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HP i\fTDDi? ünUCftUn« o
•-K. DUPRfci, — 1 ublisher & Prop
mn -li-i * ix. n • i A
Official Journal of the Parish of\
Entered at. the Post Office at Thibodaux, La
**eond elats matter.
All communications should be ad
? o
rhibodaux, La. I
- _ — I
Subscribers whofall torecelvetlielr paper I
notifv wir.hnnt#iiainv
STFully prepared to do job work
of every description.
every description.
Police Jury Proceedings.
Thibodaux, La., May, 10th., 1911
The Police Jury of the Parish of La
fonrche met this day in regular session
L. Z.
d. . t t t> «. -. , ,
Present—J. L. Basset, president, and
Messrs. L. C. Roger, Leonard Falgout,
Boudreaux, and U.J. Barrios,
Joseph Dresner and Alexander Theriot.
Absent—Messrs. R. M. Hatcher J
Rodrigue and P. H. Tetreau.
President Basset stated that Mr. H. N
Coulon, the Clerk of this Jury was ab
sent due to sickness and that it would
be proper to elect a Clerk pro tempore
Whereupon Mr. Theriot, seconded by
Carried unrnimously. 1
The minutes of the session of March
9th, 1911 was read and approved
Numerous claims and pension^ peti-1
tions were presented, read and referred
to the Committee on Claims.
The reports of the Treasurer on the
General and Drainage Funds of the
Parish, were presented and after being
read was referred to theCommittee on
F inance.
Mr Joseph Dresner, Chairman of the
Committee appointed at the last session
of this Jury on Firmin .Thibodaux and
Lockport Bridge Co. matter, submitted
the following report
Thibodaus, La, March 22,1911
To the President and Members of the
Police J ury, Parish of Lafourche.
Gentlemen :
The undersigned committee beg to re
port that they have decided that the
proposition as submitted by Mr. Fir
4 .
min Thibodaux, at last session of the I
Police Jury it not such as to give the |
Parish sufheient revenue for the fran-1
chise asked. They are of the opinion I
of an Iron Bridge |
By are
that the construction
over Bayon Lafourche, at Raceland, is I
a necessity and advantage that should |
be given to the people of that locality.
but In granting a franchise for the con
struction of a bridge, at that point,
that a fair chance should be given to all
persons who might desire to obtain
such franchise.
persons who might desire to obtain
such a franchise.
Therefore your committee recom
mend to tho Police Jury that the con
struction of a Stet>l Bridge at that point
should be submitted to the
t . „ . .. .. , . ., . Public
through the medium of bids, duly ad
vertlsed, asking all those who desire to
entertain a proposition to submit plans
r ._ r
and specifications for a good strong
bridge and to attached thereto such pro-1
position under which they would be
his matter
willing to construct said bridge. We
further recommend, however, that no
« i«-~— —
franchise ( be granted for a longer pe
riod than ten years from the date of the
completion of said Bridge, the privilege
being reserved by the Police Jury to
reject any and all bids and therefore
we recommend that the proposition of
Mr. Firmin Thibodaux on thi
be rejected
Your Committee ^further beg to re'
port that on the Lockport Bridge pro
position, they favor and recommend the
renewal of the Contract of saidLockport
Bridge Co. 011 the following conditions.
—That said Contract be continued for
ten additional years from January 1st,
1912 provided an amount of Seven Hun
dred and fifty doilars be paid anuuaily
for the continuation of the franchise,
and provided further that at the end of
said ten years the said Lockport Bridge
shall revert to the Parish of Lafourche.
111 full ownership and without cost to
said Parish, and provided further that
the said Bridge ^be maintained in the
meantime and turned over at the expi
ration of the said ten years in good coa
lition to tho Parish by the said Loek
l>ort Bridge Co.
Your Committee further beg to re
port that other propositions were sub
•nitted by the Lockport Bribge Co. and
1 he same were refused on the grounds
f inadequate compenstaion for the
francliised asked.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Dresner,
U. J. Barrios,
Leonard Falgout,
H. N. Coulon.
At this time Mr. Howell, of the firm
lx, * s nine iur, noweu, 01 in© nrin
lof Howell tfe Caillouet, representing the
Lockport Bridge Company was granted
the floor and he stated that ha accepted
the conditions imposed in the foregoing
report exacting an annual payment of
$750 from January 1st, |1912 and agreed
that at the end of the said ten years the
said JLockport Bridge"shall" revert'to
Parish in null ownership and without
cost to said Parish, and further he ac-1
cepted on the part of his client the obli
Kation of maintaining in the meantime,
the said bridge in good condition anci
vir o« i k -o . J
ïtog er , seconded by Mr. Falgout
ch.nilf ii ia i act '? n on the report just
submitted bv the Committee on the I
Pirmin Thibodaux bridge proposition
ana the renewal of the contract with f
Firmin Thibodaux
and the renewal of the contract with
the Lockport Briige Co. be deferred un
til to-morrow. Carried.
The resignation of Mr. Theopoile Pel
legriu, an Road Inspector of the 2nd
Koad District of this Parish was sub
mitted and read, and on motion of Mr.
Falgout, seconded by Mr. Barrios same
wa* accepted, and on the same motion
the position of Road Inspector for said
District be left vacant until further or
der. Carried.
Mr. Theriot, seconded by Mr. Roger,
moved that the amount of One Hun-.
dred dollars, or as much thereof as may |
be necessary, which would be the sala
rv of the Inspector of the 2nd Road Dis- 1
trict made vacant by the resignation 0 fJ
Mr. Pelleirriu and now l"ft vacant bel
expended by'thc Police Jurv in Road I
Drags to be used by the Parish as I
deemed lit.
Yeas—Basset, Roger, Falgout, Bar
The resignation of Ben Knight, as
Commissioner of the Lockport Drainage
District was read and on themotion of Mr
Theriot, seconded by Mr. Barrios same
Jl „ Carne5 '
1 Ml ' Bo ^reaux, seconded bv Mr. Fal-1
I rwn,w a
Mr. Boudreaux, seconded by Mr. Fal
gout moved that the Court House Com-1
mittee bo authorized to place ;such
awnings as may be necessary to the
Court House windows and to use there
best judgement, in contracting therefor,
and further that the sum of One Thous-1
and dollars be paid on account to the
iirm of Favrot »fc Livaudais Limited,
our Architect, and that an appropi
tion for that amount be ordered made,
by the following vote.
Yeas—Basset, Roger, Falgout, Bar-I
I rios, Boudreaux,jTheriot ana Dresner.
Mr. Falgout, seconded by Mr. Bar-L..
rios submitted the following resolution,
which was carried by the following
Yeas-Basset, Roger, Falçout,
nos, Boudreaux, Theriot and
I J| e it resolved by the Police Jury of the
| Parish of Lafourche, State of Lonisi-1
ana, that formal application be and is
I hereby made to the State Highwav En
| gineer for State aid under the provi-|
I sions of act No. 49 of the session acts ot
| WO of Sie State of Louisiana, to con-1
—*— J J '
struct an improved road or highway
from the town of Thibodaux, in the
Parish of Lafourche, to the Vacherie
settlement in the Parish of St.. James.
Be it further resolved and declared
that the Police Jury of the Parish of
Lafourche has in hand funds sufficient
in their judgment to meet the share of
Hie parish iri the expenses ^required by
j law to be borne by the parish.
1 „
I further resolved, that the com
I mitlee heretofore
>re appointed by this.
I Jur y. confisting of Messrs Joseph, Dres-1
ner > J °hn L. Rodrigue with L. C. Roger!
I as Chairman, be and they are hereby
I vested with full and plenery power to
I act for and represent this Jury in all
matters and tilings pertaining to the
construction of such road.
.. . ^
On motion of Mr. Dresner, seconded
by Mr. Bou ireaux the Jury now ad
journed to to-morrow at 10 o'clock A.I
C. J. Coulon, J. L. Basset, I
Clerk Pro Tem. President 1
Parish of Lafourche
Thibodaux, La, May 11.1911
The Police Jury of the Parish of La
f juri'he met this .day pursuant to ad
journment on yesterday.
Present.—J. L. Basset, L. C. Roger,
(j. Falgout, U. J. Barrios L. Z. Bou
dreaux, Joseph Dresner and Alexander
Absent.—Messrs. P. H.Tetreau,
L. Rodrigue and R.M. Hatcher.
The minutes of
sion was read and
TheCommittee on Cla ims presented I
the following report, which"' on motion
of Mr. Boudreaux, seconded by Mr. Ro
ger was ordered received and approved
and on the same motion sm appropria
tion of $701.95 was ordered to pay the
claims anc pensions therein reported
favorable, by the following vote.
Yeas—Basset, Roger, Falgout, Bar
rios, Boudreaux, Theriot and D resner
Thibodaux, La., May 11th., 1911
To the Police Jury.
The undersigned Committee on
Claims beg to report that they have ex
amined and beg to report favorably on
the following claims and pension peti
tions, to-wit.—
J. L. Ancoin, Juror and Witness
Certificates 20 75
Dameron-Pierson Co, repair one
seal for C. H. and express 1 95
A. A. Bourgeois, repair on Fisher
Elliot Tgpewriter, 3 00
West Disinfecting Co, for Disin
fectant, bug destroyer and
sprayer 19 45
Thibodaux Sentinel, pub. Pro
ceedings and Jobs .. 49 00
E P. Lefort, coffin for Pauper 8 00
j. W. Wilson, passage to N. O...
Hospital 3 15
V. M. Aucoin, hauling sand in
Jail yard 10 00
Octave Malbrough, cleaning Jail
Vault 13 50
H. W. Frost, Lumber for bridges
in Chackbay and drayage 42 36
R. H. Ketteringham, work on
Sheriff's house and puiting up
cistern in Jail yard 45 00
Cumb. Tel. <fc Tel. Co, Telephone
messages 55
Conlon, Braud A Coulon, balance
due tor Ins.(on Library .. 934
James R. ScaQy, Juror inquest bo
dv of Robert Bell 2 00
P. A. Demanade, watchman Court
records, Feb. 16 to April il« 60 00
J.B. Lenain, watchman Court
records, March 1st to Mav 1st... 60 00
Abby <fe Highland Planting. Co,
nurse for small pox
D. H. Kern,,provision small pox
23 00
18 55
22 95
J. S. Barker, conveying prisoners
1 Roth Drug Store, med. and disin
fectant for Jail 8155
j Abraham Rodrigue, (labor and
hauling lumber, chackbay
bridges 5 50
Howell & Caillouet, ^Attorneys
I for exDenses for documents in
Land suit 124 00
Total claims,
623 95
Mrs. Augustin Uaude, at |2 per
month from May 1st . 16 00
Mrs. Joseph LeBouef, at |2 per
monts from May 1st... 16 00
! Mrs. Emmanuel Barrios, at $2 per
month from May 1st 16 00
I Mrs. Prosper Pellegrin, at $2 per
month from May 1st 16 00
Mary Price, at $2 per month from
May 1st 16 00
Total pensions,
$623 95
80 00
L„T? ur committee desire to notify all
I I e n ? a îP 8 *Sf inst the Po*
^» 8U °n as J^e claims presented
^r» • B T ^ rker >. p on ® ta ",
I ®V N - Roth, Druggist, that!
I the 7 ^11 turn down all
I claims presented older than two months,
the intention being to force all credi
I tors of the parish to present their
J claims at each meeting of the Police
I Jurv. that is to sav not more than two
Shs from the^Ste of the reguU?
f » *
to notify all
meeting of the Police Jury.
Respectfully submitted,
A. Theriot,
U. J. Barrios,
Jos. Dresner
Committee on Claim 8
The Finance Committee submitted
the following report.
Thibodaux, La. May 11 1911
To the President and members of the
Police Jury of the Parish of La
| Gentlemen:
™ . . . . .
1 „. We the undersigned members of the
fJ Finance Committee beg leave to report
bel that we have carefully examined the
I hooks and vouchers of the Parish Trea
I surer » compared same and found same
f/dÄÄW " Ch 8th 19 "' and
«"ding May 10th, 1911.
I Receipts since
correct. We also submit herewith the
Tableau of Probable expenses for the
current year.
Respectfully Submitted
L. Falgout,
Leon Z. Boudreaux,
Committee on Finance
Report of P. F. Legendre, parish trea
Amt on hand March 8,'11 $19866 531
I receipts since |
I From Taxes s 259 82
I From licenses
From Interest
on j-1
, -
I ^°jnmission Tax
I r ° ? ers
Total receipt for term 3405 16
Net bal on hand for term $232711
Commission Tax Collector $
32 40
308 30
Road Inspectors " 200
Bar-1& Jnd per Diem 10
Dresner.]conviction Fees "" ^5
| Jurors fees
I From Cost and Fines 20 4o |
Interest on Bal K
I interest on «ai 83 89
| Jurors fees Ill 30
iJail account 299 60
j Justice of the Peace fees 600
| Constable fees 750 00
Conveying Pris. 7««o
( Sheriff's salary 166 66
1 Repairs of roadB and bridges 24 51
Election Expenses ""
I Janitors and hounds
Corbin Bros, work on conrt
James Beary, Holding Court ! !
Meyer,Drugstore, medicine for
J ail
P. A. DeManade, Watchman C.
J. B. Lenain, Watchman C. fL
Octave Malbrough, Cleaning
Jail Vault
A. J. Trone, rent Cltrk of Conrt,
J.L. Aucoin, Clerk, services
Crim Court.
36 001
9832 461
70 05
60 00
J. L.Aucoin, Clerk, M. & P. D.
Jury Com
| Dr< ßaigre, extracting teeth
I ot P ris
I Fisher Co., Record Rib
| Thibodaux Sentinel printing....
I R. J. Munch, Cots for Jail
I Br. A. J. Meyer, Coroners Fees
I Gus Wallace, R. R. Fare to N O
1 A.J. Tetreau, carriage for B
of H
I A. R. Staunton, Wiring Jail. ...
I Dameron <fe Pierson, Stationery
1 D R™®o?d Book" 00 ' Mortgage
Howell <fc Caillouet, Expenses in
60 00
13 50
23 601
3 651
58 50]
5 25|
62 55
30 80
James Beary, Shff., App. of Pri
James Beary, Shff,',' ÎTrtl and
Drayage on coal
L. V. Azemar, Stenographic wit,
Planters Hardware Co., Articles
for J ail and C. H
1 ^inn I
40 55
28 85
! J ail and C. H
Total disbursements for term $143241
Amt on hand May 10,1911. ,|S94681
Respectfully submitted,
P. F. Legendre,
Parish Treasurer
Rpnnrf nf T> 1? t o . , •
trer in
Balance on haul March 8,1911.. $11455 01
Re<?ipt s since
From Taxes.. 49 48
From interest oi Taxes 2 93
Total receipts f<T term 52 41
Net balance on t«*d for term.. 14507 42
Commission paidTax Collector.!
Cash paid La. Cifrcss Lum. Co.
from No4.....j
Cash paid P. W, Lefort, from
Bonded Dist.. J
Cash paid A1W Taste, from
Theriot Dist..k
Tîtal Disburseminta for term...
1686 88
3 75
Net balance on frnd for term.. .$12766 27
Distriblted as follows
1, . $394 55
st No 2 1436 93
No 3 519 48
st No 4 3047 45
st No 5 477 11
Credit of SpecialF° 4 1058 31
Thibodaux DrainPist 413 73
Credit of BondedPist 5386 14
Credit of Lockpo^ Dain Dist .. 82 57
Drain District :
Credit of Drain
Credit Drain Dia
Credit of Drain
Credit of Drain
Making totajas above $12766 27
From the amojpt reported above to
the credit of Drafeage District No. 4 the
sum of $3066 70 tilongs to tjie Theriot
Drainage Dist. |
Drainage Dist |o 4 is still indebted to
the amouut ,of $2576.o6 and Interest
from February lit, 1911.
- Thibodaux Dr|ln. Dist. owes $1900.00
and interest.
Lockport Drabage Dist. owes $414.00
and interest, f
Third DtHif. TJiat. owes $3700.00 and
Interest. . > . j .
Respectfully submitted,
P. F. Legendre,
Parish Treas
Tablesn of the Plobable expuuses of
the Parish of Lafourche lot- iliu fiscal
year 1911.
Salary of officers 2795
Road Inspectors 1425
Mileage and Per Diem 524
Pensions 2976
Conviction fees 700
Witness fees 300
Jurors 900
Jail.account 3800
Justice Peace 3250
Constable fees 4450
Conveying Prisoners 300
Sheriff's Salary 1000
Tax Collector's Commission 800
Repair of road and bridges 500
Election expenses «00
Board of Health 750
Janitor and hounds 300
Drainage Funds 2400
Coroner's fees 400
Apprehension of Prisoners 300
Incidentals 7200
On motion of Mr. Theriot, seconded
by Mr. Falgout, the foregoing report
was ordered received and approved and
the Tableau of Probable Expenses at
tached thereto adopted, by the follow-1
iag vote.
Yeas—Basset, Roger, Falgout, Bar
rios, Boudreaux, Theriot and Dresner,
At this time {the following proposi-j
tion submitted by Mr. N. C. Eifert was
Thibodaux, La., May 1,1911
To the Police Jury of Lafourche Par
ish, La.
ish, La.
I hereby respectfully apply for a
franchise to build a bridge across Ba
you Lafourche at Raceland on the fol
lowing terms and conditions :
41) The present bridge at Thibodaux
is to be taken as a Jmodel for the pro-1
posed bridge at Raceland, deviations
from the model being permitted only
when in shapé^oÉ improvements
when not leaving out the.valuiblir
tures which (characterize this type of
oridge-Few but heavy plates. Light
maintenance expense. Strength and)
durability—all of which canlbe provid
ed for in detail,whenever the contract
is drawn up.
(2) The tariff of tolls to remain as
now fixed, and the present number .and
location of free and toll ferries to be
neither increased nor changed.
(3) $350 per annum to be paid to the
Parish, the same revenue as now paid
by the ferry lease.
(4) This franchise to expire and the
bridge to become the property of the
Parish— (A) Whenever the Parish pays
the price for which I propose to build
the bridge, jviz. $10000. (B) Or when
ever the Parish pays the actual cost of
building the bridge; this cost to be as
certained and vouched for by itemized
invoices and payrolls, under oath.
Under this latter clause if'it cost less
than $10000 to build such a bridge, the
Parish will benefit, and vice versa, if it
, -,
°ost more than $10000, the Parish' will
I lose b y difference in cost above or
| below $10000.
Regarding the selection of the Thib-.
°^ aux bridge for duplication at Race
1 1
lu 3 P
I S® whi
| land I beg to explain that I have been
S uided b y a * fact which has impressed
m e as significant, and to which I res
1 pectfully call your attention. Exclu- j
sive of the>big railroad bridge of the
Southern Pacific, at Lafourche Cros
sing, and that of the Texas and Pacific
at Donaldsonville, six Jiron and steel
bridges were built in recent years, at 1
different points acrossBayou Lafourche.
Three iof these bridges—at Laurel
Grove,by theTrosclair <fc Robichaux Co,
atMadewood by theGodchaux Co,and at
Palo Alto,by theLehmanCo.—were built
by sugar planters for their use. They
consist of stout, heavy plates, without 1
overhead work, and are of the same sub
attern as the Thibodaux
ich was erected forty or fifty
years ago, and which seems ,to be good
Ï;K,™S Än£t;°|
almost forever.
Three other bridges—at Donaldson
001 tirely ^different from the Thibo
I daux bridge. The first presents a sorry
461 appearance ; the iecond was in bad
h ape and needed
sliape and needed -costly repairs when
it was lowered to the level of the pub
I lie road in 190S; while the third, the one
I at Lockport, built but about ten years
I ago, already show« signs of deteriora
tion. The last nimed three bridges
were built, by private corporations,°to
be turned over to the civil authorities
Trusting that this 'petition will meet[
with your earnest and favorable consi
deration, I remain,
Youis respectfully,
N. C. Elfer.
Mr. Theriot, seconded by Mr. Dres -j
ner, moved that no action ,be taken on
the above proposition submitted by Mr.
Eifert and that the same be laid on the
table. Carried.
Mr. Roger, seconded by Mr. Theriot
moved that the report or tne Commit
tee on . Lockport and Raceland Bridge
matter, submitted at Yesterday's ses
sion be ordered received and the recom
mendation and advice therein given on
I t,ie kockport Bridge »matter, be reiect
J ed. Carried unanimously,
wiuge uuve a year anu recuiniuenu ail
. nece8 ! rr y «»pairs, that the public shall
Mr. Dresner, seconded by Mr. Fal
gout. moved that in as much as the
Lockport Bridge Co. refused to accept
the proposition made by the said Com
mittee whilst in session on March 22nd,
1911 tnat a .'proposition requiring $1000
to be paid,each year by the Lockport
Bridge Co. for ten years, commencing I
and coudition and revert at the end of
the said ten years to the »Parish free of
■ - - j
all costs, that the President of this Ju
ry appoint a Comn>ittee*of three mem
bers of this Jury to examine said
bridge once a year and recommend all
New Service
New Orleans
Shreveport, Dallas,
Ft Worth, El Paso,
Colorado and
3hair cars and sleepers on all through
trams. j
General Pass. & Ticket Agt.
Dallas, Texas.
Achee & Achee
Givll Engineers & Surveyors
Railroad, Irrigation, Drain
age, Municipal Improvements
Plantation Maps. Land Surj
Estimates furnished
upon application
Thibodaux, La*
Steamer L0CKP0RT
Leaves New Orleans Monday and
Thursday at 5 p- m . for all land-l
ings on Bayou Lafourche, between
Golden Meadow Canal and Little]
Texas. . •- - -
« o. n ■ o.
1 Agents: B. Strauss, 524 Gravier ct.,
j phone Main 316; L. B. Rivet, head]
of Bienville St., Phone Main 634,
New Orleans, A. J. Clement, Thibo-1
and ride an
A. R. Staunton Agt.
Automobile and Gas Engine Sundriesl
Phone 180 P. O.Box 3461
Thibodaux La.
MoramEE. H ouse. i
No. 133 Bourbon Street I
OLD NO. 21.
New Orleans. Lai
Accommodation foi
Merchant.il and Planters«
Dr - C.K.1W» Dr. .J. P. Sortier]
Drs. Folse & Fortier,
Office opposite Dr. Danse.
I j. d v.,.
| î ©3.U. S residence M. Philip ISt
Thibodaux, La.
8 A. M
L. £ Caillouet
A. J. Cailloue
Notaries Public
Attorney at Law
Bank of Thibodaux Building
Rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8.
V. P Gailfoux,
Givil hnQineer & Surveyor,
|o •, j t • %
I Kclliroau, Irrigation, Draill
I l« e < Municipal Improvemen'
Plantation Maps. Land Sill
j veys.
Estimates furnished
upon application
New Iberia, La,
During the past thirteeu years our busi
ness has experienced a wonderful growth
Notwithstanding this favorable condition, we
are not disposed to let this growth stop. ty e
therefore want your business; feeling well
able to care for your wants, no matter how
small or how large.
Capital & Surplus $140,000.00
i^i^i=^i=ji=jl=(l=r|srr|Lrii=i Ejlsilsj
Silliman Collegiate Institute
one of the mos- careful and painstaking schools for girls in the
been building a valued reputation through fifty-eight years of
history. It is an accredited institution; its name carries prestige; iti7
tial alumnae are numbered by the hundreds; its conferred degreei
worthy attainment in arts, science and letters; it has a standard of ;
ment which its graduates must satisfy and therefore its dipioau
j weight and affective influence for its possessor.
Endowed, Modern, Beautiful; Healthful hill country. Moderai«
I Assistance given when needed and deserved. Send for illustrated
* ' ' '
ct., ,
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1-3 par« for the klddiaa.
pare for the kiddle*.
1-3 par* for the bon* and tb* Xiadles.
1 pare of wtorUm, cartoon« and humor.
} paff« of jLontataaa ir *w«.
1 pare of m««U«lppl sew«.
1 par* of National V*wa.
Circulation Department,
The New Orieans WEEKLY Item,
210-212 CAMP STREET, New Orleans, U:
(he WeekIy S Item' eaSe ^ cents f° r 3 year's subscfipt*° n 10
R. F.D., No..

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