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-oa orna of the aruish of Lafouroh* of the Interest of the Town.
THIBODAUX, LA,, 1903. No.84
'b'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
all feet, When you want to buy a
psir of shoes that will give you both
comfort and satisfaction in the wear
ing there sa only one place in town
A vs pymsm .se u 1
that is at , J, BRAUD
' Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
long wearers. They wear 0
twice as long as ordi- D BY/
rhoes. Because they are m$E MANS3
5W W~r'c co.
by thoroughly reliable T DC 12 i899
aMT DEC. 12!r159
a pe oc IusEs
akers and only of the best
Give them a trial
you will never regret
done so.
Emile J. Braud.
ber that I have removed to the Blum Stand, next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
ýoaiui BR/cl W1Y sK8
is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
at brick in the market................
bricks on hand ready for delivery.
Scce*.sor to I.EFORT A TETRXEU L
. Livery, Feed
.... AN D....
* ...Sale Stables.
Undertaking ~ I
Z& Establish'ient
Blacksmith and ~
St. Cor. Levee and M&arket, Thibodaut..
t received a nice line of
~Garland Cook Stoves,
Heaters, Oil Stoves,
Stove Boards, Grate
l; enders, Coal Hods,
Stove Pipes, Window
Glass, etc.
aUt~ s Cane Knives $3.75 Per Dozen.
10.H. R ivie re & C o.
108. Cor. M&ain <j St. Lousis Sis.
ertise in The San
y b
SModel k Americ/or
r aWm £ore ing the nowt comphW
r ' !and satlfactory line we have
ever carried. Every
pair guaranteed.
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity Prudence Safety
Recognized essential elements of a perfectly ap
pointed Modern Bank- -are offered by
The Bank ol Thibodalix
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - 5366,834,21,
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $467,9 1.
American Bottling Works
Thibodaux, La.
Began Operations, Feb. 4, '03
Is now prepared to fill all
orders for Pop, etc. at the
following prices:
1 box, 2 dozen bottles, at 60c
Large cases 4 doz bottles, 1.20
We are ready to make I
contracts for any length i
of time at above prices.
John Guyot,
Mgr, Thi' )daux, La.
Perfect and Peerless
and all threr, rId4ea ad Bu a
der troubles caused fjy uric acid
in the system. It cures by
alesngn and rit IthIg the t
bhlue us removing the cause
of disees. It gives vigor and
tone and builds up the b,;lth 3
aul strength of the patient
while usi's the remied .
UktiCS:T.' is a l::mhiny ia
the medical world. It L.aa cared
and will contdn'e to cnzr more
of the above diseases than all
ether known remedies, many of w
which do more harm tha eod.
Ti agret and thorouh) ntted
and endorsed California Itemedy
Inever disappoitst. It curp Ium.
falby t~aakezi as directed.
Try it and be convinced that
it is a wonder and a blessing to t
suffering humanity.
Price $1.00 per bottle, or 0 bot
ties for $S. Por aale by druggists.
Send stamp for book of partic. a
ulars and wonderful cures. If
your ,-:*t T ()t F 1v )'
F. Jq Ce1S
--- RlEEDER OF -
Cornish Indian Games
Stock for sale, $2.50 and up.
Eggs in season at $2.50 per
"Clothing Pointers."
Why not have your new Spring
suit made to order by experienced
tailors, and thus get a fit which you
will feel proud of ?
The success of this branch of my
business has been. First; An assort
ment of patterns sufficiently large to
please the individual taste of each
customer. Second; Goxds of sterling
value. Third; Superior workmanship
and consequent perfect fits. Fourth;
Excellence and durability of trim
mings. Fifth; Prices commensurate
with value given.
These points have been strictly
maintained by the Houses with whom
I sin connect, thus assuring you of
the very best of satisfaction. as to
quality of woolens, fit and foish.
It buying "made to measure"
Clothing, you can select a pattern
nobody else has. and abasld you
desire to be the exclusive psreate 1
will take pleasure is wilBa ~ g said
pattern from further aej t:
I shall be gihd 'bskllawe eli
and examsne my lIes ( I 1100
samples, and should yea .aud say
thing in Clothing. whether K be a
suit, coat and vest, slogingo~at or
pair of Pants, I will be piased to
take your order with the eaidrstead.
ing that I give you perfect satisfac.
tion or no sale.
Respectfully soliciting a, share of
your valued patronage.
I am yours very trgly,
Gents Furnishings, L Goods,
Notions, Shoes and Hat+.
Main street, Thibodaux, La.
For Sale.
Store building, known as Prote"
tors Hall, and residence mstated .n
Short street bitween St. Philip *ea
Jack.on streett. For partit. .
al>pýI at SI;NTINAL OFIni. *
? "..
Democratic Mass Meeting.
Thursday afternoon, pursuant to
a call of the Town Democratic Execu
tive Committee, a large number of
voters assembled in Mass Meeting at
the Town Hall for the purpose of
nominating candidates for Mayor, Al
dermen and Marshal. Great inter
eat was manifested and the gathering
was the largest that assembled in
years for the nomination of the town
eicials. The meeting was called to
by Mr. J. L. Aucoin, chairman
ds Exeeutive Committee, who in
the assembly that its first
the appomutmet of a chair
som of Hon. H. N. uoa
sate sae-si ,sh'
vilege to address the assembly. Is
request being granted he made a brief
statement of the work done by his
ado!nistration of six years. Dr.
Thomas Stark offered the following
resolution which was unanimously ac
"Resolved by the Democratic party
of the Town of Thibodaux in Mass
Meeting assembled, that no one unless
he be a Democrat and a duly qualified
elector under the laws of this State,
shall have any voice in this meeting,
and that all persons taking part hi
this mass meeting, are hereby consi
dered to be and are bound to any and
all decisions adopted by this meeting."
Judge L. P. Caillouet then nloved
that when the assembly proceed to
nominate a municipal ticket that a
mayor and five aldermen and one
marshal be balloted for, and that no
one be declared a nominee for either
office unless he received a majority of
the votes cast, and that after the first
ballot if there be nomination, the
candidate receiving the lowest num
ber of votes be dropped, and a second
ballot, or more be taken, if necessary,
until the nominations he effected.
This motion having been duly seconded
Mr. Thomas A. Badeaux, inquired if
the purport of the motion was that
the meeting proceed then and there
to make nominations, whereupon the
mover replied that he understood that
the call of the meeting by the Execu.
Live Committee was for that purpose,
and that the motion contemplated
such action by the meeting.
Thereupon Mr. Badeaex offred as
f substitute for the motiem a series
liMielafthess' Mult~a I Demoldge`
primary election to nominate a mayor,
aliermen and a marshal, and regulat
ing the holding of the same, and ad
dressed the meeting in support of his
resolutions, and in favor of a pri
Judge Caillonet, while favoring a
primary election, objected to the sub
stitute because of the lack of time,
inasmuch as, lie contended, the no. i
nation certificate must be filed with
the Secretary of State not later thin
fourth Tuesday before the election,
and that under the primary election
law, at least fifteen days' notice by
publication of the election had to be
given before the primary could be
held. Mr. Badeaux contended that I
the primaiy election was not manda.
t.ory, and cottld be ignored.
Major W. P. Martin then obtained
the floor and argued that inasmuch i
as there was a difference of opinion I
among lawyers, whether we were
bound to follow the primary election,
in case a primary election was held,
it was better not to take any chances,
and therefore moved to lay the sub
stitue on the table.
A Viva voce vote was taken on this
motion, and the vote being uncertain,
a divimon was called for and ordered, I
resulting in 85 to 42 in favor of tab
ling the bubstitute.
The original motion was then put
and carried, whereupon some members
of the minority withdrew.
Major Martin then moved that the
balloting for nominees be made by I
each voter depositing his ballot In a
box or hat kept by two tellers, after
his mamae had been registered by the
soeestary on a list of voters.
The 'hoioiations Were then made, a
resulting In the unanimous nomina
tion of Mr. WV. C. Ragan for Mayor,
there being no other nomsnation.
A ballot was then taken for fivet
Aldermen and one marshal, in which <
one hundred and seven vote., were
east, and resulted in the nomination(
-t Mlessrs. Henry Rivacie, Viny La -
garde, P. J. Aucoin, C. 0. Dantin and
William H. Ragman, for a!derinen and a
It. J. Naijuin for marshal. Mr. P. L.. I
Brand then moved that a D.-mocratic
Bxecutive Committee of five for tli. i
town of Thiboxxaox be appoiznt. d, to a
discharge the uisual functions of su b
a comimittee, with power to fi:1 va
cancies o(-curritlg in this imembeirstip. '
It was resolvecd that in case of any a
vacancy on the ticket nlommhiatedl b- I
fo~e the election, the Democratic Er
cuative Committee appointed at this
fli et'tg he auth'rtz-. hupt fill sn I ha
To-morrow there will be an Excur
sion over T. P. R R, from New Or.
leans to this town under the auspices
of N..O. Glee Club.
We are please to note of the recov
ery of Mrs. Denis Clement.
Mrs. A. B. Dantan, of Alexandria,
spent the week in Thibodaux. While
here she attended to the shipment of
Mr. C. P. Auslect's furniture to Alex.
andria. "Chack" has decided to make
that town his future home. Mrs.
Dantin informed as that Mr. and Mrs.
Auslet are the happy pareats of a flue
baby girl. They have our congrats
ofth tes
=Proressive Bnoln Many
of the progressive men of the town
and parish have already joined, as
will be seen by a perusal of the fol
lowing list of names:
R. J. Munch, A. J. Michelet, John
Pierson. R. H. Dowman, L. P Gaudet,
P. J. Aucoio, A. L. Folse, Chas. V.
Moore, Joe. Aschee, Leon Block, C.
J. Coulon, Wallace P. Lefort, John
Schrodt, Jr, 0. b. Gaude, Chas. A.
l~edct, Nr. Jos. Pujos, S. V. Traigle,
Emile Riviere, John Somora, A. J.
Caillouct, Ed. Hebert, Ozeme Peltier,
Jos. L. Bourg, V. J. Adameltz, A. J.
Lasseigne, Morgan W. Williams, M.
V Thompson, Emile Lefort, J. N.
Wright, E. J. Legendie, Dr. A. J.
Meyer, James E. Keefe, Denis Cle
ment, F. Zernott, F. J. Guillot, Dr. 11.
Dansereau, J. Friedman, II. Riviere,
P. X Coulon, Louis Riviere, F. J.
Celeetui, A. J. Braud, K. G. RIohi
chaux, Chas. B. Lasso igne, C. P.
Shaver, Louis Perrin, P F. Legendre,
Fulton Rogers, .Jus. H. Wink, Trevilie
Guillot H. R. Dupre, Dr. S. A. Ayo,
F. W. Nicholls, C. R Beattie, J. L.
Lobdell, P. R. Percy, H. N. Coulon.
K. J. Brand, C. J. Legendre, W. P.
Martin, Eug. F.'cetwood, Dr. UI. S.
Smith, Chas. A. Riviere, II. L. Gibba,
Theo Torres, S. I. Coulon, C. II.
Brand, T. A. Baadl aux, John Taylo:,
W. S. Lufargue, A. G. Rudd, L. II.
Lanca ter, Edward ladeaux, Dr 0.
L. Brauwl Octave Coignet, Frances
Knobbs-h, H. V. Toup., C. 11. Dick
inson, Morris Celestin, C. G. Badeaux,
Leon Polmer, ldgar Riviere., Jn4.
Wagner, Dr Jos Drexler, L. C.
Waterbury, R. N Siumon
4mwp, : 1lr wh.
deas, Louis Taboe, J. M. Bollinger,
S. C. Frust, C. P. Young, Dr H. L.
Ducrocq, Martin 'chwarts, Junins
Malbrough, Thos Beary, Judge Cail
lonea, A. It. Staunton, Thos Roger,
Dr. John Gazzo, Jules Godchaux,
Frank Parra. Osemee Naquin, A. .J.
Dupuy, E. Denys, W. H. Fiost, A. J.
Simmoneaux, Edwin Caillouet, Eig.
Constantin, Thoe Foret, P. A. En
gerran, Wm A. Lobdell Jos A. Na
quin, P. J. Doucet, H. Keeler.
Colds an Dangerous.
How often you hear it remarked:
"It's only a cold," and a few days
later learn that the man is on his
back with pneumonia. This is of
such common occurrence that a oald,
however slight, should not be disre
garded. Chamberlsin's Cough R*me
dy counteracts any 'endency toward
pneumonia. It always cares and is
pleasant to take. Sold by Roth
Drug Store.
A Slave Pension Agent in the
A dispatch from New Iberia of
the 8th inst., says:
As was expected, the agitation of
the 8Slve Pension Bdi, recently in
troduced l'y Senator Hanna, is begin
ning to bear fruit. This communoity
has been invaded by B. C. dolston, s l
representative ,f slave pension agents..
lie has mulct~ed about one hun'Ired
,f the stmple colored fo~k. A sub
icription of Si is asked, with pay- 1
meat of 60 ents cash, and ineconsid 1
eration tie agent agrees to enroll the
subsearber's name in the Independent
Service AssoL-iation of the United
States of America, and his interest
in a pensioni lrosecutetl. Many of j
Lhe more gullible negiocs are paying
nut their bard earned dollars to these
tgents, wIA' are reaping a harvest. f
L'o!ston is in Jail awasting the action (
>f the Grand Jury for obtaining
noney under false prtetenae. An
sxawination of his papers shows n
ot of receipts, bogus agreewments and
he bylaws atid coun'titntion of some
aogts association for the obtaining
f peniiona fur ex-:,lavets.
Mr. El. Smith, of N'w Orleans baa
lecided to make rhiho'Jaux his home
mnd has take'n his abodle in the .Mc
[)ermuost building an the rooms ad
olning those ovt-upiid by th' seotinel.
Mlr. Snith i'4 an espert rigar makerl
mod he has nibtaimie' a lecunse toI
The facts contained in the follow.
ing dispatch from Indiana, Pa., of
recent date, should serve to open the
eyes of the negroes throughout the
South sand cause them to realize that
the negroe's best friend is the South.
erm white man and that the people of
the North who are supposed to love
him so dearly are his worst enemies.
"Twenty negroes of Webrom, the
entire black population of the town,
were driven out yesterday after their
shacks had been pulled down over
their heads by the whites. White
residents had given the negroes asv.
eral days' notice to gqt, but this,
with .
aeroged rttersr24
gBig as the amehks the
mob tugged at the ropes and woos
had the structures in ruins. After
this assault the negroes hastily gatls.
ered their belongings and made for
the railroad station where they hoird.
ed a freight and wont to Vinton Vale,
a nearby town. This is the end of
the race war which broke out ten
days ago."
o s Cint f o
tha in theflo lnfo
rak :s hihav hoeo n
_I ..'.
"Altat the aot ask i
A C1
V e-ý 00 e
U . -a. ti"
A greater volhme of
thought and truth was never
compressed into fewer words
than in the following from
the Times-Democrat, whose
editorials, by-the-way, for
scholarly depth and dignity,
rank as high as those of any
paper in the Union:
"All that the South asks is
that it be treated fairly. All
that white men in this section
desire is that their white coun
trymen at the North come
South, put themselves In the
Southern white man's place
and do unto the white race
here as Northerners would be
done by. The South now
asks only that some regard be
paid to the sentiments of
con nti-hat no citizenb -
beapointed to Federal offiewh
woIs "persona non grata" o h
totecommunity in which h st
hei oserve."isa This el onside
rton iscoshowain by the fende
meint natio on tenartho. I
bhe showcintoAmeian.fh
Wo ile d Chae rry
pontdtoFdea offcewh
f inorpoation iom the furr nd tePa.

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