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This woman says that after
months of suffering Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
made her as well as ever.
Maude E. Forgie, of Leesburg, Va.,
writes to Mrs. Pinkham :
"1 want other suffering women to
know what Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vege
table Compound has done for me. For
months I suffered from feminine ills
so that I thought I could not live. 1
wrote you, and after taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
using the treatment you prescribed I
felt like a new woman. I am now
strong, and well as ever, and thank you
for the good you have done me."
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, made
from roots and herbs, fias tK}en the
standard remedy for female ills,
and has positively cured thousands of
women who have been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, that bear
ing-down feeling, flatulency, indiges
tion, dizziness or nervous prostration.
Why don't you try it ?
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick
women to write her for advice.
She has guided thousands to
liealth. Address. Lvnn. Mass.
V PRQgysa
He rejects happiness who refuses
all sacrifice.
XI yon «offer from Fits. Falling Bickneas as
Spams, or bave Children that do bo. my
Discovaiy and Traatmant
«111 give them Immediate ralief, ami
all you ara aaked to do la tosend for
a Free Bottle of Or. May'a
«ndDtng, Aot of Congre«,
nno 30th 190» Complete directions, also te»
tlmonialaof OÜRE8, eto., FREE by mail
Exprus Prepaid. Give AGfc aad lull addrem
V. I. MAT, M, B., 541 Purl Stritt, On fork.
Digestive Tablets.
From your druggist, or the Qarfield Te*
~ " ' r'n, N/Y., 25c. per bottle.
Co., Brookly
Be careful how
hot opportunity.
you grasp a red
FlTd,St.Vitus'I>ance; Nervous Diseases per
manently cured by Dr. Kline's Great Nerve
Restorer. $2 trial bottle and treatise frea.
Dr. II. R. Kline. Ld., 931 Arch St., Phila., Pa.
All things come to those who wait
on themselves.
Hicks' Capndine Cares Nervousness,
Whether tired out, worried, sleeplessness
or what not. It quiets and refreshes brain
and nerves. It's liquid and pleasant to
take. Trial bottle 10 j . Regular sizes 25o>
and 50c., at druggists.
Your use of your leisure often de
termines the usefulness of your life.
Your F#ct Aoht tad Barn?
Shake into your shoes Allen's Foot-Ease, a
powder for the feet. It makes tight or
new shoes feel easy. Cure» Cora«, Bunions,
Swollen, Hot, Smarting and SweawnglFeet
and Ingrowing Nails. Sold by all druggists
and shoe stores, 99 cts. Sample sent F ree .
Address Allen ». Olmstßd, LeRoy, N. Y.
The Honor Appreciated. ^
Some years ago, when Head Consul
Boalc, of the Western Jurisdiction,
Woodmen of the World, was travel
ing through the south, the train stop
ped for some time in a small town,
and Mr. Boak alighted to urika .t
purchase. The storekeeper could not
make the correct change for the bill
which was presented, so Mr Boak
started In search of some one who
could. Sitting beside the door, whit
tling a stick, was an old darky..
Uncle," said Mr. Boak, "can yon
change a ten'dollar bill?"
The old fellow. looked up in sur
prise; then he touched his cap, and
replied: "'Deed, a.a' ah can't, boss,
but ah 'predates de honor, jes de
same."—Saturday Evening Post.
"But why do you wish so many
cloaets?" asked the puzzled archi
"I want you to understand," re
plied the lady, with dignity, "that If
our family isn't very old it has more
skeletons than any other in the so
cial bunch."—Philadelphia Ledger.
Are the Source of Most of Women's
Mrs. Rebecca Mock, 1795 E. Rich
Street, Columbus, Ohio, writes: "I
believe I would still
be a victim of kid
ney troubles but for
Doan's Kidney Pills,
for when I started
using them I was in
• constant pain with my
back, and no other
remedy had been of
anj use. The kidney secretions were
irregular, and I was nervous and
lacked energy. But Doan's Kidney
Pills gave me prompt relief and con
tinued use cured me."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
j The man who says he is too pooi
j to give will never be rich enough tc
be other than poor in heart.
There is nothing that will make
paint go wrong on the house more
quickly than poor oil. It is as bad in
Its way as adulterations in the white
lead. Petroleum oil cheapeners may
be detected by placing a drop of the oil
on a black painted surface. If one sees
the characteristic iridescence or play
of colors which kerosene exhibits, it
Is evidence of adulteration. Corn and
fish oil can be detected by the smell.
Adulteration in white lead can best
be discovered by the use of a blow
pipe, which National Lead Company
will send with instructions free to
anyone interested in paint. Address,
National Lead Company, Woodbridge
Building, New York City.
Pride goeth before a fall, and it
doeyn't soften the bumps any at that.
| *of our horses that had a fistula
How I Cured Sweeny and Fistu 'a.
"I want to tell you how I saved one
had the horse doctor out and he said
{(■ was so bad t}iat he djd t think
■ . ti . . ,,,
he could cure it, and did not come
again. Then we tried Sloan's Lini
ment and it cured it up nicely.
"One day last spring I was
plo wing for a neighbor who had a
horse with sweeny, and I told him
about Sloan's Liniment and he had
me get a bottle for him, and it cured
his horse all right, and he goes off
'now like a colt.
"We had a horse that had sweeny
awfully bad, and we thought- it was
never going to be any good, but we
used Sloan's Liniment and it cured it
up nicely. I told another neighbor
about it and he said it was the best
Liniment he ever used.
"We are using Sloan's Sure Colic
Cure and we think it is all right."
A. D. Bruce, Aurella, la.
An expert is a man who is able to
impress us with how little we know.
Nothing Would Help Him—Mother
Almost in Despair—Owes Quick
Cure to Cuticnra.
"Several months ago, my little boy began
to break out with itching sores. I doctored
him, but as soon as I got them healed up
in one place they would break out in an
other. I was alinost in despair. I could
not get anything that would help him.
Then I began to use Cuticura Soap and
Luticura Ointment, and after using them
three times the sores commenced to heal.
He is now well, and not a scar is left on
his bod}-. They have never returned nor
left him with bad blood, as one would
think. Cuticura Remédies are the best I
have ever tried, and 1 shall highly recom
mend them to any one who is suffering
likewise. Mrs. William Ueediug, 102 Wash
ington St., Attica, Ind., July 22, 1907."
New Figures for 1,500 and 500 Metres
Mad© at Davos.
Two world's records at skating saw
the light in the recent championships
of the world held at Davos, Switzer
land. Four events comprised thç
meet—500 5,000, $1,500 and 10,G00
metres—and these attracted the best
skaters in, the world.
Oscar Mathiesen, of Christiania, cap
tured the title, as he won three out
of the four. In the 1,500 metres the
Norwegian won by about three sec
onds, his time being 2 minutes 20 1-3
seoonds, and it was a new mark for
the world, beating the old one of 2
minutes 22 3-5 seconds by Pcestlund
at Davos in February, 1900. Mathie
sen maintained a speed of about 11.6
yards a second. The distance waa
109 metres short of a mile, and al
lowing that the skater would slow
down for the remaining distance he
would at the worst do the mile in
2 minutes 32 seconds, figures which
easily would eclipse anything ' yet
made on skates on a circular track.
Mathiesen's time for 5,000 metres
was 8 minutes 55 3-5 seconds, of
18 seconds slower than the world's
record by Eden in 1894. But when
Mathiesen skated the ice was covered
with water. Mathiesen won the 10.
000 metres in 18 minutes 1 4-5 sec
onds, Thomson of Sweden, being sec
ond with 18 minutes 4 seconds.
The 500 metres was won by W!
kander, of Helsingfors in 44 4-5 sec
onds, and in this he beat both Mathie
sen and Oeholm, who had the week
before won the European champion
ship. The time equalled the record
by Gundersen in 1906, but in subse
quent trials Wikander reduced the
record to 44 2-5 seconds and this
made the second world's mark for ifr*
meet.—iNew York Sun.
Sometimes an exploded theory does
not even wake up the theorist.
Brain and Nerves Restored by Grape
Nats Food.
The number of persons whose ail
ments were such that no other food
could be retained at all, is large and
reports are on the increase.
"For twelve years I suffered from
dyspepsia, finding no food that did
not distress me," writes a Wisconsin
lady. "I was reduced from 145 to
90 lbs., gradually growing weaker
until I could leave my bed only a
short while at a time, and became un
able to speak aloud.
Three years ago I was attracted
by an article on Grape-Nuts and de
cided to try it.
"My stomach was so weak I could
not take cream, but I used Grape
Nuts with milk and lime water. It
helped me from the first, building up
my system in a manner most aston
ishing to the friends who bad thought
my recovery impossible.
"Soon I was able to take Grape
Nuts and cream for breakfast, and
lunch at night, with an egg and
Grape-Nuts for dinner.
Grape-Nuts for dinner.
"I am now able to eat fruit, meat
and nearly all vegetables for dinner,
but fondly continue Grape-Nuts for
breakfast and supper.
"At the time of beginning Grape
Nuts I could scarcely speak a sentence
without changing words around or
"talking crooked' in some way, but my
brain and nerves have bocome so
strengthened that I no longer have
that trouble.' "There's a Reason."
Name given by Dostum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read "The Road to
Wellville," in pkgs.
Only Six Parishes in State Gave Ma*
jorities Against it. Sanders' Vota
Will be About 60,000 and
Pharr 's Less than 10,000.
New Orleans-Late returns indicate
that the constitutional amendmnt pro
viding for the consolidation of the
seven tax offices of Orleans won oat
by about 2,500 majority.
Only five parishes in the State gave
majorities against the amendment—
Orleans, Jefferson, St. John, Lafour
che and St. Martin. Every other par
ish voted for the amendment almost
solidly, with the exception of East
Baton Rouge and St. Charles, where
the vote was close. While the total
vote cast for the heads of the state
ticket will approximate 70,000 the
total vote cast on the tax amendment
will barely reach 50,000.
This shows unusual interest in the
constitutional amendments, because,
as a rule, they are ignored «by-<» kwge
proportion of the voters.
The other four amendments, relat
ing to the Secretary of State's sala
ry and the railroad and corporation
legislation, were caried by an almost
unanimous vote.
Results of Election
Go y er
Acadia 1635
Ascension 557
Assumption.... 592
Avoyelles 816
Bienville 186
liossier 400
C.iddo 963
Calensleu ll'75
Cameron 234
Citahoula 500
Claiborne 488
Concordia 136
Caldwt ll 306
De «oto 6JJ
K.B.Rouge.... 719
E Carroll 125
E. Feliciana 310
Franklin 412
Grant 4£5
I dm il 820
Iberville 525
Jackson 184
JefTerson 816
Lafayett) 832
Lafourene 70J
Lincoln 510
Livingston . 490
Madison 201
Morehouse 319
Natchitochos .. 653 :
Ouachita 624
Plaquemine ... 300
Pointe Coupee. iOO
Rapides h.88
lted River 294
Richland 306
Ssbine 450
St. Bernard 333
St. Charles 242
St. Helena 136
St. James 410
St. Landry 2663 S
St. John 352
St. Martin 782
St. Mary 9 4 3
St. Tammany.. 701
Tangipahoa ... £43 1
Te: sas 225
Terrebonne.... 809 4
Union 423
Vernon 631
Vermilion 807 2i
Washington... 35J S
Webster 480
W.B.Rouge... 220 ]
W. Carroll 300
W. Feliciana... 3-'4 i
Winn 511 1(
135 335
560 1108
10 300 10
40 368 8
11 160 2
7 228 17
19 483 18
25 315 246
3 150
24 254 11
3 288 3
70 248 5
235 401 25
92 307 49
28 182 12
24 44 69/
143 582 71
200 188 628
40 457 12
17 200
22 167
16 350
81 416
17 435
15 200
25 300
765 30 ;
236 14
7 227 6
35 235 13
9 113 131
13 69 64 ;
13 69 3
101 283 25 1
3J1 1402 79
34 141 148
50 239 230
375 481 Ï0
51 300
177 3C6
6 219
440 416
5 198
40 222
205 39t
18 187
6 375
15 203
10 200
S3 338
73 423
Tlie country totals are: For Gov
ernor—Sanders 33,084; Pharr, 4,760.
For Lieutenant Governor—Lambre
mont, 30,671 ; Leonhardt, 4,515. For
amendment, 19,589; against 3,217.
The city totals: For Governor—■
Sander, 25,239; Pharr, 2,779. For
7 7 j ^
1 , G TT^ I ir brem ° n >
.£■1,060; Leonhardt, 3,1*2. For amend
ment, 5,562, against 19,364.
, , 1 t-, 0
urand totals: For Governor—San
flers, 58,323; Pharr, 7,539. For Lieut
enant Goven.or-Lambremont, 54
/31; Leonhardt, 7,687. For amend
qent, 25151, against 22,581.
Majorities: For Governor—San
ders, 50,784. For Lieutenant Governor
—Lamh-remnnf- 47 fl dA TP™ ^
-Lambremont, 47,044. For
ment, 2,570.
Injures 'Tunny Bone" Dead.
Plainfield, N. J.—Abel B. Gaston,
18-year-old-son of Dr. W. F. Gaston
is dead at his home, after lingering
unconscious sinee he struck his elbow
against a pillar wliile dancing. Young
Gaston while attending a class re
ception, and while waltzing with Miss
Margaret Lambert, struck the sharp
corner of the pillar with his "funny
bone." He immediately complained
of numbness in his limbs. He was as
sisted to an ante-room where he be
came unconscious. Four physicians
diagnosed the trouble as meningitis.
Four Buildings Burned.
Athens, Ala.—Athens was visited
Oy quite a destructive fire, when four
buildings on the south aide of the
square went up in smokei The
buildings were all of the cheap order
and were occupied by markets and
restaurants and a colored barber
A pretty girl always inspires more
eavy than a clever - one.
Attacks White Girl.
Centralia, 111.—Golden Copple, the
sixteen year old daughter of Charles
topple, a farmer living two miles
south east of this city, was attacked
by bam Taylor, a negro, as she was
on her way home from Centralia hish
school. The negro was captured and
may be lynched.
flie man who says he is too pour
to give will never be rich enough to
be other than poor in heart. ~ _
Oatarr Ii.«
"I have used several bottles of Peruna and. 1 fe-l greatly benefited
thereby from my catarrh of the head. J feel encouraged to believe that
if I use it à short time longer I will be fully able to eradicate the disease
of thirty years' standing. "—David Meeklson.
Mr. Jacob L. Davis, Galena, Stone county, Mo., writes: "I have been in bad
health for thirty-seven years, and after taking twelve bottles of your Peruna 1 am
cured." Mr. C. N. Peterson, 132 South Main St., Council Bluffs, "Iowa, writes: "1
cannot tell you how much good Peruna has done me. Constant confinement in my
store began to tell on my health, and 1 felt that I was gradually breaking down. I
tried several remedies, but obtained no permanent relief until I took Peruna. I felt
better immediately, and five bottles restored me to complete health."
Mr. D. C. Presser, Bravo, Allegan Co., Mich., writes: "Two years ago X wm
badly afflicted with catarrh of the stomach. I had had a run of typhoid fever, was
very depleted. I could find nothing I could eat without causing distress and rour
stomach. Finallv I came to the conclusion that I had catarrh of the stomach and
seeing Peruna advertised, began to take it. It helped me soon, and after taking three
or four bottles I was entirely cured of stomach trouble, and can now eat anything."
Manufactured by Peruna Dru? Manufacturing Company. Columbus, Ohii
HC? » W. L Douai** makea and aalla mom
mon'* S2.50, 93.00 and $3.BG ahoaa
thananyothar manufactura* In tha
We world, beoauaa thay hold that*
mhapa, tit battaa, waa a lanoaa. and
rafw than anyothar
W.LDoX f
1 world to-day.
Kffr C«hr
Humoring our sins will not
our sinfulness.
Hicks* Capndine Cares Headache»
Whether from colds, heat, stomach or
nervous troubles. No Accetanilid or dan
Îerous drugs. It's liquid and acts imme
iately. Trial bottle 10c. Regular sizes
25c. and 50c., at all druggists.
Our lives are made by the love we
Sirs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for Children
tect hing, softens thn gums, reduoesinflamma
lion.allays pain.cures wind colio, 25c.a bottle
Too many cooks spoil the intelli
gence office.
SlOO Reward, 8100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at ieast one dreaded dls
ease that science has been able to eure in all
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con
w 3 ?, a . S n r 5 qu l r ?. s a con8titutiot >»l
I tr «»tment. Hall sCatarrhCure is taken intre
; nally, acting directly upon theblood and mu
I F^ss^facesof the system,thereby destroy
' 5t ituti°n tnl assisting nature la doing its
| Hundred Lollars for any case that it fails to
CUre ' Sen i fo T r 1 A st of testimonials, Address
v.. F,\ J ^_ C ™ Y 4 _pO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Ilairs Family PiJJs for constipation.
There can be no recreation in any
Itch cj\ red In 30 minutes by Wooirord'i
banltaiy Lotion. Never fails. At druggists.
4 philanthropy of some men con
sists of a willingness to the hat.
(VIX 18.
B 23
are^™s"ck g ^lÄ d a n^«° f f C0Urse ' very large| y u P° n her hea!th - lf
Wine of Cardui
''I'suffer^^with wwnanlv \?àu hip^ S> ' Mrs " Sarah Aver y. of Moark, Ark., write
Cardui. Now I am welf " Tw ff tj ears ' an( ^ nothin g helped me until I tc
Worn? TAD roît l»,, everywhere, in #1.00 bottles.
mini FOR FRK BOO K gar
AdTiaory Dept. The Chattanocn Medicine Co. Chattanocca,
Some married men are signposts to
Sr hut • lot more are
. 'body.
There im Only One
aBromo Quinine"
That la
Lexetlve Bromo Quinine
nam the world over to oume a ooim ttt om day.
Always remember the full n
Im this signature on every
All the world's a stage, »but lots of
us never get in the spot light.
Froo Cure for Rheu
matism, Bone Pein
end Eozeme
Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) cures the worst
cases of Rheumatism, bone pains, «.wollen
muscles and joints, by purifying the blood.
Thousands of cases cured bv B. B. B. after
all other treatments failed. Price li.oo per
large bottle at drug stores, with complete
directions for home treatment. Lane sample
free by writing Blood Balm Co.. Atlanta, Ga.
Aires in sixtoau days.
70 Years Old, «ü Osuldnt Keep House
Willi oui Mfnard's Liniment
♦« Ä sen t d .™ » trial bottle of Minard's Liniment, as I wish
to give it to a friend who is troubled with Rhpiimat«m „„ j u
Li »i»».Sro™ h «TB ùtJS
family and don't think we could keep house without it W e '
LimWnt n i y 0 T W - 1 WÜ1 ** Aat mv Sd lill J»*.
ianiment as soon as I can send it to hi
'• Fa S e - Powerful, penetrating and
jP*»se,and beneficial alike for child or adult7 containing nothing
fstpm Mtnop^v T * ?
injurious to even the most sensitive svstem r- 8 - . g
eiteraaUppHcatfo^fo^rh^ 0 " 0 ™ 50 * 1 ' agreCable and clean^to"use
joSor ZS sore fï^T^ neu u ralgia ' Stiffness of ^
proof of which is'found in the Sfil^eSrs of V*"
used it, like the one above signef by wh ° ^
112 New Hanover Ave., Menden, Conn.
A special bottle sent free on request. Minard's Liniment
Fmminfham, Mass.
Co., South
I There arc no „«„j —

1 'body. J
would ljave contented myvwlf by go
ing outside and swearing at myaelf."
—From "Success Magasine."
Naphtha Lakes on Saghalln.
Wiftur T. Gracey, Consul at Teing
China, «ays, In a report regard
lag • source of naphtha snpply:
••jl fr*o jiçen recently reported that
large fountains have bees
discovered on the Island of Saghalln.
and that aJ*> aa entire naphtha Jake
M» opened up in the same district
The lake a»d fountains bare been
discovered by Russian engineers, and
the matter has been reported to the
Russian Mining Department. It is
reported that this department will
plàee foreigners on the same footing
as RuflsUoe in the development of
these. The fountains and lake are
situated en the northeast coast of the
Island of Saghalln, near Nabii Bay,
In the Russian section of the island."
Where It Belongs.
"Excuse me," said the playwright
to his friend who was hissing the
piece, "do you think it is good form
to hiss my show when I gave you
the ticket that admitted you?"
"Certainly," resentfully replied the
friend. "If I'd bought a ticket I
makes a tremendous growth
fertilized with
When properly fed—with a fertilize
rich in Potash—twice or three times thj
average yield of succulent, nutritiou
hay is obtained.
Let us send yon our free book, which tells you exactly what increase t
farmers have gotten with it. From cover to cover, the book is filled wit
money-making facts. Write to-day and learn all about it. Address
N#w York—93 Nassau Street Chicago—Monadnock
Atlanta, Qa—1224 Candler Building
£fen m America
Wa ar» now supplying from our American Branch
Factory—precisely a« we have, for nearly a century,
from oar eighteen European factories—
The Famous Coffee Addition
It is a preparation that improves any coffee—no matter
what prfoe—makes it more delicious-more palatable
more nourishing. It neutralises the ill effects of straight
coffee. The best hotels and restaurants throughout the
civilised world use Fraaefc Chicory extensively—1rs the real
sect et for the delightful taste and flavor ol their coffee.
Vour grocer has it for you. Try some and see for your
self now it improves your own coffee. See that the little
Coffee Mill Trade-Mark
is on the package — or
be sure tne package
coffee you purchase is
marked Genuine
"Franck Chicory."
Heinrich Franck Sohne A
•» ■ Flushing, N.Y.
AMriaa. UmM Fi»di SdM, W G w > uf
New York paid in 1907 121,000,000
in interest and will pay $24,000,000,
In 1908 about the same as the FederaJ
A new Italian express service
makes the trip from Genoa to Buenos
Aires in sixtoau days.
muiînîi IS ^° t ® U beer and settles,"
musingly said the tall-brow*d, dreamy
ey®d person.
onef°B„«5 ! " ..? r0mptly replied Cot
bear a,!h a care ver y little for
evS St aDd aS f ° r sklttle *. ^at
they he, I have nevuh
5mm Lt' "
it is that St. Pe
for an ^ ^ as doorkeeper
for so many years?
a S cS!l A . ngel ~ He ' s stiU Hoping for
rohhnH v,i get a * the fellow who
£bb*I him to pay Paul.-Cleveland
One of the
of the happy homes of to-day i,,
fund of information as to the best r
of promoting health and happia
right living and knowledge of the
best producta.
Products of actual
reasonable claims truthfully
and which have attained to wo
acceptance through the approval™
Well-informed of the World; not^
viduals only, but of the many W J
the happy faculty of selecting and 0
ing the best the world affords.
One of the products of that
known component parts, an
remedy, approved by physicians a_
mended by the Well-informed
World as a valuable and wholesome f|
laxative is the well-known Syrup (
and Elixir of Senna. To get its bei
effects always buy the genuine,
factured by the California Fig Sy
only, and for sale by all leading
God resists the proud.—Bible
960,000 Valse Given At
Âîî ,tr îî B 11 ma* amd ciïmuf /
luuniTHus w m tuwx i
<r aflIote4
•nth weak
(VIX 18.
MAY 10,190!
Is first -dus in every respect]
more delightfcl summer
casaot be found in!
_ I* the most noted Mineral Wat J
United States. It will cure Dj
Liver Complu Inis, lEflairioadcn
Bladder, Malaria, Dropsy, Chron
rhoea, Gout, etc. It is located I
Co., tttate of Miss. Address, Cooo
Hotel, P. O. Raymond, Miss.
Parties desiring to visit Co«pert Wei
»rak oe "Little j." Railroad at Raji
Bolt« 0.A.4V. Railroad, where I
■ect with tie Trais for the Wills.
is the
has tried
out of
«t >3

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