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___-Ofcal Journal of the Pariah of Lafourohe and of the at.mert of the Tow-a
v ý- THIBODAUX LA., FEB. 1908 No..81
b'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
and the one that is universally upheld
by all who appreciate its solid worth,
can only be obiaind at E. J. Brand's.
We have them in all slet'e, all shapes
* and all sizes. Their beauty of grace
is nosurpassed, and the elegance of
* styles, comfort and durability lasses,
satisfaction to all who wear them.
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
)mg wearers. They wear
twice as long as ordi. MIADEBY
shoes. Because they are .ME MAANSS
Mur~, C4&
by thoroughly reliable P 4
and only of the best M
Give them a trial
you will never regret
done so.
Emile J. Braud.
ber that I have removed to the Blum Stand, next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
au brick in the market..................... .
brioks on hand ready for delivery.
Sacceesor to LEFORT t TETREAU
Livery, Feed
.... A N I)....
*.Sale Stable. -
Undertaking WE
M' Establishm'ent
Blacksmith and
a Maker.
£ St. (Jor. Levee a~nd Mafrket, ThibodauX..
recive anice line of
Garland Cook Stoves,
*: eaters, Oil Stoves,
Stove Boards, Grate
Fenders, Coal Hods,
-Stove Pipes, Window
Glass, etc.
ibon Cane Knives $3.75 Per Dozen.
10.H. Riviere & Co.
as 108.Cor. fa~in 4* St. Louis 8?:.
0rtise in The sentiniel.
Boys' Sweaters
Our line embraces all les, I
stitches and latest ca
for service, material and fast I
color. We also show a splen.
did assortment of Men's t
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity Prudence Safety
Recognized essential elements of a perfectly ap
pointed Modern Bank--are offered by
The Bailk ol Thibodanx
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - $366,834,21,
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $467,23.91.
U B.C.
American Bottling Works
Thibodaux, La.
$egan Operations, Feb. 4, '03
Is now prepared to fill all
orders for Pop, etc. at the
following prices:
1 box, 2 dozen bottles, at 60c
Large cases 4 doz bottles, 1.20
We are ready to make
contracts for any length
of time at above prices.
John Guyot,
Mgr, Thibodaux, La.
Pedfct and Peerless
and nl Jdver, Kidneyd Bml &
aer rats i add
an yitd' lnug te
blood, thns remoiing the csse
of dieae... It gives vijor and
tone and builds up the health
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URCO sa luminiary 1n
medial world. It b as cured
w8l continue to une more
le above disease thea !ll
eter hnown remedies, masty'e
whic do mare hinmtbm
Thispest aed
Tadg e ma, hTes
ise and b ae uegn tos
UelmL ee>II4NIuleetat
The Military of
Thersarea 10,853.396 sp h 7
and physique fitted to bestarh sva
the defense of the United Sthten.
These available fighters are outside of
the regular Army establishments and
the militia organizations of the sam.
ral States and Territories.
Nearly Forfeits His Lit.
A runaway almost ending fatally,
started a horrible ulcer on the leg of
J. B. Orner, Franklin Grove, Ill. For
four years it defied all doctors and
all remedie=. But Bucklen's Arnica
Salve had no trouble to cure him.
Equally good for Burns, Bruises.
Skin Eruptions and Piles. 25e at
All Druggists.
A Generous Donation.
Bliss Emma Berthelot, bf New
Orleans, this week, donated a lot 100
ft. front by three acres deep, ip Moles
Settlement, for a public schqol site.
In addition thereto Mise Birthelot
donated $300 in cash for tlh public
school. Her check for $300 was
handed to Mr. T. H. Catey, PVesident
of the Parish School BoEd, last
Miss Berthelot's generous act, we
feel certain, will be highly eppreciat
ed by the residents of the .Noee Set
tlement, and especially as the dona
tion was made spootaneously, and
without solicitation on the part of
the people who will dedi the amost
benefit from this phi s la's
The giftia ose asm
largest indikiemst
esase of edeeathei
made in this parish, " Who
hoped thai Mite Soo"
example will be tol o others
who are able and at aid is
the education of the =q 4onma
B. Denys is now on St.
Philip street in the Comat ulding,
repairing of Watches, CleAs and
Sewing Machines only. It you have
anything in this line he vwu a glad
to have you call. Prices amssonable.
Dotter Than Gals.
"I was troubled for aseral yes
with chronic indigestion sad aervous
debility," writes F. J. Grees, of Lan
caster, N. H. "No remedy helped me
until I began using Electric Bitters,
which did me more good thng all the
medicines I ever used. They have
also kept my wife in exesllset health
for yours. She says Electris Bitters
are just splendid for female tuambles;
that they are a grand toals and in
vigorator for weak, run down women.
No other medicine can takl its place
in our family." Try them. Only
50c. Satisfaction guaraatep by All
Meeting of the Progressive
Thibodsux, La., Feb. 11, 1903.
The postponed meeting of the Por
gressive Union was called to order by
the President, W. P. Martin, with a)
fair attendance.
The first work taken up was the
report of the Committee on Constitu
tion. The President in submitting
this report to the Union, asked the
will of same as to the adoption of the
Constitution as a whole, or section by
section. Hy. Riviere made a motion
that the Constitution be read section
by section, and acted upon according
ly. This motion being duly seconded
and adopted, they proceeded with the
reading of the constitution. Upon
See 1, Article 1, It was nov
* -Easaer,: fsmoudsdeiy
Loots Riviere, that the name "Pro
gresasve Union of the Town of Thib
odaux and the Parish of Lafourche"
be struck out, and "Lafourche Pro
gressive Union" substituted. Motion
duly carried, and the section adopted
as amended 9ectuon 2 was approv
ed and adopted as read. Article II.
section 1, was also approved and
adopted as read. Article III, section
1, was amended by motion of Mr.
Thom. Badeaux, seconded by Henry
Riviere; amendments being duly ap
proved, and the section was adopted
as amended. Section 2 adopted as
read. Section 3, on motion of Thos.
Badeaux, was amended, motion se
conded by Louis Riviere; amendment
being approved and section adopted
as amended. Taking up section 4 of
Article III, Mr. Martin and Mr. Thos.
Badeaux, both remarked that they
considered the section as read gave
too much power to the Board of
Directors, and Mr. T. Badeaux moved
an amendment to the section. This
section was duly read and amended,
and was approved as amended, and
adopted. Article IV. section 1, adopt.
ed as read. Section 2, adopted as
read. Section 3, amended, and names
of committees inserted, and duly
adopted and amended. Article V,
section 1, it was moved by Tiros.
Badeaux, seconded by C. P. Shaver,
that the word "majority" be inserted
so as to make same read "majority of
members". Moved by C. P. Shaser,
seconded by L. Riviere, that "thirty"
be laseurted so as to read "thirty days
nottee". Both motion bung duly
wiled, section was adopted as
m.0 atRw a ad th
host of eas. - Amendment accepted,
and Edgar Riviere moved, seconded.
by Dr. H. S. Smith, that the first
Tuesday of every month would be
the regular meeting date, and that
from the first of April to the first of
October, the hour for meeting sh"uld
be 8:30, and from the first of October
to the first of April, 7:30 p. m. This
motion was duly carried, and conxti
tution duly amended. Edgar Riviere
then moved, seconded by Louis
Riviere, that the Constitution le
adopted as a whole. Motion duly
Edgar Riviere suggested that the
Executive Com.ittee report on By
Laws at next meeting.
Mr. J. Lester Williams then made
some very interesting remarks rela
tive to the locating at this place a
canning factory, all of his remarks
carrying much weight. and bringing
conviction to everyone. He endea.
vored to impress the importance of
such an industry to a community
with the naturel resources that here
exist, capable of supporting thus in
stitution. After his remarks, and
those of osome others, and many
questions being made to bring out
different points, subscription list for
the contract for the canning factory
was opened for a few minutes, and a
Isubscrlption amounting to *2800 was
Splaeed upon same. The Nominating
Committee reported the name of Mr.
Edgar Riviere as Financial Secretary.
Mr. F. W. Nicholls, duly seconded,
moved that this report be aecoepted.
The followlag mew members repor.
~ted: Dr. 8. A. Aye, L. 0. Water.
bury, Clhas. B. Lasseigne, Joe. HL
SWink, Dr. A. 1. Meyer, Dr. IL. E.
Meyer, Judgo I. P. Caillionet, Edwin
Cadioest, Ferducy Guillot, Eugene
Constantin and Thou. Foret (Lock
port,) C. P. Shaver, Dr. H. Danserean,
and the Chairman of the Memabership
Committee reported having the mem
jbership cards of several other persons
Swhich he forgot to turn in, but would
I do so at the next meeting.
No further busmness on hand, It was
moved and carried, $o adjourn.
SFor 8ale.
a Store building, known as ?rotec.
,tore Hall, and residence situated on
a Short street between SL Philip and
a Jackson streets. For particulars
i apply at 8SENTNL, Orivis.
Cut this out and take it to Roth
SDrug Store and get a free sample of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
a Tablets, the beat physic. They cleanse
and invigorate the stomach, imsprove
I the appetite and regulate the bowels.
Regular size, We. per box.
Unt Off News.
District Institute.
In comformity with the desire of
our worthy Parish Superintendent g
Mr. Thomas A. Ha'leanr, Mr. Joseph
H. Prict the efficient tec, "er of the a
Cut Off School called to ether his v
fellow teachers of this Section of the o
Parish in order to organize a District
Institute, said meeting was held on
Friday the 13th, inst., in the new n
School House, which has just been w
erected, and which is an ornament to a
the Tenth Ward. The following
teachers were present, Mr. Joseph H.
Price, Mrs. W. F. Harang, Miss by.
dia Lambert, Mr. Alexander Folee, s
sad Mr. W. C. Lorraine, and several h
of the patrons of the different schools c
bea Mr.* Prce .ithh uMs 'ejst bre'1
sight hid assembled those of his p. t
pils who could attend; and they ren
dered several Songs in a very efficient
manner. After the Singing of the N
little ones Mr. Price made the ad t
dress of Welcome, and Mr. F. P.
Parra on behalf of the Cut Of School e
Association made the Response. The I
question of electing the officers of F
the Institute was than brought up I
and the following were elected, Mr. c
Price President, liss Lydia Lambert º
Vice President, and Mr. Lorraine,
Secretary. Several educational topics 'F
were then discussed, fliss Lambert 1
gave a very interesting talk on Sing
ing in our Pubic Schools. The I
question of special taxation to length I
en our School session was also tak .nn
up, and it was decided to again ilis
cuss that suhject at the next meeting. I
The President notifie.I the teacher. I
that the next Institute will be held
on Friday the 20th, of March, at 1t I
A. M. x
Mysserious Onrenamstance.
One was pale and sallow and the
other fresh and rosy. Whence the
difference? She who is blushing with
health uses Dr. King's New Life Pills
to maintait it. By gently arousing
the lazy organs they compel good
digesti-n and head off constination. l
Tiy them. Only 25e, at All Drug
Jubilee Celebration.
By direction of the Very Reverend
J. U. Laval, -ims Gueeal etof thS
re Demo, was celebrated yesterday in
every church in the diocese in honor
of the twenty ffth anniversary of the
elevation of his Holiness, Leo XIII.
to the Pontifical Throne. At St.
Joseph's Church here the ceremonies
were particularly solemn and impres
sive, and the population attended in
large numbers, considering the had
weather and the deplorable condition
of the roads.
Catholics do well to glorify God
and return their heartfelt thauks for
His Divine goodness in having vouch
safed such a long life and glorious
reign to the Grand Old Man who now
occupies so worthily St. Peter's Chair,
and no doubt on yesterday many a
prayer ascended to the throne of
heaven, beseeching our Heavenly
Father t. spare his Holiness. Pope
Leo, for many more years of useful.
ness to the Christian world.
The public is cordially invited to
visit the bargain cou~nter at Ellis
Braud's Sons' spaeious store on Main
street. This invitation holds good at
any time, if you cannot call this
week, nor next, nor this month, then
call next, month; you are welcome at
any time; the bargain counter has
come to stay. 27
Messrs. D. Hareng, cf the Cut O01
and 0. 0. Roasesea, of Bo'sweaue
Station, were In town last Thursday.
Major W. P. Martin made a lying
trip to New Orleans during the week.
The jewels of King Fannus' queen
are on exhibition inn the show.window
of Mr. 1'. Zernott.
Tuesday mornIng the thermometer
Iwent down to 26 degrees, being a fall
of over 5t1 degrees in twenty font
hours This cold snap had been
preceded by unansally warm qgeather
for the season, and in consequence
Swas keenly felt. The ground was
wet, however and it, is the general
belief that it has not affected ihe cane
to any appreciable extent.
I We are requested to notify all per
m ouns who are desirous of securing
Sgood seats for the cornastion of the
1queen, mind the tableaux that there is a
Sbig demand for the tickets and it
(woul bewel for every one to secure
rwithout delay the tickets needed,
Sas the best seats may null be sold by
ITuesday night. The tickets are now)
.I for sale at Kw'bobcl's Mu1sic- F.tore on!
Slain street.
A Sacrilegious Burglary.
(h) Wednesday morning our com
inity was startled, shocked and
grieved to learn that St. Joseph's
Catholic Church had been burglarized
and desecrated during the night, and
valuable chalices and other sacred
objects stolen. The thieves laid their
sacnlegioui hands even on the taber
nacla containing the consecrated Host,
which they carried awry in their haste
with the vessel in which it reposed.
As soon as the bhwgtary was dis
covered, Sheriff Beary was notified
sad he lost no time in hetaking him.
belf, assisted by deputies, to the scene
of the burglary, with the hounds.
These toA the trail aid fe1le.ed N
to some point on Acadia plantation
where it was lost, presumably on
account of the thieves having past
through water.
The entrance into the eh'irch was
effected by breaking in through a
window of the sacristy. The bur
glars seem to have known their bet -
logs well, and pland. red the chureh
of all its valuab!e sacred vessels
which could be easily carried away.
Among other objects was a beautiful
gold chnlce, the property of Rev.
Father Dubourg, and a chalice which
was highly prized by Rev. Father
Ravoire as a gift to him from his
uncle, the late Rev. Father Ravotre.
* It is estimated that the objects
stolen aggregate is value some
$500 00 The Sheriff and his deputies
have been working on the case asi
duously but without satisfactory re
snits up to the.l present writing.
Every body hopes they will succeed
in capturing the thieves, though the
prospect of success is gloomy. The
burglary was undoubtedly planned
and effected by experts who know
just how and where to dispose of
such booty, which makes their captuse
all the more difficult.
Our Catholic population is deeply
grieved by the heinous sacrilege com
mitted in their church.
The Canning Factory.
Through the energy and iflames
of someat ode eities the asarsery
espitul11 aenim,.teb me
moaths. The, Monk e das
meeting at the City Hail 0t =s1t
Monday night, and elected a boned
of Directors, ,ontsting of the follow
tog gentlemen: L. H. Laaeaster,
Henry Riviere, C. P. Shaver, A. J.
Brand, J. L. Lobdell, F. W. Nicholls
and Joseph Claudet, all of whom are
well known business men. This
board of directors are at present
negotiating for a site upon which to
build the factory. Work upon the
building will begin shortly as the
factory as to b1 completed within
ninety days after thq signing of the
The Lafonrche Progressive Union
deserves congratulations for becuring
this factory for the town and parish.
for it was through its members and
their influence that the required cart.
tal was subscribed. The canning
factory will not only be of great
benefit to the town but alfo to the
surrounding country. It is to be
hoped that the Progressire Union
will meet with the same success in all
its future unodertakings..
Base Ball.
The prospects for Base Ball for the
coming season in Tl'ibodaux are
bright. The leaders of the Base Ball
Association are negotiating with Nr.
C. 0. Dantin to the end that he con
vert his tract of land, situatedl bnt
a short distance below thu S. P. Rail.
1usod cowssing at lower Canal Stress,
Into a fret elma base ball park. This
Sis agood move nd we bope thst the
contract will be closed.
SMsnsger Gibbi assures ae that the
SGrays will be one of the strongest
teams in the State, and all who, Isat
Sseason, witnessed the games In which
Sthe players named below particiiated
will verify the assertion. Those who
will wear the Gray during the aoming
seasen are:
S pies, Verges, Toujean, iEnglish,
I Roffman, Tarlton. Rel1, Smith, I.
? Vitter, Schott and Ryan.
SThe above list comprises players
Swho were with the Grays last season
I and some who were their most formi.
'da.ble opponemits sad to whose skill
1Ion the diamond was aime mere than
one defeat of our boy', and this sge
gregatlon of play re should form ont
of the strongest tesams in the Stat..
For Sale.
is Two Portable boilers and engine.,
Son wh. eli. Cylinders 8z10 inches,b
,all in good order.
1 For fuartber particulars apply to
r)oan osas
t(t1R Th itxLans, 4

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