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V> ~
o Always Bonglit, and which has
30 yours, lias borne the jlpmtnre
and has been mode tender his M*»
sonal supervision since its infant
Allow no one todecejire you in this.
- * - " " are butt
health of
Cnytorln. is a harmless s^bstitirl o Sor Castor Oil, Par»*
(jorlc, l?r«i»s and Sooduajf Syidij^. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opktu^, Morphi'uo nor otli(x' Kareotto
liibx tance. Its pg-e its guarantee. It destroys Worms
find allays FeveWshn^ss. For piorc than thirty years it
ha% hùûn in constant nso for tho' relief of Constipation»
Flatulency, AVind Volic, all Teething Troubles and,
Diarrhoea. H V^W ,atc,s the Stomach and Bowels,
assimilate» thy IFood, giving 1 healthy àntf pâturai sleep*
The. Childrep'.^ Panacea^-The Mother's Friend*
> Bears the Signature of
\t\ Use For Over 30 Years
0^iboA«twu jcntnid
«. R. DUFUK, - i'»blisher & Prop
spinal Journal
veil rrhe.
c f the 1'urish of
tend alike Pos' Official Thihodaux, fia
■and elan mailer.
YEAR, in advance...
AJI commiinica
ahoidd be ad
iressedtô The Tui hùo a y x . S k mri n kl .
rhibodaux, La.
S^bserlbers who fall ioriirefve tlielr pnpor
on'time sbould notify us. without dulav.
CTFully prepared to do Jib work
cf every description. *
*u i^^moriam,
Li. VA V. ö. ii. tjainp No. i9ti
tljïôfideauiç lotimaua.
r> ..
Once more the vague roll |
.,'»•£ tj&t-It sonuded Hod ooeî
a y acre of our friends the geut
"'Jpat and tt^e fc^st has joined
^he silçpt mßjority bi^t this
call however m^aterious how
«ver ditjtaut to iis was'not tf>
our Consrade Major Ozerae
Naquin, It was tlje call of his com
^anions of Sliiloh and the Angel, s
summons to iin,mortality; he answered
without fear, a blemish unknown to
him, for as on the lipid of honor! he
traced death without a tremor,so ii
the bitterness of nur commoudisaater
he faced, poverty aud ruin without
flincbipj» and without repining, liut
with a resolute will, he tiinmphet
over every* obstacle aud boot fortune,
to his desires.
oA foud husband, a devoted father
a gentle friend, and ujhioid promising
citizen, the call has come loo aooo.
Not for him who was riikdy, but foj
lis who m^urn, tor his wife and
c^'dren who irieve, aod are bereft of
l|fs ca r 'j and kindly ministration. The
inscrutable decrees of Providence àt'9
nçt for us to fathom, it is for nsonlv
V> bow iu humble submission ' and
accept its fait wittnut a murmur. Let
us therefore foin our sorro^ t^ 'those
nearer who mourn, and to bis
^ereaved family and relatives offer
qur hprtfelt condolence.
Be,resolved that a copy of this
m» noria m be spread, upon our
uinutu bol" on a page,s{>ecjallY. set
•side for that purpose,a cr>hy; send to
ihe sorrowing family and a copy
published in ihe ioeal papers.
Sigoeu '
Jnhn Btlhu,
ij! La forest.
C. A K.ogerrau
Children Cry
Succc3ssion of Marcelin Lafont,
l\o. 2055 Probates.
_ Whereas, M/s. Margueritte Fonchp,
Vidow of Marcelin Lafont, of ih^
Parish of Lafourche, State of Louis
iana. has made application to be nam
3 d ai.d appointed administratrix of
.hj^uioresaid tstale;
i Nt>w, th^r fore, all p.-r-mn, <nili
j tors anil heir", and nth-Tit iutfiested,
! are hereby v.-.' iieJ ait'l uotilied to ÇI
I lieu, oppositions to the said applica
tion in wiling with the (Jlerk of said
'.'ourt,, at his i'ffi^-e in the Town of
Thilnnlauy, ten' days after the
first notice hereof, otherwise, the said
applicant will be named and appointed
•«s such udmiriistratrix as required by
la^ and in nccoï« lan.ee. with law.
In Testimony Whereof,
Witness my hand and
the impress of the seal
of my office, at Thibo
daux, La., August 21,
p. J. Au as ii
' D'y. C-" [
0. Cornet
of counsel
{K>. S
J.. A.
What Makes a woman P
One hundred and twenty pounds
" r(l or less, of bone and muscle
'ïotPt make a woman. Its a good
foundation. Put into it h e *dty snd
«t'eijgth and she may rule,a kingdom
| But thats just what Electric ' Buter,
give her. Thousands bless them for
give her. Thousands bjess tbem for
overcoming fainting, apd dizzy spells
and for dispelling weakness, nervous
ness, backache and tired, listless,
worn out feeling. \'l£lectric Bitters
have done m,ea world^bf good'' writes
Fliza Pool, Dfjpew, Okla., "and ^
thank you, with, all ray heart, for mak
inu: s'i,ch a good medicine.,' Only 5
üuaronteed Oy all druggists,
Succession of Mrs (i. D. Barrios,
N ( ee Emelie Çeigeron.
No. 2061 probates.
Whereas, C. J. Richard» of the
Parish of, Orleans, State of Louisiana
bas madp application to be named
and ; appointed administrator of the
aforesaid, estate;
Now, therefore, all persons, credi
tors and hpirs. and others interested,
are hereby warned and notifie^ to file
their sppositjp^s to the said applica
tion in writing with the Clerk of said
Court, at his office in the Town of
Thiliodaux, ten days after the fir
publication hereof, otherwise U)e said
"PPj'^nt will bo nam ml and.appoint
ed as si^ch administrator as reqnjred
by law and in acccr ( dance with law.
In testimony whereof,
Witness my hand and
the impress of the seal of.
my office, at Thibodaux,
La., August 21, 1912.
P. J. Aucoin,
D'y. Cleik.
Ho.w,ell &. Caillouet,
of counsel.
<L. S.)
trespass Notice.
Hunting and trapping is strickly
irohibited on igy Plantations. Tres
mssers will b® ppsecuted to full ex
^a1,o tha .»▼
C. S, Mathews.
I am applying for a pardon,
S. C. Howertou.
La. July 10th 1912.
Children Gry
Pnitdl Stute* of Aineriea
of Lpnl*is»»«,
1'ttriMh of l.»fpiin-he.
Be It known, that op *!•*« Serepth
day of tb# month pf September, io
ttie ytitr of Qnr Loni, Thousand
à'infi Hundred and Ttfelye, snd of
the Independence pf the United
State« of Aiperica the Qne Hundred
and Thirty-seventh year.
Before tqe, Charles J.' Cop Ion, a
Notary Public, dnlv çommiBsioned,
qualified and sworn^ snd for the
iijuish of Lafpurche, S^te of Louis
iana, and in t(ie presche of Messrs.
Albert L. Poise ant) J,P.<*ej$ A.
Tpups, both good and cpmpctpfyt wit
nesses, I residing
In the Parish
personally Came and Appeared,
pssrs. Ozc^e, Naquin, marred to
jstress Map' Bcrgero,«'. Joseph A.
Breaud, married to M i^tre^ h Çeciie
D.elaite. l.o(iis H. Rni\ud, married t<>
Mistress Jsa Bourgeois, and Josep£
A. Naquin, parried tu, Mistress Alma
Azeinar, a|l residents o' the Parish of
Lafourche, and StaÇç: pf Louisiana
who severally declared, that availing
themselyes of the provisions of the
laws ot this State relive to the or
ganization of corporation-«, they had
contracted and u agreed, and do by
these presents covenant, contract, a
Igree, bind ami obligaty. llietii'Cive.N^ as
weil as all othei eiicli pei,»ou.-> ;>s rjay
iociated with 1
hereafter bt-eoms
lhem,or thrir sueuessors, to and
constitute t a coipotation and body
politic in law, f.irthe objects pur
poses and untV r the agieeiqeuls and
stipulations (oiiowirg, tc-\vi.i;
A l tide 1.
The mine and title of said corpor
ation din 1 be the ••Thiboduux Iioiiei !
and it.
I'pmyaiiV. I.im t.-d,"
oniH-ile .-Ii:>l'l In- in ihe To«v of
hk J.' iux , P.trivliof L.itouiciie, S'aie «il
dioui^iana. î|i shall exi.»t und have
>^niX'e«<-iou foi; a pi'iiod of Tweuty
f2Â) ye:u;^ f.oui tUi- date. Il
maj have an,! hold, purchase, self,
convey, lea^-, pledge or mortgage its
property, and.' yon tract, sue and b,e
si^ed ill its corporate name and nml*e
and use a cop^'ate seal with such in
scription or device as may be selected
by the boa id of directors. It skad
als?, elect suc^ directors aud mana.
gcrs as its busiue-s may re«juire, as
hereinafter stated, ami adopt, such
by-layes as shall be necessary for the
regulation of its affairs,, aud said by
laws ijaay spççjiically define the duties
of the respective officers of the corpo
ration, aod it shall further possess
and eujo}' all the powers çonferred by
law on corporatiou8 of like nature.
Tne près I lent of Ibis cerporatiou, or
in the event of his e'eatu, sjekness,
absence, or inability to ayi. from any
cause, the vice-j residjǫt thereof, or
in this eye^t of tfc^a. viçe-president's
inability in ^ct from, any cause, the
gélifiai manner, 'is hereby désignât,
ed as the person upon home all cita
tions or other legal process shall be
Article II.
Th« objects and purp<>ses for wt^ich
this corporation is organized and t^e
nature of the buaic^ess tç t bç. parried
on by it, are l^eçeby to |)« a
general mfâfifcptpte % ad, ^epnif, 9 f
boilers aç^ all other article« ai^d
things manufactured with sheet lipp
and to manufacture and rephir u.a
chiuerics of all kinds, and generativ
to do all things pertaiuing or io any
wise pertinent to or incidental to the
general purposes herein stated aud
The Çapjjtal. Utock of thi^i corpora
tion is hereby declared to be Ten
Thousand (110,000.00) Dollars, div
ided into Twenty (20) shares ut Fiv
Hundred ($500.00) Dollars eac h, pay
able as the tyard ofj directors may
decide. Thfî capita) stock may bt
increased; to an amofj^t not to exceed
Thirty Thousand l !)p|iars ($3ü,OPi[).00)
by; strictly complying with the iavy in
si^jch cases made and provided, and
should said stock be increaatd- the
person* holding stock at thp time
shall have thiß right to take shares of
the additional increased; stock propor
tionate to the nunjber of shares of
stock then owned by him. Ail trans
fers of stock shall, be made 'oa, the
hooks of said company by the stock
holder or by his authorized agent anil
attorney in-fact. Should any stock
holder of this company »wish to with
draw or to sell hw stock before the
expiration of this charter Lß or she
shall first give to tliis corporation or
any uqmber thereof the right to pur
chase the stock owned by him at its
value,ascertained and determined by
the board of directors, and ninety
days prior notice shall be given to
the corporation by auch withdrawing
Should a.sjy' stockholder of; this corp
oration dje before the expiration of
this charter, b|s ipterest in this corp
oration shall continue until tÜe ex
pijatipn of this charter, unless ot.hçr.
wise mutually ag;ee^ upon by Vbia
corpcfatipn aad h>s legal heirs and
representatives. Wbe^'such time has
been mutually agreed qpou, this corp
oration shall haAe ti|e privilege of
purchasing said, stock at its book
value, as ascertained,and determined
by the hoard of directors. All stock
so transferred, to o£ pnrchased by
corporation or any qf its members
shall be paid for at the optioa of the
buyer, either in cash,or. öpe-third in
cash and the remainder iq qq(es
hearing eight per cent per annurp
interest, payable at.six aud twelye
months from date, to the order of
this corporation.
Article IV
Any surplus of, money left Hi this
corporation by stockholders shall}
bear eight per çeK e r annum
interest, provider's needed by this
corporation,wbjcl# 8 !' bß determined
by tlie board of »tors.
Arfi# Y
IfUé business p tlli ? corporation
•bals h< transactf!# 11 ^ managed ^y a
board of foq r lectprs. U«eroe
Nakata, Joseph A îrea » d . Louis H.
Breaud and Joseph- Naquiu shall
copsiitut£ the firsPO*td of directors,
witji the said QN e Naquin, as
president »fyi t** 8ure r, Louis I}.
Breaud as vjce : pr«vleut, Joseph À.
Breaud, as qymngr, snd Joseph A
faquin, as «epettO'- They «hall holjj
their offices flutil he third Monday
pf January qjnçt«« hundred and
fourteen o| unU tbe^r successors
shall have l\een etfted sind qualified.
Pa tlie tlpitj Mnduy of January
nineteen hundred *nd fourteen nnq
annually t^eafft, a n election for
jJiiectors «hall at the place o,(
business of said corporation, due
notice of which .sh}l be given to eacîi
stockholder, or Id* duly authorised
«{{«•nt by tli<- seer«$»ry.the same to lie
handed, sent or mlled at least ten
da\s prior to the aid meeting. Fo^r
.stockholders fpcejmig the majority 9?
ihe votes ca»t »lind be declare^
elected directors. 1'he directors sh;\ll
corporation, but ti\(^e h offic
1 jioj,! «»v«r untii tliêir su ew
take their seals i^pt^iat.-dv on the,^r
eleetiyu. Kae&
elect a p^ea\<ti
shall also ViÇ
treasurer, a vict.pvv^'ent, a manager
and a secretary. A ffilure from a^} -
cause tc hold eJe.ctfcn of «liiec«^- 1
or officers shall i,iot dissolve Ute
ssors shall
have been elected and qualified
another eh clion to, i:,c eallial and held
in tliH manner provided for herçÂ?
without any untieee.-isiiry ilehtv. S:iid
dtreciots shall havs ;he right to fill
all vacancies in tliei^. aumbt'r. At t^l
elections each j-iiare ftf stock shall ^>e
jenlitled (o vote. Three members yf
;'h.: board of <!ir« « tors presen», sk,ftll
s " l'A 1 . 0 " foi ihe traii%
action and luau.-ig.-ia-iiit of biiFine!^
Of the corporaUo ( y The Iwu'd
directors of tlif corporal ioi ny>v
atlopt by-laws, ai d çegnl «tions foi thf
transaction and uouctyct of the bnxi
ness thereof, ami aUçr, morlify a^«,
amend the same as they may th,^
proper, ^nd they ijhall have ft,^
power to, make aijlj purchase»' a^d
contracts, t,o hilft and dis«iiaige
employees, fix all salaries and to tlo
all tuihgs necessary. All contracts
shall be signed by the manager yjf
president and then countersigned by
the seeretarv.
ArtiyJaj VII.
At the terminatjen of this charte; 1 ,
by limitatif, or otherwise, the bus
iness ar.d affairs o£ this covf oratiçn
shall bg liquidated, by two commit
sioners to be apposed frotn among
the stockholdeijs ai ^ regular meeting
convened after tç.u, days previous
notice, iu writing t qhall have beeij
giveu by the secretary to eash stock
holder or his duly authorized agent,
said notice to ae delivered in |jersos
9a saut bv fflajL jji
shall t»e elated "
their «loties.
t,^eir compensation
duties define^ an
fixed by a wa^JjUy of the shares
present or represented at said
meeting. Said commissioners shall
remain in office uo^ii the affairs of
saidj corporation «hall have been
'liquidated, aud, V 38e of the dèath
of one are monj- pf said cotnmis
sioqers « succçjgp^ or successors
shall be elected at another meeting
of tbp stockholdpss in the sa me
manner as set fofth, above.
This, act of incjrp^ation may lie
changed, njpdifipd ^ altered, or this
corppjation m^y bp dissolved by
vote ot- t^reê-four^bs of the capital
stoçk v repicieutet^ at a general
meeting of the stockholders couve n
for such purpose, after teu days
notiçç. shall have been given in the
maùnei; as s.^t fourth in tue farst
paragraph oÇ this article.
Article VII
No stockholder shall be held li able
or responsible f>>r the contracts
faults of this corporation in any
further sum than t.hg. unpaid balance
due to the corporation on the shirts
owned by him, npr shall any mere
informality in organization have the
effect of rendering tbjs charter uull,
or of exposing a stockholder to any
liability beyond the amount of his
stocky This corporation shall be
competent to commerce
buisness as soon as fiye thousand dol
lars of its stock shall have been sub
scribed. Thus done, passed and
signed ou the day, month and year
first above written, in the town of
Thibodaux, in the presence of the
aforenamed witnesses, who have
signed, these presents together with
r the. partie», ahd 'n^^d, notary, after
duQ. reading of the whole hereof,
(Original Signed).
0. Naquip, 5. shares
Louis H.. Breaud, & shares
J. A. Naquin, 5 shares
J. A. Breaud^ 5 shares
Albert L. Folse
Joseph A. Toups.
Chas. J. Coulon,
Ni^ary Public.
1} the
State of Louisiana,
Parish of La^jourehe,
undersigned qlerk of oour.t
and Recorder and conservator of the
conveyance and mo^lgage records
of the Parish of Lsfpurche, State pf
Louisiana, do hereby, certify that the
above and forgoing act of incor
porpUon of the" Thibodaux boilers
wo^ks company, lirq ited", was this
day duly recorded in my office, m
mischllaoeous book no 8 folio 7.
In faith whereof^ witness my hand
and the imqress.qf the seal of my
office, at Thibodftj^x» Louisiana, thia.
ninth day of Segiember A. D. 9112,
J. L. Aucoin,
Clerk of Court,
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Lafourche,
I foe?eby t certify the above and
foregoing to be a true and correct
copy pf ^e original act of incor
potation of the Rhibodaux boiler
works company, limited, passed
before me on the seventh day of Sep
tember 1912, together with the
certificate of the clerk of court in
aud for the Parish of Lafourche,
Louisiana, annexed thereto.
|n testimony whereof, i have hereunto
set my hand and affixed mv official
seal, at Thibodaux, La, this ninth
day of September A. D. 1912.
Chas. J. L'oulon,
Xotary Public.
ORDINANCE ;^(). 277
\x for the
üvx ror tlie year
d Twelve on all
Levying a special
Nineteen Hundred an
property situated in t^V. Parish of La
fourche, subject i<> taxation under the
Constitution of iSyij.' " '
SKt'TION I.- lie it ordained by the
Police Jury of the pariah' of Lafourche,
in roirular meeting convened, that an
advalorein tax of eight mills 011 the dol
lar be and is hereby leyried for the cur
rent year Nineteen hundred and Twelve
on all property riituated'in tho parish of
Lafourche. Louisiana,'not exempt from
taxation under the Constitution of 1898.
S EOT ION -Be it ordained, etc.. That
the said tax, when fleeted, «hall b«
apportioned and set apart as follows.
First.-Four and 2-W, ^iills shall be set
apart to pay tlie entrent expenses of
the parish, ineludi^g the salaries of the
parish oltieers, and'shàll be knowit as
the '•General Fund.*''
Second.-T vo an^ ^-\0 mills shall be
set apart aud used toj? the malnténan^B
of the public schools of the parish, and
shall Im known as the "public school
teaehtr's fund".
Third.-Six tent^fota mill shall beset
rpart and used for the purpose of build
ing, Improving and, Repairing the school
houses tx'loujjing to tfct> parish, aqd pay
1 Jng the salary of the superintendent and
such incidentals as pftay be
'«^aoageoi .
"^U b /I c school hows
under an economt« ^i^agcint, and: shall
be known as the
The public school teachers' fund and
the public school house, fund shall be
subjoct to the legal order of the school
board of the parish, and s statement
clearly »bowing bow the funds have
been expended shall he submitted by
the Superintendent ot the schools of
the parish to this Jury, semi-annually,
sav on the first of July and January of
each year.
FourtU-Elght-tenths. of a mill shall
be set aptrt and uned fôr drainage pur
poposesi/n stipulated by ordinance No.
l&J. «lopied March 7»h, aud Itevis
«a ordinàices, .Section 71, adopted Jan
uary lütS., 1912,1900, and'the same shall
be appotti«>neCl'and expanded as theirin
provided -. < •
SECTDN X-Be it ordained, etc., that
this ordinance shall ' taje effect from
and after its passage. '
Adopted June Îf7th, 191%
CJ Coulon.
) L Basset,
1 ,
Liquor $$ice.
Notice, rç hereby gtvçoi that Eugene
lireaux has this day ^led his applica
tion fo^a License 49 Retail Liquor
Dealer, located a,t about five miles
below the Torç^ 0$ Thibodaux, on the
eft bank of tl^e ^ayou Lafourche, in
th,e Parish, of Lafourche.
palç4~May'31st., 1912.
Eugene lireaux.
Merchant»need bill heads,
The busings men envelopes,
The teach «s programs,
The girls visiting cards,
The yoyng men wedding invitatior
çojçç# to tiie Sentinel office.
{jiq^or Notice
Thit»odau^, La. Aug. 1st. 1912
Notice is hereby given tfyat Nicho
las Lasseigne of the Town of Thibo
daux presented a petition to the
To^n Council to be allowed to esta
blish a retail liquor business at the
corqer of Market aud Green streets in
the Town of Thibo'daux.
Nicholas, Lasseigne
Piano For S$le.
One Fine New Iuçr Player
Piano at a Bargain.. (Jash or
011 Easy terms.
6:15 Apply at ^hia office.
OCTAVE «J. TOiraps
Cbolce fresh beef, pork, veal, mutton ant
»çug'àgc« constantly on haa^.
or«» bvkky mo eving
SKnated on the Sallroad, conter St. Uaj
fi^eet tnd of easy aceess.(#>» ail partit
Trespass Notice
Ranting and trapping, on our lands
is strictly prohibited ajad trespassers
%gilt, be prosecuted to t^e full extent
% the law.
$£S Allem and* Lan^ Company, L
For Salie»,
prosperous restaurant apd saloon in
ugar and rice distri#^ established
3Hl;mujst act quick;addfess occupant
3jl6 N. Derbigny New Orleans.
] tail Carrier^ T^ill Fly.
This is an age of great discoveries
progress rides in the air. Soon we
may see Uncle Sam's, mail carriers
tying in all directions, transporting
mail. People take a, wonderful in
-terest in a discovery that, benefits them
Thats why Dr Kings. New Discovery
for Coughs, Colds and other throat,
and !ung diseases is the most popular
"perilcine iu Amenqa. It cured me
of a dreadful cough," writes Mrs. J.
F. Davis, ^ticknej corner, Me , "after
doctors treatment and all other reme
dies had failed." For coughs, colds
qr any bronchial afieetion is unequal
ed. Price äOc and $1.00. Trial
bottle free at all druggists.
® ■ , §)
[ % _ ^
f #
its monejed institution«,
^nd none higher wttb
with Asaeta pearly SJX WUNPRÉl>
THOU8A^P U is w?)l prepare#
Id handle apy ap4 wUo«t«4 Üa
jts care. _
® 0 0
Bank of Lafoufclte,
© •* ® ® A
Talking One Thonsan d Mites.
It might eot be qecessary for you «0 talkie thousand miles,
bpt you have Credent wcasions to talk Iq parties outside of the city.'
i?h.e loua Rwtaa^e Service of tho Cumberland rUfjJ^he & Telegraph
Conyjan v, Incofpo^aied, will enable y a u to talk % every important
W.ty and towm in the Vruited Stotes and Cana«W
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aU w^tomers. Yo« can get iuto IMMEDIATE COMMUNICATION
witb your home provided they have the service of the
Cumberland Telephone £ Telegraph Co.
niM From
10, 1912.
twwuau TBANS, Ne CM4INSC.
*wikw( fthais cam uo coaches.
DINW<* C.«» servie «car ii« t he «world
¥qi ; foil informa lioo Si ^jy to your Loc.l Agui ur Krl«
A It.n. ptMSO/ISi ft P. *.
New Orleans.
A. 4 UTTle 0. P. A.
Lake Charles
Notice is hprebx gi.yeq that ChsfiUs
Knobloch, has thip, day filed bis
application lor s liçenap o*M«etail
Liquor Deader, locate^ stf^aboutfloten
*W»|es below the town of, Tbihodasx,
on the lef/L b*nk of thp iBayouttLf
«pup}hP,i«».tt»e Parish of LafpUnhe.
^ate,-May 28th 1912.
C. K. Kupbjpçh.
"Hhp publie is hereby; notfSed that
o??pMng, fi*hwg> moss-^ickisg, trap
p^gand otherwise trespassing, is
positively prpeibited on any and all
our lapds, upder the penalty of the
ïj. J. L etcher others.
Stark * Brown.
Cypress Lumber Co. Ltd
Copyrights Ac.
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'¥j-X*Y f.'.V*-''
WC£ 11«
#MWday and
fr »r ail land
ves Npw Orle.j,
Thursday at 5 p
ingf^op f^^you Lafourche. Iietween
Golden ^il||Bjh>w Canal and Little.
T« W W
Agents: B^ Sirauss, 524 Gravier St
Phone Mpju U. B. Hi vet, head,
of Bivv.il le St., Phone Ma®634>
New Orleans, A. J. Clement, fbiho,
Tresspass Notic©
Bed tirai»
lg, trap-*.
' T^e public is h«-rrbv
hunting, fishing, un»-s pic
ping, and otherw^e trespasaiog, i*
positively prohibit«*«! on anv and sllj
f my laq^s under penalty of th^

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