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Iht 'IruIt IU 0 s 1MW aw i aeuLtt__a__
O l-ofl t- 3'a Lesi a id a the Samte of the. Town.
Sb'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
MaUy tmheories o be formulated and
mook talk exprnedi, but we know
trom practical experhs that the
shoes we sell ofr more poIlts of
mrid, am biter mae, ame com
Itabs. *aos.h and"It~
l eat sad appearaee this ay shoes
oabmed to the public. Ther comfort
.' t is guaranteed, as well as their abso
ca , lute durability over say other make.
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
-low wearers. They wear p
twice as long as ordi- ABWw
ihoel. Because they are te [ss
by thoroughly reliable MR aee
mens. o. 'ss
and only of the best
l Give themn a trial
yro will never regret
done so.
Emile J. Braud.
that I have removed to the Blum Stand, next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
now prepared to furnish the beet and cheap
brick in the market......................
kHs on hand ready for delivery.
. Livery, Feed
"...Sale Stables.
Undertaking ST
K Establishment
Blackhith and
-.. * Maker.
St. Cor. Levee cad .Market, Tkibodaiux.
received a nice line of
SGarland Cook Stoves,
Heaters, Oil Stoves,
Stove Boards, Grate
Fenders, Coal Hods,
Stove Pipes, Window
Glass, etc.
emons Cane Knives $8.75 Per Dosen.
18H. Riviere & Co.
0 8o. cor. M.ain St. Louie St.
ertise in The Sentinel.
Bos' Swtteis
S ea mlhes
for service, material ad fast
color. We also show a splen
did assortment of Mea's
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity - Prudence SBelty
Recognized essential elements of a perfectly ap.
pointed Modern Bank--are offered by
The Bank of Thibodaux
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - $366,834,21,
OSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $467, .
- -J~.
American Bottling Works
Thibodaux, La.
Began Operations, Feb. 4, '03
Is now prepared to fill all
orders for Pop, etc. at the
following prices:
1 box, 2 dozen bottles, at 60c
Large cases 4 dos bottles, 1.20
We are ready to make
contracts for any length
of time at above prices.
John Guyot,
Mgr, Thibodaux, Ta.
Ped adh v sium
ma as te a lama
Saa wh a"
rs sad bhids wp tfh ba
wasne ess tce e
eIe b I t sheit
ad bssws tlra to cses mes
of e obiw nis e ow a
Se ad mI dM a
Sear ted aMos lod ao
!t .e " r Jals a
- D3sn3ss or -
Cornish Indian Games
Stock for sale, 82.50 and up
Eggs in season at 6=.50 per
Church robbing is getting to be
entirely too commos, It seem to be
aone by professional thieves, who
may, the better to conoasl theil
tfrios designs, ply some qua res
pectable trade, such as itinerant vs.
lors, in the towns they visit, wb.e
reconnoitering and laying their plnas.
It would be well therefore for the
police authorities of the various tows
to keep a sharp look out and put a.
der surveillance all suspiciouns dchne.
tors and strangers whose movemets
are such as to give rise to sueplelo.
Church robbing should be stopped,
before the people becom so exsaps
rated as to do some rash act.
E. Denys is now loated oast.
Philip street in the Comet bulbing,
repairing of Watohes, Clous ad
-ewing Machines only. If youe
nwything i this li be will as
o have you cL Prices
The pubic is an ,
rot the b ag e
B sess tiss bnspeales
seet. This hll edua a
way time, it yeS p0 " i'
week, nor net, nsor this Aa e
il neat mout; you age aeih1 t
my time; the bargain eo esr 'has,
eo-se to stay. •
For ale. -
Store buildo&g, known as letse.
tors Hall, and residence Nst'teeno
Short street between 8t Pihp and
Jackson streets For passelasrs
apply at SamnaL. Ormon
setktr ihi eas.
"I was troubled for seveal years
wth chronic lmdigestion and arseas
lebility," writes P. J. Omrn, dle.
meter, N. IL No remedy asp m
atsl I began sing Electri e
which did me more good then all th
nedleess I ever ored. hve
deo kept my wife La ehe alth
he y ra. She says leitrie Mers
re just splendid for femle treeddl;
hat they area grand tals sad fe
rigoratos for weak, run down awes,
no ether medicine can tab e iplies
in our family." Try them. Only
0Sc. Satisfaction guaranteed by All
Mardi Gras,
Mardi Gras was very pleasantly
ad quietly peased ber Of course,
there were masers n grotesque and
emial costumes who paraded the
*seta, sad their mber w to fact,
aer than mal, but they were not
gig ta wyrh. There we b ot
8" vistors Ia towr, owing, so
oeti tt feart tthotthere was so
esmnds a the Camarial Cub under
wo sanu les the parade had been
y has bees disor
tled ia
heor boo Mhs esty,
S asea, made his appearuses
asspaied by his brilliant court,
ad asoaeded the throe. A series
of beautful and appropriate tableaux
were presented. Miss Bertha Riviere
was chose and erowned queen by
King Paous, and bore herself with
the grae sand dignity that became
such an exalted position
The aids of His majesty were Dr.
O. L. Brand, ProL. Lafsrgue ad Dr.
HL 8. Smith, and they choose as their
maids, respectively Mimsses . LeBlan,
A. Kerne and L. Beauvals. After
the coronation ceremony and the
tableaux were over the lung and his
court attended the grand ball that
wai given in his honor by the Thibo.
daux Cycling Claul
Mc Paul Delasne, one of our po.
polar young ILen had the honor of
being king
The 8WINrr. congratulates the
Thibodaux Cycling Club upon the
succes of the celebration.
The following curious item is again
making the round in the press:
Curiously worded advertisements
that are funny without intent are
common in the London papers. Here
are a few example: "A lady wishes
to sell her pano as she is going
abroad in a strong iron frame."
"Framished apartments suitable for a
gentlema with folding door."
Wanted a room .by two getlemen
about thrt fet wide and twenty
est. beeL "MA boy wanted who
. e. m with uiee.me"
Sa mea s
WAgb aad~
tass -ollr his seek sad
male." Buldg for sae will eat
anything, very food of children."
"Wasted, an orgamist and a boy to
blow the same." Walted, a boy to
be partly outside and partly bhind
the coster." "Los, near Hilghgate
archway, an umbrella belonging to a
gentleman with a beat rib and a hone
handle." "To be disposed of, a mail
phaeton, the property of a gentleman
with a movable headpiece as good as
The citisens of Lockport and lower
Lafourche have organised a progre
sive unon, with a vow of promoting
the development of that secton of
the parish. Theim a8nim notes with
pleasure the spirit of progress, energy
and enterprise such a movement
deotes. That portion of the parish
prieats to capitalists vast possibali
ties which, if properly seised and
developed, will yield handsome re.
turns. Around and below the Cut
O onthe leftLbank ofthe tbayou,
thre is a vasut area of Iad susoepti
bles of relamtron, which, ooe r
elaimed, will e very valuable, sad
add msterially to te agricltaral
wealth of the parib. A progreselve
auion at Lokport, properly directed,
can ascomplish much good.
While on this subject, it bis well to
remembr that the Lafonrebs Pro
gienwve Union does mst propose to
ami its emargise to ny partilar
seuMoft the prish, ad mlghtbe
dsoenh istats the te uness
la thur te to be the
,eas e a prigh
3 a a g
4 as. 3
A Good Movement, If Proper
ly Guarded.
Prot Depay, Principal of the
Guom Academy, has inaugurated a
movement for the estalishment of a
inbrary for the beelt. ef the pupile
t that schooL is a goodmove,
if properly directed, and should be
eoooraged. Good books placed
witha the reach of studios pupils
mll prove of isea.lmala besdt to
them. We  my g bolks, for there
are books and beok d a bad book
-le headoa eall w as "m
menemils usets, whhr h a~ esloe
lated 6 edrmisae the faithe sad
low manato the level of the brute,
and thus destroy the very baseeis of
morality; prejudiaed, bassed and
partis so ealled histories which
distort the true feets of history and
palm off malicious slanders as truths.
to such an extent as to hey. elkclted
from Count DeMaistre the just crib
lsm that the so called history of the
last few centuries, as presented by
some writers, is a huge conspiracy
against truth.
In selectng a library for schbool
children the most rigorous care mast
be exercised to exc:ude all bed book.,
of whatever nature, and it should be
understood at the very inception of
the movement that this care anad
good judgment will be exercised, if
the promoters wish to see their work
crowned with saucess.
With this well understood, the
SIrTIxL wishes the new movem'rnt
success. Prof. Dupay solicits contri.
batioss in money or book. Already
our enterprising merchant, Mr. C. O.
Dentin, has made n appreciasted
contribution of books. Others will
so doubt follow his example.
Cut this out and take it to Rth
Drug Stora and get a free ample of
Cbamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets, the best physiu. They cleanse
and invigorate the stomach, improve
the appetite and regulate the bowels.
Regular sire, q E.er bo.
bum pes .ohoe"
Hosma Oourier.
One R . LMartl, who siga bhi
salt "presdlet" gives notaie to the
public that the Society "has rejected
Mr. Clay Savole, their former medium,
and the socity is no more respoesl
ble for his acts;" and vouhebafes the
aueranace that "the corporation wishes
to bold its priwncples-Charity sad
Benevolesnc to all, except what is
To all of which Clay Savis retorts
in a card to the publi ethat thesaid
Society which is kicking up suchb a
fuoes" about him is composed of
only sine members ad the President,
and adds the information about him
self: "and I am a spintualst medium
and hypnotic healer with several
membership and something like 525
signatures, by well known people in
difarent parishes who can speak for
themselves, and some out of Louis.
All this is wonderful information,
which is in a measure accounted for
by the fact that Savole designates
himselof by th suefx to his inasture
"mediaum spiritualist." He is eviden.
ly not above medium, and it as more
Lbha douabtfl if he come up to that
Judging by this wuhing of their
'dirty liase" in public these spiritual
lets ae evidently amot above ordinary
mortals, ad it p.su' comprpbesion
bow they aan attract followers.
Nearly ledtes XIs Lffo.
A rnawayalmoet eding fatlly,
tartsd a herrble uleer am the a
1. 3. Omer, 7,abm~swes ,
_our, it deaed al dilea .s_
at medle. Bet Buckle's ArLies
lvel had so treebe to eae him.
Eqasy good ,for Burns, Bruises,
SkBli 1Erptios and Piles. Z5 at
AU Druggists.
Recent river ews ladicates that
there is grave fear of ood in thu
Missisdppi valley. A dispatch from
Memphis, of date the 25th liast., Nays:
With the Missssippi river above
the dager iha at this poit, and
stetdching ite low lads of Ajksas
stnemboat men and planters are sno
nything but a happy frme of aid.
For the rns tamse o several vesan
smokestcks on steamrs lying i the
local harbor my be plainly viewed
br the city, being brought on the
level wt the suarfae of the business
prtion by the high water. Acroes
he water i Arkasss the sene bi an
eadlese expanse of water, and reports
reselig here are that with "back
water," sad the Arkass river aid
nlg, the small sea covers a width of
otrwyfive miles.
T'ie sittion below Memphis on
the Misesaeippi is very grave. r few
inches more of water rwll result ia
suabmergin; thousadns of crea of
land awaiting to be planted is eonce.
The isevees are a perfect redition,
but property outside and nuprotected
by the da;es is in danger, sad han.
dreds of bead of cattle have bees
aorraled on high ounOds, i prepera.
oren for the worst that may come.
Reports as that more water may
be eapsoed. The present stage is
3833 feet, whicrlh is aboueet 4 aches
above the dnger line. This is wb
iver mes ad as a big rise. The
bila bordering h rivet her were
Nmed with people to day, who Soeb
to me the sergitg Swear. The snr
ret is swifter tis ha bsees -sed 4
ns poet fre Om I ower
d -m yea, ad bst meem a tlt
their p-op.
It present indications for rei are
borne out those who are watching the
present situation are ferful of the
- 00-- * lop -
The Catholic Church at Don.
aldeonville robbed.
A dispatch to the Times Democrat
dated the 25th. lost., gives the follow.
ing account of the diabolieal robbery
and desecration of the Catholic
Church at Doualdoanville last Tues
The Catholic C~hurch of this place
was robbed of two eilora. which were
worth about $60. Ker. Father Mas.
sardier, the pastor, says he tbinks
they were s'oes by a professional
churob thief, who eatered, the edilk.
houot noon yesterday. The doors
were all as they had been left in the
m-orning, and the theft was only dim.
oovered when the priest opened the
tabernacle at morning mass to admin.
ister commeunion to the large Ash
Wednesday Jogregat~on. Th.k cibo
ria and all the consecrate bhot were
gone, sad the service was broLht to
an abrupt termination. Thee was.
somebody coanected with the prsbe.
tery in the church all of yesterday e:.
spt for two boors at noon. In the
afternoon it was found that the poor
bo" bhad been tampered with, but
was asbroken. One of the sacred
veses take brom the aseriety wa
of wheb stale and tihe oher dlRea.
abmald be amled it is iosd
Mr. B. Mattngly, of Labasrr,
Ky, arrived hee yesterday a visit
to his brother Tes B. Mattingly.
What Man ve Yet To
liarn to smile, it is often better
the medolne.
Ieanr to atteed to your own bus-.
Learn to tel a good story, It is a
sunbea is sadness.
Learn to may encouraglg words,
especially to the young.
Learn to avoid ill-natured remarks
and everything that can create frio
Learn to keep your troubles to
Learn to hide your aches sad prom
ender a pleas t smile. No one sam
to know uhat alls you.
Learsnto greet your friseds sand
acquaintaanes with a smile. They
caru~ry too may frown in their wrr
hearts to bothered withL any of
youra .
Learn to keep secnrete, ad not to
etrac say from others.
Chicago is cited a shnloing am
pie of the proftable mnsgement of
an importat public etility by a
muleisp·ltty. For ft teeys e the
city has epersted its lightiag . plan
ha developed th largsp meslelpsi
Y 8ta ppeepot m o a t mdl w .
weit ialet an e ms .r ,.3g a
the paerd mase the eaty s a peq
for the anstruabio ad operation ed
the plant ,4,I74 . If It had
rented the lights seppled by the
piat drig the tse years it
woeld have iurrned an eUpediture
of 38,55.875. In other words, the
oet of tUh plnt has been saved h
its operation.
The prinetpal features of the Nzw
Isb Wones's MdrAutxs ior Febms
ary are, e always the utilitarum, and
in patterns, descriptiom of ooetute,
fuacy work, and domestic daleks
ithere Is nothing more helpful to te
home maker now poblished; but .he
literary fatures are equally uas vJas
Mble. The stories are charmingly told
and well illustrated. rs.n E. A.
Osborne's rasler upan Lincoln, entit
led "A Nauou'a l'arou Sain'" is
epecia:ly appropriate, and Ernei&
Neal Lyoak poem on Wsahingto.
emphasizes the patriotic eleemt of
the contents. Mr kibolage Wod-.
row's article upon M. iske s
"May otf Magdsla" contmsm the
series upo the promiasn& uu ot
the stae

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