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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, November 07, 1903, Image 3

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u's- wa ize.er
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ýd. i. 01. .e-7--tL e ' m ua
£,D 1AL~t% aLLbe L~ e
-~TA~ 'AL H11h$
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I!. BOC4 U RGaa!'
ELV 4 toi. TOsdUPesl.
oohbefdrh bo'a a. u ttoumu
ewt Servnce
ves bs.port, Drall an~esal
orna.1*lb1 .rnrý.Mr
tWi(aad sIue frsomall tbrough
Bank o Latourche, '
waaenw** * * ae sa.i
Capital Stock S2F5,000. Surplus $25.000
Designated Depository for
funds of Parish of Lafourche
and Town of Thibodaux.
I 'J [R\I P~-esnt. . K.. J - BI 0 Chier.
SA 83L'L 'iN. 'I.x Presideni. I? L LEGd.11'PE A st Castier
~.H iRPR FA. B J. BR rL, C. R 1 B B~
Dosa Genera Bankig Business 3Z
B s ~~ ? '5 1"'tuesti.' aA F..ri..n l'sange.
Southwestern Louisiana
Industrial Institute.?
R - TEPRE!SS, . Fu..M*** i
A State Imlintudfrthe lasratls aae =aW
Kass Tra~img. Dameiuc Science sad Comemerehil B-macbe. Oesm Eve
I. Cwnner.-ia Course- 3. Manual Training Course. B
1. StIenvgr-dpL' Course. 4. LAnestie Scien. e Course
.Rtqis:~tle ftr A ims in. :4 y.isr' o- o&der; s'at-~i-ary exsn ra::on in'
';-amm;r-.s tenr rinczs~. :nc!'ud~ng ian~t:.mc to perretage ard Eiemen
tary Gemne-t'aih and lHistrY'
lIlaisuaLe ties t'us1.Lne. *')nmmo*Le is ani rnodtrn in ag intm ents. 0
Eqnu'pen f 2:. n all d.kpartaien's. Ieat.i .fu l.nt,.. e*ot't TU ThION
FREk. Ne.'e.sa-ry cixpesos 'ter' mnodha.er b
*.p!.adit nt's ibri L5. 1 wrttr fi.r so e ; ii s. w b ai t-n: neup
m~e't ant convenie.nce,, iron sI~totk hel for ekE. ;:@ . ,.. .JXE w e'l.
iurn se.u ledr~ims, heated 1 V steam and liz'&'edi ha ewr: it . ite're water
fro W*t wer'so'ks for bathint. pure' rain sater Lr d-rik".e *r I ewikirng.
A~ppl in a'Ivance for boa.rd. Young meuboa.rd in priva~e famu. ien at tilI to
*1' pe ~r mn&nthi.
Sin nalS'i.iOpn tneda .pertrltC~atoiogue soent uon .&ppcatZion. For frtner inform~ationwrite to
semm ;$1
Absolute efficiency at least expmms. esmmm
A practical fence that will
positively turn cattle,
I st~
that isstrong, co
-rcial ever
thoroughly effi
ci en t under ___
every possible
NI you waat youurimieeg pe lam.. a acs.au.ya.h. almlanime..isah
ELLWOOD FENCE and let us show you for how little mouey yeo
can get absolute satisfuctio
Planters Hardware &t Mer. Co., Ltd.
Southern Pacifie
DON'TL FORGETan CANt. ELNNT.Bri Y~sL^MS '111.5SH~ '~~ Li'dID
%eiil 10' in stam~ps for a r'opy of the SOULTHlERN P.LC: FIC RICL COOK
Pane. Tr4s Ncr. Aus Gcun. Ps. As. 4en. 1'a~ & Thi. Ag
Ull, ITT' bUWt mbh
* c~a ~y a U s g kqklsn. " . ur
ma Is smes C. Q.. MOPPEYT. M. D.. ST. Lo0t35. MO..
owin W D. 3.sem'sTsrm 3*mm.w*U* . ui.I- 3.I.MS
hR.w..OS. L. DREXmLE m,
In the Adrertising ('olnumns of a PopularNCwspaper are.
heralds of a successfuil business career. I he
Is a Popular Newspaper, aind is recognized as a good Ad-i
vertising Medium ** ** **
ni COM3azCIAL.P ialTI
The sentinel Estabh~ilshment turn' out up-to-date work
Eatimatts solicited .'n any' class of Printin&
Subsrbe for and
Advertise in the Sentinel.!
Notice. 't I
IoN C ne on Qth- Aradia Pl eholatg roi
W. 1L P.U '
For Sale. P
A fM! se! "" de~rn Emigette" T
by the !ate :pesker To. 1 and Bra
ExeeiieUt chance to were Mrs te' thin
et of works at a reasonable pdge. If this
r.u want th-m: appy LthisM5O&.
Wanted. inb4
F:re o- _i; gr r. or bry e r L
Co eý-:. :" wr: in Ciyr Facy- ('¬=
.= i ±s.l stesad work. Ap bat
!V at fN.,>r. Ba ues bxsibls. u
Me ian St
- lEx
I tyke p eisure to isforamy ps
truns sol fr ewns that I larvS per
ehasel the stock of Jeweb7 of the
ate A. Bouron, ard ao smoy 'im2
oiaxi hargaras in the Jewelry liNo Pe
A omspkte lhre of Assr dam
Sdverw.re eta kept is steak all '
-tis -ewe, t - the
reairng a specialty.
_____ ofT
Breeders of Fancy Poultry,
Attention. set
B!.e C chin ez, for sale at $2.0( begi
t.-r 'l. z n. Y, , `e invited to visit of s
,,rte ag pvu -tore Naang ron, Pr'
order. br
Cs: t ther at W. C Rage reai t wbe
deuce er Kuuiiovks Music store. 3 1ar
Mattigs! !Mattings! asa
The tar es' and fiaest stock of W,
martin s that ever was brought to r
:hts L..wa his just been reseired at ceb
KEis Brautls Sor.& Call and ex too
amine the Mae. It wi. pay yo. to a tc
to so, bkfore bu'l..g 36.
For Sale.
One tot susted on Jacksoe street
Ilestrah.e Ncation to build rsemaece.
$1.30u. THox as A. RIvIan Z
«Hood! Wood! nisi
For sae first class cpress wood.
store length at $120 per Donl. Good
mixed woad store length at $2.60 per l
cord. at Fiost's lumber yard. anv
Apply to
6 SCDDA.Y A"I ALLIxx hoer
Rice! Rice!
We sonar the emmuigaineuttJ0
of RIUL' . LfbmratVraioe~T
made. Satiafactbos guame
Leal Corre-rond es.ce a.d.".
Sew O.eansa IA, Box 1178 '
Larg."st wbheoste- liugnr dealersad toa
aletrbuators of Harmony Club t
Pere h e.th
A . I .C.
American Bottling Work3 h
Thibndaux, La.
Btgan Oi'eraticons, Feb. 4, '03 Ge
Is now prepared to fill all of
orders for Pt.p. etc. at the wi
followiing p ices: G
1 box, 2 dozen bottles, at 6O0
Large cases 4 do: bottles, 1.20
WVe are ready to make tb
contracts for any length
of time at above prices. T
John Gnyot, S
Mgr, Thibodani, La. m
Reduced to FIFTY "
ew Ideaa
m nans '....
Magazi- - ~
Mm aMom b Mapa ab 7.
to Embrolderj. to e.. h
Wo~meas ekand ib
beaely Uesatni to esOan
to back ad whem. Minee aA. 1
showsihem WV, Sbeares
arm. esmd from new lama Pkz
-ums whch c-n onl MSe. m
a Ii
Is adli'is to our sareai large IN-]
Itak of vehicles. We have just re
iveti ant bare sampei in our snow
ooam s car .-aid of B:g: es. Car- Two
iages. Ruo vcm a:. Su iev±. wu..irh
re woul t p~es ed to) have n»s cit I
tnd iudp*ct. -
lancer!s Hanlware £ Meschantre Ca 3
Tist the bargain coacter at E. is , {
lrsad's Sons. you m:aht fle some-i
bing you nee- :Aere much ..theer
han toe co-id bur it e sewber'e.
Barsains' Bjrgaitc'- as: I. K Coo.
on. !ergaats that :" w:.. pay yC# to
e-*te. Iii
Lesre vour c-li.s efir p a^' :3
wrgans sod Psino tun'ng wi'h V. J. 1A
cont o.h LaI'a! Re-ra-ecat:ise of 'eP
.outs Gr.,nws:,1 Co. Ltd. 13 12
Expert Tells How to Distin- 16
guish Good From Bad. 1;
Most h.usekeeperr' qui h fore thst
Par of the fa3tLy marketiag which l
elates to the purchase of cheese, and
rish the man of the house, who is1
isiil=theschief maswullas 23~
he aloe, woul str y rU
vas fud tha words of as asthory t
f value:
"A cheese with as imdicatioK ofTw4
uostames will have an even colored,
tot motled rind The moment you picas
our fingertipe on the rind yee can
gin to judge of the interior Rahrup1
f a cheese. If it yields readilv to the 2
treasure of the fingers and the rind 3
heaks or does notspring back readily 4
rhea the pressure is withdrawn. you 5
tare got a soft arta.le caused by the 6
':sck v'ooing of the cu-d, a want of ;on.
acid or both. At best, it wi't have an 7
asipid flavor. and will *g3 off as it psis
iges. Cheese which feels so hard that S
rou cannot press it on the rind is 9
'ither sour, salted too hear lv. cooked 10)
0o much. skimmed, or sufferingfromn 11
K touch of al' these complaints. 1 12
-A good cheese wii be melsow to 13
he touch. yet firm. Its rind wuil be of casta
an even tint, elastic and f.ee from 14
cuffs and the sample will reveal firm. nits.
lase grasued, buttery cheese ofa nutty 15
favor. -Chicg') Tribuns. 16
The pubic is cordially invited to is
isit the bargain counter at Ellis lS
Brmud s Sons spacious store on Main 2%]
street This inritation holds good at 21
mey time, if you cannot call thisº erati
seek. nor next, nor this mouth, then =a
.all next mouth; you are welcome at ".
isa time; the bargain counter has ners
tome to stay. 27 2"
- 4 -. othe
&nother Candidate For Lieu- ".
tenant Governor.
Simce the opening of the campaign
ledge Allen Barkndale, of Linenla ev
-n~ v. mll o enpaom
da as a pstable asadidate fur the aso
mimation of Lieutenant Governor but
until recently nothing deiuaite was (Pk
made knows However, the Judge T
is sow an avowed candidate for Lieu who
tenant Governor and a sworn enemy is in
to bossism and the organization which; One
produces bosses. The Judge decsares wOrI
that if elected. be will use such in- of t
fl-'ence as he mia have to make all the
otfees electise. He thinks that the atms
tax collectors and assessors should be bug
elccted. and in genera; that the ap- i ºne
pointive power of the Governor syrt
should be greatly reduced. Ho ho- mI't
lieves very at roing'y in approprlatinag rena
more money for the maintenanoce of so 1
the public schools. up t
Aitbough the Judge stands practi- iief
calir on ihe same plat form as does dy
Gen. Jastremaki, atill he declares that and
he will be the running mate of neither fail.
of the gubernatorial candidates and' For
viil cornd ct the fight for Lie-a tenant
Governor for himsesf and along his
owfl lines.- -
Ellis Braud's Sons have just re
ceived their tall and vintcr stock of
Clothing. it~s a magnificent line. See
them before purchasing elsewhere. ate
The Delineator for November 2
In the November issue The Delia- be
eetoi sustains its recognized position am
as the foremost fashion publication ',
and one of the high class literary a
magazines. Exeellent reading and
arefied art supplement the display of te
Wtnter fashions, which are more Ia
charming than at say previous time. so
In Sctiom there.i the aecoad insatll- a
meast of The Evolution of a Club ~
Woman, the bold narrative of a a
woman's experiences in clublom, pur
porting to be fact; a clever short 4
story by William IlacLaeod RLane,
entitled An Unpremeditated Engage.a
ment: An Interrupted Honeymoon, i
hr Lillie Hamilton Irench. a pathetic
incident of a little Yorkshiae terrier;
and a l estern story by Miunas C
Smith. In the second of bas remark-l
able photograpbic articles, J. C.
Hemment resate' some of his thrilliug;
adventures with the camera. N.~
'Hudson Moore has a strikingly-lb
illustated paper on Chrysanthemums.
and in the "Miladi" paper Clara K.
Laughlin writes of Conflicting Ten- r
deniews in early married life. A sa
1House Small but Artistic is pictured'
and described br Alice N. Kellogg,
and in "Carlotta and I' Miles Brad t
ford tells the story of an old fashion- t
ed Thanksgiving. For the children, In
there is a Firelight Stor), by Living- p
ston B. fMorer; entertaining Psatimes,, re
by L~ana Beard. describing the coua
struction of the Statue of Zeus at t
Olympic; an amusing story by C. V. l
C. Matheva, called We Nest lonsieur' p
Daguerre, and a Sewing :eso.Inp
Iaddition there are numerous artucles
by experts treating problems of the!
home and household.
ITwenty-Five Thiugs To A void
to L
1. l7rse'*s san sl .ohly workt s*c
2. The one of ;.'rei"nt is lax th
3. Coarse *"I4 'nrrfined manners
4. Readinog tra sal sensatkons; s
5. Wate of :nmo. a"15
o. Inasxurtse in %.hool wick.
. I . a. 1rraa.ny eat of wo.rk ilk
5 C.urascei io iteepu g scX of I
9. Ian:e.t:. u to d. t net'
10_ In .Offervrn to t:.e .ss ofo
"'"=.n " e of
1i. Lo of regu:sr and sea&-iect
12. Om se.on of re-,Mar exer i-a
'1 3 sl:_L &3 -1 _Jon ma anu%-r.Ch
14. Incas .ierrt:tin of the rtghtsof
Y hersa
15 D. h.oncsty m.x sumall :heata-.
16 I revrer q
1. Unwise frieoishp.
13. Use of im pro.er anguage. m
19. Uutahne s in dress.
2). The use of slang in conversation a
21. A loud anl harsh vo e.
22. saretfied table mannen. a
231 Am uaooatrollet temper. y
±5. Igmeaanamst canint wesin ug
fwenty-FDie Things to Culti
rate A
I A love for chih'ren. wr
2. Power to dicipline quiet'y. Ioe
& Tact in dealing witu others. othe
4. Confieoce in fellow tcae hers l
o. Persons, magnetts . ever
6. A sunny and cheerful disposw use
jon. Simi
. Observation of indivi lual pa
& Ambition to excel in teaching. ,
9. Intefet In the work.
10. Indu'trious habits.
11. Sur. ngt~h of wial In
12. Wlliagness to receivecriticlsm
13. The power to appreaatee crittA
14. The skill to appreciate opportu of td
15. A 'Ifinite purpose in work. rrs
16. The reasoning power. thb
1N. Setf-reliance and coufideoca w te
I ITe art of qu:estiouiu^. ar
19. Wisdom in erin .tsia g pupils.
20. Coniersational lower. titan
:1. . uainuttace with the best li:
22 Respect for meinion of others. in t
23. Courteous and pleasing mau mgt
aers vies
24. A broad charity the faults of mai
)thera - anon
2'. A broad professiooal spirit. tre
-.Selected o an
_ - be
The prettiest line .f fancy Vets Satl
ever brought to this town can be hat
The Usat Remedy for roump. the
(Fro= the AtcAlaso, Kew. Daily Glue) ro
This is the season when the woman was
who knows the best remedies for croup poo
is tn demand ma every neighborhood men
One of the most terr.ble things in the
word is to be awakened in the mild a Wei
of the night by a whoop from one of a fl
the children. The Croup remedies are l a
almost as sure to be lost, in case of asf
buglars. There used to be an o dfash. niej
i oel remedy for croup, known as hive
syrup and tolu, but tome modern tha
mothers szav that Chamoerumin's Cough t
renaedr is better and does not ivat at i
s.o much it cause the patient to "throw Ibet
up the pblegmu ' quit ker. and gives re- dir
itef in a shorter t.me. tUive this reme o
dyas soon as theertaupy vough appears
and it wil prevent the attaak. It never Tb
fails and is pleasant aind safe to take wa
For sa&e by Roth Drag Store. w
Publik Sale of Ferries, at
retdin as by Roltnsof: w
the Police Jury of Lafourche.;m
sined. will sell at public anthe o h
higest rwpenuihdr 6Ldde, a h r
door of the court house, in the town of
Thibodaux. on
SATURDAY DECEMBER 5th,[email protected], go
between the hours of II o'clock a. ms. Isi
and 4 o'clock a'. m. rt.]
The lease of the Public Ferries of the s
parish of L~afourche. for a term of years
extending from the first of January i9s8 an
to the 31 alay of December l9ths inclustre: St
which said' ferries to be sold shall be
located as follows:
1st. One at or within one quarter of
a mile of the A ngellos store, at about
Six miles above the tow of Thitodeaai.
ad. One at St. John's Chapel. at
about four miles above the town of g
3rd. One at or near Mrs. L. A. Go.- Cl
sin's store about two miles below the p
town of Thibodsau.
4t.Oeat or near St. Charles Cha
pel bu i ie below the owofM
Thibodaux. a
sih. One at or near Raceland.
iath. tine at or near Thomas Le
Blanc's store on the Buck HIrn plantas-g
tion about three miles abovelrpr
Badeaux about seven miles below St
Iockport. I,
5th. One at or near the Chapel of~ a
Notre Dame du htosaire at ilarang's g
Canal. I
',9th. One ator near the CutOff.
Terms and conditions: One eighth of Lt
the price cash on the day of sale, onei&
eihh fnih rst day of the month of
Aprl19ad one-eighth every three t
months thereafter throughout to. term 1
of said lease; said credit payments to be
represented bynotes psyalile as aforo
~sald; slgned bythe purchaser anj ne or, t
1more securtie to be approved by the.0
,igach purehasershtall furnish bond in d
the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty
(20.00) Dollars binding and obligtlng
-the lessee to kee the ferrvat all sta 0
in good order adto faith nlly perform a
all the duties incumbent on ham as a
'puhltc ferry keeper, eald bond to be
,recoverable before any court ot compe
tent jurlssiletlon. Li k~l o
be fr ortio at sai the terms, con
'ditlons and obl 10asit imposed upona
*ferry keepers bythe ordlhiiace of tbe
rPollceaJury rel atin tthe sale of the1
public ferries adopted Oct . 2,INS. 11i
Preeident Polios Jury.
-IT. A. BAIiEAUL. Saap tsndesft of
Nublic sichoiol?. parish of Lafourche.
Archbishop Chapelle Focuth
in List
A_ I lmg t9 a desretch 6e. ate*
w Lie Tribune of date (O be 1Tit,
1%c-hb'shop Vbaspe:e stands fbton a
;h list of fo rihe prelates, anal[ th
u-d i tiwn of the secreryship of
isste an I the tbegrst.atine of the
ripap ais. who are Cashietrd avail
1i.e f -r prot'-ilaf stcurisisal
In the hast .4 America-s psteeated
is Cardinal Gatht. Arebrushop Arse
4 Phtia44phis stants mrst. Arch
Isvy Irelsad of Si Pal eoeinig
iez*. fo.mwvr' b Arehbi-Ap Farmer
> New Tor; and Arohbbshop Chapel.
e of New Uriess.
S.ambb r'aza's Stomach and Limes
When you fret dui afItN eating.
When coo hare no r e'tae.
When you have a btd taste is the
When toar liver is 'orpil.
When your b iwels ae icm-ttpated.
When you have a heaacae.
When sea feel biseioas
They will impsor. your appetite.
Prise 2$ mests per box. For ask by
goth Drug stxr
A thrifty Eastern farmer, being
Lsked how he got suct-s on a small
arm. rep'ied: --I make it a rule,
when I go to ma:ket. to bring homme
nore mower han I earned anas In
>ther words, I endeavor to sell in
ralue. more than I bur. and to grow
rverrthing on the farm for *e own
ise that the land wi t prod.ce." This
imp!; means that this man eseresrti
d1ose economy, is eocnectioo with
good judgment, ant this rule will
uvariabiv bring smices. whether on a
ig or little farm.
[nsanity Among the Negroes.
A man who is connected with ore
>f the State institutions recently said:
Insanity among the negres is in
!res-ing rapidly and the people of
his section will soon be confronted
r th a very serious condition on this
iccont. and the cause of the increase
montmee a pertinent querti"a. at this
.ime Mly attention has recently
)en directea to som? of the forces
which are contribittag to this increase
n the number of insane among the
iegreE4. Contrary to the general
riew cocaine is not responsible for as
many cases of mental derangement
among the blacks as certain other
kends of poison. Drinking liquors of
an interior sort is in my judgment to
be credited with more cases of in
nanlty than any other cause enstri
listing to the sncrease. There a
mnother latenetang fact is againsectice
the black', and that ao the waling
iuduence of religion as factor it
producing mental unbalance. Tiee
was when tais was one of the most
prolific of causes of mental derange
ment among members of the colored
race. It is not so now. I do not
mean to say that religion is no longr
a factor. It still plays a part, but it
is a minor part. l wi!l venture the
assertion that gambling and ions of
sleep produce a larger number of
cases of is.auity aminng negroes now
than religion. But the more inter
esting fact from my war of lookug
at it is to be found in the large num
ber of cases of insanity that are due
directly to the use of mean and pot.
sonous drinks. There onght to obe
some way of dealing with this matt-r.
The only method is t') check in some
war the sale of the cbh-aper grades of
whisker arid other alcoholic druiks.
IHow we can do th.e 1 do not know
at this time, but certain y there is
some meaus by which we can get at
the thing. We wili have to do it at
weno eit reote time, and the ijuicker
wed tthe better it will be for ho.
-For a Dad Cold.
If von have a bad coid you need a
good reliable meditine like Chambenr
lain's Cough Remedy to looseu sant
relieve it. and to aliay the irritation
and inflammation of the throat
1and lungs. For aale l'y Ruth trug
Cuba and Roosevelt Win.
shall give Cuata a measure of remspro
city," says our Washington corren.
poadent. '{!ongreiss ill do as he says.
The situation exists merely because
Mr. Ruosrelt is deterawned to cairry
Iout the. pledge gwven by .1r. 3lcKinlely.
.1"Public Interest has paled. The
Senators and Representatives who
led the insurgent resistance wilk
such uncompromising vigor are tirest
land willing to let bygones ha by.
i~gones. Somte of the esta front
the Not thwest are disposed to beep up
rthe fight for the sugar tael, but they
hardly know why, sad it is not likely
they willo more thai make a protest
uI to estatblish their regularity ou the
m atter. They will find when they comne
r'to C'ongress that they wiil have little
of the snppo% sthat roabled them to
a detest Mr. Roosevelt in 1902.
r "Candidly, their poittion, like that
Sof most of Cotigrees, either In the
wsmjoriiy 0r the Ininorily, is an un
awillingness to d.* anythisg to opjbos
jthera'. wiah of the PresidenLMeuiint
the gr..at legislaisive branches of the
Goieriment appreciate more than.
a no *uuiy eke j..t bow powc'rful 4
Prendest is Be san do thing' Tb.
,individuals in Coegress want thinga~
dune. Therefore, why feght longer oat.
a harmless proposition uk. r. caproc ity
fur C'.ba?.-Volligt'5 Wekals.

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