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Official Journal of the Parih of La.fouzoh and GQuardia of the Interest of the Town.
Tol. 37. THIBODAUX, LA., AU4( 1, 1903.
IJ~_- --- ---am- e -_mm~~ I e• me iI m
'J '. E] _, .. - --z- --__- - - -
Thib'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
You may be sure the immortal Was
hington wore a becom ilug hat, the
style in keeping with the times. You
may emulate his example if you'll pro
cure your head gear from our stock
always sure to be of the latest mode,
S." iectallg and fair-priced.
Our Hocker Bootee Shoes
long wearers. They wear
t twice as long as ordi- D
pry shoes. Because they are .CE MANSE
S 'FG Co.
ade by thoroughly reliable mt. DEr I' 8s
Ikers and only of the best
aterial. Give them a trial
Jyou will never regret
vling done so.
Emile J. Braud.
ber that I have removed to the Blum Stand. next to
the Thibodaux Drug Store.
; Ia now prepared to furnish the best and cheap
eat brick in the market.................... ..
ailiot briok. on hand ready for delivery.
0 E . J. B RAU D,
Iueeeaor to LgFORT A TETREAU
* Livery, Feed
.... AND)....
...Sale Stables. .
Undertaking S
K Establishment
Blacksmith and *
?otriot St. Cor. Levee and MZarket, Thibodaux.
Jast received a nice line olf
Bird Cages, Garden
Hose, Lawn Mowers, -
Water Coolers, Ice
Cream Freezers, Ham
mocks, Garland Wood
stoves, Garden Tools,
Wire screens, Etc.
S10H. Riviere & Co.
-'Phone 108. Cor. Main <" St. Louis Sts.
eep Ooo_,
S1903 Portable Rotary Fan
Ran b~ I)ry Batteries, will run 200 hours on one
iat $1.2) per charge, cost of Fan with extra set of
S-.00 Fine for the traveling public.
A. R. Staunton, Agt,
Thi~todaux, La.
Edward Badeattx,
- Manufacturers Agent for -
ORQ N.f RE. bETAIL IM9CHM/I A 'F, ,E.o! t
Thibodaux Telephone 109, Cumberland Tek.phobu 31
Main Street, T'hibod ux, r
Our line of A
Warm a
Weather Serge
is now i BUan S
ready. iery
An cots t
Assort- b ad c
meat Vests. t
of atyees t
Crash, Corre1,
loanne r Quapity
and and
Home. Prica t
Spun t
Coats and Always
TroSDers. 28 1Ri, "1
1 -I
S t
Rice Machinery.
We handle the best on the
.... Market ....
We are agents for the Garr, .
Scott & Co., Make.
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
Fidelity Prudence Safety
Strength .
Recognizedl essential elements of a perfectly ap
pointed Modern' Bank--are offered by
The Bailk of Thihodaux
ASSETS DEC. 28, 1901,w $366,834,21,r
ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $467,823.91.
Baton Roucic, La.
Thomas D. Boyd, A. X., LL. D., President.
Forty years reurnwned for the traininglll that mLakes uRcesful men.
Commecialt Course. Thorough t.turh r in Sugar Cltk emLitry. s-ugr Agriculture. aSl I~u-ur
Suoa faculty, lrge librry, nwll eusipped laboratories. workshops andl experiment
ptationa. bhrough. ,umdero. practcal instruction. Excellent distciplue. Your )uidings the
Hill Memorial libtrary, the new Phmysica Ialorator. the new Mechanical W aorkop·. und the
Electric Power Housec crected this year, making t itrty-four n all. beautiful grousnd Lx-:
t',llent ganitary trnditlonat.
Tuition ls free, the I'nlver'lty being supported by nat'onal and state endowments. Itoard
at University. 110 per month;: in town. I! " to .0.
Next t.ess-li ,irem Si:ptim -er I;. 19 (. for partcl;ltr orr cntalopae. laddreem
J I.. WESURiKOK. 5ecastery
Developing Strength.
The Houna Courier, an
able and staunchly 1)emocra- D
tic contemporary, observes in 'n
its last issue:
"The letter of W. H. Price
was greeted with a great hoot tr
by a chorus of primary or
gans; but, it appears never- l1
theless as things begin to w
take shape throughout the tc
State, that Price is a consi
derable factor in the race and la
will in all probability be the
ultimate choice for Governor. et
His strength at home and
in the neigbboring pariaies
is known and admitted, and
to this is rapidly being added
recruits from all sections in
search of a young virile lea. at
der. We shouldn't be at all ri
surprised to see the whole af. -
fair end in a stampede to the ,
gentleman from Lafourche." D
The Courier is correct, lid
Senator Price's candidacy is of
daily gaining in strength, e
and of all candidates in the ,
field, lie stands to-day the D
best chance of winning the
prize. He is a man of convic
tions and has had the moral Li
courage to express them, even
though they seemed at the
time to run counter to popu
lar sentiment, and as the peo- a
ple stop to consider the claims C
of the various candidates, A
they will not be slow to recog- cl
nize his worth, and appreciate
it at its just value. l
- --r .a-- lei
Dysentery Cured Without the Aid of T
a Doctor. .
"I am jast up from a hard spell of e'
the flux" (dysentery) says Mr. T. A a;
Pinner, a well known merch-int of
Drummondl, Tenn. "I used one small le
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera co
and Diarrhoea Remedy and was cured p
with having a doctor. I consider it it
the best cholera medicine in the n
world." There is no need of employ it
ing a doctor' whed this, remedy ms i
used, for no doctor can prescribe a Is
better medicine for bowel complaint it
in any form either for children or at
adults. It never fails and is pleasant I
to take. For sale by Roth .Diug a
Commutation Recommended. re
The Attorney General and the
Lieutenant Governor of the State, a
majority of the B3ard of Pardons, C
have recommended a commutation of r
the death sentence to life imprison- rt
ment in the celebrated Batson case,
in which the accused was twice con
victed and sentenced to death for the 0
murder of the Earl family in Calca. g
sien. b
Advices from Lake Charles are
that the action of the Board has
aroused a very high deglee of indig
nation among the people of Lake
Charles and adjoining towns in
Calcasieu. and ugly threats of lynch
ing have been freely made. p
We are not familiar enough with e
the situation at Lake Charles or even a
with thile case to say whether the p
criticisms of the action of the Board b
are just, but we know that the threats e
of resortiug to lynch lr.w are most A
reprehensible, and, if carried out, ti
would taruish forever the fair name ti
and fame of the grand old empire n
pariah of Calcuasien. And judging a
from the past good records of the n
members of the Board whoie action g
has been so severely criticized, we are
firm a tthe belief that th,-y acted )
honestly and conscientiously, and, if
any mistake has been made, which
we seriously doubt, it is due only to
error of tudgement t.
But this as it may, the law should
he allowed to take its course; to
rCsort to lynch law now would he by
long odds a fouler anti blacker crime
than the one, black as It is, of which
Bataon stands couvicted.
Boy Cured of Colic After Physician's
Treatment had Failed.
My boy when four years old was t
taken with colic and cramps in his C
stomach. I sent for t he hovr and heI
injected morlhine, but :he child kept i
getting worse. 1 then g:t'e him half '
a tenspoonful of Chamb,.r ain's Colic, I
Cholera and Diarrhoea Rtemtdy, and a
in half ani hour he was sleeping nodl
soon recovered.-F. L Wllkins, Shell e
Lake. Wis. Mlr. Wilkins is lhook
keeper for the Shell Lake Lumber Co. t
For sale by Roth DLtg Store.
Mr. Chandler C. Luzenberg, thI -
nrewlyv.nppointvd District Attorney fort
New Orleans, took the oath of office
last Monday, and named his assis
tants. Of the four assistanta St.,(
Clair Adams is one. Mr. Alams is
well known in Lafourche where he
has many friendsl who join the
SENTIIEL in congratJmdtl-g
the honor recently conferred upot,
'him. i
A New Richnond May Enter
the Field.
The Argus, a Democratic orgin of h
Bienville parish, brought out in its o
last iasuc .JuIlge J. T. Watkins, of e
Mlinden, as a possible candidate fort p
governor, and sungests a meeting of m
has friends at Mlind?n for yesterday I
to launch his boom.
We do not know J udge Watkins t,
but from the Argus's account of him, g
we judge him to be good guberna- p
torial timber. ti
The Asgus claims that he is popu- I
lar in his section, and ift that be so, a
his candidacy, if he should decide to It
stand, atay tend to complicate matters C
and give more zeseat to the campaign. r
We shall watch developments with ti
Sla temt.
End of Batter Fight. b
"Two physicians had a long and s
stubborn fight with an abeess on my e
right lung" writes J. F. Hughes of a
I)DuPont, Ga. .anod gve me up. Every
body thought my time had come. As c,
a last resort I tried Dr. King's New I
Discovery for Consunmption. The Irene o
fit I received was staikiing and I w:s a
on my feet in ia few days. Now I'v.
entirely regaine l my health." It con
qecrs all Coughs. ('olds anw 'I'Thoat I
and Lung troubles. (Guaranteed by all' "
Druggists. Price 5fl0. and $1 0l1. I
Trial bottles free. ,
We are in receipt of the following ii
communication fr,"tn Ma"j. .1. G. Lee. j
relative to the Trans Missassippi Com
mercial Congre-s: ii
Baton R, ge Ju'v 23, 1903. ii
Dear Sir:--ecrmit me to all vur I'
attention to to the next :nnal meeting
of the Trans..Mississippi (t'onimrci:ll
Congress, to h heL!d in Seattle, \'aslh,
August 8I, 19, 29, antd 21. Commer
cial organizations are entitled to one t
delegate each, anu an additional dele
gate for every fifty members. The
President of every Police Jury irs
enttt:ed to apioint one delehgitu.
Towns are cudntledl to one delhegate ,
each, with an adlllti',nal delegate for i:
every five thousalnd inh:alit:ants, to be t
appointed I by the ]:.yv r. s
In a recent interview, His hxcel
lency, Govi nor II.ard stated that lie
considered "this, one of the most im- i
portaut meetings of the year." The
influence of Ihis Congress is far
reaching, and most powerful. Louis
iana, the great gate way of this valst (
Territory, is vitally interested to its c
labors. It is therefore of the utmost d
importance that we should have a I
strong and representative delegation I
I hope you will take this matter up
at once, andl that your communlty
will add strength to the delegation, a
by sending at least one of its most
representative citizens.
Delegates names should he sent to
dlr. Arthur F. Francis, Sect'y, Trans 3
Mississippi Commercial Congress, I
Cripple Creek, Co!orado. The rail- I
roads have made an exceedingly low I
rate of $63.50, round trip, from New t
Orleans and Shreveport.
Thanking you in advance for the
consideration, that I am sure you will
give this communication, I am, with t
best wishes,
Very truly yours,
J. G. LEE,
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement th:at a
preventive of suicide hail been discov
ered will interest many. A run down
system, or despondency invariablly
precede suicide and something has
been found that widl prevent that
condition which snakes suicide hIkeyiv.
At the first tLought of self destruction
take Electric Bitters. It being a great
tonic and nervine will strengthen the
nerves and build up the system. It's
also a great Stomach, Liier and kid
naiy r gulatr. (,nly 50c. Satisf;acton
g!iaantced aby all )Druggists.
All Eyes Turned Romeward.
Evdr since the lust illness which
ove took and bore away his Hilinless,
the late lamented and reveted Leo
XIII., the eyes of Ihe civIlized world
have been turned Rlmewsard,l, and the
universal press has Iwen engagedl iu
discussing and eulogizing thie late
Pope, and is now interesteld in andl
speculating upon the election of his
stacea ssor.
The 'oallege of C:ardinials will soon
meet in taoclave : nd i irocecid to the1
election of a suces,sor to thei. great
Leo XIII. Thie g,.seral imlre.iian
is that the stssion, will l.e of sh;iit
dtluration, anI, in all pioh.'adility, ere
the ~SENTINE.L m:akes its next appear
ance, a new Pope will have I~en
chosen, and duily acclailnedl by :ai
expictant world.
Of course, specul:ition is rife in
the press us to thle prlabl!e sacescsor
of the late Pope, but we attach a o
implortance to any of tllhe manIV aua
ors r, garding the chouc, of IhIs or
thart ('aidrnaal to wear the ta:ra.
Our iuwaa hielovel ('ardihial (ilibhione
is in 11ne alId will taka' Iast In the
SConcl.av.- tlhi first Aturrican ('ardin
al to iij ',y ahtiI haisior.
Vimit the IMrcz'ain coultlr at E lii
Seriously Ill.
Our community heard with snrrow
last Friday week the sa: initelligence
of the serlous illness of of or highly
esteemed and well ewloved fellow
parishioner, the lion. Andrew Price,
who is sojoiurning at Watclh Ili;l, R.
I., for the Ienefit of his health.
Senator Price received that day a
telegiaro annouaciug that his distin
gi.ished brother was stricken with
paralysis, ansd was in a critical coidi
tion. This intelligence naturally
proved a severe shock to the Senator,
and he at once repairhed to New Or
leans where he would he in better
communication with Watch hlll, and
ready to leave at any mom.'nt, should
the exigency of the cas repquir it.
Later news which reached here was
more reassuring, and we are glad to
be able to state that at the present
writing Mr. Price is doing as well as
can be expected under the circum
stances of his ease.
Ils many fliendls here are deeply
concern' d, and hlojw alid p, av thlat
hI, may so)on he out of all danlger and
on the high road to the full recm.ery
;f his health.
Mrs. Mollie Allhn, of South Fork,
Ky., says she has prevcntitdt attai ka
of cholera morbus by taking C'ham
tierlaiu's Stomach and Liver Tablets
when she felt an attack coming on.
Such attacks :,re use.alnly eaused by
indighstion and these Tabl,lct are
ju,,t what is needed to clcea.-e the
tonmac.h and ward O.ff the approach
i snr attack. Attatk! of bilio;s colic
mnay te prevented in the same way.
For sale by Roth I)rssg Score.
How Will They Take It?
As a rule the' ardent advocates of
the direct primary pilan are equally
was m in their adlvcacy of the aboli.
tion of the appointive l)vwer of the
I ouvernor.
Judge lllasnchar I huls pronounced.
in fav,r of the formler, anld while lie
is willing to relegate the latter q,'es
tion to the peopiile. be sgg..st" rallher
strongly that it might be bestto let
the matter alone.
Hlow will the advocates of both
pl;ns take it ?
The Death Penalty.
A little thilg sometimes results in
death. Thus a mere scrateh, isignifi.
cant cuts or puny boils have paid the
death penalty. It is wise to have
Buckleu's Arnica Salve ever handy.
It's the best Salve on eaith and will
prevvut fatality, when Burtnq, Stores,
Ulcers and Piles threateu. Ouly 25c.
at all Druggists.
Says the Donaldlsomville Chief:
"Dr. i. T. Thibodsux, the popular
young physician, has installed an
x-say apparatus at Richards & St.
Martin's X Ray Pharmacy and is pre
pared to make all msedical examina
tions requiring the use of this appli
ance. This will avoid the necessity
of sending Donalds.uville patients to
New Orleans for examination or
treatment, and the doctor is to le
warmly congratuluted on his up-to
date enterprise."
The Sn.TINEL. con.grtulates Dr.
Thilºolaux upon this evidence of Iis
progressiveness and wishes him the
fullest measure of succ.tas which he
so well deserves.
Dr. Thilbodlaux is a Lafunrche boy,
the s.n of our worthy tows. mn. Mr.
Thenophile Thiodanux, and h:as a large
,rsole of friends here who wish h m
For Infants and Childrena.
Thn Kind You lavo Alwas Ingoht
Bar the
But He Has Not Resigned.
The Argus publiahrdd at Arcadia,
in Bienville parish, remarks in its
issue of last Saturlay:
"Earlv lst week the Tiuies Demo
crat ventured the pIredictioon that
.Judge Blanclhard would rcsign dur
ing the w.ek and aulouncen the plnt
frm o which hlie Lrolnsesd to make
the r:ace f ,r IGover;sor. N,.sthr the
cesign:atton or plihtfsrmn have Imen
fritlh-euietg aiel noisw it is tmp to the
T'.-l)., to try again."
We have the platfErn but not the
sIigna:tioi , ani the Sndlge has saved
the T.-I). tlhe trosi'e of explaiuing
why he dish not re.;g',. It is a .ood
thing he dih this, as it will spare his
friends who had repeantedly given
assurances of hisi forthlco:siig resig
n:ationi the i· e'es~.'ty 'f gong ilto the
isilile:inaht sJsiness. of .xplaination.
T'I ' c:ans now co ,tent themuselv s.
to poislt t, tthe ex,Jaiantion of thlir
clhief; I lhr we have it, as It wee,
i,,x cVrt]'daldI.
Ths eclebratehd P:fection Bl..
z'. n . Ilar'lw.&scec Merseanttle (ja

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