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1f 41.
)es . eanw$., s * .i I.pr
.t~ .~l O* Ss s
- - - - am
---. . - - on
Editor - - Lessee.
IS Evs . Publisher.
R1L.16t Ih.t a . 1892.
Yom.e s .a
For Governor.
. For Lieutenant Governor,
For Trenzaurer.
For r 1 teadant Public Education.
'or Attorney General.
For Auditor,
.' B. Z.IEELE.
For Secretary of State,
-,. F. MASON.
Editor SKNTI1cEL: Plc:asc an
noance Mr. J (i. Plettinger as at
'candidate for Justice of the Peace
of the First ward,' and by so do
ing greatly oblige
For Constable.
Mr. Austen, Edr SENTINEL..
Please announce through your
valuable columns that I will hc at
Dewooratic candidate for Consllta
hle oftbe let ward of West Feli
ciana, at the ensuing general elec
tion in April.
Edr.SEh"TINtL: You will lleiase
annolntoco me as a e udliI:llte, .it
the general election in April, for
Representantive in the Legisinture
lio the Parish of West Felicia
For Clerk of Court.
Editoi SEYfFrr!EL:-You are
hereby u authorized to announc:e
tane as a Democratic candlidlate for
Clerk of the Thirteenth Judicial
Ditnct Court. parll'ish of West
1'eliciana, at the ensuing general
Selection in Apri -next,
For SBlcrff.
Edr. 8RZTTINEL: Please rn
onuco me is a Catndidate ftor the
office of Sheriff of West Felicians
at the i Klciaeching general elee
tion u April.
o. r Justice of the Peace.'
Edr. SarNTINL :--Please an
anoiuee me as i candlidant at the
. _rrsbing genernl election for
the = of Justice of. the Peace
m.Jr UtFirat Ward.
. -- 1'. T. LAWSON.
S or Jadge.
We arei athorized to announce
3Rolw. F. D. BIuxE. of East Feli
eisna, as a candidate for Judge of
the IeJLst eial District, subject
tote action of the Democratte
ler Senator.
E-u i l thoried to announce
. i-ii . of East Felicianl,
t . fi tt. for State Senator
*g; th $euutari
i- iiT to te action
V - r t* . dts l Douglas liM
;i audaithise eaindidates on
` .,t :et .;
s4j s fstath etr e LU4psal
'e ai '*.earos rue
S ec tly
We l:lu6 tell yout thetc"
er"y stlt ticket it in the iehld t ilt
sitay. Its tickets will be found att
every polling place Tueslay, and
of .;ur..se eve'ry democrat is explee
tedc) to rebuke the highhicldecd at
te:uilt olf Young & XCo., by on tit:it
day depositing their individual
ballots for the ch-Enery & Wick
liffe ticket, which with the grand
atgrecgate of votes tinuts citit will
carry theen t:'iupllhantly through
the crowning struggle.
We, would lie t hi last to counsel
the sullport of ai'y ticket or fate
tion by- which thi success ot tihe
Rlepulilican pa:rt; niight he ma:ule
jpussýiht.", but the facts are these:
there will be two lReptuhlieaui. two
lti ,sieratie anld one People'. a -
iy L :rwket in the tight, an!d coi.;e
cuce:tat.llhe c:tera.lllllLion w ill he
a:c:,rdthing to the plurality itistead
of the uni::jority. For instance-
where five are runnilng for G;over
nor, the imau receiving the larger
Iniiuidecr of votes will be ele*ted.
rhalt McEKnery will do this very
thnig we s.m no reason to dcl.ulbt.
The City of New Orleanai will give
him at largely increaisecl vote, and
the liresent iniicditions are that
the conflicting interests in the
country parishelsa will redound to
his interest. We consider the M.o
Enery ticket safe.
And now as regards local imat
ters: ' As we said at t lie oultset we
have suplportecl no one and op
aposed nobody. We h:ive put no
one's name forwaurd fc-r any ofliec
save such as have paid to have
theniselves announced-a purely
business matter like the purchase
of a barrell of flour, and we have
not sought to detract from the
abilities of those gentlemnen who
did not see propler to aintnounice
themselves through thi~spaper.
We left every tub to st:indtin its
own bottom.
The Editor of this paiper is
bound to no man. lie is free to
vote is he pleases and shall do so
without fear or favor or hope of
reward. 1lis plrsonall preferences
will guide him in most instainces,
but in no instance will he lihe
found espousing the cause of a:ly
he niay deem unfit for the position
to which he alspires
MIr. C. W. Heed. proprietor of the
Hlotel I)ellone, Omaha. one of the finest
nIew and modern hotels in the wtest,
says of Chatmberlaina' Cough IRentcdy:
-*We haive used it in our famnily for
years with the most satiisfactory result
especially for our children, for colds
and croup. It can be depwndled upon;
besides it is pleasant to taike and s-elmia
to bie free froml ctaloroforn anld the oily
substances put iuto nianly rollgih liix
tures. iO cent an:d $1 bottles for salte
by L. 1'. Kiibourne & Co.
"SLave Re from My Friends."
The organ of the Fosterites at
tempted, in its issue of yesterday
morning, to pull Mr. Jlnmcs C.
Moise, nmember of the Returning
Boalrdd from the nmudl, ain, as wits
to be expected, left its victim stall
deeper in the niire.
Its article was prepared with a
two-rold purpose. It sought to
show, in the first place, that Mr.
Moase, acting in the sacred capac
ity of iudge in the last resort was
under no obligation to remand at
case in order to subserve the in
terests of justice, unless some
special attorney of the injured par
ty should make It special applica
tion to the court to Ihave the calise
reopened andi new eviclenace taken.
And it sought, in the second
place, to show that no such alpli
Scation was subMittedl to the Cuomi
mittee of seven, then tcting ats a
court of equity mandl conscience.
The answer to the first conten
Stion of the F'oster organ is, that
it is not necessary that an applsca
tion be made to an ordinary court
- in order to move the court to re
F open a case and hear new evidence
t in order to subserve the ends of
In all such cases the rule is im
memorial, that whenever knowl
edge is brought home to the court
Sin asy form, whether through in
.formation it .already has or
Sthrough information derived from
an attorney in the case, the court
will promptly reopen and remiand.
In the interest of Justice, courts
do not wait focr applications made
by attorneys, but promptly act on
their own motion.
SA court that would not sq act,
'but woukl allow the intereslts of
- attias to be sacrileed heea9 s
s ome formal plea was not submit
Sted by some Ipaid attorney, would
,psci tte it fthnetion ald forfeit
Iiatt title as a court of illeel.
This beimg the l aw let ts u ext
Iman wbbir bll. Jtssbe C1.
*semesa nsweariboiurt
a_ tut. rlf¶tte, have` ifornt:ltion i
orle cit t evidence necessa
y'tos prieveimt4he robbery of 45,- b
000 citizens of Louisiina was in s
existele, auil oithlt be easily oh- c
taned. c
The ecinclusive witness upon
ihia liotInt is Mr. .ltales C. Moise.
Wh\'ile the words of Returning
tuoaird Young were hardly emitted
from his disgrac;iei'd lips, at reportr
interviewed Jamnes C. Moise, and
here i. wlhat Mr. MIoic sa:t11(:
"'The other side hund the Iest of
the ease hail the managed it pro
petrly, anti 1 was :trltd they would
-trike it right :tlnd heiat is. 1t'hTe
:tw was onl their side had they ta
ken the I roulle to hunt it tip.
They couihl iiave estalished thel
sitits of the box. All Ilhe.y lhad
to do wa-s toi Prove iiup Iti legal
v,,t4'.-. Thle]. .i-itla have put ,,ut
tt wenty runners :and .et c;it -500 ,,t"
iit h atiuli daytl'. :is wie di.l itn tie
eighth wiard Ci.'art. I wais ve-;.:
tlclii fii lhtenedl thai th(y 1 'tere :
going Iii dof thl:t andltl sIc'urC the
vote. It wllottlld llil'e been anl ca,!"
thing to setlure the< :l,.ldavits of
those l Iio :at:l voted."
We thus ierceive tihat .liit:S C.
1tiSie. A1 it i'iler of thait Court.
had all of the knowledge necesl.i
ry to ishow the inuuinecy of the
foul injustielerlietrlaitelld. :d yet
he not onl " onititedl, o0 i his ownll
slihowing, to utitter onei word in the
initerest of justice, hut Uactually
a:illijuulledl himseitlf l- ti judige tlit
he sealed his lips aniid thereby t.
suired anl infuniiiy.-N. 0. Times
At Mrs. Austern's Grocry, ,'oot of a
the Hill.
Fancy Candily-great vari'ty, .JIiiubles
Ginger inapps, Oranges and Apples.
.oclaiut.. Chocolatl i
Eres.h Stick Cauindy. l.etious.
Sowllake Cra.cker.. :ilinnr iini.
IBarley. Vermicelli,
Itai lani Spaghetti 3ac-unlni,
Cheese. lt alporaltcd Apples,
I tried Apples, 'Prinea,
G ree a. bltack TeCill mm:ullade .Telly,
Ilitter. UCinned Fruits.
Frenek SIlill' ies..
.Low CAsl PaIitES.
Connlaisloners of Election.
Following are the coilnris~lioners :ap
pointed lby the Rteturning ()ltheer of the
Parish of Iest Felietna to serve alt the
generail election on Tuesday nextI April
19th., 1892:
1st ward. lnayou Sira-Geo. Baler,
WI'. lP. Iluton, .ames Logan.
1st ward. Court llounse-W:lter leake,
T. B. McCrindell, G. '. ettilngr.
2nd ward Stair Ililt-W. A. lDanicls,
L. tuilt, J.. F. Arld sr.
3rd ward. Iitines'- F Converse, Mat
G Ilnmore, F ID ilarai.son.
4th ward. Laurel Ilill-C II Argue, J
F tRoberts, Riley Wood..
titii ward. (rinuge ltallt-AJ 3lekhlsain.
E A Wright. '. Flemuing.
thil ward, I It lairrow's-A J Noland
RIobt Percy Jr. .1 A Shultz.
7th ward, W iuii's store-Ir 1. X Stew
art. C Samuiels, J Mcli iaters.
7th w:ird. Bicrvelut's store-C Good
noon, P .J Dohcrty. E . %Illndicek.
Stih ward. Ilniles Store-J WV Brandon
N 11 Barrow. .E McGehee.
9th ward, Smith's store-C Taylar,
.1 WV Stewart, W T Wildblood.
10th wird. tBrck Chulrch-S Lavergne
Mentor Barrow. r obt Towles.
R. M. Leake, Returning Otlieer.
The following clerks of election were
appointed by the Police Jury :
1st wad, St. Francisville. I artison,
Bayou Sara, Gus Brown; 2nd ward. M
Laniel; 3rd ward. Batt lilraison; 4th
ward. Duncan Stewait; lth ward, Dnve
Wright, 6th ward, Willie Slow. 7th
ward. A C Winn; 7th ward, Warren
Folkes; Sth ward. S 1) Barrow; 9th
ward, Warden Sullivan; 10th ward, It.
C Lopez.
Grace Church Easter.
i9:30 a. In. Sunday School; 10
it. m. Litany; 11 it. . Srmion
and Htoly Euch-arist; 4:30 p. In.
Children's Eaister Festival.
On Monday after Majtins the
Annual Election of WVardens and
Vestry will be hehi.
1 TO'rEl=CTESt I
Marks' Hotel,
(Successor to D. Alexander]
Board hy the day, week or month.
Porter with Bus to meet all hlats
andt tr ins. Sanmple room fur
nished free of charge.
First Class Livery Stable
In Connection with the Hotel.
Apr 1G "92 ly. Proprietor.
Sheriff's Bale.
St'xte of Louisiana- Parish of West Fe
15th Junicial District Court.
J. F Irvine & Son, vi. Jupiter Hunt.
By Virtue of and in obedience to a
writ of it fsissued from the honorable
ceurt aforisaid and to me directed in
the above s:yled suit I have seized and
wdi offer for sale at the court house
door ia the town of St. Franetaville, at
I the hour of 11 o'clock a. m., on
SSATURDAY, Apri 1641t., 1893,
the following property to-wit:
L One Gray Horse
Terms of Sale-Cash with the benefit
* of appralseseeat.
L 41. 1. BAkROw,
i 41hewL"
Bucklen'! Arnica Salve.
'iTu Beas SALVN In tbe worl for cots,
bruises. sores, ulcers.., salt rhenum. feAer
sores, totter, c!happed lhaes. cbillaiu:tls,
corns, anud all .skin Eruptlonts. positively
cures piles. or no pay requiretl. It is
gulnrauteed to give peIrect!Satis!acttron
or money nrIfntlle. I'rlce 23 eentt pl t
box. For sale by L P. tKlbourne & Co.
Sheriff's Sale.
st:te of oI.ouXi:11'-P-' urish1 of W\'c.,t ,cFe
-1th .Yndijcil: I istrict Cour;t.
J. T. Stowell vs. Geo. II. l!owell.
lBy Virtue of and tlo ,ati.fy :t writ
of seizure mid sale. is the "tb!ve ,ntiledd
ild ntiluhererd teasi.e. Into e dliretteul by
the :!otorlable. thle 1:.1h .ludct.ial )iiI
trict Court. in ;rlnt for ithe ;tt.-2 .tlad
state ttforesdlll. to s.ti.iy pldait:tiff'. dtie
utatnd :inld t"'.t, I h:i ' ,,.ized 2l1and will
offer for .tnle :it pitbi aulctionl. :it the
vourt to.one tlu:', St. Fr"ani.-ville. u:t
S :'ttti ttv. April :1;th., I\-1I ,
:t: 11 u' l, . a. t:.. tht.' ntedive' | une
.It intet,-t in the fl l.t.ih ; ptoperty.:
The Iii.1 kl:.:taltitic wi11 thI.
ii )".Ovt4*Vt.t122.s . : t'0:1eu. Co .2t 1 : 2: I: "
:toi'e-, sit22.tnted in the pa2lu1:;b of i e-.;
The .1teNoil tract f Iant2d situated
in thie  :riiL of Eat /Feicit.u; t -
tainiig 0(K) at.re.
T',e ..kt;ulrtt I l:tnt:atiott wfith thei
lnprovemwent.s tat' rei.4 llui.2el i: tbi .
pari .h nd- cutstttitni fig 24I; auet's.
One d(cln. lt.*', onel . g.;,. oe vt
Wagon, otll* 2 ,bor..t Wai ot, 5)01f bblt,.
corn, 1 2 i. zL. chi.ir.-, 7 chairs, 3
r'ekit:g c2haseirs. oln.'t wingK tu:t bie,
on2e s ,f. , 2.e whaIt .ot, tttoc[1rd aIn
)blO-, tsnt. ctettro table, I'4.o dining4. int
bles, two tsabvu, 3 kitchen table-, otie
table, one wash .t-tald, 4nrle book cast',
two wash stands, tiihttel unrern-. , five
btd steads, t we  pri nrig la( t rcsse., tw ro
tnrtnoirs, nart loinigt, five moss nl:t
tre sse, two cutt..n Imattrl.ss2s, I hair
IImat t'ress, Iw ftat her bed.-, 3 bol-ter'.
5 pillows, 7 pmr. sheets, 2 pira jilluw
cases, 5 prs blankets, 8 quilts, 2 pr
blank, t", one sprea :, 3 table cl. th ',
1-2 doz towels, I t=ide board, 2 bowls
anld pitchbers, one a.ull.iage ,n.ll:, o1ne
ibowl and one e!t, Ote stove anird ul:
fit, 2 pis shovels andl tongncs-, oler :
balunces, Lne set weight-, ( no set4
china, twc glass bow'!, 9 fruit. j'r5. 1
hlt rack, 2 carpot., 1 lot bck.' 12'. ols
W'itslhi2tgton2, ,one ear ring set. one
dairy, 2 salfes, 2 prsantl2lirons, 2 bhnter i
buckets, onet lot cr. ckery, otte lot
glass ware. 2 lots cake stands. 1 chi
na cnp and sanIer. 4 foiees gla,s
waLr, 2 lace enrtains, 6 vol. s\'ebster,
2 doz forks. 7 Inrge sp~r lu, 4 tea
spl0ousl, 1 butter kl:l', 1-2 14,z2 lated
Cash in hands of B3chihan.: nd
Mo2ore $3067.80; 4 U. S. 4 *e r cent
bonds, $1 Ot I ea:ch. Ient o:f Baylart!
Iplace, 4800 lh,  0ott:l !int. I:eut ot i
Oakburn pIltC $2'I0 per year.
'Tei'is of of le-C-:tlI.
C. 31. .itIrIOW.i,
Succession Sale.
St:te of l.ouisi -ln-Pa rih of Wetlt Fe1
1:4th .Jtll icial is t:tle it Court.
Suecession of IV. C . Valle:nn.
In olet dience to a contil Sjiol alt or
dter of sale to me directed froll thie IIol
orable 15th Judicial Iistricet Court inll
the above suee-sion I will offer for sale
on the prelmises, about 12 miles from the
town of St. Franeisville. on
Saturday, April 23rd.. 1802,
at the hour of 1 1 o'eloek a:. in.. the fol
lowing deseribhed property to-wit:
& certain peic.e or parcel of land
situated in the Parish of % est. Feli
ci:nin, togt ther with the bni!dings
iand inpiovetIents thereon, cautnin
iltg. per pint of survey, trade hi
BatlI, survey3 r, the amount of 263
92 100 acres, said enrvey describes t his
property as follows: Beginning at
an oak the north east corner of the
land claimed by Mrs J. W. Smith,
ran north 88 34, east 3624 chairs
to a bay on line of lands owned by
Dan Slalivan, thence ran south 10,
east t,, the in:ersectijm of John ia-
ryman's line, 72 thence west on Mn
ryman's line 37 1fk chains to a beech
stump xili., thence north on Mrs.
Smith's Line 71:20 chains to the
place to beginning.
I wo bros n mare nrtiles, one sorrel
mare, one brown pony; one Lay horse,
tao enltivaturs, two plows, one old
wagon, twenty sacks cotton seed,
cash $4.45, one gold watch and chain
and seal.
Terms of Sale-Cash.
C. 31.. BARROW.
Pro pose Amendments to the Constitu
tion of the State of Louisiana,
Adopted by the ieneral As
seably in 1890.
OClee of the Secretry of ntate. I
In pursuance of the provisions of the
Constitution. publicaltlon is hereby
made and given to the qualitled electors
of of the State of Iouisiana of the pro
posed amendments to the Constitntion
of thils State. which have been conerlll
ed in by two-thirds oif all the melnbers
electedl to each house of the General
Assembly of tits State. at the regular
session thereof. held at the City of Hat
ont Itonge in the year 1800. and which
are required to be published for the in
formation of the qualified electors of
this State for three months preceding
tile next election tor Representatives,
and which proposed amendmentt more
fully appeaI in Joint Itesolutions Nos.
10 nndS 15. which are hereinafter ol.
clnlly pullished for tilhe information of
the qualified eleetors of this State. and
which will Ie submitted to theim for
their approval or rejection. at the next
general election which will be h110.1 on
Tuesday tilhe 1th day of Ap,!', 1h2. (It
being tile Tuesday next tollows ing tilc
third Monday of said month) in such
manner and form that thequalitied el
ectors may vote for or against each ant
endment separately; and if a majority
of the qualified electors. voting at said
election, shall spl rove and ratify all or
either of said proposed amendment.,
thee such proposed amendments, or el
thMr of thetm, so approved and ratified,
shall become a part oP the Coastitution
of this Sate.
o Mso T NO. 1. *
'"Proposial an amendmnent to the Con
stitution p-romvidilng for the fundig of
the LHaded debt of the city of New Or
leans, tliter than Premiium Roads. into
foulr per cent bonds; providing a spec
ial tax of one per cent, to pay tile bon
del dlebt of the city, land exempting the
naid fourper cent. bonds from taxationu,
ant) further authorizinl the t.l city to
assumlUiue and pay sct.h unlilpaid iclaimsll of
tile IBoardi . I -Schnloi itireetoil of Faiill
city an:d piri.li which it may tild to bI
.,it itlblv dtie by s'iit lo:mrl''."
Sm.cT"ION 1. lts it resolved by thelt t
ate and lioumle of Representatives of the
State- of timnisitanm. two .thi rds of all the
ianeinb-Lr eilected to (tll ll(tiCs cit lllllr
ring, l'I'h:t the fullhwinu i t m-tildin.:it.: ito
time ra tilituthmi of lihe -t :att lee smtuli:
ttl: i"i toithe e Itotrs of the state at the
tmext i eelinlit flr lie.prsItitulivv.e ti for the
tieimr:ai .Asseyitn, iin the year 15S2. for
tihe phLiiip of rtirh'inu the iotw existiig
v:tlhd iutmiianntig tIuidi of theitv yof N.ew
(trilinsm, iniicttllig tle Lona td irtittleaite
oir loii ii 1mIed undter the rit of tlhe
Leislataire -No. s ofit i12 and lito rectiri
jIldgiel.e-4s tlowr or herlel fter lrelidiered
agais~:t the ciity on floitillg delt ni.nsn
prior tllo 79. h i t tdlr til o e fundell td tio
deir ol-t No. 67 ifl IS,-4. the said tity ofI
N.ew Ohle ts i+ here mih y ithrize'd anit
dirlctl , i.tll n:l l to - i e tl oteio of th f
I. i.- moninelntit.o it, -Ise thro'gh the
ionrllld tf bqhidatllo of theil t':y Debtl
lt:hl-d' t Io IIe kmnown It the C.:t.i-t!tutiito t.l
li"-tt' =. I the ('itt of fNew Ilrle:mnms. not
exceedintgt tin millions of dotllais. at lif
t" 1cr. ir ri tolemriIg tur per enl. per mi(t
iimil ilnteret. Ili hear ilat e toist ie in tlltie
form illrll e., i im-ll lli thle I elghlltuire. The
.: itii titis siall tre applitlled sly thie said
ioatlil ti li- retire,ient of said outlllstt
tliiig mbond.s :m:il jl:ilgenmieis. biy time Sale
of .said n(.'L-stitutioillit lionds, nti aptpli
eitl lin of the proi et:i;i sof isaile lly the
Ilmiarml of Ihiuiatlli ion. ito piy or iureliase
said ommtmttan mling Baonds mand jlignieints.
or lyv excl.anuging the saidi ii'intittliohn
atl lionlm for bolnd. on, tie thermis and in
the moiide ipr-scried by the iLeglis:ttre.
For time pimIyilelit ,of the intilerest Ilad
Sprlucipal :it miatmlrilyr orf sotirl Clltitim
timmnal potdi. anti other oiui-lanlitmig
otdlli not retired utinrthis altendiiii et.
itud for the paiymenlt of ltfi a-innualall iot
mmmi ts and lpr;-miiims mOf the tIr'tnmiimn
clouds of said city, time iaid eity is here
by ummthorlmied nitii direeted to levy an
nually. tiand iuntil the full paymnenit of
saithd iona, :I sipecial tax t onell per
cemit. tiin all the real tand lemeinallr prop
cirty oif tie city. sait tai l ti part of.
and noit iti addllition to tie tax of twenty
mills and two-teinths ot a ill m ill tihe
dolliar of vmalutlio now levie'd for mall
purpose byl l l thie cIt of Nel w Orle:mits.
iad te li, mllti tiax slhaill .ti paid over a,
I iollected to. nl ll i- e uplime-d ilv the
Ito rtil of I.l it a l llon. to the pillne t oli
ltie interl-t andlii prieipa llt mtmirit of
said I.'oiinlitiitimoial ilnds,ll. l oistan
in hd nglun: Iouit r;irtLd. and to tile pIty
t, ent of Ithe !atlmenlts of l'remliuml
Ilt]lnds miild iprealiunms extanit, in i the
:inm I-ts lof homili re.
Sm:ihl tax is hereby mleel:,red to be the
comtr:mlt rilht of tilt ihltemors of nll s:idl
iihotani uln the exe;m lp tll o( mid ('on-
itiutilitnamll ioms fromt all taxatim Ilby
thile tity of New Omtle-,is nim Stai:Lte of
Lou i.s-it is hlmery r-cognizelmd anli de
e:lared. td after palym itetof all tile Uin
nuail initemrst out saiid tC'mimntitutloual
lo-nds amd hi l ltdmis noit retired aind tlhe
iumIVmielnt mit tie mmih niuinmal miliontmimm-its
if i ri-mitm Bmandm- :lllll preittminms extint
ini tihe !h:l-alt y of iholierts. :td aftinr imaik
ing lprovii.onm for m inkinkg find. atil
tsuch tine nl d of such an amoin t is tihe
.Le, sis ture lprescriles. tlei sirlh. s of
smid (.lie per cenit. shall be dlispoied of lln
ireserilild lly thie Le.mislaitumre.
T'he i-t passed "it the plee-nit siet-ini
No.tt:16 entitled i'Anl tll o arrl iem eful
feet thi'oultitutiouah inenl aldihenlt pay-:
tiiitud . t h , s tmme. m -im m li it m htlm- im m it tilt
i-m at liihe tres-trt se=ioa temlative to the
i sand debtt of til- City of New Il-ie:lm."s,
Set:.. hit- and iS i- by amlt h vedaih iiu! ii -
tirulied in ail l its Iaits :.ms m: i.trm ri t lI'
tii tom ii lhi . ('itV if ' m.i" I )lde:in us n :n liii
hoil:!-er' of -aid t o.'.. t:tution l ind
-'remiui lit ml , and i f t Ie hl tii- olt
istan(iili not ietireml . :1- :f Iminm:iid.
SiEIoN 2.I e it fitither resolved.
elt.. TI'.t liii City oif New rIlti:nsl be
anii is ihelrirey l lithoI'i zet tuii eullmwier-.
Sedl to el x ilne -into and mis--ii the paily
i ilmlnt of lthe mliilnis oi" icititions ofi the
lBmilad of rtelm I ti-ietmlorms for tim it-iy
mimnl plitth of (h'm,:lnns duell for thel y:ers
i" 1li. I Yti 152. 1;:,il :mlid li.S. mnow ini
h. the i.is of original o llners. who hlave
II mit iie partedt it-i withioltr right ofw
ominershiplr t t-tledged tlilt- saiom . s maiy be
founud lto b. emquiitably dlue- by said hol ird
tor servnies rimd eireLd. labor lteformtiiedli
or aimmtmrii::l= firuilishltd by- autliourity of
said thmiiid.
tECTItN :1. tB It ftlliheri resolved. itm.
That ail etletirs votinli it --midi eletiton
ftir sa.il aimendmient shliili pi's upon
thmir blallots the wots. -- F.:r ithi city iof
N-ew Orleansm d-ebt anentmutm." null mill
electors vo!ing ait .mntid eletioi mgaiuit
uid :timindmiiem-t ishall piaet ion tiheir
billots the worml. -'.1gtici-I t.he tily of
New Orltiians deblit :innhitinenit."
JoINT Imi. Ti.N Nom. I:4-A.IIFN
NENT N t.% 2.
"*irorosing to stubmit to the eletlours of
3 this Sll- itate an mimienduent to ii'ticle- ti io
lhundred twi.-ty-nine (229m) of the ('mon
stitution oftI 187. relative to i'ublic Ed
SECtTION 1. ie it resolvell iy tlhe t Geit
ermal Aissemihbly of tlh- t-iai- it f.iiijomiini.
,twoi-thiilrs of the liii ihmrs ltitelieted to
ei-ch Ihouiium emimi-rmriu-lg tiheinh. 'Thlit ir
I, tide two hinlirmtd l ami twenty-nine oft
u the tmonsiltitut mi mit ighi-m hundri-md
:miid iel-es ty-niititr. iim milmuetims-sid mnii| ii-
enimtetm-d i0o m: tli read mmm ftlloiiws. vii:
Armlh'e 229--The chimhol uimldii of this
Stmlti-e suimll mionlst of: i. The proeesi-ms sit
taxtitmmon for school tiil'rpouimes "m provided
iii this t'osnstliilmuti : 2. 'rime iliterest on
thii pro tieeii of mmll pimblihc hmndi hereto
T o-ie er:lited Imy tiie UCited Stmmtems for the
use ammind m implirt of iti' pmmiiiie schools;
3, Of lmnldms mind mths-r property whiluh
niny heire'ftmer be bemitthetimeiL granitid
or donated to the stitle or gonerally for
school putrlmoses; 4. All funds or prmmpm-r
ty (other lhinta unlirmiproved hlmd.s). he
qnemithed or granied to the Statm,, not
eiignated for other purpose-i,; 5. Thie
pro-ceedi of vacant estates fulling under
the laws of the state of Louis.imtmmmm The
ei,#11.latire may aaippropriate to the mailimme
funds the prom-eemlm. in whole or in part.
of public lands not designated for other
purpose- and shmlli provide that every
parish, or every sehooi ward In each
l arish. mulay levy a tax for puhlie schosol
therm-in, whiih shmill not execeed five (3)
Smills omi the dtllar, tIhe vote on such tax
to tie deid-led by a mnmajority of the pro
perty tax payers of each pmrish. or each
schotl ward or mnmuti-iptility in eam-h
i parish, in vamiie amnd in mnnumler voting
at sahl eleetionm-amid all moneys so col
it letred tio le expended in the uchool ward
where levihd. --All electioni uoder this
at-t shall lie mirdered by the Pollee Jury
ii the parish in which the lax is pro
posed to be liied."
SECTiON 2. Br it futther resolved.
i That the alm:e amnndinemut to artlelm
two he:.itied ammnd twenty-nltni (22mm) he
r 2:1,limlted to the citizeili of this State at
: the next general election fur their ip
mproval or rejel-thin, and that upon all
it iallots east at smimim elecilon for State or
C Parish ohliters there shall lie printed
these words: ,'For aummemlmlnment to arti
ciiie 229 of the Conatitntion," Againstamn
endment to article 229 of the Conostitu
r Witness my signature and the mect os
the State of Iouisinna at the CIty of
Baton Rottmlc this 21th day of Nomem
{ 1,. F.. MASON.
{ MKAL ~ Iti-cretary of State.
Dia~mio.ns, W!atches, Clocks, .Jewelry, Statu
' " ary, Solid Silver and Plated Ware, Pet.s amtd
Sa ,'en's, (olId Specs., Eye (ilasses. Opera (ilan
"es,.Cutlery, Etc. Diamondlas and other ProeC
ioUr. Stones re(-set in the latest styles and all
kinds of Jewelry imade to order and repliuroed.
., Orders friom the country sohleitedl mad promptly
:ittentle l tc . Ou931. 91O i1Oo.
THE RIPANS TABULES regulate e stomach, liver and
bowels, purify the blood, are pleasant to take, safe and
always effectual. A reliable remedy for Biliousness, Blotches
on the Face, Bright's Disease, Catarrh, Colic, Constipation,
Chronic Diarrhoea, Chronic Liver Trouble, Diabetes, Disordered
Stomach, Dizziness, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Eczema, Flatulence,
Female Complaints, Foul Breath, Headache, Heartburn, Hives,
Jaundice, Kidney Complaints, Liver Troubles, Loss of Appetite,
Menta 1 Depression, Nausea, Nettle Rash,
Painful Digestion, Pim- plcs, Rush of Blood to
the Head, Sallow Com- plexion, Salt Rheum,
Scald Head, Scrofula, c. Sick Headache, Skin
Diseases, Sour Stom- J8 ach, Tired Feelin g,
Torpid Liver, Ulcers, Water Brash and every
other symptom or dis- ease that results from
impure blood or a failure in the proper performance of their
fu:.-;.ions by the stomach, liver and intestines. Persons given
to over-eating are benefited by taking one tabule after each
meal. A continued use of the Ripans Tabu!es is the surest
cure for obstinate constipation. They contain nothing that can
be injurious to the most delicate. r gross $z, 3% gross $r.aS,
j gross 75c., 1x-4 gross iS cents. Sent by nail postage paid.
foro all rde  .
2,000 fetrence. Name this pper what you ailt
JIamm A TI 4R T f
or l lm
Where does the word "Appeal" 8frt appear
in the New Testament P
Lsatwering tle aboe q,:entn correctl" ON .O F[ORE JULy i,
otin" Iritin a arte, worthl o .... . 4000.
will give the fullowiIg:
Oat Pair Maidsn UIos . ant sdlungy ... . 0.0
e00e I0 le Arlesptias worth ...r when I.Iou .n
Two lInndrt ne ily Dolltar. iS e .....( A..0.
Whosre does treev one othe ave aremm, sllt appea
inopruty to ere of the New Tee. hmea nt e hndd
persons acnding in the correct answer, we will give thE Inu owing:
Two ondred aANd Fift DOLLARSd OLD s. 1000.
tOne eold outenl,k w oorth .0............ ... "r3.00n.n
tOne Vine ir Jewelsr -orth 1.. 000
One Pivc ingwgitlt"re, we ort h ...................... 40.0
tne Fine of "h nito.rs oe . worth . .00.e
And 149 other UlGf(t deonwltnl or
(nrtn104l rroot Wanh Nets of
Fl i an(loch in 'lsock, o ewiung1 *aern.,
And other Vilutable Gf.ts.
Seer letter, t r ive thurent ons, msn nge aeov thenorse4 with or. w
anwerll wie t ll r.ow ir unl aompaed b 0 for b pt .
Every nwr to heo qraon. acep ..ed....... b the ubcrpton will
e. narnfeltth lntlhre n. Sle iorde. and o ay r iv so )0 er0
The APlnndrAAi.dc Ity is oer o ne-halfeenty old, n. Teta to.
ony a ink iso the cou nLtry, orto n .... ..n.'or ..as .et. Ag. .n .
Sample Copies Free. Liberal Terms to Agents.
An PGX, Otr VuaOlble irt .
iimtill , tmhe O mmr.
ýºaýýpsýýs s~r r
A. N.,Kel Nmwspr Ce.
Trespass Notice.
NE,0III* I| irla1ev giv'en that herntlnu
ou the Rolale and l.inwood plamntation
in tlhti pi:lish lt prohibited. ViolIeoer
Silhl iN prosecuted to the full extent of
the naw.

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