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G. W. McORANIE. Editor.
Associate Edtior and Business Manager.
Official Journal of the City of Monroe
Some of our country trethren of the
anti-administration persuasion charge
that S. D. McEnery is thl candidate of
the Louisiana State Lottery Company;
but the Picayune as we said last week
does not do it, and is not going to.
Why? Because it cannot do so with
out either at least indirectly attacking
the Lottery Company, or endorsing
McEnery-and it i., not going to do
either. That Mel.nery has" friends of
the lottery among his supporters we
will not deny; but we do assert-and
challenge the Picayune to deny it
that there are lottery men among the
combinationists-the ( )gden men,
Nicholls men or whatever they call
themselves-and now what have our
country brothers to say ?-ltiercland
B.( '(co0l.
Say? They will accept IIoward's
double-column advertisement and at
less rates than they will charge their
own merchants or -chouls, and will
purchase lottery tickets, perhaps on the
sly. If there bhe any one ,f them who
will not, we here plehdge the T'I':it:
SORA Pir to publish hi.s paper's pros
pectus (one-quarter of a toluumn) six
months gratis. is ihere, as a 1:1-t, a
single one of these journals whiiich has
not really soli,.itrl advertising favors
from the Louisiana Lottery:' We(: : not
hold that they are respoinsi,ie r
corrupt conctrn, because they Ima ,, wae
sought its platronage, but we (1o main
tain that the ncwsplari' w ir t;ch accepts
hloward's money for ilnIli hing his
lottery has not the statlin; before the
people entitling it to print ten words
against this infamous nmoolpoly-much
less, to arraign any man foir imaginary
or alleged submission to its political
pretensions. lie, in fact, who has the
power not to spread befiore the public
the- seductive and fact- indtucements
held out by l-owardlo 1, th,, young tlld(
lite I poor to ganmble it 1.!> lottery, and
yet (oeso thus disseOlIill:; :nrough his
column.s these temlpt:~et .,,- and! then
writes of the c'orruptio:i, . ,1 ,,lot tery,
is false to his. trust as a j. urnalist atid to
that which yields him nuplploi. I\'("
have fought this Ilattersy -. 1o1 of tl
"-anti-administrationl'" 1i: . have, we(
imagine; we have declin s i aldver
tiising patronage; and ar,: r -lporting
(;overnor MIclnery.
We agree with our (l cItelltpor'ary
Itichland. It will be tII) enough for
the opposition to( (iov. lel)nery to
nasail him on the lti;ryv question
when the combination ,rgan, the P'ic
Layunie, to-wit, to wh(,t' fl reignll music
they so attentively t:-s, has spolkel
:uthoritatively in thl  <lreetiont tor
the distinguis;hed ; )) rate,, who'[:
II(ediutml of c(luiiltlli o'l l,)(1 1n tilet
w\Ori(I i thie I'iyu( :l- good and
tll tantit il claims to :,'. 'ilit :e p, 0ee, ' of
the Louisiona iistteizt:e:ry wh .ere,
\\elli and forcibly n1anhl.0t < : ( lin tiht,
lAgatinst he, LOuiiailtiI Lttry, a1 t
l 1i, n)thin llJ t'r((y ho l l e< e wit( bi, y
The pre ' -I , tntil : (lue oill.nt l o r )t[h'T
lull:u t io l ,inEle) th' ' tiog ol, t' e
(lebats in the it Comtitutional ('on-i
vn'tioi of '79-only, tltere - I btecie
tie question discu.scd, to )()n0 lottery,
er of one hundred, and Mcehnery, we
l olieve, was iii fa'vor 1f onie huildred
0- againSt one, aild we believe, further,
Ihat in this the 1ieople were with himi
The To:Ia.:LuiAmi was undoubtedly.
liut Gov. McEnery, voting on a tic
vto in the Senate, on the question of
increa-ing the number of lotteries
illimitably, voted nay, because, as he
stated, a contrary vote would neces
sitate an extra session of the legislature,
Swhich he,.no less than the people, did
not desire to see called. There are
thouulaids of good people in the State,
who may not now be supporting him,
who yet will maintain that he did
right from another reason, namely,
that one lottery was one more than
enough, and two would nave been:un
endurablle. And the TElI,:Gca..'i is
not sure but what it erred in sup
porting an augmentation of the
number of lotteries, since just at this
time, the influence of one becomes
matter of such moment, whereas two,
or ten as there would have been,
would not have left us a printer's quad
to space out this line.
There may be, and no doubt is, some
real virtuous supposition to (G'"). 31e
Euery because of his opposed willing
ness to see the monopoly teature of the
Howard lottery maintained ; but we
undertake to say that if the people
will elect members of the legislature
who will enact a law abolishing that
concern, it will be returned approved
by MclEery within ten minutes after
the Act is enrolled. But the trouble
has been and the truth has been-a5 it
was in the Constitutional Convention
the people themselves seem to be utter
ly unable to choose from among them,
selves mene with sufficient manhood or
utelligence to represent 1them, and to
give eif'ctual force to their wishe:s.
A thundering lot of absurdity it
wOtltl elnM to he to talk of eleetilng
one man in a whole State to oppose any
lileaure w hatever, whlen the lpeople of
a single lharislh out of the i ay-eight
comprising the State cannot clearly uand
explicity carry out their purposes.
To-day being Sunday, we submit the
;oregoing as a sermon on gambling,
on the duty of the people; and the real
responsibilities of a journalist.
Sykes, the murderer of Kate Town
send, whose tragical death in New Or
leans yesterday is recorded among our
dispatches, is said to be connected
with two or thri( h ghly respectable
tamiilies of that city, au! to have been
legally married to to the victim of his
frenzy -everal ;.Iar- ago. T` i;c Ilti:
deredl woman \V-;!g ot y:',rsf t)f
age and a nativeu I rl::/iO
I)uri .g ithe tri, , 1 . - i, t aore the
li-tri te (',ouri at l'arnc rvill, last
w(1 l1, the pldainltill it action tieil a r'.
volver lilon :i his la per- The i ia.
zette relaite the circunl tall l'nce thius
J. M\. D)efeo appeared before the bar
with a pistol in his hani(, ail (l totl tiei
court that ho haI bCeenl al -ced in a
previous trial, :and a:sked the court to
protect him f.'om ai repetition t f fthe
abuse or permit him to protect timsltf.
Judge Grahamn, in substance, told l),,
ice that such matter- were usually per
sonal on. anWi as such Ibeyond the
provilce of the court, and that lithe
court wouldl perlnit n() :settlelieInti of
personal disputes in court, except in a
legal manner. \i r. I )ele thetl gave
his pi-tol to 1)'y Sthrill MIontlgoinery,
antd soutmiitted to the sug' ttions of
the court.
(in next Tu.day edctin. ,.Il
Occur in tlihe tllo,)wing Statl : Con
Ineticut, cliantors and I klrlieuseitai \v~:
Malylaoul, (tovernor, rli ('01, ! fe Ii r, At
torine(y (Icnel, ral iianI I.egi-tture; 31
snI-uett , S~, .tatc ii ot iu -anti legi-.
Iatlre: 32innei( .ta, uttutt ('ii nri l n
thrliiv propose c leinitiiloial 1ramoial
iiointls ; issi,'si phi, ILcgihlutur e ani
.l nudlge and Itlegenis of tlatei' tniver-ity;
INew .Jersey, Goveriior and Legi.slature;
New York. Secretary of State, ('ompt,
roller, Treasurer, Attorney ( eneral.
l'gineer and Surveyor, Legislature
and proposition to abolish contract
labor fromt the State pirisons; Penn
sylvania, Auditor (General andl State
Trea-urer; Virginia, Legislature.
MON Rol:, L.x., Nov. 3, ISS8.
The Committee met this morninag,
I. lRic:hardson, Chairman, and a quo
rumn ol this (otnmmittoo present. The
Chairman, being a memlter, of the
State Central ('ommittee, informed the
Conmlnittee that the IS th of December
next hadl been fixed at' the day fr
holding the Democratic State Conven
tion, and Baton Riouge the place for
nominating a D)emocratic State ticket.
As the election of delegates to that
Convention was the object of this meet
ing, it was, upon motion of Willis
Anders, Eq.,
esolved, that a Mass Meeting of the
Democratic voters of this parish he
holden at (Gersppch's Opera House, in
the city of Monroe, at 11 o'clock, a. in.,
on Thursday, the 15th day of Novem
ber, 1883, for the sole purpose of elect
ing said delegates.
On motion of F. C. Jones this Com
mittee adjourned to meet at Keller's
Hall at 10 o'clock a. in., 15th of No
vember, 18f3.
.J. C. LO(uAN,
[Dallas Herald.]
Sheriff William Warden, of Collin
county arrived in the city yesterday
on route from lFort Worth to, 3e .
Kinney with J. It. Lively, the
1 iga.uist. mtention of wholi wr.: lnaile'
in the Fort "Worth 'lepat-l( o tdlhe
Herald a few dlays since. If the biieU
history of his voyages upon i the
matrimoniai .ea, -. gleaned t
Ileroa t r .p, ter, be truot, he i-, a much
ly, nua'wil mnt ai:l vwouldl e a i n
min- ltgit '. tie 31 ui nto chlurcht. A \
iew v,els agro in hi.s checkered c.rcer:
lie hubbetd up tnear Arlington, in Tar
rant county, at the house of Mrs. Ar
wine, a widow laIly, whose daughter,
Miss Annie Arwine, he subsequently
induced to elope with him. ;.'he girl
was just entering her teens-hardly
fourteen-young and inexperienced,
her consent to run away with and
marry hint was readily gained. They
went to McKinney, but when he went
to get the marriage license Mr. George
Morris, toe deputy county clerk, re
(luir',l (i hiin a sworn atti(avit and he
I\orect hiit thi girl was an rihamn, had
eliteI raleld by ilim,ll and that in the
p t 'rir'l(: f .Ia . \i I ohe Wi her b e:( t
,'.l,, ..ti|l ,ii' a'nget' to :. ti. ' :
the' iiit e w.-a d , t . li l he W .. w-i
IICt'o I iii - c d ~ m V 'I.r tik O . 'oil t h e el Ii
ferred to th , gi'rl, l.." tuteI lIv':,;, {h,,t
he b.ggcd tot ,(. Cexcu'ud; thati nr e .a hi
-. Incit 1"'iinaliv iveily :-uceceil.d .:
Securiag the tiervit.s of itev. Mrl ie-.
Kinney, who performed the marriage
rites. They returned to Arlington and
sent word to, Mr Arwine, the girl's
uncle, with whom her and her mother
mafde their home, to know if they
could return, and in order to get time
to iiudi out more about Lively, he
clons-onltld. Soon afterwards it was
aseertaineI that he had a living wife
in Loui iani. and amnother ill Arl:k nas,
and dill another, E1ii Aycock, living
in i me :ert no coulnts, V lion lihe had
weddeid .= 1ay and recently
!ahanl(oncI(le . 'ir. Ar\;' io, visi ti her
teed lehrn.,,d tlh,, trulh fromn her, when
hc notiht P l author(ities and the
Choice. Med icines
h)le.'aleo )l" Retail.
ARY & NANDI)EI, ProlpriltorI.
d. The lircsmriptiou ,aim will it, undetir
tihi liersonal utpliervision (f Itoitors T. Y.
Aby and V tnt. 1, Vdel.
" OIIfOra nn, .,.l.l't I 1.,l :.
Cor. DeSiard and Walnut Srs
Have llld :lia re(eivi1ing tih:
Largest and Finest Stock
- OF -
Furnishing Goods
Ever before lb'ulghltl to ! bi
MIarlket. Als) ; liare liu ofI
Fine Hats,
.\ id 1hIe (2celhlirated
Banister's Cu:1.st0onMad,
As well as otlier miakces.
Before pluIrclhasilng elsewhl IC,
give the
* Star Clothing House "
a call. 11 will ceirailt!iv 1)(" I'
Vour interesi ti o d(( so.
Oct. 2, 1S,:I--tl.
. i00h lK. NA i.filNE 1, ;_
!-1 . Wilo . and Woodewn oa r .e,
5i. "aTgoba t ho and hlaig. -
-ailld nIci Sit., l~o r i  o l, 'll
uropeah i c t t l'ni r sale; aito brit
\?,lOII't)OiAL 1 I ' I .
H(. K.. IN ¢G.
n) tt. Lo.1is 1, N' w YorkL , N;tf 14 ni al,.
Vicks, urg. MItih la (t " 1n( ti a lin ' lth
'i o,,etlght at higltie r,tc1 s. Int- r:,
allohwel on tilnt, dl, p sit :.. ('olh i oll in
prom ptly attt"ln(e(I i n M1 , u ! roe,, r 1!1;,
ICo! floit ol railro , a t ailul n, te /lr.
d it h tl an i g h jilr li, o Ii td r w t ",tt ll, WV,
acc' mioellolr tlla, ,Hl ope I to the travclt.4
Oii(bl 1"' fC. :l. llhl iO Roolnl, or.Coiomiler ct
b. 7, 1,,sn. Proprient :

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