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~he rl ibodaEu ~run: E d
ii. 1. Pt'P'I"1. - ºý 'it- 1&ý it". I
Jatorth r.
?S ,,t E%. . I L ( t 'A 1., z. 1A.t_(4
?:JL YE'~I "i~ . i.. 11*
1tltt' !t r t .1 t t. 1 . .'*tt~
.f'Fully prvp'relI t:, do job r,ºk P
if every des .iption. _- _ -`
corre1pon 1 e nct on I c'LL t t* . " dral ia
Arit ~r~th +"InI)e mati .
writuarI:- eftin frr rS.at o1,
tbun.rlh tjhry ..l.u iI 1'r e't' w't:''I re
jalled upon to vote for a0.~
Un.,Iit,'id rtt Sr ai's f Ihtt 1e'k
Natr immnt ati o to , o lctheº ýnext.1
leg~islat-un++ulre ac to l et as x~ ') a e
The Ur S. Senatoruhip. t
At the c).oiAg IenzoCrati'
primary election for State of
a iUnited States Senator as a!
r., 'nomeidatioit to the next
lehisat of toe ief elect as a sire
&'e"sor to Senator Murphy J. j
F isttr, wihose terml will ex-m
p~ire ill 1PIQ i.
111 view of the lnuny grave,
issues now pending before
the Cngress as well ;s the
which arefliel to blikelyo
at any tinie, the selection of c
a U i~itt'd State` Senator is, f
1 :i tifeandure, a nmore inpor-a
tant matter than that of the
tlioir'e of the chief executiveo
of the State. as an injudicious .
chice might result in more
sNruaos i cj mry to our- material
ithe rests. It behooves the
ptHonde. rhyrefoJre, to bring tol
tear in its solutioa true pa-h
triotisn ain mature delibera-.4
ion, free fronm all bias or prey
,jlftlit'e. I
Tent tcandidates for that
the present incumbent, the
lons. Murphy J. Foster, of St.
Mary, and the 1HIor. B. F.
Jola. of New Orrear s}- bfth It.
accomplished gentlemen, dist
Standing in the party, brainy
uieni, well equipped to repre-~
sint the State ii the United
States Senate. From the point
yf experience, it is diflittlt to,
ay whichu has the adivantage
ot the other: Mr. Foster i4
ow servin hi s tt first term,
,Milml Ihas alreadly. (lemnFn'lsl rat
u-l his. ability to take care o
antI ('retitably in that same
body, anid loas fah-ly woni his
ppurt s. Both gentlemen have
muany warm personal and po4
1,itical frien(ds and admirers
throughout time length and
breadth of the State who
would be proud to see them
elevated to the responsible
1position to which they aspire.
Thus it would seem that
under ordinary circumstances,
it wO uid make little difference
n Ihich of the two distinguish
ed asjpirants secured at the
comning primary the favor of
the people, for in eithei case
the State would be well re
presented in the United States
Butt tlhe ac~tntd situa~tmon
with which we are confront
id is not one suit'ranudedl by
ordinary circumstances; it is
cot'mtrariwise peculiarly cir
cimusintanced. and it is this:
f wt which impels us to dis
Cmle til. i IentWr hip at all in
U1rdtT to di-edt attelition to
t lit amiiiohiu~:1 e'ruidition of
¶ lie ;a e.
h-ier'-- tirm lit l no1 it expire
be1 r llc I:uj. VWhlether lie is
1'i'2Ilnizited (I! hot by the
I9'Ple ill tilt collinlig prillar3
elettilou. lhe \Vill foit inueh to
rejur'Mqut the '.kite ill the
but4tgd States Senate until
the expil-ation of his term. A
rene~tt.dLtatin by the people
will be construed as asap
proval of 'is past course i
hw Senate, which will give
aie nt' prrstige 8114 add to
}i . illutleln'e :;i a Senl:torl
(roI I.11 >:in!:i. lit' w ill "''
t'rru t,: ht- "...-t of duty witl r.
lietw 're dent i:i ls. fm-It 1 1r1t1 hi
thie iin';M. al his voice, al
rlieii riiisied on any [blie' al
queltstion., will carry the
weight anid authority of a in
twice accredited agent. 1.
On) the tther hand, she uldto
it: fail af rtnenti tination. v, liilc el
the failure may be owing to a ti
priferleiit for his comlajet iti w. hr
and not intended in any way I
as a t-onidtemniation of his past b
coilrse. ,till the natural iuter- u
[retation of it will be as a fl
(oljdetniation of his course, ti
and he will consequently e.
Staid ibefore his fellows in ft
the Senate in the light of at
discredited agent, and his 0
power and intluence will be b
materially diminished, if not e
entirely destroyed. such a
Senate for the next two
years. 1i
During this period of time F
questions of vital importance
to the State and to the South d
will be continually coming
up for discussion and solution
ill the Senate, and it will be f
a Miatter of the greatest mo- t
ment for us to have there as
our representative a man who v
is not only brainy, capable, r
faithful and fearless, as Fos- c
ter has proven himself, but
who, beside this, is backed by ,
I all the prestige, power and t
influence which a cordial in- '1
dorsemeutn at the polls by the c
people confers.
The questions of Cuban reci
procity, of an isthlmian canal,
of suffrage restrictions in the
South, of the reduction of
congressional representation t
and, consequently, (if reduc- t
tion in the electoral colleg3, >
the race question in one shape '
or another-all matters in
which Louisiana is vitally in
terested--are already in the ,
air, and may have to be set
tied in the next two years.
wisdom, therefore, for the
Democracy of Louisiana to
sink all considerations of per- j
sonal preference, of personal
or political dislike. or past
partisan affiliation, in the sel
ectioun of a United State Sen
ator. to uphold the hallds of
f Senator Foster, so that he
may bring to bear in his dis-1
ecussion and treatment of
tlhese momentous questions 4
Call the prestige. power and
influence which come from
Ithe cordial approval and in
d l'rsemnent of the lpeople ex
pressed at dhe haltot box.
e Thi is the deliberate con.
elusion to which a full, fair
san(1 impartial consideration
of the imporetaut question of
O the selection of a candidate
for U~nitedl States Senator
ehas brought us, and we deem
tit a duty to frankly state it.
In thus declaring our opi
~' nion that it would be wiser
e to vote for Senator Foster in
.the coming primary election,
1 the Sentinel wishes it to be
edistinctly understopd that it
does so, not becausa it loves
isFoster the more, or Jonas the
less, for they be both good
men andl true, and it has in
t-the past show i favors to both,
bitt because it believes, as
Sstated, that, gitder present .
circumstanices, theiteet
.of the State will be best serv
ed by indorsing Sernator Fos
to The Monroe News thins cor-'
r-ct,1y states a inindamneital
rdot-trine which is often igno
is. 'Men have a perfect right
Sto guit their employment
when they feel disposed so to
do. But when they do quit
othey have no right to inter
ie tere iin aimy mualimer with their
il employer or with thme mant
A hired tto take the places they
le have abaudonut. A utiui lias
a lerfct-tn riht to do ac he
[ leases eiro vh - I be d(oes tot
vI!t 'e't#e la and- imtterfere with
ethe iig[ ts of of ,re. '
Lest You Forget. ta
1Vt' may bore you. gentle sr
re:aelr. by our reiteration, P
lilt. h At you fur t't, if you in
art a voter. we say to you n
aga i ii: Fv YouR Po.l. TA x. h1
You may lie registered; you al
may have [raid your poll tax
last year; you may be anxious
to vote in the coining primary
elcct1io and the general elec- e
tiun April next; but, make no tl
mistake about it, unless you b
pay your poll tax for this year r;
before the first of January IC
next, you will be debarred p
from voting at either of these r
two elections, and also at all
elections coming thereafter
for the next two years, in
chiding the presidential andi
congressional election Nove"
her of next year, at which t
election judges and district s
attordeys thogot
r a do c IoseIL e
So once more we say to you,
lest you forget, PAY YoUR '
Don't put it off; delay is a
The grand Jury of St. a
Martin parish reported as(
follows, on the alleged elec-1
tion frauds in that parish : a
'We have thoroughly in t
vestigated all poll tax receipts y
I presented to us, also dupli- v
cates alleged to have been
fraudulently issued by the
Sheriff's office. In every case
without exception we found
i that the Sheriff issued Poll L
Tax receipts and duplicates r
only to persons who had paid '
their poll tax in due time ac
cording to law." a
Whereupon the Valley of
the Teche comments:
**This report is the result
of a rigid two days' investiga- 1
r tion ot the evidence furnish
ed by the Rees leaders and
Sheriff Badon's books, and
was decided upon unanimous
ly by the jurors.
The grand jury was com
posed of men of both factions,
8 and their action in this case,
. as in every other investigated
by them, is an unbiased ver
and as such must there
who were inclined to give
credence to the seemingly
" justifiable fraud cry."
t Says the Avoyelles Blade:
'-The cost to hold the State
primary will be about $25,oO0 j
I- which will be a heavy burden
f for the candidates to bear. b
e And what if a second primary h
hern1es _ ecessary? As this !
large sum of money must be j
paid by eight or ten candi
8 dates the argument thata
[l primary is the rich muau's I
n method is clearly proven."
~. Pipe low, brother, or some
.original howling primary or-1
gan ?i~l~ulIupup and call you
1. "traitor," "primary buster,IW
r or some other equally corn
n plinmentary name. It makes
If themu mad to flaunt in their
~e face the re(I flag of cost of the
r primuary, and some of them
n are disposed to be really "ug
ly" about it.
The Senatorship.
n We reproduce some expres
i, sions of the press on the im
ue portant question of the Units
it ed States Senatorship:
,g From the Concordia 8pn
te tinel:
d "Lion. B. F. Jonas has an
nou~nced his candidacy for the
n United States Senate against
*' Hon. Murphy J. Foster.
1s Many years ago Mr. Jonas re
itp dsned this State in that
tohg oiinand made at
v- good Senator. However, we
have now one of the ablest in!
''that body, with years of ex
perienuce. and (lont hehieve hel
should be changed at p~resentl
ur- for another. For- that reason
a! the Sentinel is now support'
From the Iberville South.
[it -'lon. B. F. Jonas has an-i
at nounlced that lie will be a~
to candidate for the United
lit State Senate.
sr- Mr. Jomnas is a gtentlemnan
1ir ot high standing and charac
Unter, in every respect a worthy
eyanc1 very excel lent citizen and
swo'ul-l no doubt fill auuy olW-ee
1eto wl'i'l lie imight aspire with
ot ab1 iLt an~d dignity.
tI 13ut a candlilate for the
Umimted State.3 Senate against
the H r le Murthy J. Fob
ter he ever receive the U
'sapportfpie thinking peo
pie of this tate.
Mr. P has a1ready du1r
ing his terns in the Se
unte i* lished m'ich for
his p:. nd to retire him
at this would, to say t'e
least, bs lamentab1le mis
take. or Foster is re
,;ognized ne of the brain
iest men t t the Stage hots
ever had I her serviý:e, i:d
through h efforts muHL(h can
be reasons ly expeeted. Eve
ry interestlof L)uinkiana dý
mands that he be returned to
Congrems, ind that he corn
plete the valuable work al
ready undortaken."
Thus tiepiansfleld Journal:
There is not a cleaner as
pirant far cmlblic ofice, a more
loyal Daugacrat or a truer
i oisiaga than B. F. Jonas.
t Helen nmagogue in any
t sense o term. He will
not o al i hi
equipped man ia the State to
wear the .enatorial toga. He
z will do ust what he says he
I will izr the extract quoted
a 'above. During the recon
struution era (Col. Jonas was
one.tf the principal leade. s
of the white people. H1 st-r
} vices then were as unselfish
and as distinguished as those
lof any man in the State. As
a Confederate soldier he was
I true, faithful and gallant, I
s yielding to no man in his de
i- votion to the lost cause.
e From the Monroe News: I
r "Ex-Senator B. F. Jonas is
no stranger to Louisianians
nor is he a stranger in Wash-!
ington City where he served
the State ably as a colleague
of the late Randall L Gibson.
There is no blemish on the
L olitical record of ex-Senator
onas." It
- The Question of Trades t
d The question of "Trades
Unionism" is destined to be
dome of paramount impor
tance during the coming year. u
' Whether a man is at liberty
~'to sell his labor how and in ]
ld what manner he chooses, and
r- whether the law will protect
ems which perp ex our t
e publicists. A case is now be
y fore tbp tribunal of public
opiniont for discussion and
settlemsint-thatof the Miller I
case is Washington. The E
e methods adopted during the l
last summer by some of the (
n labor leaders, of compelling:
r men to tabor as and how they
Y deem best, "to strike" when
Ls it seems advantageous to the
interest of the men, and so onm,
1-are doing not a little to para
alyze the industrial interest of
I the country. It will soon be
come a question whether the
ie moneyed interests of the coun
r- try will not be obliged to yield
a the complete management of
,' their business to the leaders
'of the labor unions, and if
" there should be any official
8 settlement either in public
ir sentiment or in any authori
ie tative tribunal that trade un
Sions are supreme, that they
can compel every wage-earner.
g- to work as they dictate or not
work at all, it would be most
fatal to progess. Labor is as
absolutely dependent on capi
tal as capital is on labor1 and
e- if capital is made a slave by
fl- labo~rtodoitsbehest,toemploy
t whom and in themanner only,
as labor anys, it will retire
from the keld of industry, I
n-est *wgr llbe defeat4
ie The oath of the Internationalt
at Typographical Union has
tr.. never been strictly interpret-'
~-e ed, nor do the members them-1
at s'lves desire that it shall be.'
a Otherwise it would place
weC trade uiqionism above both
in I Church sad State. But that~
x-such an oath could be deli
be erately written out and ex-'
taceby organizers, only goes'
>8to show that there is no limit
rt-' to which certain unwise lead
ers will not go in order to
secure their ends. Labor has
:certain undoubted rights, one'
Ln- of them is to organize to
a~ protect it self, another is free
eddom from oppression, and still,
another is to be paid a living
an wage; but in the great strug
c-gle that is pow on to secure.
Iiy these rights, the greatest care
admust be uercised Iiot s.o vio
celate certalin other fundamen
thjtal rights, that are included
withimi the personmal liberties
lie guaranteed to every c~itihen.
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