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The Band You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy,
^ Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and ««Just-as-good" are but
Experiments tliat trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment»
Cftstoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
Çoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the FofttÜ^ regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and aatui&l sleep*
The Children's Panacear-The Mother's Friend«
Bears the Signature of
rhe Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
flrç I jitiboüattD fcnttncl
published every saturday
H.H. DUPRK, - Publisher & Prop
Official Journal
of the Parish of
Entered at the Post Oßiceat Tiiibodaux, La
"•icond class matter.
year, in advance..
All communications should be ad
dressed to The T iiibodaux S entinel,
Thibodaux, La.
■Subscribers who fail to receive their paper
V-ittme should notify us wlthoutdelav.
<®"Fully prepared to do job work
of every description.
Broussard's Candidacy
Further Confirmation He will En
ter Race for Senate.
That Congressman Bobert F.
Broussard will t " become a candidate
for the United States ^.Senate, 1915
term, was given further .confirmation
yesterday by the arrival of someiof
his close personal and politica
friends from Lafourche, includingI
Colonel W. H. jPrice, Sheriff James
Beary, Colonel Thos. Beary and Dr.
Thomas Stark, all of whom are said
to be united in their belief that
Broussard should make the race.
While not here on any political.
mission, Coionel Price said, when |
asked the .direct
question, that he
was firmly' of the belief that Mr
Broussard would enter the race
"In fact," replied Senator Price,
"I do not see how he could well re
sist the demand on the part of hi
friends, which seems to «be unani
mous. It is both my impression and
that of all his friends that his an
nouncement will be made before he
returns to Washington.
"If there is any doubt about the
popular call for Bob to make thi.'
race for the United States Senate,''
Senator Pr.ce added "get on the
train and make a round of the coun
try and hear what the people think of
it. Owing to my close frienduhij
with t Congressman Broussard, some
might think I had misjudged the
sentiment in the country, but I be
lieve anyone will find this impression
Senator Price and the Lafourche
leaders were called here to testify
the peonage case in the Federal
Court. Mr : Broussard will arrive
Friday from Southwest Louisiana
Picayune, May 3J.
A Dreadful Wound.
from a knife, gun, tin can, rusty
nidi, fireworks, or any other nature,
demands prompt treatment with
Buckleu's Arniva Sa ve to pr. vein
bl'Kxl poison or gangrene. lis the
quickest, surest heeler fcr ul! such
wounds as also tor Burns, Boils,
Sore«, Skin Ki upturn*, Eczema
Chapped Hands, Corns or Piles,.
23c at all Druggists.
Let Foster be returned,
The wise rule with the American
people, who realize the importance of
being proper!\ represented in the na
tional councils, is when ihey discover
that they have ^>>1 the right man in
'he light place to keep him there as I
long as he is able to rende»- the ser-j
vice required. In < his way a sena-!
'or or a representative acquires a na- !
lional reputation an-l an influence'
among his colleagues and in the ex
'•eutive depai tments/jthat is
•lous value to his state and
of enor
( his con-!
From this point of view the Pica
yune would rejoice to see Judge
Rausdell hold his seat Jfor years to
come in the National Jllouae of Re
scntat.ivès, and for a like reason it
believes that to lose the service of
Senator Foster would be a calamity
that would require years, with a man
of equal ability to heal.—Picayune.
A Charming Woman.
is one who is lovely in face, form,
mind and temper. But its hard for
a woman to be charming without
health. A weak, sickly woman will
be nervoii3 and irritable. Consti
pation and kidney poisons show ni
in pimples, blotches, skia eruptions
and a wrecked complexion. But
Electtric Bieters alwoys prove a god
send to woiueu who want health,
beauty and friends. They regulate
Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, purify
the blood ; give stroug nerves, bi ight
eyes, pure breath, smooth, velvety
skin, lovdly complexion ami perfect
health. Try them. 50;; at all Drug
Judge L. P. Caillouet of
[Supreme Court Contest
Probable Candidate, in City.
.. , —
| the Supreme t Court
Judge L. P. Caillouet, of Thibo-j
daux, Lafourche Parish, now serving!
— the appelate bench, aDd candi
, - to sue
feed Justice Jos. A. Breaux, was in
the city yesterday, shaking hands
With friends, political ( aod otherwise.
It is said that Judge Caillouet is
quietly circulatiug about in the in
terests of his prospective candidacy
The field for this post of honor
promises to ba ver}- interesting.
Chief Justice B'eaux ha« already an
nounced that while he has not con
sulted with his friends, yet he iutends
being a candidate at the proper time.
Judge Walter Guion, of Assumption,
now serving as attorney general, is a
candidate, a fact which his friends
have generally known for some time
Judge Caillouet, of Lafourche, is a
prospective candidate. Judge Chas.
O'Neil, of Franklin, St
Mary Parish,
Amite City, Tangipahoa Parish, is
also on the likely list.
Parishes are more or less j
With this quintette of candidates,
if they all go to the post, one of the
most interesting contests would be
assured, judge Reid would come
from a section not personally in touch
with either of the other four men, as
the Florida
separate and apart
Judge Guion, Judge Breanx and
•hülse Caillouet. come from adjoin
ing parishes and from the same state
s. iisatonal district. Judge O'Neil i*
ii neighbor, also hailing from the
Third Congressional district, which
it is admitted would lie torn in
shreds in case all four «jot into thel^v™
nmnmg I n t !,e c„„s *£pn
which Guion and Keid w. re oppo- j
nents for attornev general, it will be
recalled ihm Judge Guion secured a
i ige and even surprising vote in the
Fionda Pariohe®, I he home of Judge
Iteid. Whetb-rthis condition would
j prevail now or not would be a mat
j ter for future developement, but it is
conceded that Guion would enter the
race a strong and well fortified can
Judge Caillouet is accredited with
po-sesslnggeerlain political strength
which ne would personally control m
such a contest, and in the event that
Jusiice Breanx. .should seek renomi
nati'in anil election thru he '.\ould en
ter with a certain well defined senti
ment in favor of his return in recog
nition of labor well done.—Picayune
I Reclamation of Louisi
ana Land.
P, Freight Agent Lai unde Tel is
of Fine Farms in making.
"The actual work of reclaiming
I the lands of Louisiana, and particu
larly those among portions of the
Southern Pacific lines In this state, is
I a revelation to me,"said >lr. Joseph
Lailande, assistant general freight
I agent of the Southern Pacific, who
has returned from a business trip
I over the road.
"People outside of the statt hear a
jreat dcai about land being purehas
I ed that will be reclaimed, but they
don't hear ;much about what is ac
tually reclaimed or is being reclaim
ed. We get letters very often saying
that persons have heard of Louisi
ana lands 'that will be reclaimed' and
asking if any such land has been re
I claimed as a matter of fact.
"It is remarkable how much of
I this reclamation work is actually go^
! ing on which tae people know abso
lutely nothing, and which means so
much to Louisiaua. There are three
1 great projects,of tbis nature on our
J road in the vicinity of D'Allemandes,
Lafourche parish, where the reclama
tiou work is actually iu progress on a
most expensive scale, and can be
seen from the passing trains.
of these is the Louisiana Meadows
Company's property of about 20,0U0
acres. Another is the St. Charles
Land Company property of about
15,000 acres, and the tfeifd is the Ju
luis Fink property consisting of
I about 18,0C0.
Work Will Soon Start.
After you take ftr. Ring's New
j Life Pills, and you'll quickly ßujoy
their fine resulss. Constipation and
indigestion vanish and fine appetite
returns. Thev regulate saomach,
[liver an/j bowels and impart new
j strength and energy to the whole sys
t2m. Try them. Onty gpp at all
Evils of the Festive Cu*
You know this is the time
I Of year when the (ieath-deal
ing cucumber is abroad in
the land seeking whom it
may double up and make sad.
When a man gobs ]bome in
the evening after a hard
day's work .he finds that he
is the proud peuaessop of an
appbtite like a self binder,
and when he sits down to the
table and sees before him the
first cucumbers of the season
he can] hardly wait until he
gets a quantity stoyed
under his base ball belt. jJn
der thisj belt said cucumbersI^i'eed
ea t er
Jfast aeleep for the night.
quietly lay In wait until the
has gone to bßg gind
Then they get
feet, unbuttou their vests,
roll back their sleeves and
proceed to business. At the
first attack the sleeper only
dreams thay Ty Cobb bas hit
him under the vitals with a
UP OB their!
baseball bat, but the cucum -j
bers rapidly get warmed up
and the victim s agonies in - j
crease. ^His dreams» become
more picturesque and he be
gins to snort and feels as
tbomb 80me0ue wM ■ dancing
[the Highland Fling on his
abdomen. The dancers grad
ually enter into the sport
with more zegt aud reinforce
ments keep »on arriving.
Things get desperate and the
j f a mily doctor is called and
telephoned for and instructed
td bring his full grown stom
ace pumps. At last,
alout daybreak, the
militias the fire department,
and the citizens band appear
+i i
the scene and join iu the
terpischoiean exercises. When
the sleeper awakes in tliej
morning the first thing he!
does is to feel of his stomach, I
also the cucumbers which j
the night before sat up and!
smiled so innocently at him. ;
j There are lots of people who
are harvested before they are!
ripe, simply b-cause they
absorb more cucumbers into
their anatomy than their di-|
gestive apparatus caa cope
with.—Mansfield Journal. I
f ■■
The New Order.
vVe are done with all the batchers,
Whom all the people rob,
And from hence we'll live on sea
Brought us by "Cousin Bob'"
Their flesh is sweet and tender.
No germs arc lurking there,
And a steak will cost so little
There will lie cause to swear.
•'Cousin Bob" will have our blessings
And to him we will be true,
While the sea cow eat the lillies
So the steamboats can pass
Then the butchers will see things
From a brand -new point of view
And because of Bob's fine sea cows
They will cnt their price in two.
H S. in Picayune.
A Paved Highway.
New Orleans, May 1911—Paved
highwaysrjeonnecting New Orleans,
Paradis, Lockport, Raceland, Houma,
.4bevile, Jeanerette, Franklin, Lafa
yette, Lake Charles, Morgan City,
Crowley, Jennings, Thibodaux, New
Iberia, St. MarUnville and many
other towns in %3Q£bern Louisiana
have become a ver} 7 near future pos
sibly through the reclamation of
marsh lands at Paradife, Des Alle.
manrls and Raceland.
Reclamation comp! t tl .t 1 aow in
process of completion I < li-ar tb<
way for a road between NVw Orleans
and Houma with the exception of
about three and a half miles.
As yet the geyej^l parishes and
localities, the gooj roads people atd
the reclamation companies have not
gotten together, but a meeting of
some soi l and the adoption of a def
inite plan of action is expected be
fore very long.
Tfte i,dea is to build a road good
enough not only tQ ansjjrep tljp geeds
of the people of 8outhern Louisiana,
but to serve as one of the links in the
great roadway system planned
through Louisiana to Texas thence to
San Antonio.
ïfye mpygipent to secure a paved
highway between ^ef Qrle^n§ apd
Mobile, and tjetweeq tyqbjle ' and
New Jfork is no^ taking ehape
There is now a paved highway be*
tween Atlanta and New York which
is part of the general system
Before definite progress can -be
made in Southern Louisiana the peo
pie of the various towns must get to
gether $ud pake their wishes known
to the parisH and state ofgcjals,
'P'aiffiggS Guar "
Wins Fight For Life
It was a long and bloody battle
for lift; that was waged by James B.
Mershos, ,qf Newark. N. J., of which
he writes : "I had lost inuc|) blood
from lung heniorhages, and was
very weak and rundown. For eight
»i'/ïfeS I was unable to work.
Death seemed ûltjpfi qji my heels,
when I began three weeks ago, to
use Dr. King's New Discovery.
Hut it has helped me greatly. It is
d. ;ng all that you c!aim. "For
wi'fk^ sore lupgs, obstinate coughs,
stubtn.ru colds, Jjoarsepess, la grippe,
asthma, Jbay.fever or any other thnoat
or lung tf^ufrle its supreme. 50c
and $1 .00, fffu 1 foozle free.
Trespassing, hunting and fishing is
stritl, V prohibited pp Isle of Cuba
Plantation. Violators jviH be prose
cuted to full extent of the law.
A. 0- F plse Mgr.
For Sale.
On Main St. in Houma La., well
located residential and commercial
property, Fine stand for any kind
of business, Yearly rental |900.00,
Box 374
cash or terrae to suit. Apply to
Dr. C, A, Lovejoy
Houma La
Children Cry
Trespass Notice
Hunting an<i tapping op our lands
is strictly prohibited and trespasssers
will be prosecuted to the full extent
of the law.
B owie L i'mbek C ompany Ltd
hamraerless gun^wittfosolidl
frame. Easier to operate—quick^
er and smoother action than any)
Ifc , oever bah^land is
perfectly bdanc^.tflMHHdÉ|
suça i« dcscri Pt'°a V of(^^^^^ I
Kons ia m our leo Page Fmx Catalog.
Bend for it XO-DAY m
K m cannot obtain STEVENS ?
^%. E IK LES - SHOTGUNS, " -H #
11 through jwnr dealer, we
i, will ship direct, express
prepaid, Ä tipon rc
a^ceiptof A
* ^P.O.Boxem
New Service!
New Orleans
Shreveport, Dallas,
Ft Worth, El Paso,
Colorado and
Dhair oars and sleepers on all through
trains. 1
General Pass. & Ticket Agt.
Dallas, Texas.
Achee & Achee
Civil Engineers & Surveyors
Railrqad, Irrigation, Drain j
age, Municipal Improvements]
Plantation Maps Land Sur I
Estimates furnished I
upon application
Thibodaux, La.
Steamer L0CKP0RT
Leaves New Orleans Monday aDd
Thursday at 5 p- m. for all land
ings on Bayou Lafourche, between
Golden Meadow Canal and Little
Agents: B. Strauss, §24 Gravier St. ^
Phone Main 316; L. B. Bivet, head
of fycoyjlle «t., Ityoqe Main 634,
New Orleans, À. J. (jlem-nt, Thibo
£ IN
and ride an
A. R. Staunton Agt.
Automobile and Gas OJugine Sundries
Phone Jifl p. Q. Box 346
Thibodaux La
^ wiu
M qutiediee H ouse.
No. 133 Bourbon Street
OLD NO. 81.
New Orleans. La
Unsurpassed Accommodation foi
Merchants and Planters.
Dr. C. ]ST. Folse Dr. J. P. Portier
Drs. Folge & Fortier,
Office opposite Dr. Danse
reau's residence St. Philip St
Thibodaux, La.
i lours:
8 a. m
1 P. M
L. E Caillouet A, J. Cailloue
Notaries Public
Attorney at Law
IJank of Thibodaux Ijiiilding
Rooms 5, (i. 7 and 8,
V. P Gailfoux,
Givll bngiiieer & Surveyor,
j Railroad, Irrigation, Drain
age, Municipal Inipromnen
Plantation Maps. Land iSui
Estimates furnished
upon application
New Iberia, La, ,
During the past thirteen years our bosi
ness has experienced a wonderful grow^
Notwithstanding this favorable condition we
are not disposed to let this growth stop, yy e
therefore want your business; feeling well
able to care for your wants, no matterbet
small or how large.
Bank of Lafourche,
Capital S Surplus {140,(100.11
j§ifeliül5iig|j=iteii=n=r!S gn^ i Sj
Silliman Collegiate Institute
one of the mos«, careful »od painstaking schools for girls in the south
been bu,|d,ng a valued reputation through flfty-eight yea« of Z
history. It is an accredited instiiut.on; Tts naml canies Ztiue ^Î
tial alumnae are numbered by the hundreds; its couferred deéreei
worthy attainment in arts, science anri letters; it has a standard of n
ment which its graduates must satisfy and therefore its diniomaß
weight and sffectlve influence for its possessor.
Endowed, Modern, Beautiful; Healthful bill country. Möderau
<f,fp anCe ° lveu wtieu needed and deserved. Send for illustra*?
Letter Heads
^ wiu (Statements
'Bill Heads
Anything and everything in the
way of high - grade commercial
printing Oui assortment of job
type is complete, our press facili
ties of the best, and our workmen
true typographical artists. This
tells all the story of our facilities
for doing job printing of the right
kind at the right prices.
® ead thl " W«t of prominent fMturoi
for t£ b7 '" Sam "
V «"o rÄtÄ £î
i °? atorl «»i cartoon« and humor"
} PW of Louisiana Wow«. r
} P®*o of new«,
I Pa?» of Watienal
Circulation Department,
The New Oneans WEEKLY Item,
210-2J2 camp street, New Orleans, La.:
the Weekly Jtein ,e3S? 25 CCntS *° r 9 year s su t >scr 'P , ' on t0
R. F.D., No..
Bill Heat
I letter He

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