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town ;
two bi
speriences of an Indomitable their
Advanoe Agent. to be
__ finally
row am Unfortenamt Company of Aeters small
Struggled wits Adversity-UneCertala. tic
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ting V
When the bent of ono's impulse is ti- and, t
resistibly stageward it Is a waste of broke
time and eloquence to warn that per- howe,
son against the heart-breaking uncer- nearl;
tainties of a stage career. It is not a the to
sorted that grief and disaster are inev'- der a
table results of theatrical undertak- the al
ings, but they mast assuredly are the old bi
lot of a large majority of traveling Thu
companies. The following unbmbel was
liahed narrative of actual experience with
shows what difficulties are encountered anott
by the peripatetic actor: * pas
Two seasons ago, after a prolonged almo
struggle for existence, a well-known ing a
repertoire company took a blind header the
south in the hope of retrieving their furth
fortunes and playing the season out. It all a
was, however, but a case of out of the to a
frying pan into the fire, as the third hite
week found them at Little Rock practi- ran
cally strapped. Money and credit were band
exhausted and all advertising material have
was used up. In this extremity the ra he
agent was given carte blanche to go ang a
ahead and do what he could to keep the apiet
company moving. Arkansas- was a coml
stranger to him and he proceeded to in- then
terview, in rapid succession, the thea- towt
ter managers, railroad men, hotel pro- dern
prietors, bill posters, attaches of thea- time
ters and, so on, in the faint hope of dig- suici
ging up a mascot. up t
lie finally gave it up and settled on and
the very ancient town of Arkadelphia, able
where to more the company from over
Little Rock. Tihe managementsecured play
enough money to get him there. The unct
next point was to obtain paper to bill left
with. An interview with the litho- and
grapher and general factotum of the not
Capitol theater disclosed the fact that Roc
he had for years been in the habit of relit
saving a dozen or more lithographs of two
every star who played in the theater. lutil
Mr. Agent's persuasive tongue easily dole
won him to give up three lithographs wlt
of each kind, making a total of about pan
three hundred. Gleefully returning to plai
his abode the agent trimmed off all wit
printed matter, both top and bottom, the;
from the lithographs and, with the ny
blessings and prayers of the well-nigh the
'stranded players, proceeded on his way cee
to Arkadelphia. stri
With the assistance of a few stray ext
and apparently lost inhabitants of the nos
place, he finally located the "opera tell
house." It was a sight: A very plain, Me
cheap wooden structlure wlhen built-- inu
probably thirty ye::rs before--time had See
dealt hardly with it. ('ovrerd with Ke
pmoss, it leaned tonward. tihe great we;t iof
and r,omehow suggested by its general the
appearance that it was holdling its vat
breath in a last rally not to give up the thr
ship and collapse entirely. The little. tim
narrow entrance door leading to the pri
steep and primitive isteps wa' loctked.
and the agent rushed into the thick of tlie
the town and finally l,:cated the nri
marshaL He was infotrmed that Mrs. I',
Blank owned the "olera house" and I
lived out of town about two miles. aid
After jollying the marshal nl nprois- iof
ing him several "compsr." for his in- tug
fluence and assistance in negotiating th
for the "opera house" they started on pu
foot to seek the owner-a vehicle being an
out of tht" question, as money was now b t
totlhe agent but a memory. Arriving th
at the house the colored attendant at
ushered them into the parlor, where, en
after almost an hour's wait, the lady or
appeared. A three-cornered talk now a
ensued, as the lady would not do I,usi- st
ness directly, but through the marshal. in
The agent talked to the marshal, the n,
marshal to the lady, and so oni back to w
the agent. After an hour's confabh the td
opera house was secured on the follow- p
ing extremely liberal terms-for the ir
owner: Rent, including light, heat and i t
one stage assistant, twenty dollars, I tl
payable to the marshal before the e1
curtain rose. This was exclusive of all ir
licenses, which amounted-s-tate. county hi
and town, including collection fees-to ii
eighteen dollars and twenty-five cents,
also payable before the curtain went ft
up. I,1
A little leg-weary, the agent returned a
to town and dashed into the one printing f
office where, to his further hindrance f
and dismay, he found the editor and his c
entire staff, consisting of one person- t
the devil-bulily engaged in working I1
the hand-press running off the weekly I
edition. The promise of three dollars, I t
payable before the curtain rose, stopped r
the press and the editor, the devil, and i
the agent got their heads together in I
devising a stunning date-line which, ;
after many trials, they succeeded in 1
setting up and running off. It an- t
nounced a grand production of "Our t
Boys," by the same company of twenty
artists playing that week at the Capi- 1
tol theater, Little Rock. A half-column
local followed from the agent's pen,
the editor obligingly setting it up and,
lifting a patent medicine ad. out of
the form on the press, he inserted it in
its stead and ran it in the remainder of
the edition.
His date-lines secured, the agent
hustled to his hotel and, with the aid
of a borrowed bottle of tnucilage, at
tached the dates to the lithographs,
and then, supplying himself with stick
ers, tacks and a small hammer, he pro
ceeded to lithograph the town "out of
sight" Never, creven when larnum ad
vertised the place for Little Rock, had
Arkadelphis been so extensively or
richly billed. The main street loagked
like a rainbow-a rather straight rain
bow-but still abont the only thing it
resembled. Darkness had now set in,
and the very tired agent sought his
~ couch.
At seven o'clock next mocning he
was again at work, as he still had a
dozen three-she'eta and four big stands
,,f paper in his possession and, as it was
rot hog or die in Arkadelphlit' ith his
attraction, he determinedl to put it all
Ip. ly the issuingF of two more 'comps'
he sectred one side of the leading drug
store-the sidle being built of c ap.
boarct , very old ani warped. ,o bill
Piatrl to be had and the ugen'.,
alrn~, esplalnrttsr, mnade a bar,
a with the one restaurant man of the o
town to make lour paste at the rate of -it is
two bites per pail pyable in tickets it tipti
their fill ialet 6 itbsable brush was at the w
to be found and an old broom was famous
finally pressed into service. Next two George
small boys were hired on a potnaise of layp t
a ticket apiece and, motunting a etep' Washin
ladder, the indefatigable agent bespat- the str
tered himself from bead to foot in put= _
ting VP the palet. It was hard kvoret, oo
and, before night, his back was nearly climbed
broken. He had the doubtful honor, one of t
however, of being followed about by ite ran
nearly the entire colored ioplati· h tf letters
the town, who gaped in admiring won- cliffs ti
der at the gaudily-colored paper and Fair in
the agent's ingenuity in utilizing the -A
old broom. of the
The paper up, the resetedl seat sa
was atrranged and the town ,"dodgen td"
with small bills. This brought on there
another night. The next morning was Wnie
passed bt the agent ia bed, as he was ininIn
almost paralyzed with weariness. Aris- one hat
ing at noon he proceeded to talk shop- going
the only method now left him to carry i
further excite the populace. He talked -Th
all afternoon, rapidly and lateessantlg tl , r t
to anyone and everyone who would h ncW
listen to him, until, at night, he Meade,
ran across the leader of the town inches
band, with whom he made a dicker to groune
have the band play in front of the ope- orange
ra house in consideration of their be- years I
ing admitted free and one extra ticket proper
apiece. The following day at noon the -Be
company was due, and at eleven o'clock some
the ogent reached the depot, a mile outof only ti
town, and, seated in the midst of a wil It is
derness of cotton bales, waited. By the purchi
time the train was due his thoughtaswere to get
suicidal, as, after mentally summing tohaT
up the company's expenses in the town or to
I and comparing the sum with the prob- excha
able business, he could see nothing but -A
I overwhelming disaster for the doomed watch
I players. On the other hand rose the flower
uncertainty of their coming, as he had green
I left them playing to very small houses reach,
- and the chances were that they could house
a not raise money enough to leave Little not Im
t Rock. However, to his unspeakable Augu
i relief, the train finally pulled in with the he
f two members of the organization sa- plant.
luting him through the windows. His -ýl
y doleful misgivings were partly realized succe:
a when but eight members of the com- lie s
at pony stepped off the train. They ex- moun
o plained that "Our Boys" could be done of the
11 with eight people and, as a clincher, some
I, they added that no more of the compa- only
ce ny could have come anyway, as getting winta
h the eight there had been a pinch. Pro- are fa
y ceeding up to and striking the main genel
street the company were greeted by the -.1
y extensive and gaudy billing-the most H.,
an novel their eyes ever rested upon. MIan- that
-a tell, Davenport, Barrett, Rose Coghlan. on th
n, McCullough, "Alvin Joslin," Julia Mar- ship
Iw- e, Sothern, Annie Ward Tiffany, Marl
ad Scanlan, Mary Anderson, O'Neill, stie
th Keene, Robson, Rhes, Sully, and a host ing i
ot of others equally well known, stared cong
:11 them in the face from every point of have
is vantage-all to appear in "Our Boys" now
,e that evening. The sale at seven oclock aftea
I., amounted to six dollars and a half with
Ie prices at fifty cents and one dollar. Mali
d.. Proceedin:g, after an early supper, to a lot
of i the temple of last resort, the company took
le arranged the stage and assisted the the
rs. 1l',ooh-iiah of the theater to light up. vest
nd -rThis was a simple affair. as foot-lights, in tl
. asidie-lights and all other lights consisted you
is- of tallow candles. The manager and song
in- agent took their stand at the head of of ti
n the ancient stairway, and awaited the inch
,n ,public's pleasure. Two rickety chairs real
ung and an old dry-goods box comprised the
bw ox office. The discordant tooting of tale
ng the hand without distracted any sad or the
ant apprehensive thoughts they might have mor
re, entertained as to tJle immediate future, 110o
aiy andl at 8:15 p. m. forty-four dollars had sor
ow naccumulated - just about enough to ind
csi- square all debts of the agent's contract- bua
alt. ing in the town outside of board bills on a
the nn-l return trip to Little Rock. As they no
to were obliged to go ahead the manager and
the disappeared back upon the stage and sma
aw- preceded the entertainment by appear
the ing in front of the curtain and diplo- hot
and motically explaining how it happened lik,
ars, I that twenty artists were billed and but of
the eight would appear. After thoroughly En
all mystifying andl muddling the audience of
nty he retired, made up and "Our Boys" An
-to was presented. an,
nts, wArriving at the hotel after the per- du,
ent formance a council of war was held. cal
Their total cash consisted of not quite dis
ned seven dollars-this total being made up by
ting from their slight pocket change and the
,nee few dollars remaining of the door re- na
I his ceipts of the night. They had, after lie
n- breakfast next morning, when they tir
cing hoped to leave for Little Rock, an eight w,
lIly dollar board bill to meet. Then came he
Iars, the difficulty of railroad fares. Not el
apcd much, to be sure, but they had it not. th
and At this gloomy hour the agent, srudden- mi
r in ly recovering from a brown study, w-,
rich, darted from the room and shortly re- (C
a in turned bringing with him the marshal, ti,
an- to whom, in the presence of the entire an
'Our company, he appealed in a long and af
enty fecting speech relating to their pecu- ra
apl- niary standing. fa
umn The marshal never weakened until di
pen, the agent pathetically referred to the c1
and, ladies of the company, three in number; i
at of when hlie produced one-half of the rent
it in money--tn dollars-and gave it to the t
er of agent on behalf of the company, good- c
naturedly undertakingF to see the matter il
gent explained to the owner. Next morning I,
e aid at about 10:30 o'clock the company, ,
•, at- after paying all indebtedness, departed y
aphs, for i.ttle Rockl, where their tal- of woe e
tick- was soon told to the remainder of the .
pro- nost stranded players. A week passed |
it of and tihe town knew them no more. i
n1 ad- "Inside pockets" were delved into, and
: had this took away the ladies and about one
y or third of the men the first day-some
eked going home and others to the various I
rain- dramatic agencies in New York and
ing it Chicago. A half dozen more kept the 3
at in, wires hot in appeals to friends and rel
It his' ntises, and In a couple of (lays one-half t
the others had disappeared. By pawn
ig he ing jewelry all but three of the com
Ind a pany managed to get away. Whast be
tands came of the three? They ma; ne there
it was ye.--Detroit Free lress.
it all -An Ervidence of Populnrit'--"s a
omps' this oaIe of the popular songs of the
drug day?" inquired the customer in a msic
c ap. store. "I gess so," said the clerki "t
obill- sew a man hit with a larick this
,g en a,' morniag toi singing hti"--.Dclrt lrm
, lir' 'rtrec a
-It is announced that the Virgiiat -Brea
tipieditiol idiled intends to reproduce from a fr
at the world's fair, Mount Vefftid the move the
famous home and last resting place of with bat
George Washington. It this is done a loaf. D
large and interesting collection of cream it
Washington retlics will be exhibited in thin sad
the struact fet ribbon.
S- Dr. itetyi it, Reenoldc and Samuel . -Fast
I I. Peater, Chicago toutriste, lecetly eteam I
[ climbed to the summit of South Dome, similes
'one of the highest points of the Yosem- fruit. A
its range, and painted in enormous had beel
letteris Oft OAC of ths most eonsplcnous. tuslike'
cliffs the words: "Visit tilth Wold'ui •thli,
Fair in Chicago in 1893l." pised Ei
-A calculation of the average volume -Pot
of the water of the gulf stream that of butte
passes Cape fl'ioirdit li one hour gives sliced at
the enormous sum of 90,000,006,000. brown;
W ere this amount evaporated the re- hae pe
ta Inining salt would require more than dium si:
one hundred times the number of sea- Into the
going vessels now afloat in the world to butter.
carry it. over Ic
d -The largest orange tree in the coun- Let the
, try, it is said, is on the property of J. T. train I
Id Hancock, Sr'., two miles went of Fort Seson
te Meade, Fla. It measures twenty-four Budgel
.n inches in diameter two feet above the -Bee
g- ground. Six years ago it bore 7,000 the foll
e. oranges, but it was a vigorous tree forty til fair
,e years ago, when Mr. Hancock took the dish w
et property. te fry
c --Bees will never thrive in a quarrel- while I
:k some family. Many think that bees clove e
of only thrive when they are stolen, while fry slis
ii. It is generally considered unlucky to peeled
he purchase bees, and that the only way a can
re to get them-if they are to do well-is minces
to have them given, catch a wild swarm down 1
en or to steal them, leaving some goods in the dii
b- exchange.
ut -A New York suburban florist is powde
ed watching with tremulous interest the fil of
ie flowering of a century plant in his dissoli
ad greenhmnse. Already the stalk has butter
,es reached nearly to the peak of the green- stantl
ild house roof, and the plant will probably tle of
tie not be in full bloom before the first of sets.
Ide August. Meanwhile many persons visit taste
ith the house for the purpose of seeing the Pour
sa- plant. butte
is --Mr. Chappel is said to be the most candy
e.d successful pearl hunter in Connecticut. it in.
on- lie searches for these gems in the -H
ex- mountain streams and meadow brooks into c
ne of that state, and yearly makes a hand- with
ser, some profit on his industry, working cut I
pa- only two months, April and May, if the turni
ing winter has been a mild one. The pearls but d
'ro- are found in fresh water clams, and are bles a
ain generally the size of a pea or larger. enoui
the -Joseph Frothingham, of Exeter. . mer i
lost H., who is ninety years of age, relates add
an- that he was at church in Salem, Mass.. ing:
Lan, on the Sunday when the United States ter ii
lar- ship Old Ironsides was chased into all tl
my, Marblehead IBay by three British frig- and
till, ates. Old )r. Lentley, who was preach- thor
iost ing when the news came, dismissed the Houl
tred congregation with these words: "tWe
of have served (;od in the forenoon, and
IV%" now we will serve our country in the
lock afternoon."
with -During the recent session of the Ti
Maine Methodist conference at Augusta the
.to a lot of ministers out sight-seeing mis- how
>any took the state house for the asylum for thre
the the insane and asked some clerks in the
up. vestibule where the patients were. "Oh, how
thts, in the different riooms: pass around and sim
isted you'll see them," and the country par- doul
and sons proceeded to stare the occupants
ad of of the various offices out of countenance, advi
I the inquiring at last: "Haven't you any ovez
Inirs real wild ones?" wha
i the -The people of Surry, Me., will not One
g of tolerate liquor selling in the town if ing
Id or they can help it, but they are opposed slor
have more strongly to the cigarette. Good ble
ture, lope temple, having discovered that ma,
had some of its younger members had been age
h to indulging in the penny weeds, voted to ful
ract- buy and burn all the cigarettes in town, mu
hills on condition that the dealers would sell old
they no more. The dealers agreed to that, hot
lager and there was one big, final cigarette so
e and smoke in the public square. po
pear. -A London horse dealer says of our Z
diplo- horses: "'Personally, I thoroughly dis- trit
ened like foreign horses, with the exception wh
I but of American, and much as I like a good shc
tghly English and Irish hunter, I am firmly sid
lence of opinion that as carriage horses, the
Boys" Americans are superior to our English roc
and Irish horses. I believe this to be as
per- due to the fact that for generations the fro
held. carriage horse in the states has been a odt
quite distinct race, and has never been spoiled is
ide up by the mixture of any cart blood." the
-d the -A physician who hasstudied human ag
or re- nature along with medicine admits that
after lie often orders mineral water for pa- au
they tients when Croton would do quite as qu
eight well. Water, he explains, not only me
came helps to make fat, but also tends to all
Not cleanse the system. Croton does both ink
t not. these things, and so do the popular is
ilden- mineral waters.but the average patient th
study, would not regard an order to drink he
tly re- (roton. when he would obey a prescrip- to
xrshal, tion requiring a certain quantity of he
entire mineral water every day. at
-nd af- -It is the intention. if possible, to ar- at
pecu- range for a grand international regatta fni
for both salt and fresh water yachts gi
Suntil during the Columbian exposition. w
to the Chicago has as fine a water front asany
imber; city in the world, and races could be tl
i rent easily held in sight of hundreds of w
to the thousands of spectators. Foreign yachts a
Sgoodcan reach Chicago by way of the Wel- tl
matter land canal without great difficulty. It h
orning is proposed to provide large prizes and a
npany, make perfect arrangements so that '
parted yachtsmen will become deeply interest- V
of woe er in the project The Cleveland. 0., h
of the yacht club and its founder, Ex-Mayor c
passed (;eorge W. Gardner, are taking the lead e
more. in the matter. h
to, and
tn one- A Freak.
-some Guest (in hotel dining-rooml-Here c
various Waiter. what do you mean by bringing
rk and me beans? I haven't ordered anything e
:eptth yet. - t
and rel- Waiter-I know it, sir. but you regis- *
ne-half tered from Boston, and I thought
Gpawn- Guest-That is true enough. but I t
he com- never eat beans. and
e there man at the second table is the mnagem
of the circus which shows here to-day.
Now's your time to strike him for an
t.-"la enlgagement.-RNational Tribune.
Sof the nPnashment.
amusic Jlamma (warningly)-A little girl,
Lerk k I who was jumping rope. dropped deel.
ck thi ,(tth'le D)aughter-W54s it on tunda~i
,1 ~e .-4ot; sw
aI -Bread Roll.-- TI slehouldbe made -
s from a fresh loaf that is lukeim. e 
Smove the ernst and spread each aca s f
if with btter beforae cutting it from the Physi
a loaf. Donot try toaehard butter, but chan
if cream it slightly. Cut the slices very to
a thin sad roll ike jelly roll and tie ith every
Slbb. -1'ahionaableatrerra are serving ice T e
I, Steam in tiny pineapple molds, fan rived,
alsimils in mlinlature of the luscious the ri
n- fruit, At a recent dinner a standard natio
as had been cleverly contrived of the esae own
a. tuslike stems of the fruit, resting upon aend o
I'S which. is a boat-shaped beaket, were He w
piled the mtolded creams.-N. Y. Times witlh
ae -Potato Soup -A quarter of a pound -
at of butter, three large onions peeled and II.,
es sliced small; stewed in a stewpau ontil j lic 11
0. brows; stir frequently. When ready scant
re- have peeled three or four dozen of me- once
an dium sized white potatoes,and sice them man
a- into the stew-pan with the Onions and awa
to butter. Pour sufficient boiling water anl
over for the amount of soup desired
in. Let them boll for two hours, and then motl
T. strain through a sieve in a sotuptoreee. shoe
art Season with salt and pepper.-Bosao shop
our Budget. day!
he -Beefsteak ,,Spanish" is cooked in rell
000 the following way DBroil the steak un- hog
rty til fairly well dope, serve it In a hot daul
the dish with the following sauce: Put inl Inju
to a frying pan an ounce of butter and -
-el- while it is gradually melting cut up a nati
es clove of garlic and a small onion and had
tile fry slightly yellow; put in either four houl
to peeled tomatoes or two spoonsful from put
ray a can and one-half pod of red pepper sere
-is minced and a little salt. Let it stew an
irm down until nearly dry and then place in mer
Sin the dish.-N. Y. World. old
-Everton Toffee.-Put one pound of men
is powdered white sugar into one teacup
the ful of water, and, when the sugar is liar
his dissolved, add a quarter of a pound of wVi
has butter beaten to a cream, and keep con- He,
cen- stantly stirring the mixture until a lit- why
bly tle of it put on a buttered dish firmly and
t of sets. Add lemon or other flavoring to live
risit taste just before taking from the fire. his
the Pour out upon a dish that has been well dt
buttered. I advise all those who make an!
nost candy to never use a tin vessel to cook ha
cut. it in.-Detroit Free Press- an
the -Haricot Mutton.-Cut the mutton -
aoks into chops, put them into a frying pan sic
and- with some fat, and fry a pale brown; lar
king cut two onions, two carrots, and a nu
the turnipinto dice, fry them in mutton fat, hi
srlas but do not let brown. Put the vegeta- del
I are bles and meat into a stew-pan with just in
r. enough water to cover them: let sim- mn
r. . mer for two hours, skim off all the fat, th
lates add a little catsup and some season- In
Sing; serve very hot. This dish is bet- th
ttes ter if prepared the day before, as then of
nto all the fat may be removed while cold, tit
rig- and it will simply require to be w
,ach- thoroughly heated for breakfast-
d the Housekeeper. G
With a Little Care Thpy May Easily Be
Avoided. a
[ the There are a great many people at the
- the present time who are building
i for houses for themselves and take an in- tl
Sthe terest in the best methods that can be t
n th employed. Yet it is strange to note
and how many people fail to observe the h
simplest rules of caution, misled no h
d par- doubt by builders more anxious to se
pants cure a job than ready to give the best
Iance, advice. Houses ar- being put up all
any over the country in direct opposition to
Snot what would appear tobe common sense.
11 not One of the first considerations in build
wo if ing a home is the location. A sunny
sposed slope is always one of the most desira
;ood ble places to build a house, so that one
that may have the advantage of good drain
buen age and the wholesomeness of a cheer
ful exposure. One can hardly have too
ton n, much sun in the house, in spite of the
Id sell old-fashioned prejudice against it. The
that, house should face the sun and the m
mactte southeast is considered to best ex
of our This will bring the kitchen and pan
ily dis- tries on the north side of the house,
eption where they should be. The kitchen
a good should always be located a little on one
firmly side of the main building when it is on
,5rses, the same floor as the dining and living
.nglish room, as it usually is in the country. so
s to be as to prevent a direct draught when the
fns the front doors are open and bring in the
been a odors of cooking. Too little attention
spoiled is paid to this one item in building,
though it is essential to the healthy and
human agreeable atmosphere of the house.
its that Where a house is built exclusively for
for pa- summer occupancy the kitchen is fre
uite as quently apart from the main house, and
t only many country houses which are occupied
nds to all the year around have a special build
s both ing apart for a summer kitchen. This
;opular is one of the best ways of solving
patient the problem. It does away with the
Sdrink heat of the kitchen fire, which is sure
rescrip- to be brought into the main part of the
tity of house, with the kitchen odors, which
are especially disagreeable in summer
c, to ar- and apt to hang about the carpets and
regatta furniture of the living apartments. and
yachts give them that indescril.il,le stuffy odor
tosition. which is always intensely depressing.
,taany Some hon.uses are built in such a vay
ould be that it is impossible not to perceive
Ireds of what has been the menu of the last
n yachts meal on entering the front door. and
he Wel- there is a blending of all the past meals
ilty. it hanging about the rooms. Such an at
izes and mosphere as this must be unwholesome.
so that The door which communicates between
interest- the kitchen and main house should
land. 0.. have a strong spring on it, so that it
x-Mayor cannot be left open through the negli
thelead ence of derelict servants unless it is
hooked beack, a thing which should be
expressly forbidden unless necessity re
quires it. There should be no other
al-Here communication between the main rooms
bringing and the kitchen except this door. Win
ynything dows opening between the kitchen and
the dining-room are but foolish contriv
on reis ances, which save but a few steps and
hht- bring in the heat and atmosphere of
a. but I the kitchen as readily as an open door.
There should alvays be a -entilat.r in
big fat the kitchen window. which should be
mmnager open at all times, and there should bhe
e to-day abundance of windows for light and
n for an ventilation.
ie* Unhappy. indeedl. is the mistress wh,
has a cook who cannot Lbear imir.
ltle grl, Traineld cooks usually keep on, wiludo
ted dee. open at least open at the top in all
tunday sonasons, for ventilation as well at f1,.
esrry.ing 4 teWoru-S Y* Triuaini.
-ouh rarget is expressed that the
princess of Wales continues icoonsole
ile for the loess of her favorite snm ' L&t
Physically the princess is mh
changed, and, indeed, mince Albert Vi
to's death she seems to be ob-vious of
everything, notwithstanding thebmauty
I of Cap Martin.g
I -The poeket umbrella hasnot yet at'
w rived, but a Florids negro was ot i
B the rain a few days argo under a oombi
I nation hat and umbrella. It wa his Wi
own manufacture, made of palmetto.
I ' and was about three feet in diameter
a He walked about in a Floridadownpoar C
wI ithout getting wet at all.
-Emile Ollivier, minister of NapoleOa
d III., has so long disappeared from pb
ii j lic life that, in many quarters, be was
Y assumed to be dead. However, he has
once more come into prominences e
n man of sixty-seven. He is this year to
d award the prize of virtue, which is an- ,
tr nuallybestowed by the French academy.
L. -A gratifying inclination to do the Itt
n mother--l-law justice was recently
m- shown in Dantaic, Germany, where a
Sslhop-keeper was sentened to eight 
days' Imprisonment for frightening his
in relative by marrtiage. He sent her a
n- bogus telegram announcing that her
ot daughter was dead, and added intult to FJ
al injury by not prepaying the dispatch.
Id -Miss May Grief, a plucky Cincin
I nati girl, put a chair over a hole that
rd had been dug in front of her father's
mr house by telegraph mnen who wanted to
m put a pole in, and sat on the chair for
er several hours while her fat.er got out N4
'w an injunction. Meanwhile the work
in men stood around, in the words of the
old figure, like "Patience on a mon
of ment smiling at Grief"
- -John Jacob Astor second and Wil
is liam Astor were not the only sons of
of William B. Astor. ge had another,
n- Henry Astor, the blthr of the ma
lit who died the other day. This unein Ph
y and granduncle of t~ surviving A
to lives quietly in a small village in Colum
ire. his county, N. Y.. and married the
;ell daughter of a farmer in the vicinity,
ike and is perfectly serene and happy, and
riok has never envied his relatives their gay
and exciting life.
ton -Dr. Mezger, the distinguished phy
pan sician of Wiesbaden, began life in Hol
wn: land as a butcher's boy. Although he Ph
Ia numbers many royal personages among
fat, his patients, he will not leave Wiesba
eta- den to attend them, but receives them Res
just in his own town. He has, as yet, only West
him- made exceptions in favor of the pope,
fat, the czarina and the empress of Austria.
son- In recognition of his success in treating
bet the czarina, he not only received his fee
hen of $400 a day, but was also decorated by
;old, the czar with the Stanislaus order, set
be with diamonds.
at- -Ex-Councilman Robert Thomas, of pam
Germantown, Pa., is old enough to re- . -
meember the reception to Lafayette in
Germantown in iatr. Ur . 4-r H.nOe
times circulated that there were tware
Se ceptious, one for the plain people and
another for society leaders, Mr. Thomas
t the says: "No, that isn't true, and I'll tell
ding you why. My two uncles were out in
n in- the field at work, and when they heard
n be the music they threw down their scythes Ph
note and passed through the hall at the Chew
the house with the rest of the throng who
d no had come to do honor to the marquis." o
0 se- -A little Washington boy, named
best Harry, is apparently never so happy as
p all when listening to his mother's fund of
on to Bible stories. One Sunday,after the little
tfle. fellow had been an attentive listener to
ild- the story of Samuel. he left the room,
nny and his mother, wishing*him suddenly
fsra- for something, called "llarty" Know
trone ing he was in the next room and could
not fail to have heard her, she twice re
h ieer peated his name, and then. in an an- F
St noyed tone. going to the door, spoke
the quite sharply. "Harry, I have called Wi
The you three times; why did you not an- ha
Sthe swer?" "Well," came the response, -
"the Lord called Samuel three times, r
and lie didn't get mad about it." o
I Pan- Bide
"ouse, "A LITTLE NONSENSE." pro
in one -Young lady patient--"Doctor, what -i
is on do you do when you burn your mouth I
living with hot coffee?" Doctor-"Swear."- will
try, so N. Y. News. law
en the -'Twas Ever Thus.- F
in the 1 take her hand in mine-
So neat lan
tio Alone. I play it and in
ildiug, Get beat :i
by and -Detroit Free Pres
se. -Saga.-ity.-llusband (at the theater) N
ely for 'See how pale Mrs. l'pwell is. I
is fre- never saw her so affected by tragedy ela
se,and before." \\ife-" It isn't that: her back o
rupied hair is coming down. "-l'hiladelphis p
bhild- Record. shi
This -A leap-Year Proposal.-"Miss Rox ht
ing made a proposal to me last night." C
"Ha: You're in luck." "She proposed
is sure that I spend my evenings elsewhere, as L
of the she expected soon to become engaged." i
which -N. Y. P'ress.
ummer "Oh. spare me, dear angel, one lock
ts and of your hair," a bashful yaung lover
its, and took courage and sighed. "'Twere a a
., odor in to refuse so modest a prayer, so take
anw. the lwhole wig," the sweet creature re
asplied.--Tid-Bit. In
hel -A Mark of Esteem.--"W'hat is the i
he las mainin av that black oye, Dinnis?"
. "Thot is a marruk avesteem. "A es
h an teem'. "Yis; Ci esteemed meself a bet
se ther fighter nor Mike McManus."
Washington Star.
sht l -.less-"My chaperon has been dis
that it missed and an elder one engaged.
neli Res.-"You didn't have a diifference of
Sit is opinion, did you?" .Tess-"Never: we
louilhe always fell in love with the same man."
ssits re- cLouisville Commercial.
to other -Exactly So.
.n rooms A pin hole in her gloves will make
Her tramp a doen blocks
To Say a doin pair or so:
hen and t the ethyrs fere may blow ant Ice
cntri- I Right through her husband's slrers
hre of -Reducing His Weight.--"I don't be
ion door. lere you are quite as heavy as yon
t in were," said the barber to Cumso during
hooid be the proces.s of sharing "No. that was
huld be really a big slice you took out of my
tht and chin just then," replied Cumao.--Epoch.
-le Glot It.-"Will yon please give
resswho me half a dollar, sir?" asked a beggar
tar arir.of (Goslin. "Why do you ask for that
window amount?" "Because I am certain that
a in all a gentleman like you would not give a
Ii es for paltry dime ~r q ,uarter."-DaC rolt iF
'utie L~'ea
iElP t., oOLANm,
ttorney at Iaw AI.
ss. ammceiRnI s.':.
asw.corass wi.s.hm +
Sttorne at IeW. IT.
wr. al*K*IS1U*Va La.
I WinT ,wee te Im C-,,a of w.-,t ._ -g
-t ' gtad latll
Wm l-tsParimbee of rWeeld
Atterneyie at LZaw. 1Ai
i Notary :-u Public, l
k Ps cn, spTOU srEA. LA.
f A. F. Ba3IlW, .I., o
Physician and Burgeon c
S p. L. . ael, Sara, L
l eidenee: Highland Plasatio.
J. W. LEA, M.D.,
b Physician and Surgeon,
Residence at Mrs. West's, Ninth Ward, Ski
West Feliciana.
is. W. H. TAYLOR.
dAn S a ýd com, ANI
of pce: At rs.ld eohl
Pa ýhysician ,an tl1ur1 otu,.
tell OIme: At l4addenoe.
he Physician ana Surgeon, Bc
is." es Leaks Bulldlg- n
itte Physician and Surgeon,
Oenly h profealonw eervlcea to eli meeS
Ie m, diesl iid within the parlrh.
Cow- R REED. An Hal
dye re- twla ea t e
poke aotno the A nao:. Bellvhewi Laenr
aia Lake KelamT plantations In thi PTh s e
t an-e ader. ptosecuted thoretor. .. t.JAlt
Mte. TitOM ANED Teisa PATE Ai.r.
mes. huntllg of any kind, either with rod. dlog
or Rgun, on either the Iou-lon or Hrown Cor
nret plantations. In tlhs parish. wi;l henorn
proes- - itet g o r t- te t f - l l "1.
\ fSTIIN FOl.RKFI. Agent.
whet t'NTING OFN'' KlNtlPTHEV.Et N. -
H wood planlntion in this .pnrih. ibth.d: A
r. '-or gun iL hecreby prohtbtle~i ml offenders
wilt be prosecuted ta, the tull-Ic extent of the
law. CAS. i. . iTEED. A ent
" First-AND AFTER THIoS mmTE. AIons
hunting with gun or otherwise. on High
land plantation. will be considered trepnass
ing. and offenders will te prosecuted to the
ofllest extent of thr law.
His tIS. Et.iANOR J uIAlti1tO.
o . an and after tlis date, all trespafslng upon
ny ot my several plOnlttltOt I1 Went Fell
sged vln. will be prosecuted to the fullett extent
of the law. 5 HS.1. I. IMA lh .'S
L not;flc that the gatherlng of rowers nn-I
shrlubbery from the Igardens on Troy plantn
5 Rox tion. In thie prirbh. without the permtielon o1 p
ht." the undersigned, will be regarded a trespass- for
Ing and prosecutled accordingly.
iposed FIRANK E. POWt.L. Agent. thr
i(ed. ' H mazlew plaerc. wall after this date Ite con. serý
sidered ns trespnslnf. JAS. iP. BO WM- AN. On
Ie lock M on18 tEREBY GIVENTiATHUNt,
loerc on the Ambrosia mod lndependon
plaie llls '0blt"ed Violators wil be p
-ore a t t Ie u ill extent of the law.
Stake J. W. DtDkRIC.
oreC Ne-El tifERlE.Y GIVEN TH AT HaU.T
i. t ontNle t oi , le d ~ ,,n-O.o pienl"tlnfl,' ,
In thIs pttsth IVl omhtbtot. • Inr5s ;il,,c
p osPeep tar dt to the tailI e xtcnt ,f t hl e I ,*,
;L.s. 0. ak T. -Rf
r t.o a i omMations,
oDr Goods, it
Dry L lea flue , Dr.. GIs
w :..
Tobamoo and s "I :e
Ine Nrek, MWU SAU. Li
a.aALR, m--
fard, Se uru1ud
S__ltlry Depmrtment Idjeli 3IIm
, Barber : Shop
in old SENTINEL office, near Kil
bourne & Co.'s Drug Store.
_ Shave................ 1O
- Hair Cut...............250
- Shampoo............. 2
n I respectfull solicit a .hate of the
LmE public patronage.
9 ALL.
,e`"`- GEO. ARNAUD,
wl ,eo. i be
it of the
E. Aib
n ip U. S. Mail Stea me
thr ee hours in the Capital City befor
taking the train for New Orleans. Meals
served o board. For partiular pl
wr on board.
trespass- my shop for a p eriod e will have
NIAgent. three Efour DAYin arthe Capitherebaly inbefore
t me wAN. on board.so
Bayca sara, 4l.
ier, Feed and Sticale.
F)Rt CtK .ReL St. Fr'iel lo,
itl OlS Barber aTiE Hair Wr ese
rptair. CRAS. WKDfa.
i NeW YOa t

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