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The weekly Thibodaux sentinel. [volume] (Thibodaux, La.) 1898-1905, November 21, 1903, Image 2

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Qi~ )*ý >t
t i, Ai .."
. 'iiiý I ri Ii I! "iºi'i r:lit. r;:
P rish of c I :t I I I. l . ±I ,, t! ' i i ; j'
! 1. *i' IL" I '1 ii ii ! ' :
.l. '. I ºii 1 I . '1 1
t.i 1 '. ii"ý '< 1 ; 1j.. : ' t
,l. it t ' [ O,.": h. 1., " 1
I;)it s. } i u;.ILX ." . t S. ;j !.~ 1_!i:" t
Barker,t F. ji'' " t. _'e u~. t_.,j :, ,
11.11,ou 0 !t i. i"ý>; "M I:I: I~r) \ 1 ;. m.ti1 < .
. thai \i togt ie ' I 1.' 1 1h
o ei the~l stil l " ie !:tat hI It'
julg the 11if""lui tt,.1i ,lirlet 9:11(
thertIot diliuth~ ue ' ,1 I:I tcJ'U.'Iva
X(It izel:(1i t)ei tIIIr t N ~ '. Ol i~li -'
the [;[ th ti&tel , l iz: i t Ii : U ' , itleol j
ensaed, t ~ 'ilt' a1'[lt[ rei ltriji : %l t
th1IC e na di illyt'u $~1Ut!it( ' tfl:hd "
`-ltru ,i 11 Njir ajict º1 NiauiI ;t
frvledtou tit iulucill_ .iae p~itiIi l
wl1 lhtic as cit tLei i1 full. i
CasI~ed~I, a:1i11 :fl 'r eali' "
l~ctot by~ c e.! t i.v t nt tilt
Mcidtie Rivi and
-c - ie e -ýoMI tii " c1 i ttrtttý
Is' L irh le : ... t
\'~e.)te(1 io n cat ln 1'il ,' 1, t
ry)~ teele- imi to 'iui~it .lr-. ItI
and14 war e (.ºfje'jt'H~s~C,( !It1' ;t1
Irto le ve.t.. ! i 1':\ U i~et t'
large-;t Ohir I!." "t) i 1 till 1.
I ede al'-,: ') ( Th tae.-. i
oft the ,tl,1i byso titL !!',:
1)t7hIeý- t I,..- vý >Ch. I.' 11
i 'I
. .' i ' " , t . '1. :
1 ''
1 lii,;it'
ii I'. . ! - ' ; I ( l l l "1 ;+" 'ii i t'
1 'tt1 1 I I
:It l, ' Ill~ !!tr1),tl !; : it ', 9
* I:)II t~' 1' S t t'. . ,-''t : 1!
:ii l ' k~I'
1tr t I !t> .1)' l
.t'Q k i), 1tia it to 1!)!1 t. !9
1(jtu 99''''19 º ''
'tl , eutpiv s41 ii
I tl:.ý' n i1.11rt rU`"a
1!t1't i' ;
O'*. t1 11 Ti) ', . 9 . ":l1:I f ti'
.ttlltjM , t i.ii 'i.-tth a e
' 'Ii
4111: 1 I
il . I 14.4 jv V'. K t ,
i, , ,I , -j t till' l;'`,t ;a
'' 1 , , . 1 4" 1 - ". ; 5 ! 4
! 1" ..'li~ l.4 " t
1_ti~~~~~~l,~4 -.-,1,.:IO V 1 t t e Iri i 1
r11;1'4 t'; ýto11 l~i,ý, tau 144114 o
.111, 44. 4 tl tt h l t
iis~ 11141 (lil Ili~ Lai" b
') 1 , 1 4 r "' 4 I " i4it 1 114; "' I ' Z " 11i'
Iit 4. ' 11:11 41'I 'I 'll - I1 1 .' l
4"'-;!"1 II l~' t1 4'1 1)!
1' 14 4 4' '+ i .I(t iº- 1' 'i l ; l
4- ý , 11 1 , ,. " 1a . 1. t" ."U' . . t
:4, 441 # I' ) 14i"
,",: :: ;; s1 1114. 11" ; 4 !1
Vi,, '' t' .. 4 ' ! 4 .1 )` th Co 1
S , "
44' at lýrl Vl. >
4.4. j... to441 1 4~ ~ iil~ti of tilt' f
!)t' ~ ', u. 11 1it1' paris -xttii
t- 1tii W ± ii'+ ll.j t v t,
14iii iu t 11wtn el ~lt
andwho8h41 careull pre
''''' ; - tj\ a Ii~' 'Ii II' i 1. leU a144
:'. 1 '.11. L:."; .ia* 11 l~t A t
tit P.' .1",~'.".i hi 1I l',t. 'lepo 'a
"[ 4jV f ~ rit ' til ::111. v t i: tlIl~lt : 1
T'Ilisrul all not apply to
nem1fllkr8 the 1 )uini *,Iat i' 3
P'arishi Ex tivt: (' vii'lttten"
11 W to del es to thet ;,ntli,.
riil c0nvet EOI ;is *ii :*'ui i
ro)vi(1ed, t the i ree j). t
on'!i for w *anItlefl I011 t re)
't" of vot "rw e
,:itll he cit , i a i .t"
C' 1" erso ý- ) tt 1 .1 i.
art recci t, th i!.- Ill
;:i *,1ir a l lkl wi e h'.
Ci:Ch al ' O 11 t ti: ".i
!It'j'TLila )VI ;' l t.* ''1" ,
Tl 11 - pl iii'' t. t lt 'I:
liy candid to 4a )l is1f .. I
aite lie ai 1i': )1 the
Iubl'('Tli * of jlive hein
i ove prov "(d For. l1" -l-iill
'lave the ri lit to apri! to
it' l)en *raiti I:"'o1tiv.
unuinfittee withi' fia e days
O'ter the l )clan+.ation~ of the.
:-tult of t ' -ýaidl gil, ýt !1 lit
of five, po)0 prescintiti to
Lbe Chairin n theref lhi p, _
tition of a al, setting forth
learly an distinctly the
Proinxda o which be relies
For if f their action. "ý
h51 . _ receipt of such a
petitionTie ('hairman of the
I ºnocmtic Executhte Coe -
:i'* [Ce ;i1 al inmra* tl;.tel y co")
V;IICe Iiiis connliitte" to Lhar
aan1 deb'4e said eit't er
N inth---1his eiecta h:01:jI
by an offibial il" )t. T is
001printed ;is 1:" : nt uh-tr
iiriivioled for, to)'etiler wVI' ii
f ly sheets, poll li-ts. blat!k M
'liIlavite and -' ihi t.th r
bl :i ks adl tiara! hirt-Pita!i;a as
:ar. lciessary jPi* ithO 'l ict "
Of the election, shall 1 ro
vhdle by the Chiairnit .f t'e
DIemocratic Exetiti'e t ( i O
iiiitttee. lie shall provlde any
i tatitity tfluer:g f net *. y'
f r the various pre. t.' in
e whOi ward in t1 p;:irll .
It ,ha.l be the ( it ii t
i a irman of the P:
ttint Committee to (itii 11
lit, these ballots. foll jists.
i:iiiy sheets and othl r ti!
-ary paraplhernaliai t:: thp r
with the ballot huee i tj *
c('9 uinii ionerý v ' t l, t i lA at
4a.1hi preciniit in the riPi
')efore the hour fixed herein
for tht, opening of the polls.
Tetuth--The Chairm:n:: of
the he ExctiveP
Comm-Itee shall print upon
one ballot the names of all
the candidate; for vea'-h ofijee.
alphabetically, uniler the
heading desigIaltini. tui office
fir which the eandldate is I
aspiring. o
i'he voter shall de Hgnate
hi:i choice by stamping or by
iiaking a cross hi ink or with
Slead pencil to t lu rigYt of
aiii opposite to the auanw or
iitames of tiP! candiolates he
ies-ire5 to sui~pport fe; thc pa:>
tiu lar offices tor which thiey
have otlered.
Every Voter shiall 1> &eAtit
IciI to receive fraoa t b c'unui
nissioners of eleotiion oie bl
lot, which ho may i:ep r9e at
the time reo-eive'l ;:!l xi it:
uiiw a:; euli uron ioe if
1i:- eleict~ii conunifl--l~A' i to
at-jit him in hr iii>: it.
aid if lie sa de.A: a, id iie
!91'('iiC oi a w u: :sh
voter:I may select: 'ii i.a.
1Iwtlare his ballot with tii.
a-.,istauce of a friend. by hiim
Sielcted for that purpose.
WVhen a voter calls for as
sistance to prepare his balict,
by a comnmissipuer of election
or by a friend of his selection,
as the case may be, he shall
have the right to retire to the
place designated for prepa r
lng the voter's ballot withiin
tIIe barriers hereinafter pro
vidoti for, and there imnue
diatciy prepare his balhlot and
return and cast it within live
minutes after receiving it.
Whna voter prepares his
ballot with assistance, as
above specified, there Aiall
be no one else with him, ex
ccpt the person or persons by
Ihim selected, as above.
Any voter who shiall spoil
lais first ballot shall have thle
ri ht to demand anid receive
from the election coa-aniis
stoujers a second one upon re
tnrniing to themi the first.
Should he also spoil the so*
coiil one he shall Ve ciiit led
ti a third upon returnic t 1
tI.Gtbiitc - *
in ivo A'.r.Vs 1Voug;u. * ; whidt bu, bje- ''
ýr c '1r 3;C ý .t:;, :iav 2t ::: t13i F atu eo of
id l(!prVl on uitEz s-. I1,aicy.
.' ( ý rf it , )r!:t; ± ios:; :ani' 4Jr't-:- oo "arc but
Z4Li.ttrP:inent thatiý tr'ille Zth a s:-l on o~ R he: lt
Int i::'E5 or&ý \,Ch º"adv --10`'~' pe _:!: ,. a .a..is-.-: - ýýi!Iod :ai.
a ~ Pr.
W bat is CASTORiA Tul
O slo .i 1i" a) i:1. F4i C4 f : *:'_: 'r Ca-1( r Oil, ?are
rtrtie, I)rowi a: ! S*'ot!ing t' i . It i., Plcat'ant. 1t
cn!ain1.t nei'"'r Ooi '!:1, Morphito ior otnler NarctI
Dbi'-tanilC'. Itsi age i5 its n' : s:ttie. ht t * L '-q P'nw1j
Paud all.¾s '.evierhniC". It enrsi Diahiriis:& a. 1 int!
Colic. It rTli&ec'; Tcctlhiin Trotlki( it c , Cl a.iiati.,a!
and Flaitukncy. It QS1imat!et V-- ? 'a, r('eg!litC. t:o
Stomzcl1 ant Bc wcl, giving Iierilthy andil natutral sk 'e,
The Childrcn's Panacea-TThe M1ither' s Iricud.
Beare the Signature of
Tl3 Kind You llavo Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years. 3
Twa t CCrault couassw. I" mornas suracC. new voNs crV.
L" I?
I 1,
Flee tocMedial
FadiUe BEtteries. C
fi : " " .t - -1 ii g yi'op e that El--
A l-.i. lil !l'- I . .1 , fy t 1..I:1' t"'1 .1 (1 r 'ica conced thi s. andi(
l t , ." " 1 ll. 1r i** i ' i i. ý i siii i " tri
l ' "1 ) I ll .i ' r .' ::t " ' 1 ' i r f t `T ) i. ( % .fl .. f t ( " hr v t1 e , t iq a l tv .
. l ii'tý .11 vtt- < f .ur t1 attr'ite are aildtl.
£ .) 1 :* : ' . *it `t A l t:m . f tuoin en x1 - . `
ý".~ ~ ~ f"; i' it ; /1 i' E ý . i i '" LIf.; II'.lt' iC)t ii 1 'Il'l "
(',"':.z 'ii' inl `hI :11"~ in a veryi' ftw %V .t"".1 -u
Dis,:ases ii -which a sp eJey lure can be Effected
1,tl w o tin' Funw~i.e '01,n 1- F etI it
- - _ La. .at4d l y our natL-ri 1:
P. wly s, E 'if . .:,Lokor ,te .tr ia ittia :14i iSi !l. Muscular Rhlcmnatism,
Ni .tii! .' . at i . 1 :ia. )y tlit: i.. \ . isfi t. a t of i h n. i *r 1'i s"t b. )ils
\\t, l~i lt a little l)Ok "':! tý d. .:l:ig.: ýE:.s aid di
lt f-I)th t ti'f.i tr atii:' 1i'e1 t ati with i'ar:il:c Cu'itrr t'i (i f F,:
(". tritiit'" 1: .}. .1. Mr key. i 3!. ;>. A 1't;y oIt this litti.
Hoo)(k will b -u re fca: .h :~ arhsn
olne of our BHtt rits......................
For further particulars, apply to
lintrelan .\n1u, *Thibodiux, Ia.
Solo Aqonts 'L
Lint ,' 2h1'st- uyt
earth Seadfor ewilstr~athecata-uylone. W
IY.uIaOa. u.SECR Peiet
I . s8. Ayer old; youndg ativenmso progrsie s ot laenwt mostoets
thel buseies streetsin the eion. t psincethe pretestworkce-bcui ted in e
Searth oSendfrnwilstae.aao
Long distance lines and telephones of
this Company enable you to talk almost
anywhere in Southern Indiana, Southern
Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi
and Louisiana. We can put you in quick
and satisfactory communication with the
peoplo of this great section of the country.
VWe solicit your patronage. Rates reason-4
able. Equipments and facilities unsur
tcI'fe, z.*n.'A (.en I l~aas ,. -r n Sem A~e't Genit Mg?. Trasagr..
! Axdvertise in The Santine1.~
JO(.AL w~N
* rk. i Rig *K.
t", . ''. Ieat IJc. 1"t " rIeg6
I, 1' +I A.
(lypi-cuam acid "liie.H be
'I. """a. and lawe~.i ~llrt
I A.J.& LE.
ll'hJeelcltm.r sad !4Urgeomm
I'r..i~re."t.re f d.-1 r~o~t .laa
rnlhodauz La. J. J. Pierson, Magqa
[ i : I'ro s'ronEi
0.>t. 1. r ",I .A'h. l.,, j
/'ý ies !nmia~kcer b W.f'Wel
hl . aiii atc~h":d:res, 'e ig
jp~l~! ttz rIq 'hls&
B.iik (.1 l.a:oamc!,e 'uitldaj.
c . id t;Att
.a" er.E. :.S Uhii
al. Iý.I: " *1, r e . , Buir i
L;Vain-"1 : .1U:- :.! ; 11 ,"' , I der. .eee
I-or luirt , )i r i '.1"."0," ir~ly :ti
41 A u~,,uy h r le.ulu 1..j
1! .. rIr i-t, r- n: Mounit Caern.l The..
on rti --r .r". Eng iisl man Freereb. IFeot
Iat ke# ~irpe*.
1![Ln ,(. ý..
`.eiiaery PethIS..,
F:i. - tat L - Fire and Ifree Inoue
I.e ne. P'a " 1 . M. ;l~t ,,.1r 004e. Nar
,,.ý,.rt vn I."r",r Bank uf Laiemrb
'tLBF iT.J. jA4S3E1OG
It c( riA\I). LAFOI'1:CI:E, LA
trry \Ntiti iii iurtajnese pr.aueptly and
H. N. Coulon,
THIuNOIb43 1. LA.
N otary Publio hloa Bidng
Thibodaux. L

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