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Feliciana sentinel. (St. Francisville, La.) 1877-1892, September 28, 1878, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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I thre faith o theo Stale for y pnrp e or ea lit one jadge, learned in t ih the cuostiti of i 18G8 ehall be i og:
I. 11 th1 f.it or pal:l ba elected L _ulby a _ Ya t orna tedJ.
F Attorney at Low,
Cliltonl. Louisina. RE
i{O1AS J. KERNAN, cy Gaiters
11011 J LEATIIEt, al
Chuton, Louisiana.
Spractice ill the Courts of East and
'eliciana. ICARD
Attorttey at Law, ho
Clinton, Louisiana. _ANCY DI
iill practico in the Courts of the 5th CLOTI
cialDistrict. Aiig.W'76.-1Y BCEI
Attorney at Law, iligh
St. lFrancisv i IeC, ].ouisiala. toll.
Will praict ice ill the 'Parishes of 1West
l East FelicianI.a and 1'oiutt Coiie,.N
Clinlton, Louisiana,
Will practice ill thle courts of East an J. J
Fest Feliciala and the Suplremte Court of S: S. 8T
the state. Leaves
I . W. LEAKE, cars "Irol
at 7, p. In
Attorney at Law, leans ever
St. 1Franl. ivlle.i Ioolisia a. e r
Will practice il the P]arishl-s of West
a~t East Feliciial, and Pointe Copcec. A. )UGA
EMPLE & GOLS AN, nlld ever.
iii' leave
St. Francisville La.,
Will practice ill the Courts of West
Felicianla tud Pointe CoullpCe.
Attor.eys at L: , Dealt
t. F'rnancisville, Ln. C e
Will practice ill the Coulrts of lt est t `
and East Feliciana, Pointe ConlCpee andh e
adjoininlg P)a rishes.
j)ENTibt''.Y! DENT'IS'TRY .
I will attend all calls on
thIe Coast, Irolan Natclhz toi
New Ollllltns; also the hack xotiot
colltlry, iwhen aIec.essalhc .witlh a 1lllggy.
I'ersons wisliinlg m1.l serlicei, cal pro
e byg addressing wue, at umy
a 'D. STOCKNLG D. ,'"P
* . ..s, i?.), ,
'Kt. .Pia
'D]. E. Greet Davis fC1 ware.ei
his services to the icople of an a
ttIt and adjuiuiif l4~yrishts. ment
or iddressed to hiti, atit 'rt- ddl
d, e receive prompt attrt'olt.1o0
deuce in St Fraucisville". '
treet, linyou Sara, La., iist
1is, Groceries, Coxlfedti 'll°o arl
' es and Liquors: TIN
HOTEL, - . Al
1 of Cramp aid Coanliton Artdts, I,
: New O r leans., -1 11 1
MFORD & WA. ll
SOP RI TOR8 telt
--Two dollars an-p fy clsel
dpay. then
.BSyou Sara, Louisina, a :
r e. Provstoats, " e·lrestce
r ice and GeneallPl lan
tation supplies.
f Ai AND
as in the past, the rabiej.
Switli thile verybest faT
or1d. Elegant a, .w6f1"
a s. " Uccouxlatillg S81mV,3
a tt attendance. Patronage t
, satisfaction guarantead.
', t. ARNAUD'S
M.& & A soer, oton.Lc.v.
8 8a,, Louisiana. lept. 1,. 7
Neanr th4 Sentinel o0elc,
St. FrancisvillQ La.j
uar2-7-iy. 3ayo. Sara.
--B-- A DEMO
M. R OS E N Tj hA L L, c
Bayou (STUN ST.) Sa a.
Gaiters $6. Shoes $5. Boots $12. Fan
cy Gaiters $7. All made of the BEST PUBLISHEl
LEAT'IIEltR, allnd the
p ICARD & WEIL, EuItor aund
Bayou Sara, La., St. Francl i
VWholesale and Retail Dealers In SUB
BOOTS, 1O1ES,, It a t2
L Iligllest market price paid for cot- [A Sqluale is
l 0O. & BAYOIU SARA U. S. MAL Space.
1'PAU K ET 1sq're. $ 1.01
Tlhe superb passenger 2 2.01
st allel'r, 4 t 4.0(
Gov. Allen. col'm, 5.0
J. J .lto .------------ -- -Master. " 19.0
5. S. J 'r cito..-- ----------------. Clerk. 1 " 20.0
SLeaives Bayou Sara for New Orleans - -lnn
every IJ'edtesdtay after the arrival of the ror State anu
cars frolm oodtlillle,antever saturday. For Stateh l
at 7, p. ill. leturninl, le'aves New Or For Parish l
leans every.Mtf llavlil Fridtay,at 5, p.m or police D
AND 'l'I'ETAMERI (to be lai
-t Transicn t
_A. DUGAS--..---------- ---.....Master. it the rate ir
Leavt'es Bavoul Sara every Monday after J1 r teJt in
* the arrival ot the cars from WoodYil, Psubsequent
and every Thursday at 7 p. in. RetuIrI- PCrsonalil
ing, leaves New Orleans every Wedncs- riste aborat"
day aidl Saturtlday at 5 p. 1. uf alb Cotll ta.
JOHN F. iR\'INE, Agent Obif tiric.,
Let etc.. charqed
ntnt Street, Bayou Sara, La., To the
Dealer in Fancy and Staple Dry o tle
G ,ods. Ladies' Dress goods,
est White Goods, house keep- O:rIC
uld ers' Articles Clothtin-,
tlats, CaFs. ootsand In purs
- Shoes, Hosiery. I ,
Cutlery, t'oi- hereby giv
1 let .\ rti- of the p
tocles. stitutin i
Nolt` Ntions, Fancy and Family Gro- tliirds of t
I- l ie'S, house of t
my P 'rovislti . sinhi, of 1i
\'e:teln Piortlccc be publi.
Grain. Bargging and Iext gele
- Tic~ and a full line of to the Ge
Plantation upp'.ie-, Hard- lewspalpe
Sware. Glass ware, etc. etc. Alsp in which
leaot an Ixtensive and varied a-sort Saitda al
uht'. ment of eve y thitng in the line of acre Nos.
atrr- 'addlecy and Il arines. of the ue
ll ighest markct p:.ico paid at No. 1;
for cotton. cublishes
--_ ters, and
e. T. GAS'T'ELL, people a
i held on t
B1ayou Sara, Louisin, 7, in
nmelts, BridlI's, llar M"ss, Il.trdl\var, Gnuti l, ametid
istCols, Pnlps, l, Mhie oll of the Yt
Cocks, Vl'cs, Castius, Ilolps, hdlotw
W r, "\,aon and Ca:'r'ia'g'' ' -:,cotl\yrl, ald k, ti
Fl :jjcliitll'ls Materials, Etc., I:tc. inlts, t
Also Agent for the c.elel1atet'd
das, Urir , Ga.rrett & COt tnIatii, IrlIl.y, jas.
1 11rý1 rOt tuitr \\ls, Allen-1s Ihtore
,. Hall .. i ,othe,:rchie.sI, ,. YSCO.
INlav]akes, all of vwhich I will guaran
tee to sell tower than cn be purchased
Grsy lI ers and oti,ers will lilnd it to
tliheir atdvantage to call and texamine i y Tt
ýto_ stud; and pricsC before puc,tiCha5111g Jsilse- 'I' CS u
where. at the
ity of t
I h N O. 40. tIlgaIzile St,. Near Ca Oi FRo
test Ci' *5t1". votint
Pl~an lauss
M l cORGAN'S i' s TI: . . & AS.. (l S- . Ii' thII r' t
Wt'. S. Bell,
A O.lic A. P. Watso, liel
lIt 0c . M. . Leak. irst
fovirg leased this Hotei for five foler
7 y!7sr it. is an3 PllV to keel it open Cille
all seasolts, rIollU it a desirable abode~omt
a. j afor getS, pserieit and trasiit tte
Th. wo Ire table will clltiilu to be the leading ry, i
fe:ttlro of thie St. Jatces. Terms only the
$250 per day. JAMES R. LEAKE,
wr11I IProprietor. Al
hOUSE, e-
SU Clintonl, Lolisial tt -
IIs co'nstanl'll em 1 l inr ti et h ," ti day, rtl
ro onLev e SINGlE rEI11 F,'Itl Eos
Se pt. 1,1 Eleg LttIt anli tell iiisbctf'lly, t iitS C l
also Ite 1tt'ttl'tit"l, i L)L,.
Jale o, 'h r1 -. Mrs. S. ADLER. Ne'
,;illo La. Cartriage maker, lVVleelwriiht Nit
. As II sitl or
OR ORAI Sl' ON TIlE -Ot)VII.IA' 1ltAi, NlI.At ip
I O ' t Patl rtti" eit n gnt1 . nt'S h.....
-Lb ' ilitt U-iti l C(C-I.l|"
--,-- -- - ch
JO!T3 D. 61T7 AI' tl
EuItor and Busilness Managerf . na
St. Frsancisville, ept, 8S, 1878. urc
One copy, one year (in advance)....3 00
.. . : im. ' "a .... 1 00
[A Squale is tile space of ten lines solid
hrliever. i a
Space. I I i L
Ssq're. $ 1.00 3.00 0. 0 .00 $ 1.00 1
S, 2.00 5.00O 9.50 15.00 20.00 f
4 a 4.00 8.50 15.00 23.00 30.00 t
col'm, 5.00 10.00 1800 30.00 40.00
r. ' 19.00 20.00 40.00 50.00 70.01) I
1 " 20.00 40.00 60.00 90.00 125.00
5 Tnnoxacxrxq Calndidates:
?or State :ndl District offices, ....$25.00
Fr or Parish offices, ................ 10.00
r For police District oilices,....-----. 5.00
(to be paid invariably in a(dvace.)
Transient AdIcrtslements will be inserted
;r. at the ate rate of .1.50 per square of te lines
r fJor the first insertion, and 75 cents for taccl
sIbscquent insertiou.
e, Personalitics chargycd at tralsilnt adccr
tisingl rates.
hTi cabore scale of rates sx,,st be thIbe basis
of all contradcls with aertlcrlisiarl aienlts.
Obituaries, tributes of respect, resolulions
- etc.. charged as advertisements
ait sil:ry
To the Qualified Electors of mmSbjtr
the State of Louisianlua.
OI:0.ICeS O SI~CT lIAIrv OF S ATEI, both ho
STA.iT or LoUIStANA, erntr; it
New Ortlcals, July 17, 18781. if he te
In pursuance of article 147 of the con- his onje'
stitutiou ot this State, puhlication is origuate
hereby given to the voters of this State cto s to:
of the Ilrposed aellltdtecl uS ito the coln- cosidrL
slitutionl of this State, agreed to by two- iets Irt'
thirdts of the Iltrtlllljtl' elected to calcti pass o
house of the (hecrtal Assembly, at its ss- t shall
sion of 1573. andt whichl are required to tpltrovt
be putblished, three ltooths before the preselit
next general electiot for ltepresentati ves l'ttC iii
to the General Assembly, in at least oile lt11 tth
ilewslpllter ill every pliish ill this state, ais
in which a newvspatper shall be published. journal
tSaid alnlllt lldllets :tappear mlOrO fullly illnU erb
:4 acts Nos. 73 atndt 74 of the regular session lIuve b
of the Uelteral Assemlbly of 178, and li law, ill
id act No. 12 of tile extra session of the Gen- unless
eral Assembly of jl78, which are olfficially inent,
published for the intforlnition of the vo- ile tilt
ters, and which will be submitted to the it the
people at the next goueneral electiou, to be i id gi
held on the lifth day of November, (next) it. T
1578, in such ia nauuer and form that the dicate
people siay voto for or against each ed to
11, anltedulilltt, separa:telys, aui it" majority the lii
1,5 of tlhe votes at said etection stl,:l approve the st
ik, aund ratify all or either of said atiOend-it- no
inelits, the salme shall becomtie a part of itels
the constitution. io l
Secretary of State. beIct
AClR NO. 73, R. S. OF 1878.
t toU I ONE. N.
That the seat of goverllnlellt shall le cs
established at the city o01 atou Rouge or peral
at the city of New Orleants, as the ajor
ity of the voters of tle State ia'ct eer- 1t1
.t ster / ell~tlU r t.tlO iI" tllOn
1in at the next etstitg l util '; to tlit
voti t to locate, the State capill at itb- t
Ca i L Rutg " e shall cllose i their tickets, l sad
F For stato Capital, 1hat ll Rouge;" theose
voti t to locate the calital at Now O -
leans shall e. dorse" OI their Iticket;, " For i'
State Capital, NeSU Orletains. .,
(Strike toult articl o1 hundrdtl andl
N "E ag.a TwOU. ha
.epresutatives shall bIe chosen on the
lirst Tuesday after the lirst Moiday in byt
r five NoveUti, every- two tea's, and tie tlue -
elti shall be co plet ed il ono day. 'Il tel
CLhoat ctueral ssembly shal eet 1 " tte f" cirst sli
oaboe iiaSy in Jaonuarey, 1679, aud bieuttaly l e
isiut t tletrcltiLo, it the list oitttld:y i n tJ: ia- tat
diug ryy, ,niless citdilfr t (lay be llipointe by . lt
S onalw, id their sessio shall ie he ldat
the seat of .5vernnlntt. tilt
(strike out article scveteel .) lN
Ator. After the year 1875 the Genteral asseItt- b
lily sll not liive powelr to levy ill any l
-r otit year for all btate llrp.ses luore tliatt
oiie pexr eLiutttlut taxatioL, lloir shall att d
ollection of o t h er tRl
ts tatioll bo nutalt ill ai " OII t ti 'e arl Oer til e ti
a t eertual cash valuo of all real attI ILersO nal tl
la ouropeltty liatble to tuaxation, except ill n
tay se of t foreign itvasiuu or a donitestic
. isurrecti ion, a nd in tthat eveut atiy adttlli
IST S. tioitl t -axtili ssha11 olly be for theo it- "
iss lli ; allltc iit r use of repelling intvasion or
R, ppei t tsirreti..l.. , i lsTe city ot
New Oru'eahs slt, tl itt levy or collect in
oeLL ear eht ailtltd onte-htalf
p 'n  "t n-tt t.i.al tit uO n t hlt ti actual cash
e value of aiLllth el l cud lersoillal proper
, tyltiable to taxaltiun wit ttIln its litttils.
lvr gltt Nilntiisio h or titotlItt'tl ct1 sllihllOIl y
eoit thile city it Net OliS, il levy
ori collect i.' :.tty one year ni',ar tiltai tle I
t, N AIot let cllt .... tniationl upon Iheo tetual
`" caslh valtie of all the real auInd ,e.oltl
lttlel Vtii to libl to alltid itlet Iit
" have 1¢cr to islieu ally' bolid or plel-e
tile faith of the State for any purpos.e, nor each distriel
shall it authorize any parish or municipal law, shall bl
corporation to issue any bond or create qualieti ele
any dlebt ; prbrided, that this shall not trict there sl
prollibit the issue of new bonds in ex- cept it the r
change for old bonds, where the debt or the General
rato of interest is not increased. ma may dstri
NUMIEiR FOUl. ber uow antl
The menmbers of the General Assembly cept by a tw
shall he paid a salary of five hundred dol- bers elected
tars (7500) per session, and actual travel- eral Assenhbl
ing expenses by the nearest practicable ed by law, t
route, uot to exceed litty (+50) dollars .ing in the pi
for auy one imember; proric' d, that if the jurisdict
two sessions are held in the same year law; no red
they shall receive for the second session made so as
in that year a salary of only two hundred cumbency o
and fifty.dollars ($250) and actual travel, districts in I
intg expenscs by the nearest practicabl'e than thirty
ro ute, not to exceed fifty dollars ($50) for The Genera
any oUe uelitber. The re ilar biennial law for at lI
session shall not exceed ninety daya in district coal
duration, unlbss by vote of two-thirds eral Assomlu
of the members elected to each house of circuit cour
Sthe General Assembly. pilng the dis
(Strike out article thirty-utne,) conposing
NUMBEt FIvE. of the list
' The General Assembly shall not pass cu1tsl To o
Sany local, or special law chaugig the meeting ofnd
venuo in criminal cases, chaugig the tppellated
manner of liersonts legitimuatinghihlre, ppcourell wit
vacating road, streets, or alloys, remit- cournt iln
0 ing fines, penalties, and forfeitures, or re- aolltrs ($1(
t funding, moneys legally paid into the dols ot
o0 treasury; alfectiug.he estates of miniors, doe 0ot xci
)o or persons under Ddistbilitjy,' exempting (Asl00) yx
O proplerty frin taxration, creatinlg :any hieo
0 opellolics,.legaliziug the nuanthorizted or thirds vote
invalid acts of any officer or agtent of the botrh 1host
State, or or any parish or lannicipality; causes wit
3 grantitg any extra eoutnplousatio to alny cus one I
)I public otficer, agent, or contractor, after ieed of e it
)0 the service has been rendered or contract- striction, t
ed fort ; eaugiig any parish sot, or cr- ted shall I
ed atiug new parishes, except y the assectt the class o
of the majority of the quallota electors
of thu parish, or parishes, to bi affecCte d, lport. T1
is all other cases, where a geitletel law sall bei
clall be lutic appyliciabl, no local or spo- of their -
cial law shall be passed. Iold their
i NUME Six. (Strii.
The Governor shall receive a salary of
018 seven thousand dollars iper aliInui, paya- Each of
ble quarterly, on his own warrant.
- (Strike out article fifty-six.) cct in th
NU11ti:ti SlEN. he less tL
The Lietiten:lut Governor shall recievo more that
a salary which shall be double that of a uIt , pay
of member ot the General Assembly. rant, whi
(Strike out article fifty-seven.) ditinistu
NUMBER II I ttir. must he
lIvery bill whieih shall have passed over the
both housesi shall be present etl to the Gov- lawth re
erlnor e it h appIrovu it, ie shall sin it law het
7if Lie slueU Ihot; he shtll[ o rtthrl t it, vit t
S hio olijectitnlis, to the house iii which it of he fit
i is origiatd, which shall ueter the object- ics t
at ions at large up n its journal, and't pro- pis ol
ccil to reco)nsider it. it;, after such , re- sicudda
Cull- cSiilletilatioi, tVwo-tllirds of aill the mLinII-a
two- ets pr.selit ill thalt house shall agree to ed.
eahli paS the bill, it shall be sent, with the (Strie
S es objectiotis to the other holuse, by which
atoit shall likewise he reotusitleri[, and if III li
p to illrtovcil by two-tlhirds of thle me:lbers tdis
the lr:sin t. in that house, it shall be a law. cOnstite
Sves linlt ill siuch casesC the vote of both houses tled by
ha1ll be dctcrllltilcl lby yeas anrd nlays, i, a S
all tie tt'0names of letbrnL voting for or be t cit.
tate, gaiitS thin bill shall be enteredtupoi the shall II
shed. journal ot each house respectively. If rant
ly in aty bill shall not be returned by the toreney
t overstor withlin five days ufter it shall shall re
sshoit Iave beetn presented to hidm, it shill be a notless
h id tlaw, l i like Mauer iis i he hail signed it1 lowtre
l Gen- unless the General Aseatbly, by adjourun- e by
ci tly tn-Lt, iprevelt its rettrll ; ill which case, tin h
within thirty days, the Governor shall :t:l pa
to Tile the iesalme, vith his objeetios tlhereto, r-t.
to the in the oftice of the Secretalry of State, the pal
to be and give public notice thieret; otherwise Ifrot a
next) it slill Ibct m aita law, as if he hNtl signled ttitbot
it. 'tI:e Secretalt y otf State shall comitt- dllr
at the ideate saiid objectios and bill so deposit- reciivl
eaci ed to tie horlse ill which it orbigated i lowed
ijority the first tlVay of the ieetiing of tle inext leLs
Geneto itral. AsselmbltCIIy, wiio siall a.ct lPOii such e
tei h - th ill .3 s t aLs ti t p tlrovitet di. The ov rtl "- t ittie
d ottos tishtlpihpoLV er shall eo vo it or lllmore may
p reS of items i tny hIill a tptrol iatie lll( in -, elect
bra'. tt ilgs tistindiat iteits, w hie appvf - of the
i ,t or e" p ortiCo s of the1 av bill, V tO. he sh
(Stritt or part tif the till arsitsi. t sil
tou i or e iteL ai d the iemi o plr liic.tpia
tiotis disa plprovet shall be void, untiletss I
reltalsos sletl leotrti to tile ritles and iiS- iec
t 2S. tat el tinn tl'sCrictil for ti e plissaligC of oth- inters
ril it Is over the tGvernorr's veto. le sh
Noi officer, whose salary is fixed by the iGte
htll Oet- const ii titn, hudrill he allove, any U ees or for ti
ge, Lo r 1Ci utt isites o "f tlice.l Ci i
Sm1anjor- Nlit a ( Sli O t
deter- 'rlte jodielal ptwer shall be vested in a
Sti rit lsi ctio rt, il slvi et courts, aniutlil i o s
ti s tires tit the e t e.T e ao rlltri coI lectsi c
tilt shall have trigitidl j tisniiet ltl in all a tri- the
;those itueases where the luitinit in dlisptie Tx-hli
No tuo soill n lluulted dollars, cxlsv ort
it,, at F clurest. Io ter , iu jii Cl ol;ss, a nal ill all I
ed l r Tl t tan i iteeu c ttc rs, their jI isaiSetiu sh all t L
e a uliniiied. ''hey htill ht ave appi t l t hill
iuris ictiuo u o inc Civil snuits frto jlantio sr of t
o te tlite ae, wteu the atI U t t iO is to nc
ieceed :n doits, cxtsiv )f interest.th
e ont lh justiceso tit the peate shall lie electtl
ch y il by tic eet ts t el cti arish i the l t-rll i i
e o c tc- tier anid whiti the iquilic.tous ito be dtie
t ' ertiiued by the GQntral As.setly. They .5
sie ll stle sla I l eI olliecua frt the te;rtll o if tl n ci:', Sh
htlly ati t teir cir t ot satiu :i s all tie iIxci by ii
alaw. Their juriadicitit ii civil eases.for
oniey slual II iuit eXcee:di olne, 1uIlidull ltaol )l c-LX et
a e hut tt lusiv 'e of itite rest, si hjuct tol. ct ami Itl t i,) a "
tliittoiti tii it li,i tiit shall exc ett t tt1ii l s
hiviti te S tLc:h crill lil jiiris t tiltLi .i shall t
lt bi ioit'etreil tly Ila . th'lie iltherd AsIseti
viu l ibly shall lttvo Pl\vcr tit t lst iiil tlihe elerl's
shalltty s ich oir t' iis l l i li ih act s li i t.
It. t'l li lltt
each district one judge, learned in the tile co:lstita
law, shall be elected by a plurality of tel,
qualified electors thereof. For each dis- NE
trict there shall be one district court, ex
cept in the parish of Orleans, in which 'ihl Supel
the General Assembly may octablish s tiadred ds i
many district courts as t1 h linhlie inter- hin drd
eat may require, not to exceed tile ll- own a
ber uow authorized by existing laws, ex- N1
cept by a two-thirds vote of all the Luitu No liCOtIst
hers elected to both branches of the (ienl- State, or a
eoral Asseimbly. Util otherwise lcrovid- itt, orl ailly
ed by law, tle district conuts now exist- ry or factol
*.ing in the pirish of Orleans sallll have police regd
f the jrisdioti'in at present colferlred Ioy
rlaw; no redistricting or ch ani' shat l e
imade so as to take etfec during the n The Leg':
I cunhenc of any judge. The numtnbero ept frt
districts in the State shall ulpt lb less taxettlon li
0 than thirty nor more'than forty-filve. tare, wearl
r The General Assembly shall provide by profession
I law for at least four termcls ILnually of the ceeding ill
1 district court in every parish.. The -uenl- five hllnudr
Seral Assembuly shall have power to create
f circuit courts, to be constituted by grou- ACT NO.
pilng the district judges into circulits, and N
comlposilg the circunit court of the judges 1
of the district courts within such cir- Strike o
cuits. To direct the place or places of of the con
SmllOeting of said circuit courts so consti- "A univer
e tuted, and to vest said circuit courts with luaiuttiie
, appellate jurisdictiou from the district it shall br
t- courts withia the circuit where the and a colic
alinount involved exceeds one hundred approiriti
10 dollars ($100) exclusive of interest, and senIbly s:o
hs does lrot exceed live lnlldrol - dollars ization a
a (.500) exclusive of interest. Thie General "'I'e dii
SAssembrly shall have power by a two- shall .e ci
or thirds vote of all the imembers electeid to aol acanle
he both houses, to restrict the appellate er departs
ih jurisdictiorn of the Suprelmel Court to law, each
ny causes liere the aiuouit involved cx- proridced.
, ceeds ouone thousanld dollars ($1000) exclu- partineuti
, sive of interest ; and ill case t suchi re- tinue in t
re- striction, the circuit court so, to be crea- atedecici
it ted shall have alppOll.te ridicti t bloct
rms the class of cases thns excluded from the
I, appellate jurisdiction of 'the Suprelnle Cul a
pap Court. Th clerks of the disstrct courts Inidies Fe
pe- shall be elected by the qcualiied voters best med
of their respective parishles, and s tlilltl I
hold. their office fr four years. , for
(StriIke out articl eiglhty-tlheem.) cures the
Slm- (f IBneit Twihn TEis. ges out t
- Each of thre district judges shallreceivo toni, car0
a salary, to be fixes by law, whichl, cx- aicknls,
cet in tle parish iof Orleans, shall not sufferer,
be less tLaui two thousalnd dollars, nlor
eve more tlla three tlholsanlt dollars per a- It is che
of nuntl, payable qluart'erly oi his own war- -
rant, which shall not be iicreaasd nior iEI
Sdiitinislrhed during his term of office. 1ie
must be a citizent of the United States,
sead over the age of twenty,-livt years, anti If w
l hatve resided in the Stale and practiced Nation
1it:i law therein bfor thle space of two years With ti
itli nest preceedilng his election. 'Tho judges
l of the 'district courts shall hold their of- itS, a
lice for tile term of four years.. II thile rl
the parish of Orleans thle annuTal salary of the beng
rt- disirict judges shall not exceed five thonu
s;mi- a doll:tIs, to be paid as above provid- underl
e to ed.tio ll
O tle (Strike out article eighty-four.) itl
rhich NUMBERl FOUIr'rhrCN. a
tlad if Ini lieu of the office of district attoreeyv, oUtd
ibers estalblishl d by article ninety-two of lie
law. constitutioi of IiN, there shall be elect- SO
"uses ted, by tile qualilied voters of each par- Louis
Lns, ish,l a State's attorney therefor, who shall 1c1 ,
uor or be a citizen of the Illitecd States, who
at le shall Iave been a resident ot the`t et, reach
. if and a: practicing and duly licensed natio
the torlley at law, foLr at least two years. lie a
slall shall receive a salary ftnll cie StateRof a mi
I be a not less than three nor molllre tlhanl seveii prol
ied it hundred dollars per ar illUa, to be provid- evcnl
iouru- ei by lanw upo the basis of rlepres'loctIi
SCisC, tlion in the Hlous of ln.lcseltt:tives,
shall :fi payaRble quarterly cu.his owl war- this
creto, rant. He shall, be e.-officio attorney of anti
State, the p:arish, anl receive such salary, there-t C
evis from as may be Lixed by the 'parochialI
slhed authtboritis, iot to exceed sevi hnildred thio
iut- dollars per anltntu. le shiill oreove, and
"posit- receive such fees of otiffie a malr Ie atl- l cp'
.ted ol lowed by law. In the city of New Or
i next leaIns tile State's attorney shall receive t{
i\oi such comIpeusatioln froil thle cIty, iii ad- mi:
Dover- ditioll to Ile salary atlbve provided, as it W
r niulimy be establlished by law. lie shall be
Ittiit, elctold at the same time with the judges Oft
lotlplu- of the district courts, anli shall hold hlis j'jl
111e the office for the terml at four years. i
l Ushall NUMEit- - taN"ced
ulesi III every case where the judge may be assi
Sliu- reCsed, anlld \whenO he is not lpersonally Wlii
of o It- interested ill tile matters i' conlltestatLion,
lie shall select a law\yer, having thle noc- trOt
essary qiualifcatiolns requ ired for a judge mtU
of his court, to try such cases; allnd the ref
I by the General Assetnbly shall provide by law
y ee for the trial of those cases ill lwhich ilme djai
jidugr mlay be absenrt or rlot'uss to act.
(Strike out article ninety.)o
sttd ill :a UIER SIM.tiX'tEEN. t
a l In orderilsrvdre to prloide fo the esttbLlisll- a
c co lts iielit Of tlhe judicial system crcatedl by
i all ci\- the above amendmlelots, anld to prevelt
spuithe s- lic evils of aill iuterreguiltl., it is h ruby OC
11stvu ot ordained by t.he peollc of Loulsiana thi
1 h e leieral Asstbly, wi
iu slll 5which meets the firsit Mohtly ill .Jalll Iary,
ash es of 1379, shall in accrdacellC with the fore
gistii " coing atuhncueuuents ilmlmduliatedly redis- cX
est. trict the State, alld liroVi(de io tr1he ai
0 e letedl thority oIf clerks, Iud the election and
e ll- criiial jurisdictio of justices of the
. be rle- peace, i
Sily. cy Siid--l'lat ms son as the Legislatnure
tshac ec:s, djll have acted as atfrce;id, lIhe Ucvelr
lvi cas for hilsI:L t'." the peace tar each p:rlrshi
uce'hird CX- ceclt the I;ish of Orlcnis, aIlid fitr lis- ti
liii :uL"iiLt'ictjudgesin each district, crtlitel icy W
iiiethe re bgli ch lc0 or Illol' 1 't 'r
islnIdss have betell addtedL, cr tulkctll frolllcP
Icc y shall the cxisting ijtuiiai;l diistrict, llnlc ; Ir
' ill St:itoeattrctales , as above icr viidel ex
eipt icc the pri'sh of Or-leas, w-hc-re the
tit ltccsdisr(ictsl net ittryllc blr hieP 1criuh ,ha1ll ice
a ci aticiilcY '1'lcttr o ul ct i i. sll i cc, C
iruc te, which daiy .ihal| .,4h
* II ci "extil or lclcru ta;ul lillcety claYs aftcr
S cltint . '. ... .. . "cc l s.i 'l i l ct. lIce , Ier ll cs i t ci
ct-it cle.te, " i.t sacic l oliec lout shal it 'x-ll
S tc t ic i init, atio i ci cliai.cif districts. tl
ci y-o Oit' alttt lucid hL Ctier i can c tutc aven " lhcr yc-s s
'-'Lchat 11c' jc lic'ial s shill, t( CS
cLdl tlti- L i t lie thiirti~thi a ttica. SS tcl clc"tjccc,
e the colsttittiolun of 1868 shall be aliroga
if tedl,
'hT Superintelletlt of Public Educe-.
tion shall receive a salary of tlirty-fiyl'
_hdred dollars, payable quarterly o
his own ,arrant.
u No license tax shall be imposed by the
Stiate, or :ally parish or muoticipal attlior
ity, o aylly luectlial.tr-ade, tlnll.ufact1:
i. ry or factory, except such as Imay reqitirt
Spuliee regulations, in towns atd cities.
•- The Legislatill is authorized to ex
o erupt from Stato, mtrulpsp l or parish
Staxaitonl household goods,; uclh as furni
S into.re, wearing apparel, tuols of, trade or
by professioln arnd tatmily portraits, lnot ex
le ceeding in aggregate value the sum of
five hundred (lollars.
ir- Strike out the first liart of article 1"4
of of the ooustitutiou of lid8, which reads :
di- "A university hall be est.alblishcd ani.
raith ,aiutied lin the city of Now Orleanls.'
llt it shall be composed of a law, a medical
thle lan a collegiate deplrttmeut, each with
red approptriate faculties. The General As
Ssebly shall provide by law for its organ
las ization and inalltertance; and insert:
;ral "T'he university shall be maintained. It
wo- shall be conmposed of a law, a medical and
to tnll ailadle:ical departluneut', anud pul oth
Late or delartments as may be established by
to law, each with. .approprito faculties ;
e- prorided, that the law ati muedical do
cl- partleults already organizeil shall con
re- tine inl the city of No Orleans, and the
rea- c:;.dealical and other departments may
ot be located elsewhere in the State."
non Culr. Chill Tonic, thl Great West
tis Inudies Fever and Agiue Renmedy, is the
ters best medicine ever presented to the I'co
ple, for the speedy cre of malaria--It
cures the Chill roots out tie Fever, rar
ges out the malarial poison from the sys
eiv tel, carries of the blacr bile--Ib. sves.
eo- sickness, and gives hlalth to the poor
otr sufferer, get a bottle from Miumford.-
r a- It is cheap, llUd Safe.
ind If we mistake not the Louisiana
,tred National disclaim all sympathy
w` with the Socialists, the 'Commun
r of- ists, and the labor movement s"
I the representcd b o Mr. Kearney. Tilis
t being tile case we are at. a lose to
movill uinderstand the party name," 'Na
tiOpll.: low can that party call.
itse!l a National party which asri
no affiliation with any partye
of the outs:den of L' mUis:aa.
telct- So far as vZ caln make it out the'
,i Lr- Iouisiana Nationa!s propose only
Slocal, or State roefcrms. Their
'staRte, riach andu aimn, thereltre are not
;ed at- national, and gain their name is
te f a misnomer. But ettieng aside the
seven proprieCty of a titte which is at all
iruovid- events euphonic and dignified, it
taltni rematlins to be itlquired how far
ti this party is likely to prove
ruy of anythintg utior than a disturbing
Sther- elencut in Louisiana politics. One
Luudrod thing i, -etubliiihed beyond d)ubt,
orcover, and that i.3 Ih:tt thi3 party, without
tn Rtepblican alliancc, will rep :sent
rceive nollthing more than a traction of a
, a- mi: oity vote. With that alliance
ihil s it will compose tile weakest wing
tjlges of an ati Dmoocratlc movemuent.
hold hi IVhatever thit it can accomplish-l
in the 'direction of reform must be
accomnplished wi . the content and
e tony he assistance of the very organizstion
rrs nlly which tmore tian any other has in
ethetu troduced abuses into the State and
i ajlldge municipal guvernment, and made
n l the refiurm necessary. Will an;lbody
edeny th ? I" not, why skodld
to act, any man be asked to support a 
tional party which is nothing more.
than a skill :owcd at thi esern of
stablisll a disgraced a:;d defeated party ?
reeated by Let it be admit ted that the Dem
s ocras Ihave not egage d as yet in
S a: tht dt:siderated work of reform
Asseubly, with that energy and disinterested
II jlitlit, zeal which the MateI had a right to
tidy tours- exieet. How does t at improVO
ll the atLl- the situation of the Republican
ie of rth par1-ty her e? Will it say. 'You
will nt, or, at least you liave not
islatue abi.hcd all the abuses which we
S tt_ ....- .-,itrod-.ce, Ud thserfore, you the
D enroertaCy must give way to us,
t1( 0'Is-tlilt we m:Ty undo our own evil
cre:tltulby wojik?' Nothing could, by nay
I tic.tito trn po-sibility, be more absurd. 'The
ctianti for thief-tatLer may be negligent and
rvtide l cx- slothful ; but that does not argue
w sohll te that rogue and policeman should ex
, 10 l biL change place.-N. O. PicaytueL.
t,'i thnl It was midnight ; the dark shad
ll' iy5 f"t-t O~v- nestled o'er thie sleeping Ionwt
oo t shall lt- of lialamaazoo, with not a ru :of
of l ls. Sl light to break the sjn:breness ot
v yirrS, shall thiti SCer·e All ifli sctued to
ell':co1 eIt, e l ite)? h t res't, and-- well hIiw shall we
en I this ? O)h. yes ! ' F'ric one
Iioilltilil drug 5to "7s.' ' i l
,o ,li i ioi" last night,' said he. Said ahef
- You fg I' A/ud he flOe --BOset6
ii- '-(iiigC)'JlP

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