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Feliciana sentinel. [volume] (St. Francisville, La.) 1877-1892, December 08, 1877, Image 1

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o I~~~ ~ II i iI •~ -- q_ . L,aa~l ni -m i--ua n u ,-._- = _- .... ..
at!VleV at Law,
" Glinton. Louisiana.
aiormeY at LawV,
Clinton. Louisianra.
Clinton, Loniuii: a.
icein the Courts of East and
Itorney at Law,
Clinton, Louisiana.
ticein the Courts oft the 5th
tric. Aug.2'7ti.--ly
•torney at LsOw,
Francisville, Louilin ua.
leiw tis e tut Irishes of West
Felicianla. i i( 'ointo Cloulno.
Clintoi, Loulisiatna,
tice in the courts of East aund
ciana 11tl thie SnIIIIIure Court of
"Iorny at I1aw,
Franwisville. ounisiana.
'tie i il' I''ia 'isis ifl VW est
elicianl, a nd P'oin tl C o llnt 'e.
Clilntoin, Louisiana.
a the North silde ofi t he lullic
TL .IIl. .l . L N.
.L: i;OLS.AN,
St. (1'rancisville LaT.,
tice in I ti' i ( '.lll . of til st
Latl li in Co t ti ll p t'.
D. TO'I, C;. 1,. .'ISI
.IFI'1.\ & 1.'1.lI1l:,
horney( ist. L-i U w,
St. 'r: tei s\ville. L.
attire in Ll ('trait. of W,'st
rliciaoa. I'olitne" ('olitee and
t, ayi., Sara, L iian ,
Dlr. E1. (rteen Davis ofl ' er,
hisservices to Iho. lo lt of
this dollarsdj ain d :rishe.
ahltir..d to him, at his n a, i
I will II t.nd all Balls on
the Coaisti r s, fo t N t'lIs t
Net Ornleaesl:: al the hal
telln a essable "ih a hpi,".
;ishlin, ty service,, cauln ]}lr,
oe hy addressning me, at miy
St. 'ran cisville, LI
treot, BaYOu SARA, La.,
inGroetrils, Confections, To
sand ,iquors.
if Camp inds Common niurc tls,
Now Orleans. I:tl.
ilon Slrl, Louisiana,
t. Provisrtin, illo trn
ce and Getserall Plan
fl88A'L /1GENT.
[At L. Vresinsky's old stand,]
B:lyou Sara. La.,
Rlespcetfully solicits a share of the pub
ic lipatronllge anld gllaranltees satitiaction
Ca-rpenter and Undertaker,
Will give prompt -attention to all busi
nos ill his lille ill this andad,ijoinuing Par
ishes. ~uine 28 '76.-1
WEST FIEIICIANA, Jun.e 1(, 1877-.
To parties living il West Felicianl
who shall at any time desire my.' ltrtes
slonal services I would respectfully an
lnouncel, that they lhave lbllt to aIlIthhIIts
mne at St. Clanule, WVaterloo, in care of
Messrs. Edwinl Vigne, or it. Jiniarcianx.
All caHS"m f lnr-eitizens of-+4him-Par
ish so atddressedi will receive promlpt at
tention anll lld responlse.
Bayou Sara, La.,
VWholesale andu Retail Dealers il
Vhilighest market price paid for cot
T lIE one story Iihiling on the old
t \liihitei:n lpropierty, iin Blayou Sir,.,
nitallte for store h].nlse or cabins. Pur
o'laser to reimtove buihling within i lape
lied time. C'an be had at ta hargain.
lApply to E. W. WIIITEMAN.
()O t.15,'77-tf.
St Fra.incisville, La.,
' I'akes this imethodi of ilannouncing to thie
Ildlies iof this and adljoiiniig Par
ishs, a:,d Cio int ies, t hat slt. is pitepared to
st:nakel dresses ill the latest styles, and
with n.,atness 1and dispatilt. Plain sew
illg will alsio receive ;arefu l attenll tion.
Knifi,, side, hox and bias plaiting par'ie
uily altttended to. All at prices contir
u bll: lt te' (to th e ti' <s. a.
it. R . . ISl'ANY'` I ', mA huI)Ii,
Irvine lnuildingi, lo'tyou <ara.
A4 1, work donie promplily alnd msustan
l tia lily at lmwst" cash priles. Spe
Si.:l attentioll givenl to repairing.
S. ;ep t. . 5,'77.
Vi I.tS. 11. L. IE'II IANY,
&c., excniited imn the hlst style and at
reasonable' rates. lResidentce opposite
lthat of' E. W. WllitoinallII, Sun it., IMaiyaou
Iept. 22' 77. y.
Matgazino St., lbetw'een Gravier and
Natchez Alley.
New Orleanus.
GEN. CI As. i'.. SMEDSS Pro.
Ini Olice-Jas. IR. Leake, W. S. Bell.
I. M. Leake.
Termns Only $*2 50 per Day!
The undersigned having purchasted the
unexpired lease ot' Messrs. It. E. Rivers
& Co., iin the above hotel, is now in pos
sessioli of the samlle, alid has the pleasure
ofunnioutingll to his ticienlds and the plth
lie that it will he kept. open the entire
sutmmner for regular and ltransient guests
anid day boarders onl
No pains or expense will he spared to
insurc time t etontirt of his guests.
The hotel will be entirely renovated,
relited iandl refurnshed during the sIImI
Swantted in
e overy toiwi ill tile
Souith fr the eel
r• 'o MACHINES..
The easiest learrned, lightest running
iitoist d(urlltle tutu ]lOlilihar nilIhhine miade
Received the highest a-vard at the Cen
Special indueemnents offered. Address,
Weed Sowing Machinm' Co.,
No. 152 Canal Street,
Neow Orleans, La.
.Jhne 1, '77.-lyear.
,? The superb passenger
atr emiiter,
Gov. Allen.
J. J. ]En ow .................... 8N a t r
Lea Sy Bay on Sara for New Orleans
every iv ednesdltv alter the arrival of the
'ar's from Woolilleand every ithrlhiy.
at 7, Ii. iii. Retirintiig, leuttes Niewv Or
leans every Monday a'ml Frihay, at 5, p. m
A. DUCAS.....................Master.
Loeves Bayou Stirs every Monday after
the arrival of the cars front ,Voodville,
day and Satnimrdlv aIt N p. In.
JNO. D. A UST E. ..... ........ Editor.
8. 0. . IRlEA ................. Publisher.
*.. Frnnclsville, Dec. S, '7"
One copy, one year (in ad-ance) ....3 00
S " 6m. 11 .... 1 75
Ia" " 3 " " ....- 1 00
[A Square is the space of ten lines solid
brevier. 1
1 sq're. $ 1.00 ($ 3.00 ~ 6.50 $ 9.00 $ 12.00
2 " 2.00 5.00 9.50 15.00 20.00
4 " 4.00 1..50 15.00 23.00 30.00
1 col'm, 5.)0 10.00 15 00 30.00 40.00
+ 19.00 20.00 40.1)0 50.00 70.00
1 " 20.00 40.00 (60.00 90.00 125.00
Announcmnq Candidates:
For State and Distriict offices..... $25.00
For Parish otfices, ................ 10.00
For police District otfices,......... 5.00
(to be paid invariably in advance.)
Transient A.drertistments will be inserted
at the ratle of .1.50 per square of ten lines
for the flrst insertion, and 75 cen/s for earc
subsequent isertion.
I'ernonalilies charged at transient adrcr
tising rates.
ITth abo'e wtrale of rates mumt be the basis
of all cnt ,crclnt with adrertisinlg aogents.
Obiftuaries, tribules of" respect, resoslutionse
etc., charged as adrerltinements
VWrit ten at Little tIock, Ark.
[The following lines we-re suggested
lby the ceremony at, the Cemletry on Sun
day, Novembelr -It h.]
Out to tlh gira s of the dead,
WVho rest in the Intinite (ea11.
.\ lth reverenlt step, andll with bcndel
(The .\Angels wre counting the tears
they shed,)
With censor, ud. lupraver, and psalm,
The hearts of thce ieople went forth to
O'er the peoor and lthe pr,.cious ndl,
Vith the Christian Priest of the grand
"I Ditu I".V E,"
And the deep and lthe deathless Irnst;
Anll it senled so strange ill t a place so
'Mid mourni'ng people and dark-roelil
Where lllany a tear lmet many a I l1an1,
That Faith should keep a Feast.
And yet Faith kept it there;
And the desolate Ilh1ne of death
Was chlanged at once to a temple fair,
And a glory fell where the whispered
Just rose abovea a bivath,
For tihe mournlrs' lips by the tombs were
But the mourners' hearts with their faith
were filled,
Each grave became a shirle, -
And on each shrine a shadow f1'll,
Or was it sunshine I Who may tell ?
No heart--oh I Christ,-like thine!
Thy Altar came with its wine alnd bread,
With its people and bishop andl vested
And Thou didst come to Thy lonely dead,
The Guest to thy Faithful's Feast.
"MtISEREltE !"-thy sollng is low,
And the notes . ere solemnly sweet;
And with hen rts bowed down and foot
steps sl(w,
In worship they walked thro' the place
of woe,
Whllere we all, m01110 day, I1must lleet, -
And the Psalm tlorted over the sleeping
Each tone all-athrall withlthe tcnderst
In the Beautiful Christ of God,
And the sunlight Ilashed on the tears that
And the wild wiuds omre the music away,
And it somlehow seemced 'tis ti brici faro
We give to those who are 'nIleath the
And it somnehow scemed that we touched
their clay
And their souls, in our songs and prayers
that day.
What moved the beaultifitl blades of
Thilat folided the graves with a ti: go of
Did they hear the sounds of the chanted
Mass 1
Did they hea:r the prayers of the people
Spl Ss
To the God of the world unseen .
What mllade thleir slillness speak so mnch?
Why shone a stnl on such a night!
Ah, 1me! inll prayer's transtigllred toulch,
'Twas also so ;-'tis only thus
We Imeet our dead--alld they msneet us
W\'ieiu people follow tfter Priest
To graves where only Faith keeps Feast.
The Stoughton Art:cle in the North
American Review for October
Plainly Dealt iith.
To the lion. E. W. Stoughton:
If I do not reply to your article in the
last number of the North Anmeri'nin .rvcicw
you will.rcmain under tile delusion that
your argunment is irresistible. I ill try
to correct that mlistakl:e by showing that
if there be a defense for the Great Fraud
you decidedly are not the person to )nuke
it. Doing this mainly fint your own edifi
cation, L>address you directly. I separl'ate
yoY'r personi1 inviectir l ini" your dl3T -
cussion of the case, though they are so
mixed as to mnkeo separation diflicult,
and will consider your objections to my
view of the subject as if they had been
expressed in becoming and decent lan
You think, as your political friends in
general think, that after the decision of
the Electoral Counlission against us, we
ought to submait in sileule anld not vex
the victorious party with an appeal to
the tribunal of public opinion. We have
subnlittell. The proper representatives
of both parties agreed to leave the dis
pute to a body whIichl they constituted tbr
the lpurpose of settling it. XWe could inot
refuse to abide by the award without lie
ing guilty of bad faith. We do not now
assert the injustice, of it, with any view
to reverse or modify it. You need not
li'ar the stability of that awacnl, however
iniquitons you nmay know it to be. You
cn.1 enjoy its friits in pereect security,
and we, the pe'ople, will, otil oullr part.
"performi tile vows which we have vowed
befolre the Lord," however mlicleli it Illay
be "to Olr owll hlllrt."
Blt to acquiesce without a protest--to
confess tacitly that tit.c wrong is right
and the evil a giood-that is out of the
question. Ill discussing tile whole snh
ject withli gr t plainnelss of speech, we
not only ol;ey an iimiitilso, lint perftiorm a
duty. For this I will give solme tleasonsIl
lanlld tiko tihe chbanllces of imakig you comi
iprehend thel'l.
Inl the first plhiee, it conl eruls the repu
taIio; s of netil rly l l the publi o lti of
the present day. You and I rue too ob.llire
to ie noticed byio tll ti"y, but thel greatil
Chiir:iacters o i.lr lilte ot hbth sides will
tl dilvlloln to plle rit v lothed lwith Bollorl
or covell ed w tith infi.' , i :lne rll .li is tllt'
have been trl ig to ft uill'th.j tIIl. flrauld or
stop it. c titls W-elb r, tlll't! Wllsell Ia tiled,
and a very gross one. eommtitted by oue
palty orl the Stir. If tle Statile eof Lo-ll
isilnta (lhse K.!l.ogg ;:d the other Candi
dates oni tile I: tcns tli,.et folr Ilresidlti al
Electors, l lclt tlie i lct o l itic politicians
knowing this, dil. n ,evtlrtheh!ss, delay
the trulth : d tilre te te it ll tlse irliot
for Tilden, whighli tigty ltper ltei t') tltet
last i l tVingll to pir Ats I t :t Icl t i e lne, thi y
werie a comll iltalg ilon of ti tli ll  tlll toll
less lrgllest; i ll is will t -eWi orded, ais t lla
agllgrva to ion of the1r11 ctllll, tiati ll while
tihe rigtes are yet fjority the Electtoral
Colissionl ctrushitIe out their fal.sehichl
they tnedr collri t :s are wih el fllnlli ill tioSll
accusatio.s, lchared thelir own gutilt, uponl
their innlocen't opponents. ThM converse
of these proplosition:s also lltrse. If tille
Tildar elt, atis wiere dllly hrit ose l ly tlhes
peple, of and tle lleblicanr leaders il
and uctit of to State altered the retl urns,
tilsified the records, and conlstit uted a
counterfeit Electoral College, wlherl by
thelieoile of the State aml the Union
were cheated out of the President whom
they had ellletr l ected by ti large ill aor
ity, then it is onlyOlutiecipting history to
say that all who idedI, abtlted and l til
coura ed that olltrese oight to le "classedll
amog theis worst indelictorsll of tilt' tiiage"t
Seeing the great interest that hangs oil
this question, is it not ftirly worth our
while to give it a full examination while
the facts ayet fresh in the mllory lllof
men a
Another consideration there is, .which
makes a public hlppeal ulb)oni the subject,
not only proper, but abstolutely ecessary,
mistlake. Thl e clandidate to whlil you
are opposed lt sll, il s we ublicrllltstntd tile
will of the peolple and the httes, and bll
+ he conthlonte of the publin in the inldic
I'1 authorities alld think, th1r1 fe)',. that
the hlectoral C'ommis.ioln .thoild Lo very
tenduerly dealt with. 3Mr. J.hlbre· ml said
that ,jeallony of rulllrs, llnot c)ontlidenl,(e'
was the viitlle of all trule cit izenls o, a re
pnblic. Without stoppiJn to co')nsider
w hiother this .applies to Ju (ges, :1s well as
other o.lie1rS, I 1- sw r yon ' y saying
lllthat the Electoral'' ('oulmisioll w"a no)t a
judic(ial trib)unal, Lod did not behave like
one. It wvas P political ht)dy o ra4linized
for a spllciaIl )0'ccs':ioi l, to 4el4'rlllil ne a ):r
t.culir ulilestion. ".acc.ordingll to the heat of
its prejj lhi('s,'" ;null it pIerflirn114d thli
fi nction assigned)l i4l to) it by ldi.'sre0 ill'dii4Ig
the law ofh thlSese nldll 4:lilttihg igts y'c
to the filcts. Tihe less con1l)fildence we have
in sut(:!h tr'ib iitlna ls ih he tter; iniderd1, a
reaIsonll:i, regard forl thl e mllcty of ) onil
imo,t; implornllt lp bllir rig;ht~ls requires
th iat, w , ( 114,1ilh ia ('e 1 oa e. It all.
o:l 11re wel -)'ie to the admission (if
yol think it twill do you iany 4l4l')odi) hait) I
look n)t otl1," with 4) oute)pt, 1but with
w4hi(h have ,li.gracn t(' lhe hlistlory of 1r
rall(ce on lioth 14d1) of )l'l e :Atlnli, includ
ing Ill' 1t-a ll1:' (h:.nh'er. the (Co)l rt of Jli"'h
Co)llInili:sio)), all m4ilitira l l and all 'e (les'i
askic tl ' ll i ssions, ; . :t all c mui i ,ons
f( )or liti0al ipurpol ,.. If I (o1(l1l r'.'iveO
inll tis g)'i(r'itieai n ithe s4tern hlred4) whiich
oulr )thlllir's fell I'r those. (1:1g4, toIllS 4.)'
eli.cs of li et)'y )and justice, I wo iuld he a
grelat )lpublic h1net0aetor'. 1141) yo004 X(),h11
I1eve40" gei' anotllh 0r ot)ll 8lis's 4 o 4'aly kind
iR) Illph)hl 1'0)1it, )to san ti) ' lit'r:llec tion.
or ito o tppI , s the( i nocen( t..
1"Ou tIake viole4nt )exception1t to) 1'" ,useL
oft'e word "conspira(',y its 'pplhid to
1h1)se 4l44il4wfIul Jir44e)e'l'4ihigs 0 hi)!i h i 1(iil
thied in d(:l'lting -.1r. Tilden', ]aMr.e Ina
j))rity. Of co1rse) Volt pi f"t or'' ;'1 0 ow4 4
c Juphl)l4isti4 p4u' tse, 14)i1! ( ll 44 it 1iti('1 '"a
politic ai 4 l vlni ta e.". lint I1 (1 ::li)t 4see
wh(er1 . il ly' trm i4 s roll4'" 1-4)!i' oh(Ijec
tion is" tiki. 4hatl of t ,rient i isto! It. "ih,,
W()ord' " lste:1, ' ' wfo, i'h li'h \oiwis(0 d to sub11)
osit t . " 1 n ( I ' "
Tro llly clnspirnaey. il:aml, or anvthii
else which i14p1ies 01:2 your) f41 i'i)41's in
Louisianal l u 1lii. llh ,1()Were guil1ty. o!
4(lilmiie, is, il)l o'.04 l. opl illi, l ;"o r.e andi
Ibrutal . Yilour r' hiedl t:tl:.ltl b:. lin d p- (d ii
tly (4ll h14,d i ' Ihis w:oy. 1 4 o o -11": by 1)4)0.
liut by ilti rh l )h (,el -i -h:o tnl, w \-er i.ý r
h'l llhavle written or spo.l on the s:1h
.je(t, )' itihlr ill Co('linl's,. efl' re the n)l -
4u 4.Issio1. or el)-ewhllr' . T't ilt) 1 l4 , 1 li4ten4s
of mrilkin tilhe li.,eenrion hai.; I.n tni uli
tIormlly hei;hlt (Itned by tilt- ro ,]h lol eiles
wilh which it was 1pro'ed to i1 1 l' tr11., 1)411
by "l(listerig'i" wor!s"') il hichh it w'4as
ideno4in('ced. i'4l'hiaps all ti l)nDemor:t.)
were wr''il-" to some oXI 'lit. It 1maly 1e
ha1il \t.81 Ii 14's of 4 I( ) il0i4,4 r said  n.ll i ill: llll'0 i
to distuir the se illiv ("of Ire knav:s wno
did Is this 4terri4hl ih' u.(stihe' . lIh4 t i1 'yliu
444 mot alto 14t1 er !444 .1l 1 '!4 1 you. i4 st s 1ethat
this w)as, iln 44ll4' ,iliatio4), .simply) im'.pos
sibleh. I ' was i' .r:it lintion wh4ii(lh
hall" s84il'"red It-'' a his4ol)4. lll--m ( more4 th4 111)11
1taxe44 44114') to 4 o' li:w(:ttio() -her- ' inlhus
t:'," (c,,.is'i.hed to I)e )' lrtih- llte' 14),1li, d .o
illlnit1 sqiilanli 'ered: :Iwa"I.'.-her!.' (^.t etll iz(i.s
mIicro '" the pll " ;t 4i fl4 4 :ll 1-1 1 ow 4n 4I
nI4rs h:l t1 41 n 414 4 ne4 1 , 'i. ' ii I'ii' w'\Vi W:;
I4 l'41 !iln4 ill lhi'h :I re:,, naul! ' 1,414ei4 g 4lu)
lht 4"2' en, r tl 41d11'e.5. T12' 1 '.1oplh deth' '
lui i)14 .t)o reto1'4 ln the 4i4) :t 1initi.ill4 i II (f'
their pnli4 alfl'irs. andil 1r4o4'c 1h.ir own
prosperity, by clh, sin. r0i ers .. ' !ili thiy.v
('old4 1 trni tllt 4rthat p1 rpo')l . T"hey e(x
ipressedI the,'ir' will to tha1 t 4l1e4 le'gally,
cons4l iiintionally', :14444 peaI) e)'I.illy, 1444(1 tihey.
w.ere (4lil3 ted by 1 1) ih'p4ntl)' t si"4 4h l l4.
Is it alli4y w44on4ir ithat tih- great hlearl of"
the ]emlocrcyi " lw we1,1with indili atioi n
lve.n if their J;(e!ins toluld volnt in lan
1(r'Ie too pas1' io :it' , y.u4 l liug4 ht to 41 4
iit-iih)er, w il( h irk4', . t 44l ".4 ii)t114hini
4)11)5 be p):irdo iid to It hoe spir'it 4of lib
ert ."
I co0'0e(1e'. hoi,\'ave"r, 414l no e'4t ling of
i'(44'tllllle'llt will ex' )u14 11 ti "' (lll444'i' .4g :I
()o spir.a'lc0y ( )here ll4l(n4 4 i'ste!., of fr1a 141
1where no )' was ('i;('o)l8l4littell4 . E 'v4.i if we
we1')' (ro0 '4gl, that (1('4 41144t give t]5 41e
prin'ilhg'e4 '-'applyl n1g ten s which (lo n4it
express ti. t 14 rea4 .t'1i i l4ellt'l 4', in41jury'. "W e
cln j'u.stifv o1ur 4o141$' 1only b44 showing
that, ) 'we 1' the1) 11" ' )113 , ili a '41 '41'4! -
thol1ized 1)y tll- la'w 11'i41 11h'1 4') 4o)nl
spc(eeh of Ithe ,ountryr. Otherwis,' our
lnugniliage is, 11ik.0' so84)4 4of ro r.i'., milr4' vit
1.14)'4rion'). 1i4(oef'l' l 44'to those1 . S.ho1
utter it. Av'e pt in'i.l, Ithtlelre.t' 1 o) 1ro
4l44di,. let 4 1)1'brio, your altie'- t4ion L4 o cer
ti4l fact:1 well a(0 d 4 l)li'l ki4ow4)l.
It is proved,'(' if 1 illli ( testi4i4ol0y ('cil
prot)ve inythin14g. that, 1the peopleh of ,Lo)isi
i4l1a (lhl, on tie 7th o, f N) oi 4 n(l4"r 1 :ist
.past, d11ly, and 1; li rog'ld 4" bIl)lots. 1il4ake
u 44ppoint.'li t siot f 'ei i 1ti 1 4i l e 1t4l s
iknownV to 1o in favo)r o)f "f i4ln and lIle:n
dricks., 4and anti hotr))zed ti':1n4 t4o 44st 144
't)' ofli 4t 1110e. It i 'j1t II ' 4 (.'14i4• 4t14i1
th1e appointment 440 ad41 4 y' 13 b1 1peopl)' (wa
set at liliAl.t by a 4 rog t s4 4lilic i a in of
14e records 114441 r48l4r41s of 414 0Il oti0 .0.
This w"as oithtled by the orrul'ilt agency
of certain l nIll o ,ii'res, tolem hiii.ld With
O)ther 1 ()r lon4 s in and at o: the s41at1 4
iho in.ill thei. to it. ahttd.:l thi in inl
it 444(14 h 4lpe44(1 thei llto c(lot 'h the i -)' 14.t
in what thi1)43 ih ) w(.'r 1 0 " rif the* 1, 14 1. . f .
Is it a llisii4ll1)' to (4.14 this ) tc44444lir4
(" ' T1'1 t 44i4 ,(e is h4 li'| 44 s 4i 4o4bi
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thi4  1 dhfnilh)i I 1'0l'444'41o )it, i'1 .4 i i hi)
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try i . the w( rlh) , 4h'vy 4 l'' . l l ( v :'. -
i18h ,d. ' 1ak0 4,, 8i,,4 l,") ' ,i 4 ,.tu. ,.
Di\bers di0 hon 4 .t liu')1 i 4 f 1l1. 4 L4 ii44 4l841 "
iheil'o 4(e80444)4 l he 41.nie'4' 4414t8 4)d
th3ei' 414(1 r4 1)'l di4 s illed '' l4ir'll1) u44 i
taihi i4).1 1 0(' olih'1 -r,) 1,i4nf4,-her e((1 4) i4 h 4
th1444 444114114' (4444 4),4 tr14. )410 wa)'l'i \'4 held,( )
and . 4ustl4) h 4,411 18I 4t' 4,' ' 14448 :(('44 :' nl4
4444414o 4)1 114)4 p 't1i4es to i4, were .44)1it to 1h14
1'i 1 il 3')) ))t vhi h )44 ll 111i4'f d ithe th)'1
1jet41 of )h44 44m4)' 4in8 l'do rL'4i4 i(' 4 ,h41a4 l.e
J4'0le of 1 h4i4 rl j h 4) (" 44)4'-g lr 4144,
while the 1)ur4 484. l .44 )4. L,,4s ).onpir
14) "8' 8 V44s t 0 r4)44 t144) 114 )|" 4444i44 44440440. I1
11iis 44)1(1k4es 1)443' )lili'r)i'e'4 , it is gi'a:ll
4144444 gt)4h. I 114he 444l41',in 4 tt. of '1irtiiu)i8s
4)4)41 w 8i' 414e4i (4'444) (Vo() the ii4d4'ii4 ' il4'en
44 ,11)4.' th '40i'ih4'og 441 1,ho4).44 in4 1444 4'44'i
ri410444 0.44 444iji flh\Iv 4h14 r 1h4h4s4, 444411, 444
thIe great inhllelitaln1ce they left us. Wtith
a fill ipr.co iv bloodl ad treasure they
liought this freedoml for their children,
anlld do not. knllo one tolerable decent
Aine'ric:n who would sell even his singhl
right on any terlms whatever. At tlhe
cri tical period in the history of Lolliiahtl
which oetllrr'd lsts year it was especial
ly v:aluabl: to her peo,!e, for it furnishepl
tlhem the only legal, pieaceablellc, and sia;w
InitasurI of re I'lit froni the exact ions of a:
milost corrupt alld oppressive governments
Thlle sicce issf'lll s0IIlICle to cheat t.hose
pIople ou ot of their votes for State officers
lint lt'residetlial Elehctors is, therefore, It
crimlle of the greatest liiagllitlde, anild n011!
which reqilires a cheek of solid brats to
Ldefend it without Iblushling. It is far
worse than a" conspiracy to stel' all :,
antil nt, of Publlic loney. alllllitg
c'oliked whiskey for a:t liftetine would I e
al :act of white-robbed irlllocence ill coall
'ihe ilItiinniate ohbject of this crime gives
.int..&' lnenral aspect 'revolting ili the l.ast
dtir.e; but its featires, when .seen in
detaili are hideous beyond expressiolt.
Mutse retllres were entirely sunppresseldl
ait o rll her w "re alteredl votes actstallv
cast were. throiwn ollt, and others Illt iI.
iiuntl counlllted which were knownil not to
hiiavo bieeni 1lollled. The whole i'proceed,
ilg \was ifull of false lprltenIcesl. Forgery'
iof the hllost iipllollirtalit t 1 dlellliclliNs wlaI Ii
Ipart of it; pe':ijuiry and shuorliatiotn La'
peritury atitented it at, every step. Shill
llithse thilngs lte- foirgotten or condonled I
).o yvllt exlipet the ctli' elt1d pleople of thlt
natiion to say, liket lthe tighlt coliuiissioni
er'a i hat. thli is as good a way is any to
elect a. I'resihelnt f
filE EI."1cTORAL. CoitM slosit'.
Oneit ot youra lh;e iations is that I inte::d
ell "'toco vey t ce filse iumpressiou that
the l'orinatiou of tihie coniuiissioii was tin'
result of ita lhiniubliiin conspIiracy ti
Iraidiuletly elect a Presiheut and Vitt'
I'residiet ;"' and .liedg Bradley, taking~
sonl word lt:- it, has oadse llumself inter,
..t iil by a pIllic. eCnpililaint of the ilnjury
it, hiiiself. I did nolt s:7y1 this or any
ito the colinall.a:.in as bhoing proposed inl
dilliit  ciru ita cites t lavoid the idain
gers whliich ii t spriiing fllnt a conitinuieii
Ianill1 iiial tl-ll'l'iient between the two
houtilses, nutll1 aS Leiiinii atepted by ti '
litl.iocratsin tI he lteief thlt jiustice wobtllh
lle done, and l t.t honest decision renldereld
againstll the 'frad. In all this there i:s
liorlhiiig tltoill a conspiracy in "tflie fi
a hition of' tIle conuilissioi." I do llt
kinoiw t halt yo iii.sreeseirtedt this poil.
willlfitlly. It is onlie of your characielris
Sii:cil' niienlacis, like that which char'igI
lbaniiii wiith the iieecencies of the et.
cit fillI".rii.
.ato; tlh consplirac"y wtas not in the for-'
illallntio of the .tniiisslion, but in thI.
fraitds which ithilllicated and ret.llri'ed
those i lgns votes. The commission r,"
ilsed to verity the lvotes and asrertli a
whether the elec.or that sent t hei up
were dllly apllipointetl or inot, andllt in this:
it. lbitterl" disapoitielh tnt fieilnds of
iruiith, ull grloly vilatedl the whole
pirit as well ias the letter of the l aw
which gave it. heiig. '1he:lier this was
lis'l' rrlr. lor somthlIllniig 'worse, is nti
ft.r Ihte or you to deteritlne, lult the g;.en
rial .judlgmeiit.lii, will oi ihdiullt adopt the"
thit'illtblh view which I lhtve given, :.ltd
say.\ that t flit. faculties of the niijoritly
wer% ton rench enlutibed y nparty pIllm
sion to sel the Iaila tor ud.lcrstanl the
Yoill i m tliii tlhat the certiflicate of thle
Iltti rniing litarti gave yout "a politi ita
adviitaiige." i I thi.s 1ou are certainli
'ig lht. A pIIrty situd 'itfr :aiI hionest tie:
1asl It 'gr.t i.advantage\.l over his cireditmo
il hlie: lli i pro1u1h.' a fr'i'a·udlehtc or ll'forged
receipt nlnon the riall. The audvantiiglt
ec.opits d .risive if I he. trtlllllnal tryil;
tlii. 4tas is willinug to e1Cept.4t the itlls
and permit the plaini'ilY" to be Chllaltedt
oat of hi:: debt. lint would it Ili- righti.
lgalilv ir liralily, lfir the debtor to take
such liin adilvatagte I
1'tll : I ll I'f.tL's RI((IIT Ti) ELECT.
iYoui r tlcihliic ll :tiiagunelno in fvor of thd
frlt de-lserv i notice, bert ise it is adl
<t Vo'ur onlly ittempt lillt1 relsoiinlg, landt
terilloe your co('ncltl uitO would be tair it
soat" lilteli115(4 were sound.
Yiil dhc-u lire, i broaLd and nuaillitietl
teirs that the A'h ric l' plll eople hlvl
"to righlt to elect their own thief .lMlgis
tratt" --that tent such right is imbedded
illn t the cllsliittiioll or ei. vlitwerei--that,
lon the oi.tlliilry, `"the frainers of thel
constt itution were ereifl tol exclude froi
the peop i. the right to elect their owl
'h~ei" Ma.gistrate.'' I sulait thi'i, this, its
rI'i. ed itihe controversy in your tavor:
for it. innoliit. i:t Vo beenl legally wrong lt
def".tl'. the nitempt, which ihe popl:e
,node in toxercise a right front which they
..cr tenrcfilly excluded by ftlu co.stitti
tion. llit I his iiopinion ofi ynirs is t to
tiaiisitlliti flt iiioailt will not lie adopt
l v lily hy liii ieiing who iltas Ihi
Ihinti st idle:a of our insti. lliols.
li pii ytour 1 proposition with even
Sliml'r tl'n' i't'eciss speak with w111Vollt
ed pr|tisiol wheti yon say, as yon do on
the s:uiinle ptge. that thile pollple iol Louisi
iiii al it loridiin have inot the power tor
oppoi!t e:ert.rs lit' o '.residut and Vice
l'it.ilhenlt. 1 hi.s .oes toI the root of the
titaltiter'. 1I pro'cs logically enough that
thi loitioi iat which tile 'Tileii einti
1tOs wi-re fixed upo-iI till!t.ai.plit alulloithl
ol, anilil iInllitl as elet rliits. w'1.5 a uere
ILo. it'iinl---it Villi iilliit fit perfiorml It fune
miit.iin were'.i'St .il'ell in tttatliig it with"
in halii ito tLiitiv the 'eeordsi'o|. for in
tht.ir lest etallite they hail ni valho or
for it I rpjidice tl fii right.
Iliil is it i iit'u t. t hti people of Louisi
iiilolile to att oil lit hltt''l. thiat piower "is
li- thu 511riell'me Iw hla tiif Ihe lanli (mieaitniig
tlhie l'ieler:a collstillutio t,) vestill ili tile
IitateS. tol 14, cxet'elis l in Sillch lniitneo li .-1.
Ill,' I h4gwltt rts liti'reie iity 1 direct."
Nhow IIhI l~e.islattu'S of " i' two Statos
hItve di 'teo ilutt lhi'- power 511l(l bie ex
'T'here is the tiiiistitiitil anitl there are
ii lte'ts ill thl Nit ates : "lie that rtis lilma
ili" lt ihii i, iiuler the cicl'ltllltla Cee,
li111151 I iit ii'nt , llhiiw myself to say'
that ''a 1t4' I it-uiiiiiut ciT liin rteli.

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