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Children Cry for Fletchers
Tho Kind You Have Always Banghti and Tvhloh has been
in use for over 30 year3, has borne the signature or
and ha s been made under his per
sonal supervision since its Infancy»
Allow ïlo one to deceive you in this»
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Experiments that trifle with and cstdançer thehcalth^OÎ
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end allays Fcverishness. For more than thirty years it
has been In constant use for tho relief of Constipation«
Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels,
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The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
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The Ii 2nd You Have Always Bought
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(m {j#
iboddwu lentittjtl
mt. 11. l)UPitE, - Publisher & Prop
i'JJitial Journal of the Pariah of
»reu refce. 2
Pint Ofleeat Thibtdawx, La
'and elun mailer.
pxiitkar, in advanck *1- 00
All communications should be ad
irweed to Tile T hibobaüx S rntinel,
jfabacrlbere wliofftll îareeefre their paper
«•stime »taould notify »i wUhout delay.
Fully prepared to do jcb work
cf every description.
At the meeting of the
î i »fourche basin levee board
0 i Aug:26, Ma-jorb v MKerr,
r. net state engineer, made
the statement that the
1) maldsonville dam is in bad
c miiition, and during the last
hi^h water had given serious
ejucern to the engineers
«K.tpf V* Maurin, of this city,
formerly president of the
1-xTje board, declared that
worry over the daui had
ivtnsed him to spend many a
Slt-opless night.
Major Kerr said the state
b >ar<i of engineers are
considering two plans in
«•oiiuection with the dam
l>:\) ilem. One is to construct
ami dam some 200 feet closer
l<> the river than the present
eui'vmkroent, locating it on
tu s extensive batture formed
the closing of Bayou.
Another plait i# tj dig. a
t rncli in front of the present
<1 im, on the river and to
4i'ive a row of sheet pillin8
>» this trench across the
«*:itire width of the dam,after
wu ich the excavation would
filled with some material
«vtVr than the loose sand
which now constitutes the
r ):ind.itiou of the dam. This
would prevent through the
base of the embankment, and
»* the cost would be
« insiderably less than that
»•mailed by the construction
*>f a new dam, it will probanly
be the plan adopted by the
**«ineeT8 when.4he matter
6-wi.ue up for attention.
Cel. Theo. ÎS. VVilkinsou qf
PI icjUHmines parish, who was
present at the meeting of the
»• »aid and took a prominent
pi t in the proceeding, stated
1 1 it inabout two months he
would tendrrto the board a
new style of revetment, which
he thought would prove very
valuable in protecting levies
lrom wave-wash, as well as
*\ unage from crawfish and
1 its. Cel. Wilkinson owns a
« liai u of sugar plantations
fronting on the river, and is
I, n'sently experimenting with
'4- cement revetment which
* over* the water fide of the
; vee from, its base to withiu
3 k»i H three feet of the top
\ Iiis piiü fj used with great
■ftu-c^ssin Holland, and ha^
»tf;«i»tly been adopted by the!
\^yted States government.
Representation Ransdell
announces that he has made
plans which will keep him
hwy every minute of the time
between now and! the
convenening of Congress in
December. He says he intends
to try interest the people and
the waterway oaganiïations
of the Mississippi Valley in
I the bill introduced by him in
the House this session,
appropriating $11,0^0,000 an
nually for four years for levee
werk along the Mississippi.
Mr. Ransdell believes if lie
can secure support of the
people of the states bordering
on the Mississippi. Congress,
at the next session, will
appropriate enough money to
put the levee system in such
condition as to afford
permanent protection.
At the end of the four year
the levee would be m perfect
conditton, and then it would
be only a short step to get
Congress to assume control of
them be says.
Mr. Kandsell hold it is
necessary for a commission to
investigate and draw up a
plain for Federal coutrol of
levee. All that is necessary is
for Congress to appropriate
money enough to complete
the system, and then
government oontrol will
follow.---St. Francis ville
Children Cry
Tue choice of a husband
s too important » matter for a wo
man to be handicapped by weakness,
bad bloud or ioul breath. Avoid
these kill-hopes by taking Dr. King's
life pills. flew Strength, fine com
plexion, pure breath, fine complexion,
pure breath, cheerful spit its — 1 Things
that win men—follow their use. Easy
safe, sure. 25c at all druggists.
Mr. W. E- Welch of
Louisville Ky. was here last
Saturday in the interest of
his grass drying invention,
one of which is in successfull
operation on Southdown
plantation in Terrebone. *He
made a proposition to some of
our citizens to install a plant
here for demonstration
purposes, and before leaving,
made arrangement to meet a
party from her 3 at ' the
southdown planton Tuesday.
—Lafourche Leader*
Trespass Notice
II timing and trapping i» strickly
lohihited < mi my Pantation*. Tres
assci!« will 'i*i or ^ ecu tec I to full ex
•"1 I > ' he a v
C. S. Mathews.
1 am app)\iug fur a pinion.
8. C. llo'.verton.
Thibotlaux. ha. July 1 Otb 1912.
Children Cry
United States of Ainf-rica
State of Louisiana,
/ Parish of Lafonyche
Be It known, that on this Seventh
day of the month of September, in
the year of Our Lord, One Thousand
Nine Hundred: and Twelve, and of
the Independence of the United
States of America the One Hundred
and Thirty-seventh year.
Befoie me, Charles J. Coulon, a
Notary Public, dnly commissioned,
qualified and sworn in and for the
Parish of Lafourche, State of Lottis
U#, and in the preseaee of Messrs.
Albert L. Fol se and Joseph A.
Toup*, lioth gocd and competent wit
nesses, residing in the Parish and.
Personally Came and Appeared,
Messrs. Ozeme, Naquin^ married to
Mistress Mary Bergeron, Joseph A,
Breaud, married to Mistress Cecils
Delatte. Louis H. Breaud, married to
Mistress Isa Bourgeois, and Josepn
A Naquin, married to Mistress Alma
Azemar, all residents of the Parish of
Lafourehe, and State of Louisiana
who severally declared, that t» vailing
themselves of the provision» of
laws of this State relative to the or
ganization of corporation-», they had
contracted and ^agreed 1 , and do by
these presents coveaant, contract, a
gree, bind and obligate themselves, as
weil as all other s web persons- as may
hereafter become associated with
them, or their successors, to form and
oon3titute Ja corporation and body
politic in law, for the objecta and pur
poses aud ander the agreements and
stipulations following, to-wit:
Article 1.
The Dime and title of said corpor*
ation shall be the '-Thibodaux Boiler
Works' Company, Limited," and its
domicile shall be in the Town of Thi
bodaöx, Parish of Lafourche, State of
Louisiana. It shall exist and have
succession for a period of Twenty
five (25) years from this date. It
may have .and hold, purchase, sell,
couvey. lease, pledge or mortgage its
property, and contract, sue and be
snfed in its corporate name and make
and nse a eoporate seal with s ach in
scription or device as may be selected
by the board of directors. It shall
also elect such ^directors aud mana
gers as its ; busiue*s may require, as
hereinafter stated, and adopt such
by-laws as shall be necessary for the
regulation of its affairs, and said by
laws may specifically definfethe duties
of the respective officers of the corpo
ration, and it shall further possess
and enjoy all the powers conferred by
law on corporations of like nature.
The president of this cerporatrou, or
io the eveut of his deatli, sickness,
absence, or inability to act from any
cause, the vice-presideut thereof, or
in the event of the vice-president's
inability to act from any cause, the
general manager, is hereby désignât.
ed as the person upon home all cita'
tions or other legal process shall bo
Article 1L
The objects and purposes for which
this corporation is organized and the
nature of the business Jto be carried
on by it, are hereby declared to be a
general manufacture and repair of
boilers and all other articles and
things manufactured with sheet iron
and to t manufacture and rephir ma
chineries of all kinds, and generally
to do all things pertaining or in any
wise pertinent to or incidental to the
general purposes herein slated and
Article Iff.
The Capital Stock of this corpora
tion is hereby declared to be Ten
Thousand ($10,000.00) Dollars, div
ided into Twenty (20) shares of Five
Hundred ($500.00) Dollars each, pay
able as the board of directors may
decide. The capital stock may be
increased to an amount not to exceed
Thirty thousand Dollars($30,000.00)
by strictly complyiog with the iaw in
such cases made and provided, ami
should said stock be increased the
persons holding stock at the time
shall have the right to take shares of
the additional increased stock propor
tionate to the number of shares of
stock then owned by him. AH trans
fers of stock shall be made ou the
books of said company by the stock
holder or by his authorized agent and
attorney in-fact. Should any stock
holder of this company (wish to with
draw or to sell_hn stock before the
expiration of this charter he or she
shall first give to thia corporation or
any number thereof the right topur
chase tbe stock' owned by him at its
val unascertained nod determined by
the board of directors, and uinety
days prior notice shall be given to
the corporation by such withdrawing
Should any stockholder of this corp
oration die before the expiration of
thrs charter, his interest in this corp
oration shall coutinue until the ex
pijation of this charier, unless other
wise mutually agreed upon by this
corporation and Ins W-gat heirs and
representatives. When such time has
lee h mutually agreed'upon, this corp
oration shall ha A c the v privilige of
purchasing said stock at its book
value, us a .Hieitaiued and determined
by the I.oai«frof director*. All stock
so transf -rred to or pnrchasud by
corpDiMtion or any of its members
*h;»ll lie paid for at the opiioa of lbe
buyer. eit!i.*r in cull or one-tfnrd in
cash and tin: r.-in under in note-)
bearing »-ight per c.-iit p r annum
inieri-si, }<ay;.ble :.tsix and iwelve
months fioiii dale, to the order of
I his corporation..
Article IV"
Any sui'iiiiH of money left in thin
corporation by stockholders sh.ul
r annum
needed h- ' h ji
Il b» det r. alt,cd
I hear t-ighi per ce:
j interest, pr&ij.
: corporation, wùiél
by the board of d'
A If
Tbé lmsmF| 8
shall be transact
board of fonr
Naquiu, Josepj
Breaud a/id
constitute the 1
with the said
president ahd
Breaud as vice-pr<
Breand, as mam
Naquin, as
their ofilcea
ef jiansary
fourteen or 1
shall have been
On the third
nineteen hund:
managed by a
terst Ozeme
and, Louis H.
Naquiu shall
fd of directors,
Naquin, as
rer, Louis H.
enc, Joseph A.
and Joseph A.
They shall hold
third Mouday
hundred aud
their successors
and qualified,
uday of January
and fDurteeo and
thereafter, an election for
diiectors shall beheld at the place of
business of said corporation, due
notice of whtelM,siall bè given to each
stockholder, or lus duly authorized
agent by the secg$tary,the same to l>e
handed, sent or mailed at least ten
da) s prior to the *aid meeting. Four
stockholders receiving jhe majority of
the votes cast shall be declared
etected d ireetora. The directors shal 1
take their seatttftai^sjMjr on their
elect a presidénîflrho 1 ' shall' also
treasurer, a vice^prssident, a manager
and a secretary. A failure from any
•tion of direcors
cause te bold an: election of direcors
or officers shall .not dissolve the
corporation, but those in office shall
hold over until thoir sucsessor* shall
have been elected aud qualified at
another election to be called and held
in the manner provided for herein
without auy unnecessary v delay. Said
directors shall have the right to fill
all vacancies in their number. At all
elections each share of stock shall be
entitled to vote; Three members of
tbe board ol directors present shall
constitute a quorum for the trans
action and management of business
of the corporation. The board of
directors of the corporation may
adopt by-laws, ai d regulations for the
transaction and conduct of the busi
ness thereof, and alter, modify and
amend the same as they may thik
proper, and they shall have full
power to make all purchases and
Contracts, to hire and discharge
employees, fix all salaries and to do
all tnihg8 necessary. All contracts
shall be signed by the manager or
president and then countersigned by
the secretary.
Article TH..
At the terminalen of this charier,
by limitation or otherwise, the bus
ine&3 and affairs of this corporation
shall be liquidated by two commis
sioners to be appointed from among
the stockholders-at a regular meeting
convened after teu days previous
notice, in writing, shall have been
given 4>y the secretary to each stock
holder or bis duly authorised agent,
said notice to oe delivered in person
oa sent by mail. Said commissioners
shall tfe^tlkh^Bd' nbéir duties
duties defined and'their compensation
fixed by a majority of the shares
present or. represented at said
meeting. Said commissioners shall
remain in office until the affairs of
said corporation shall bave been
liquidated, and in case of the dèatli
of one are more of ,#aid commis
sioners « successor or successors
shall be elected at another meeting
of the stockholders in the same
manner as set forth above.
This act of incorporation may be
changed, modified or altered, or this
corporation may be' dissolved by a
vote of three-fourth» of tbo : capital
stock represented at a general
meetiog of the stockholders couven?d
for such purpose, after ten days
notice shall have been given iu the
manner as set fourth in tne first
paragraph of this, article.
Article» VII
No stockholder shall be held liable
or responsible for the contracts or
faults of this corporation in auy
further sum than the unpaid balance
due to tbe corporation on the shares
owned by him, cor shall any mere
informality in organization have the
effect of rendering this charter null,
or of exposing a stockholder to any
liability beyond tbe amount of bis
stock. This corporation shall be
competent to commerce
buisness as soon » five thousand dol
lars of it» stock shall have been sub
scribed. Thus done, passed and
signed on tbe day, month and year
first above written, in the town of
Thibodaux, in the presence of the
aforenamed witnesses, wlio have
signed these presents together with
the parties and me, said notary, after
due readings of jbe whole hereof.
(Original Stgrad)
O. Naquin, 5 shares
Louis Breaud, 5 shares
J. A. Naquin, 5 shares
J. A. Breaud, 5 shares
Albert L. Folse
Joseph A. Toups
* Chas. J. Coulon,
Notary Public.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Lafourche,
I, tbe undersigned clerk of court
and recorder and conservator of the
conveyance and mortgage records
of the Parish of Lafuurche, State of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the
above and forgoing act of incor
poration of the" Thibodaux boilers
work-« company, lim ited", was this
day dnly recordc-l in my office, in
oiWckllaneous book no 8 folio 7.
In faith whereof, witness my hand
and the imqress of tbe seal of my
office, at Thibodaux, Louisiana, this
ninth.day of September A. D 9112
J, L. Aucoin,
Qlulfcof Court.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Lafourche,
I hereby eertify the above a«i
foregoing to be a true and correct
copy of the original aet of ioctft
porn I ion of th^ Thibodau* boiler
Works aforopany, limited, passed
before roe on the seventh day of Sep
tember 1912, together with the
certificate of the clerk of court in
and for the Parish of Lafourche,
Louisiana, annexed thereto.
In testimony whereof, i have hereunto
set my hand .'ift'ixe i my officii»',
seal, at Tittbwifriix, La; this ninth
day of September A. D. 191&
Chas. J. Coulon,
A Notary Public.
WRDIN'AjfcE NO. 277
Levying a special tax fur the year
Nineteen Hundred and Twelve on all
property situated in the Parish of La
fourche, subject to taxation under the
Constitution of 1698.
SECTION 1.- Beit ordained by the
Police Jury of the parish of Lafourche,
in regular meeting, convened, that an
adv&lorem tax of eight; mills on the dol
lar bo and is hereby levied for the cur
rent year Nineteen hundred and>Twelve
on all property situated Ha the parish of
Lafourche. Louisiana, not exempt from
taxation under the Constitution of 1398.
SECTION 2,-Be it ordained, etc.,. That!
the said, tax, when collected, shall be
apportioned and set apart as follows.'
Firat.-Four and 2-10 Mills shall be set
apart to pay the current expenses of
Barisn, including the salaries of the
li officers, and sha.ll be k DO WIS as
General Fund."
Second.-T vo and 4-10 mills shall be
[email protected] and UHed for the m „ teMBCe
of the pu t>iic schools of the paftsh, and
shall be known as the "public schoaS
teachir's fund"
Third.-Sir tenths of a mill shall be set
rpart and used for the purpose of build
ing, improving and repairlni.
houses belonging to the parish, and pay*
ing the salary of the superintendent and
such Incidentals as may be necessary
under an economic m aa&ge mit,. and,*
be known as the "public sohoof house
fund. "
The public sehool teachers' fund and
the public school house fund shall be
subject to the legal order of the school
board of the parisht and a statement
clearly showing how the- funds have
been expended shall be submitted by
the Superintendent of the schools of
the parish to this Jury semi-annually,
say on the flrst of July and January of
each year.
Fourth.-Elght-tentlis of a m <iil$ shall
be set apaTt and. used for drainage pur
poposes, as stipulated by ordinance» No.
102, adopted March 7th, 18W, and* Revis
ed ordinances, Section 71, adopted Jan
uary 12th., 1912,1900, and the same shall
be apportioned and expended aa theirin
SECTION 3.-Be It ordained, etcv, that
this ordinance shall take eflect fro»
and after its passage
Adopted June 27th, 1912.
CJ Coulon. J L Basset,
Clerk, PreBftient
Liquor Notice.
Notice is hereby given that Eugene
Breaux has this day filed his applica
tion for a Liceuse as Retail Liquor
Dealer, located at about five miles
below the Town of Thibodaux, m the
left bank of the Bayou Lafourcïre, in
the Parish of Lafourche.
Dated,-May 31st., 1912.
Eugeue Bresez.
Merchants ue^d bill beads,
"The business men envelopes;.
The teachers programs,
The girls visiting card»,
The young men wedding invitation»
Come to T hk S enti ne *, office-.
Liquor Kotic&
Thibcdaux, La. Aug. 1st. 1912,
Notice is hereby given that Nicbo
ias Laeseigue of the Town of Thibo
daux presented a petition to the
Town Council to be allowed to esta
blich a retail liquor business at tbe
corner of Market and Green streets in
the Town of Thibodaux.
Nicholas Lasseigne
Piano For Sale.
One Fine New Iner Player
Piano at a Bargain. Cash or
on Easy terms.
6-15 Apply at tbfeofficd.
Choice tresb beef, pork, veal, mutton ant
••usage' constantly on hand.
—OVKH every
Situated on the BaEVroad. corner SUIfa)
Street and of easy ac«*ss front all pattsr
Trespass Notice
Hunting and trappwg on our lands
is strictly prohibited and trespassers
will be prosecuted to the full extent
of the law.
Des Allem ards Land Company, L
For Sale.
Prosperous restaurant ami aaloon in
ugar-aod rice district, established
881;must act quick;address occupant
116 N. Derbigny New Orleans.
Mail Carriers Will Fly.
This is an age of great discoveries
Progress rides in tbe air. Soon we
may see Uncle Sam's mail carriers
fiyi'ug m all direction» transporting
mail. People take a .wonderful in
terest in a discovery that benefits them
That» why Dr Kings New Discovery
for Coughs, Colds and other throat
and iung diseuses is the nwvt popular
medicine in America. It cured me
of a dreadful cough," writes Mis. J.
F. Davis, Sticknej con»er r Me r "after
doctors treatment and al>othiri reme
dies had failed." For cougliP, cold«
or any bronchial allection i« unequal*
ed. Price 50c and $l»fl. Tri? I
bottle, free at all drog&bts,
il *ii nii'-Ti(t
in the stability of its moneyed institutions,
and none stands higher with tbe people than
<®f ©
0 ©
with Assets of nearly SIX HUNDRED .,
THOUSAND DOLLARS, it is ^11 prepared
tD handle any aod all business entrusted to*
® 0 %
o # ®
Bank of Lafourche, n

KMaHMBMa^MMmaBwa B aag g gamgamMiBBaB g aMs w ii i ^ «»«^ MK
Talking One Thonsand MHes/1
It might not be necessary for you t<&alk one thousand miles,
but you have frequent occasions to talk to parties outside of the city.
Plie long distance Service of the CowberimcF Telephone A Telegraph
Company,. Incorporated, will enable yotr to tall: to» every important
city and town in tyie United States and Canada.
Unexcelled service, reasonable rates. Prompt connections to
all customers. Ton can get into IM M KDIATK COMMUNICATION
with your home providedthey bave the sesviee &i the
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co.
$37.50 From Thibodaux.
For Full information apply to your Local^gent or Write
J. H. if. ft R SOjtS S, P. >($
New Orleans.
A. 6. LITTLE 0. !>. /.
„ Chulu
Liquor Notice.
Notice is hereby given that Charit»
E. Knobloch has this day filed his
application for a liceuse as retail
Liquor Dealer, located at about ten
miles below tbe town of Tbibodaux,
ob tbe left bank of tbe Bayou La
fourche, in tbe Parish of Lafourche.
Date,-May 28tb 1912.
C. E. Knobloch. '
Trespass Notice!
The public is hereby notified thnt
ou nting, fishing, moss-picking, trap
ping and otherwise trespsssmg, is
positively proeibited on any and all
our lands, under the penalty of the
h. j. lutchkr a*d otbkr8.
D ibkrt, S tark * B rown.
Cypres» Lumber Co. Ltd
60 YEAR«'
Copyrights Ae.
AnroM »tnrttnf iitaMultaoMlNaii
ntéklr MMrtala oar optaton tm «ink« is
Inrentlon tg pr*b«blr Mlmitabte Commnnlo».
Unn* •« rletlr eonBdoitUl. HANDBOOK on Pttaata
Aut ftM. Oldwt «fancy for i i w iw wMnti.
''•MBU tak«n tbroocb M ana. à Or. n wt n
ferial nette*, wlthoot coarge, la th«
Scientific flwerka«.
A kuiSwtitMtr ilMnM * n U t . lanraat «ft
*]*Orm of any MlamiSa to»rn»L Tara«. St a
raar; foar nontlu, IL Sold byaitaewtdaptap.
MUNN & new
•reach m W
Steamer L0CKP0R1
V<eaves New Oileaos Mondsy »s<*
Thursday at 5 p- m. for all Und
ings on Bayou Lafourche, betwees
Golden Meadow Canal and Little
Agents: B. Strauss, 524 Gravier IH
Fbonc Main 316; L. B. Riret, hesJ
of Bienville St., Phone Main Wi
New Orleans-, A. J. Clement, Tbtb»
Tresspass Notion
The pnMic is hereby notilcd tfcsl
hunting, flahing; uio«s pioking, tr»P"
ping, and otherwise trespsssinf, u
positively prohibited on any aai
of m j- landa uitder penalty of'bs
AJey.atidi*^Tjir r i ^

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