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_h 4 UuedjM Wflz ii dac SantueZ
--_ ~OiUoioa3l 3our of the parish of Lafou maoh. n d of Inatew6 of t Town.
i -Vol. 37. A- . .....
-~ -- . ~ ~ 1- - - .....i . . . . I.D A , ., 9 .
Thib'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
You may be sure the immortal Was
hington wore a becom ing hat. the
style in keeping with the times. You
,, may emulate his example If you'll pro
cure your head gear from our stock
always sure to be of the latest mode,
boa d f=air-prkaed.
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
as long wearers. They wear )40
lmost twice as long as ordi- M
ary ohoes. Because they are 1sE sMARs
51uo nT' co
tade by thoroughly reliable 7mtC. ,'* -ss
atm s peR M erT
lakers and only of the best
sterial. Give them a trial
aG you will never regret
hving done so.
Emile J. Braud.
aemeber that I have removed to the Blum Stand. next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
Is now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
eat brick in the market ......................
- aillion bricks on hand ready for delivery.
g. . EJ. BRAUD,
KIeoeeor to LrvORT A TETREAU
" Livery, Feed
.... AND....
...Sale Stables. v
Undertaking i *
SBlacksmith and
-Ptriot St. Cor. Levee and Market, Thibodaux.
]Jst received a nice line of
Bird Cages, Garden
Hose, Lawn Mowers,
Water Coolers, Ice
Cream Freezers, Ham
mocks, Garland Wood
stoves, Garden Tools,
Wire screens, Etc.
H. Riviere & Co.
Ph~oa e 108. Cor. Main 4 St. Louis ts.
L C Copying.
ald Beglinner' Claues (Pitman HSystem) MONDAY, WEDNESDAY
and FRIDAY Evenings.
orn,,er nt. Philip and Thibodau Streets. Both Phones.
Edward Badea*,
- Manufacturers Agent for -
-: ( 1 Q A RS :
Thibodasx Telephone 109, Cumberland Telephoe 31
Main Street. Thibodaux,
Weather e
ment Vea.
and and
Coats and r
Rice Mach iney
We handle the best on the
.... Market ....
We are agents for the Garr,
Scott & Co., Make.
The SentinelPrints
All the News
$2 per year. i
Convenieuce Courtesy Capecity
Fidelity Prudence safety
Recognized essential elements of a perfectly ap
pointed Modern Bank--are offered by
The Bank of Thibodaux
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901, - $366,884,21,
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - 467,823.91.
Won. Lost. Pr.Ct.
Thibodaux.......15 3 .833
Plaquemine........8 9 .471
Morgan City......7 9 .438
Donaldsonville.....7 9 .438
New Iberia.........4 11 .267
The game of base ball at Dantin's
Park last Sunday between the Giants
and the Morgan City team was con
ststed with vigor from start to finish
and was very interesting. The home
team scored in the first and second
innings and kept the visitors from
scoring until the 5th, inning, when
they made three runs, scoring another
the *sth aad holding the hose
teem to its two scores until the
seventh inning, when two of its men
succeeded in crossing the ru iber, tie
ing the score. From then on, the ex
citement was at its height, the eighth
and ninth innings were played in the
one, two, three order on both sides
sai it was only at the end of the
tenth inning that the game was de
cidet when the Giants, with one out,
succeeded in bringing in the winning
score, winning the game by a score of
5 to 4.
The fatures of the game were the
pitching of H Vitter and Steives and
the brilliant fielding of Ford. The
a. a. a.
Thibodaux...... ....I 1 i00O0t0 i-s 9 a
Morsan City.....U 0030,000o00--4 8 4
iat I.r -~iaN City. teles anod Foster;
Thibodaux. Vitte and Sipes. tUmplai-Lynchbs
decision in all cams wre sastatory. Time
of game-i bour ad g minutes.
On Monday the same teams again
ciossed bate and another pretty game
of ball was the Iesult, marred only by
the wrangling of the visitore.
At the close of the tenth inning
the score stood 1 to 1, Whipple
pitched sp:endidly for Thibodaux,
while H. Vitter stood behind the bat.
Rube Laird and Foster did the bat.
tery work for Morgan City. The
features of the game was Morvant's
running catch in right field, cutting a
base hit of Hntcheroft. The score.
ors a ty. .............. 10000 e O0e 00-1
hbedau. ................S 001O000e000-1
Timel of sam-i hour and 0 miaults. Um
p.-Coaintarst. Booner-Auls.
TamaoDATx 5-Nsw IrasuA 3.
Last Tuesday the Giants met the
New Iberia team at Dantm's Park
S 1a s 1n er wut ai b ridehry
for ourboys bya score of 5 to 3.
The game was interesting and was
notable for the good fellowship that
existed between the two teams. The
batteries were: For Thibodaux, La.
courage and Spies; for New Iberia,
Newby and Foster.
TaraoDAux 6-MoroAN CTrr 5.
Morgan City, La., June 4.-Thibo.
danx won out today in the first half
of the ninth inning on errors. The
game was interesting at all stages,
Thibodaun getting the lead in the
start. The features were Souther
land's fielding and Tarleton's home
run. The score.
. H. .
Morga city.......... 0ss.o 0 0
Thibodaux..........2 0 1 01001-4 4
Batterle-Stevens and Foster; H. Vitter and
Spies. Umpire-Lyneb.
For Making Paper.
Lake Charles is soon to have a mill
for making paper, with a capacity of
fifteen tons daily at the start. It is
the intention of the promoters of the
enterprise to utilize the refuse from
the saw mills in making paper.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Badeaux & Wagner
composed of Edward Badeaux and
John A. WVagner, is this day dissolv.
ed by mutual consent. Edward
Bdesux assumes all assets and
JoaH A. WAosNr.
The sane class of btsines will be
contnuoed by the undersigaed.
Thibodaon May, 28, 1903.
Fresh testimony in great quantity
is cosutantly coming in, declaring Dr.
King's New Discovery for Cosump
tion, Counghs and Colds to be unequal
ed. A recent expression from T.J.
McFarland Bentorville, Va., serves as
example. He writes: "I had Bron
chitis for three years and doctored
all the time without being benefited.
Then I began taking Dr. King's New
Disoovery, and a few bottles wholly
cared ae.'" Equally effective in
curing all Long and Throst troubles, I
Consumption, Poemonsa and Grip.
Guaranteed by All Druggists. Trial
bottles free, regular sizes 50c, sad
$1 00
Mrs. Hilaire Clement.
This venerable woman departed
this life last Sunday at her late
residence in the first ward, habout
three miles above town, aged 69
Her funeral took place last Tueday
morning at St. Joseph's Catholie
The Factory Begins Opera
The Thibodaux cannery has begun
operation this week, commencing with
canning black berries. It has made
a fair start, and the manager is
ready to buy at a fair price all the
berries brought to the factory. Here
is a chance for berry pickers to make
some good days' work.
The factory will soon commence
canning tomatoes, okra and other
We again remind our farmers of
the splendid opportunity which offers
to make money by raising tomatoes
and other products for the factory.
We are sincere in the belief that it
would pay better than raising potatoes
sad other truck for the New Orleans
market, and we strongly advise the
farmers to try the experiment.
Outs, Brrises and Burns Quickly
Chamberlain's Pain Balm is an
antisepsic liniment, and when applied
to cuts, bruises and burns, causes
them to heal without maturation and
much more quickly than by the usual
treatment. For sale by Roth Drug
Judge A. B. Irion.
Our esteemed contemporary, the
Avoyelles Blade, gives in its last
issue an extended and appreciative
notice of the life work of the late
Judge A. B. Irion, a distingu .hwd
citizen of the State, and the grand
father of Prof. W. . Lafargue, of
Thibodaux College. Judge Irion was
born in Avoyelles parish on February
18th, 1833; was graduated from the
University of North Carolina in 1855;
admitted to the bar in 1857; served
in the confederate army; was elected
Judge of the Court of Appeals for
the 3ad Circuit iun 1880; was elected
to Congress from the 6th District in
1884; after serving some time in con
gras he retired to private life and
lived the peaceable anl quiet life of
a country gentleman on his plantation
at Bols.
We regret that lack of space
forbids our reproducing in full the
interesting sketch of his life given by
the Blad.
I have had occaies to s yewr
Us4Dbrs.gm Sack sad pslery Nd.
cls sad alused s say Mat I saver
med aayWlhiager sek that dve haM r
sgd saileakes. I heaily ec.
mad It to a wmars of stack.
A B. SE.SIIER, St. Leas. Na.
Sick stock or poultry should not
eat cheap stock food say more than
sick persons should expect to be
cared by food. When your stock
and poultry are sick give them med.
icine. Don't stuff them with worth
less stock foods. Unload the bowels
and stir up the torpid liver sad the
animal will be cured, if it be posi
bhe to cure it. Black-Dranht Stock
and Poultry Medieine unLods the
bowels and stirs up the torpid liver.
It eures every nalady oft stock if
taken in time. -m ea 2.5-cent can
of Bs-Draught Stock and Poultry
Medices and at will pay for itself ten
timesover. Horses work better. Cows
ae more milk. Hogs gain Geh.
ad hens lay nmore eggs. It solves the
Oblem of making as much blood
and nergy as possible out ci
the smallest amount of food con
Fair at George Plantation.
A grand fair will be given at the
(eorgia Plantation on July the 4th,
for the benefit of tl e Mathews slhool.
46 4t
C. K. of A. Entertainment.
The C. K of A., will give a must.
si entertainment sometime during
the latter part of this month.
Driven To Desperation.
Living at an out of the way place,
remote from civilizattoo, a family is
.ften driven to desperation in case of
c3ideoot, resulting in Burns, Cuts,
Wounds Ulers, etc. Lsy in a sup
ply of Bucklen's Arnica Salve. It's
the best on earth, 25c, at All Drug.
A l'hibodanx Visitor.
Mr. Frank Nicho!s of Thibodau.,
son of Chief Justice Nichols, sald
brother of Mra 0. K Bradfordnl, was
a visitor to our city Thursday, having
some over to visit his sister and
friends. As Mr. Nichols was treated I
to an exhibition of our hbtanirg gas,
he no doubt now like ourselve he.
levee we have a bringht outlook for
In oil fiesld. --ltayne Tribune.
State Federation of Catholic
A most Important step in Catholic
circles was taken this week in New
Orleans when representatives of the
Catholic Societies of the State met,
pursuant to a published call made by
the Rev. Leander M. Roth, of Ken
ner, La, and formed the Cath',lic So.
cieties of the State into a State feder
ation, affiliated with the American
Federation of Catholic Societies, a
National Association.
A const:tuttou wa s lopted, officers
chosen and delegates elected te the
national convention of Cathºlic So
ames wichb Is to meet to Atlatie
City next month.
We reproduoe from the Times-De
mocrat's account of the meeting:
"The officers elected are: Dr. C.
Menville of Houma, president; W. J.
Waguespeck, first vice president; II.
N. Coulon, second vice president; IC.
S. Rapier, third vice president; Frank
Gallagher of Lak Charles, secretary;
Jos Garcia, treasurer; R.v. J. F.
Solignac, spiritual director.
The Advisory Boarn consists of
two clergymen and three laymen-
Rev. L. M. Roth, Rev. J. B. Bogaerts,
and E. Leelere, A. Gaudin and J. B.
Slattery. Delegates to the national
convention. Rev. Thos. J. Larkin and
II. N. Couloo.
A letter was read at the heginning
of the meeting from his grae:, Arch
oishop Chapelle, advocating the unity
of all Chrattima denominations, and
expressing his approval of the feder
ation of interests wtich would tend
to the diffusion of the Catholic faith,
the purification of m-orals and the
unholding of the truth."
We are glad tL see that our dis
tinguished townsman, the Hon. H. X.
Coulon, has been signally honored by
being elected one of the vice presi
dents and one of the two d legates to
the National Convention. No better
choice could have been made.
We also note with pleasure that
Dr. Charles M. Menville, one of the
leading physicians of Hlouma, n
been selected as the President of the
Federation. The Doctor is a se
gentlksma, whole smaned, emerges
No eathsel e, tad he is the rada
as e lthe efgt pinee at the hemfo
such an organisation.
Mrs. . J. Naquin had the pleasare
of entertaining Miss May Quiun, of
New Orleans, during the week.
Mlayor W. C. Ragan left last Wed
nesday for Abita Springs. We regret
that the Mayor's health necessitated
a visit to some heath resort but we
hope that his stay at Abita Springs
will prove very beneficial and that he
will soon return in gooal health.
Senator John Dymond addressed
the Progressive Union at last Tues
day's meeting on the suij.i3t of Good
Roads. The lecture was of a high
order and showed that the lecturer
had given the sulject much study
and had mastered t. The members
of the Union were highly pleased
with it and as a token of apprecis.
tion they tendled a vote of thanks to
Roo. John Dymond.
We advise all our readers who an
interested tn "Good .adls" to read
the address of Hon. John Dymoud,
publiahed elsewhere in the oolumans
of the Sentinel.
Racket Store News.
We extend a hearty welcome
whether you come to see or buy.
WVe've got the goods, and we've gt
the prioes. All we want now is rour
cartful consideration of our offerings:
Ge•ta Pernambeco Panama Hats
looks like the $5 00 kind, our pris
only $1.75.
Gents Negligee shirts, with collars
attached, without collars, also with 2
detached collars and oe pr. cuff.,
50c. each.
Summer Balbriggan Underwear all
colors only Ot.. a suit
Elastc seam Bleached Drawers S0c.
Ouyot patttrn Suspenders, worth lbe.
our price only 20c. (Ueot Faecy
SocksL pretty line at 2.c. (Int' Fan.
cy Socks pretty liue at 10 and lic.
Beautiful line of Ne':kwear at 25..
Gents seal leather B-lts vig value at
25c. Boston Gartbr* 20c. a pir.
teal rubber collar. (25c kind) only
20c. All the new st3laes i ltneua
Collars at the low iricP of l0o each.
Genta Tlmrellas sffitta irLk spec..
at $1 35. (Gcnts linen Pants only
1.00. II :te Serge Coats ani Vests.
all wool. s,,tr low " ic"' 3 50. Geats
* ,oel U;ilmer.hirta 90. each.
Cue. A. BAnuaux, Prop
Doa't forget our new lo~rationo is
the Racket Building Jackson St, on
blok from .rea 8t.

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