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BBASE BALL--Sunday and Monday, May 3 a 4, Morgan City, vs. Our Grays.
ftt evid )Ii x eti
---- Olfioial o l of thes P'aisha of Lafourche mad of the Iterstb of the Tome.
Vol. 37 THIBODAUX, LA., XAY 8. No-
hib'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
You may be sure the immortal Was
hinigton wore a becoming hat. the
style in keeping with the times. You
Smay emulate his example if you'll pro
I cure your bead gear from our stock
always sure to be of the latest mode,
becoming and fair-priced.
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
long wearers. They wear
twice as long as ordi- t
shoes. Because they are r$4 MANS3
e by thoroughly reliable __
asers and only of the best
a aterial. Give them a trial
you will never regret
ring done so.
Emile J. Braud.
ember that I have removed to the Blum Stand. next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
est brick in the market......................
million brioks on hand ready for delivery.
" Livery, Feed
* ..Sale Stables.
Undertaking W
ti Establishm'ent
Blaokamith and
___ Carriage
-- * Maker.
Peifriot St. (Jor. Levee and Market, Thibodau'..
Just received a nice line of
Bird Cages, Garden
Hose, Lawn Mowers,
Water Coolers, Ice
Cream Freezers, Ham
mocks, Garland Wood
stoves, Garden Tools,
Wire screens, Etc.
H. Riviere & Co.
'Phone 108. Cor. Main 4- St. Louis Sts.~
Advertise in The sentinel.
For durability .
there's no better brand b
. than the "R. W." b
-that's why we sell, a
- advertise, and rec- p
o*mend theu a bang
all that a pale of
trousers should be. A
glance at every detail
is enough to convince
you that a custom
tailor cannot serve
I you as well.
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity Prudence Safety
Recognized essential elements of a perfectly ap
pointed Modern Bank--are offered by O
The Ban ot Thibodaux
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - $366,834,21,
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $46T 21.981.
If You Use a
Will boil, bake, broil or fry
better than a wood or coal
Made in Several SizeB, 9
Agents for Lafourche Parish.
A A IF UT AN U 0s w
Perfrct and Peereiss
and al Liver, Kidney and Blade
wer troubles ciased by uric acid
is the rsotem. It cures by
eaaunsing sad vitUlizing the
blood, thus removing the cause
of disease. It gives vigor and
tone and builds up the health
and strength of the patient
(J C1L Is is miary Ia
the anedical world. It bas cured
and will eontinue to care mors
of the above diseases than all
other known remedies, many of
whiob do more harm than good.
newe disappoints. It cares it
tallibly Ift faken as directed.
Try it sad be convinced then
it is a wonder and a blesalag to
Price LOOperbottle. orGbol
tlmfor doruale bý e d s
Sand stamp for boo of pattle
miars and wonderful cures. If
vor ragscaunot l"y yeou
u epon
reelps of prics. :
suscani seemac , ls Amp" c.L
W.aet " senee r
Mattinga. you want. call at Fills
Brald a Sons, nni s( :!.?r t .auatful t
tn e. 30
1. J. Celestin,
Cornish Indian Games
Stock for snale 68.50 aun-ep.
Eggs in season at $2.50 per'
New Idea Woman's Magazine.
In consonance with its name. the
May presents many novel teatsres in
dressmaking and in every departmeet
of domestic interest It opens with
a charming paper by Constoace Fuller
Mclntyie upon "The Marriageable
Age;" k'mma A. Osborne writes abous
New York's Chinatown delightfully;
Katherine Louise Smith tells of the
new fad, "Cat Shows and Oatteries;"
Nancy Hull has "The Living-Boom"
for her theme; and Dben Rexford
presents "Garden Gossip" is his an.
thoritative manner. In addition to
these special features, tLe several
departments are attractively set forth,
arid in short stories and verse there
is unusual variety and superior quall.
ty. The New Idea patterns offer
many tempting opportunities to the
home dressmaker.
Hur.ting on the Acadia Plantation I
is22 W. H. Paze
212 1. H. PRICE. i
An Interesting Meeting at t
the Cut Off.
The editor had the pleasure of
sttending a meeting of the Lafourche
Democratic mother club at Cut Off;
last Sunday. The meeting, which as
the second of the organization, was)
held in the Cut Off school house and
was well attended. Besides the regu
lar business there were speeches made
by the following gentlemen who had b:
been invited to address the club:1
Judge L. P. Caillouet, Messrs. J. A.
0. Coignet and F. L. Knobloch. The
speakers devoted themselves to ex
pounding principles of Democracy
sad to setting forth the advantages
to be derived from organization.
Tit. Tweatieth entary grass Band
furnished the music for the occasin.
This band is domiciaed at the Cut
Off and it reflects great credit upon
the lattle village. It was organized
by Mr. Jos. H. Price, the able and
progressive principal of the Cut Off
pablic school, and it has made rapid
progress under his tuition and leader
The Lafourcbe Democratic mother
club was organazed at Lockport in the
early part of April, and Is a growing
institution; about 25 or 30 new mem
bers were enrolled at last Sunday's
meeting. There Is no reason why its
membership should not Increase
rapidly for it is devoted to the interest
of the party and all democrats within
its terratory should join it.
Before adjournment, the club
gracefully elected the three speakers I
and ye humble servant, the editor of
the Sentinel, honorary members of
the club, a compliment which was I
highly appreciated by the recipients.
The Club has decided to hold its '
next meeting on the fourth Sunday
of this month at the Folse School
House, in the lower part of the third I
ward. M
A Bur. Than I
It is said that nothing is sure ex
cept death and taxes, but that is not
altogether true. Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption Is a sure
care for all lung and throat troubles.
Thousands can testify to that. Mrs.
C. B. VanMetre of Shepherdtown,
W. Va., says "I had a severe case of C
Bronchitis sad for a year tried every.
,blag I beard of, but got so relief i
Ons* boUle of Dr. King's New Die c
Cough, Grip, Pnuemonia and Con
suamption. Try IL It's guaranteed
by All Drugglets. Trial bottles free.
Reg. sizes 50c, $1.00.
Jack Auslet is here advertising
Mr. Geo. W. Scott and his select ,
Company of artist which will appear
in Hal Reids Big Scenic Production
"Roanoke" at the Opera House Sun.
day May 10th 1903. Mr. Scott has
an entire new Company and has a r
fine production of Roanoke. t
Judge E. P. Bernard. s
On Tuesday night, April 28th, at t
11:30 o'clock Esvariste P. Bernard, al
prominent and highly respected '
citizen of the third ward, departed E
this life, at his late residence, three 2
miles below Raceland. The deceased a
was 67 years and 5 months of age at a
the time of his death. His funeral 8
tcok place on the 29th of April in
the afternoon at St. Mary's Catholic
Church. I
The deceased was at the timae of t
has death the jubtice of the third I
ward, an ofikoe which he has filled for t
nearly thirtyfive years, a fact which -
shows that he possessed the esteem
an'] confidence of his people.
Frank Hoffman, Sr.
The sad news of the death of Mr.
Frank Hoffman Sr., reached here last
Tuesday evening. The deceased died4
m Mobile~, Ala.. where he had moved
a eror two ago, he had been ill for
a logtime but his friends here did
not expect that the end would come
so soon, so that to some of them, the
news of has death was a surprise. He
was a native of Germany and had
moved to this country at the age of
16 years and settled here where he
engaged in the carriage making busi
He was for years the owner of the
livery stable on Jackson street known
as Hotiman's Stable which he opera
ted until a few years ago when he sold
it to Messrs. Naquin and Keeler.
Mr. Hoffman was very successful
in business and accumulated a large
amount of wealth. At the time of
his death he was a large property
holder Io this town. The deceased
died in the 65th, year and leates a
wife and son to mourn his loss.
The remains arrived here Wednes
day afternoon from Mobile, and
Thursday after the tuneral services
were hcld over them by the Rev. J.
N. Blackburn at the home of Mr. P.
F. Kurt;, wete Interred in St. John's
The Southern Sentinel takes excep.
tion to our assertion in a reenut issue,:
that "Blanch:u ; stan'is absolutsly no
show aitho';t the stupport anhI in
fluence of 6cunat'r I cster. lie is a
of the most unpopular men that could
have been selected." It characterizes
the assertion as "vituperation and!
abuse of the candidate."
The Sentinel is informed, in all sin
cerity, thit The Felicianas does not
approve of or indulge in "vitupera I
tion or abuse" of any one. It does
not regard such methods as dignified I
or becoming either gentlemen or jour
nalism. With all due respect to both I
the public and private character of I
Justice Blanchard, and the exalted i
position he occupies. The Fehcianas I
reasserts its honest convictions, as
expressed in the foregoing words. I
Furthermore, it believes the adminis. I
tration forces realize his weakness to I
such an extent that it may induce I
them to throw their support to some
other canddilate.-The FulleIeeais,
District Institute.
This Institute! as held yesterday
the 24th last, at the Elie Ducos Cen
tral School House. The following
teachers were present, Mr. Joseph H.!
Price, Miss Bertha Authement, Mrs.
W. F. Harang, Miss Lydia Lambert,
Mrs. Felix Parsa, and Mr. W. C. i
Lorraine. Mr. Price and Miss Authe
ment had assembled their pupils in
honor of the visit of our efficient I
Superintendent, the Honorable Thom
as A. Badeaux, wh' arrived at the
School House about 9 a. m. Mr
Badeaux examined some of the
pupils, and also looked iuto the
methods of teaching in this scho1l,
and complimented the teachers on
the efficient manner in which the
studies were conducted, he then t
addressed the pupils of the school,
and those of the patrous present in
French, after which he addressed the
teachers in English, in his us:,l
forcible and masterful style. Both
teachers and pupils were greatly
impressed by what he said, and his
visit will bring forth good results
In the afternoon the usual Institute
business was taken un. Miss Lydia
Lambert read an entertaining paper
on Drawing. Mrs. Felix Parra took
fir her Subject, The value of Educa
tion; which was very favorably re
ceived. Mrs. W. F. Harang read a
humorous chapter from the antobjo
graphv of aTom Boy, in a very
oreditabls manner, sad Hies Aathe d
program was furnished by Mr. Price, I
Bads Thihodaux and Master Frraneis
Ducos. Owing to want of time the
respective talks of Mr Price on the
School City, and Mr. Lorraine, on r
the Benefits of the Institute were
deterred until the next meeting which '
will take place on Friday the 22nd of 8
May at the usual hour. X. I
What editor Dawkins, of the Mon
roa News, says in the following, is
"The people of New Orleans are I
still insisting on a visit from Roose- a
velt. Why don't they practice what ti
they preach, and let him alone ? His a
love for the negro, and his socIability a
with the negro they denounced and (1
now they are begging him to come to t
New Orleans in order that they may t
do him honor. The Southern people u
should never invite him to be their c
guest. They should let him stay in [
Washington and never go about him." 'I
If the people of the South would f
be a little more consistent in their t
treatment of these agitators it would
go a lorng way toward suppressing I
thetasouln quieting the race question. I
-The Felicuanas. c
Th~edford's Black-Draught has
saved doctors' bills for more than
sixty years. For the common famn
i detsuch as constipation.
Indgsto, hard colds, bowel coms
plit, chills and fever, bilicous
ness, headaches and other like C
complaints no other medicine Is
necessary. It invigorates and rq.g
alates the liver, assists digestion,
stimulates action of the kidneys,
iufes the blood, and purges the'l
boesof foul accunmulations. It
cures liver complaint1 indigestion,
sour stomach, dinsaness, chills,
rheumatic pains, sideache, back.
ache,kidney troubles, constipation,
colds and headache. Ev~ery harugi
gist has Thedford's Black-lraugt i
in 25 ceut pa,'kages and in nam
moth sire f&r $.(OJ. Never accept
a substitute. Insist on having thef
oraigialmade by the Chattanooga o
I I-a Thedfrd' Blc.Dagh
i he hest msdicimes eu'ath. It o
sodfranyad everythiag. I hass
asfamily oftwelve chidre5, anIfrU
*fe sl have keptthem es eet3 0
U md hslhwkhbmdoctor Int Bleck' f
Dragh. . RENIIswwe, La. a
The Deadly Cigarette.
A recent telegram frwm Philadel
phia says:
Instructions positively forbidding
the use of cigarettes by those em
pIoved in the passenger service of
the New York Divisiqon of the Read
ing Railroad have been issued by Mr.
Fulimore, passenger trainmaster.
Dismissal from the employ of the
road is the I'enalt3 for failure to
obey the mandate.
"gMen who smoke cigarettes are apt
to have lapses of memory aol i. is
not safe to trust the live of passen
gers in (he hands of persons who
have that failng."
The Instruetions wot only forbid
the use of cigarettes by the me.
while on duty, but also when they
are off duty.
Odicers of the road say that the
company has always refused to em
ploy men known to be cigarette
The day is coming, and may it he
speeded, when cigarette smoking will
be a bar to any first class position.
There is no habit more offensive, or
more destructive of mind and morals
than the baneful one of cigarette smok
ing and it Is the distlact.ve duty of
everyone to discourage it in every
possible way. -Vicksburg American.
By a Persistant Cough, but Perma
nently Cured by Chamberlana's
Cough Ramedy.
Mr. H. P. Burbage, a student at
lisw, in Greenville, S. C., had been
troubled for four or five years with a
continuous cough which he says,
"greatly a'armed me, causing me to
fear that I was ia the first stage of
consumption." Mr. Burb:age, bhes.
ing seen Chamberlain's Cough Rees.
dy advertised, concluded to try it
Now read what he says of it: '"1
soon felt a remat kable change asnt
after using two boittes of the twenty
five cent size, was perimantly cured."
Sold by Itoth Drug Store.
Slaughtered Like Sheep.
A dispatcb troy St. Petersburg, of
dae Aprilyeh,., the Jetish Derly
lug heart readiag account oft#
cetel massacre of Jews In Beesarabl
"St. Petersburg, April 25.-(Taken
roraes the border line for transmission
in order to escape the censor.)-The
anti Jewish riots in Kishinev, Bessar
abia, are worse than the censor will
permit to pultish. There was a well
laid-out plan for the general massacre
of Jews on the day following the
Russian Easter. The mob led by
priest and the general cry, 'kill the
Jews,' was taken up all over the city.
The Jews were taken totally unaware,
and were slaughtered like sheep. The
dead number 120, and the injured
about 500. The scenes of horror
attending this massacre are hevond
description. Babes were literally
torn to pieces by the frencied and
bloodthirsty mob. The local police
made no attempt to check the reign
of terror. At sunset the streat were
piled with corpses and wounded.
Those who could make their escape
Bed in terror and the city is now
practically deserted of Jews.
"Just its in the riots of 1880 1881,
there is a popular belief among the
Russian pes5aiits that the Czar de
creed the slaughtering of the Jews.
"The immediate cause of the riot,
however, is the ritual murder accusa
tion against the .Jews mu IDuboeary,
G.overnmenit of Khersoy.
"Immediate relief is wanted.'
The Board of Appraisers.
The State Bosrd of Appraisers
were mu ineealoe recentiy and made
the following assessments of rail.
Tbh. Louisiana Southern at *1,50G
per mile.
The St. Louis, [ron Mountain and
Southern at *7,500 per mile.
The Louisville and Nashville at
$11,500 per mile.
The New Orleans and North W~ess.
ern at *8.500 per mile.
The Vickshurg, Shreveport and
Paciuc at $8,600 per mile.
The Kansas CI'y Southern at $8,600
per mile.
The Southaweslarn and St. Louis at
$7,500 per mile.
It is estimated thui feom the entire
rirain age basin of Ume .11's'vinssipti I hieie
is annually washed awas and nam ried
riown thn' riv.'r a olay ''f soil ome
foot thick, psameiciant tim cver an area
of 269 sq .:.re mn:?e" Tisms io without
an3 refeacnce to tha. saind, clay mmmi
gravel washed from thc bluf'. It Is
.uggasi '1 that if f:'rmera. would
.verywlm.re snply themoelves to rtnm-l
ming the gullies and drinin on thei*
farms by tnespensive methods this
ahstractmou of valuable materiial
from their fields might to greatlj
Ienstimlihed. -St. Paul Pioneer.

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