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Louisiana capitolian. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1879-1881, February 08, 1879, Image 4

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c- 4nu ud atsti .
A little Pbf, now and than,
Is relieheA\ by the wivsest men.
Little drops . water', 3 rn
Little grains of sand, dr4a.
Make a weighty angar
* 1(eut*the grpcet's hb-' and
u What I'd like to know," said a H(
schoolboy, "is how the mouths of the next
rivers can be so much larger than their repo
heads." 41,14
If women are really angels, why 518,
don't they fly over a fence instead of earn
making such a fearfully rwkward Job Ii
clihnbing cone
At last we have discovered it. ('ol. sCrv
Fred Grant aceconlpanien his father to witl
take care of the presents the Inla ter hopes mo
to receive. - and
we- alor
If "every mann is the architect of Let
lhis own fortune," the most of them ha1e tar.
better ab.andon architecture and go to
maulitng rails,
"Rather than touch another drop e'
of liqnor " said a zealous convert at a shoe
temperanr e meeting at Magnolia, Miss., firuil
the other night, "I would take a razor ,I
and blow out my brains." Ihce
If you've anything to say, dlov
Say it; "1
If"yon'ie anything to pay,
Pay it. walt
Lnut with naught to pay or sary.
Don't fret yourself about it, pray.
A youth of about twenty winters ex- I
hibit4ed the respect for age prevalenl tiur
among the youth of this country Iby thlr bhl
following remnark: " Theret 1 is my old 1l
father now, he's most soewnity years old, few
and knows nearly as nlmuch as I do." be
The proprietor of a building site in oiie
Wisconain advertisnes his land for sale in whl
this wine: "The Town of l'oggis and tile
surrounding country Is the most beauti- torl
ful which nature ever made. The seen
cry in celestial ; also two wagons and a Its 1
yoke of steers." fuel
An Ohio nman went ~ut and hanged you
himself tlte other day, hbecanse a Colun- fraL
bus dentist told him his tooth was affect- eat
ed with "nodular calcification of the
pulp." He left . ;note to hils wife, saying 110
he didn't want to live on and give it to
her and the children.
" I don't like poetry," said Jones. MA
"e Why -said his friend.
-' Because there ain't no sense to it." 1
" Oh, yes there is," said his friend, I
"there's lice~oae' Bult it was too high :1f,
up for Jono$, and he changed the sub- ter
jest to the price of lard and canmles. . i
An old colored preacher in Atlanta, eil
iGa., was lecturing a youth of his fold
about the sin of dancing, when the lat- sN
ter protested that tihe z3ible plainly said :
"There's a time to dance."
" Yes; and it's wihen a boy gets ai .I
whippin' for gwilne to a ball." S'
''The latesit sentillenltall aIgony ill C
songs is a tender Iallhd, beginning : ,
"Who will come above me, sighiiltg,
Vhen te gr grass grows over lne "
We cant say positively:who, but if the na
cemetery fence is in the unual repair,
it will probably be the cow. '
An old Irish soldier who prided Il
himself upon his. hbravery, said hl' hed
been atthe lbattle of Bull IHun. When
asked if he had-retreated and tu:do good re
Ids escape as others didgn i hat famlou; A
occasion. he replied:
'"Bejaibbers, those that didn't run are t
there yet !" ll
Wiggins says: " They halve a good
deal to say about this 'new game of
lacrosse.' New game t Fudge! It's
old's the hills. I used to play it when It
was a little chap no bigger than a pint it
o' cider." lie refers to the tiano when
he used to " lacrosse" tihe knee 0rhis
nearest Inaterlnal relative and dance to
the music of a flying sliplper.
During a dense fog a Mlississippi r
steamboat took landing. A 4lr ler,
anxious to go ahead, carnm to the.T per
turbed manager of the wheel, and asked t
why they stopped. "Too muclh - fog;
can't see the river." "BuTt you can see 0
the stars overhead.' "Yes," replied the
urbane pilot, "but until tihe Filer ul)sts
We Iin't going that way." The passen
ger went to led.
('Conversation betweten an ilnquiring
stranger and . steamiboat pilot :
'' That is black mnounlit :in?"
"' Yes, sir, hligheat i mountain h :lover
Lake George."
" Any story or legend conllccted with
that nmountain 1"
" Lots of 'cut. Two lovers \enl11 up
Ilthat nlountfliln once land ncvie-r e;ilnIe
blck again."
" Indeed! What became of tllhem "U'
"V Went down on the othecr side."
I knew two friends as much allike
As ever you saw two stumps;
And nio phrenologist could find
A diffeirenlce in their bhumps.
Onte took a paper, and his life
Washappier than a king's:
hli children all could real anid write.
And talk of men and things.
The other took no paper, tand,
While strolling through thle wood,
A tree fell upon hisrcrown,
And killed him-as it shou'd.
ad:l he been reading of the news
At~home like neighbor Jim,
I'd hbet a cent that accident
_ hIId not befallen hinm.
SA sophomore, on being asked for
an excuse for his absence from chapel
on.Sunday, said he wan out walking and
vas so far from college when the ehurch
bells rang that he could not reach the
chapel in season, and so attended the
viUage church.
"Who preached there ?" asked the
" don't know," said the student,
ias the reverend gentle
"' ..am surprised that
An Italian gentlemnan with a nice
little tic eo hbd a nice little servant Oi r
girl, who Aold to hims one morning and o
0, if you pIleante, wou't you give me t
3 e to buy a lottery ticket witht: f
dreamed last night: that No. 41,144 r1
ws going to draw the eapital prize, Th e
and I want to buy that number." I
Hi'gave the girl the 3 francs, and, Total
net day, on happening to look at the The
report of the drawing, iunw that No. Strete
41,144 had drawn the c4atpit4l prize of Chant
,51,12,85 lire, or to speak more n- Br
crately, 100,0001. 81xwi
Returning quietly to the honse be tnkri
oncealed his emotion and said to tihe
servant girl, "Sustan, I have observed Total.
wit approbation your piety, lbouty, 17 g
inodesty, skill in the art of cookery Interu
and other good qualit rtm ehiculatted to '3 unt
adorn tit, highest station. -Ie0 ninnt. nst
Let it' leand you to the lhynntrnial at- Total
tar. No delay. Just ais i"youi ale." b r
"llouest IujUtin ?" mondul tlin' blllling of Ati
"You bet. I swei1ir by yo'nder silver Oa
spoon that tips with beautty all the win ri
irit-pie top" -- fr t
'lhen count. lse, in, iand re'glirld )e
Iroaft4r in the light of 3your tuttle ih .
ve." dealie
"Inston, theu, Susan; put on your 8
iloimet iand shawl anid let. us take a ea
walk iaround the block to the 6nly 70. 1
frmi"s .,ell wlh re we. shall t' in e tlx (n
enc." mills,
I a tfew niinutt's tI, iti' d-elect re- 102
I turned claud i)n a redl shaV, with a 00; 11
black velvet bonnet tarisnted with acct.
uflowers and 1'ie.thria reJiu. In aH
em- 1iilnut4's niore' the 'erem'nOlny halld $14.0
been lortined arlnd the twain were Stro
ona. They returned to the house, stor
Where the husltand eanlrelessly took up ax r
le ipaper an-nd said with it well ouii
} I (l roe:s
tUrfited st an't of surprise :Liqu
"Darling overything is hrighlit for ily
a 18upon our wvedding-daay. lou re- ;,. 1
ietbert the ticket iii tihe lottery that Marl
dy drotetlnd ibliout and I gave you 3 874
francs to buy ? Whhre is it, tny own- toe
- eat?"G
S '0, I didn't, buy it. I sIent *the
Sol14ey lo' this du(ck of ii honiet." City
yAVuit's O(iI"'lr, BA''oN ltoit'E., LA., itile
Muoiday, "Fetb. 1, 1is7. S
]tgula:r nlect.ingi of City ('ostncil. .
l'rest vt- H[tu . L . .J:ustr n.tttk i, M ayor; l.
i ssrs. 1, nige' will Ilillein, Atlninistra- 142.
tots; Messrs'. W1'illiaits, W'eisk, Wax, l14.
Burkec, (ir'ig inul Saiinchez, (iolneilesln. len.
T'hil nie usitts of last. regular uii" l s.ite- .
itil netelings read and approved. 1H;.
T'he moniithly 'reports w'ere then irid
S fo'o :ot
555 fl)t5 IsWiH
(eiitlemen-'T'hle vwarrants itistsesl for
it nunry v were fitr:
aluriei ........... ... - .. ... .......$. 414 .14. Tot.
streets anld hndiings . ............. 2.. O1
1 in o t ligenlt 1 ce't ........ . ...... (.... 5 ,A
Total ...........--------------... ... 680.(1 1
Very resIecltinlly, Tu
Ii.:o. Ilu :Ni:lI.soN, Auditor.
ir, GenatI€wn'm :--Thle receipts of mly otlice
f ur ,hInu ry amnoi it t ..... ....$ 10.. 1 2 to t
the dilbtlureslietsts were......... 8317.78 to t
1DepositLed in Sinking fsnd.....- 101:.00
Ieii s ecltfully,. is
all Jl. ],A.,iE, Adne.'r. ol* '4' ljqf l'l.
It Was niovte.l and setnlii de lll ht il (hsi
041 repoirts " ,'receive'd :itln app1roved. Let
1) Adoptedl. i
The r'eport ofi thli Ailsnistraitor of lea
irolice wt-ai ri:ul, r'tteivetl and approved, i id
adil the Adiinisitrattor of iinplrov'linents ix
:lmide :. verbial report. fie
1E11'iOr is of (COM111 iiTEi:r. tr
of The commtiitt ie on (isGarrison Biayoui re
t' orted that osn nicel.tst of hlad wenths'r
it had been impossible to see ithe parties
interse!d, and - go over the gr'sound so Ga
as to 'sake AA proper investigation. .
to 'irefore tfltey askedi turther tiiime to 1
report. ( . ed. i
The cO1oc on H1ospit a.l repairsi'
reported that t :(gent haid prouni.el ti re,
leut s1'. in it goo&d, re (it'. Oi motioni, at
lhe repptt wai C r 1cciv4 h
t"he re, opt ion oif the antnutal report of l
he Miyor aind other officers bleiisg in
order, th~y were 1iresi'iteSd as fidlows:
tineMA~iSIAYt'S TE.SSAGtE. 5
s IAYOI'S O(F'ICE, Fob. Oird, 1379.
To the Honorable Ihe Afembers of the (it Its
('"ounciil :s
(iiistls'naes--Thle Adlnisn'sst.rator of F'i
statne ansi tine Auhslitor iur' iuinabli' this El
tu Ndr tO reider as gratil'ying.au exhibit a1
as that giv-etl lby thesn limast y~ear.
The yellow f.'ver epidesnic, whili,
hlrinig i. period of twai-ly fal'n" ionth'i
hrought., orrow mit dsleth to the homeos
of sO iliulny of oar citizenls, icet'ssajily
ilrought with it untisiial ilistress and
stagnalion, at a jewriod of the year whenis
thu collection ot taxes to the city are
snore easly eith'cted. It, was out of all C
questioni dus'ing the ei-idneiiic tii think of'
sinforcinig coillections. "Ti'he cilonseenc,'e
lists bteen thiat a large s1un in arrears Is
sue, the city, whlich, if collected in the c
usual nroportion, wonls i hav rendl'i'erd
this y'ear'" exhibit iNqlsiul Io those of the 3
ptcsce'tditg two years. Added to the stop- t
page of(olh-ct i)ln dm55510 the ext raordinairy
expenses for charinties, and those of the
Board of Health, as also the expendi- t
tures of the Conmiini tee of(TtTwenty-One.
Despite these above anunierated cir- '
Cumst411(c1es, the disburs'-nents over re- 1
c'itipt amnousnt only to the slum of$,049.14,
whichhenm addcd to some unpaid inter
est on some bonds of the city, will 1
apparently increis.e the city's debt $2,
:'58.27, making the total if the debt r
$'29,5,44. I1. 1.
This snut, however, will be greatly 1
dinminislsed as soon as the collec4ions of
lnrge arrears due the city is etfected.
In view of the above facts we have
reason to he thankful that the finances
of the city have not sutietred more, and
that their entire r'ecuperation is un
doubtedly very near at hand.
It affords me great pleasure to men
tion the fact that the voters of the State,
at the late election, have expressed their
will that the capital be restored to
-Baton Rouge. I cannot doubt but what
the approa hing Constitutional Conven
tion, will, imr defi'renee to the demands of
the majority, rat ify the decision of the
ballot box.
In conclusion, I take oceafsion to nmen
tion the generous aid extended to our
citizons, and in the most unstinted
mannor, during their hour of misfortune,
by the people of every section of our
cosuntrv. W rds from any one are in
ee-ad a to expre_ our ,ratituer.
W-itb the hope thalt aIb rigiter future
titawait.8 eur commnitlity, .WHO has shown
so ranch courage and ibrtithd8 under the
On motion, .he repiirt wase ve
and ordeed Esaj&pk- tbo mhnlts*
Adopt ed.
BArol Rousu, Janner, 18179.
,enalns e-Tlb apprtipon 1A.
fdr 1978 wa.o........-"
The oextra app priabton for .r. of.
l H~eald"......-... 1,379 .l
-°e° " - , _ -
Total approprlationhs..........$27 ,21.81
Tih warrant's iasind wort for:
Contingott ozpenet ........ .. $4,64.l3
8treots and landings......... 4,166.66
Chiarities ......................... .1
Hoalrd of [elalth ........1...9 1,3.81
ire Departmont. ............ 600.00
SpeIal continglnt............ 2,472.al
alatrlc ................... 7,6T9.36
Sinking fund .................. 37.94
'Total ........... . - .-- . ....l... I ,034.W C
'.The debt of the city 'onsists oft
117 gas lbondl, $5 onach.......$5 64~8000
Itlto ot il 011 lHno ..... ........
3 lon4i, serien 7, $100 ocih.... 300.00
Onuttaandting warrantt ........ 10,198.81
Total ........................$28,544.81
For Iamount of uash receipts and dis
bnrsoinnts, I respecttfully refer toreoport
of Admlinistrator of Flinnce.
Very reslpec tilly,
Ono. HxwNDuntoN, Audit-or.
Oin motion, duly e eondeid, the report
wal rveclived and Iapltove4.tl
Repol-rt of Adnliltiistriator of Finaiclte
for the year 1878:
38. Rest-aurants, $9i0.00; 41. stenin
bIoat iagents, $561.25; 48. Moto anud rag
dealers $-35.00; 00. Itar roomls, $797.75;
-62. lxxhibitions, $9l0.00; 57. Billiard ta
,les, 22.:50; 66. lPeddlers, $90.00; 70.
HeIlotrs,$91.00; 74. Wood carts, $18.70;
76. Hall fudi, $03:.00; 78. Livery stabhew,
9i2.( 00 89. lc house, $:16,(00 I. Dog
tax, 41.25. 0t8. Foundry, 'i22.0;0. anw
mills, $:31.44); 101. Cotton ins $49,95;
102. Conl-vred kepeiers, $144.0 10(. Flat. .
boat landlug, $li.00; 109. Brokers $45!.
00; 114. Furry Inndigllii, 251.10; 1ill~. teunt
ace't. $87.50; 121. C{ntiiioi Iterh11imnte,
$90,04 ; 122. Eatting hoIllsl, $4.00; 124.
ilg flhs, Jl.50; :135. T1iax roll, 1871,
$14..); 134. Tax roll, 1872I $(38.68; 144.
S'recots Rmund landings 75.00; 148. Stenl --
corn mnills, $78.75; i54. Tax roll, 1805,
$4l:(.8-)O 1.i. Tax roll, 1876 $780..55; 158.
Tax rol, 1,477, $l1,211.40; 10. 1)r'ggist,
$20l.1(40; 163. Tax roll, 187:1, $,41l.3H ; 165.
roo'ers anild ilercllltnits, $2 4)53:.65; 167.
Liquor dealers, $`2 410.80; 169. Carts and
h. ,laitl, $474.15; 171. Stenmhoat landing,
$2,8519 40; 172. Publie landing, $1,814.
95; 176. Mayor's Court, $141...78; 177.
t Market hiouse, $1,88,`.52; 179. Tax roll, Sli
1 1874, $180.50; 181. Conftietionllers, $1 5.00;
1804. VTax roll, 1878, 4,04:1.111; 4. City Ba
- tol lRouge, (proceedl want,. No. 540
trnutlferre.d.) 5 i8.00.
l'otal aln't colleetions for year
1878,.... ...............$..21,98,, 11
C'ity lato llRouge, calsh .,ll
c l lce illo h4nd(, Jain. 1st,
178 ...................... 1,424 9ki
Total ............--------------.. 23,411( 07
Sl1lahice on hand,............ $1,228 07
. I °it'ntsE . t: NT$.
6. Silkihgl fundl.......... . ....) i00
1I. I'ire D1).llprtluent ...... (0() 00
' :19. Conltillgllent............. 4,181 61
- 1-12. Slaries .........----.... 7,i9  co01
, 144. Stroee'M 14d latulilgs"... :3,459,01
146I . ('harit ics............... 2,5:11 25i
1(12. Spee'ial elltigentll ..... `2,1422 62
-Ir:l. inkilg ftillu .......... 1 94
189. lilniiad of hlitlt h......... 1,302 21
Teotal amount tlisiirsemnentsii
for thei ye.l 1874.. ..... .$22,18. 110
(a.ish 1lllin.le oin hand Dec.
21st, 1878.............. $1,228 4t7
14 Total....................... 23410 4)7
DJ 31. IANson, Adun'r. of Iiullnalle.
-1M1P'uvEMl:Trs "
1 I.vr'(Nx Not'ua:., LA., Feli. 2r1. 1879.
LTo lim ioour, the M.lyUor and ('it (',unc,,cil
r. of the sitl of NI.te,a In'o.qj4 :'
(ent,,lmn",-I "eg I.a-ve to repollrt thle
work ihlioe for the yea.r enling Decemil
41 her 31st, 178, in umy de'partn l ent .onlintsi G
to the stilli cit f t1i-t-onell Ilndred and lll fi
tyv-six dolliir ; lit of that iamount tihe,
suln of oilne llllllld and fifty-six 41ollilr$
is oIvele'lurilV. 11The 1(e condition of thei
. stllreets i$ vly ,had, bhlt itow hlavei :1 :lliifl
hI h eint farest florietledl replalirs. The aIIIr
ti. Let stall arle ill hd cloditioll e nld need
e.pli ts. The rl l tengine hiloluse No. 2
is also in very hbd codlitiuon, and the
of leliks re iaijilkiiurils tol tihe' eigille. 'L'hie
.ih, sidle waiks in the city are illn velry hil
its fix, but tlhere is io maiterial to be hiad
frllq e repiirs t.hereof. I hiive not olti
tied t(l h' 4iWolit$r. ResMpIectfuolly llillit
t d. IT(l'l. ARICEl.
rC_- Administrrator of hlmpirorf'nmens.
S On inotieni, duly n icollelhed, the4 report.
vas received.
1sn It was lmove'd and secondedl thllat Mr.
1 Ci-iari } be. autholriztid t0o call upllon )Mr. 1V.
( . W:Vller for It Wlot of the land donatelldltl
to to he A. &. M. College, with the Pil:llnu
ito lthli'izVe to he inade at the ilcutei
eiltlting J'.IianiiIary L4, 1871). Adopte.d.
irn lvy Mr. Burke: IlntsltiiIutli 11s curtalin
<, resideits itof the iinnlelilt ieighiblornhlioodl
of the Ihti-rllm opelinedi by Mr. Hi. nt'lusch,
n tt the eorinit. of M" *hiin an34(1 Tlhihd sMt'reef ,
hilaveY oljec·tedl tio saLmtin, inliel. hle halvillg
t ofl ahii.y oltnin0ed lŽ lictncse fhromi the city',
ho it
x l~noeolvedi Tha:, th, quantll ioni ell! rtefe~rred
Sto thi. City Atlorilnei', for his he.gil oitill
ion. Acliljttld.
iy Mr. Uauiig : Tfe.olvd, T[hat teie
St.tt Clullllnitten' ia1(d Adiniistlrltoir cut
In i Inlprovemtents he aIlthorizeel to 1litll
hreide troe.s on NOlrth lBoulevaird.
Fi- Mr. Burke' ottired nl lli nlhnjinlllelt t4hllt
his Eln trt' hle jltau ted,;1 nd tlhi reseiliifiol
bit imnidl'd lwl'lhpited.
'ii ONM.
Iroll Tulln inllllud lec Fire- Co. No. 2,
tich, vdullan r ,cei ve-dlnde the' Adimilistra
thfi rl" of"' [Im ve.m P. instructed to malke
m the repairs ncked fol'.
ily roIm M1r. ). Kelllelier, to ihphlaced on(
aInd uper list, anl Mr. C. Acosta. for tti
Iwn porary relief" Granted.
r" Bv Mr. \'Vax: Ileoired, That the
F ll Coulncil g inito nn clectioin for WVhI:irf
k oCt nlste-'r, t serveo for .i c -ye: -. T'1he, yea;s
e i nod nlv. being clilheiI for, resulted :
r y 15 yeas---Liaige, Iiillhn. Vax ahd $on
the hesz; nav-- Vi'cek, WVililijams, flurke
odlll (a arig. It heing :a t in vote, thlte
M:te 'or, n'ter e xplaining his irelasons, vo
tlp- ted in favor of the resrollltihhn.
Ber lfore going intto lli electionll the Ceoii
the elil fixed fithe salary of Vhnrnilmstel', for
ii- the nsllillg year, -it $50.4)0 i-r Ilionth.
One. Mr. TVax thuein noliiiuiteel Mr. .I. C.
cir- FaIvrot for thlle- otlice, trll4 ie. wlas elected
*r re- :iec.mIllat ileni.
t9.14, The Coulncil tihen wenlt ilnto C'omnlit
nter.- tce of the TVhlie to take ateion ilion
will bills.
- ~ everil hills fer C'oll'rne-r& fe!es, etc.,
debt refei.redl to the City Colncil hW thli' Plir
ish Attorney were ordered to ie referred
'atly bnck to the parish Iauthlorities.
us of The folowing bills were: allowed;
L. I Lange, Aldminiistrator, $250.25; ; S;n
rah Morgan, $12.00; WVilson Blacksmnith,
h $3.60; 1 m. Garig, $18.00; Mrs. hirchlel
mtei ~ia112 months nursing, ctc., $59.95; .Johu
n D. Fisher, 2 bills, $178.50; J.1. .T. WVax,
$3.0I: O. Arlour, &. Bro., $:1,97; .1. W.
n1-Bates, $51.50; O. PI'otti. $15.00; I1. Lena,
tnt $4.40; Placide Favre, $6.99. Total $616.
-d to On motion duly seconded, ihe Council
b dnljourned.
w at u rlEON JASTREMSKI, Mayor.
I GEO. HENDERSON, Secretary.
A plain-spoken woman recently
nen- visited a married woman and said to
o our her, "How do you manage to amuse
intod yourself '" "Amuse," said the othler,
tun, "don't you know that I have my"
f our hbusework to do . "Yes was the an
"r swer, "I see that you have it to do,
Imt as it is never done I conclude you
n- must have some other way of passing
er the your time."
w . .. ..... __.._. -G I
M. J. WI L IAM , -
Steam Trains, Strike Pans, Bolers and
" Y
1"h, BI001 ROUGE, LA.4
f)4 l ..$ In TO. OUGE, LA.
I In, I p.
n R O
616. -
- -
at*l~kr rý ,ýý r'
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-.1. IWDE~Rm, SflOZ C :WR~d
In on> budtma"ats ws to {e
~or thoet h ra P
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f:ow yersn o~nb hou weEi~
ruws :i.: r*prec" vr ý ·a;fj riiiif
tion in the futute, n uIe any
of all w~ho untmwu4 us with teidr Ibustibr-s.
Bismarok Saloon
. PHILIP BTT, Propioter.
( resr R1. Louie tl~orth IBouternr
The IH4t1 of 1 l Zq.,UrT and Cigar.
wIly htt4,idedl t",' ;
Adjacent to him Haloan.
Will aiwyabe snpplied-with HtORES
anid CARRIAIEI  for hire, at all hourm.
V'EIE nnd MTABlIANO for animalu o-hU
taitnblle. ItIat an low na the ehrsylxt.
Merchahts' Exelienge
IIEN RY BUSCHI, Proprietor.
The cihoicest Liquorj and Cigarn kept
contantlmt on hlunl. Agenlt for Villisam
.1. Ir.l,{w s ceehldwated St. Louis Lauger
BIecr. fel
I,:.%LER I
s'roeV C PA rs,
And all other appurtenances for ,totes,.
of all aizes.
A large aItsirtmncnt .f TINWARE,
alwaysy on hand.
folds '*'RA1ro R011s ou, LA.
*. oan USe s.
Newspalpmr, Magines Tii
Sublscriptions received for asuy
paper or Magazine published.
(Established in 1849. )
Honse-Furniszing, Cut J
Oils, Paints, Agricunturnr l Int,
Cooperm', Black ni and ers
(Sign of the Red
Sdna"r 8ides, ar -
canvaesed- std a unand reakfast
Bacon, ` iaavaesed cad cased;
Smoked Tongues, Fal Beef $e
in half barrels. Abo1ve, b1Ist aY
bot torm figures at store o GARIG. Es
* 'IA
the slay, w 4
otrdy.- ý
Jud ~y
lev , tieaz*1.
41 tp them .this
J Parisbe,~
YaYA V110. .i IL
. fieBaton uge
Jaw ý .. totr t
d 1_.., ,~nr
on. Clý D Me~d
rfl- Me~n~~iif~
ri . IT ý ,
X ,.Leon
ttrOf TaInanee
Leer; Bolandmbfiara
:actionf, T. B. HIne'
Yail, John J Wz :
Wa i . l
uead Dk;
Seof ort, Willi
ei J. W. Bates; COner
Jadot; Pulsh Asmeener,
t. 1.1
tier; - O. P.
Pat. & I Com
the first Mondayin en .
1 Gardere;-latsu 1 se
John D. Fisher; 43d, .me
4th, James Monatet q
M. Burnett; 8th. `
every No loyal Southerner
who was loyal to his
F. kindred, his people,
sibly ever receive any
"Southern war daims.
., erty was destroyed be
redre Claims of
pressly rcjected by an
the Constitution,
and wanton the enth
rights may have bees.--
Eyre. G.( Bst,.

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