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-SE BALL--To-morrow Bernhardts, of New Orleans. TuesdaY'I ednesday and Thursday, Donaldsonville, vs. Our Grays.
Offioial Journal of the Parish of Lafourohe 'an of the ZInterest of the Town.
.ol. 37. - THIBODAUX, iLA., Ma 1903. No. 42
I nnlm • I ra i1In~ numuwu un nn nn1 11 nmm,1 uanuu |ii m
ib'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
V , You may he sure the intnortal Was
/ hington vwore a hbecoming hat. tlhe
style in keepit g with the times. You
., pt may em!ulate his example if you'll pro
SAI, cute your head gear from our stock
always sure to be of the latet mode,
becoming and fair-priced.
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
Slong wearers. They wear 
twice as long as ordi- AD k,
ehoes. Because they are CIE MANSsE
e by thoroughly reliable AT. oT 699
ers and only of the best --
rial. Give them a trial
you will never regret
ring done so.
Emile J. Braud.
mber that I have removed to the Bium Stand. next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
eat brick in the market......................
slion bricks on hand ready for delivery.
Successor to LEFORT " TETREAU
. pLivery, Feed
...Sale Stables. ¢
Undertaking W
! Establishment
SBlacksmith and _
.. * Maker. g
atriot St. Cor. Levee and Market, Thibodau.v.
t received a nice line of
Bird Cages, Garden ,
Hose, Lawn Mowers,
Water Coolers, Ice 
Cream Freezers, Ham- 
mocks, Garland Wood 
stoves, Garden Tools, 
Wire screens, Etc.
H. Riviere & Co.
'PIons 108. Cor. Main ,4 St. Louis Sts.
-C . Copying.
ioand Reginner'.s lajb.J.( (Pitman System) MONDAY, W1EDLNE'DAY
and FRID.\Y Evenings.
,Corner St. Philip and Thinl daux Streets. Both Phones.
For durab'li
there's no better
than the "R. W
-that's why we
advertise, and rC
o dmed thm as
all that a p
glance at every detail
is enough to convince
you that a custom
tailor cannot serve
I you as wel
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity Prudence Safety
Recognized essential elements of a perfectly ap
pointed Modern Bank--are offered by
The Bank of Thibodaux
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - $366,834,21,
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $46T,823.91.
A MatchE tart-t
If You Use a
Will boil, bake, broil or fry
better than a wood or coal
Made in Several Sizes,
Agents for Lafourche Parish.
Perfect and Pearless
and ain Lver, Kidly and Btad.
.dr trmublk caused by tei add
in the system. It cures by
cleansing and vi-t-thng the
blood, thus removing the caise
of dieas.i. It gives vigor and
tone and builds up the health
and strength of the ptent
while using the remedy.
URICSIOL is a lug narty in
the medical world. It has cured
and will continue to cu:e more
of the above dise.ase than all
other known remedi a, manv of
which do wore hamr- t.an gocd.
This great ard thc.rougly tested
and endorsed California Remedy
never di&ppobnt It cure ti.
fallibly If taen as directed.
Try it and be convinced that
it is a wonder and a blessing to
sfring humanity. r6o
Price 100 per b or  bot
ties tor $& Por sle bydruggIts.
Send stamp for boo of partic
slars and wonderful cures. If
yore drngst cannot supply you
tt will be ent, prea, upon
reLAA pt ofprice. AdM
Mattings. you want, call at Ellis
Bnriid's ions, and sce their beautiful
ine. 36.
F. J, Celestin,
Cornish Indian Games
Stock for sal1e, .50 . ad up.
Etgs in neaion a O Ier
fifteen. ,
New Idea Woman's gagazine.
In consonance with Ise Sadie, the
Mlay presents many novl' features in
dressmaking and in every department
of domestic interest. It opens with
a charming paper by Cotsanloe Fuller
McIntyie upon "The N1arisgeable
Age;" Emma A. Osborne writes about
New York's Chinatown delightfully;
Katherine Louise Smith tells of the
new fad, "Cat Shows sad Catteries;"
Naucy Hull has "The Living.Room"
for her theme; and Dbse Rexford
presents "Garden Gossip" in his au
tho itative mnanner. Is addlition to
these special features, tl.e'several
departments are attractively set forth,
and in short stories sad verse there
is unusual variety and Usperior quali.
tv. Tile New Idea patterns offer
many tempting opportuMaties to the
home dressmaker.
Notice. 4
Hunting on the Acadia Plantation
is possitive'y prohlbited
2"2 1t I P IucE.
The m uch-ta!ked-of cons,,lidalt 1i t
between the Pioineer anll th. Ebl, is
at last consummated. and Aas-ump) -
tion once more will have but one
weekly in its midst. c
Mr. Gianelloni, of the Eagle, will
assume charge of the Pioneer after
this issue, hut the ownership will con
tinue in the Pioneer Publishing Co., 'c
Ltd. The Eangle's complete outfit! p
will be devoted to serving the public
as part of the Pioneer's now wsl; fur- in
nished ofile.
Mr. Gianelloni, the new manager
of the Pioneer and the old owner of
the Engle, needs no introduction at 01
our hands. He made his apprestice
old Piesser; became an att.
E th Thrbodaex Sea u-tt.s.-.
turned to the Pioneer; become found
er of the Eagle, and now returns to
his first love. H"e is able and pains- m
taking, bright and polite, and the n
public will be served by him as h,"r-
tfure-that we feel is a sufllci-nt tl
For the last year the Pio.,eer waus I
succtssfu ly utau'grc , :anIl succcedul.l, Ic
i'.s :past success under the most *us
picious conditions now existing, s
shoudl be increased.
To the new manager we wth God h'
speed.-P-' oneer. tI
Congratulations '-Eddie" The Sen- a
tinel wishes you Success as manager
of the l'ioueer.
A Sure Thing o
It is said that nothing is sure ex
cept death and taxes, but that is not
altogether true. Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption is a sure
cure for all lung and throat troubles.
Thousands can testify to that. Mrs.
C. B. VanMetre of Shepherdtown,
W. Va., says "I had a severe case of
Bronchitis and for a year tried every.
thing I heard of, but got no relief
One bottle of Dr. King's New Dis
covery then cured me absolutely."
It's Infahiole for Croup, Whooping
Cough, Grip, Pnuemonia and Con
sumption. Try it. It's guaranteed
by All Druggists. Trial bottles free.
Reg. sizes 50c, $1.00.
Mr. Geo. W. Scott and his clever
company presented "Roanoke" at the
opera house last night in a manner
that won praise from ait present
Ijn consequence -ý an-ry
Mr. Scott is a clever comedian and
is supported by an evenly balanced
cast. The Specialties were all good
and on a whole the company was
one of the best we have ever had In
our city. The special scenery carried
by the company was used and had a
beautiful effect. picturing our beauti
ful southern homes. Mr. Scott is
not only a clever actor but has a rich
baritone voice that was appreciated
by all. The piece was very carefully
staged and each one of the cast
deserved the many laughs and ap
plause that were continually given.
Mr. Weir induced the company to
remain another night, and tonight
the bill will be "Davy Drockett," the
title role in which Mr. Scott is famous.
The prices have been reduced tonight
to 25, 35 and 50 cents. Special
scenery will also be used tonight.-
Jennings Record.
Kidney and Bladder Troubles
Kidney. Bladder, Urethral and
similar troubles are caused by an ex
cess of uric, lactic and hithic acids in
the system. URICSOL, the great
California Rheumatic Remedy, neu
tralizes the acid and effects a cure.
For book of particulhrs, send two
cent stamp to the ILamar & Rankin
Drug Co, Atlanta, Ga., or URICSOL
Chemical Co., Los Angeles, Cal. This
is a remedy of great merit. Drug
gists sell it at $1.00 per bottle, or six
bottles for $600
Our municipal affairs changed
hands last Friday, with the retirement
of Mayor Zernott and the Board of
Aldermen who served with him and
the installment of the Mayor and
Aldermen elected at the election of
the 21st of April. The retiring
Mayor and Aldermen, leave behind
them a creditable record; they had at
all times the good of the community
at heart and used their best efforts
towards attaining that end.
The goodl wishes and the gratitude
of the people for the services they
have rendered their town will follow
them through life. The new Muuici
Spal Bard is composed of the follow
ing gentlemen;
Mayor, W. C. Ragan; Aldermen,
Hv. Riviere, C. O. Dantin. P. J.
iAucoin, Clay Lagarde and W. II.
The following Committees were
Sappointd by Mayor Ragan:
Committee on Improvement :
Messrs. Lagaude, Ragan and Danlin.
Committee on Ftuancc:-Ruviere,
Aucoin, and Dantin.
Committee on Public Property:
u Ragau, Aucoin and Riviere.
Committee on Public Schools:-
asutin, Aucoin and Raga:n.
A Rare 01ld Volume.
A rare volume, of much inters.st
to New Y.'rker1, will he otlt"redt f,;t
sale shortly by ,t well known Ffth
)Avenue book aoution hbou;,. It I- a
copy of Daniel ilenton's "Brief lies
cription of New York," London, 16170.
the first description ever printed of V
New York, and one of the quaintesti
volumes imuagnaltle. O(nly three . co
pies of this book have been sold dr
iiug the last twnuty-live years, the.
last copy solil at auction being srt II
in this city twelve years ago. iin
November, 1900, a copy of the book
sold for nearly $2,000; this cop;y is
owned by a Brookiyu Biblhomaniac.
-Ex. I
New Idea Woman's Magazine.
Brides, graduates, and fi'wers ate
the dominant f atures of the first
m:mnth 3f Summ,,r, and the June ti
number of the NYw IDEA WOMAN's
MAGAZINE tr.'ats (if them all. '"Jute.
the .Month of 1R,.s," is a practical f
t,'ral paper, by Bei.jamin B. K'ecth.
charl'ngly iilustredl. Sar:ah Skater
contrihutes a nctcworthv aitic:e on
'-June Brides;" Agnes Walren de
scribes 'June Ftres;" and K.ite
Marston wIites of ""A Woman and a
her Pin Money." In addition to
these distinct,!y t;mely themes, the E
several departments of Society Fads,
Good Ilousekeeprng. Embroidery,
and Home Dressmaking receive novel
treatment, characteristic of the sea
son. The short stories and verse a:e
of exceptional excellence. .
r r
Miss Ida M. Snyder.
Treasurer of tes
.~iar Nots adm AL t clfb.
e Ifi women would psy amoreatttle i
r unti healrh we woli have mere
wives, mohtus ad aind iels
Wine or i irutorf the
_ l 1a TWO any he VIM
itrd' Black"Draught, and so I took it and
1 ve eve reason to thank him fora new t
a Ilf ope up to me with restored heal h, I
and konly took three months to awr mt."
] Wine of Cardni isa regulatorof the
menstrual functions and is a most as
tonishing tonic for women. It cures
scanty, suppressed, too frequent, irreg
ns lar and painful menstruation, falling
of the womb, whites and flooding. It
is helpful when approaching woman
hood, during prepnancy, after child
V birth and in chbane of life. It fre
t uently brings a dear baby to homes
that have been barren for years. All
drugits have $1.00 bottles of Wine
€o Cardui.
i1 On account of the United Confede
- rate Vetrans, Reunion at New Or
leans, May 19th, 22nd, 1903. Tb.
Texas and Pacific Ry. Co., will sell
Ronnd Trip tickets Thihbodaux to
a New Orleans at the rate of $1.25 for
the Round trip. Dattes of Sale; May
17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 1903. Final
d Fimt for return leaving New Orleans
CMay 24th, 1903. All tickets must
Sbe stamped by the Texas an'i Pacific
it Ry., Agant at either at the 8Lt. Charles
- Hotel City Olhe, or Agent at pas
3. senger station, the Teins awl Pacific
o Agent at Grctona. Bcfore same wi'l
Si,. honolred for return then the tickets
will be good fur coutinlous passage
commencing on date stamped on
Sback. No stop overs will be allowed.
SW. Bnasr,
Local Ticket Agent
d The Delineator for June
r The June Delineator is especially
?f strong in fiction and presents the
id usual charming display of fashlous.
Id It contains a group of four college
>f stories, each of which is a fine speci
Smen. They are: The Taking of
d Isabel, by Caltheriae Young Glen;
at Professor Ashur's Tutor, by Ai.e
y Louise Le,; By Grace of Linaoeus,
ts by Kate !1lilner Rlabh; andl A Delayed
l'rposal, by Kate Whiting Patch.
e Ttey are illustratedt by E M. Ashe,
y eorge Gibbs, C. 31. R~lyea and Karl
Anderson, respectively. In thle se
- cod installmeutof Mrs. Catlherwoodl a
Sserial story, The Bois.Brul6s, the plot
develops along highly dramatic lines*.
An intimate friend of Angnsta
J. Holmes, who died recently, conti
1. butes an article on the famous c,.o
pouer; It is str:kiegly illustratedl. A
re Chaling Di- Supper, Iby Miles Bra I-
ford, is of especial intere't to clpi
_ cures, although it is also a geoo story. I
n. lMinnie .laddern Fiske, the actress, is
', shown in a page of very fine photo
graphs. An attractive dwelling, suit
- able for occupation the en'ie ve:ar
and moderate in cost, is prsented
- with excellent illustrations. Clara E.
Launhln has a serious haluer on the
ldometi_* rIlations of wom..
Mrlr. Birney contributes a .;;
artic!e on Childhood lDr.
Peckham '1urray din.·sses pl1.:'
nil the water supply, in their
lion to hellth. For the c`.l,
Grace :MacGowan Cooke gives ;il
last of the charming "What l':,',, n
ed Then" st, uies-Beaut"y's I ',
Duomb Sn:, a,;d Lina Be*ard ad I !m -
other numnber to the engaging I',
time.. A squirrel story bi t'::iý
3lcl!vaine is ,lso a feature .:
every habase of the home is ;:t t -. I
the other Dep:artmstnts.
By a Persistent Oough, but Perwua
neatly Cared by Oh, ri s's
Mr. H. P. Bmls a atudent at
isw, in Greenville. R C1. bhad h,,in
troubled for four or five years wit;lh
e, ntinnons congh whic.h he -,..
"*"reatly a'armed me. c-ansing to: :,
fear that 1 was hi the first sat ..
consumpton." Mr. Burh:,ge. :.,,
ihg seea Chamberliin's Cough '...
,iv :ldvertistd, coincludld to t v
Now read what he says of
soon felt a remakable ehan; :tanI
after using two bottles of the !..'I''
five cent size. was permantly c.'r
So!'l by Roth Drug Store.
A paper mill will be estableisa., :I,
Lake Charles at an early date. 'I
plant will cost *300.000 ano t+,
money is Is sight, Pap.'r wrhi ,
manufactured trop. thb. reislle (.f lil
saw mills. A sqiecia'ty of nt;,,;ow ;-. ,
will be made, yet all grades .' ;
manufactured, the filuished l" t
being turned out in a vari! I
bhades and colors. A mill at ( , ..
'fex., is turning out daily -..v.;
tons of paper of fine qu:alit ,
pine shavings, and it has been :tI:'....,,
demonstrated that the proc.s.., e-.
plovydt ii a success and req .a. ,,,,
great amount of -kill It doe
appear to he difficult for I.,!
Charles to do bhl thiigs n an .,-
trial way, while other In,,r-:. ::
towns can't put up a measly ice 1 t
or oil mill.
The Editor's I)ollare.
Whenever you hand a dot!? r fc, r
your paper, don't imagine thl:t the
editor is just that dollar awedL He
he sends you weekly during the year,
and on the average they cott hium a
cent or more apiece. So, the ave,:ts,'
country editor has about 40 entit
profits on each subscription--lr .1 -
e.l he is a good hnstler and ma,1e.-.
In some cases the expense of g.lti,
out the paper will take all the piin;: ,
and, it there is not a liberal ad.ut t'
ing patroninge, there is nothing to Id
but to suspend publication. 'lhe
editor has to divide his dollars wlth
the paper man, the printer, the i ::,
ager, the landlord, the postr :: .: .
the devil and a whole lot of r,'l..
folks.-Avoyelles Blade.
Card of Thanks.
The undersigned avails l:;,; n.rf c,f
this menus to expiess h,- ·.',,' :o
thanks to the various fire t i,e.
of the town as well as to th'. et;.ZVe
who so willingly and prosn:,.%v r,-,
poudedl to the fire alarm last 'i't(s lay
morning. He fully realies it:it lthi:
danger was immineut amnd that .t w:i4
I ,only throulgh the proimltness of ,Ih:
muen who anawterol the call tha:.
greater damage to his bulldiung w:a
TIlO. 3McDER.1' UI' P.
The Thibodanx Cycling cl,, he'l
a meeting, in its elub rooms, HO I: .t
Monday and eleeted the o ,owing,
ofilcers for the ensuing year:
President, urile Iilviere; V' "'r'-:
dent, Chas. Colon; 8ec'retary, 1'. I'.
Delaune; Treasarer, S. 8 . C;,on,
collector, Paul Legeadre; U'.iptu'.i,
O. M. Delaau; lst Lieuseant, Oiyvt r
ngerrms; agd Lieumteas. (L.
Milre; Bentile, Prof. W 8. Lnf..,,;
Bugler, Paul X. Couloo.
The undersigned desires t, t ,rwu
the pullic iu geneLal that on, :.,,,,.1
the Ith of 1lay be will op,. , o :1
smith shop In Thilodaux t,,- iio,
pectfully solicits a share of th,' tu,
lic's patronage.
'W . .. ", .
There will ble special min -:,
Lafourche Prgc~ssive Union,, .'.
i the pincec of tLe re-glar in ".,i' '
-month, tiext Teie.sy evollnvi . .:,
S1th, wliiin. maitter ,ef onss. .-- ,
iml)irt:,ice w'l bI bIrough; ,t
atteitiuu of the Uiioa.
Thre' will be a meetir , :,.
Thilodaux Fire Co. *o. .. 1,.,:.
evening. All the memlbe:- ;::.,
issllb:y attedd shloud do - ..
.,ueiness that will ie o,,. .,'
e this meeting is of great ,n.. ..

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