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Everv Saturday at
,V,V,V II. C. CHOL'S ',V,V,\
One death from yellow fever was
leportod iast Wednesday from Beau
mont, Texas.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Pierson, now of New Orleans,
will be pleased to learn that a fine
boy was lately born unto them.
The reported case of yellow fever at
the convent in Labadieville turned
out to be a caw of rheumatism. But
that did not matter to the sensation
alist who star ted the rumor.
A friaud informs us that a young
son of Mr. Edward LeBlanc, living
about five miles below Lockport, fell
from a pectin tree one day this week
acd broke both arms below the
Old unele Tom Mattingly lias a
good stock of mules at Frank Uofl
saann's stable. Uall on me and see
who has the best stock.
It is rumored that the committee in
rharae <>f the Father Menard Monu
ment will take steps shortly towards
*.ecuring plans and specifications for
the proposed monument. Although
it has uot yet in hand the required
amount to defray the total cost ot
Haiti moninr eut, it is said they feel
authorized to begin, being coufident
that the!e will be no trouble iu raising
the balance needed. We hope this
iepi.it is true, and that it will not be
long before the corner stone is laid.
I desire to inform my customers
that 1 have just arrived with a few
lot of mules. Will be pleased to have
them cal! on mo and look at my stock
and lake my prices before purchasing
One prominent gentleman of this
parish could not be prevented from
contributing his mite to the mouii
nifitt fair. The rain kept him away
Roth times, it is true, hut Monday
morning he circumvented the weather
bv turning in a crisp $10 bill to Mr.
Jleniy Riviere as his contribution to
the fair. We are authorized by the
committee to say that if any one
alioiibl feel disposed to emulate his
good exam nle, Mr. Riviere will
give him or her the proper acknowl
edgment for any contribution he oi
ahe may make, and the committee
returns thanks in advance.
When bilious or costive, eat a Gas
caret. i-audv cathartic, cure guaran
teed. 10c, 25c.
A pleasant progressive euehre
party came off {last Thursday night
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jules
A. Hoffman. The Young people
Uad a delightful time and tho fortu
nulo winners appreciated highly their
prizes. Mr. F. Dupre secured the
gentlemen's first prize—a scarf pin
and Mr. Ketteringham who drew the
booby was consoled with the gift of
of a b ad pencil.
Miss Ocile Kobichaux was the
happy winner of the ladies first
p r i zt ._Powder Puff, silver mounted,
and Miss Marie Bourgeois, who car
rit d off the other prize, became the
proud possessor of u stick of eandy.
j jA , r Sunday's Fair.— The commit
tee in charge ot the Father Menard
Monument Fair again sufftied another
biller disappointment last Sunday in
the weather, which broke up the fair
emiv in the afternoon. The weather
premised well in the morning and ev
«rv indication gave assurance of snuii
■pamilcd success. Immediately after
no.ss the fair opened auspicious
Jv'lmi i M .foie the hour of noon the
lowi n g weather gave foiebodings of
danger aud by two o'clock
11 -ng
impending i
In il e altci hoon, .just about the time
-when people wore getting ready to go
to the fair, a drenching rain began
fallit«« and hept up until late in the
evci ing. driving all indoors and so
l! (Hiding the fair grounds, as to make
it impossible io go about in the yaid.
The stands w ere abandoned, anil only
ice «leatu, lemonade, and eatables
weic dispensed in the halls to the tew
Jieo) "ho had snivel! before the
jaii . fin- committee took counsel
tegn! i i that vei.v night and decided
to eoi ' • !.c the fair indefinitely. It is
suppo-*!' that the two inteirupfed
atteiii) s at holding a tail will realize
inndred dollars net, but
the c< i • ('tee at this writiug has not
Jet so > -meed the result or indeed
Uiud*- i p its accounts. \\ c hope iu
©til di v -sue to be able to place
Refute -.i leaders full paitioulara.
The MMi.inittce was called to meet
Jesteiday afternoon, aud we presume
it uid meet, but too late for us to
inform our readers of its doings.
Mr. Prosper T.mps, of Ariel, was
among the visitors to our lowu last
Miss Lydia Tonp« of Lafourche
Crossing visited Mr. and Mrs. Auiien
Molaison this week.
Miss Angela Boudreaux after
spending some time with relatives
here is now sojourning in Terrebonne.
Miss Alice McGee after spending
some time with Miss Roger of Green
wood u now visiting the Misses
Foret on Coition plantation.
Mr. Rufus Boylan left Monday
for New Orleans thence for Aurora
Indiana. Mr. Boylan had a sevtre
case of yellow fever fright.
Mr. Ilsley Boudreaux who has
been employed for a number of
years at the Gem Saloou has resigned
ins position and will leave to-day
for his borne at Bayou du Large.
Mr. H. W. Watson after remaining
some time in Thihodaux working the
insurance business has left for Pon
aldsonville to open an agsncy there.
Dr. C. A. Duval, Coroner of Terre*
bonne, and Mr. W. P. Tucker, mem
bers of the Police jury of that Parish
were hero yesterday on business
connected with the quarantine of
their Parish.
Mr. Charles Engerran left last
Tuesday for Irish Bend P. O. He
will lie employed this winter as engi
neer in the Cainperdown Refinery.
Before leaving Mr. Engerran dropped
into our sanctum aud had us to
place bis name on onr subscription
list for the next six months which is
the proper thing.
Our esteemed contemporary, the
Opelousas Courier given the following
graphic account of Mrs F. E. Bailey's
»rip. with her children and MissCock
ery from our town to Opelousas :
"Mrs. F- E. Bailey and iittle child
ren, accompanied by Miss Keene
Cmkerv, arrived from Thibodaux, a
non-infected point, on Wednesday.
The trip of these two ladies was some
what varied, the monotony being
broken now and then. The first part
of the trip, from Thibodaux to Schrie
ver, was made in a cane wagon.
Boarding the night train at the latter
place, they wended their way towards
Lafayette, expecting to change cars
there . for Opelousas. Imagine their
dismay, when the Quarantine Brigade
of Lafayette made the onslaught
usual on the arrival of trains—a
charge which for valor was equal to
that made by Albion's heroes at Bnla
Ulava. Nothing remained for these
Indies to do hut to stay on the train
until Scott, Station was teached when
they slipped (out and remained con
cealed in darkness until their train
moved off. But, alas! the guards of
Scott, like their compatriots of Lafa
yette. had sniffed the 'germ', and or
dered the unfortunate travelers out of
town, where they were fortunate
enough to hire a prairie schooner in
which elegant and comfortable con
veyance they reached here after a
delighful and romantic trip of ten
hours over our lii'ls and dales.*'
Accused ok PoisonikgHer Husband.
—Tom Freeman a colored laborer on
the Golden Ranch Plantation, died on
tlie 14 th instant under suspicions
circumstances. The coroner was
called in and an inquest was held, re
sulting in a finding that the deceased
had come to his death by poisoning
from a dose of ay me poisonous ingre
dient administered by one Mary Mc
Kinney, the woman living with him
as wife. Tlie accused, Mary Melvin
ney, is still at la'ge, notwithstanding
the sheriff's repeated efforts to capture
Jealousy seems to have been the
motive which actuated her in taking
the life of the deceased.
Since writing the above, Mary Mc
Kinney has been captured and lodged
in jail where she now awaits trial.
She was caught on tlie Golden Ranche
plantation, on which the crime was
committed, aud where she had been
in hiding, most probably, sinco the
death of her victim. When arrested
she was disguised in mans clothes,
and refused to halt when ordered,
which necessitated the use of force to
capture her. When spied by the
guard who captured her she w-ascross
tug a headland or clearing to go into
the woods adjoining, and upon her
refusal to halt, the guard shot her in
the shoulder with bird shot, which
brought herto and made her surrender.
The capture took place Thursday
nmrningand that same afternoon about
live o'clock she was lodgeu iu jail. Dr.
Stark was called in and examined her
wound and pronounced it light.
Sheriff Beary had same guards on
tlie Golden Ranch plantation on the
look out for the accused since the time
lie was informed of the murder and
aud left no stone unturned to capture
iier. He has had deputies on the go
nearly all the time, and he is highly
pleased with his success in landing
Ins game. We understand the accused
has confessed her guilt. She gave
powders, she says, to her husband to
keep him trom loving any other wo
man. She has succeeded remarkably
well iu accomplishing her purpose.
An Abscess
In the Stomach Caused Great
Suffering —Was Confined to the
Bed But* Now Able to Work.
" In October, 1395,1 had an abscess in
my stomach. I was also taken with pleu
risy and coughed very badly. 1 was
treated by physicians but did not improve.
I gave up all hope of ever getting well.
My right side was swollen and I was not
able to walk across the room and was
con filled to my bed. I was advised to
try Hood's Sarsaparilla and began taking
it. In three days I could see a change
for the better. I kept on taking Hood's
Sarsaparilla until I had taken four bot
tles and continued to improve. I am now
able to doa good day's work on the farm."
M. E. Mann, Demossville, Kentucky.
Sarsaparilla 1
sold by
all druggists.
§ 1 ; six for $5. Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co.,
Lowell. Mass. Get Hood's and only Hood's.
,, n ... are the best after-dinner
nOOGl S r lllS pills, aid digestion. 25e.
The Yfllow Fever.— The yellow
fever seems to be making slow prog
ress in New Orleans, and if the cool
weather of this week should continue,
it is hoped that its progress will be
materially checked up. The fever
has spread in manv of the Mississippi
towns but, thus far, Louisiana lias
besn quite fortunate, for no case of
fever has occurred within its border
outside of ttie metropolis. With
proper precautions it may be confined
to the city. The season is advanced ;
we have had cool weather; all of
which is iu our favor.
The official report of the fever in
New Orleans for the 24 hours ending
at 0 o'clock p. m. Sept. 23rd i9:
New cases 0
Cases under investigation 4
Death 3
Total cases 88
Total deaths 11
The Winners.—H ere are the
lucky ones who drew the winning
numbers in some of the ratifies drawn
at the fair last Sunday:
Mr. Anatole J. Braud won the
ladies' bicycle, Mr. George Otis, of
New Orleans, captured the Guess
Doll, and thereby proved himself a
first rate guesser. Marie Charlotte
was the name of the inanimate beau
ty and of the hundreds of guesses
made as to her name, Mr. Otis's only
proved correct.
Mayor Zernott won the fine cross
and glass case containing it and Mrs.
Theophile P. Bergeron was fortunate
enough to win one of the pretty rat
tan ladies' rockers donated by Mr.
J. L. Aucoin.
Other objects will be raffled later
Just try a 10c. box ofCascarets. tlie
finest liver aud bowel regulator ever
A Grand Fair will take place next
Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd
and 3rd at Mrs. Gustavfe Morvant's
Park for the benefit of St. John's
There is some complaint that on
last Tuesday uight some armed men
interfered with the peaceable assem
bling of some of the people at a col
ored church in the Chaekbay settle
ment and otherwise visited the
houses of some of these people, under
the plea of looking for violators of
the quarantine regulations. It is
even reported that one of the quaran
tine guards stationed at the Grand
Bayou bridge led the crowd.
if this he true it is most reprehen
sible conduct and should be stopped
at once. If any one violates the
quarantine regulations he should be
arrested without delay, and if neces
sary to make domiciliary visits to
find him, such visits should lie made
in 1in» broad lightof day by the prop
er officers, and without terrorizing a
w hole community. We are informed
that proper affidavits have been made,
and that the matter will be investi
gated. so that we may know the truth,
and the guilty parties, if guilty par
lies there he, be sent before the
court to answer for any delinquency.
There is ne need of bulldozing in this
parish to enforce the law.
W" have just ariived with a lot of
fine Kentucky mules, and are now
prepared to supply our patrons with
the best tho market affords at the
lowest market figures.
The superiority of the (needy Ken
tucky mule over the Wester;, mule is
a recognized fact by all.
Your patronage is solicited.
The way some of our republican f
exchanges ara kicking over the »p- j
pointinent of Denaa* to b* naval
officer is a station. Some of their
caustic remarks would make inte-
esting reading for the President
Some friend of his ought to collect
them in an album and send them te
him to while oway the time these
hot days.
S B Moore, of (Jn-t nsburg. Kv.,
says: I was very bilious for n long
time ; bail fallen off anil getting in
bad health. 1 bad dvxpeusia and
spit tip oil my food. I began using
Ramon's Liver Pills A Tonic Pellets
according to the Doctors's Book, and
as a result l increased in weight 28
pounds, and feel like a new person.
The wave of prosperity has reached
the cotton manufacturing industry,
nnd it is reflected in the print market
in the price of cloth and in the stock
market in the price of share. The
best assurance moreover, is found in
the faetthar tlie Republican tariff docs
not tneddie with tho cotton industry.
That mischievioua enactment steps
short of cotton, the attempt to lay n
tariff tax on some of its material
having fortunately been thwarted.
And New England industry left to the
energy of New England enterprise,
can face the world.
We reproduce from the Donaldson
ville Chiet the following bit of tail
road news.
'•Mr. R. W. Edwards, president of
the Mississippi and Lafourche Rail
way Company, returned Tuesday
night from a visit to Chicago, where
he remained nine weeks attending to
business connected with the enter
prise of which lie is the official bead
He expresses himself entirely satisfied
with the results of his trip and is
confident matters will be in such
shape that the woik of extending the
Mississippi and Lafourche road will
be resumed by the 1st of October and
pressed forward to an eaily comple
Court business progressed fairly
well 1 his week. The Cancienne
case fixed for Thursday did not
come off, on account of the illness
of Gov. Knobloch, leading counsel
in the case, and the absence of some
material witnesses. The case ne
cessarily goes over until the next
term of ceurt. as this week's jury
was the last of the term. Thursday
the case of the State vs. Clinton
Lane, charged with inflicting a
wound less than mayhem on Mr. J
B. Lusignan last May, was tried,
and attracted some attention on ac
count of the plea of insanity set up.
The jury evidently took no stock in
tlie plea for after deliberating nearly
three hours, returned a verdict of
guilty as charge.
Tlie latest news is that Argentina
is about to adopt a retaliatory tariff
against this counliy which will
practically shut out all American
goods. Tt will be remembered that
during the pendency of the Dingley
bill one of tlie representatives of
that government, while travelling iu
this country, predicted that his
country would adopt sueli a mea
sure if the high duties contemplated
j by the Dingley bill were adopted.
If Argentina adopts her retaliatory
tariff, our growing commerce with
that, country will be killed, which
will be considerable loss to oui man
ufacturers. The worse feature of
the situation is, that the example of
Argentina may be followed by other
countries which are already in an
ugly mood over the adoption of the
Dingley bill and liavo been making
threats of retaliation. Thus, we
may in the end have to swallow too
big a dose of our own tariff medi
Conditions simple. Write to-day for Handsome Catalogue and full pnrticulais.
.5. T. B DIRETT, President,
Growlev, La.
203 Students last Session.
Southern Military Academy,
Glinton, Lxa.
The Moat Completely Equipped Military Coaching School In The Southwest.
An ideal school for young boys. All cadets live in barracks with oZicers of the Faculty
A Faoulty of Trained Military Officers.
Handsome Buildings, Excellent Gymnasium
Good Library with Comfortable Reading-Room
Apply for Handsome Illustrated Catalogue aud Official Register.
I Io* 1 •• So'.. NVsva. oiililished in
Mho. riel.i I.R | t'liffu*n. Editor
"".I ni'Mi.te... w I..i.-st applicant
lor loom on i, hi exchange list. The
News is a neatly gotten up sheet, and
we take pleasure iu exchanging.
'•Pittsburg is to light London." It
is with this somewhat broad statement
lhat a Smoky City newspaper announ
ces the fact that the Wcstinghoiise
Electric end Manufacturing Company
has received an older trom tlie Metro
politan Supply Company of Loudon
tor nil electric-lighting plant. The
order calls for (luce dynamos of about
3000 horse power each. The cost is
estimated at about. $450,000.
Tlie Rev. Dr. Edward Everett Hale
tells this to The Boston Christian
Register: -'When Theodore Parker
left this country for the last time he
sent me. with his farewell, five vol
umes of his works, each with his own
autograph. I have 'lent' each of
these to some 'friend,' who has for
gotten to return it, and I do not now
'possess' one of the five."
Some people have very short mem
ory when it comes to returning a bor
rowed book.
We publish in this issue the report
of me grand jury which was unavoid
ably crowdeit out last Saturday. The
grand jury tom-l es on several points of
luteiest and calls the puriieular atten
tion of the police jury to the bad
condition of the Sheriff's house and
advises its immediate repair. Iu this
matter the police jury has already
taken active action at its last session,
held before the session of the grand
jury, by authorizing its president to
have the repairs made,
Tlie grand jury also refer to the
census of school children of the par
ish, as n basis of disti ituition of
Stare funds to the public schools.
We comment on tiiis feature of the
report elsewhere in this issue.
The grand jury also calls attention
of tlie proper authorities to the bad
condition of the public roads. It is to
be hoped that more attention will be
paid to the matter of the pioper
maintenance of public roads.
The Dingley revenue bill baa be
gun its work of monthly deficits.
Many are curious to know what onr
republican friends will do to avoid
the worrisome deficit* which they
have led the people to believe were
only posihle under a democratic ad
ministration. It is provoking how
some chickens have no better sense
than to clime home to roost-especial
ly politieal chickens. We truly
sympathize with our friends, and
trust they may find some way to
avert continued deficits other than
by issuing bonds. '
XhilMMlanx ... La.
(Opposite Dansereau's Urn; Store.)
/'.-fm Order* (promptly Filled.

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