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Feliciana sentinel. (St. Francisville, La.) 1877-1892, June 11, 1892, Image 2

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MMIPr, "e' l
OE *. 1)2
.. -- -..**
AR P1 ublushet.
t'maL1~ PPIUh laiS
$s Wealth.
of the total aggre- i
Spt!·ia 1et~a property in the
:d tatreF ,- 18 Olas been
spig-y the ( ensus Bureau.
Iir ta.u shrwing of wealth
'essaul numbers 133,
; nti*three thouiatii millions
,'pm:: au Wethe'sum of al the
o. agay to the union.
ditidk'd among the
lt would allow one
s to every man,
e ishi. i)bt when we
amany hundreds of in
Sy^ 1.an property to the
um. aIesut of millions each, and inma
".J~~iamdi own it to the amount
ef c~ ms s each, we are brought
* .'Pshae how maany there must be
dnot own the regulation
Rlk the dreamin of the socialists
tat i wealth shall be devided
·egaty or held n common for
the equal use of all, but it is not
uIimit aastte to maintain such
a tsifequality. If there is one
twat wt h has been thoroughly
by experience, it is
ti tare not equal i any
tblng but in abstract rights. If
all the *ealth were equally divid
ed, not a month, not a week
woeld elapse before there would
be rich and poor people side by
sids.just es there are now. Some
h'ta the a gift of gathering and
k ir; ethers are equally gifted
in sattering and spending. Men
may have a theoretical right to be
equal, but this right is never real
iead to any eonsiderable degree.
nut some may be rich in this
welghs, goods and others may
have their treasures recorded in
heaven. Some who have little
aeU aPl_-d entd anal happy,
- isomesewho have much are
ever hoping and striving for what
they have not. Perhaps each gets
hied"ea.ts, although neither he
emw others may think so. It is
oay ina the fnal account that it
awy be estimated how rich a man
is and of what his riches consist.
Dueabtless there is some wealth
that cannot be measured in dol
A Leader.
Sihe it first introduction, Electric
arIes has gainaed rapidly in popular
lawem, atil now it is clearly in the lead
-amneg pare medlcinal tonics and alter
athves-eaetaialag nothing which per
m ts tese as a beverage or intoxicant,
It tsmeegmed as the best and purest
SliN e all ail aer.t of the Stom
ash, Iver or Kidneys.-It will cure
lek Headache, Inadigestion, Constipa
tes, san drive Malaria from the system.
8ilShaetrguaraateed with each bot
tie or the money will be eafunded.
Pikea ely Oce. per bottle. Sold by L. P.
lieers. t C(.o.
.aool.-W ZDRxSTANDTr .--At
the bride's residence in New Or
lesas, On Tpeeday,May 81, 1892,
by the Rev. Jno. Percival. Jxo.
3tsvma Moona, of Alabama, and
iAr rL.a WEnsDSTAXDTr, youn
gedasgbter" of the late R. C.
|5no abui of West Feliciana.
S-N-arx.--8t t.uasxoua -At the
kiawmes. eof the bride's parents,
dits l Mmss., on Wednes
4drrameag, .J1me, 1892, at 8
.'del, k. R ... NCoh. olleist
km Mr..Max Mann. of ear Ibe
vra, ia., msd Miss Hattie Scles
u o, et the former place.
a· qmsme~s parlors of the
i e ,smnlee were taste
deorsted for
wi c
the purchase of the loumsville qu
New Orleans anml Texas Railroad lit
bhr the rich and powerful lllin-ois gr
4'eatrrl , i alannot .assureal. ali eia
that the transfer will probably A
take plahe on or about the 18th 4of ar
this month, whbaatot sitockholdl- tb
ers of the latter road will meet to M
decide whlthes or not 'the terms Hl
)opolsed by the 'valley road shall ith
he a.eepted. it
There can siearsely he a doubt oN
tlhat the deal will take plac. as tl
the I. C. has lorg been anxiousto
gain control of the Valley system w
iand the terms offered by the latter ni
road are conslamered nist rleason-. tl
ainle. il
As the New Orleans, elemphis, 11
Vicksburg and Natchez ppers are- 7
expecting grcat advantages to flow p
to their respective cities by the l
a cnOlsuniation of the conltelmplated tl
e purchase, we conclude that a oer- t4
responding beunlt mnust inure to Ia
Sus. t
Speaking to the subject the I
e Tinmee-a..t*as
S "The terms propieed are$5,000. a
e 000 cash and $20,000,000 of 4 per r
. cent gold bonds. The property Ii
e involvedi is 768 miles of track. in- t
- eluding all terminals at New Or- t
t leans, Memphis and elsewhcre, i:
t rolling stock, elevators, etc. II
C e * * ** ** * " * r
3 "It will, of course, be a great L
gain for the Illinois Central. It a
a will give that company a double is
11 line theough Misissisppi, with ma- a
r ny branches and connections, that t
t will plaice it in complete control c
I of the traffic of the Central and i
e Western portions of the State.
y "We believe that it will prove
s of great benefit also to the section
through which it pisses. The II
f linois Central has always been
I- frtendly to the country tributary "
k to it, recognizing the fact that its
e prosperity is dependent upon
y the prosperity of that sec
e tion, and it has done a great
d deal for both Louisiana and a
d Mississippi. It will hereafter be I
n doubly interested in keeping up
,c the levee system, and will work
I- more energetically than ever in
that direction. It has also inter
is ested itself in buildingup thetrade
y particularly the Latin American
n trade of this city, and will now
le have a greater incentive than ever
y, to do so. Ilene,,we cannot but
-e tseieve tnat ir the transfer is made
at which now seems certain, it will
ts prove beneficial in nll -ways to all
me interested."
Is "The purchase of this magnit
it cent property will add enormous
in ly to'the value ot the Illinois Cen
t. tral, rich and powerful as that
:h road now is, and the two roads
1- under one spirited and progressive
management will speedily devel
op a business which will astonish
the more inert and slow-going
le railway corporations throughout
ar the country. The expenses, un
der the new order of things will,
r- of course, be very largely decreas
it, ed, while the traffic, both passen
st ger and freight by reason of cer
n- tain probable connections and
extensions, will be more than
proportionately inceaased."
t- No healthy person need fearany dan
gerous consequences from an attack of
t* la grippe it properly treated. It Is much
the same as a severe cold and requires
precisely the same treatment. Remain
quletly at horne and take Chamberlain's
At Cough Remedy as directed for a severe
)r- cold and a proompt and complete recov
g ery is sure to follow. This renmedy also
o. aomteracts any tendency of la grippe
to result in pneumonia. Among the
d manyv thousands who have used it dur
In- iag the epidemics of the past two years
C. ed in pneumonia. IC cent bottles for
Ua. ale by I,. P. Kilbourne & Co.
le lich Water Notes.
6- Bayou Sara has been fortunate
L 8 in that dry weather baa prevailed
it so far during this week, up to the
Stime of this writing, 1Vednesday
5* noon.
Both the Railroad Company
he' ad the city authorities of Bayou
e- Sara have worked umnustriously
br and ~aidualy in streangtbenng
.- the levems-.4 former lehong
a dkrt on hand awem fre the cut
or above, and the Jattar employing a
mh Ilrge number atbandi and earts
at lin oveying it from the bill.
he arunad sad about lower St. Fran
s eamelle.
I 1'eiay at about 9 o'eteeok a.
m I., on enetenmeat wa eretsed by
Stihs m nsumessumt tbatthe new
ii, was ap emeam e mhiions adl
'l~~s~Q it'
alike volunteering their services,
t tened a
'he ga- hi pI0i'Ithtct p
quite a boom in the iaoving line,
the exodus of residents heing
greater than upon tiy tntser ob-u
S.esion sldring thle present seige. it
Asongl those who sought the high .e
grbuudti of St. FiaieIsvile oh
that day, were the families of Mr.
M. '.'Isvy, G. R.Till amid At
II. Pillet, the former .loeat ing in a
the Picard & Weil building near d
the Freyhan store, andtthe latter .1
occupying their new Imulling in
Sthis town.
º The latest reports up to thils
I writing, Tlihurrday noon. ire very
mr uch more enconurging In fact
there is no specially had feature t
in it it we except relports fromfn
,Red river which denltesl i rise of
7 feet at Alexandria. That ,ount~b ,
r pretty "steep" to be sure, but I
a when we take into considerntion
I that a large percentage of the wa
ter will pass down the Atchafailayla
we see no real cause for any par I
ticuhar dread. In our opinion if
l Bayou nirn can *'weather the
storn," for one week more she is
1. safe. We see no t eLseO why the
r river should not be on a standu
F here at least, in one week from
i- today. The vigilance and ndue
t- ious efforts that have chll~reter
, ized the people nust not he re
hlxed however in the nicautime.
Reports from above received jult
t Lefore going to press bu conlirm
t our opinicn expressed above. There
e is no apparent reason for a contin
ned rise at this point bleyond the
t time mentioned herein, and it may
l cease before that time. The stage
d to-day is 40 feet 3 1-2 tenths, or 8
1-2 tenths of a foot below the highest
mark of 1890.
The water has invaded the railroad
(rack in lower St. Francisville, bc
tween Meyer's storo and the depot.
n It is also agalnst the levee recently
7 built by Genl Meyer along the pub
ts lic road between the railroad track
n and the Bayou Sara line.
On Thursday an incipient crevasse
Lt on the front that occurred near the
d residence of Lou Lawon was prompt
e ly stopped and is now safe.
in The Agent of the L. N.& T.
r- Railway at Bayou Sara will sell tick
le eta at one and one-third fare, on the
certificate plan, to the following pla
ces and return:
w Furniture Ieeler. (Rietail) Nation
er al Conventicn, Cincinnati. O, July
13, to 16th.
Tennesse' (State and Southern Den
te tal Association, Lookout Mountain,
11 July 26, to 80th.
ill Annual Session Woman's Board of
Missions, Lexington, Ky., June 3, to
Louisiana Chautauqua, Ruston,
SLa., June 1, to September 15th.
u- Furniture Manufacturers' National
it Association, Cincinnati, O., June 8,
is to lth.
re American Medical Association, De
El- troit, Mich., June 7th to 10th.
sh American Society, Civil Engineers,
ag Old Point Comfort, Va., June 8th to
ut 17th.
a- Institute Homeopathy (American),
II, Washington, D. C June 18th to 17th.
ea International Typographical Union
n of North America, Philadelphia, Pa.,
- Jane 13th to 18th.
Fox Tas FoLLowrxo Mzr~TNos RATE
of one lowest first class for the round
trip. Purchasers must sign their
a- Prize Drill, Omaha, Neb., June 13
of to 20th 1892. Sell June 10 and 11th;
eb transit limits three days. Punch
t' tickets to expire June 23rd, 1892.
Travelers Protective Association,
ars Old Point Comfort, Va., June 15 18.
v- Sell June 11th and 12th; transit limit
iso three days. Pnnch tickete to expire
pe thirty days from date of sale.
he National Prohibition Convention,
ir- Cincinnati, O., June 29th and 30th.
s Sell June 6, 27 and 28th; transit lilr
or its two days. Puneh tickets to expire
July 7th.
For period of return in each in
atanoe consult the local agent.
te GGen'l Pasa'gr Agent.
The Negre Protest.
ay The negro population of the North
is apparently much exercised crer
my thesummary fate whibch has overtaken
o some of its friends in the South at the
sly hands of Judge Lynch. They do
g not seem to be aware that themir no
ag tion pete them in a pecul ar attitude.
mt Lynch law for the ofense in que.
Sa tion is applied not for the protection
rta of white women only buat mso protect
ia womea of their owna race - well or of
. any other, provided they mare chaste.
Itis appliesble not only a agailst
black me bat as pemply and rig
y oly agalat white ame if equally
Scuipable Why thea do these eeol
mad politils ana d preachers make it
a aegr agqstiosat sa it be that
~LJathey pepl apulsd this war of
r tiMirlatuaponp th wbtiteracea war
i_ . a es niulv delsa g die
ama basenialts tees in it aunt mm
tity l
Ho law ,it ,
stuar not a lnexLc Ib
dma p \1ith itsa w
~no" r ii LA rger r- o
uin raid4 hi nml. el
Punishbment swift and unfailing is ab- ga
[email protected] neeesnary. There are cases or
lii ible  inch law is jnstiflible. and
it is not for ns to dalecide when the sir
.cuarstarefa atp or not cou'ti'nutl sunrh
a eCe. 'l'bisa trrilale reqla.nibility
which rests en the heads of those who
take patir ili. Dtheprceinga- s r"
saonsilillty 'hich ought to Ise ren
dreJ nuneceanry if lugishdatiun ca.. 1.
.to it.
Our lrnal ade ought to e amennd
ed to i-eeat the emergrency, anil tI., do
so etr crally it ay I- to that the ('on
stitntion itself daoruil em anmeund.. I.
Yrt we .e1 nodindiecation of a gen n rl
tieire that the Legi-lalhtetltake ic- t
tion in this direction. It i' tla anu- "u
foats:nate conditior of things l:en a
aw is left in a chronic ,tlte of in* ti
cegupletenepss that may smake poi:nlnr
lawlessness necessary to the public *i
I .afety. Some meabcher of he Logis
lature onght to move. He mnight 5
a make a mistake. and probably wonll,
bnt it would call nttesatirc to the
Pliflnculty and Ie.hlrps evoke other
.ng.estions more prnacticab!r and I
. ffective.--Mlornitng Star.
1000 rallon Cistern - - - - $13. 1
1 1500 -.- - - - *2O
SA. lRA os & hnos, 60 Perdido, St. i
New ()rleana.
The Effort t- - -ecure a State
The mniliti:a bill, which was in
s troduced in the State Senate by
I Mr. Leevert, of Orleans, inmcedi
•ately after the opening ot the sea
Ssioun, was finally passed by that hodm
Sady during thie imast week and will
l now go to the louse, where it
B will probably encounter little op
t position.
The bill as passed by the Senate
contains but few features that .
differ materially from the niiltia ,
Inlws as they now stand oni tihe
statue books, the only imlportant
k change being the provision for
bidding independent military com
Sarmurds piara-ding ordrilling without
e the permision of the Govenor.
Certain military bodies in this
city, notable the Washllington Ar
tillery and the Continental Giuards,
are, hower. excemplted front this
r. provision of the haw.
W- While the billl as p:asaed by the
o Senate is a good enough maeasure
a- in its way, it actually hotals out no
1- inducement to attract young men
ly to the military. service of the
State. It dloes not allow the. ex
ex emption from jury duty of the ic
tive members of the National
) fGuard as former militia laws pro
to vided, nor does it make any men
tion of privileges or adv:antages
' calculated to induce existing inde
pendent mnilitary commands to en
ter the iNational Guard.
Unless the State can afford to
a nppropriate annually a moderate
amount of money to defray the
a, absolutly necessary expenses of
to maintaining a militia force ill ef
forts to build up such a body will
a), be useless. No matter how will
h. ing members of m!litary com
a mandr mnay be to provide their
, own uniforms and pay dues for
the support of their organizations,
r they coanot be expected to fur
in rish armories and military equip
r ments, pray the expense of milita
13 ry reviews and musters or the
h; cost of camps of military instru.
tion which are absolutely needed
from time to tinre to train themi
litiat in some of the most essential
L. duties ot military service.
it The Picayune has often pornted
re out editorially the importance to
the good order of the state of
an, proper force. Past experience
** ihas demonstrated that such a force
e- arry be needed at any moment,
re and that without it occations may
arise when it would be found im
Spoessrible to compel obodiente to
the laws of the State. It ns not
necessary that there should be a
large force, but what there is of
it should he well equiplped, well
th drilled and properly oflicereld,
a while, moreover, legitirmate ex
en penses should be met by the
he State itself.
do Other States are able to main
mtain splendid mnilitary establish
I.. meats, but they take care to ap
e- propriate anonally adequate sums
on of money for thesr National Guard
ft and by making the service attrnc
of tive they are able to keep the
Sranks full of the very best malita
ry material. Until Louisrana can
Safford to imitate her sister States
in the matter of supporting a mi
litia fore, it is useless to expect
volunrteers to enrollthemselves in
of the State National Guard or the
r independent eomaannds already
a orpganised to master into the
i Stats service.--Pkumane.
,, . --- _ :
D- eO old soda water at Mrs.
.a Aueten's.
Buoclen's Arnica Salve. I
TlI SAlAl in ty worl far tr.t
bri les. as , s nrheum. r
sores tor. ela n Ihus. bhllb4 a
corns dallSll kLlirn*t*s. post ly
en1 eatles, or no psayYqntllired. It Is
gul:arnteed to give perfect aatisfatcton
or money refunded. IPce 25 cents per
box. For sale by I. . . Klbonrnae & C'o.
The Superb Trottlling tallion.
(Registered as Billy Wonder 11117)
Slartd )ly Pocalmrt:as Iny No. 1.110:
lt dar hiz.ie Waamde.r. 2"11 1-4 hy Tlsn
Wonder Na. 117: land danm Dolly Sayer
1y" Hinack Prince*. ete.. ete.
Hie Is 1. 3-4 l:analds, dark brown, a su
Lerh horse all over, strong. ev'l a very
andlldsone actor nnel with iun alsuanlly good
Ione and feet. d'npt. Sanitlt was lired
bIy l.ailoloutat By, a great sire, of ex
trease .laced and a R.AE IIOIOSE. Ilii
dalu is it | ane ilRome anlld hsl great dail
was" a nice horse anld also dnalsl of two
Itice I iorrlses atid grand dlam of anotlher.
il'oe:dlaontas Boy ani lli] or 1$ race horses
to his tredit. analong thelll. the famlloaos
Illaffallo Girl 2i12 he it brother tolouang
liaife tlre slrn sf ilse great Nelson 2:11.
TomI . Wonlder 147 Is sire of several ill
the list alud the dlrns of many race hor
es. So (O'pat. S.nuth Is b -tween his sis
te.r Blluff:lo liri 2:12 1.1 and lie cousuin
Nelson 2:l 10. 1ie tI il active training
b a sklillful driver and will go very
fast. le romlills the ;great racillg
r strains. Old Plcalontla. Olhl Pilot. Tou
i Ilal anlld MorYga. Tenrss C20thlesrelsoa
or ~34) to nsare,
Tilc h:.a:domllla btvy alt by Sir Peter
I!9;2 will be allowed to serve re or i
Iara-s ;at 8t) the sasoan. lie iA talso ill
.Iactlve tIrling.
lie was slred by Sir Peter No. 1x.12; llt
dunaam Bronl:a by IL.:akelandli Abl:lllah; l2nd
da ln Belle Partise by the 'tlucker Horse
sonl of Wriglt's I:attler; :Ird damn by illl
ported C'ondsternation.
.- ny anarea not catchllag |in '92 li ejlti
tied to returnli season i'0t 13 free if tile
i horsa :are alive andlt owned it Greaen
- wood.
.Ample stable ad Iastu'reI, bt no res
ponl'lbility for eccidelnt or escaple.
Apply to
iApr 30 I umo. Ba;you Sara. La.
And Capt. l.enn:ard and .Joseph bt Iu,
SBnmIIt itnralr It.
Marks' Hotel,
[Suaces·or to 1). Alexander]
Board by the day, week or month.
Porter with Btus to mceet a:ll boats
andl tr ins. Sample room fur
niihedl free of charge.
First Class Livery Stable
I I Connection wilth the Hotel.
Apr 1 "'92 ly. Proprietor.
Trespass Notice.
Notiu'm is hereby given tlhat heuting
on the Ros:ale tanld Linwood pjhtitationl
in this parish is prohibited. Violators
will be iproiest. etld to the full exttent of
tihe law.
For Sale.
The land Ielonging to St. Fran
cis Church in Pa'oinltu Couipec anlld
being and lying in t he rear of the
church in its present location, and
within the line of the new levee.
This land menasures 2 acres front.
by 7 acres in depth. Apply to
Rev. F. A. B. Lafoirest.
New Texas, La.
Friendly Caution.
All persons ire cautioned against
the removal of earth from the
Catholic hill or from any portion
of the Church prolperty. Any in
fringement will he punished to the
fullest extent of the law against
trespass. .1. D. AUSTEN,
J. Frea& Co.
Wholeaale and Retail Dealers in
Agricultural Implements
An Undertaking Department
I Fully supplied with Plain and Orna
mtented..Caskets and M3etall
W-"A Hlearse subject to Call at
anil Times..i Jnn25 921y
' ire l o Watch Cl JewelRy.
At his family residence in Mrs.
Kanufmann's Buikling, Sun street,
FebtO ly. Bayou Sara, La.
IIr R-ANS TABIJUL reg m-e sarin ita a
. boweh, purify the blood 're to take, safe and
sways eýbtual. A reliable remedy for liousness, Blotches
on the Face, Bright's Disease, Catarrh, Colic. Constipation,
Chronic Diarrhcea, Chronic Liver Trouble, iabetes, Disordered
Stomach, Dizziness, Dysentery, Dyspepsi Eczema, Flatulence,
Female Complaints, Foul Breath, Heada , Heartburn, Hives,
Jaundice, Kidney Complaints, Liver Trou es, Loss of Appetite,
Mental Depression, nausea, Nettle Rash,
Painful Digestion, Pim- es, Rush of Blood to
the Head, Sallow Com- exion, Salt Rheum,
Scald Head, Scrofula, ck Headache, Skin
Diseases, Sour Stom- a, Tired Feeling,,
Torpid Liver, Ulcers, Brash and every
other symptom or dis- that results from
impure blood or a failure in the proper periucvance of their
fun.siions by the stomach, liver and intestines, Persons given
to over-eating are benefited by taking one tabule after each
meal. A continued use of the Ripans Talutes is the surest
cure for obstinate constipation. They contain nothing that can
be injurious to the most delicate. s gross $s, jS gross $S.-S,
J gross tSe., -24 gross as cents. Sent ly mail tage paid.
Led. Co., Chattanoogs. Tens.
YEAM .l. ,L Ei .
ate lgoel dNA ,. ili
mssr .u
. OPEBYO AV . ..
7en br e e man ths paper a.m. t on wa
=leNS ESfn SUU e NI IN tS M 1 M11 IU rrltS
D:. 10o1s0 . 11'ntche', (lo'cks, Jewelry. Statu
si"ry, 1Solid silve-r ad I'lstte1 't Ware, r1-.x andtil
Si'Int, (ioltl Specs, ye , . l;i s,'. Operai (lbs
.'s, ('utlery, Etc. I)imuamels a'l sd .tl.her l'ree
ioi. Stoie.- re-set in the isto'.t stl.e. ,si aid ll
kiinds of .Jewelry iistie to snla'tr Intl relsilrrul.
(iOrders. f'rom th l cunltr'y sxleita', tl ad lpromptlyl
atttended. to. )t1' 1 il. | ! II1ntý.
AN!D (.fJKRAL .1011 WOI:KE:.
WVagner's Old Stnssd,
Banyou .nr. T.n.
IIns tihe tool and
applhliances to raise smnoke
st'tcks and] m:ve helavy machinery.
Work promptly executed in first cldas
mIIaurnr and at reasonable rates.
Refers to V. M. Jack(on, V. II
Walh,. . . Robert'. A.°r. Gastrel I
August Muller. Oct.l if.
]:E..1E:: IN
Dry Goods, Nctilns, Ilais,
F'ine Wines, Liquors
lie lhns tih. fineftl nt llaointl d bar Ih, the
Bayou Sara, Loutsiaua.
Housefurnishing Coods
Woods' Mowlng Machines, Hay
tRakes, Bash, Blinds, Dooas,
SYRUP OF son moir
moun mo rasjm
A Ln tre ea T hrM Trouses
U et. & rt, pe' des.
60 Camp Street,
1'ý8'W ORT ý ', ,. -
i Pas., tastes0 ,l1t Pala
$1Y Per , r.l $ Per Ylar. $1 Per e.
ias 1a0 to Sg0-pe pape .etaia ta
news of the world, ooverlag.On lm ate
et urrent laterest spalUMa wha
literary gems.
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