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G. W. W. cORANIU. ditor.
MONROE, LA., JANUARY 12, 1871.
Senator Futch, of Union, has given
notice in the Senate, of his interqton to
introduce a bill to incorporate the Trea
ton, Farmerville and Fulton Railroad
Company. We have no doubt a rail
road from Fulton, in this direction,
would 'be' a payyng roatt,' itnd ' hat
either as a separate road, or as a branch
road to the North Louisiana and Texas
road, it will some day be built. But
our impression is, that a careful survey
of the country and an estimate of the
expenses and revenue of a direct road,
as compared with those of one, answer
ing the same purposes, intersecting the
N. L. & T. Railroad some sixty miles
west of this, will lead to the conclusion
that the latter is to be preferred. The
selection of routes, suppose the enter
prise be undertaken in earnest, would,
no doubt, greatly depend upon the
disposition shown by contending cotjh
munities to aid the road. It is a point
with railroad companies to build only
paying roads, and to obtain all the help
they can. They have no local pride
and no favoritg, bud go 9p the pri ci
pile that the country needs a railroad~
most which contributes most liberally
to its const.rutttrt, aril whicif nn51f sus
tain it with the heaviest freights and
greatest travel, when once built.
We trust Mr. Futch will be able to
secure a charter for his company, and
that capitalists may be found who will
build the road. ' North Louisiana has
great need of railroads owing to the
scarcity of navigable streams, and she
has a claim upon the State fo liberal
aid, from the fict, she has contributed
for almost half a century to internal
improvements in middle and southern
Louisiana, in the construction of which
her people, had no interest, and from
which they have never derived any
profit. It is no credit to our legislators
that in this enlightened age, and with
millions of indebtedness incurred to
build levees, excavate canals and
dredge rivers, there are to-day hun
dreds of farmers in this section of the
State, who have contributed to the im
provement of every other section, who
are hauling their cotton sixty and
seventy miles to market with ox
teams, over miserable roads; &Aid :prv_
cure their supplies of sugar, flour, coffee,
bagging, &c., in bad crop years, even
their corn, in the same tedious, expen
sive and ruinous manner. There should
he at least half-a-dozen railroads sur
veyed and built, in North Louisiana,,
and the State should contribute to their
construction. The country needs them
and the pouplation deserves such suc
cor from the State.
Richland Parish Representative.
In a note atddressed to. tle,peaker of
the House, one J. L. Stephens, late
Supervisor of Richland parish, magnan
imously says:
I hereby withdraw any pretensions
to a seat in tbe House of Representatives,
as the member from Richiand parish,
and recommend to the favorable consid
eration of the House my t~oripetitori
Mr. Harrison Jordan.
There is a peculiar fitness in the use
of the word "pretensions." A man
without support could scarcely be said
to have any claims to sit in the legisla
ture, bad as that body is.
Dr. Jordan has been .sworn as the
mflember from Richland.
To-day the first month of our Daily
closes. Our collector may be looked
for at any hour, as he is now due.
!Rpe.ial to the Daily Telegraph.1
San Domingo Commissioners.
What the President Intends Doing.
The Gtorgia Senatorship.
New Orleans Public Schools.
A French Victory in the East.
The Jolly French Prisoners.
Cotton Active and Firmer.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 11.-The Ten
nessee, ihch was fitted out to convey
the IDominican Commissioners, has
been ordered to Norfolk to await fur
ther orders.
The Post Office Commissioner has
agreed to report favorably upon the
San Francisco and Australia mails for
twelve years, thirteen trips per year,
with a subsidy of half million per an
Willis Drummuond has been nomi
nated Commissioner of the General
Land office.
The Judiciary Committee of the
House heard fifty women i ntday,: npo;
the point that the 15ith Amendment
conferred female suffrage.
It is not true as some correspondents
have stated, that the President intends
to send a reconstruction message to
It can be positively asserted, that
what the President proposes doing, is
to transmit to Congress a large number
of reports from Military Commanders,
complaining of outrages in the South,
and in a brief message to recomm e~
that sonme means be adopted to secure
Now that the San Lomingo joint res
olution is adopted, there is good reason
to believe that the three Commission
ers will be ex-Senator Wade, of Ohio;
Andrew' White, President of Cornell
University, and Bishop Simpson, with
Gen. Frank Seigel as Secretary.
The expedition will sail as soon as
these gentleman are ready.
Hill, Miller and Farrow are claimants
for seats in the Senate from Georgia.
Farrow submitted a printed argument
in behalf of himself, and Miller submit
ted a printed argument in favor of him.
self and Hill. Whitney is not present.
Those who watched the proceedings
think the committee will stand five to
two in favor of Hill and Miller.
House-The Agricultural Committee
was instructed to enact whatlegislation
they thought necessary to prevent or
restrict the transportation of diseased
cattle through the country.
Butler made an ineffectual attempt
to resume the amnesty bill. Adjourned.
Senate-Th. HIouse amendmnmt to
the Dominican resolutions, passed and
goes to the President.
NEw OREANs, Jan. 11.-The Pontch
atrain Railroad sued the Chattanoo
ga Railroad for $g00~,) for trup
sing right of way, damaging pyopertY,
Negro children have been admitted
to social equality, by the public school
authorities, into schools which have
heretofore been attended only by white
NEW YoRK, Jan. 11.--In the U. S.
District Court this evening, Judge
Blatchford gve a decision in the case
of the steamer Florida, libeled by the
United States for alleged violation of
neutrality law. The Court held that
the fact of the vessel being loaded with
war material was nota violation of law,
and as there was no evidence before the
Court to show that she had been fitted
to cruise against a state with which the
U. 8. government was at peace, the
vessel was released.
BoRDEAUX, Jan. 10.-The Moniteur
publishes the following from the army
in the East :
Rouqmrent,, Jan. 0.--A battle was
fought north of this place to-day, end
ing at 7 o'clock in the evening with a
victory for the French. The night pre
vents us from ascertaining the full
extent of our success. The General
commanding bivouaced in the centre
of the battle field, and all the pre-as
signed positions are occupied by our
troops. We carried Villers Exel,
which was the key of the enemy's
position, with shouts of long live France
and the Republic.
LosNos, Jan. 10.-English travelers
bear testimony to the generous treat
ment accorded to French prisoners of
war in Germany.
The British government has ordered
experiments which are now in pro
gress, to ascertain the applicability to
the guns now in use with the new kind
of gunpowder. It is said to be uncom
mon in strength.
NEW )ORLEAN$, Jan. 11.-D)epxtd il
Lizzie Hopkins for the i(M~kaita.
Flour-good export demand; supr.
05.51); doubleex. 5.75; treble ex. 5.906, 6.
Corn-scar ce; yellow 71; white 85.
Oats-scarce; St, Louis 58; Galena 64I.
Bran--81.80(, 35.
H1-ay-prime 30; choice 32. ,
Pork-held at 21.50).
Bacon--dull; no shoulders; clear rib
121; clear 1:.
Hams--sugar cured 18 q19.
Lard-scarce; tierce [email protected]; keg 134.
Sugar-dull; prime 91~10.
Moles-easier; common 371 to 45;
55.56; choice 50a(o60.
Coffee-prime 15i ii.
Cotton active and firmer; sales 10,300i
bales; good ordinary [email protected] ; low mid
dling 13 @14; middling 14i1 ; receipts
7142; exports 8336 bales.
Sterling 201; sight d discount.
Gold 110.
NEW YORm K, Jan. l 1.-Cotton dull
and heavy;sales 8500 bales at 151; money
easy at 66,8; sterling steady at 91();
gold strong at 110~711.
LIVERPOOL, Jan. 11. - EJcening.-
Cotton quiet and steady; middling 7id;
Orleans 8id; sales 12,000 bales, 2500 of
which were for speculation and export.
LONDON, Jan. 11 .-ELt'ening.-(Consols
92j; lbonds 89j.
Gen. J.. R. West, the newly elected
Senator, is one of the Administrators
we forget which-de boniA non of the
city of New Orleans. Prior to his ap
pointment to that office, he was con
nected with the Bankruptcy court. We
believe he was once an Andy Johnson
Democrat, but flopped over when Con
gress seemed likely to get Andy down.
He settled in Louisiana since the war,
and has generally held some office.
A coal mine has been opened 2 miles
below Shreveport. The Gazette says
the coal makes a very hot fire, but is
hard to kindle and requires a strong
The Missouri Senatorshipl-Blair in
the Lead.
High Functionaries Indicted int
Chansey Retreating.
ArtilleryWorthless to Capture Paris
WAsHINGTON, Jan. 12.--House.-A
bill was passed regulating the transpor
tation of cattle. It provides how long
they Iay be kept in cars, atd hours for
feeding and watering.
The Senate is discussing ocean cables.
The efforts to unite the Republicans
of Missouri, so far, is ineffectual, with
tMttdepr mp . ' -"a "  "am -Iu , -'
best; he is the foremost wan in the
Democratic caucus, and the liberal lRe
publican German paper publishdl in
Jefferson City, favors Blair.
The ice in the lower harbor of %t.
Louis broken, and navigation Soutlh i.
Sresumedl to-day.
Many persons in Tennessee, includ
ing Judges of the Supreme Court, At
torney of the United States Court and
several Magistrates, were indicted for
holding ottice in violation of the 14th
Amendment. A bill is pending in the
Tennessee Legislature providing for
counsel to efend them.
The Ohio Legislature defeated the
bill forbidding the Bible in s.hooLs.
NEw YORK, Jan. 12.--Gold weak;
opened at 110i, but is now 10li; cotton
quiet and steady; sales 1201M hales; up
lands 151.
VEi.SLAltA.IS, Janl. 11.-Advict - re
port ('hansey retreating at all points.
The borhtbarm'ltti of Phfi c fMitinut
A Heraldspecial reports the Frvtech
works at Bellancals destroyed.
Fort Nogeut hlas retumiuencud tiring.
Fourteen guns of Port Iray were li-
Shells are thrown into the Paris and
Lyons Railroad station.
Paris will fall from hunger and weari
nee--never from artillery.
Madame Cipede% left the President
in the interior several days before lhr
capture, waiting for a vessel on whiclh
to embark and leave the island.
The King telegraphs to the Queen on
the 11th :
"Bombardment slow in conllstluencet
of snow stormantl heavy Afg. Personne
capitulated with three thousand pris
oners. (Gen. Werderdefeated Bourbaki
on the 9th, south of Vesoul, and took
800 prisoners.
LoNDONs, Jan. 11, i5:20 p. mn.--Inlmpor
tant news is just received fron Versail
les. The Germnan colunmns operating
against Chansey have driven him with
in one mile of Lemnans, after a serious
engagement in which 1 cannon, :3 mit
ralleuses and 2000 prisoners were cap
The loss of Gen. Weerder's army at
the storming of Vellers Exel was only
200 killed and wounded.
A large German army is forming in
the eastern departments of France,
which will be under the eomnmand of a
distinguishett officer, anid InCluide the
corps of Von Werder, Zastrow and
The Hart property--which was solh
to-day-including 12 squares, 4 frac
tional squares, and 150 acres, in ten
acre lots, brought in the aggregate $30,
000, which is $12,000 more than its ap
praisement. But very few purchases
were made on speculation, the balanue
were made by citizens of the town for
immedtatv Improvement.

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