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- - s ^r tx-x-i r-i i 'i x-xxs t jehkeek zt-z i n? z i z-z sxci-xx ~nei xsaa
bank of thibodaux
Established 1891.
Oldest Bank in This Section
general Banking Business—Savings Department
Bank Money Orders
This Bank is pleased to place at the disposal of
ite customers the tacilities gained during fifteen
years of continuous service and growth.
bank of thibodaux,
Capital Surplus 6t Profits. $100,000.00
Free Consultation Rooms Upstairs for Everybody.
Local Paragraphs.
The Senli^ : -0" 1 Y » 1.00 per year.
W \NTED men and boys to go to
v t - Oilcans to leurn plumbing, steam
engineering and mechanical drawing
£p1<te course in a few mouth,
Sc!i ci'ors now in town. Apply at
this office- ^
p r Paul Tetreau, of Larose, was
i„ tuwu Tuesday.
W anted —A" experienced clerk
(,,r /grocery store Apply at Ihn
office or to "Merchant , liox 311
itch curcd in :UI minutes b\ Wool
ford's Sanitary Lotion. Never fails.
&) ld I, y E. N. Uuih, Druggist
[)et*. I5" 6al
Mr. Davo Force of Lndivine was
in towu yesterday.
V, Tha Kind Yoi: Have Always Bought
Mr. A. H. Ayo, of Matheivs was in
tuwu jjiouaay.
Economize—More Light. Less
œ u«y. There is only one -Kdi '.on
Ump—Mary imitations. You can
now g' t tbe g< nuin« Edison Lamp at.
Trevjih; Guiltot.
Suh. A^ent

At the Opera liou-e tonight '\\ hen
Kn:ghtbood was in Flower."
Chateau Bellevue, an (Xcellent im
ported Frentli wine, m;tnuf;«etured hy
JfvariBte Duporl & Co., Bordeaux,
for ea'.e by fe. V. TraigV, Thibodaux,
Mr. Seudday Frot-t, of Lockport
was in Thibodaux Monday.
Mrs A. J. T'ono i-entertained the
Matrons Euchre Ciub at her home
•j!i ctthh: S'ret't. TneHtJav tifleri«oon.
Delicious refreshments were served.
SALESMEN WANTED to look after
our îuteieet m Lafourchi? and udja
wnteocnties. Sa'ary or Commission
Address The Harvey Oil Co. Cleve
land, 0.
CJ&. IE * X ? XT 3C y\. m
Bnu ths lr.8 Kirni V ju H .I vo Always Bot#
Mrs ). A. Nap.un was the agreeable
h>3tea3 of the I'asti mi-Euehre Club
TLmsilay afternoon, after the requir
ed number of games were played,
piiz s were awarded the lucky ones.
For Sale.
A psoperty 70 l»y 170 feet; a
single outage; siit.ntrii <>n President
tfmt half a lilock from the II. - li
Apply at this <'flice
District Court convened Monday
fora three week tum. The following
otimrd gentlemen were chosen us
grand jurors:
Foremen, N. T. fîotirg, and Messrs
-5. A. Brauvais, 1' C. Authemeiit,
Puis Constant, .J McNimara,
0<car n<iuiar, Thomas Bourg, ois.
Thorntä Kilver, E. J. Li ngeiube A
( '8. Donpard, C. A. O.ianvin, and T'nos.
1 J. Foret.
Wt-A liberal rewaid wit! be given
Grille ntu'n of a(îo!d Watch, Chain
tj'l iOfkel. WaMh'ini d vib'.e
*Wu-v\(, W7U78, Nu m I
^enU ,3015594 "Anna"
"W. 1
°;i ou U ii I h of e;,
lilt locket,
fhioodaux La
jcr (ff inovi -
« egravtd
R." is or.
\\ ILTON )j. R OUEU .
C ■&. £38 *3? O 2?ï. X 3
/} lia Kind You Haw Always ffeaght
of C
U Y i
■ til ' LV 1 1 ' ' ' w " 1,1 : Flow -ir,"
■'Jjîfi ii m ; j, tonight.
License Notice.
b^} ! or Persons subject
li,..,_ are notified that
are now due and will
di,2 e 4 ? el »^a«nt on the 1st
' °î Al:ircii.
# James Beary,
UT™ ari(i Tax Collector
,eb 22, 190b.
Democratic Primary Election
Parish of Lafourche.
1 Slate of Louisiana, Parish of Lafoar
' che.
« Whereas the Democratic State
j Central Committee of the State of
Louisiana, has called a primary elec
■ tion to be held throughout the State
on Febuary the 25th 190S for the
purpose of nominating candidates of
the Democratic party for the various
State officers whereof no election was
effected at the late primary election
held on January 28th 1903; whereas
the Democratic Parish committee of
the Parish of Lafourchu has called a
primary election to be held through
out the parish of Lafourche, on the
same day, t« wit:- February 25th
1908 for til« purpose of nominating
one candidate of the Democratic
party for the office of Assessor of the
parish < f Lafourche and candidates
of the d- mocratic party of the parish
of Lafourche for the office of Police
Jurors for the third and fourth wards
of the parish of Lafourche to be vol
ed for in the general election of 1908
which said calls was made and issued
by said committee in conformity with
the provisions of the Act no 49 of
190G, known as the primary election
Now, therefore by virtnre of the
power and authority visted in the by
the resolution of said committees cal
ling said primary election, and by
the provisions of the aforesaid Act
No 49. I Henry N. Cou'on, Chairman
of the Democratic parish Committee
of the parish of Lafourche do hereby
proclaim and make known that a
Democratic primary election shall be
held on Tuesday Febuary the 25th
1908 between the hours of 6. A. M
and 7 P. M. throughout the Parish of
Lafourche at the regular Polling
p aces for holding generalelectiou and
whii h are same at which the last pri
mary election of Jautury 28th 1908
was held inwhich election all white
Democrats duly qualified selectors,
will bf entitled to participate for the
purpose of voting for the nomination
of all Democratic candidates for
State, psreohial and ward offices who
have not been declared elected at
1'ie late primary election held on Jan
uary 28 1908 in accordance with the
provisions of Act No 49 of 1906 and
whoso names sha'l appear on the
o'fi i ll hallo s as | rovided for by sa d
Act No 49 of 1906, ail iu accordance
with the rales and regulations of the
aforesaid Primary election law
Polling place for said Primary elec
t on are hereby fixed as required by
law at the same place fixed for the
holing of the Piiinary election held
January 28 1908 and by the same
commissioners and Clerk of election
serving at the said Primary election
of January 28 1908
Drawn and signed at the Parish of
Lafourclie La , this 14 dav of Jan
uary 1908.
II. N. Cou ton
Chairman Democratic Parish Cen
tral Committee
■-•»s œi • .Tai .* »ïtr
What's the
Y/ith Your Eyes?
Don't know? Only aware
that they hurt, or that you
can't see as well as a year
ago, or that you have unac;
countable headaches? Well.
we''l tell you what's the inat
ter without charge. Then,
if there's anything in our line
you need we'll be glad toi
supply it at a fair price. If;
you don't need glasses you j
don't owe us one cent.
Laîoiircîi3 Jewelry Go
Democrat Nominee for Cor
oner Falls Victim to Ab
dominal Wound.
The body of Dr. Alex Theriot, Jr.,
Democratic nominee for coroner in
the Parish of Lafourche, and one of
the most prominent young physicians
in the State, was shipped to Lockport
for burial this morning.
Dr. Theriot succumbed to the wound
in the abdomen which he accidentally
inflicted himself a few da}'a ago at
Lock|)ort. The doctor was rmkiog
a trip through the country in answer
to a call when he caught sight of a
cove}' of birds. left his buggy to
take a shot at the birds with his re
volver, and while walking down an
embankment fell and the revolver
exploded, the bullet pene'rating his
abdomen. Dr. Theriot was brought
here in a launch and placed in the
Touro Iufirmary, but the wound was
a mortal one. He died yesterday after
noon at 3:20 o'clock, with his wife
and children at his bedside.
Dr. Tueriot was born in Lafourche
Parish thirty years ago and was just
reaching the brightest point in his ca
reer when the sad accident occurred
He was a graduate of Jefferson Col
lege, St. James Parish and of Sewant e
He completed studies both in medi
cine and in pharmacy.
Immediately upon receiving his
diplomas he returned to Lockport
and engaged ^in his practice. Later
he bought a drug store, where he was
able to fill prescriptions in addition
to his general medical work. A
young man of sterling character, he
soon attained a high position in the
opinion of his townsmen, and became
one of the most prominent young
doctors in that section of the state.
So mu h so, that h3 was forced to
run for coroner last fall.
About six years ago ' he wa3 wed
ded to Miss Laura Legendre, daugh
ter of Felix Legendre, aud three chil
dren were born to the union, all of
whom are living. Deceased is ako
survived by two brothers, Justy and
Dr. Mark Theriot and four sisters,
Mrs. H. Chauvin, Mrs. R C. Smith,
Mrs. C. L. Lallaude, 'and Mrs J. A.
Blouin. All these reside in Lafour
che parish except Dr. M. Theriot,
who lives .at Lutcher. St. James par
ish—State?, Feb 20.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Persons able to offer employment
after arrival, on fairos, plantations,
etc , to a number of European pea
sant famides to be brought to Louis*>
iaua by the State Department of Im
migration within the next few months
are requested to communicate with
Reginald Dykers, Immigrant, Dis
tributing Agi-nt of this Dopartmeut,
339 Carondelet St., New Orleans, La.
L . E Caillouet A . J . Caillouet
Notaries Public
Attorney at Law
Bank of Thibodaux Building
Rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Notary Public
Office at Theriot Store,
Telephone 261 1 J.
THE DAti - V ,
AS! ths Latest News
Is the Leading Democratic
Paper of the Souths.
Pall Associated Presi Dispatches,
All the Latest In Politics,
Daily Stock and Market HeporU,
op till closing of Sachants».
Special Daily Oomraercial col umn ,
Delivered at Your Postoffice.
1 year, $7.00j « mo«., $3.50
3 mos. $1.76, 1 mo., $0.68
10 to. 20 pages. 1 year, $1.50
Published Every Wednesday and
Saturday. 104 Copies in a
year for $1.00
h\ /ft a M
S, f. Trai^la. 5*r«prlelor
(; li .>;n> wir»«« h ml litjnnr*. tint' ciuiirs a'w.ij
m ii^ud Cor. Gresn <»m! Market Strwits.
Having bought the H. W. Frost
property, on Short street, between
St. Philip aud Jackson streets, 1 wish
to inform my friends and the public
that 1 have established my Morning
Star Bakery there, where I will be
pleased to have my friends and the
public.favor me with their business.
If. you cannot come to the shop to
irrange for bread iust ring up Phone
No. 175.
L. P. G aude,
Prop. Morning Star Bakery.
Near Thibodaux La.,
Farm containing about 100 arpents
of land, of which 62 arpents is cleared
balanced in wood laud will be sold on
easy terms.
Apply to H. N. Coulon,
Real Estate Agent
Bank of Lafourche,
Thibodaux La.,
1 11 R. P . Delaune 4
1 13 Wilson Lepine 5
2 13 Thomas Roger 5
2 M ThosrBourgeoots 5
2 lü Beuels Constant 8
2 lfi Emile Kuhn 7
3 17 A. R , Beauvais 7
3 18 Hamilton Ayo 8
4 19 Oscar Bourg 9
4 20 P. O. Authement. 10
The State of Louisiana—20th Judi
cial District Court—^Parish of
Be it known and remembered, that
on this Fourteenth day of the month
of January, in th-; year of our Lord,
Une thousand, nine hundred and
Pursuant to written notices issued
by the Clerk of Court aud addressed
and given to each of said Jury Com
missioners, in and for said Parish, as
by tbe said Clerk's certificate hereto
annexed more fully appears.
We, Joseph M. Lefort, John S
Seely, Thomas J. Knobloch. Henry
W. Frost and Henry Riviere, Jury
Commissioners, duly apponited a3
such tor the Parish of Lafourche un
der provisions of Act No. 135 of the
General Assembly, approved July,.13
1898, and promulgated by puulica
• ion in the State Official .Journal of
July, 29, 1898, and all duly »worn
and qualified as such Jury Comm'B
sioners, in aud for the Parish of La
fourche, met at the Clerk's Office in
the Town of Thibodaux and in comp
any with P. Wallace Lefort, Cierk of
Courtaud ex-offieio Jury Commis
sioner, duly sworn aud qualified a3
Then anrl there in the presence of
Messrs. Louis J. Trone and Eugene
Fleetwood, two good and compstent
an 1 distiuterested witnesses of lawful
age; competent to read and write the
English language, residing in the
Parish of Lafourche, and summoned
by the Clerk of Court for the purpose
proceeded in accordance with Section
6 of said Act No. 135 of the General
Assembly of the State of Louisiana
of 18'J8, to examine the general ven
ire iist on file iu Clerk's Office, and
having struck therefrom the names of
such grand aud petit iurors as have
-o served, as well as the nameH of
.libera who are known to have died,
removed from the Parish, become
exempt or -disqualified to serve as
jurors since their names were entered
theron, and the names of those who
have died, removed become exempt
or disqualified were also t:;ken from
he general venire lv > x ; afUr which
we supplement 'd Unoriginal iist and
the ballots in the box and with the
names of die same uum 'i. n * of goo»!
and competent tuen from ihe qu . iiiied
jurors '; f the Pun.- iti , as have been
taken from lie . h ->\ aud erased from
the ii -'i, so :»3 t.i keep the iiumbtr of
names in the g i t r .I venire box or . d
on til -, j'. ry list at the origin «! stand
ard i/f bundled cOi:t:.i.ted llu rc
ia : eru- li ot •' 'ir/? so [' laced in
the general venire Lavi * g b en
written by th - Cletk on a separat«
slip of paper togetîi! r wi »h th$ num -
ber of the , w . ud oi of residence
of such person.
And immediately after completing
-aid venire list, we selected therefrom
the names of the following citizens,
good aud competent men possessing
the qualifications to serve as giand
jurors prescribed bv Section 1 of said
Act; taken from different parts of the
Parish as far as practicable, to serve
as gi and j tiro; s at the session of
Court begiuuing on Monday, Feb
ruary, 17. 19'!8, aud until discharged
according to iaw.
No. Ward. No. 'Ward
1 John McNatnara
2 Paul Beet y
3 Felix Celesten
4 Joseph Wink
5 N. 1'. liourg
8 E. J. Legendre
7 A.S. Dounaud
8 Camille Chauvin
s> Seudday Krost
10 Thomas Foret
And having so selected the ab >ve
name;' poisons as grand .uiors, the
names of each was written on as. para
slip of paper by the Clerk ill the pre
sence of tbe Commissioners and the
witnesses, ami,ail the slips so con
taining tbe names and number of the
ward of each of said Grand Jurors
we replaced in an envelope by us com
missiouers, which was by us sealed,
sign.'l and endorsed, and labeled,
"Li.,t of Grand Jurors, ' &n<t placed iu
the Jury Box as hereinafter stated.
After which we proceeded conform -
ably to Section 4 of said Act 135 of
1896, a- amende •! by Act Mo . 58 of
1904, appr ved June, 2'!, 1904, and
duly promulgated , after the slips con -
tained in the general venire box the
names of thirty pers >n to serve A\s
petit j urors for the second week
the spssion of s . id court , beginning
Mondav. Feb , 24, 1903, as directe
by an ord -T of Court , the names be
ing draw a from the box one at th<
time by Henry Riviere , one of th<
Jury Commissioners in the près 'ma
of the oth -T Corr . missio iers m-d o :
tue witnesses , and which nau,es
dr . iwn arc as follows, tOrWit :
1 John Roussel
Jos. Brown
. Ward No .
5 Lc * J. Foriît
« Stephen Delnune
7 Emile Duroehe
8 Thomas Hands
9 Paulin Naquiu
101 < Crawford flrown
6 Id Octavo Bergeron 5
_ 7 17 Joc-iues Le nardi
3 Thomas nonahuo 2 Vi 80s., St. Ft»rr<-T
Edward Reggio 8 19 Neat Newnll 9
9 20 Thomas Leonard 2
9 210rostille Beaudotn 9
6 22 J. E. Val gout 7
4 2} Telles F iise 3
2 24 Robert Rossie 9
—;---- --- ■.■■" 4 25 Emile Bergeron J
11 Anatole Matherne 3 26 John F. ICràeiîîer/l
Ii Raymond SaueierS 27 Oaear Bourg 2
Î ? w ii Ä' l'- 3 2S Jamas Ke« te 2
îf W; H - Portier 5 29 Octave Panvelle 5
10 Chas. Leonard 5 30 Oscur Richard 7
Having placed the names of the
foregoing thirty persons so drawn as
petit jurors for the second week of
the session of Court in an envelope,
we have signed and sealed the same
and endorsed and labeled it,-"List
of Jurors No. 2," to serve for tbe
second week of the session.
After which we proceeded to draw
from the said general venire box the
uames of thirty persons for the third
week of the session of said court,
beginning Monday, March, 2, 1908
the names being drawn from the box
one at the t ime by Henry Riviere, one
of the Jury Commissioners, in the
presence of tbe other Commissioners
and of the witnesses, and which name
so drawn are as follows:
No. Ward No. Ward
1 Alfred Poche 5 16 Armand Elliot 8
2 Antoina Bonnamour9 17 Emile Richard 7
3 O.J.Sommers 7 18 R. Cointment 2
4 Joseph Adam 6 19 Pierre Brtaux 8
5 I^eon Ledet 7 20 Emile Braud 2
G Abdon Legendre 2 21 Leonie Keller 5
7 A. Barrilleaux 4 22 Aud. McDonald 7
8 Victor Martinez 6 23 Firmin Toups 7
9 Saturnen Se vin 7 24 Jos. Robichaux 9
|0 Joseph Levert 4 25 Arthur Tetreau 2
11 Volzl Benoit 5 26 Arthur Rock 4
12 Auguste Toups 6 27 C. J, Uuidry 3
13 Henry Molaison 2 H. Williams 7
14 Felix Falgout 8 29 Albert Savoie 4
1» Jules Juneau 5 30 Henry O. Braud 2
Having placed the names of tbe
foregoing thirty persons drawn as
petit jurors for the third week of said
session of court in an envelope we
signed and sealed the same, and en
dorsed and labeled it,-"List of Jurors
No. 3," lo serve for the Third week
of the said session.
And thereupon we have placed the
wo sealed envelopes, together with
the sealed envelope containing a list
of the grand jurors selected as here
in above set forth, in a box provided
tor the purpose, labeled,-»-"Jury Box,
which was thereuponiocked and seal
ed, and placed in the custody and
keeping of the Clerk of Court, for the
use at tbe next ensuing session of
court, and subject to the orders of
the District Judge. And the said
general venire box was also locked
and sealed and delivered to the said
Clerk of Court as the custodian there
>f; all in the presence of the said
In Faith Whereof, we have signed
this process verble of the drawing of
he jury made at the time, on the day
nonth and year first above written in
the presence of the aforenamed
(Original Signed) Henry Riviere, J.
ML Lefoft, Juo. S. Seely H W, Frost
Thomas J. Knobloch, Jury Commis
sioners; P. vVail. ce Lefort, Clerk of
Court, and ex-offieio Jury Commis
sioner; Witnesses: E* S. Fleetwood,
L. J. Trone.
Read and filed January, 14, 1908.
(Signed) P. Wallace Lefort,
Clerk of said Court.
A true copy, Clerk'* Office,
Thibodaux, La., Jan, 14, 1908.
P J. Aueoin,
Deputy Clerk.
Twentieth Judicial District Court,—
Parish of Lafourche.
Eugene Duet,.Jr., vs. No. 3920, Eugene
Duet, Sr.
Notice is hereby given, that iu pursu
ance rf au order of sale in the above en
titled and numbered action, hearing
date the 3rd day of January, 1908, and
to mo directed bv the Honorable the
Twentieth Judicial District Court, for
the Parish of Lafourche, State of Loui
siana, I will sell at public auction to the
hitrhest bidder, on the premises, iu the
parish of Lafourche, on
Saturday, February 29, 1908,
between the hours of 11 o'clock A. M..
and 4 o,clock F. M., to effect a partition
bv licitation between the plaintiff, Eu
gene Duet, Jr., and the defendants, Eu
gene Duet, Sr., et als., and directed by
the said order to be sold, and therein
described as follows:
A certain tract of land, situated on
the right bank of Bayon Lafourche, in
this parish, at about forty miles below
the town of Thibodaux, measuring two
and ona half arponts front by the ordi
nary depth of forty arpents; together
with all the buildings and improve
ments thereon or in any way thereto
appertaining, boundod above now or
formerly by lands of Jean Moubles and
below b"y the property of Adam Bruce,
now or formerly.
On the,, following terms and condi
tions, to-wit:
Cash so far as the interests of the .ma
jor heirs are concerned, and so far as
the interests of the minors are concern
ed, cash to cover their pro rata share of
the costs herein and- balance on terms
ot credit to correspond with the majori
ties of the said minors or their emanci
pation. The credit portion .of the
amount due to the minors to be secured
by the vendor's lien' and special mort
giige upon the interest and share of the
minors, aud to bear interest at the rate
of seven per cent per anuum payable
annually to the tutor of the minors.
Sheriff of the parish of Lafourche.
W. E. Howell, Atty.
Jan. 18, 1908.
• : -
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& soh*
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competent v/orhni.a, for
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