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It. Fracmlsville A ug. 1. '7'
CoaoNms Iaquasr.--On Sunday 5th
. instant, Coroner Ball was called to view
the body of Henry Green, a colored boy,
lying dead on the plantation of S. C.
Strung in this Parish. A jury was em
panneled, who after hearing the evidence
of eseveral witnesses rendered the verdict
that deeeased eams to his death by a pis
tol shot ia the spinal cord, fired by Wil
eon Bsrch.
SBAYou SAni Fran COMPANY No.1.
At.the Re-organizat on of this Company,
last Wednesday evening, the following
efficers were elected to serve for the en
suing year:
F. M. Mumford, President; Isadore
Pollateek, Vice President; B T. White
Foreman; James Wells, '1st Asst. Fore
man; Charles Spencer, 2d Aest. Foreman;
Nat. P. Phillips, Secretary; P. J. Ma
gulire, Treasurer. The Roll ofmembership
Is now. open at Mumford's Drug Srore for
Ssignatures and will remain open nntil
;the next meeting, Saturday 18th at 8 P.
A SPLENDID PAPERn.-We are in receipt
of July & August numbers of the True Cit
ises, publishied by the N. Y. Mercantile
Journal Co., at 350 Pearl St., New York
city. We do not hesitate to say that the
hi's Citisesis the finest pap& that comesto
our table, making noexception whatever.
Its 32 pages are filled with able articles
on literary, scientific, political, commer
vial, mechanical, and miscellaneous sub
'jects, which together make up the most
Sinteresting and valuable fund of reading
matter we have ever seen contained
within the columns of anyjournal. We
keep the "CiOisen" on file in our office and
cordially invite our friends to drop in and
look over it. Price only $1,00 per year
pestage paid.
W 1s A $TTon,-that city Council of Bayou
Sara. The fact is, we contracted to do
theirprinting, payable at theend of each
_quarter in CAsn. Our billwas confirmed
ai~6,~ cepted and ordered to be
paid, and we recei-ed a "cask warrant'
on the Treasurer, whicI~E;wapt so much
ofa cask warrant after all, as the Treasurer
could'nt pay it. But one gentleman of
fered to cash it at 15, another at 20, and
no doubt if we had remained do nn there
until beer time, we might have had it
cashed at sa high as fifty per cent,--dis
count. Moral,---City Corporations, like
Republics, are replete with gratitude.
ride Vattel's Law of Nations.-Solah !
.. Do the city papers say any,
thing in. regard to your parish ?
Nothing. Do they contain notices
of your schools, meetings, churches,
improvements, and hundreds of
other local matters of interest.
which your home paper publishes
without pay ? Not an item. Do
they ever say a word calculated to
draw attention to your parish and
aid in its progress and enterprise ?
Not a line. And there are men who
take such contracted views of this
matter that, unless they are getting
asmany square inches of reading
matter.ino their own as they do ir a
city paper, they. think they are not
getting the worth of their money.
It reminds as of a man who took
the largest pair of boots in the box
because the price was the same as
the pair, much smaller, that fitted
Sensible Advice.--You are asked
every day through the columns of news
papers and by your Druggists to use
omething for your Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint that you know nothing about
you get discouraged spending money
with but little success. Now togive you
satisfactoiy proof that Grecn's August
Floser will cnrg you of Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint with all effects, such as
sour stomach, Sick Headache, Habitual
Costivens, palpitable of the Heant, Heaxi
burn, Water-brasheb, Fullness at the pit of
the Stomaeh, Yellow Skin, Coated Ton
gue, Indigestion, swimming of the head,
ow spirits, &c., we ask you to go to
your Druggist and get a SampleBottle of
Gr'eets August Floeer for 10 cents and try
or a regular size for 75 cents. Two doses
will relieve yon.
An old saying (an not altogether an
untrue one) is, "a penysaved is two earn
bd~eoording to. this two saved is four
Maaedlnd in purchasing an organ if
yotcan save $50 it is as good as $100
earned, which woultgo a great way to
wtrd the purchase; you can do this by
buying the Star Parlor Organ. See ad
veritementin another column, and send
fmor circular and price list.
Thepr- g 'esf " lroad
emp  itb as raently
carle udh~-- odeonst&tiation
throughout the East and West
and which has resulted in the
loss of many valuable lives
and the destruction of millions
of dollars worth of property,
and the wide-spread ramifica
tions of which have astonish
ed and appalled society
throughout the extended ter
ritory in which it prevailed,
is easily traceable to causes
which, upon a little reflection,
become perfectly manifest and
apparent. .
Primarily, of course the
cause was the repeated re
duction in wages, by the rail
road companies and while
this acted as the immediate
spring of action, there are
others, more remote indeed,
but which have acted with no
less force and effect than
those more immediate and
Whether the grievances to
which the laboring employees
had been subjected were the
outgroth ofecircumstances re
sulting from. the general de
pression in monetary and com
mercial affairs, or were the
offspring of a wide-spread sys
tem of mismanagement on the
part of rail-road officials, the
latter of which seems to be
the case to a very large extent,
the facts bear out the asser
tion that many unnecessary
acts of petty tyranny as well
as crushing oppression had
been exercised over the labor
ers, a course that .is and ever
has been characteristic of mo
nopolies. Deductions from
pay when not actually in per
formance of labor though neces
sarily in attendance ; compul
sory expenditure from the
small pittance of salary, at
houses belonging to the com
panies, for the. necessaries of
life ; withholding of pay, as
has often occurred, upon one
or another pretext, while
families were suffering the
pangs of hunger ; the repeated
rediuction of Wages until they
reached a standard far short of
the requirements for the susten
ance of wife and children, while
high officials rolled and wal
lowed in wealth, splendor and
luxuries under enormous and
fabulous salaries which were
rather increased than curtail
ed; these, with thousands of
other grievances, combined to
arouse that feeling of mingled
distrust and envy that culmi
nated in the most formidable
resistance to law that has ever
marked the history of our
As is the case in almost ev
ery instance of the kind, ex
cesses were committed, and a
movement, eminently proper
and justifiable in its incep
tion degenerated into the vio%
lence and outrages of an or
ganized band of thieves, mur
derers and incendiaries.
Terribly dear as has been
the purchase price of the ex
perience, valuable lessons
have been learned, by which
a harvest of profit may be
reaped fbr the future,-a con
mummation sincerely to be
wished. Among other dis
alosures wrought, is the con
spicuous inadequacy of the
state governments of the lar
ger Commonwealths of the
North and West to cope with
mny considerable insurrection
that may arise. within their
,orders, and the demonstra
ion of the facility with which
the very seat of government
,f our country could be cap
tured by a well organized and
determined mob. Should
these experiences lead to the
devising of some system by
which legal authority may be
the better sustained without
too great a circumscription of
personal rights, the "great
strike" will not have been
without its peculiar benefits.
Ia out last lasse we made brief
lleation ta this assooiation in eon
scttion with their annual feast,
which was In course of eelebration
at the time we went to press.
Through the courtesy of the society
represented In their President, we
were enabled to inspect the liberal
arrangements made for the enter
tainment of their members and in
vited guests and to partake of the
abundance of choice viands pro
vided for their refreshment.
The table which extended over
a distance of not leso that 75 feet in
length was spread upon the premises
of Robert Hewlet, in this village,
who is Treasurer of the organiza
tion and who was a member of the
reception committee for the occas
sion.' A canopy of canvass was
spread over the entire length of the
table to protect it and the assem
bled company from the sun which
was intensely hot. Therb was nO
lack, either as to quantity or quali
ty of the most substantial or more
delicate dishes, tastefully arranged
and served up in a manner specially
calculated to tempt the appetite. In.
deed there was a super-abundance
of Turkey, Chicken, Sugar-cured
hams, deliciously barbecued, beef.
mutton and pig, flanked with veg,
etables, fruits and an extensive
variety of dessert and generous sup'
ply of wines. To sum up, it was
the finest "spread" we have seen in
many a long day, and reflected
great credit upon our friends of the
We have frequently had occasion
to mark the perfect order and de
corum preserved by the members
of the society when paying the
last sad tribute to the dead, and
the spontaneous manner in which
they turn out upon such occasions.
The objects of the association as set
forth in their constitution and by
laws, and'indeed, as envinced in their
practical working, is to foster chris,
tian love, union and peace; to at
tend and alleviate the sick, to ad
minister to the wants of the desti
tute in feeding the hungry and
clothing the naked, and to bury the
dead. The society wsoe founded in
the year of 1867, and if we msiteke
u-c, is chartered by the. Legisla
As we said before we wish
them a hearty God speed in their
noble efforts to subserve the ends
of charity. In all their legitimate
and reasonable undertakings the
colored people of West Felicianu
will find no warmer firiend and
supporter than the W. F. SENTI
August 4th, 1877.
At a regular meeting held this evening
there were present :
E. W. Whiteman, Mayor; Jas. Wells,
C. Bockel, J. F. Irvine, Wm. Deutch,
Councilmen ; WVm. Homerich, Absent.
The minutes of the last regular meeting
were read corrected and approved.
The finance committee oppointed to ex
amine into the financial condition of the
Town, at the last meeting, made the fol
lowing report which report being read
was on motion unanimously adopted.
We the Committee appointed to ex
amine the books of the Mayor, Treas
urer and Ce'lector, beg leave to submit
the following report: that after a careful
examination of said books we find that
on the 1st of April, 1877, the indebted
ness of the town amounted to the sum
of....................... $2296.17.
-New warrants issued
to the 4th day of Aug.
1877,........................ 945.00.
Total indebtedness .......... 3241.17.
By amount of Licenses
and Taxes paid into
treasury to Aug 4th,
1877,.......... $1936.10.
By amount of war
rants registered
twice............ $210.00· $2146.10.
Amount of debt to Aug.
4th, 1877,................... $1095.07
There is due the town in
unpaid Licenses and
Taxes, $485.50.
Cash in Treasury, say........ $50,00.
On motion the reports of the Mayor,
Treasurer and Collector were placed in
possession of the Secretary for future re
The followring accounts wore approved
by Committee on finance, and warrants
authorized to be issued for the same.
BillofDr. I. U. Ball, inqneston body of
Bernard Redon June 30th, 1877 $10.00.
Bill of Geo. Bailey for closing and opening
old boiler, Aug. 4th, 1877 $2.50. Bill of
West Feliciana Septinel, for printing
devenue bill April28th, 1877, 611.00, Bill
or printing Dog Law, July 21, '77. $2.00
Bill of Henry Ogden, for Board of two
paupers 2 days, $4.00.
On motion and seconded the Dog Law
passed July 13th, 1877, was amended to
read.-That tL; purchase price of a muz
zle and stamp be considered as the Tax
paid on the dog for his life time instead
of for one year
On motion Mar Wells was appointed
as a member of the Committee on street
awd levees, during the abeenoe of Mr
I 1ine. Osi motion and seconded it was
resolved-that any person reesiding with
in the corporation shall have the privil
ege of shooting plas oommittina de
predatious upon their propery. twas
also resolved, that hereafter the Consta
ble shall resort to some otLer method of
killing dogs roaming at large without
musles than by shooting them-say bo
poisoning, or other means. It was moved
and seconded that these proceedings be
published in the West Feliciana Senti
nel. There being no other business for
transaction, the meeting adjourned.
W. L; ~-fL., Mayor.
or *rns
STAIr or LovIsINA,
August 6th, 1877.
The Jury met in accordance with law,
the following members present: Thomas
Raynham, V. D. Walsh, Chas. Deckerand
J. J. Winn. A quorum being present
the Jury proceeded to business. The
minutes of last meeting were read, cor
rected and adopted.
Resolved, That the Sheriff be and he
is hereby authorized to make a contract
to furnish wood not exceeding twelve (12)
cords, said wood to be used for the jail.
This contract to be given to the lowest
bidder and not to exceed three dollars,
($3) per cord.
Resolved, That an appropriation of
thirty-five dollars(35) in additiou to the
onehundred and fifty dollars ($15O.00) al
ready, appropriated, be and the same is
hereby appropriated to repair bridge
known as the Seeders Long Bridge. Bill
of A. T, Gastrell for building jail, a bal
ance of $270.28 was approved and order
ed to be paid. Bill of A.JB. Bryant for $10.00
as part of salary for services as constable
up to July 1st 1877, was accepted and ap
proved. Bill of George Morgan for six
months services as constable, for $10.00,
was appoved. W. Douglas Rogillio was
appointed road overseer in place of
James Kimbal. The following bills were
referred to Finance Committee.
Bill of J. J. Barrow, Sheriff, for repairs
on bell, five dollars, ($5.00). Bill of C. M.
Barrow Clerk, for repairs on the Clerk's
Office heal, five dollars ($5.00). Bill of
W. S. D. Hamilton. for services as Justice
of the Peace, fifteen dollars ($15.00). Bill
of West Feliciana Sentinel, for publica
tion of P. Jury Proceedings eleven dol
lars and twenty-five cents. ($11.25). Bill
of A. T. Gastrell for repairs on Court
House gate two dollars and twenty-five
ce uts. ($2.25) Warrant issued in favor of
L. G. Stirling for $100.00'b Tax Collec
tor. Bill of J. J. Barrow for maintenance
of James V. White in jail, twenty dollars
and'we,,ty cents $20.20.
There being no further business before
the Jury, the roll was called and the
following present: T. Raynham, V. D.
Walsh, Chas. Decker and J. J. Winn.
On motion the Jury adjourned sisle die.
G. M. MILLER, Pres.
SHERIFF'S SALE -The Stateof Loui
siana-Parish of West Feliciana
7th Judicial District Court No. 2631. S.
B. Newman & Co. vs. J. J. Wade.
By virtue of and in obedience to a writ
of fi. fa. issued in the above styled suit
from the Honorable 7th Judicial District
Court, and to me dir cted-I have seized
and will offer for sale to the highest bid
der, at the Court House, in St. Francis
ville on Saturday, the 15 day of September
1877, at the hour of 11 o'clock, A. M. of
said day; this being the third Saturday of
said mouth, the following described pro
perty to-wit.-A certain tract of land
together with all the buildings and im
provements thereon or thereunto belong
ing and the crops of cotton &c thereon,
situated in the Parish of West Feliciana
and known as the river side plantation;
Bounded on the North by lands of Mrs.
O. R. Wade, West by the Mississippi riv
er, back and below by lands now or for
merly of W. R. Barrow, and containing
745 acres more or less and being the same
property purchased by J. J. Wade of
Charles E. Percy on the 5th day of Jan
uary 1866, and by the said Charles E.
Percy acquired of James R. Wimbish,
Terms of Sale.-Cash with the bene
fit of appraisement.
Aug.11,1877. Sheriff.
I would respectfully inform persons
having wells to dig, recurb or clean out
that the same will be promptly attended
to by addressing the undersigned through
the Post Office at this place.
ar31--6m. Et. -l2i ,cir lle, La"
VWe beg to invite the special attention
ofDealers and Consumers to these
PAINTb. They are manufactured from
MENTS, and mixed orthioned with only
STRICTLY PURE Linseed Oil and Tur
pentine, and they cannot be excelled in
covering capacity, durability, fineness and
beauty offinish. They will neither
chalk, flake, or peel off, and work with
perfect freedom under the brush. They
weigh from 15 to 10 lbs per gallon, which,
of itself, POSITIVELY demonstrates tlheir
purity and superiority.
The various compounds known in ti,
market as Chemical Paints, contain only
sabour 50 per cent. of Paint; the balance
is water, introduced into the same by the
use of an alkali, to combine it. The
last mentioned Paints, so-called, only
weigh from 9 to 10 Ibs per gallon, which
we think certainly proves their lack of
capacity or body. When water is mix
ed with Paint, it not only destroys its
body, but, to a very great extent, its ad
hesiveness, which all practical men know
is of the highest importance to preserve,
n order to make a durable Paint.
We think, from the statement we have
made, that buyers cannotfail to at ONCE
perceive that their interest will be best
promoted by buying our Liquid Paints
(i.e. Pure 'aints), in preference to the
so-called Paints referred to.
Sample card and prices sent free on ap
18 Murray St., New York,
Manufacturers and dealers in all Paints,
Colors, &c, Mar.17.'77-6n
The Felielana Female Collegiate Instl
tute, tormerly at Jackson La. will be
oened on Wednsda ,Sth i .
187 stafitn VI on the ,,. .. R.
ix miles from Say4 La,, uder the
direction of Mrs. V. Z. Howell (Mi
Virginia Catlett,) Principal. For terms
and other information, address Mrs. V.
Z. Howell, Bayou Sara, La.
B..T. WHIrTE, Proprietor.
Ice Cold Aurora Beer always'on hand.
The Bat is constantly supplled with
choicest brands of wines, Liquors and
A sumptuous Free Lunch spread every
Sunday morning. Attached to the es
tabllshment is a Splendid Billiard Table.
All appointments as customary in a first
class Saloon.
SAVINO arranged with one of the
H most * axtensive seed growers in
.,merica for a large supply of the best
seed of this year's growth, at extra low
prices, we propose to give, as a Specilt
Prem i un to every new subseriber to
Our Home Jouurnal for the six
months fromn July 1, 1877, who seuds $.
25, one half pound of the early flat dutch
strap leaf TURNIP SEED, and one ounce
late fiat dutch CABBAGE SEED. Pos
tage prepaid on seeds and paper.
Every Planter and farmer should plant
that much or more of each of tle above;
and this will enable him to get the paper
at the regular yearly rate of $ 5), besides
75 cents worth of seed free. Ilnstru'tionse
how to plant the turnip and cabbage
mailed with seed when desired. Send
$1 25, and you will receive tile oil.W.sT
and InST weekly agric.ullttural journal
in the South for six months, besides 75
cts. worth of the best, freshest and most
desirable seed for Fall planting FREE !
is a large 16-page 64-column paper, pub
lished weekly. It contains everything of
value to Southern Agriculture, all the
latest Telegraphic News, News from all
the Southern States, the Reports of the
Markets, departments for the Family
Circle, Young Folks, Domestic Economy,
Valuable Recipes and Manufacturing,
Literary, Foreign, Scientific, and Mis
celeaneous Items, wit and Humor, etc.,
and in usefulness and variety of reading
matter is not excelled by any paper in
America. The Fourteenth Volume com
mences July 1, 1877. Send $1 25 and get
it for six months, together with 75 cents
worth of seeds Free: Address
Our Home Journal and Rural Soutlland,
New Orleans.
State in what paper you saw this ad
july & Aug. 'T7.
A. "S"BO.
Bayou Sara, La.,
Announces to the citizens of West
Feliciana and neighboring Parishes and
Counties, that he has always on hand a
complete and seasonable stock of goods,
and that he guarantees perfect satis
faction in fitting, and quality of goods
and work. Charges reasonable.
S, W. Corner of Front d Sun
HAVE CONSTANTLY in store for sale
at prices conformable with the
times, full and complete lines of White
goods, Ladies Dress Goods, House-keep
er's articles, and a gcneral assortment of
fancy and staple dry goods:
Victoria Lawns,
Nainsooks, Swiss
Mulls, Piques, Bish-.
op Lawns, Linen Lawns,
Dross Linens, Mozambi
ques, Grena
dines, Organdy
Muslins, French
Percales, Irish Lin
ens, Bobbinet Bars,
Laces and Curtains,
Parasols, large varie
ty. Umbrel
las, assorted styles
and qualities. Cali
cos, Bleached Cottons,
Cambrics, Sheetings,
Chbildrens Cassimeres,
Jeans, Denims, Tick
-iogs by the yard or piece.
We invite an inspection of our large
assortment of Ladies, Childrens, Mens,
and Boys Hosiery, and Kid Gloves, Lisle
Thread, Gauntlets, Ties, Ribbons, Em
broideries Laces, Ruehings, Corsets, La
dies Ready-made Under wear, etc., Per
fumery, Toilet, Articles, and notions.
We have on hand also, a fresh and well
selected, stock of Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
Hats and Caps and a general assortment
of gentlcemens under-wear and furnishing
Dealers in Faucy and Staple groceries,
Provisions, western Produce and
Plantation Supplies. Agents for
the renowned Singer Sewing
MIachine and its various
SPECIAL NOTICE.-We are the own
ers of the outstanding elaims and indebt
ednesses due to the late firm of Mann
Fischer & Co.
The Citizens of East Feliclana, Pointe
Coupee, and Wilkinson County, Miss.,
will find it to their interest and advan
age to open up a trade with us. All or
ders from abroad promptly, and carefully
r Highest market price paid for cot
Magazine 8t.j bete.ºos
Natches Ally.
New Orlei.
In Omfce-Osear F.
Leaks, T. B,
Termsa Only " soea
The undersigned having
unexpired lease of Mesers
& Oo., in the above hotel,i
session of the same an
of announcing to his t
lie that it will be kept 
summer for regular a
and day boulstl oa
No pains of expense will be
insure the comfort of his gum
The hotel will be entire
refited and refurnisheduie
Biloxi, Miatisdlm
The Montroes House is now opg
reception of guest.
The undersigned respectjwj
his friends and the traveling
erally that the house has be
ly renovated, refitted, and I
made to suit the most exact or
or expense will be spared to
Montrose House up to its usual
first class in every respect. Tse
erate. Special rates to fatmiles
manent guests.
Telegrams or letterefor rooes
attended to.
Meals furnished to excersioni
P. J. Mo
F.' J. ELDER. V. *.
LDER a 00oo,
Woodville. Massiss
Represent the following PrFi
U. S. Branch Liverpool and
Globe, assets over 3,655,000.
of Jackson, Miss., Assets over
Phoenix, of Brooklyn, Assets eve
000(. Home, of New York,
$6,104,000. Manhattan, of New y
sets over $900,000. Hanover,
York, Assets over $1,600,000.
leans Ins. Association, cash
$525,000. Piedmont and Arlie
Insurance Co., Richmond Va.,
Also agents for East & West
Parishes of the Royal Canadian
of Montreal. Capital $6,000,060.
Rates Generally lower, and
more tangible than in New
tual Companies.
Correspondence solicited hris
boring Cc'nti'c and Parishes, ml
desired irjbretfaios ioste cAe
We give particular attention t
surance of Churches, Dwe
thrm property for a terml of
now offer $10b0 policies for 3 yam
low rate of $20. Gin House
a specialty.
r~i"For further particulars
Elder & Co. Woodville, Missisd
JOHN D. AUSTEN, St. Franeisvi lN
LOUIS NAUMAN, Clinton La.,
Drutggist &
No 5 Prieil
Bayou Sara Ia
Drugs, Medicines, Chemical-,
Toilet Soaps, Fancy Hair
Tooth Brushes, Coalmb
Perfnnmery and Fancy.
Toilet Articles,
Braces, Grass
and Garden Seeds,
Pore Wines and Liquors,
for Medical purposes. Pail
Oils Varnishes, Dye-stuffs,
Linseed oil. Lard oil, NeOt
foot oil, Coal oil, Carbon
Lamps and lamps trimmingS
all descriptions. Pens, I n
Pencils, Slates, Paper, S
music, Blank Books, Po
Cutlery, Razors, Razor S
Sargical Instroments, the ebs
d a r d patent medleins
&e. &c., a fresh and
complete assort
ment of all
of which articles, constantly
ii Physicians prescrip
carefully compounded at all h9
117 BENECA 00 CLEA:.
juuo 14m ,

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