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^Twïïk- All
un Down?
¥ .. a directly caused by
- ^«Twb tbe b,ood m8de riCh
good's Sarssaparilla, vou
I" * uid cheerful; it will put
jrtfOM rein( new vigor into
U iBt ° ^von * sharper appetite
t^fLon: make you look better,
»od feel better; will make
lifter and tie darkest
p aeti ! Thousand» confirm
k ^Hood'* today
erer feel that the eyes of
-id'vere upon you?"
fa year w ^ en 1 wear the ne ck
. one Way to Look at It.
L ^ do you know, I was refused
before I found a girl who
Liaie me?
fat Bee. Just like a patent
r^. "Well shaken before tak
Ü in One Da*
Iton'i Cold Remedy Relieves the
V throat and lungs almost immediate
[ leeks Fevers, stops Discharges ol
L b *, ttkes away all aches and pains
|*i by cold». It cures Grip and ob
taCwgha and prevents Pneumonia.
finyoa «tiff or swollen joints, no mat
ter chronic? Ask your druggist for
mm 1 ! Rheumatism Remedy and see
«(Éklyyon will be cured.
[iß luve any kidney or bladder trou
lr Munjon 's Kidney Remedy.
ïpi'i Vitalizer makes weak men
ijimi restores lost powers.
^(viOmenUof your chickens
■Am alto those of your cattle
"liür ""i'" y° u will find it
!"» «f ÜTeatock. It is so pow
it cures almost immediately.
Draw«, New Orleans, La. writes i
■Wt Med Mexican Mustang Liniment
L?i ? t>ra on m 7 chicks for the Roup
'*"« it « iure cure I have also used it
Mm with satisfactory results. Our
ÎJWWUybeen cured of a severe milk
wwainherudder. Mexican Mustang
™cted a complete cure."
lUWib at Drug St Gen'I Stares.
•A.C. Daniels'
'•** Spavla, Curb, Sweeny,
•»Bache» and Swellings.
—, Onitf Counters.
L* P*4<se on borsea.
»fewoHd. CASCARETS the
• "W-Why? Because it's the best
T/ < * *he uver and bowels. It 's
do for you —not what
- ' "«y will do —that makes
famous. Millions use
a —'«ij and it is all the medicine
ever need to take. 904
'<* • to* for a week 's
^ ^ Your Pimples.
(H .
3 a cup of GRAND
S TEA every night
^ retiring. Pleasant to
marvelous results
^ Weeks.
Package 25 cents.
7u;o Bodices
AT the left Is an over-bodice of
material such as fine serge, cash
mere or face cloth. It has two
tucks turning from the center each
side front, on the inner ones small but
tons are sewn. One wide tuck is car
ried quite over the shoulder each side,
and over the stitching passementerie
is laid; the neck and edge of over
sleeves are bound with satin; the yoke
and under-sleeves are bound with
satin; the yoke and under-sleeves are
mounted on a tight lining; they are
of lace, a puff of the material being
placed at top of lace.
Materials required: One yard 46
inches wide, 1*4 yard lace; one-fourth
yard satin on the cross, two yards pas
Empire Effect Lends Itself Charming
ly to the Decoration« and Favors—
Some Pretty Conceits.
The hostess who wants to entertain
well and does not have to count pen
nies should give an empire cotillon.
The Idea would lend Itself charming
ly to the decorations and favors.
Empire wreaths and garlands of
pink and white roses should decorate
the walls. Tall dull gold empire gas
kets with long handles filled with the
I same flower should be placed about
i the rooms. And empire screens could
shade the electric lights to*give the
soft glow of Innumerable wax candles.
For favors she would have many
charming conceits to choose from.
Among the prettiest would be pin
cushions in the shape of these small
empire baskets. Their centers are
stuffed for the cushion, and they are
made of dull tarnished gold, In wick
er, with the edges and handles twined
with wreaths of small satin flowers.
And empire work bags made of dull
brocade with tarnished gold trim
mings, and the picture of some beauty
of the French courts framed on the
side make stunning favors.
Empire scarfs in shaded pink and
white, gold and white, and the green
and white of that period are infinitely
attractive used as favors.
Small gilt mirrors in empire design,
tarnished gold jewel boxes so typical
of that charming day, and tiny fans
make lovely favors.
Then if all the girls wore empire
frocks, and empire wreaths of pink
and white roses were given them to
carry over their arms, a fascinating
effect would be attained.
The empire idea should also be car
ried out in the supper room, the table
decorations of gilded empire baskets,
filled with pink and white roses. This
idea should show itself in the ices,
and everywhere possible in the table
Passepartout Idea Work Used to Give
Enjoyment to the Invited
When one of the members of a de
butante group sent out cards for an in
formal afternoon tea she wrote on
them Passepartout. Tea without ex
plaining what form the merrymaking
would take other than tea drinking,
and what part passepartouting would
play in it.
The girls found the parlor table set
forth with a quantity of pretty prints
selected from art magazines, art
photographs, etc., with shears, library
paste, mounts, glass, and passepartout
tape in different colors.
All drew around the table, and
guests were asked to choose the pic
tures they liked and to passenartout
them according to fancy. An hour
them according
About Pressing.
When you are about to press a
piece of silk or ribbon, to make an
unqualified success of it, place a piece
of slightly dampened wrapping paper
over it before ironing. The paper is
something that is always on hand,
therefore it is not much trouble for
you to do this, and when you see the
result of your experiment, no vestige
of lint on your ironed piece, a newish
eiiffness to the fabric and a perfect
gloss, you will never depf.rt from this
Novel Ornament.
A very pretty gown seen recently
was of gray chiffon over soft silk,
simply cut, and practically its only
ornament, besides a gold colored silk
yoke with Chinese chrysanthemum
embroidery, was an enormous ribbon
chrysanthemum at the belt. Each
petal of the flower was a strip oj|nar
row ribbon, with a triangular fold in
the middle of it, that turned it over
and gave a little heavier portion to
weigh it down. These folds were
ironed heavily into the ribbon, and
tlion 1 lie innumerable petals were
sementerie, one yard lining, IV2 dozen
Thé other Is in rather coarse ribbed
serge; the deep "V" opening is filled
in with a yoke of finely tucked spot
ted silk; turning from this is a trim
ming of satin with lace laid over it
The box-plait in center front Is
trimmed with buttons and cord loops.
The over-sleeves are trimmed to
match the bodice; the under-sleeves of
tucked silk are finished at the wrist
with lace insertion.
Materials required: One and one
half yard 46 inches wide, three
eights yard satin 22 inches wide, 1^4
yard lace, 1% yard lining.
passed delightfully in this agreeable
craft, after which the three or four
pictures prepared by each fair maid
were exhibited and all voted for the
exhibit which was considered happiest
After the awarding of the prizes a
dainty tea followed, the idea of the oc
casion being Introduced in many clever
little ways. For instance, the napkin
rings were bound into cylinders w|th
strips of passepartouting tape, and for
place cards tiny glasses from unused
photograph negatives (of a very small
sized camera) had been washed and
employed to passepartout dainty pic
tures clipped from magazines. Each
picture had the name of some girl and
a jingle relating to her written upon
it, the pictures chosen appropriately.
The above model shows an attract
ive light-weight cloth suit In a pretty
shade of taupe. The velvet which la
used for girdle, rosettes and bands
down sides is a few shades darker
than the cloth. The buttons are cloth
covered and the stock and yoke are
allover white lace.
For Evening Frocks.
Bordered silk mousselines and
gauzes with borders of plain orange,
above which are flocal borders, are
made up into charming frocks with
touches of black velvet to give them
character, and there are other ex
quisite bordure stuffs in which the
border is of Persian design, with or
sewed in chrysanthemum shape at the
waist line with gold thread (the rib
bon itself was gold color). Nearly all
the petals were allowed to droop and
fall in the natural way, only enough
being tacked back to give the fluffy
flower effect.
And that ribbon chrysanthemum
made all the difference between sim
ply a charming gown and a really
stunning gown
Pretty Crib Cover.
A pretty crib cover may be made
from a yard each of a white and pale
blue or pink th.nnel. On the colored
flannel embroider a flower and bow
knot design; on the white a conven
tional border and a large central mon
ogram. Bind the two together by
means of a wide satin ribbon and put
a bow or rosette in one corner, with
the colored side considered as the
Those Few Odd Hours.
"Here's an interesting book."
"What is it about?"
"It tells what street car conductors
do when they are not working."
Doan's Kidney Pills Brought Health
and Cheerfulness.
Mrs. J. P. Pemberton, 854 So. La
fayette St., Marshall, Mo., says: "For
years I suffered from Brlght's disease
which the doctors said
was incurable. I grad
ually grew weaker un
til I had to take to my
bed. The kidnef secre
tions were suppressed,
I became terribly bloat
ed, and finally reached
the point where I took
ao Interest in life. It
was at this time I began taking Doan'a
Kidney Pills and soon Improved.
When I had used 12 boxes I was
without a sign of the trouble which
seemed to be carrying me to my grave."
Remember the name—Doan's.
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Philomena — How Poe-etical the
tvoods are in autumn!
Jack—yes; even the leaves are
A warm bath with Cutlcura Soap,
followed by a gentle anointing with
Cuticura ointment, is generally suffi
cient to afford Immediate comfort in
the most distressing forms of itching,
burning and scaly eczemas, rashes, Ir
ritations and inflammations of in
fants and children, permit sleep for
child and rest for parent, and point to
permanent relief, when other methods
fail. Peace falls upon distracted
households when these pure, sweet
and gentle emollients enter. No other
treatment costs so little and does so
much for skin sufferers, from Infancy
to age. Send to Potter Drug & Chem.
Corp., Boston, for free 32-page book on
the care and treatment of skin and
scalp troubles.
A Lesson for'Diplomats.
Elihu Root, at the luncheon In
Providence preceding the dedication
of the John Hay Memorial library at
Brown university, said of John Hay;
"His diplomacy was gracious, and
it was prudent as well. I remember,
in an argument about a certain Inter
national complication, how very
warmly and aptly he once insisted on
"It was the Christmas season, and
he said that we might learn a lesson
from a little girl who was naughty In
the early part of December.
" 'Dear me,' her mother said, 'if
you're going to be naughty I'm very
much afraid Santa Claus won't bring
you any presents.'
"The little girl frowned.
" 'Well,' she whispered, 'you needn't
say it so near the chimney!"'
There's the Rub.
"Well," said the optimistic boarder,
"there's one thing about our boarding
house; you can eat as much as you
like there."
"Of course; same as ours," replied
the pessimistic one, "you can eat as
much as you like, but there's never
anything you could possibly like."
Lofty Ambition.
"What is your ambition?"
"Merely to make more money than
my wife can spend."—Detroit Free
Woman's Ills
Many women suffer needlesaly from girlhood to woman
hood and from motherhood to old age—with backache,
dizziness or headache. She beoomes broken-down, sleep
less, nervous, irritable and feels tired from morning to
night. When pains and aches rack the womanly system at
frequent intervals, ask your neighbor about
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
This prescription bas, tor over no years, been
enrlnû delicate, weak, pain-wracked women,
by the hundreds ot thousands and this too la
the privacy of their homes without their bar
Inû to submit to Indelicate Questionings and
offensively repugnant examinations.
Sick women are invited to consult in confidence by letter free. Addrws
World's Diaptnaary Medical Aaa'n, R.V. Pierce, M. D., Prea t, Buffalo, N. Y.
Da. P ierce ' s G reat F amily D octor B ook , The People 'a Common Sense
Medi cal Adviser, newly reviaed up-to-date edition—1000 pagea, answera in
Plain English hosts of delicate questions which every woman, singlextr married,
ought to know about. Sent free to ® n y address on receipt of 31 one-cent
stampa to cover coat of wrapping and mailing only, in French cloth binding.
Stupid Man.
"My husband has no idea of the
value of money."
"Why, I thought he was a careful
business man."
"He thinks ao. too. But he abso
lutely doesn't realize what a lovely
hat I can buy for $48.99."
Pettit's Eye Salve For Over 100 Years
has Itppn used f-r e<—;."«tpd and inflamed
eves, removes fi' 1,1 o r over the e**es.
All druggists or Howard Bros..Buffalo,X.Y.
The worst toe you have is the man
who would kill all your enemies.
four druggist will refund money if PAZO OINT
MENT fails to cure any case of Itching, Blind,
Bleeding ur Protruding Plies ia 6 to 14 days. 50c.
The best way to lift men Is to meet
them on a level.
them on a level.
of circulation.
You Look Prematurely Old
Imsum of those ugly, grizzly, gray halr«. Um 41 LA OflRQhB" HAIR PRI8SINQ» ; PRIOB, Sl <00, rttall«
Moral That Writer Has Drawn Is
Not Without Some Points of
Miss Venus is a lovely girl; not
one time has she muttered, against
her pale, illumined life not one word
has she uttered. Just think she's
been without her arms for many dusty
ages, and yet she never drops the
brine or rants in hopeless rages. She
has to stand a bunch of guff from Art
bugs down to draymen, and yet she
never once comes back and grills the
heathen layman. When some low
brow of brutal mein starts merrily to
panning and says her face is worse
than wood and that her hair needs
canning or that he has a waitress
friend who jerks a coffee jigger could
give her many, many leagues and beat
her out on figger, she never even
looks at him, that rank untutored sin
ner, but holds her tongue and pedes
tal; O, Venus is a winner. She's on
the job both day and night; she hears
men knock or flatter and women not
of classic mold get madder than a
hatter. She suffers long and quietly
with calm and placid manner, in cold
no mits to reach a quilt, in heat, no
hands to fan her. She is a lesson in
herself a fruit for daily picking. Just
spare the world your trouble tales and
scratch the useless kicking.— G. S., in
Chicago Tribune..
The Shadow of Science.
It is hard to believe that a shadow
is probabSy the origin of all astrono
mical, geometrical and geographical
science. The first man who fixed his
staff perpendicularly In the ground
and measured its shadow was the
earliest computer of time, and the
Arab of today who plants his spear in
the sand marks where the shadow
falls is his direct descendant. It is
from the shadow of a gnomon that
the early Egyptians told the length
of the year. It is from the shadow of
a gnomon that the inhabitants of Up
per Egypt still measure the hours of
work for a water wheel. In this case
the gnomon is a lhurra stalk support
ed on forked uprights and points north
and south. East and west are pegs
in the ground, evenly marking the
space of earth between sunrise and
sunset. In a land of constant sun
shine a shadow was the primitive
chronometer. It was also the prim
itive foot rule.
What a Trained Nurse Says About
f Reslnol.
I get absolute satisfaction from Res
lnol and use it constantly. One of my
patients has had ulcers for 15 years,
and Resinol has helped her more than
anything else. She will continue us
ing it until cured. I have made some
remarkable cures with it.
Mrs. Agnes T. O'Neil, Somervllle, Mass.
Nipped In the Bud.
Parke—Too bad about Bilfer's boy,
wasn't it—got him graduated from
college and thought he had a career
before him.
Lane—What happened?
Parke—Why, he has just eloped
with the lady chauffeur.—Life.
A Surprise.
"I'm going to give my wife a real
surprise this Christmas."
"That so? What are you going to
give her?"
"The money."
Take the Old Standard (iBOVH'S TÀSTBLBS3
OHILL TONIC. Y ou know what you are taking.
The formula is plainly printed on «Tory bottle,
showing It Is simply Quinine and Iron in a taste
nply <J _
lees form. The Quinine d rires ont the malaria
and the Iron builds up the system. Bold by aU
dealers for SO years- Price CO cents.
It's a great accomplishment to be
able to sing, but don't lose sight of
th'e fact that it's Just as great a one to
know you can't
liUQ niella tuiü *»• *' • V» w mm» w
over to Cure a Cold in One Day. 25a.
Heresy hunting is simply an obses
Cut» mare esoda bflsMsr and fsstsr colors thsrf an? other dye. 0ns Mc oaekaas colors all flksrs. Thtf drs In cold watsr batter than any other dis. You can
ïw^ÂthOrt ^ I'M beoMst—HM ts Ort. Bleach and MuCalars. M OUR OS DHUO CO., Qulnoy, Illinois.
The Inevitable.
"You don't resent that successful
candidate's proud and haughty man
"Nope," rejoined Farmer Corntossel.
"The fact that he's in politics is all
the guarantee I want that sooner or
later he'll meet with some kind of a
terrible finish."
The danger from slight cuts or wounds
is always blood poismong- The immedi
ate application of Hamlins Wizard Oil
makes blood poisoning impössible.
An unplanned duty done is better
than a planned duty undone.—Baker.
Mrs. Wins iow'» Soothing Syrnp.
For children teething, softens the gums, reduces In
flammation,allays pain, cures wind colic. 25c a bottle.
Slander soon dies If you take It out
of circulation.
If you find ony sub
stance in your bak-y '
in$injurious to. "
health made,/
from bak
ing powder/
in this cm j
there is
In it for you
Calumet has been backed for years by an offer
of $1,000 for any substance injurious to health
found in the baking prepared with it.
Does not this and the fact that it complies with
all pure food laws, both State and National,
prove that Calumet is absolutely pure?
With the purity question settled—then Calumet
is undoubtedly the best Baking Powder. It
contains more leavening power; it is more uni
form— every can is the same. It assures
better results—and is moderate in price.
Received Highest Award World*» Pure Food Exposition
Pure In the Can— Pur*
in the Baking.
;"V' - V' ,• *>■
Housework Tiresome?
"For five years," writes Mrs. L Fulenchek, Houston,
Texas, "I suffered with pains all over, especially in my
back and side, and was so weak I could hardly do my
housework. A friend told me of Cardui. Since taking it,
I feel so much better! Now I can do all my housework,
and am not bothered with pains at all."
Cardui has proven especially beneficial in cases of
womanly ailments, with pain as a prominent symptom,
whether the pains come from too much work, walking,
standing, stooping, or just as a symptom of weakness.
cc 60
The Woman's Tonic
Cardui is a strength-building medicine. You need it,
if your system is out of order, if you are weak, or if you
suffer from any of the pains, to which women are liable.
Fifty years of success have produced absolute confi
dence in Cardui, on the part of those who have used it
During this time, Cardui has benefited over a million
women. Why not you? Your troubles are probably just
the kind that Cardui will benefit
All druggists keep Cardui in stock, all the time.
Get a bottle and try it, today.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine tine* in tea when die Ihrer Sa right the
•tomach aad bowel* are light.
gently but firmly c
pel a lazy lire* I
de its duty.
I Cure« C(
Indige*- .
Headache, aid Distress after Eating.
Snail Pill. Small Dm, Saull Price
Genuine ««baa Signature
to remember
... lyouneed a remedy
DEFIANCE Coid Water Starch
makes work 18 pkg. 10a
If the mosquito were as big as it is bad, it would darken
the air like a gigantic death-breathing dragon. Each sting
of a mosquito sows the germs of malaria. These germs
multiply with wonderful rapidity. Then come chills and
fever with other forms of malaria that undermine the health
and sap the strength.
—a bottle prove*.
It is the modern malaria medicine and the one sure
antidote for malaria poisoning. It kills the chills. It
quenches the fever fires. It stamps out the cause and
consequences of the disease. That's only the beginning of
helpful healing work of OXIDINE. It builds up the body,
revitalizes the system, enriches the blood, tones up the
stomach, bowels, liver and kidneys. OXIDINE puts the
body on a fighting footing of superb health.
The tonic qualities of OXIDINE make it the best
medicine for all weak, run down, thin, pale persons. It is
the best body-building tonic money can buy.
50c at Your Dealer's
Ask to see the Leather Covered
Pocket Edition
W« *11 y«a how
My best market p:
write for reference* and
weekly prie« list.
WmL BiMMblwd]
Cleanse« aai fc«»uiifloa the haïr,
Promote« ft luxuriant growth.
Never Tails to Bestore Gray
Hair to its Youthful Color.
Cures ms Ib diseases M haïr falling.
Eye Water
fllTU «aid relief to ejr. lrriUtlou c*nsed bjduit, in «rwlafc
W. N. U, HOUSTON, NO. 3-1911.

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