G I. Thaxter. of Ashtland,
Cal.. writes: "I had been long adhle
ted with inflammatory Rheumatism
and was cofinel to my hd six 4
month.. I had tried every known
remedy, spending $3.000 to no inflect
I used three bottles of URICSOL,
and found p.rmanent relief." URIC
801,, never fails to ore deseases inu
eidear to dieorders of the Kdaey sad
Bladder wbe easat by ri acid.
Dru(gets sell it at $1.00 per bottle,
or'as bottles for $5 00.
Leave your orders for pianos
organs oandl pmo Inning with V. J.
Knollo h Local lIec;reseutative of
Louis Gruunwahl o. Ltd. 13
Stenographer i Typist
Night Clsm in Isaac Pitman's
System of Shorthand.
Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.'
OFFICe, caUMsaRLAoND 164. LocAL, 107
RnlMDNce, LOCAL, 146.
On last Monday the 26th, inst., at
4 o'clock P. M., at St Mary's Catbolic
church Mr. Jos. Gaude and Misr
OJelia Knobloch were un!ted in the
holy bonds of matrimony.
A Rare Oppprtunity.
iou will do well to call at Leon
Blocks and examme his h.argains nto
furniture, he is closing oun regardless
of cost. Rattan and Rocking chairs
utc. Do you want good furniture at
ch, ap prices. h re is your chance.
tore on Jaek-otin St. near railroad.
Fit, Style, Quality.
Are the ThreePStrorg Points on which
The line is now ready for
your inspection.
Ellis Braud's Sons.
J. LOA)DELL, Pres. P. . PEB;Y
JOSEPH CL UDET V-President. Secy-Tresg r
TIhe l.oUbdell & Perev @g.
Wholesale Dealers
Commission Merchants.
Near 8. P. Railroad Depot, Thibodaux, IA.
Igents J o and eiekI'em lfSur,
,-Orders For Car-load Lots Solicited.7
Sugar Planters orderE given special attention for
Grain and Hay.
Local 'Phone 152.--Cnmberland 8.
Oh! Have You
seen the beautiful and
large assortment of
Winter Goods
H. Riviere & Co.
S They make a specialty
Sin Black Goods and Wais
Call and Examine oiur
Immense Stock
I Riviere & Co.
Badeaux & Wagner,
- Manufacturer. Ageuts for -
' Thibodaux Telephone 109, Cumberland Telcphone a
Main Street. Thibodaux.

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