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Official Journal of the Warish of Lafourohe and of the Znt.re.t of the Tow.
dol. 37 THIBODAUX, LA., APR.1 3. No. 38
TH E....
ib'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
i. You mnay hI airs the ini tortual Was
hini tonm wtrie a w-eorning hat. tlhe
style in keeping with the times. You M
may emulate his example if you'll pro
' cure your head gear from our stock
alyays sure to be Of the latest mode,
'our liocker Bootee Shoes
along wirers. They wear 0
00p ty ,
iot twice as long as ordi- D Y
yy shoes. Because they are VEr MANS3
ode by thorouglily reliable -
PAT DC t1'. 839
Akers alad only of the best
sterial. Give them a trial
Id you will never regret
Fving doute so.
lEmile J, Braud.
member that I have removed to the Blum Stand. next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
oIs now prepared to furnish the beat and cheap
est brick in the market......................
N aillion bricks on hand ready for delivery.
E. J. BR AU D,
Sueveaor to LEFORT t TYTItEAU
Livery, Feed
.... AN II....
*l..Sale Stables.
Undertaking W
---- - Blacksmith and 1
~~ Maker .
?atriot St. (r. Levee and Market, Thibodaux
'Just received a nice line of
Garland Cook Stoves ,
Heaters, Oil Stoves,
Stove Boards, Grate Y
Fenders, Coal Hods,
Stove Pipes, -Window
Glass, etc.
Disstons Cane Knives $3.75 Per Dozen.
'Pon 18.H. Riviere & Co.
'Phon 108. Cor. Mlain 4 St. Louis Sis.
Advertise in The Sanutinel.
rouse rs
For durability
there's no better brand
than the " R C& W."
-that's why we self,
advertise, and rec
ommend them as being
all that a pair of
glane' at every deter
is enough to. convince
you that a custom
tailor cannot serve
Syou as well.
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity Prudence Safety
Recognized essential elements of a perfectly ap
pointed Modern Bank- -are offered by
The B . of0 Thitothx
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - $366,834,21
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $46T,823.91,
American Bottling Works
Thibodaux, La.
Began Operations, Feb. 4, '03 1
Is now prepared to fill all
orders for Pop, etc. at the
following prices:
I box, 2 dozen bottles, at 60c k
Large cases 4 doz bottles, 1.20 "1
We are ready to make t
contracts for any length I
of time at above prices.
John Gtivot,
Mgr, Thibodaux, La.
Perfect and Peerless
and all Liver, Kidney and Bld
der troubles c*aused by uric acid
in the system. It cores by
cleaning and vit lizirg the
blood, thus remnoing the came
of disease. It g. ca vigcr and
tone and builds up the health
and strength of the patieut
while nsiw' the reme'y.
URICSdL is a l.n i arv in
the medical world. It ha cured
and will continue to care more
of the above diseases all
Ile other known remedies, many of
which do more harm than good.
S This great and thoroughly etd
and endorsed Caifrnia emy
,, sever dies taI Itncases laI.
neverbly diftaen aspd~~ d irtecteud.i
* Try it and be convinced tha
it is a woeder and a bleadng to
0 tie. orb bot
tles for $b. For sale bydruggists.
send stamp for bobof partio"
elm ad wonderful cures. If
yomr dlst cannot sueply you
iwilbe sent, prepaid, pse.
receipJ of price. Address:
" "agg I H g s M = A ., ~ las A ag L
Fe J. Cehestn
. ornish Indian Games 2
stock for sale, $2.50 and up. C
Eggs in season at $2.50 per tt
fifteen. i
Shrewd Buyers p
'lease note, that The Racket Store el
as moved into its own building on a
lacksou St. one block from Maim St
ormerl known as "Protector Hall" o
o be known hereafter as the Racket a
We now have a fine large store
rith plenty of light, and will)e in a I
osition to handle a much larger and v
nore complete stock of goada, to
neet the requirements of our fast
ºiowing trade. .]
You have a right to expect more
'rom us than from others otherwise I
se would not dese, ve to be styled
'The cheapest store in Town."
There are no goods to compare with
curs in making a customer feal gen t
rous and liberal. They are the kind
that unlock your Pocket Book and
make your dollars do double duty.
Being always on the alert we have
secured many big bargains is the ]
following lines for this aew. IA
ies Good- eoseary, -H
COrstas, umouelIse 1
Aprons, Ribbons, Laces, ubeold- t
eries, Knit Undershirts, Pocket Books, I
etc. Gentlemen. hoods-Underwear, i
N.giigee Shirts, Shoes, Hatl, Umbrel-I
las, Hundherchiefs, Pants, Socks, I
Ntckwear, Coats and Vests, Suspen. o
ders, Collars, Oveiall., Cat Buttons, )
etc. etc. tither Goods-Lace Cur
t.ins, Bed Spreads, Window Shades,
Curtain Poles, Towels, Curtain Serim,
Napkins, Stationery, Cotbs, Hair
and Clothes Brushes, etc. etc.
We would be pleased to have you
call and visit our new store and in
spect our new goods..
No trouble to show goods, and'
remember we gfte you *"your money
back if you re not satisfied.
Remember our new store. -
CNas. A. BADUAP, Prop.
Jackson St, one block from Mata St.
For Sale.
A barge 88 ft. by 18 ft. strongly
constructed, with interior tank suits-,
ble for oil traznsportation' Details and
price furnished on application.
32 S. D. Parts,
No. 342 Catoudelet street, N. ). L.a.
The Lafourche Democratic haul
Mother Club. man
to lI
A Democratic meeting was held at aR el
the Lockport School house on last have
Sunday evening April 5th 1903 sad knei
the following constitution and by fair
laws wete adopted. sell
Art. I.-The name of this club alwn
shall be "The Lafourche Democratic him
Mother Club." I wou
Art. IL-The territorial limits of it is
this club comprises wards, 8th, 9th, ttal
10th, and the sower half of the 3rd heal
and 7th. seui
Art. 1I1.-The purpose of this club
shall be the propagation of Demno
crstic principles and the protection
of the rights sad interests of the.
be confined to persons residing within
the territorial limits of this club and
beli.*vng in the principles of Demo
ci acy.
Art. V.-Honorary membershinp
can by vote of the cilb be conferted
upon any person believiag in th se
Art. VI. -The officers of the (chb
shall be slectedl by ballot asid sh ,11
serve for two years and until t h"*ir
successors are electe d and qu:itled.
There shall be a president, a : evi e
president, a secret:ti y and a troastrsci.
There shall also be appointed a cmin
mitt-e of three nmembers from each
ward ubove mentioned, the chairm an
of wham with the officers of the c u!,
will constitute the executive com -
muittee whose duty shall bt to t ansact
business for the clu, between meet
ings when in accord with this consti
tution and to report at each meeting
of its doings.
Art. VI1.-The meetings of this
club shall le hell' at sudh times and
places as the executive committee, or
a majority thereof may select and
provided the recording secretary give
written notice to each member three
days previous to the holding of meet
Art. VIII -Other wards of the
parish having similar organizations
are also invited to the club for the
general good of the party.
Art. IX -This constitution can be
p amended by a majority vote at any
meeting, written notice of the amend- -
went having been read at a preceding C]
Br Laws
I -A yearly due of 25c. shall 1W
be paid in advance by each member
Sec. II.-Every member shall
gracefully submit to the will of the
Sec. III -Every member shall lei
support and advocate any measures j,
taken by this club. ne
Sec. 1V.-Derelict members shall the
be expelled } voting therefor by the ce'
Club or the Committee respectively. ad
Sec. V.-The ofmcers shall perform st
' their respective duties is per estab- in
lished customs. on
Sec. V1.-These by laws can be Cl
amended by a majority vote when
proposed in writting. or
Sec. VII.-Ten members shall con pd
stitute a quorum of the club at rego- yp
lar or called meetings. do
Sec. VIII.-A muajority of members w'
of executive committee to constitute EK
t a quorum. to
The following officers were elected: th
e Dave J. Foret, president; Jos. H. M
a Price, vice president; Dr. A. J. Price, TI
ii treasurer; J. D. Briant, secretary. A
it3rd ward-lI. Falgout, chairman; p
Joq. Bernard, A. N. Folse, Sr.
e 4th ward-Benj. Knigbt, chairman; w
e U. J. Barrios, I1. C. Savoie.
d' 7th ward-Clinton Faligoit, chatr~
man; C. C Mabry, Tom Knobloch.
S8th ward- D. 31. llateher, chair..
Sman; Zenon Chauvin, 3larcelin Fal
d gout.
d "9th ward-Louis Foret, chairman;
Chas. Abribat, Bene Rians. i
'e 10th ward-F. I'. Parra, chairman;
te Lubin Mire, P. C. Autbement. a
a It was moved and seconded that
ba Coaeltitesom and By.Lews be publitsh
4 edia the two democratic papers of
I- the parish. A list was then opened g
5, for signatures. Before adjournment n
r, an invitation was extended by Mr. J.
ml. H. Price that the nest meeting be f
I, held at the Cut Off' school liause on
0- ISunday A ptil 26th. Being so decided t
5, Ithe Club then adjourned.
*' Which is Getting the Most' a
ir Outof Life ?
>uAndrew Carnegie 15 repos ted to I
have said that some years ago he
wanted to cross a mountain in Penn
ey sylvania and a youngster offered to
take him over for 50 cents. Mr.
Carnegie thought the price was too
great, but, after long arga~meut. paid
it, "oot because the trip was worth
it," as the story goes, "but because I
Ihad to get on the other side of the
Imountain." Mr. Carnegie nalds: '"I
predicted that the boy would some
day make a fortune, and lie has. Hlis
lyname was Ihailes 31. Schwab."
lyThat reminds me of a story. Years
ndago a young man owiiel the only
woodyard in a prairie town out west.
He had a goodly store on hand when
'heavy snows came awd blot-ked the
roads. For weeks no wo'nl t ouki be'
hauled to the town, yet the young
man went on selling at his regular
price of $2.73 a cord. A friend said
to Lim that he conid get five dollars
as easily, because the leople mui't
have wood The young man said he
knew it, but that he was making a
fair living profit. So he continued to Po
sell his wood at the same old price. as
Everybody predicted that he would ii
always be poor, and he is God blews Al
him I Never mind his name; you sli
wouldn't know it it you heard it; but ,I
it is a synonym of human love and
tender sympathy throughout all that ati
prairie couutry.-The Southern Mee- `I
seuger. st
tiý I
Mrs. Laura. S. Webb.
Vkce.Preaustat Weasane's Desma
ernte hubso Noartber Ohaie.o
"I dreaded the change of life which
was fast approaching. I noticed wins
of Cardui, and decided to try a bot
tie. I experienced some relief the
first month, so I kept on taking it for I
three months and now I menstruate a
with no pain and I shall take it off and
on now until I have passed the dimax."
Female weaknieis, disordered tl
menses, falling of the wonth art
ovarian troubles do not wear off. ti
They follow a woman tL, the change r
of life. )o not wait but take Wine
of Cardui now and avoid the trou
ble. Wine of Cardui never fails
to benefit a suffering woman of
any ace. 'Wine af .a.,dui relieved (
Mrs. \Vº-bh wh~en she was in'<ian
ger. W'hen yon t<e:ne to the change
of life Mrs. Wel I,'. letter will
mean more to you than it does
now. But you n av now avoid the
sufferix ý :e e - m p Dnruiists
sell $1 )lwdes or.t \ Xine of Cardui.
With Capital Stock of $100,
Completes Organization.
(Special to the Picayune.)
Crowley La, April 9.-The Crow
lev Hotel Company, Limited, capital
stu k $100,000, was organized Wed
nesday night under the auspices of
the Crowley Progressive Union, olli
cers and directors elected, a charter
adopted,, upward of half the capital
stock subscribed, proposals for a site
invited and steps taken to build at
once a hotel worthy of the -,Rice
The stockholders completed the
organization of the new Hotel Com
pany by electing the following offces:
President, W. W. Duson; Vice Presi
dent, Hon. P. J. Chappuis; Secretary,
W. E. Lawson; Treasurer, W. I':.
B Ellis. For the first Board of Direc.
tors the three largest holders of stock,
the three bank cashiers and the
Mayor of the city were selected.
They are: W. W. Duson, 3Miroun
Abbott, T. C. Carver, P. 1. Lawrenc.',
WV. E. Lawson, WV. E. Ellis anI I~on.
I;P. J. Chappmis.
The queslion of a site for the lhotinl
will be settled at a meeting of tbe
Board of Diirectors at the Progressive
Union rooms on April 15, 7:30 p. m.
New Idea Womani's Magazine.
-In con-onurnce with its name, the I
I;s¾y presents'many novel fratures in¶
elressmnukiuag and in every depeatwent
i;of domestic ink resL It opens with
a charming paper by Constance Foller
M elatyse upon "The Narriagmable
'Ape"' Mw.' A. Osborne writes aboot
'~New York's Chinatown delightfully;
Katherine Louise Smilth tells of the
it new fad, "Cast Shows and Catteries;"'
* Nancy Hull has '*The Lilving RIcwa"
Sfor her theme; and Plien Itexford
in preseots "Gardeni Gossip" in his an
St thoratative nmaoner. In addition to
these special features, tl.e aeveral
deleintmensts are attractutc'y set forth,
It and in short stories and verse there
is unusual variety rued snperior qeenli
ty. The N*-w ['lee patterns offer
manauy tempting op sortunuitie-s to the
to home dres'maker.
'r You want "3mW ihandsoenE
and 5tyliih 1' endinem hIvi
'* Seu PalTirse 0cc SPECIALTY.
General Order.
Office of Chief Kogineer
of Fire Department.
Thihowaunx, La, April 6th, 1903.
The 'lifterent Fire Comiianies com
osing the Thibonlaux Fire Depart
lent will please notice that the re
eiw will take place on Wednesday,
Lpril 15th, 19113, and each Company
hall report in the following order:
1st. Thiodaxns Fire Co. No. 1, on
lain, between Green and Mlaronge
t reete.
2nd. Protector Fite Co. No. 2, on
laronge, betweer. Main and Market
3rd. Home Hook and Ladder Co.
vo. 1, on Maronge, between Main
mnd Thibodaux streets.
4th. Thibodaux Bucket Brigade
5th. Brooklyn Hoe o. Na. 3, s
Green, between Mlan and Thibodaux
Signals. First hell at 4 P. M. for
members to answer rol. call at res
pective engine ho'isea. Secoi'l hell
it 4:30 P. M. to take abzlve p~o)itions.
Third bell at 5 P. M. to start for the
fo;I lowing.
Down Main to .aSkson, down
Jackson to Cider, down Cider to
Lower Canal, up Lower ('anal to
Green, up Green to Court House
sa1uari, where ean h company will
lier. by consider itzelf disimnised.
Each Foremu:tn of the different
eompanie, is h:rel my ne ift 41 to strict
Iv enforce the ahove oidcr. By order
rnIIAtt F. RIVIERs, Chief.
N. B. In behalf of each C.tapaisy
the honorary members who are to
take paut in the banquet of thu seve
ral Companies are earieatly requested
to report at the following place and
Thilotiainu Fire Ci. No. 1. at the
Opera House (hall ioomn) at 8:30 P.
Protector Fire Co. No 2, at the
City flail at 7 1'. 11.
Hormn look and Lath her Co. No 1,
at their hall on Cianal St. at 7 P. M.
Thllodauz Bucket Brigade No. 1,
at the Strangers Hotel iat 7 P. M1.
Broxokyn Hose Co. No 3, at the
Home Hook and Ladd, r No. I ball at
7 P. 11.
0 0 °a tt e
*e c*
E- r) l - :
. .n
A I ri I ue
insall ent oTh BoisBfls ý
.s ineslyitrstn- n onain
-a~ p. w S.'io
Th Liotain by L harles
Steh .s ae er sa-n.Thr
Varac, rsBar' spe*Invl
; nsi hseswr n aeeti
Ao Notableo Springi Potogrph.
WIdn th Myweliett dor iw the first
installhment of The Waishinton1,. ad
I exoothen audithror vwsof the ropah
Lomznrs re. h bguvninA the stforyOh
proie ofr hihy dranms ati , evns in
r hwein laterdevelpeto cof* ther. aind .
Te S llastrationer by Chaes rmlesI,
wi 8llen arpea ver sticrekin Tbian
Vamek, the~ Bouarr spltendsd nssovel
end-s hauth is pr.uenr an tIenteaet in
sustauer ton the la snta word ThmeRin
in th Moon Bisn and anelotitr paort
soryb Phlhilip Aerril 3liher s. Juatt
for. bel conriutesen an fnetinel inutr
ted atie oniPinho sl fie rehotograhy.
hius home. Af theun Wtndtn andto
extero adis interiof r view of theon is
Smanorstarc givin Ar Qeteo.El
C Savarin Dinr.g buy MNe. 1radford,
V.will appea tohepicurna.a rlanioh
Hates, thsae ~aoa notre's, ihs showni
Mis Lacughin thet al Vetermueatnii
u of th hidenransi of inreset to thes
imorant feetare.

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