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Children Cry lor Fletcher's
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over CO years, has borne tho signature of
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
W Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "«Jast-as-çood" are but;
Experiments that trille with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
« Cat» tori a is a harmless snbstitnto for Castor Oil, Pare»
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It ia pleasant. Ift
r = contains neither Opium, Jlorphino nor other Karootie
substance. Its ape 19 its gnp.rantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishncss, l'or move than thirty years iS
lias been in constant use for the rcl of of Constipation,
Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea, It regulates the Stomach and Bowels, /
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
I f
Bears the Signatu
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Yesrs
thc cihtaur company, ?t murray street, new york city.
fh? (j^iboiUu» JenttatI
poatiKHun ivifiY s atdudat
U . DUPUE, - Publisher & Pro,»
official Journal nf the Parish nf
l«r« i alike Pott Office at Thibadaiix, La
fand ritt» » matter.
\il communications should 1»« ad
dressed to The T hibodaux Sa vtinkl.
rhibodaux, La.
'iihaerlbergwhofftfI toreootvetheir papnr
time should notify oa wlthoptdelav.
Wittily prepared
of 4very description.
to do jol> work
The Louisiana State Cen
tral Committee.
It is conceded by the New
Orleans papers that the
friends of John T. Mich
were in control of the Demo
oratio State Central Commit
tee which met in New Orleans
last Tuesday. It became ma
uifest on Monday as the com
mitteeineu began to arrive i
the city that the Michel for
ces would control; and on Mon
day night at a conference
held at Miohel headquarters
it was developed that a large
majority of the total member
ship of the Democratic State
Central Committee were loyal
«iirnest and enthusiastic sup
p.»rters of Mr. Michel.
Apart from its unanimity
for Mr. Miohel in the guber
natorial race this conference
may be said to represent al
v >
the other political factions in
the State. Some of the lead
iug Supporters of each senato
rial candidates were present
among them being Hon. W.
H. Price of Latourohe, Hon.
Ben Lyons of Vernon and
Hon. W. C. Barnett of Bieu
The New Orleans press was
unanimous in its approval for
the splendid work performed
by the committee. It is inter
ening to note that while the
Times-Democrat of Wednes
. ,, , , ... ,
day, October 4th, admits that !
Mr. Michel's friends control- y
I d the committee, it ateo
takes occasion in its editorial
column of this issue to com
plimeut the Central Commit
tee oo its word and esepcially
ou the itaod it took calling
for the publication of cam
p.-iigo expenses and the elec- '
tiuuof the Democratic Natio- 1
nal Committeemen by the peo
pie. "On the only two points
of moment which came up,
says the Times-Democrat."the
committee showed itself prac
tically unanimous on the side
of the people aud democratic
The enormous strength of
Mr. Michel with the country
members of the committee was
demonstrated by the Porter
substitute to the publicity re
solution. This vote is conce
ded ed by all to nave been a
test vote of the committee,
aud it is gratifying to note
that sixty-one members voted
solidly for the Michel resclu
tion whilfl tho A rwp II nnrl
tion wmie the Aswell and
Hall forces combined could
onlvmastHrtwHiitv fnnr vntP«
ly master twenty lour votes
against it. Mr. Michel's
frirtndH nn th« P«ntrol I'nm
men is on tue uenirai L-om
mittee were almost - three
times as many as the Aswell'
and Hall f ornes romhîn^d I
ana nail I0rce8 00mDi ned, I
if the entire city delegation
bad voted against Mr.
instead of for him, his friends
from the country parishes*'
comfortaole! majority.— Mans
field Journal.
NO Need To stop Work.
When your doctor orders
stop work-it .tagger, you.
you saj'. You know you are weak.
run-down and failing in health, day'
bv daj, but you must work as long.-
ag you can stand. What you ueed is j
Electric Bitters to give toae, strength
»nu vigor to your system, to prevent
breakdown and build you up. Don't)
be weak, sickly or ailing when Elect- j
ric Bitters will benefit you from the
fiast dose. Thonsands bless them
for their glorious health and strength
Try thom. Every bottle is guaranteed I
Ouiy 50c at all druggistsp
to satisfy.
The current Saturday Eve
ningPost contains a funny
ory which Hall and Aswell
Can 8ay to each other when j
all is over.
Congressman Mudd, of Ma
ryland, sat beside a "full"
man on a train, who lurched
over and said: "Shav, whash
vonr iiamc'"
lhe Congressman replied:
"My namnie Mudd." "The
devil, you say," reiterated the
drunk, "you got nothin' on |
me. My name's Dennis."—Cos j
grove Weekly.
Children Cry
The Good Government
League Meeting,
Last Saturday the people of
Napoleonvilie and surround
ings had a good chance to
hear the cause of the (rood
Government League presen
ted by the men who are lead
ing the movement. The meet
ing was well advertised and
drew people t'ron other sec
tions of Assumption and from
adjoining parishes.
From the very opening of
the meeting to the end, the
burden of the song of the Lea
gers was an attack on Gover
nor Sanders' administration.
That Messrs. Parker, Hall
and Gueydan, who are the
main support of the League
are top-notchers as"knockers"
no one here will doubt. Aside
from their attacks on Gov.
Sanders and the game ward
ens, they had little to say. It
will be well to remember that
John M. Parker, who is the
man who induced Juvige Hall
to become a candidate, in all
of his talk, failed to say how
the city of New Orleans was
going in the coming election.
His address was mainly an
arraignment of the city ward
bosses and a promise to the
couutry that in the coming
election tuere would be a fair
count. A faiy count is some
thing that every citizen
should want, and if the Lea
gue does the least bit in brin
Sj Î 11 or this about it ought to
., , ,.
remeve the thanks ot ever ;
one for its work. That the
r uorvno lnorla- v>-xf an , t
League leader did not say
., . 4-V.^ 4. u
auytuing aoout HOW tne vote
/-v , .
in New Orleans was going IS
significant. He knows as well
aS any one who is DOSted that I
New Orleans will give John
T. Michelau overwhelming L P
0 '
Vote 0Ver ,lis tw0 °PP onents
and Support comes from
leading Dusiness ana com to
mercial P e °P le of tlie city. Mf
His iollowers m the coun
try al80 are substantial citi
^ ^ to
Z f ns m eVer y P ar,sb 1Q the |
a ^ e
I What Wa8 Something of a
P ur rom e regular
M.chel\VW> the m - lnner ^
^ res813aan Broussard hit back J
Doo f* 8mi " n who
I had spoken before him aadl
w had dweîtallttl e° n Con
|gressman Broussard's record
in Congress. Congressman
I Broussard spoke in English
and French and he talked for
nearly two hours presenting}
motion to J
S. Senate.—Assump
ï', 3 ™ 8 f0r P™mo«on to
;. p.
11 ■^ 10nee r«
long.-- -
j * OrC6tt tO LiSâVO H0ZQ,6 a
Every year a large number of poor
j suflfers, whose lungs are sore and rac
wit b coughs, are urged to go to
another elitnnte. But this is costly
an(1 not always sure. There's a »>et
I ter wa .V- Lei Dr. King's New Disoov
r . v Clire V ou at home. "It cured me,
of lung trouble," writes W. R. Nelson,
of Calamine, Ark., "when all else fail
1 ed arili I gained 47 pounds in weight.,
Its surely the king of all coughs :«nd
cures." Thousands owe their |
! !lms and ] lealt ^ to it; . Its positively
guaranteed for Coughs, Colds, LaGrip
j pe. A.-^thma, Croup—all rhrnat and
Lung tionbles. 50e and $1.00
'buttle free at all druggists.
The largest bottless in the South of
ail kinds of Carbonated Drinks. Our
specialty Arn's Celry Phosphate L. C.
! 110 ~ 1115 Annunciation St.
New Orlens.
Succeed when everything else foils.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Sale of the Pubiic Fer
ries Under Sealed Bids
Py VirhiH of the authority vested
in us by O dinanee N'>. 2ß9 of the
Police Jury of the Parish of Lafour
che, adopted June 29tb. 1911 as a
tnended by Ordinance No. 271, n
dopted Aug 3rd. 1911 the undersign -
ed will sell to the highest responsible
bidder, under sealed bidä. the right
however, being reserved to
reject any and all bids, at the Court
House iu the Town of Thibodaux on
October 281 h 1911
at 11 o'clock A.M.,the lease of the
public ferries of the Parish of Lafour
che for a term of two years exteu'I.
ing from January 1 lie first 1912 to
th« Tili rty-first day of December
1913, inclusive, it b^ing understood,
however, that such bidders who will
biU'l and obligate themselves to con
struct, erect and operate in lieu of
the ferries, pontoon bridges in good
ana safe condition in the bids sub
mitted by them, the least of that par.
ticular ferry shall be extended to a
period of five ymrs, commencing Jan
uary the Firutj^Ôljï, which said fer
ries to he sMer^/eui{der«hall b« lo
cated as follows.—
|d"iv"of ~tqi9 "
U' 1 ) 01 January lvlz, one-tenln
thereof OU the first day of July 1912,
f . - , J . '
i,Qt * one tenth thereof every six I
.L„„, h , tlle „ Kftel . thrMgbli / t , he
of ü» üv« year le.» o,
* I
1st.—One at or within one«»qtiarter
of a mile of the Angelloz Stole, at a
bout six aides above the town of Thi
2nd.—One al St. John's Chapel, at
about four miles above the town of
3rd.- One on the front of the Ludi
vine plantation* in the ninth ward of
this Parish, at a point three miles dis
tance from either the LSadeaux or fla
raug Canal public ferries.
4th.—One at or near the Store of
Julien Galliano, in the 10th. ward of
this Parish, about four miles below
the Ferry now existing at Belle Amie I
_ o, " I
Store in the same ward
For Ordinary Ferries. —
On«» eieht of the nricp n» i ho I
une eigm, 01 ine price casa on the
rst any of .lunuary 1912; one-eight I
thereof on the first day of the month I
«.f a....it ioh..,«i„ : .1 .
of Apnl 191 -1, and one-eight thereof j
ever" three months thereafter through
out the term of the lease. I
tenth of the price cash on the fi r8t I
All n«iid ahr/p crPiHt „, vmM i I
u , Credit paj ments to
be represented by notes payable as
aforesaid and sivnwl hr ihp"ni.wh« s
1 8n " 3l ^ nen * tlJe P"«ïûas
er and one or more endorsers or secu
rities to be approved by the Presi
j„„ f „ t T ,j. i j * 1 CT
I roliee Jury aud the Su
perm tendent of t^H^Pabli« Schools of
this Parish. AH notes to bear eight
L P , erCent aDD " m . i ntere8t f,0m
' their respective maturities.
Each purchaser shall furnish bond in
the sum of Two hundred and fifty dol
ta ,, binding and ob.igating the !essee
to keep the ferry or bridge, as the
Mf 90 ma V ^ at nil times in good or
der and to faithfully perform all the
duties incumbent on hia. as a public^
bllc ferr y or bridge keeper, said bond
to be recoverable before an v court of
| competent jurisdiction " I
The purchasers at said sale shall al
I sobefuitherbouud by all terms, con
Iditions and obligations imposed upon
ferry or bridgekeepers by the ordinan
J ges, adopted by said Jury on June 29
ioî 2H ".dVpM mT"
A ll Wd^abmUted mo., be either
in the hands of the Präsident of the
A.Äl.of Oct. 28,1911.
Presiden , of the P j ice L Ju B " M ^ ri>ll
jof Lafourche.
L. C. Roger,
J Member Police Jury
W. S. Lafaroue I
Superintendent of ihe Public Schools I
Parish of Lafourche. J
Trespass Notice
Hunting and trapping on oar lands
is strictly prohibited and trespassers
Iwill be prosecuted to the fuUextent
j of the law. t
Des Allemands Land Company, Ltd
TreSSpaSS Notice,
The pnblic is hereby notified that
| b^ing, fishing, moss picking, trap-|
plD ?\ an<J Otherwise trespassing, is
P oslt,ve, y prohibited on any and all
lands, under penalty of the
' law.
Alexandre Theiiot. |
For Infants and Children.
His Kind You Han Always Bought
Trespass Notice
Hunting and trapping on our lands
is strictly prohibited and trespasssers
will be prosecuted to the full estent
of the law.
B owie Lumber Com pa _,»(]
Punishing Animals As
There was some queer do
ings in the middle Age^
For instance, criminal laws
were sometimes enforced
gainst offending animals,
is a matter of record that
1266, at Eontenay, near Paris
a pig was publicly burned for
having devoured a chiid.
1339 a judge at Falaise con
demned a sow to be mutilatec.
in lier legs and head and then
hanged, for having lacerated
aud Killed a child. She was
executed in the square, dress
ed in a man's clothing.
1339 a horse was tried at Di
jon and condemned to death
for having killed a man. In
1499 a bull was condemned to
death at Oonroy for killing a
boy. In Ireland, in 1383,
cock was convicted of haviug
laid an egg which hatched
out a reptile.— Ex.
F our i.°' c J ock J/ M * of f . said „ d *>'> proceed
to sell at public auction to the last and
highest bidder for cash, the following
described property, to-wit:
I , » < * t « Î 1 I4 . * j • ..
the town of Thibodaux, measuring One
arpent front along baVou Lafourche,
and having a depth of IWty arpents, to
gether with all the buildings and im
provements thereon ; bounded above by
Und belonging to Frozin Babin, and bè
low by lands belonging to Albert Gra
bert ' * efes Sevent y feet'front 011 bayou
Lafourche, bv One Hundred and Thirty
IFive feet in äepth, the front to be mea
sured from the upper line of the pro
? 0 er ^ ftoÄpWteroT
^ James Beary,
Sheriff of tho parish of Lafourche
I Notice is hereby given that by virtue
I and in pursuance of an order and com
mission for sale issued out of the Twen
tieth Judicial District Court, parish of
Lafourche, State of Louisiana, in the a
bove entitled and numbered action, and
Albert Grabert vs. No. 4252. Robert
Templet et als.
I to ,ne directed and delivered, authori
zi ns and requiring meto sefl for the
I purpose of effecting apartition between
I the plaintiffs and the" defendants, the
herein described property owned in in
j division by them, I will on
Saturday, November, 11,1911,
I in front of the principal; front door of
the court-house of the oärish of Lafour
che, in the town of Thibodaux, between
I the hours of Eleven o'clock A.M. and
J,A- °' ocÄr 7th. y i9ll.
- -
Notice Of Registrator
Notice Is herenv given to voters of
inàfter named, on the date assigned for
of each piace, for the purpose of regis
I tering all.entitled^ renter under the
I Constitution and Law of Louisiana.
Oct. 2, Lafourche Refinery.
Oct. 3, J. L. Basset.
Oct. 4, Alfred Daigle, at or near.
Oct. 5,'Franklin Aucoin.
Oct. 6, Abby Store.
Oct. 7, At or near O. Chiasson.
Oct. 9, At or near L. Rodrigue.
Oct. 10. At or near L. Kraemer.
Oct. 11, Baton Pilon.
Oct. 12, (ïosain Store.
Oct, 13, Lafourche Crossing.
Oct. 14, Nelson Toups.
Oct. 16, Joachim Brbaux.
Oct. 17, E. E.Knobloch.
Oct. 18, Pierre Theriot.
Oct. 19, Raceland.
Oct. 20, at or near Paul Qaitroz.
Oct. 21, Bowie.
Oct. 23, Lockport.
Oct. 24, Longueville.
Oct. 25, Vacherie.
Oct. 26, M. Delanne.
Oct. 27, Ludivine
Oct. 28, at or near Sassonie.
Oct. 30, Cnt Off.
Oct. 31, A. Terrebonne.
Nov. 1, Leeville.
Notice is further given that the office
I of Registrar of voters is open and will
I [fon^ 11 ° Pen UDtÜ 30 days beforeelec
J * L. B. Jnilliat
Registrar of voters Parish of Lafourche
I Oruge, Cheinicala. Perfai. sry. School bonl>
Stationery, «te. Cor. M b u 6 l ftrwmi ntre«
Academy g . r r „ umtK , <adl€
g'JUKG N. T.
nrket Mta u
Always on hand the best nf Beef.; Ma
I Pork, Veal, and SausagM» ol all kinds.
Market Street, Thibodaux, La.
Kept by the Sisters of Mount Carme'l. Tho
ongh course. English and French. Foot
Market Street.
| Chol Emanuel.
Music Teacher
Gives nstrumental, vocal and HaJuoin^
esson Uesidenco Levee treet.
Choice fresh beef, pork, veal, muttODam
sausage* constantly on hand.
—open bvkky mcïsing
Situated on th<f Railroad, «orner St Mai
Street and of easy accès» from all $artm
FOR SALE—Thibodaux Opera
House. Address Chairman. Finance
Committee Lock Box 291 Thibodaux
It a
laiSnlâi teïfcîiteîteîfciiigi r=ii=rt=; i^
During the past thirteen years our busi
ness has experienced a wonderful growth.
Notwithstanding this favorable condition, w«
are not disposed to let this growth stop. We
therefore want your business; feeling well
able to care for your wants, no matter liow i
email or how large
Bank of Lafourche.
Capital & Surplus J 140,000.00
GRHïEp=fl=R=n^ïI5(I=ïI=ï EÏEÏEÏ
Escape the Heat of Summer and
Your Vacation on the
Temperature 50 degrees to 70 degrees EVERY 0a\
Low Round Trip Rates Now in Effect
Two Strictly First-Class Trains Daily
Through to San Fransisco Without Change
Most modern standard and sleeping cars
Electrtc Lighted—Individual lights in berths
Oil Butuiug Locomotives
Electric Block Signals
Observation car on Sunset Express
Dining Car Service Beat it tne World
Before Deciding on Your Route, see
G. L/TTLE, D. P. A. J H. ff. fARSOffS, ftij
Lake Charles New Orieant.
Beautifully Illustrated Literature Furnished oo Request
Achee & Achee
Civil Engineers & Surveyors
Railroad, Irrigation, DraiD
age, Municipal Improvements
plantation Maps Land Sui
Estimates furnished
upon application
Thiboda.ux, La.
V. P Goilfoux,
Glvll Engineer & Surveyor.
Railroad, Irrigation, Drain
age,-Municipal Injprovemen'
Plantation Maps. Land Sui
stimates furnished
upon application
„ New Iberia, La.
. E Caillouet A. J. Cailloue
Notaries Public
Attorney at Law
Lank of Thibodaux Building
Rooms 6, 7 aud s.
Steamer L(
and ARGES,
Leaves New Orleans
Thursday at 5 |»- for
ings on Bayou Lafourciie,
Golden AJ endow Canal a®
Agents: B. Strauss, 524 Gtt*
Phone Main 316; L. B.
of Bienville St., Phone
New Orleans, A. J. Clem?»*, 1
Dr. C. N. Folse Dr. J. ?•
Drs. Folse & F(
Office opposite Dr.
lean's residence St. Phi"!
Sours: I v . m

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