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__ ~ I~tehid j hihib aux SentineL
r1h3.omtoiai J@1,a1 et te ar 4 Lfah m the Zteret of the Town.No4
TIBODAUX, LA., MAY ..... ---- -- -
Thib'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
You may be sure the immortal Was
hington wore a becomin g hat. the
style in keepilg with the times. You
may emulate bis example if you'll pro
cure your bead gear from our stock
always sure to be of the latest mode,
teaomaL g aud fair-priced.
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
. long wearers. 'lhey wear pC
pjost twice as long as ordi- GOstER
~ry shoes. Because they are w'4 MANSS
sdeby thoroughly reliable T. oEC. ,d 1699
askers and only of the best
_aterial. Give them a trial
idl you will never regret
uving done so. -
Emile J. Braud.
ber that I have removed to the Blum Stand. next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
' a now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
eat brick in the market......................
illa bricks on hand ready for delivery.
--- | . .. . .. . . ... . .... . . . . _ , | i _ __ = . . . . . .
Livery, Feed
...Sale Stables.
Undertaking 3tS
K Establishlent
Blacksmith and O.
Pptriot St. Cor. Levee and .Market, Thibodaux.
tst received a nice line ofi
Bird Cages, Garden a
Hose, Lawn Mowers,
Water Coolers, Ice
Cream Freezers, Ham
mocks, Garland Wood
stoves, Garden Tools,
Wire screens, Etc.
H. Riviere & Co.
'Phome 108. Cor. MKain 4 St. Louis ts.t
.c Copying.
Stltd Bcginner'. (ilaaes (Pitman System) MONDAY, WEDNESDAY
and FRIDAY Evenings.
" 0ottr St. Philip and Thibldaux Streets. Both Phones.
For durability
there's no better brand
than the "R. L W."
-that's why we sell,
advertise, and rec
ommend them as bing
all that a pair of
Sglnce at every deta
is enough to convince
you that a custom 1
tailor cannot serve 1
you as wdl
-___ i_ __ _ __ _n __i
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity Prudence Safety
Recognized essential elements of a perfectly ap- 1
pointed Modern Bank- -are offered by
The Bank ot Thibodaux
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - $366,834,21,'
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $467,823.91.
A Match Starts the Mel.
If You Use a
Will boil, bake, broil or fry:
better than a wood or coal
Made in Several Sizes,
Agents for Lafourche Parlh.
I"_ I- I1
Prfect and Peerless
sad a Liver, Ktue ad B31
etr troubles cased by uric acid
Is the Tstem. It cmres by
etleanda and vltr.lng the
blood, thus removing the cause
of disease. It gives vigor and
tone and builds up the health
mad strength of the patimnt
whil as* the remedy.
the medial world. Itbas cured
sad will cotinue to cure more
of the above disease than all
other known remedies, many of
which do maore harm than good.
'ihgrest and thorouah tetsd
Try eand be eanaadncs the
it is a woer sad a ble latg is
n le Opsrb.tII are 6o
ti sterM Parale ydrnggists
se rtap for boat of pahe
am s ad woderul ms . Ic
Iesi priesges.
*WML iCAmlh Aneg aL
LaWe a c anesse
Mlattings, you want, call at Ellis
Brsud's Suns, aud se their berutiful
ime. 3G.
F. J, Celestin,
Cornish Indian Gapmes
Stock for sale, SS.50 a up.
Eggs in season at $2.50 per
The undersigned desires to inform
the public in general that on or about
Lhe 15th of May he will open a tin
smith shop to Thibodsaux ad tee
pectfully solicits a share of the pub.
lic's patronage.
W. J. Ileags.
Kidney and Bladder Troubles
Kidney. Bladder, Urethral and
similar troubles are caused by ao ex
cess of urie, lactic and lthic acids in
the system. URIUSOL, the great
'alifornia Rheumatic Remedy, neu
tralises the acid and effects a cure.
For book of particulars, send two
cent stamp to the Lamar a Rankin
Drug Co., Atlanta, Os., or URICSOL
Ohemical Co., Los Angeles, Usl. This
is a remedy of great merit Drug
gists sell it at $1.00 per bottle, or six
bottles for $5.00
Iunting on the Acadia Plantation
is possitilvely prohibited.
2W2 . U. P.ctK.
Governor Knoblkch Shot to
Death on the Streets by
James Cherault. d
Accused Admitted to Bail. t
Last Monday morning our usually o
quiet community was startled and I
electrified by the sad news of the It
tragie killing of ex Lieutenant Gov- Y
sr-or Clay Knobloch by James ti
Cherault. The news spread rapidly a
and expressions of regret and sorrow a
were beard on all sides as eager in-. t
quirie for the particulars of the 4
terrble tragely were made as people
mt passing to and fro or ceogre
edsele sma bMeets hue sd th P
to discuss the sad occurrence. d
At first particulars were scarce tl
and hard to get. but gradually it h
became generally known whabut had
taken place after the report of the
first shot fired.
Prior to this first sLot no oth.-r eye
witness than the accusedl himself has
to the present writing been foundl;
anod according to his testimony given
on the preliminary trial, after some
conversation about a matter which
had been previously broached to hm
by the deceased on two separate
previous ccasions, and about which
the deceased had threatened to ki:i
his (Cherault's) son Eddie, the de
ceased remarked: 'I've got a double
barreled shot gun, loaded with buck
shot, and I am going to kill her
father, her brother, and Eddie, your
son." That thereupon, Cherault
said: "If it comes to that, Governor,
I will be a witness against you for
what you have told me since last
Friday night." That then the de
ceased took a step or two backwards
towards the edge of a show window,
and drew his pistol on Cherault;
whereupon Cherault quickly drew his
weapon and commenced fring and
kept up firing until the deceased's
pistol dropped, then turned and walk
al sway towards the court house,
and surrendered himself on the way
thereto to constable Max Dupr6
whom be met, and to whom he said
In answer to a question as to what
had happened: "Thank God I I was
quicker than the Governor."
The whole unfortunate oceurrece
was a matter of very abort duration,
sad took plane at a time when there
were few people about The seems
of the tragedy was on Main street, a
few feet (25 or 30) from the Cherault
Barber Shop. Dr. Fleetwood, who
was at his drug store, corner Main
and St. Philip streets, with has back
to the scene, bad his attention at
tracted by the first shot. He turned tl
at once, saw the second and subse- 0
quent shots, and ran to the place o
where the tragedy occurred, a dis- ti
tanee of about sixty feet; the deceas- F
ed had sunken to the ground and was
unconscious when he reached these- 8
so quick had everything taken place. P
Within a very few minutes, asses- P
tance had reached the unfortunate Il
man who was in a dying condition,
and measures of relief at once inas- cl
gurated. Drs. Fleetwood and P. J. *
Dansereau having pronounced his *
case hopeless, the priest was hastily t
summ:oned, and Rev. Father Dubourg
reached his side in quick order, and I
hurriedly ministered to him before he tl
passed away.
Dr. Fleetwood who was the first to
reach the unfortunate dying man saw
a pistol near his body on his left side,
which when examined by Sherif
Beary who got there four or five
minutes after the shooting, was found
to he a 32 calibre Smith & Wesson,
with all the chambers fully loaded.
This is the pistol which, according to
C'herault's testimony, the deceased o
had drawn on him and with which he
tried to shoot hmun. Why the pistol
was not discharge cannot be explsto
ed except on the theory that Ch'rault 5
was too quiek In his actiob tot the
deceased, saod that his Inrt shot took
seet sad disabled the deceased. o
The sad uasir is uaiversally de
plored; the deceased having been a
man of much prominence in the
paulshb; Cherault a respected citizen;
and the two had been always looked
upon as good friends The prdlim
loary examination of James Cherault
was held on Tuesday afternoon, the
State being represented by Distr.ct
Attorney W. P. Martin, and the ae
clsed by the law firm of Cugnet &
Knobloch, and upon it's conclusion
the accusel was released on bond by 1
Judge Caillouet.
A lur Thing
It is said that nothing is sure ex
cept death and taxes, but that is not
altogether true. Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption is a sure
care for all long and throat troubles.
Thoonands can testify to that. Mrs.
C. B. VanMetre of Shepherdtowno,
W. V., says "I had a severe case of 5
Brouchitis and for a year tried every.
thing I heard of, but got no relief. g
One bottle of Dr King's New Die
covery then cured me aseolutely." r
It's Infallinle for Croup, Whooping
Cough, Grip, Puuemonia and Con (f
srmption. Try it It's guaranteed p
by All Druggists. Trial bottles free. u
R'g. sizes o50c, $I.00. tl
Confederate Reunion.
Our metropolis, New Orleans, was
literally in charge of the Confederate
Veterans this week, who held a three
days' reunion there. The "oIl boys 1
in grey" were in evidence every where
and "there was nothing too good for
them." They had come from all over
the South and there were thousand le
of them. There were parades, re
nions, speech-making, hand-shak
logs, yelling-the old Confederate'
yell-yarn spinning ,ad libitdum, and
the thousand and one little things and w
acts which go to make a successful f
social affair and tend to confer upon
the participants what the world is
agreed to call "a good time."
No doubt, the old -'vett" have had
"a good time" of it all, and we of the
presset gl ersUo rejoice that they
did;'ad eulettein the hope and utter
the wish that they may live long to
have many other annual reunions a
repetition of tlhat 'good time."
Mrs. Fred Untath.
W eset Countsy (la. liesem
"At my tirt baby was kr I did t 1
rse to agasi my serngth thmouJ h the
docter ays s s tool whkh he csiedd
wed way superior" but ted ofel geJgtt
kwa week and e wht it would do for
me. I di take the mdicie oald was ay
a to flsd my srnth and
siolyw ret unin. In two weeks I was t c
e ind ins namth I Wa aie o taet a
aswtc la lsm praise."
Wine t Cardai inreifres the Oans
d generation for the ordeal d pre
nancy and childbirth. It pmrenbt mu
eurriaae. No woman whotaskWine
d Caruai aeed fer the cominr o ber
hildM rs. Fred U nreth ha taken
Wie f Cardai bes her baby cam p
she wouldnot ave bern wekened u
Ash rwmyrstr wapbid YtowerY aldme
regas toeg my estalt ow. th
deferring toni t rrnt deciwio ohe e
the New York State Superintendentti
of Schools that the Catholic erson p
of the Bible may be mad by Catholic
esaherd in the pablic schools, thea
Freeman'a Journal very justly says:
"As long as our agnostic school
kystem is tolerated by a Christian
people ot ias ust ar wrong to compel
Protestant and Jewish children to
of gsten to the reading of the Douai
verrson s it is to compel Catholic
ofCahildren to liten to the rcadingof ther
orotestont version in the public
school. The Mrsde of hUnr g the P
teachers determine whier bcsion, the
satholic or Protestant, shall be read of
s too abesur for senouse couslder
tIon. tl
We extend a rearty welcome
whether you come to W ee or bry.
re'vegot the gom s, andl we've gt
the prices. All we recent now is your
careful consideration of our off,.riag,:
the New Yoerk Statnme Superianma at
oooke likeat the Cat5 00 kind, our price
only $175.
of the Bible may be shirts, wiby Cath olrs e
',tached, wsthout coll.rs, also with 2i
teached collars in the publicpr. uschools, thel
50c'. each.
Summer eman's Jbrigan Underwear allys:
k"As only 50e. a suitr
sylaste sem Blerahed Drawers 50 Christc. ian
Guyot pattern Suspenders, worth 25c.
our price only 20e. Gents Fancy
ocks pretty isne just ats wrc. ng nt Fcompel
y Protestan pretty line at 0 and 1c.
Blisutien to thlie rof eading of t 25Douai
versiont eal leather isBelt vicompele Catholic
child. reton to lisrten to ther0c. a pair.of the
testant ubber clionrs (5n the publicy
scho. Al tThe new styles ing the P
Co!lars at the low price of i 00 each. i
entachers determine tffttwhich -ion, spe. i
t $1 35. Geor Prot linen shallt onlybe read
.0oo. Blue Serge Couts considerts
ll wool, our low pricĀ· 3 50. Gent I
ool 1Unershirts 90c. e.hi
CHAs. A. BADEAUX, Irop. "
he Racket Building Jackson St., one
block from Mahu St.
We borrow from the goutheroe t
Me~senger: a
The Casket declares that .'the sing. w
gingr of a non union man" is no more
morally wrong than the deliberate so
ruining of another man's busincw. d
,The latter is just as wrong as the a
former," says our esteemned cootem-i a
poraryr. "The independent buslnes c
man is considered an enemy of the at
trust or combine; the con union man,te
in enemy of the union. There is this
hlaerence, however; any workman
may join the union; not every iade
iendent business man may join the
:ombiue, but only those whom the
)rganisers of the combhie think it
worth while to admit. There is an.
>ther dilerence; when capital com
nite its acts of violence, labor suffers;
when labor conmmit its acts of vin
ence, lahor suffers again; it pays the
>enalty of its crime. Capital never
uffers, never bears any penalty at
he hand of Labor; it only suffers
when overcome by supe; or capital.
Pllrefore, our sympathies are always
with labor."
Of Immovable Property.
bhe State of Louisisan vs. Delinquent
Tax Debtors, Parish of L.afoun:be.
By virtue of the authority vested
n me by the Constitution and Laws
i the State of l.ai'iana I will sell
it the principal fiont door of the
:ourt House in which the Civil Dis.
ict Court of said parish is held, in
h:e pariash of Lafourcihe, within the
'gal hours for Judicial Sales, btlgin
ioug at 11 o'clock a. m, on
SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 1903,
antl contnuing on each smt"uecding
lay until said sales are completed all
mmovable property oma which taxes
lte now due to the State of Louisiana
mod parish of laIfonrchc, to enfrnw
*ollcction of T:txes assessed in the
,ear 1902. Together wth interest
h,.reon from th. 31 day of D)eceml'r
1902. at the rate of 2 per cent per
north until paid, and all costs.
The number of said d:linqioent Tax
ayers, the amount of Taxes due b'
ich on the assessment of sail y' at
ind the immovahle promwerW sasesed
.o each to be offered for ale are as
318 96 100 acres of Inand being the
N. # S. 65 T. 15 S. K Il IC. Taxes
20.97. Interest and costs 3.65. Total
On saki date of sale I will wsl
mu b portions of each of sail speaoc
propersy as each debtor shall ptint
nt, and in ease the debtor sehll mao
poilt ot u ciest rum y I wll at
- satd withest ferhr d$y s
ea least quatity of said spece
property of say debtor wliuh say
,dder, will boy for the amouat of
he taxes, interest and costs dme by
Paid debtor. The sale will be without
appraisement, for eash in legal tender
money of the United States, and the
roperty sold shall be redeemable at
mny time for the space of one year by
)ying the price given, with 20 per
.e~t and costs added.
Sheriffand rax Collector.
Mlay 23, 1903.
Notice to Mortgage Credi tore.
P'Aars or LArOuaRcIs, ~IAY 23, 1903.
In accordance with Section No. 63
)f Act 85 of 1898, the attention of
nortgage debtors interested in any of
Ihe foregoing described property as
iereby directed to the above notice
)f sale of property of delinquent tax
Sheriff and rTa Colletor.
Friendshbip aud Success.
In one terse sentene Emersonn thus
epitomizes thIe value of fI iemdship:
Outside of one's own power to make
ife a victory or a defeat, nothing
else helps so moch towards its suc
ees as a strong, true friendship.
The friend whose thought rsa
parsllel with mine, who sympathise
rwith my aspiration*, recognizes my
strength as well as my weakness and
rils out my better quilitiea sad
lisconrsges my meaner tendencies,
more than doubles my Ipoaibilities.
'he magunetism of his thought Iowa
around me; his strength is aided to
mine, and makes a well nigh irresista
ble achievement force.
The faculty of attracting others, of
tormiug enduring friendhlspin what
ever envtronnment one my lie placed,
is one who'se worth in the struggle
ror existeice cSan Ilnarl.y be overesti
mated. Apart from its spiritual
ignticance and addeld joy and hap
piness with which it illumines life,
eriendlhip has .bsines vnlmh, so to
ipeak, which cannot he overlooked.
In a recent coutea' for the Ieat
letntion of the wo-dl "-ri adl," a
Lnond paper swarked the prize t,
he candidate whn submatt d this
ne: "The. flr t person who comes in
wbun the whole wrtl. hasl gme out"
It h:as nrot an erudite dictiuary
mound, iut could therm he a better
efinitio. ? The m'.na who has been
saved from fltancial ruin. tided over
mome great emergency or fatefult
risis io his business by a friend will
alpreciate its signifcsnce.-The Kr.

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