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Feliciana sentinel. (St. Francisville, La.) 1877-1892, November 26, 1892, Image 3

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m `le Bove--t4rom 7 s. -. to 7
. 1da.y Hees-9 to 10 s.. - R eg
tia~IL sand Money Osnlr ioom-8-
r. to p. m.
Arrtval and Departure of GMalls.
(Oees. L O& Tr. Ralroad. Ar
S3:10 p.m. .'.orth'Tratnu :lqp. m
:800.m. Bolth 'Frain so:0 s.
Baton Rouae & Bayou Sara, (river).
loses Daily (except Sundays) at 0a.m
Due to Arrive at 6:30 p. m.
Natcbez & Bayou Sara, (river).
Closes, Tuesday. Thursday & Saturday
at It p.m.
Du to Arrive, Wednesay. Friday sad
Sunday at 3 a. to.
F. 1. tUMV"O011),
Letter. From the People.
We ar not reapr 'slble for the opin
losulof e )Polndntst. All cotuw ui
.aind mnut hear the name of the au
,he. et $r insl.liatiou butLes a guar
S'a.' goodl faith.
A Curd of Thauks.
I, is behalf ot my. mother,
beber and relative, return
heartfelt thanks to our friends o
iyeom Sara san4 St. Franciesvile
who displayed so much kindness
mad eoauuderation during the ill
seas sad death of my dear father.1
The lowers were beautiful. Mlny
God bleu and preserve them, on
sad all, from harm.
Very sincerely,
TeIS Incorporte.
Bveryby intown knowa Ga
bril, as the poor man'. friend.
Weather clear and cool.
Call at once and aoe rices qnote
on A. Harris' Jdolsera.
Beon haul Monday night.
okid Bl5k stockings tic pair at Ga
lvCe work is progressing finely.
Go to Mrs J. E. Auaton's for ole
int fruit, groceries, etc.
The coaton tual ket is still rising.
IS Ib atriekly Fancy four at Ga
brielF for 25 ct P.
Iee advertisauent New 3Mat ine ex
Libition in aro'ler colnmnn.
Our readers . ill please e.xcuse the
fiet that the SEKTINr L di. Int.t revtel
them at the regular tiume thilt waeek 1
New Marine Exhlibition r.oon an
rght on Mondry. Nov. 28th at rive
frsnt Bayou Barn La.
Ladiek polial co'i-r stockings ornly
Sets a pair t (inlrie!'e.
Ikrn, To .:r-, J.c.:, .D I, n. s
bonncing lhmly h.-'y. We 1 enrtil
congrntnl:lte Ilt I r.pj'y p:.r 'nt.
Mis . 'tit, of I;y.us .Pal. L:.
vbiiting the Mi-.ra o, wron i:l nltp, 
St. Francieville.
Ob.lig d ti I'. `. .'natt."r l( , 1, .
for a copy of lttUlort of the sce
retary of Agriculture etc.
Tnuesulay' Nový,,m'-r 21u., Tha.:rns
giving Day, w.a duly anl a!f 't' prri
ately obse~ved yiv the citiz'us of thia
aod our sister vil!n.e.
Others may follow in bhi tracks
but OGabriel, the loor manr's friend.
is the leeder in low rricen and bltei
aes "get up." Give him * call.
We regret exe"edingly to lenrr
that the nugar mill of our friend.
Mr. Robert Leake. was totllty d,-s
troyed by fire on one night darin K
last week.
Glad to knew thl't Mr-. Joe Meyer.
who has been so very ill luring the
pat two week', is greatly in
Rand overseer. Jon Stern. i out ting
the big hill t-etween opper and lowr
St 1ragciville, in splendid condi
Phonographs Exhibitions at
Friend.s Parlor Sunday, Tues
day and Thursday afternoons,
one hour each. 8. 4, and 5 o'eloc
10 selections to each exhibition
98 and 15 cts admission.
The following are the names of th
pall-boars who econpanied the
remans of our lamented editor tb
their last resting place: earir
Oe. Beier, JIn. H. Clack, Benj.
Brown, W. R. B. Turner, J. P. News"
ham and Morgne O'Connel.
The New Marine Exhibiti.aen will
be here one night only hbt (latriel i.
with nu always with low prices and r
splend:d stork of general merchan
dom etc. lie ban la grippe on th,
Thanksgiving day was duly cele
brated at OGsce Church. The Chan
ed was decorated with flowers an
fruits sad a volunteer cboir sang th
speeial anthems apointed. The eon
geegatio was spsually large and al
setmad impresaed with the beauty
ad appropriateness of the services.
Mr. W. W. Chisholm, Misses char
elte M. Anrten and Agnes (high
esom were in St. Francisville Tsu.esla
ad Welsesday. attending the last
rites oer our editor and father, Mr.
Jan. 1). AntRo. They returned to
their ba~n at Woodvi'le on Wednes
day everI'*'a train.
"-fit h stL oL f t ormeso
-orre wg laoew **)*6ies
tice of a peod man's dem
that we ansoneee the death o
our editor, John Dawso Austen.
He died very snodenly last M
day night at about ten o'clouk,
without admonation and free fron
eslerimg and pain; . a de
wife agsdtwo sons were with hL
at the last struggle, ýtt in a fe
moments has soul returned to t
God who gave it.
His remains were interred a
the Catholic Cemptcry nu
followed to the last *resting:,
place by n largo concourse o
friends-the floral offerinffga wer
a just tribute to the memory of
journalist who had served thi
conmunity often and ivell.
Mr. Austen was born in Phila
-delphia, Penn., April 18th, 1840,
but has been a resident of thu
lace since childhood and at th
time of his death was in his fifty
ird year. his life sincethe wear
has almost exeltustvety been de
oted in studying the wants of om
people and as a journalist he was
ever ready with an able pen to as
'st in developing our mercan
le and agricultural interests.
Let us tread lightly past the
ome sanctuary where so mans
sorrows are clustering for the de
.parture of one who has pissed
arway and with words of warm
hearted sympathy cheer the home
now desolate by the disappearance
oft him who wiut so long its prop,
rits stay, its joy.
A. kind father. husband and bro
ther, "le has crossed over the riv
r cer, and rests under the shade of
Ise frees,"
~leuiescat in pace.
Avubr.- At bis residence in St.
"Fraoc ville, La. on Mondiay, No
n.ihr 21st., 182, at 10:80 o'chcl.
. S., Jon DAwsoon Averaw, native o;
Philadelphia, Penn., aged 52 years.
1" months and 4 days
Interment took place at the Cat)
lie Cemetery, on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd.
.t 4 o'clock P. x., Rev. Eather Chro
bard, ofliciating.
Wcdneaday morniz,g a requien
msIJ %as nbal for the repose of hi:
held in Lthe Catholic Church, of St.
Mary of Mt. Carmel. cu Thursday
Cee., 1t, Father F. A. L. Lafores
ill oficiate.
Itemalhtsng In tilt- Post Oftice, Bayu
i-t.,. L..a., ckend n ,'li Oa, ov l. t toF, r *v.
!::arhin .i:sness (reen lhienry
:€lel- tll . l1 :: IO; llllamn -s -
l.,':orjl -Frank
- -I'e o '! .. fair ta " of these let
:' i% '1 . 14 a -. ..r :i.t.erti t .
FI'. '4. ?:11 F'tONl >.
II k ise is- l'easel with
Sihe 4essultt; h lt the treult does not *1
.ceijo srta at'.
rfciIt strikes us that our Re
publicanl l contesmtporaries :are of
fer i'g a vir.t amoiunt of unsolicitel_
:lilt'e o the Democratic party.
\v hloe feast is this, anywny?
George ltrinton Mc('lellan.
I• _ OltlD oF ALtEII.ME\ .
As the r.nly son of hiis father.
1; ceorge Ilrinton MlcClellan attracts
the attention of tlhe country. All
await with some curiosity the de
velopmnent of his political career
to see how his achievements will
Somnpare with those of hisi faniou.
( eorge Brinton McClellan wa.
horn in Dresden, (ermanny. Nov.
-3, 145., and was graduated from
t Princeton College in 1886. For
t-,ome time lie was a journalist ot
.lhe staff of the New York Herald.
In October. 18,9, he was appoint
"~le treasurer of the Brooklyn
ridlge, w!:i'h position he still
lde. He stulied law at tht
Soluilbit ('ollege Law School,
nd was nadaltted to practice last
pring. For a number of years
was il-rt lieutenant in the
Eighth Regiment, but resigned to
accept the appointment of colonel
Slnd aide-de-camp on the staff of
'i ov ernor Il ill. lie is a nembel
of the loyal Legion, Sons of th
R volution. honorairy member oa
' the Irish lirigade alin, other social
nad pohltical organizations. 11
clis a iember of the general corn
- tittee of Tammany Iall, but ha:
ver before been a candidate fo
a elective office.--Piceywne.
11 A Milion Lrie.ds
A friend in need Js a f4iend indes-",
and not l,;s than ont million peopi.
ir Ihave founl just suh a friend in Isr.
h King's New isi.eovery for 'onaumption
S('oghs nml (uold,.--lf yolt have mn s-r
ased this great cough metictine, one trt
at will a tcntvince aon that t has wonder
r nl crttIe pn e - in ul1 dl.a4,- of
to throat chest and lung. Trial bo'ltMes
SfIree at Kilbolure & t'n'*. dlrtug stor,.
Ilrger 1ot!s :L 1,. ansi il.
Marine Eibtion
• • •
Th're is __aP New_ Undce& The Sun!"
At River Front Boat L.adik
Monday, November 28tb, 1992.
]1atSinee at 1 p. m., fight at 8 p. m.
Prices of Admission,
Adults, 50 Cents. Ch~drPen, 25 Cents
Numbered Reserved Seats, e Cents.
Route Waterloo Nov 27, New Texas Nov29,
Smithland Nov, 30.,
WAsmnwarow, Nov. 19.-A
omplete list ot representatives in
ongress elected last week, made
p f om the returns received by
he Democratic national commit
c and compared with those re t
eived by the house of represents
ives, compare substantially witl
he statement sent out by the As 1
. oci:ted Press. Ag
It shows that Democrats hiave
slected 222 members, the Repub i
lianna 125 nod the populist- seven
iving the Democrat* a najorit. t
f 90. If the )emnioornts carry thi
-Iet ion fq" con restnlena in
thode Ilantl tthey n have :a ma
onity of !2 over all opposition. a
True, thie I)Dcu,'eratc candidelate
tin Idaho, who is defeated Iay W'il
iii.Sweet. ha- filed is not io"X -r-i
cnteat, and >so h:.4 John O'Neill.
li)emocratic. in the Eleventh 'Mi.
ouri district, who claims that il
eal votes were cest for Mr.
Ch:trles .Toy, the 1lepuhhlc:in, to
whom Ithe ","rlitiicate was issued.
Although no notice has et hbeen
ited, it is it utnderttod that D)ontltl.
McNaughton, I)Dmocrat, in th
hirty-first New York district
will contec-t the seat of .John Tun
norhis, and that J. Maurice Finn
will contest the sent of Samue
stephen, ecpuhltlcan, a mnembe
f the pres('nt house. The Scy
nth South Carohna di-trict,
known as the bhlack distrlct, ale'
promises it regular contest.
The third p:arty o popullist vote
will not be strong in the fifty-third
congress. They are given a votin
strength of seven, L.it this will not
he nannifcated on all occasions.
Pence, the iploplist, elected from
the first di.trict of Colorado, is
republican, and so is France.
. Newland,. of Nevada, and gen
rally they may be counted ulx
s acting with the members of that
McKeiglin and Kernm, of Nc
braska. are third part)y men in the
present house, and were elected
o the Fifty-third congress on a
fusion ticket. They will go into
he Demo"icratic caucus and actt
itlh that party. Ihavis, Baker
, and Siumpson, of Kansas, will, as
1 *u rule, he found in the 1)ctocrat
ic column of votes on all proposi
louns which are divorced from
their peculiar notions of finance.
1000 Gallon Cistern - - - -$
1o 00 - - - .$24
A. itroos & Bnos, 60 Perdido, ft.
New Orlenns.
it Should Be In Every lionu-e
J. B. Vi '-. . 3:71 'i t...$ hitt1 s',,.r
I.. sa-y t!t t he w,utl1 not ,  niith ,'l
tr. K;ng'= N'en Iii ove'ry for ( .ni
npttMon. (I ,~~ma n]t i ", .11. that it
I red his w if' w h "\: s t:r,.at,'nu* n i'b
Pmoenmonia :,t. r a, at'ak of *"LT.na Grip
," when -arione other remedies a
Sveral iph -!can h b al done her no
r oo. . Ittecrt Itar3twr. of (coo'-port
a .. claimn D r. K 'm ; \ N ' ,v i o , - rr
as 5 ,0l'n" ,:i, thim tr. _ 0.1 t i-; anythi.i
ft ever u. d1 for ltulg tr.va ;ic. Nothbtn
't ie It. Try it. Free tro' hotrse* ai
I1'. Kilno'ene & (Cos. Irng stoar. L tg,
*tt--. .at. and Cl.
Wi-h-hairnmnn (Carter, formerly
f the Republican national com
nuttee, is 'now tending out circa
are to prominent Republicans i
he different States, informing
them that the contnittee's defici
• ncy after lhe election amounts to
4215,000 and requesting them t
*ontrilute money for the liquida
ion of tiad unpnad hills. In New
York a suit has alre.ady been
qcirought agtilstl thie committee fo R
the sum of l9,000, due for print
ing and prini ing imaterial. 1 ha
e euess ri. Carter a ill have iI
mrising nmonty, when the Repubht
can party ,ne,w is at the hot
torn of 'th oup t:reen wito
no hi:oli. i t ". e? .gltia ri
ing to tie .uiface. remIlns t( .
oe seen.
F : . : nle " l i t! e.,:m: s go to Mrs.
Austeni' fou t (,f the hll.
You can bniy a pair ladle
:a.es for 7." cents at Gabriel's.
I)owa wlth time McKinley Bill
ad down i ith high price.s a
at i" CGa;irieV's,
Tix? t'..or Man's Frien
l)ht ynou iear Gabriel blotnin
-KtK ru Uow Is -
AL N Kenna Newspape Co.
iARBER and HAI R RNtl 8ER ,
rOii; uL rIi.E HILL,
1iA-- ARA
The Delta,
e DAILY DELTA-- p-age week d& 1e
pages .un4ay4. only 97 a yea'. Is
Ags m tl TS. gItS tttss.
c-nta t' ww nUL
n SU3AY DlLTA-- $1 30 a ear. SI
º wen g'fs each ~se.
W' e wE.KY DF.TA - L -I lea
weekly tI the Meetth-  _s m n
ecrltwr-r t&.e a we·k. k Mewas? 96"
TLa. ' $diy. tLxeen ea a.1 ai1 a
sIetar. a0 _u lot stx mosthl V vent
f tree mobtti bead St a smapi. tr
i- The Della, New Orleans, La.
rt Asees Brametus or Ae
rm OW OevARAnwres. .Sad Dpa. Saggs.
SOc and $1.00 per bate.
- ThbUlthing AsiaAle'i f I y
.' -p
ýC ýi
a *
Baovug San C Yad.d
Baono Sar Coat ian.
-LA. ISPEICE)I, Prprsetr,
.e, Iutim us a- s,
ee Cold Lager Beer, Pop sod all
-arbonated drinoks, to be found
a hand at all times.
All the rules and re,!datsons
haracteristic of first clas and
espectable establishments strict
y enforced.
Cor. Front & Princi 1 Sts.,
you Sara, Louisiana.
May 9 91.
Repairing of all kinds of Machi.
nery a Specialty, and executes
in the best manner and at short
notice and Reasonable Prices
Special Notice.
SAl l eattlcs hmtvInr work in 01
-h., ior o a &ttttt.
oinlty days. nare ho.., hsotifi
-hat the samte will be sold to pe.
sobt of repnir.
linvou Sars; LJa..
Spletldidfresb oyt ct at Mn J. D
Austen's, F.Pot of the Hill.
Special To Students.
_.aO.iA TIcrr TO ARaTULE, TinutEs
One of the grentest educationld cente.
rown. "DranLhnu.s Pram i Blet lrt
t.lege, Texokana. Tesa. n o-w oonoi
ted with t)ranghon's Rnetitcal Dunr'
,ollage, Nnt.hrille. Tenn.. the NWmhvrllt
ommereial (Codlge, Nahvrille, Teum., whid
il i the fturre be krow as Dranghn'_
Moidatd Practical teinnae eolleges.
As a token ul appreiatioa tor the litbera
tronage our Tesarkane Dole am re
-:ved throughout the We we will, foz
i;ited time, make the retlmel fair ve
ight to all who will join vs in Nlkvhie due
*. the nest few months.
A- Nashvlle is one of the great OM Ieen
l centers known, a alplewm Sm "
aerog h buoriness ollege there nme ear
ens. Tight teacher's employ Oer 1O
tudulte enxterd dist four month tfrom ci
Sarts of ths UnOeed ttates. No tcet bookr
end tk bok -e.·pln. Author ofD
' ,t'nem of Book-kheeytu, Ctg , board
ranctee taught. Book-kee Pgeuni
p. horthadi. Trypewirting. Tigr p.
ttehoLsrshiep only 4o. No vacua
--- for free iltostrated taltn)-u - W
Sht now. Add. et, J. F. Du.tmm. Pre
- t, Nasetwhville. l enn.. Mentl., tins paper
Friendly Caution.
All Iervo~u are cautioned against
"he removali of earth from th
'atholie hill or from any portior
.: the C'hutrch property. Any in
fringemetet will be punished to the
ullest extent of the law against
reespat. J. D. AutsTx,
Ducklen's Arnica Sat
Tn- Br.sr sALva I the wort hr cat,
r.les. sor *. ulcers. ,alt rlbrm. feAe
erc. trter. chpped hanse. cbilblains
onAs. and all kin E lrptions. posittvel1
res pile#. or no pay required. It I
urauteed to ive l.erfet satifactko
r money relfurned. Prie Si' c'ut pet
z. For sale by 1. 1. Kilborne Co
Altway Keep abe
Intes Copettition
-A9 TO
Price and Quality of G -ds
His pe.inity is First Class Famil
roeeries. while his live of ry Go
d other artleies of memsty will ib
found up to the highest standard of ex
eeliency. Seeiag is beUlelng. 61
Iacali Jan- IS, ly
Si-sab ibe to the Sx.rstsL.
lI 0it In Cf*{c i.
S~ Schedule I L et. O -"
:10 am p m L rew Odeasr JA .
1.'37 p m 7.p* p "''atlalmgs i *
I:08ps" 8'.4pisu Ar IN
- :s pmm I. ] t tar Ar "'
3: d 0in:I I 46 " At
l ed10:17 a im 1 : an Grea, lle ~
:10:23 am 3:I apm L" IeOlasd m
rections, thus assuring passengers a speedy amnd
For rates, mapsfet ., apply to agenta, or altms,
IL. . .Op _4 3te-
1:5 p - I~DivJo. 1au_-_ Ar
0 pm Lamabert & Lnw
8:10pmo 9: L e Helea S
R rrying fellowint Pullmnnh aBun Ri ebt .r
1. ct xs, uf 1 artrting. . sseHnors. af New teiream. an Ed a
I:n leitd. 4. Liveopoo,. I. dl n nand Gl,.ew. Lf orandem mad ,L$ i f ia.g . A
,nd Trahe-r'. .grNew Orleans. a. North Brtish sm an drai ettA4nL ,
n, hrrh. 7. Weetas AmerasnweC , o, mTlo ente., Cessa s. . PliaalB,
_. St Paul F. . M., orAt. Pant. 11. Nen Yrork Lifeats eseedo. f s.,
Will inane P ,,leie of Insersaee uMim all elasorwe O 4woe.e s
Fur Wet Br maon Neset ., ipily to ingctse, or adtws tre,
.ns, o t. He '.na. "'usigipabus, Livingston tad Aseam casu n sariab-
&BI1 fUOUGU5M 5 : .
As plea~antsa SyR
..a dsie uýeia. .s
s.' cno 's .nda oce e ea, .t a ~i
be t asafodGro e's hT1,a ChiliToc bohIl4ý. 1ý/1
4oss 6 wtii e aw thef thew. New, I stud m rsiall WdMe1y 4%
catains but twenty-four to thiirtf doses. we's ?bmici a
Mr tonic and retails ftiny ce sr. Ma
DICINN COYINYe. bLous n. Smo 4
spar ed to th
L ; .IT l 'rINVINV
New Home
Sewing Machine,
-AT TR1-
70 Caa1 St. Nw Orhems,
w_...LI aI
os shS U

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