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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, November 14, 1903, Image 2

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i .t.  l .i,.:rr 2 ! t; "., , iTE
'hi.ohix. , l,:'
,r rt Fully 1,rop'r: I t, c jtio i :rk i
)f .-very d. acriptiý,1. h
1 j , t 1|' ., t t" '+ ."."'.f ,'T l.tt *
w r~t. ra ,h.l-t!: " I t hii r r '* I .*lI . ' II
,I. ,,tL+nlht '|d in n
S liiday, fadopted, a'1 ong
Abaicst Dinmi t the L
f.urc he,
Torhe pnl thltit ' s of Ai-1
S[titnay, adopted, aiong
,,htrs, the followingu preana
e tld resy, uit ti l:
"telslVlivt,i that thwe - li"ct
,ly prti al , ain I ht this lii,
lnldtid nstr t wiir nontles to,
tp 'ose il ;11n thl:t it i As tll' ill
bly any ftIlirter legislative ac
,)tio ill th it' e "rmil',' arn that
1 ctotpy of this ri,>oliitito il
ft 1rwarldeil to thIl Secretary of
WVe have 110 mIeaius of ltll
ing whetter or Tha t thelie Re
pubic a i l'n co.t n etl l Idiouir t llre's to
enoppot te ill thef tGe n eorpl e of
Asion in tihoii, but we thart
theray do oiot.
We do vet noe ight of thell
faut that tc i ill Anistlier
tiot tolwl oilotio, th e people
propositiont of locking Ba::oulI
Assumptircone but we har'st
think that it is ba.sed oIl the
as.sumptioii that it is the "'in
tention of the 'powers that
be' to datm our streain prma
nently." This we take to a
gratuitous assumpni tion, lyiliig
out by partismns with someic
motive not altogether (1disiu
terested. It looks as though
it waIs put forth to rally the
oppolnenlts of the proposed
plaii of locking bayou La
fourchei to the support of the'
lonei caldidiate f',r re~preseita
tive ilionilated hy tliese con
velitio ii st .
'That ianiy be good Republi
call politic ip ill i Assumiption
but it will hardly he i:pular
among the faithful in La
toulrche. Fctew amlong thelm
will feel like t'laiking tlheir
brethren of Asurllptiou for
this blow aiimedt, at a project
fhliat is deenieed an ausolultely
uecessity for tile proper pro
tection of property in this
We bulie~e that this reso
lution of tile Republicani con
vention will ble barren of ef
fect, except perhaps at \VWash
ington; but even that wt
loubt. It ought to fall flat
Coming Back.
Many of the leading spirit8
in the Lily white movement
are quitting it in disgust over
the eccentricities (to use ino
harsher ternm) of the P-rei
dent, and returning to their
oldi fait h.
\Ve have already nioted the
rtti'ii- of tile Hon. E. N.
P'ughi, of Asc'ension, as good a
citizen anl as tlruie a patriot
as ever lived.
Mr. J. S. Martel, of St.
Mary ail l)r. Martimi. romni
uent citizenis of thicir - ctli,, l
Liave also aibI~'jredl Repuli
lanistii anidl ret!:rlieol to I)D
The Colfax Chliro itlie in a
'ecetut issue contains ti:s nI
"Mr. J. I1. 'sgrove hi,
written a letter to (n't,.;-,.
man ,reazeale, mnakinu fr
flal allunoullcelnt of" his i:
.:tn the h)emiceratic f" t
l¶itlly for Cosagrove.'"
I:! `. 1:'. 1i. ll*, , I I ti l ' I't " l it
L' t;ci I t t'
l'I -;h1c t IHo 'u , lt to fore'
o:- ial es't lil. , 11 ' { d1 t"` ti Ill'
e a ti/ e le lll) ri ll- I, l& i il t. I
1 r ,- . i 1;' a w ,k411 . it 1 t fI l' ,.ir
blr.asl.t ,l- ires a I, :I s iraIII ti 1 s1I,
that trlet r.:lliz li IIn of whclir hl
t- Ityi only clpilerical irn the
extreme b11t imcll ssil alte.
Mies-lrs. Puith. Martel andr.
lother'- ila. , t :º L.).0 xa'll
ile to ltheir I lP ,iWr- in th ',.
Iilyl - t , rit r l k.- : t let thl'i 't
!'{folrV,' il. lilnlt theinl and I,
. ~oif o i the dul,|t of lep'I
b li. l ,º lloº,, 'lss and II y lo
criy, retlurn to the iemocra- t
tic party -lthie only party
b teariing luponl i,- t can be alle
viiated."l as jI tlly tays M r.
rl' ll,11lho it thie siraron dis
tri''t th..' ar tiany goo,(i
all ' ' true o ,nll ºh jLtco i tit'h
lily t I\in' h it l -. o fnt. thlilk
i trioat it wask fo tthe gilt.ieis
1(:f .he s:l:r io lttr'y to r ,y
ella'~l l si're ti ey w'ill l ,t: -
RSome Rbpublicdn Rtsolu
.vor of Cuban rl'iinroity h:4A
sknot'ked tha't tahery ill the
le d: hlis eithial e fmoility Iro
tof cli'ities stait oI 't as a warn
inl of dateu.r t' the peolte of
the Souih: there isr "llhrcf;e.
nothing now to allurl' to or'
k,'ep in thet, ii..!,,blican " all y
iany "true Loi'li-iallian noll in
the raeks ois ti' lilty :whitis.
Th y <hau!,l A-ow th..ir
of omanhro ant l th only inel
pet nlen:e by redf iace rtio
o,,usev>'lt aa l hi, I .lFu h ý:l.
auili ti, tl d of ilcrs ae rt.
TiEt," should re'tutrnt to th,'ir
oldl faith, the l)'ui, cnatic lpar
iy, and tlake tieir Ia es anth'.i
a )'Ie0 citd'.1 alnd Irue ,a"
t triots to work for the generai
Swelfare of tlhe country. o
We are s orfe they will e
Some Republivian Resolu
Stilheeltpublicans c of A-ro
1 sumption in convention as
1" sembled have amused them
eI selves with the f:,niliar game
"Wof whereas, and resolveld.
Si someajority of teir "whterease
- and "resolvpposed," as foeellnt reows:a
sons, toher, the appoinjetion of
s therefo race isbe into the politis
Sleingof our Ssate can only meanur
"the intenoifying! of trace polore
i in, heartilction tween whites andubily
tl"Whereas, the welfare ofil
aath ne hl arong llun i s best sub
sarve by th allayiat of liticalall poer,
a e u-,s tliat make hiup a tlar-i
"gt for thc oiliae-seekers an.
parti-aln pr'tes of the Dlemo
.by the campaign cryiiit of 'negro at
tig majority of the witer of
it "Relved, That, while
':11 cltii, c ill tl ie Mate of;
1. 1iIa1 ( of a1Iy 1M.-;$onk of
1It lilli t l lt '- e lit. i
•"\\l  'rea-. the 1),.:,uo,,ratic
} tr IlT y it-l.lt" hals t1il inated
ilt' ! h  n l'r Vote i! 1('1o4: of" tilhe
ý t"hi1i l Siiri lt:1att . 111 ul.
• \\" !I,',rSa.S\, e re(,cognizet'
that the \elfare tof lurl Stattc
titl t'lit l. ill a great  leaslire
',1 tl,' pi.t-ter\atiot of guond(
f., l r' (v b t tI the ra,':.",alnd
* lifet I i a sh tii- hI thi S thea
wt, V,.,,42i ,' I ll-, t Lh'otti IO
jll iii Ii ;f t ,'.t- ~iitil tip , I t ,
L-t,-', ce i1l tcarryilg nt4i of tile
lar.,, ai'ricultulral interests of
cottnil. ricet anliti su:iar; he it.
i-.i.solV , .i. '1 hat Il ie 1tdie
,,at,'s t1 tl' `tate ('nl\'eintion
1I' it |trntt'l1 to liste all hon
orib11e1 IIueaiis to) ilorpoirate
tilis or a sliilniiar ilankin tlihe
ilatfuloii of our State Nofiii
:oltil;g- Cuivclltiol, and iln
,lefailt thereof to take such
- action as a majority there
presenit shall determine upon
as a protest."
A 1 tCl1 l ,rillzeIlurz jt L
a duly certified engrossed
coply of these resolutions
slilldtl he senit to his Excel
i,t, T 'lciheodore Roosevelt.
iPr, lt'iat of the United
SoStIits, for there is much
tlle!',.ini w;li,.lh c."on:cerns hil i.
It is thit s list it,.l lih, e,! pler
.t , 2a,' wIlho has a:tiit injet't
d tllt rat e' issu-le into  he
,ilities oft tilth whole coflintry.
it':rt> ' that these conllven
tini-ts lappear illt to see Ithis
I patient fat.
The ,econel whereas is gra
ttiitoius i iiing at the Dl)emo
Sr'rati, pt1s w.hich falls harm11
.1. ss, ilbe.e'alst uftouded ill
fa "t.
1 The tl:irl whereas embo
i t lie a soleimn truth, but it
-lio= l be litoted that there is
ia: s'ilall inori. t of l tepulli
' o. 110\, -)o ombt "for ex
. 1m i "" to tlt' -
s" .-. I -ti l tdolerate the ap
1. i :t'n lt of neit~roes to oivie:
It1' . w\ ,,r' - ', ,'Veil r't i'ulllilelltl
Sl! "i i a p, 'i:lt nlý tl's.
" ., r( -l e 'to ut e ourl
(their' lht efforts towards
elIvatiilg the morals of the
cý<,rt.l man le commenTa
l)tle. anid w;ll fil l anl echo in
iiaily hearts.
IThe pledge "to opjpose the
e!e. tion or apptiutin:eit to
politi' al office in the State of
Loui-iania of any person of
SAfrian descent" hols the
. right rinig but, unfortunately.
e it is in flagrant contradiction,
of the fundamental rule of
t, equality of the races so dear
to the Republican party, atl
co0flilts with' the de-lared
purpese of Pre.ident Roose.
'elt not to shut the door of
hope and opportunity in the
face of the colored aman: so
d that this pledge may be class.
ed as mere lbrututn fulmen.
. If these conventltioists are
1 sinicere, adl we assumne they
are. in mla king this pledge.
i theit we fear they are doomed
i to (lisajtpoiilntmelt: for as the
stream cau1ot rise higher
that its source. so they, an
infinitesimal portion of the
f great lepublican party. can.
not hope to rise above theii
padty, and substitute thei,
r proscriptive pledge for theiu
party's principle of equality.
Time To Get Busy,
d There are a great numbei
'of citizens who are taking aii
atliVe interest in polities j ust
now \\hio I!( dOlbl)t, have for
gotten that Il~atse ill the Coui
l stit utit 411 of the State whic,
ut say s 1o pesonl betvt w thio
lidhr, a h<lalie:! voter UII
s l h-- ae . lid t Ii his 1)oll t1 ,
t ifr t ,o yea:., irev-i 1.- to) thi.
Li- elct.ilie ] 'i-4ies to partici
t ' lati ii.
it ' .ip,: tax i' t ,',-r ,
"There' No Harmony."
So says 1'. VT. Winlerly,
ex-(cllecto of hustm-: 11n re
is no harm y" in the li.llj-1
lic.an party f Louisiana.
SWiinber then screls the
Lily Whi and l'resitlent
'Roosevelt the Kill'. ta -te
Sin an ope letter to (Ca'- t. 1'.
ll. Segur of Iberia. inI the
-c,urse of ich he says:
"Mr. P sevelt's course to
f ward the: lored man and his
insincerit have done more to
destroy t good feeling be
" ween the ces bronught about
by the 1 ented McKinley
0 than anyt ng else since the
close of d .Civil war. Hise
personal ind selfish policy
!har created 0 bitterness and
r'prejudice i the hearts of the
e Southern kite people, 'hich
i have exte to the North,
and W aire twen
I G(od in his *isdom and in
s finite goodness will in tile
inext national election bless
this Nation witha man whose
views are broad and state.s
(i manlike and in accord with
I the teachings of Lincoln,
:rant and McKinley, which
I conlidently hope and believe
'I will cme to pass.
t" In proof of the assertion
that Mr. Roosevelt is not sin
ete either with the colored
race or in his coulrse toward
tlhe Republicans of the Southl,
<olie has but to look back at
his action in Louisiana and
a" other Southern States. Itn
,. Alabama, durjing the early
S,ldays of his administrationl,
lie appointed men whlo rprpre
,e ented the Lily white ele
inent to fill the Federal ottices
O- in that State, and who refes
it el to allow any coloir-t1 men
iin their convention. with the
s belief that they were c'ar.il:g
ijolot the expressed wi:-i,4hs of
1 Mr. Roosevelt. Howev:-r. for
11- o11e unknown catse or Ie"a
son. he very. suldlenly and
radically ch ngel fro;it. andt
`:without jucl e orjutly pe:'n:ip-1
,l'trily remnoted tlht veiry- m10e
whom he h' but shortly ap
Ir pointed to 'gice in that State
iaandil declare~d, if not iii Words
at least by his action, that no
a flee under h administration
inl who was not willing to affi
liate with the colored man.
ie Yet, in Louisiana lie chang-,d
to, his tactics and reverted ba .k
cou his original Lily white
u!. policy firt inauguattcl inl
of Alabama, and removed all
the old-line Republicans ap
pointed bly President M1 Kin
kly, despite the fact that
Stheir official records were unn
of impeachable; and appoitedl
ri il their stead men who had
vl Ileen rabid l)emnocrats up to
the time that a I)emociatic
Cdhgress repealed the esgar
Shoiunty, when they declared
thnemselves to be National Re
iC publicans, but still Slate
o i)emiocrats, retaining onlyy
one or two, whose greed for
o' tice induced them to adopt
Lily white ideas.
re Hlowever, when Mr. Mc
y Kinley was elected P'resident,
e in 1b96, they finally declared
d themselves Lily White Re
puiblicans and sent a dtlega
etion to the Republican Na
er tional Convention at Phiila
In delphia in 1900, and !by false
e representations and the as
suiranc~e of electing several
n. Republican Congressmen at
ir their own expense at tile en
ir suing election, if recogrized,
ir they unfortnately succeeied
r in del`it wenty'tiiree out
of the forty-one members of
the 'Jomnnittee into this be
lief, and a part of their dole
e ation was seated. It is gra
er tifying to khow, however, that
In President McKinley. as altc
ist a largeo number of tthe Na
,.. tional Committee, were ovelr
at any time deceived by thest
 false pretensese.
Th 'hey were given the nmal
he atgeiment of the congressional
0n- campaign, and the result ol
i- the election, showing thl~
ax s hmallest Republican v(,ote eve
e cast in this State, provcd tha
utter falsity of their state
'i-mlt made to the Nationa
(cunnittee and also their u111
id polpuilarity and weakness ii
mi1 the State."
, Fron this and other sigit
; " it is not rash to (ouerltle tlha
tlhe Republicanis of L,,isiaim
i.t ,re trimming for anio tlhd r :"t
.;" antl-dog seance with wlhii'l
'lli'y have so ofte' favwr-.
tl:f people in th.' I,:st.
The Knir! You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in u -o for over 30 years, has borne the signatnre of
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
S *Allow no one to deceive you in this.
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ipepcrimnnts that trifle with and endanger the health of
s Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment.
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Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
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h Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panaces-The Mother's Friend.
e Bears the Signature of
SThe Kiid You LHae Always Bo0ght
ill In Use For Over 30 Years.
Ii- ywg ogrwau eoenMpa. ni uvoUav sOwery. new owl cmY.
' The Williams'--
Faradie Batteries.
- ~ L _  • -
2 Ii l 't ; . :; :i,, :t El 'Tir , airy trif..' 1: .. r,,ti :ltl':ill;:e.! 1" '  ln in' Ireop,, ttoat Eh0."
STie monot lear;ti:d ^tii -,i o.: f Ir t it , f'P :in ! .\,u ricae cenner ld this. a:,i
of hti - 1 . t (-' ,'1: . n,)t :1 ho,¢pital in tli'( v otild. O; , r. t ph'.t 1 ,;: in i.:1 t!'.
or I'r'v::tic". who do s n,t 1lily ts, it 'ih ,ol . woi , t': I cts in all chroni
O :r , at ei ,.s anr, zp,-raite,1 lv p rwe -fill! (tr ' C'eli !'i e It- v(ry best l'mlit'
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l. 1 ") ' ,br" " .i ; "'!º1 m ' ;I1 I D' 1 00 N\ uI" ; ' O1T (1}' anneF:t:.
T ' )r C s with whi lic ,, r rn wh 'n-i :ere titt,'d will last from t!:re
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p. .::m,-*l ,I il  ('cll pIt in their place in a very few seconds.
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E leictrieian. Agent, Ihibodanx, La
.' Solo Agents
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ed Lt ,-.O.6COa • PLE 0rF4 C
Lte .1
Iyl C * CO
a- C/
9- ..
he- 830 CANAL STIrLiT,
Iat Is six years old; young active, progressive; is not laden with moss or
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L. C. SPENCER, President.
SIt- .P. 8. Any one sending the names of six prospective students
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ti'" (=cco roeaan)
111l Long distance lines and telephones of
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uln- anywhere in Southern Indiana. Southern
ill Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi
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, and satisfactory communication with the
people of thcis great section of the country.
I;it we solicityour patronage. Rates reason
Itia able. Equipments and facilities unsur
i l'. ,Idt!ent a Gen'l Ala;.ager. ?·'c'y £ Ase't Gen'l Mgr. Treasure
e1 A vertise in The a ntine1
)) "-i:- i -: s-k T : sl ,·a y
* ''i. . -k(- N d
' ,k. , , ' . at .h k{ado
I. ''e ealgle, Prtorl eAe.
Choice airPP and Iqluar.. IuI,. ia. al-J
ILoST. II. W.,
4('ypres and Pine L matIýr,
Crpre' and S awed .Lau|l.
Ph6sddImam and Marteem,
Pri.rietora of iever Deng Store, Malim tm
Thibodaux La. J. J. Pierson, .Maaag
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Mtationr.y etI. Cot. Muse & (Grema dg
waIlehmaker & Jeweller
Itre .J-"wlrv watchesa nd mlocks, et. e
Street. betwer rut. Phi.,p and SH. L.j
A stsmem-at,[Law. "
Bank of Laioutheb buildiag
Attoreyn at .Law.
Koome !, i, 7. : a-k of I liwolana Iluildi/
Mi a.ic 't acher
Gives n.stfrm nutal. vocal and Har:-nay ;
ses. He l..d.nce : l.e'.e Street.
The conurses of study ar., nngi'ab, F
Latin 'nd a ('orntm 'rei4l .,rour tl.
Fur fut tlier partt': ars at ply to
L, M. IIAktlI, Prtneip
J Aa A*-dIemy L er .e .ug Lad
K..pt tic the .tuter- of Mount Canel. Tb
,u ,h curse. Engsi4L ant Fr ;.cL. Foo
larket St rer.
OtIo'LrL , IH. N.
i taary Pub ll.
du,l Fst te and Fire and Lt. In-,ewh
bcent. Pryprt e, b. t.ght ,ai Ms1t. MM
.,.aneekd nd ol.rrfwoau Banuil in-L
leadpoetic O nrrom nit. .top. m.
Any Nustarial Ibusneso prnmptly im (
X- mus!y atteded n t
ed . N. noblonc
No 133 BourREbonV RE,
V Notary Publi<
111 Bank of Thilodaux Building.
T hlipone Lo. 2l.
o Nll me es of in rleansg h
ny anrassed poetic c3minmatriony. W
and muercal oods and cPan suite
in tanything you douwant.
picture;Yours fo melar y,
byNo. 1e Bourbon Stre
OLD NO. 1.
Telephone No. 21 --11.
Merchants and Plantersd
S ire than twent 1.y doubl'e
pictur ies a year 3by Ca1

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