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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, November 14, 1903, Image 1

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Iht Le~tIU ihi daux BeutineL
Oiial Jo a 1a o Z r- the Itrest o the Tow-_.
•38. TrHIBODAUX, LA., NO 190. No. 17
-- -- -- -- ---·IT'·I l II r· - · I I
THI E....
ib'x Shoe & Hat Store,
Goods That Have a Reputation.
-- - - - t-- - ~ - - -
Y nu > vbe sure ther ºta r.l Was
bhi-.a n ore a tna i tLazt.the
sit!e i1 kepirg wr th the timds. You
=a emulate has ezampak ii r.yI po
care yor ts ear from oar stock
alaam-s..n w rd the 's ' Oi
Our H.cker Bavteethoes
n wearers. They wear "00
twice as l1ong as ordi- vr' "
Sehoe. Because they are tbW MASS
by th'orkhlly reliable x: ..
and ouly of the beet
?Give them a trial
you will never regret
jrving done ~o. +1
Emile J. Braud.
mgember that I have removed to the Blum Stand next to
the Thibodanx Drug Store.
oIsw prw to
se brick in the market............. .. - - - - - -
i bricks ar hand ready for delivry.
R. A. BOUDREAUX, anager,
or E. J. BRAUD,
9) - o 9- 9.. , 0 09 .9 0 0 090 e, 0 0 • d .
s$ceoser to LFsOUT A TiKTlSA
S! Livery, Feed
.... AND....
...Sale Stables.
2 Establish'ient
- Maker
Patriot St. C'or. Levee and Market, Thibodaux.
SRiviere & Go.
Hardware, Tinware, n
Willowware, Ena- n
melware, Harness :
and Saddles, Paints I
and Oils.
'Phone 108. Cor. Main 4- St. Louis Sts.
Baton Rouge, La.
Thomas D. Boyd, A. K., LL. D., President
-- L tr . the fEW .' I_ ,."5,10 r7 -I W  a o ,ctrlhih oksh-op. and-h
, Honr e~rtar thtl y-r. fifhI4Y ' 3mif da Ez
r - --. SeIrfthet Wp to r naia and I e!is" LoS r
Edward Badea
- -[nufacturr %,-nt fo -
-: GIGARS :-i
Main Street. Thibodaux, t
@ n
" saLaoacory line nwe 4e
ever c rnSL Eruy
I I,
Made Both Regular and Long Handle.
.. , I a* *
Convenience Courtesy Capacity
SFidelity Prudence Saty
'ASSETS DEC. 31, 1902, - $46T,823.91.
Call on or write to
The Rienzi Moss Collar Factoy, g
Morvant & Mire, Props.
Thibodaux, La.
T Best collars. Made by Practical Me,. of '".. M,, Prie ' ',
Po;;t-s; Ccud, w: be pa =bed ia
ham ss t t i.m..m-et rstes
Fter Ps~uts t Ike Y$10ý _ * .
F Nr Asi otice.
Par.e r -ssaa ai-acce. fo
Si P a. a ar as s Cal a. e ot ':
Oiw eo o of'et .t rar. Cs ote PmM
11te y l tit, +r',yo r o · . is Pr-mss al
, En* of r Dea utir Pa6M-7 mad
J LttLri ACety of
P. Wallace Lefort, . i
, Le a Moote r Ie ae  of oCrt of Coi ,
of te Parn a. t el-ureok , to e
oba by Primary tur mt*a the erl º C
* e, c . *
aQst syi rshrie a
t4 tea of Laleme met last d
T earay iu tis town, sad adobed a a
series of resolaios culiamg a white L
Dena ~rtic pryisary electios fotr
Janart 19th. 19e4.-the same dray t
n whict the State primary s to be of
Leird-for the prise of - omista~ngJ. p
two repreecttires. one clerk of re
co(rt, one sher ~ sad one coroer and r
J csries of the pwasex, eoastao es and i
koie jurors a- the ceasodies of the. B
Dmocra:i partv before the genera t
ieectioa is April nest
The t~a.mittee izeto the same quasi
iiaWstion f.r tie cters ai said pr.- a
manct euti1o. as t&a e istd by tlhe
Ite aoerati, State Centra Comnmt:tte
for tet state primr. alect: * that a
W. one mu- be a white Iemocralt a
* .y r gistertn. etc
Tie co n t*ee acsom provieds tha:e
aspirants for  Atsesamship sheall
go before the pritarr. and be vrted
f.r by the petaiwy aor that the sue
cessful tndi lit' be recomtntD .dJ to
the g.reruor f.r spitztmen..
To be cominated codaniates wit
have to rer.re a majority of the
otes cast. In case there be no
:omination in the firt primary. then
a second primary as to be bellt
S embers of the new Democratic
Comlmittee, three from each wardnt
asd Ore from the parish at large. and
de egates to the Senatorial conventio
will ilso be elected at sail primgry
eection. It was a'so dcioided that
Sewraioos desiring to btkeme cadi
dates for a ca&e before sa i prima
r shall et f te Chairman of the
omme, CapT . John b. Walsh tis
paed n the oeial tatlo
With regard to the coneet of the.
S electas th committee has adoptei
sa tatial  y the ruets governing the
State puary. ii
Dias....s wr as. I
Carelessness is responsibe for
nsny a railway wreck and the same
'muse are making human wretks of
s*fferers from Throat and Lung troy
b'. But sance the advent of Dr. Kings
New Discovery for Consa m ptt u Cough
and Colds, eveu the worst cases can be
cared. and hopeless resignation is no
!-nger necessary. Mrs. Lois Cragg of
Dor hester. Mass., is one of mane
whose life was saved by Dr. King's
New Discoverr. This great remedy is
guaranteed for all Throat and Lung
diseases br all Druggist. Pnce 3it
1i .er Trial bottles free.
dcy of the Bon . . ~rA e, for
liad. to, w saore in houi ow
iog preamble and rsoutoon :
Sproteent able and edmcient State Audi
tor. is aesndudate for reelection, and,
y dkWhereas, he has mde theState
of Louisana one of the best ati one
Sof the mort systeestic ob ifs rthe
stte ever had, hguarding faithtilly
their every iataer sad perlormag
every duty ernntra , pos hir with
aiity, crte and s the tIutmost w
tgi to mty, the re be h -
*ea d, Tohat t sa B orW. .
eas.1 e r eqmaom a tro e ad turied
Democrat, a native of Louisiana, a
guadiema without a peer sad aw
1 )'ial of ability ans d merit, who has
. fully discharged ervery duty incom
( bent pon hm with credit to Lamsell
'nd honor to the Stated be it further
-'Resolved, That in apprrciation ol
'hs worth oas a ma, his record as a
LIemosurst and as a public oticial, e
pledge him our earnest osupport fo:
,2l reelection to the dcear of State
i Auditor. which he has ilel so worth
.91. ily and with so signal ability."
SThis is a desenrved raeontion o
the work done to oace by SIr. Frase
whose faithful discharge of his ocflks
duties ought to insore him a reitoii
sation by the people.
Does'st hspect Old Ag..
It's shameful when youth fails
to show proper respect for old agI
Dr King's New Life Pills. Ther et
off maladies no matter how severe sa
irrespective of old age. Dyspepsil
Ja-.dii., Fever, Constipation .i yvel
to this perfect Pll. 25, at ai i)rug
Two Little Waifs. C
An exar. : -:e',":M o0 "1
meaisruss -Tw, Lat:e Wa: f. wrs F
'res at: '.raw : st o,*ra .,Ne yes
c-dar. Ta w. it, wr; as a .spm
it_:Ni b -Tempe" a&d -Soal.e - .t
were he ssr atr-:;otn Tie ct:.i
rTen wt or , ng oJ is te oest ja re
Si.e s.twcs tas: nave a~ppe*me n t :
A i ~je- . Lete rs not the sppear
asse Lof fore 3. ha: a 1u thea as ar
ofteo no:.i. ri trA er "ase manSter P
imss were verrr "sagr. Par.:cgar r
as :iu trite cf the room er. wio sti
ocyv sis res O,. Tk-T :are steve
ta soakes ai dana..- daiigris the
coarse of L; e perfto.mnce and wme S
most ethmsiasticn:r elmor br the t"
La .m.o i the dial sle at '
Schlas ass in terpeLed her
-a a y msti.t ry aer. L J.
t lee as the wmr aged hashamt sad 11
x , Harry Farahat as the doslor whom
y , the hashad sjio*ed to be the ce-e '
e! of the troble. ~--tx ff:L'd inc their
-g. parts. while Jk E sw.rJi ws very -
•if reasistLc as L-man Pederrm e. th': "
ad real cauae of 'he t: e . Joe mDem
i : was natart sal] amosiiz s t. 
ahe B..verv buy. i.ut his pr scipal at was
asde to hs siaicg spec .it:is.
The eotir cas vi r, ery gx'd. how
J- ever. a u, the seoi: eft.s :pr;rh :y
- so In the t-s t ".d re.r- a
S a ,f s oaet a ; l 3:i mA.a-t- wcre }
et p-art-::ar 1 b.:&: .i . wi . •- h :: 1
It :c-ae st the chk.e aso U C;e.i fto -L
st much ,a + '_.'.--F,":: \1 , fa -'
as Mrs. Fred Unre th.
the - . I . 3 I
."d ., ,.,,U..1 blit ,d - ,
Am am-ada two wowbiI wrens te
Of and Ia 1a m10 I w 41 b td e
for i peIim "
LUe WineofCardsi eimaloestheagem
Sof gmeneatio foe the ordeal otom
ron nascy and childbirth. It prevents Aatu
g' caorrsa wo an'bo take Wife
gh o C anx tear rte crnn f he
S child. If Mrs. Unrath ha tken
o ie Wine of Car, tMr.e her La'Y carte
Do she woli aot ihave ben weakened as
she yas. Her rapid recovry shiudd
g of m this r edy to eer
ant espectant mother. W an of Card ia
ng's regulate the et ow.
DMor aut.
Mrs. Olyrape Mlare Webre, wi.low
a-p of the late tiostare Storrsnt, died
sddenly at he h home, shout three
milee above town. Thuruttay afte
low- non at 3:15 o'elock, at the age ot
e9 er, and 3 months.
the  ier funoerals which took place
adi I yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clo-k WIs
d,,atte d by a large cvauoure of
ate relatives, friends antavquansta'-es
Oma'*of the Webre antd Morrart famihes.
_ the tWO large and influential families of
faly then parnsk
wi ad graat childUre to moura her ow .
.l R -
I . 1 an
hasa Fdfbws RelIef
: r. $'olS
a av
State WI Am
/te • -mel Ol-l-e0
re I o a easrnse at Coabmagapist.
,Asthas. Raineam. aree
yl.l cut t n ruiph. Wsho ptag Coegh.
1nomi - o s g m o .d as nes. r
er cut One 12 inch SWphnon has born
re sad use 3 montha. gorod as new.
p·epts pastcularl aply" to
I Iel.t N & A. Tors.
Drug- Lafourc -e Crossing P. (. 1=.
' Father Schauble's Elevation
To. Take Place Sunday.
j: O StUb.ay to Iorrv S. Lest Verts
e Rev Pa n hast. e. w was ru tere
S:r c:eat d an abbot bi rerit of the
, Pote. wt: be osated at 1:. BS .
S-af.e LnArt-b Bisl. Basset wil
r prff-a tie act of e I-r u*. wha
Sa : au t respectsi rs:iar to the
t asec asoo of a brid-. with the ei
.e ' tion that as abtoI s ay rmpow
SreI to otia pw.ss im his own re:
e goss commnoatt , ad sol t hate
e the rith: to iiia er the smerant
"j. attbe san- eriw. tie
,;1 Leaf Mute meiiate r s.nsy there
Sgi hb retat perarantry to the
ir SutLais of Cohi ahO b. aon Me
V y. the an:ver-arn -t ther Jret. of
h2 l A 'hke.1 headur of the Ist :
S:_te. sete.n reqlessm meass was .f
a 'l nL t-e cha. OI the 5Iesh t"
5 s ~ l5J. Rew. Fatber Bat. L rs t,.
- .lrrat F:iar i e is ta  -
w :211 Vrtt Chrp iii of ChI= he a
5 rat < Lrere piper of the
r L:e.l 1::t, s td o.rilnWer of the
1L : .e t itL vw_-ewe5s. wh x
.we : e : nr d o l ', as r , a: t: tIL
.- e 1 . wttk . e -hi'rl -n a rt a r ,r t,
:ezr kl ±ao. a:rV the c..-- .. ft
;:ire of i he t hi:?~ e. at tL I . :n -
tch. r.eeln r DFilAer . ,, :w &l
ro Prlt te t f tbe Boals d D. ~,s
t,-s of the In-:t*. was pr.±*.1: :
tu'e ~~ It was v rO tolm'c :y '.&
-- tae little tha.lr.n at I.r.Ltr f!r
Ihe r dad benefactor. an.t ~- .. -. -
-en were lmo tic to a-l': ina.
Eo her Gray's Sw*sn Powers for
Sncceirlful ithed tI MLhetr uiray,
l the in the Cbtdiren Oite in Ne w
Ytok. Curde Feveri-hnosl B A o the
acb. Tething Dsordi hrs, e istl
reu~alte the Bowels amtiul e -tan.
»The Demoeatic victories in last
and or iylod. withl the large terenet
wn the Democrllltic major in tKen
Republican it r n Ohio. are a it riati
r cal wiseacres to figuring the h.-t
e upon the seat praes ential e aretion.
S The emocratic vite oriest in New
York City and .Maiislasnd are prr.taut
M o with rant possibltiea for Denioitstie
rsoucess nest ear, it the fruit of
victory is rightly apshed. Mayor
ad elect MeClellan of New fork will
Thave it in his power to maternsry
enhance the chances 3- his party t.
carry New York State nelt ewar, I. v
a wise. ctnserrative and pittritail
conduct of the muce opal tIfaas of
Greater New York.
The itctorl in Mary and pl on t
a peculiar signinc an; is is an ei
phati c reprtd ation ant so eiterg the
iowt resenting f Ps idet. Rosevet
if h.c on the raice vquestion. The i
rl fIut there w~ ov.i tle on the a-cr.
i., ssue, and the struggite was h ie-ri
e ot tter led bt Senrator e.on3*i on th
Demlrod rai lsd l adI lrivc tiO
placetIirevted by the President op the
sI- RepubIc ni side..
e of Te bDecratic b etor s fil
i!ie. shiOn tnd a majerty the ignl vir
trys or tho Senatoilr MComan Oio thes
ir!so Unitvd States Seite. o lr
iCr It mluin. s sar thalt t h-is ctory i
Maryl and shoReu h' s rsrho i ud d
Ike to oe oimiter Ger... assn pm-.
I veht I Mts instht t imst the charsOs
Rii(ki" will bf r henl- pwtee twne.
tshold ef brighs to i. l h.
On the other hiad the signal viD.
anna as a posribi a.t! for ,h le
!are  ay Rept lirs :,s who wou!ldn,
velt nominated,. but the **Irii ,o
StRider" wil dr a b:rl .lren to thr2e.
Sis in the sale, and . will ak
Ak to d-:\ia for Alle a Foot Kas,r
m. mowler It cures i its t aiO ..o , Siu. 'wen,
* I ie 1t -nlp.t i1. k Fur psrtsiu
tars i t thei~u bata Olsoe. 1G.
le.. tall on us 'a fore bsiar.

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