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Offioial Journal of the Parish of Lafourehe i of the Interest of the Town.
VoL 37. THIBODAUX, LA., ,. No.
ib'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
mtizny theories can be formulated and
much talk exi-,ndecd, but we know
from practical expelieuce that thei
shoes we sell (fllr more points of
merit, are better made', e:ore corl
fortable, mole sty i.h aud ne:ter in
effaet and appearance than any shoes
.s guaranteed, as well as their ablu -
lute durability over any other m:ike
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
long wearers. Th'Iey w ear
twice as long as ordi- MADE BY
e1hoes. Becausle they are tCIE MANSS
s5OE M'FG Co -
by thoroughly reliable
PAT. DEC I'e 1899
and only of the best ------
rial. Give them a trial
you will never regret
done so. ;..
Emile J. Braud.
ber that I have removed to the Blum Stand, next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
I.b now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
-; t brick in the market.................. ....
bricks on hand ready for delivery.
Livery, Feed
- ý .... N P..... f
S...Sale Stables.
Undertaking ~tS
_ Establishment
Blacksmith and b '
:ioi St. (or. Levee and Market, Thibodaux.
Sreceived a nice line of
SGarland Cook Stoves, 
Heaters, Oil Stoves,
Stove Boards, Grate
Fenders, Coal Hods, _i
Stove Pipes, Window '
Glass, etc.
'Dietons Cane Knives $3.75 Per Dozen. 
H. Riviere & Co.
7lPhone 108. Cor. jlain ,j" St. Louis Sts.
vertise in The Sntinel.
Boys' Swea
Our line embraces ll
stitches and latest col
for service, material and fast
color. We also show a splen
did assortment of Men's a
Sweaters. s
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity Prudence Safety
Recognized essential elements of a prfectly ap
pointed Modern Bank- - are offered by
The Banl of Thibodaux
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - $366,834,21,
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $467,823.91.
A. l. Cl t.
American Bottling Works
Thibodaux, La.
Began Operations, Feb. 4, '03 E
Is now prepared to fill all
orders for Pop, etc. at the
following prices:
1 box, 2 dozen bottles, at 60c n
Large cases 4 doz bottles, 1.20 k
We are ready to make -
contracts for any length ,
of time at above prices. c;
John Guyot,
Mgr, Thibodaux, la. I
i i)
__ ,Ifl
Perfect and Peerless
and all Liver, Sidney art Dlad. I
der troubles cau d by uric acid
in tie system: It. c.res by
cleaaing a:d viti-z-.n the
blood, th.ua ctr-ovLug th~, cause
of i.isea.e. It .ives vior and
tote and bui;d- up tLe health
and tr. ngth cf t!c F-:ticnt
while us:r.i the rs le.
UR.C.OL a luiir'ry in
the med:id world. It ". cured
end will ca tir,'e to C~.e more
of the above diseases than all
other known remedies, many of
which do more harm than good.
This great and thoroughly tested
and endoraed California Remedy
j never disapooints. It curea in
4 fallibly if taken as directed.
Try it and be convinced that
It is a wonder and a blessing to
mfferitng hmanity. ''
Price $1.00 per bttle, or bot
tles t~r5 P. re bydruggists
send sutep, for booe of patic
alars and wonderful cures. If
your druggst cannot spply you
It will ý ent, DA upoan
rea p price.
wgacas~e, saVs;
- BREEDER OF - led
"ornish Indian Games fun
Stock for sale, $2.50 and up. of t
Eggs in season at $2.50 per o
fifteen. whi
In other columns of the Sentinel I
sppears the charter of the ,,Thibodanu Kai
Preserving Company Limited." The and
Board of l)irec'ors he!d a meeting on mal
last Wednesday and elected the fol- whi
lowing officers for the ensuing year: dot
A. J. Brand, President; Hy. Riviere, far)
V-President; Leslie H. Lancasoter, gas
Secretary-Manager; L. H. Lan- roa
caster, treasurer. The directors con- Jer
sist of the offi.ers and Messrs. W. P. gtn
Mlartin, J. L Lobdell, J. Claudet, L ade
C. Watertury, C. P. Shaver, and F. put
W. Nicholls. The board of directors not
will be ready to co'ntract with the effr
farmers for tomatoes, okra, sweet j:
potatoes etc, on Monday, nd sany the
information desired can be obtained
from the manager, Mr. Lancaster, or Mr
from any other officers of the com- By
I any. It will he well for all the cot
truck farmers of the vicinity to make tha
contracts with the company or a by
certain number of acres of their land ani
planted in tomatoes, okra or sweet ted
potatoes, the said producti to be Wi
delivered to the company at uaiWtty tio
at certain prices. In tos w bey7 sec
will be certain of a mar their a
product( and amls,
whtch they will sell, s ' ed
vegetables are planted. Del te
hopes that our formers seise the
opportunity that is ofbad by the Pi,
Thibodaux Preserving C, Ltd., and P.
wi:1 make contracts with it as.oon as M,
possible. J.
_ -Sc
The public is cordially nvittcd to
visit the bargain cocater -at Ellis Ei
Brand's Sons' spacious stom on Main C:
street. This invitation holS good at
any time, if you cannot call this L
eckl, nor next, nor this mauth, then
call next mouth; you are welcome at at
any time; the bargain eoaster has m
come to stay. 27 rt
For Sale. - al
Store imilding, known o Protee.
tors Hall, an3( residence Inatated on it
Short stlect between St. Plhip and tc
Jackson streets. For particulars tE
apply at SENTINEL Or01rie i
If it's a bilious attack, tau hsamm- "
berlain's Stomach and IArWr Tablets r
sale by Roth Drug Store. b
leeting of the Progressive o,,r el
Union. publihl
T. A.
Thllodaux, La., Mar. 3rd, 1903. .
Meeting of the Lafourehe Progres. Union
lve Union in its regular monthly sea. fuianci
hn. was called to order by its presi- gan~za
t Mr. W. P.P. Martin. Before go. ) our to
ig into routine work the President heartil
produced Mr. Albert Phenis, special This ,
resentative of the Manufacturers' duly c
_eord. In beginning his remarks It
SPhenms expressed iis pleasure at seconc
g with the Union, stating that he amend
much gratification over such of th:
a of acts ity as was presented Phensl
ugh such organizati,:n. for hi
a remas ked upon the organization and tl
t~he New Orleans Progressive ,
uw%.r the .biab shagemseit of anaail
promisaing excellent results yet to be appro
iteveloped. He said that Mr. Rich stands
ardsou had spoken in very high terms duly '
of the Lafourche Progressive Union It
arul it nade hip. more than anxious buttol
to become acquainted with them :as a fourc
body. lie wished the Union God-- were
speed in,their ,tf,,rts in developing who
their section. lie felt sure they Ilviel
would discover the proper wtys anl Perc
means in c.irr1 itng out thlir aims anl t
otji-t-ts, andi in showng how develop- her f<
ienit (ou:d1 be doue aloiig aigricultural carri
lines, spokle of the small amounllt of l
tillah!e acre.:ge of the p.rnsh at pre- conllt
se-ut uih'r CIt.lv. Ltio as cot ,ited to( secr
the amioiuni slbj,iet to this work. IlI eJCc
referred to the Sti tes of 1,wa , and tl
Illiioi- a-s lai i ; eC inparativelt cover. Alot
ed, and oil.: iplg no i1du ':eln:ntis to i
those inte st.d i, aUgricultural pur- a C
sait-; that it is ii led up with t'wns, for tl
and evely nate was practicaily under and 1
cultilatatin. .AII lie spokes of how, mst
from his own obs. rvation, Louisiana tlils
had ce:lit the eyes and attention of CIm
the northe.ast andi northwest relative the r
to its wi.alitl, of soil, magnificent cli- Muti
mate, allowing work out of every day TI
of the 365, and he admonishes every left I
one that the only way to settle up our M
country would be through the efforts state
of the people here and their co-oper:- now
tion with those who are seeking new tng i
fieldis. town
lie remarked that so much could that
be manufactured here that the natives lyint
do not take notice of, but which at- be d
tracts the outsider as soon as he gets matt
into the territory, and called attention frou
to the fact, that while standing upon exte
the streets of Thibodanx the previous grat
di he bad seen two eamt loads of th i
lengths for burning, which he heard othe
sold at the rate of $4 a cord, which high
if the same wood was properly hand- reve
led as lumber would bring $40 a The
thousand, and again if converted into Unit
furniture, etc., would demand still retu
higher price. He said if we mane- acre
factured all the raw materials subj.ect ceed
to utilization, we could build up :ne fort
of the most prosperous and popular mo
communities of the country and ef
forts would be made along all lines
which would attract every one iii their
special vocations.
He remarked upon the time that
Kansas City was only a jobbing town
and people laughed at the idea of
making it a manufacturing center,
while at present it has manufacturers
dotted all over the town, and one cati
flri there manufacturing and selling Prc
gas engines, and that one of the rail
roads in the orient that passes near the
Jerusalem was equipped with the en- Insl
gines made by the above factory. lie thie
admonishes each and everyone to thol
push on with his work, and to allow
nothing to make them relinquish their m
efforts, and he knew that one and all, boo
tIn years to come would bless the day
the Union was inaugurated. in I
I The Executive Committee, through son
rMr. Martin, handed in a report on
By-Laws, and Mr. Hy. Riviere, se
Iconded by Mr. Waterbury, moved spe
athat it be read and adopted, section des
I by section. This motion prevailed, Iben
I and the by-laws were read and adop- eqt
t ted, section by section, as they stood. caF
1 With this adoption of section by sic- ros
I tion, Mr. By. Riviere, again moved,
seoemded bT Dr. Smith, that they be dul
r adopted as a whole; duly carried. ma
-The membership committee report Th
5 Id the following addition to the ros- an<
ter: to
B R. J. blunch, A. J. Mi helt, John ohl
e Pierson, R. iL. Dowman, L. P Gaudet, if
rl P. J. Aucoin, A. L. Folse, Chas. V. thi
sr Moore, Jos. Asehee, Leon Block, C. no
J. Coulon, W\allace P. Iefort, John on
Schrodt, Jr, O. i,. Gau:le, Ch:as. A. na
SLedet, Dr .los. Pujos, S. V. Traig!e, tr
Emile Riviere, John Somola, A. J. go
a Cailloct, Ed. Iieb'ert, Ozu'nm Peltier,
, Jos. L. Bourg, \. J. Adameltz, A. J., o
is Lasseigue, Morgan W. Williams. li
in The standing committi'e on the new It
Sstreet throe ugh to the Catholic Clurch 'r:
Smade a statement that th,.y were net th
ready to make a complete report but
that they had met with success in ali ;di
but one case, and they hoped to be g'
able to make a written report at the
next meetiug. of
-" Mr. Thomas Bid-anx moved that Ut
n the Executive Committee be requestel -
id to make appointment of all commit
rs tees Ipovidced for in the constitution,
and to repoit same at a meetting call- tI
ed for that purlose. Motion was]
e_ Iconded by Mr. Percy and duly car- p
!t ried.
'or lr. Ed. Riwiere moved, seconded n
by Dr. Smith, that we should have 11
9t. -•"
•'r entire enrollment of members
ublished Motion was carried. Mr.
A. BRadeaux then moved that a a.ll C<
ote of thanks be extended to those tru b
idividuals who are members of the prot.,e.'h.
!uion who lent their assistance and oaime the
anucial aid in carrying out the or.
anization of the canning factory in Racelan
ur town, and asked that they be Editor'
eartily commended for their actions. As ye
'his was seconded by Dr. Smith. and the Par
uly carried. look I
It was then moved by Dr. Smith, Iiberty
econded by Mr. F. Knobloch, and the sis
mended by Mr. Martin. that a vote roads o
f thanks be tendered Mr. Albert the wel
'hense, of the Manufacturers Record, correct
or his kitd and suggested remarks, will tal
ad that his name be placed on the late it 1
onorary hat tf. he Union. Motion for the
manl - *" r r
ippropoiation of $18.66 to pay out- tween
tanding debts of the Union. Motion are im
July carried. and lin
it was then announced that the tunate
iuttons distributed, with the Lt- compel
Fourche Progressive Union insignia, ways.,
were the gift of one of the members the pr
who withheld his inme. Mr. ly. l:tfoml
Riviere, then moved seconded by )Mr. ities n
Pere), that a vote of thanks be ex- their r
Ltelded the generous unknown mem-' itg coe
hwr for the above gift. lMotion duly of this
carried. sie d
NMr. Ily. lt;vitre then: moved. s:"- thir r
conoled by Mr. F. Knoiloth. that tile had to
secretary be authorizedt to, hlve aill ,1t
niecs:sal' pl')tl+ inamt.ier d)one fr dlrive
tl,', coi respeiudeiu.e of the ITuina. with u
otion careltd. 1avoc
The Ster tary then reltueited that Ipoet
a ceritain amuilltt he siet a -idi mIniti!) sthotpt
for the services of the stt.eogt aplier Thi
and typewriter, and Mr. F Knollochli nut $
moved, sec,ii:Icnl by I)r. S-mith, that tors W
this be refurr.*d to the Executive their
Comnmittee, and th:it their actioni in than I
the matter, be rattitld by the Union. a3IpeC
Motion carried. if the
The matter of advertising was also they
left to the Executive Coumlnittee. attent
Mr. Thus. lhale.aux tLen made a In otl
statemenut regit ding the, opitltuily ance
now open to the location and iinic- entiio
ing immigratiou for settling near our and g
town, havi.g ,been authorized to say g.:end
that one of the large tracts of laud conve
lying adjacent to Thilodaux would this u
be disposed of f-cr this purpose. This able
matter received very hearty reception te
from the Union, and encourages it to
extecd its efforts in inducing immi
gration, and from the price offBred,
the laads are in an uemltest lnvest g
set 1n aoappsIm with those od Phili1
other states which are selling at much repai
higher rate, with nothing like such Sewir
revenue to be derived therefrom. anytt
The lands in question as offered to the to ha
Union will produce in revenue a net 15,
return of more than $25 per year per
acre and their cost price does not ex
ceed $80 per acre. There being no
further business for the Union, it was
moved and carried to adjourn. W
Respectfully Submitted, suit
L. H. Lancaster, tailot
9ec'y-Mgr. will 1
Where The Fault Lies. bues
-- pleat
We publish elsewhere a com muni- custh
cation from a Raccland citizen signed atid
Pro Bono Publico on the subject of Etca
the bad roads, and blaming the road mini
inspectors for the bad condition of TI
things, and finding fault with the an malt
thorities to whou the inspectors are I an
amenable for not calling the latter to the
Our correspondent is too sweeping Clot
in his condemnatton, albeit there is not
some cause of complaint. desi
It is popular to abuse the ro±d in wll
spectors, and while they sometime Ptt
deserve hlatne, whlich they should ad
bear, yet there are others who are a
equally blameworthy and cnanu t es- thin
cape by raising an outcry against the at
road inspectors.
These are the riparian owners whose at
Sduty it is under the law to keep and
maintain their roads in good repair. 1i
Their duties are well delled by law,
sad the duty of the road iaspector is
to make them disch:irge Utheir legl yo
oblligation to the publie. Of course
if rod inspectors fail to discharge
this dulty, tieiy art blam:worthy; Iutt
not less blain, worthy is the ripariin Not
n owner who wi.ful'y neglets his tluty, a
nay, sometimes defies the law, and
treaits the ro:lad tinspectl) with Ill dii
guised cone mpt.
Owing to 'he long conlinued spell
of hlavy rains, through which we
have passed, b:ul r, 'ds :re inevitable;
v there :re had roads throughout the
h'r: iu bett; in some places, much worse
,t than in this parish.
t No amount of work on our roads,
li during the rain, would have given usj
S It is the proper working and c:atre
of the roads in good weather, anuI
at their maintenuuance in bad weather
I which will give us good roads.
,- Now, that the dry season will soon
set in, let the road inspectors enforce
1- the law strictly by making every ri
r-Iparian proprietor in their resalective
district make, keep and maintant his
ed road in strict conformity with law.
ve It is his duty to do it.
A11 Communkications under this heading
at be Nigne.l I y the writer; not necessarily
Spublelation. but we deaire it for our own
etelhen. No in tter nllapp.trnd uL er the
udinarof "'(o',),nunicatoln" will in any way
ice the polkiy of the paper.
Iceland, P. O. La:. March 4, 1903.
dittor Tinilodaux Sentinel.
As yours is the Official Journal of
e Parish and should be the first to
ok into public abuses I take the
herty of calling your attention to
te shameful condition of the public
)ads of this parish, hoping that with
ie well known power of the Press to
)rrect evils such as this, that you
ill take the matter up and so venti.
ite it that those who are responsible
)r the jreient condition of affars
wreen Lokpolrt and Thibodauz wh'eh
re impassable and a menace to life
nd limb of those who are so untor
unate as to have business which
,topels th m to use the public high.
ays. It is a sad colnuieutory on
le progressiveness of the people of
1afourche that whilst other commur
ties are striving hard to improve
heir roads and to that end are hold.
:g conventions ete. tha:t the people
if this parish with a faw exceptions
le dl,'itlg absolutely nothing, and
hlmer roads are steadily going from
:'id to wose's in fact so had are the
::dS.l I pla:cees that veh;cles IIh e to
Irive\ o:n the crown () :Lhe levees, and
vithi tile premst stang- of water in
3:ayou I,,fnu che this is a dangerous
)rleeetliUi which should be effectually
Stolpei at once.
This parish as I ulderstand it pays
,ut $12i0 per annum for road inspec.
tors wiho if they are to he judged by
their work do nothing more, onerous
than sign thleir pay warrant, and they
appear to be amenable to ci) one, or
if they are the anuthorities to whom
they shou:d report pay ablolutely ,o
attention to their dereiliHiion of duty.
In other sections such non perform
ance of duty genierally gets some at
tention from the i)ietr'it Attorney
anI grand jully and hope that the .'
grand Inquest which sill shortly
convene in Thibodaux will take up
this matter of dangerous an I iulpas.
sable roads sad do something to give
tic travelling public relief.
"Pao Boso Pat'Lico."
I. Denys is now located ea St.
Philip street in the Comet belding,
repairing of Watches, Clocks and
Sewing Machines only. If you have
anything in this line he will 3e glad
to have you call. Prices reasonable.
"Clothing Pointers."
Why not have your new Spring
suit made to order by experienced
tailors, and thus get a fit which you
will feel proud of ?
The success of this branch of my
business has been. First; An assort
ment of patterns sufficiently large to
please the individual taste of each
customer. Second; Goods of sterlIng
value. Third; Superior workmanship
and consequent perfect fits. Fourth;
Excellence and durability of trim
mings. Fifth; Prices commensurate
with value given.
These points have been strictly
maintained by the Houses with whom
I am connect, thus assuring you of
the very best of satisfaction, as to
quality of woolens, fit and foinish.
It buyuing "nmade to measure"
Clothing, you can select a pattern
nobody else has, and should you
desire to be the exclusive wearer I
will take pleasure in withdrawmng said
pattern from further sale.
I shall be glad to have you ecal
and examine my line of over 1100
samples, and should you need any
thing in Clothing. whether it be a
smit, coat and vest, single cosat or
pair of Pants, I will be pleased to
take your order with (he undertand.l.
ing that I give you prfeot stiafao.
tiou or no uke.
Respeetally snicithig a shera ot
your valued patronage.
I am yours very truly.
Gents Furnishings, Ladies Goods,
Notions, Shoes and Hats.
Mlain street, Thibodaux, La.
The Old
Family Remedy
I Compound Syrup
Wild Cherry
and Tar
i A happy blenedug @t4 tI Cherry as s Vl
W. ca e....s e.s55 a Degas
At a agges al mease l sS

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