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Feliciana sentinel. (St. Francisville, La.) 1877-1892, January 11, 1879, Image 1

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)L. 3. ST. 1FRANCISVILLE, LA. JANUARY 11, 1879. NO. 28.
At.orUeye at 14mw
(lTintoni. Louisiana.
Attorney at Lanv,
Clinton. Ltuisiat;a.
Chluton, Louisiana.
practice in the Courts of East and
Attorney at Law.
Clinton, Louisiana.
1 practice in thie Courts of the 5th
I District. Anug.*'7(;.-ly
Afttorney nt Law,
St. Franvisvitie, Louisimnii.
i piractice in tlh. Parishes ol' i st "
ast Feliciana. andI I'oint, (Cottir'.
Clinton, Loutisianar,
1I practice in the courts of East and
Foliciana anti the Sn ,prenci Court of
Airoriscy at Lntv.
St. Fr:uanisvillh. Lonisiaun.
I practice inll the 1arishel of WestJ
ast Feiici:iai, ant l'oiinte Conpee.
bt. Francisville La., a
1 pracltice in the Court:; of Vest
annt:udl Pointe ouipe-e.
Attorneys at Lirvv,
tt. Francisvilli. La.
11 practice in the Court - of VWest
'at Feliciana, I'ointo Coupee andl
ing Parishes.
sat residence in St. Francisville.
;no 1t;-77.
St. Francisville, La.
oenext door to Broolk's drug store.
I will attend all calls on
the Coast, 1fron Natchez to
New Orl*acs; alnso the biack
y, when accessable with a huiggy.
oils wishing my services. can ipi
Ssanoie by uIddret.sinIu xI.e, at 1Iny
D. STI'OCKING, r). T. S.,
St. 'iranisviille, La
DR. E. Green Davis ofle'rs
his services to t he pelople of
this and adljoinling Parishes.
rders addressed to hint, at his resi
wvil receive pronmpt attention.
Sun treet, Bayou Sara, La.,
Goods, Groceries, Confections, To
WiVines and Liquors.
orner of Canmp and Con ont strecets,
New Orleans. La.
OARD.-Two dollars and fifty
per day.
Bayou Sara, Louisiana,
eries. Provisinals, Western
duce and General Plas
tation supplies.
ALSO tii
AND th
-- TI
psite M. & A. Fischer, Front Leveo stt
Sara, Louisiana. Sept. t,'77 It
msr the Sentinol office,
St. Franciaville La.
lSnRoth, oil
; Bayou Sara, La. of
ered if desired. Apply to alm
75-Iy. Buyou Sar a
A week in your own town. $5 ilit
Outfit frce. No risk. Reade. the
ant a business at which persona
rsex can make great pay all t..o
ey work, wrritO for particulat to unIl
LE r & Co., Portl and, Main be
ýWNf!:1ALr. .J()LICJAI. Xi W"',T F'I.iLCIANA
M. 1,AM I 11F, I111
U. V. IlI PF ijtooIUero1Is.
(;I'.). AV. J EES1d.r..... . I.......liEdior
Januar'y............. lt '.
Ouno copy, one yonr (ill :nc e)----:i 00
O` o. ---. 1 7"5
rr " It : {, " . .. t(JO)
AD I'1 11T1 S sr 1t1TE
[A Squuin in tihe pare o'f ten lines solid
$jm:minc. j I H
1 sq1're. $ 1.01 $ :1.00 0 .;.510 $ 0/!NO 12.00
2 " 2.))) 5.01) 9.5') 15.0)0 20.00
4 " 4.1) 8.5l) 15.0() 2:i.0)0 :(0.00
Scol'in1, 5.)0 10.(10 1.-i ) ::00 . .)0 411.00
10I .))1) 420.00 411.0lt 50.1))) 70.01)0
i " 20.00) 4(0.00 00.00 90.01) 125.00
~Tnuornusqin Caaduicatcs:
r or Stnto :Ind1( District o~lices, . . - Si5.00
Fu; I'arisli ofices- ----------------1(0.00
l'or jimlico Diisitrict officer,..........5.0(
(to bo paidl invariably ill antvannce.)
Trij11uil .Irlh'crCi1eun11IP it-ili he ifA,1Ifkle
(1f f/c rotc ofh a 1.5)) jim, .per ?1(1,e of lin(cs
for fIc /it- ,it iUIxf1)om, alnd 75 ous jiOP CiA-l.
iilibiiiqtii, , t iulxirrion.
I'mroonalFics chcatr'ld at Iranusicnt titllu.·
Jiw aba,ot scale of rate., a: aolf be flee basis
!f'S.ll C/1r01Ocd (1 filriiti iiigi r'i /cifs.
Uhlilrctrricrs, irihl,,rl"i of" )e.Ysi:cct, ).cvolotiouxt
l1 11, DUG L17) DI'l LUI:T :' i
i. )ot dog he v:is dot kiiind ordog
Vat ketch dot ret so sly,
Ind syqlinie hiin with his little teeth,
Uind dnll dot ret ,-as die.
S Dot dog lie vas oglquisitive
1 Vareller he vas go,
- Und, like dot voolma:i, all der time
Somiding lie vants to know.
Vone day, all by dot market-stand
Vare lisl and clams day sell,
D)ot dog vas poke his noss aboud
Und find out vat lie smell.
Dot lobster hie vas took dot snoze
Milt vonel eye open vide,
Und von dot dog vas come along
Dot lob.ster ho vas spied.
Dot dog ho smell him mit his nose,
lUnd scratch hiit mit his ipaws,
1Und push dot lobster anil aboud,
Und vonder veot he vas.
Und den dot lobster lie yoke up,
- Cod crawl yoost like dot si.ail,
Und make vido open ov his claws
Uind grab dot doggie's tail.
Und den so icik as n ever vas
Dot cry vent to der sky,
Und, like dem swallows vot dey sing'
SDot dlog vas lhomeward fly.
Yoost like dot dunderbolt ie went
Der sight vas awful grand,
CUnd every street dot dog vas turn
Down vent dot apple-stand.
Der shildren cry, der vimmnin scream,
Der mes fall on der ground,
Und dot policeman muit hlis club
Vas novaro to pe fouinod.
I make dlot run mund call dot dog,
Und vistlo awful kind;
Dot 0makes no dillirenco vot I say,
Dot dog ldonl't look pchind.
Und pooty soon dot race vas end,
Dot dog vas lost his tail -
SDot lobster I vas took him homne,
Und cook him in dot pail.
Dot moral vas, I tolo you 'boud,
Beroro vas neffer known
Don't vant to find out too much dclings
Dot vasn't ov your own.
Xcaw York Clipjner.
tion is often asked-"Why are diamonds
so costly' Why are they so highly priz
ed? This may be answered somewhat in
the sanme way as when we determine the
reason for the high value placed on gold,
yet gold is estimated rather from fashion
thllan from any real beauty. Its vaulnoue
depends, however, on its comparative
scarcity, but abovo all its duribility.
Tho diamond, the most costly of all sub
stances, has intrinsic beauties of its own.
It has a limpidity, a brilliancy, a fire
appertaining to itself, but above all, an
absolutely indestractibility far sur
passing that of any known product,
lwhich gives the additional reason for its
onhanced value. Tho first diamond tak
en from the bed of the Indian torrent,
cut centurics ago, has not lost an atom
of its weight, nor has a spark of its bril- I
liant firo boon dimmed. Though it hast
passed through millious of hands, it
shows no trace of wear; it has been sub
jected to all temperatures and climates,
and its shining lustre has never paled.
This indestructibility has, then, made it
inestimable as a standard of value. A t
thousand years ago it had its price, and a
thousand years to come it Inmust remain
unchanged in torm and lustre, and still
be an object of worth,
Farmer Evans walked round his wood
i. l0 anid surveyed its diminished'propor.
l- ionrs with a coiusiderable lowering of his
A shaRggy eyebrows. "SOimebody's helping
tlenrmselves," hIo -houglit; "I must set rIlly
ilts to work to diycover the ofrender."
Ile sat down oil a log, rested his elbows
on hiis knees, and after scratching his
ideas, he settled his temples in the palms
r. of his hands and meditated. The result
of his cogitationrs must have been satis
factory, for he rose by and by with a
queer smile overspreading his weathe;
beaten face, aindl walked into the house,
10 chuckling, "1'il do it; that'll let the cat
Sout of tI hle hg!"
I te found Uarry Bailey, a young, likely
lookiiing farmer, in the kitchen with his
"T'"liat young fellow is courting Jennie,
sure enough i ' thought tihe old gontlenan
as hle discreatly passed into the sitting
0 room. '"Vell1, he's as likely to make her
a grood husband as any one. If she likes
0 him I shau't object."
0 And he fell into a fit of gentle mlluing
0 over tihe memory of the gentle wife who
haIl beenr lying uder the flowers since
0 ,Jennie's hirtlh.
J Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jennie was
0 tripping about, engaged in some house
hloll, work and 1!ar-y was watching her
l with love-lit eyes., and could not malke
r ip his mind to tell her that lie loved her.
Tioe Gev. Mr. Walker, of Iho Orthodox
Ciurchi, in elto n, had prepared a dis- I
corise fur his sinful coigregation, iupon i
the Iablject of endless punisliment. The
par:able of the rich man and Lazarus was
SIris basis, and he hurled the arnatheonas
of wrath at the b:ack sheep of his flock t
as .lthoughl he were an avengini g anugl i
and manIy nemnCbers of his congregaltion I
felt guilty of errors. Little Tonn Bates
Ssiivererd in his shoes, and thought of the t
pie lie lhad taken in tihe night bIefore and(
thenu told Ihis mother a lie, anid debated t
whether lie should confess, or run the
risk of thIe prnishntert finliniiated by the r
Iparson. Uit he did not settle the mat- c
ter that time, for the iniiistCer was snd- 1
denily brought to a tfull stop in the midst I
of ris discourse, and thie congregation
electrified by a tremendons crash and re- e
port in their midst, as if heaven and
earth had conicm together. t
Farmer Evans rose to his feet simul- i
tarously with his frightened daughter
arti the rest of the congregationr, and
poor little Tit was inot sure for tihe mo
mrient that hiis fit:ire had not begunn. Thlle
cause of the no ise wa:s found to be anI
exp'losion i tihe stove, through the ill
tortal agency known as gunpowder.
How it came thereo was a nmystery to all
except Farnier Evans. IHarry Bailey, P
who made thIe fires anid founid tihe wood c
fir a stated sun, c:ame forward with ai
white face and explainied that the thing 8
was unrkiowi; to hLil. The farmer o
walked Ihomc:ward thiniking. "ad, bail! r
I'm very sorry that hie's that sort; 1 o
never suspected him of all others; and
Jennie likes hilm."S
Thlie faIer's firstfrnpulse was to niiip 0
ill tIre bud the acq:rainitance between
Jenlic andt young Bailey; but his natu
rally kindilly feelinig ultimiately prevailedt
over his anger, anid o Ihis noext rmeeting
with the delinquenut he abruptly ad- V
dressed him ii
You are coartirrg my daughter!"'
HIarry laliley aldmritted the tact bash- i
fully. Ii
" And you make tihe fires for the Ortho- 0
dox Church'" continued the old man.
Harry assented.V
"And turnish thie wood r" o
" Yo:," said the young man, growing la
red and white by turns. t
"Perhaps yeou would like to have the t
mysterious explosion in church last Sui- d
day expilained I I knew- my woodl pile t
was going somewhere, and put a small e
charge of ipowder in one of the sticks. I
need niot say that I was surprisedl to find
you were the thief,l as you dared to conic
courting toy daughIter!"
Harry qirailed befsro the stern, clear l
glauce of the old man.L
" I krow I'm too mean to live; much
less to love her," ho broke out. " I don't n
expect you to overloook it. I-I had a ti
hard year on the farar; you know what
losses 1 met. I meant to pay you back I
again, bhrt I don't expect you to believe
rae. OJui thing I beg-domit tell her h
anything ribout it; I couldn't bear to
have her think so badly of nrc." b
Tie olul rniri regarded the ashamed,
repertcert faco with pity.S
" Look hero 1-arry," he said, " I'll for
gi-e yot arid will riot mention it to a soul In
if you'll look are in the face and pronise be
solemuly to be strictly honest from this IIp
time forth." ci
Bailoy canght his hand gratefnlly, and g<
he felt his reward begin as Le saw tire to
shadow of a new hope dawining on lire sil
troubled face. 1 solemnly promise." Ire so
said, "never again to touch a pnnay's It
worth of anything that is niot laa-fnlly
my own."
"1 At the end of thre year you can hasaco at
Jenmiio if you want her, arid we'll uniito n
the farms."
With air overflowing heart ITarry staim- eC
mored his thranaks, anrd tire farmer mever as
regretted that Ire ladg iven him a chauce re
to redeem his self-respect.
I1e was naturally creel, and he told an
raeunaintance one day that he had a newv
is trick to play on the public-somtething
oentirely new. Hle had a long string and
a brass key tied to the end of it, which
She said was the instrument of torture.
Over the front sidewalk a maple tree sent
is some pretty strong branches, naking a
is sea hidden by leaves. Into this, after
It dark, the boys climbed. "Now, wait,"
says the principal, " till the first victim
comes, and don't make a itoise.' Pretty
soon an ordinarily freseed woman came
along, and just as she had pIassed he let
edrop the key on the hard sidewalk, in
mednciately pnlling it up again. Blot.h
now watched developments. The woman
came to a sudden stop, beg:an flmtblig
in her pocket, and wondetlred what it was ,
she could lhave dropped. She startedt on,
but hadl not gone lar before she caine
back. impelled by curiosity, and began a
carefill search of the walk. Meanwhile,
the Iboys in the tree stitfed their tists in
their monthttlis to keep froat scaring the
game, Iand dared hardly look below for
tear of laughing out. A sympathetic
sister cainn along, and together they
p ltickedl lp stones and turnedl over all the
chips on tbo sidewalk. No ionney, no
key, nothing could they fin;d soan 1so
r went oni to their homes, perha:ps to worry
aill igiit-, or perhalps a giggle in the tree
turnedi their look of disappiointiient to a
very cheap siile, mid a laugh from the
sanie place made them have awfull wick
i el thoughtts labout boys. One victim
- fountl a piece of tin, and laying the cause
t to the noise to that, was saved fiomt a
great deal of worry. Bnt when she pick- 3
Sed it tp and tlhrewv it down to test the
sounld, the boys nearly fii11 out of the
tree. A maun, when caught, would slap C
all his pockets, glance around a little,
I but it was seldom that lie was brought to
a hard-pan search. Wheni any one saw
I the trick after searching half an hour
and saying all kind of little things for t
the amusement of the boys, he simply n
wI ent away hurriedly. There was no re- is
mark to make, nio names to call. To get tl
out of siglhtas soon as possible seemed to p
be most desirable. The trick is harm- p
less; no one breaks a leg or looses an eye o
in the process. It might lie recommend- p
ed to constitutionally tired boys as a ,
! good way to sweep the walk. The vic
tinms will throw all the chips and stones I
into the street by curiosity's power, as it
were.-Roihestcr Exarcess.
From the Louisiana Sugar Bowl we Vp
learn the following particulars of a most r
horrible death by tiro in New Iberia:
On lristmnas eve, about 10 o'clock p. In. tl
ppon his return home, Mr. Gonsoulin dis-t:
covered his wito dead. Mrs. Gonsoulin til
was burnedl to death. Her remains were 1i
so chlarredl and blackenedt by the action i;
of the fire, that she could be scarcely b
recognizcid. Mrs. Gonsoulin, a member It
of one of the families of Broussards, in
this parish, had beeni for many years af- S
fectedl with fainting spells, and a species to
of epileptic fits. Shite wais aalone in their
home, near the lower limiits of town, at
the time of tin burning, her husband le
iug up town. It is not knmowiv in what et
manner she caught tire, nor whether, tl
while sufTeriug from one of her spells or le
not. There are reasons for elieving that tr
she had been dead sonicm titge when her cl
hu.sbaind came and foaid a corpse instead am
of a livimng wife whom had left in thev
eveuing. The fire in the chliamney-place n
was burit out except a few coals, there t
were no coverlets left on the bed, a pile
of ashesot the flour indicated tlhat the i
poor woman may have wrappeid herself in IIh
the bed-clothing in order to extinguish
the fire. We believe MIr. Gonsoulini, lu- S
der the excitement of this cruedl aic- ri
tion, hIil the body on a bed and hasten
ed to one of Ihis nieighbors for assistance.
Uiponi the nieighbor's conming, it was dis
covered that the bed ii the room adjoin- k
iug tihe one in lwhich she had beeni placedl. e
was of lire. A few monments more and li
the honse itself woulld probably have
been in ashes.
EyDo good and leave behind you a
motut(neuat of virtues that the storm of a
timtt cal never destroy. Writo your
itatmte in kiitditass, love cnd atercy on the
hearts of the thoutsanids you coitto in con_ -y
tact with year by year: you will never *
he forgottont. No, your nnie, your ihoeds, i'
will be as legible on the hearts you leave so
behitnd as the stars oc the browv of the :u
Culan Chill Toutic, the Great Wcst fo
Indies Fover and Agnio Reemily. is thle
best uneulicinte ever p~resen ted to the Pco
ple, for the speedy curo of titalaria-It vt
cures the Chil roots out the Fever, mar SC
ges out the tItalarial poison from the sys- a
tetis, carries ofi the black bile-It saves ad
sickness, and gives health to the poor at
sufferer, gto a bottle from Mumford.
It is cheap, anl Safe- cil
fY Alexatider DmItnas has piililished an ha
articlo iin which le states that Napoleon an
intendeul by cotiquest to sinatcel India alt
front BUEglatid. The war was to 1)0 pros- the
ecittedl in Intlia, aimd Etigland disappear,
as did Carthage, from a imagificent In
C YSrbscribe for the SExTINEiL. ttc.S
S Last June, says the New York !;raphie,
" Congress calletd upon the Secretary of the
f Treasury for a tabulated statement of all
Ioney :.pent Iby the government, silnce
is origini, in the District of Colnumbia.
enThis statement has been prepared by Mr.
tBailey, of the warrant divisioni, and is
a fuill of interesting figures. The total ex
SlInditnrtes for what ImaIy be termed e.r
preimnent improvements, including original
cI CxpelC tures, the cost of rcpairs, furnishing
6 and keeping in order the public institu
IC tious in Washliington are as follows:
at The Capiial..............$17,18l,6i91 18
hl The Patent Ofice.......... 13,1J7,908 19
The Trcasury D)epartment- 7,062,942 42
SStreets andt avenules in the
city of Wasliiigton..... 5,975.294 DS
1 The State Deiartinent..... 4,9=9,94. 21
' Loans, etc., to the District
of Columnbiah............. 4,927,299 51)
benevolentt institutious.... 4,732,448 02
P1'enal institutionls....... 4,4.18.:320 79
Waler woeks............... 4,0(0,8-22 16
Navy Departmient (inclutl
iug -rl)...... .... 3.53,1.6 01
C Delpartment of Agriculture. :3,174.192 75
'Smithsonian Itatitute.... 2,:303,520 3O
0 Postollico Delpartment.... 2,124,504 69
0 VartDepartinent.......... 2,(I444)(;) 42
0 Parks and public grounds. 1,821;5337 33
The Executive Mansion &
groundtts................. 1..640,449 91)
The Library of (ongrous.. 1,575,5.7 24
Bridges, &c.,.......... . 1,09)0,568 12
Tlie hot inic Garden ..... ,722,813 89
Works of art, paintinigs,
statuary- Corcoran gai'Sy. GO6,D69 18
Canals........................ 527,418 8.3
MItscellaneos................ 330,540 0:]
-iro Department (buildings
engines, etc)............... 199,293 60
Courts.................... 78,4G68 82
Total .......l......... ..$92,112.395 7
The total represelnts the amount of
mIloney the got-erniouit lhas invested in
the District of Colnumnbia, undller the items
named, nono of which, under the statutes.
is taxable. Tihe government owns all a
the streets, avenues, alleys, sparks and ti
public grounds in Washingtton, atnd is
proprietor of about one-half the acreage
of the city. In lien of taxes it annually
provides one half of the money required
to support the District government. t
t I
This sterling Democratic paper clttin
ues to fly at its mast headt the inames of
Hendricks for Presitent, Gordon for Vice t
President, and icklitife for Governor. 1
We might look a long tilme for better
representative men without lintditg them.
]Hendricks is true to the pIeoplel, trie to i
the Constitution, was chitefly instrumoen
tal in giving hones to the frontier set- 1
tiers whio populatedl the States west of
the Ohio river, and is a statesman whose
idens of governmenit are as liberal tand as t
broad as the great prairies of his own t
CGen. Gordon is the Bayard of American a
Senate. Miilitary andt civil honors clus- a
ter arotund him, itand be is a Christian
gentlemani of irreproaclhable privato antd s
pillliec character. t
Iohert Wieklifto belongs to an honor- t
ed Kentucky tnntily--distinguished at o
tihe bar, in the pnlpit and in the halls of e
legislation. 1le has tillted ofices of high
trust in this State, and his recordt is a a
clear one. lie is a strict constructtionist I
anti believes that Legislatures should act t
withiln the limits of the constitution, and f.
nio firthlo-. lie favors a rigid adlminis- a
tra:ltion of the laws, and is a strict econo
mist in disbursing the public money. His b
Idevotion to the State of Louisiania and 1;
his whole life is a guarantee that he 8
would be a sure mian to pilot the ship of
State through the breakers that sur- a
round her. C
WVe have said tlhis mnuclh of the distin
guishid persons brought before the poo- r,
ple of high positions; we could say not s
less. Wo could titi m It a hlost of others a
equally worthy of pubillic trust, but itn b
all the land, thltroughout its length and I1
breadth, none can be found more doscry- h
mg of the contidenc of the people of the y
United States and of the State of Louis- 7
tiana.-Pointe Copee PeI'clican.
--·-- --- i!
tsAn Ohio woititni 'i-ho diled recent- r
ly willed her loctl tlater $125. Thitit U
womanulis chlancs fSor Iheavetn are very t
gooti, butt if a personl wishes to atake a n
sure thing of a happy heretifter, t he V
amtuounit. ihe or shte leaves to a newspaper ti
should not be less ttnu $10,000. Now is tl
the time to mitake up clubs -that is, wills ft
for this paper.
'PThetet was a tletithl front yellow fe- -
ver in Mor"-itu Cily last week. The di- T
sease was cotitracctd ly a strantge4 wh itn
was occtIpyiuug a romit itt whichu the mi:il- i,
ady prevailed last sumnimor. 1ie hail anr ro
attack of lulsck v-:nit before hlo oxptired. an
Why nilt you sufter with is shaking e
Chillor a burnintg 1-o'ecr, 2 dostles of Cii- ly
ban Toitic, the, Great West Ittlies Fevcr i
attd Agute iRettietdy, will stop the Chills in
autn Fever. while oiie bottle will curo Ito
themi up for years. Trs- it <lo
ae- lnor
Cuban Chill Tonic, the Great West iR t
Indies l-'evert antd Agite Ileomedy, a posi- fl0
tive, cutre for Chills, Feeor, atd Billions- aft
nits1; at--l)r. 31 titiblrtls Ta
S -Scarlet Fever has become epidemic
in New York.
11 -The plague has again appeared at
ce Astraclhan in Russia.
i -Shreveport had a $10,000 Are daring
fr. the latter part of last month.
is -The Southern Pacilo railroad will
Sreach Maricopa Wells in May next.
-The American National and Conti
al noental Bunk Note Companies have con
ig -It is rumored that Russia has cou
sented to the payment of the Turkish in
18 demnity in paper roubles.
1 -Achduke Rodolphe, Crown Prince
12 of Austria, will shortly be betrothed to a
niece of the King of Saxony.
-The Yellow Fever Relief Committee
1 of Cincinnati, report the total contribu
tions of that city to be $6ti,776 9.
S -A rich strike of siver has occurred in
,, the Dnnderberg, Colorado; mine, which
runs two thousand ounces to the ton.
l6 -Gen. Grant is now in Ireland, strik
ing for the vote of that nationality in
) this conutry, in 1880. He will find it no
-The Saratoga, the third of the steam
m ships built in the United States for the
Russian government, sailed for Copenha
gen on the 1st inst.
-Earnest Delacourt, a man about 35
years of age, is now in the Ward's Island,
4 N. Y, Insane Asylum, for falling in love
.with the pretty daughter of his wealthy
-The Emily B. Sounder, the vessel said
to have introduced the yellow fever into
New Orleans last year, was foundered at
sea a few days ago. Only two survivors
Shave thus far turned up.
-The German government has instruc
ted her consul at Tunis to support the
demands of France made upon the Toni
sian government for the illegal seizure of
. property held by Frenchmen.
-lTen persons broke out of the Ann
m)sae, lowa, Penitentiary on the 3d inst.
One was shot dead, another was wounded
and will die, two more were wounded imi
the l-g, and five or six others captured.
-By the premature explosion of a sand
blast near Tarrytown, recently, two men
lost their lives. The head of one was
1 severed from the body, and the body of
the other impaled upon the broken limb
of a tree.
T -Canada is constructing a link of the
Pacific railway which will tap the wheat
growing areas of Manitoba and the North
't n-West, and provitle a short route for the
c transportation of the grain to the sea
r -The decision of the faculty of the
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn..
Sin dismissing Dr. Winchell because of his
- views oni evolution, has been emphatical
- ly approved by the Methodist Episcopal
f Conference of East Tennessee.
-Five chiefs of the Ute Indians are on
3 their way from Colorado to Washington,
i to consult with the Interior Department
relative to the sale to the Government of
i a strip of their reservation said to be
- a valuable mineral district.
-A dispatch from Yokohama says the
I steamer Tokushinma Marn, running be
tween Osada and Diva, was totally des
troyed by the oexplosion of a quanity oi
: of giiipowder that was in her cargo, and
t eighty-three persons .were drowned.
S-At Junction City, Texas, Tom Doran
and Louis Temple recently fought a duel.
Doran killed Temple. The latter's father
then pursued Doran, shooting him twice
Sfatally, stabbed the body eleven times
- and themi cut the throat from ear to ear.
-The suit against the government
t brought by the heirs of Stephen A. Doug
I las, for certain cotton captured by the U.
S. Government, in Mississippi, during the
f war, was settled in the Court of Claims
- on the 24th nIlt., by judgment in favor of
-The annual review of the live stock
- market of New York for the year 1878.,
t shows an increase in the volume of trade
Sand in the receipts of cattle, sheep and
h bogs as comparedl with last year, of 30,
1 154 beeves, 141,C35 sheep and 511,157
hogs, andl compared with totals twenty
years ago the increase is 338,191 beeves,
792.796 sheep and 1,419,661 hogs.
-At a meeting of the Sons of Liberty,
in Je-rsy City. N. Y., on the 30th nult., a
rrsolutionm was unanimously adopted
pledging the members of that body to
the destrnclion of the proposed monu
ment of MSj. Andre, the English spy,
within three months of its completion.
and for tLe failure to carry out the same
they otfer their lives, liberty, eta,, as a
-A bloody tragedy is reported near
eoecho, in the vicinity of Shreveport.
Wiley Hlolmes, marriecl to a sister of Ben.
Talbort, had some family misunderstand
itg with his brother-in-law. Both hap
pencilt out hunting deer, and met on the
roa,]. Taliert ordered Holmes to halt.
itnd aimed his gun at him. Holmes rais
,d his gun and both fired simnltaneonu
ly, each shot taking effect. They then
dismnounted and fired again. Talbert fell
in time road, anil Holmes walked to a
house iicar by, fulling exhausted on the
doorstops. Talbert came up and stepped
over Holmes into the house, asking for a
gun to finish him. He, too, fell on the
floor, and both expired in a few miuntee
after. Holmes was twenty-three and
Talbert nineteen.

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