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The Dead fighti ie l "r vos
It Appears strange to ts mortals, and
oven awful, that the disembddled spirit
scn, under dektain condltionea unknown'
to us, revisit the scones of its previous
existence, how much more awful adil
difficult of Itlief is it that spirits whslo
have quittbd their early li. la the tn
restrained indulgence of angry and mia
levolent passions can yet exeriseo such
an Influence over the corrupting clay,
which they apparently left behind them,
as to violate the sacrel repose of the
tomb and terrify and a&pal the living
Such a circumstance certainly occurred
at 1H-k Hall in Lacqslah aud was
long the theme of cou nilraton in n'bht
county. H----k Hall had been in poa
seoelon of the . tbmmily for hundreds of
years; at the time of which I aft writing
the ancient line had 4windlead down .to
two indlvtdutirls old $i dlre,l1i pre-s
ent possession, and his only brother and
destined successor, who was unmarried
and very little vyounger than himself.
The hall ,whidh had otoes beet pa full, of
life caid gayety, had liecomt the abode
of sorrow and gloom, in consequence of
Sthe early death of thb Squire's young
daughter, his only child, and the heiress
of all his possessorions. This death, il
lowed in less than a year IJy that of his
his wife, to whom he wat deadly attach
ed, had quite broken down the old
Squire's health and happiness. The lady
and her daughter wars deposited,int a~h
family vanltimid the' tears and regrte
of the villagers, by whom they were
much and doservedly beloved. For
years the Squire had no interconrse
whatever with his brother, between
whomt and the lady of the hall there haul
been a tlfb-long foed; thstrnd tm haer
part had beayp that of 'i'pasalve nature,
as she wathever heard to mention his
name; but on his, of the most abusive
and virulent kind, which made his ex
chlsion from the hall all absolute neeos
sity. The cause of this hatredl coutl
only be guessed at, even by the most
curious, a none was ever assigned by
either pdtty. Whetn the olil qniro, after
his double bereavellient, blecanl almost
heart-broken, the goodl pastor of the vil
lage, whose friendstlhip wth the fainily
had existed for fifty years, effected a
meeting anld thorough reconeailiation
between the long estranged brotllhers,
and the younger one toon tip his abode
ence more in the house of his ancestors.
Only one condition was made-=that ,the
aname'of his deMratsed sistelr-I-law should
neverl pass hli lips. A year paIssnnel away.
The old Slqulre, soothed tala cotnfoartead
by toe comupanionshiip of hit early Ilay
fellow, begap to recover raoth his health
and spirits; but at this time a malignalnt
fever broke out iA the village.
Amonllg its vleths was, the ,Squlir's
brother, who during hills whole life had
known neither sickness nor disease.. Ito
was prostrated at onme andl over rallied.
The good minister before mnautioned,
who well knew the family 'history, intl
moved by that fear of infection which
made him a solditary watcheor, took his
stand by tile laed of the dlying ian, andtl
vaittlnly endeavored to draw his thollughts
to the eternity which was fast opoltng
beforoe him. His apious words fell upon
dull, nunlistoeldg ears, but as he touohed
upon the dauty of forgi'veness atal eat
tlonsly alludedl to his well known hlatn'd
of the deeasnad Mrs. IH--, the effect
was appalling; all apathy vuellaced, andl
though a few monoats before appalrenat
ly passed the power of speech, yet niow
the nsick man brotke out int fit rce inl
precatlons, and by a last hntirelne effort
rainsing llhhnself up in tile bed, exelaln
cd :
"I know that I am dlyitng; lbut mark
mny last worlds, if, whent I amn dlead, you
dare to bury nae in the anlte vlaalt with
that accursed wolallt, the living ias well
as the dead shall hear of meo I"
He fell back with a frightftl oath on
his lips nld expired. The horror-struck
mluinister kept close in his own breast
tilis dreatl thl ldeath of one he hall knaowu
solong, and thought it more kind as
well as pruldent tot keep the poor Saluire
in ignormance of his brother's last hours.
As was tile invariable cuastotun with the
family, the body, after lying in state for
a time, wasM consignedl with mulllch pomp
and ceremony to the familly vault, andi
was plaeed next to the comulln of tihe,
Squinre's wife and dahghter. That very
night the villagers livnlg tnealr thai ola
chnrclh-yard were listurhlodl by dolefilof
shrieks and criaes proceeding from the
vanlt-an noise of strife andl struggling
and blows, as if of aenomies eagagedl ima
close liglht. The next morning at day
light the strange tale wts carritledt, to the
rectory, anad the good clergyman thought
it best, under the cirelnistattnccS, to als
close to the Squire Ilis brother's nlast
fearfill worads and threats, and to slag
gest the opening of the vault. To thin
the Squire, greatly shockedl, consented,
anil the vault was unlooked anl enteredl
by a party sent to exatuine into the
cause of the strange noises heard the
night before. A acene perfectly inexpli
cable met their eyes. The coffins of the
8quire's lady and tdaughter were lying
in a fir corner of timhe vault, the young
girl's comn across her mothor's, as if to
protect it. Chloase to them, standing erect
antd menacing, was the coffin of the
Squirers brotlher,so receutly and decor
ously placed upon the black treastlies.
Amazement Rseized the bystantdernw, but
under the superintendotco of proper
people the coffins were restored to their
original places and the vault was again
closed up.
At night the noises aegan again; the
sound of blows, lshrieks of pain, atnl a
frightful contention of struggling one
tmio appaled the party of villagers set
to watch the place, in order to lprevent
the possibility of deception. Tl'i tale
was whlisperedl far beyond thle precincts
of the village, and savaus frAOmn the
neighboring city, who laughed at the
idera of anything supornaturalm, suggest
ed that an exllosion of gas from the
foul air of thle vault might have occa
siafoned the displacement of the collins.
The Squire was indutced to have ventil
Iators placed in the vault; but this did
not in the least abate the nuisance,
which the tetror of the village rather
inoreased than dlminisheod. At length
the 8qunro himself resolved that a strong
brick wall sheold be bult npip la) th4
vanlt, so .,to neelto effeotually the
coan dfft*r el4ven in the solitude
of theb pm i km p up their anu
tagonisln. This had thb desired eofbet,
From that moment all was quiet 4' the
vnilt, and the noise was never heard
again; but for a long time afttrvwrdl
the strange story was current through.
out Lincolnshire.
Readers of Hawthorsne's Mqrble Fawn
remember the vivid description it con
tains of the famous Capuhlin cemetery
In Rome, Not many y~ears ago there
lived in an Ohio villagle til old mau,who
establishlled in his own house a recepta
ale fo hnumlanbones, quite suggestive of
thltl altcabl4* place. He had burled
throoe wives, andi after the death of the
third eto became vory ydisconsolate atid
would not be conutirioed. At last he
conceived the idea of examining the
remains of all three, Walhg until time
had leon snufllclen tfor thie renminmsof the
last to decay he carried out his project.
The bones were all taken to his house
anl tlhero d.pote4d in boxps.,. Nearly
every dat hk1 passed several ' hoths in
cleaning, polishing, arranging and re.
arranging the preoious relics. It was
his delight to mix th bes n bones In one box,
and then select and point out to his
fl'lends the fA'ngnlents of Mary, the bride
of his youtlk In eacuh instla.cio he would
tell to which' of te other wives the re.
maiuing hones belonged.
, A lst the oldeman hitself dlied, and
diteot1ong for 1118 burial were found
amniug his pallers. A coffin was to be
numade larg enough to cotntain not only
his body, but also the remains of his
departed conpaniotlns. The boiies of his
fi'st wife were to be arranged about his
hawm plid shoulders, while, timo ,t'-the
ad6ih I ulan third wdro to b ited :y
la sidlnl , and at his feet Ile dtitie thkt
a simall silken lbig, cilntainiing anl earth
ly matter, supplosed to Ie the dtust of
the three wives Cerefiully taken out of
the original grave , should li,'. At his
first mtlarihge he had wornl silkon hose
and a palm of knee bhrircln's; at the see
olmttlie samno pair of hose carnefslly pro.
served though covered by the more
miodtlen trollusers, and at th ust lttur
ringe the saute pair of hose as at first.
Carefully dressed, with these lomnes
arotund huihim, and trnhose idetiical hone ont
his feet, the eclentlriec old mani was laid
away in his grave.
Walter Watlnun shot Ezra'I Cenploti at
Newport, Ind.l,, in January, hIecaults of a
slight errior in nan account,, atld WaVtsoii'
re'emit execution was pro1hly never
surpassed fior tragical pathls. Wlatson's
young wife, with heui'r bhaho in her arms,
valuly appealed to the !(,vernor for
mlerry, anid when hle murderl r was pro
paroed for execution Mhe comnled his hair,
and hlavilng added the last loving touch,
renairked : "Now you are ready, Woi
ter, mid I will go with you." She had
anlnounced her deterinination the day
before to accompany her husbiand on the
cafilohl, ibut no one drewamied that shel
meantl to carry it out. One of the mlil
isters sauid softly:
"Mrs. Watsin, this will never do."
Quick as a tlashll shire itrried on himl,
"I should not Ihave explel'ted this from
a minister. When I was tmarried I pro
tnised to oleave to ly hlbsbanltd for het
ter or for wore. I promisild thlin to a
mnilistler, snild I an l going to keep my
worrd tas fiar as God will let ne."
Ptchisely at twelve o'clock Sheriff
)alhtsledlo tIhe wey to the jail yard.
About one lhutrlllced witnessrn wore as
NMllhled. Ilohluig her husliand's hand,
tin, little wollmanll :ealcndedl the scatlhold.
Two chair weri'e placod over the fatal
trap. One was assigned to Watson ald
tihe other to hiLs wife. 8he tenderly took
his hand, caressedl it, antd then fell sob
biug on his sholthlor, Theu the Rev.
Mr. Wainseott Iegan to read a carefully
prpnared prayer from manunscript, nldl
on hlotiing the prltycer, said:
"Brother Wltsoli, ho calm and trust
in (oi.,"
MatIewhile thie culprit sat in his chair,
nltnoved. A heart-brok.n, wife was
sobIbing oil his bostns, stroig tmen sob
hiuig onl his boson, strong m1on sobbed,
hut the man ahont to be hanged seemed
tim nlilterested spectator of tile central
iigUre. For fAtlly five inultoes le sat
thlere without the least prceputibllo
twitch of a muscle.' There was no blra
GVlto ln this colip~umre; it was rather
the0 c~almness of rtsiglation. Then thi1e
Sherift naid :
"Stland 111,, Walter Watso(n."
Mrc1. Waltson alrose with her husbalnlld.
"Good-bye, Walltor," kissedl hilm ItM
nioimately on the lips, turnedl her white
face, full of bittneruess and reproach, on11
the multitnd, steppelcd back, aund fell
into the anrs (of goodl Christianh womnll
who stood nlear to recMive her, mlid was
led awtay. In the Sheriff's resiletnce the
wilow, who hadIi been weepinig bitterly,
suddenly driedl her eyes, anld approacfi
ing the cofilh with a fim1 step, looking
longingly ,i; the tihee, kissed the lips,
eyes anld bhrowns, arrangedt the hair and
neoktie with a tender lhnd, and then
said very quietly :
"Now plenaoe clse the collin nnd let
none see my Walter again."
lcr requ1,st was complied with. She
turned away with a lok of woe, and
said in a voice fill of strange meaning:
"I caln cry no mloro. 1 have no nlore
tears. God have mercy on me and little
haly !"
Lnfourcho is financially tho model
parish of Loiniiwan. She is out of debt,
hs mloney in her treasury, lately pur
chasud a large handsonio safe for her
records, anid will soiion close tlhe court
house with an iron fence and put a new
roof on the bliilding.
A youlng lady il pursuit of stocklngs
was asked by thie clerk what number
she wore, to which the nmaidtl replied:
"Two of couIrse; do you. think I've got
a wooden leg just because ydh'vo good a
wooden hIad."
Sin always begine with pleascure and
ends with hdtternels. It is like a colt,
which the little boy saidi was very tamo
in front anid wild behind.
Bog t tr º OflU I
At Reasonable Bates:
HOP. BltttY 0atter's lablers; for
SCatarrh, and, th llo baleun , olo
man's Liver Pad Baudoline, fetiing
the hair, 'llitAM Qonolthiat4 Brush"
Base BaFllds nLim 'dooth Tablet.,
tion fr'the n ashýdrinwllr .eat al
and Glycer ine, Duoot, a ,u.re Nor.
wgolan CodL Ivl UIl, ii lrf Meh hiap
ply 9f that puae, Pots t Wine, F td
Elixir of B k anicon, ga xtd ,
ud ltr ,andi two0_in i d.
Strictly Pure Lead, lew Yot miadne Ll,
.sed Oll, Coitln Brults iihe d tpelitlt,
Kalswzue for : ti , kto
Bearding and Ledging,
I0O...... ,dftAET il IT..... .1.14
et.'St. Oharles & Toulouse Sti,,
Mr. Wax atlls the attention of his
mlaii fti'ldn In t B ntRo asti iand the
pyttl"i ,geitlrlg't atfh e J h lut Le
Good and Paish )iom. and Board
when vliting New Orleans. Thoso'aho
aootem9 p1to visitin the -city' will find
eie686iit iteconmodal1ons. at his bouhe.
IN this 98lh ,day of April A. D. 1B79,
Sthe Jutry Conimlssion for tiboeileish
of East Blaton Rougl met at my oiye,
In the city of Baton Rouge, and drew
the following jury to serve for the first,
secoud and thirrd weeks of the Fifth JU
tiloi0 ) Distriot Court, in and for said Par
ish and State of Louislana, at its next
Junll teomO, 1870,. as the law dtlect*, to
1 :I A Lowdon e 4th ward
2 Conradul 8th. "
3 George ffartehort 1st "
4 *Cll Sorburno 4th "
5 Wilson.Oordou 1st
0 M Bldok let "
7 1' 8 Harelsot ' 7th ".
8 '11 , tliiuberhagoin :kl "
9 DR Shhalbfftt 4th "
10 11 M Cooper 7th "
11 W 1) Stokes . 9th "
12 Moliere Linge 1st "
13 W F Watson 4th "
14' Ocorig litndentbui let ,
16 Josealh Porlhtt 24 "
S16 Wliiam Albert 24 ''
17 Frhnk Weaver 9th "
' f"llNt OIhwu tI "
19) L M hlh.uren 4th "
20 II W Meluirt 4th ,
I21 J II Mculgh 4th "
22 Leon Mullivan 4th "
23 Valery Weaver 11th "
24 .1H tllandolph, Jr thi "
26 1) 1' Olyle Oth "
211 J IIt Sltlard 2( i
27 .1J 1' kolloldt 3d "
2H Jhunto Potts 24 "
21 1 G Ifatnsey 8th "
:30 Laftyottu Bernard 9th "
31 J 1 Nutterville 4th "
311 1) A iobertson "o 6th "
33: Chleiro Williams i "
34 8 Rlbhin 7th "
35 John PI'tterson 9th "
310 John Barnes 1'24 "
:n7 lhiiptolnl Blurrl 7th "
3:8 8 11 Halrhour let "
-,9 WiUliam Holuugu 7th '
40 tl Borhol, Sr d "
41 Clhnrlhs Young 2d "
42 lavi Alleorn 2d "1
413 ''rmsimond llain . 21 "
44 Platrick Sullivan 10th "
4" Louis Pinlinell 4th "
46 8 1 ilwlis 10thll
47 Louis LyonIs let "
48 Augliste Peroni lit "
40 A J Latil 2d "
50 'I'hoinm Griffin 24 "
1 Williamin Tleacle 10th ''
2 Chlarles Pa gIes let "
:I Willialm Dupleases 1st "
4 Chllarloes Newmalln 9thll "
5 M B llrtines 8th "
I Thlloann Cahllaway let "
7 John ia'ro llt "
8 AF Duplantier 2d "
9 ,JWOdum Int "
10 1lWhite 41.h "
11. John Dixon . , d ,
12 Jloln Ullnridy $ ih "
13 A Cnosncalvo 2d "
14 iJoseoph Uplautler 8th "
15 ( IBridges 4th "
141 Miimi son McMain 1st "
17 Aroficy Ihies 0lth "
18 C Z Lange lst "
19 A Hllugi lIlrnlrd 2lsd "
20 Jaoh, Laum lset "
21 S W Lilly. 4th "
22 J1 B Lloyd 10th "
23 Thee Z Birown 7th "
24 W OJustice 10th "
$ EA Peroa e 8th "
2 Johulnl arboiroukh 8th "
27 Josple Wllailde let "
28 IBihol,Jr tL "
29 flena Jiorgin, J d ,,
30 Aristldo tian 4
'OR 'trilE T'illtD WElEK.
1 PP Kleinpeter 9th "
2 Jonophl Sanlclis 2d "
3 W B Lowdon 4th "
4 .looh O'Connor let "
5 Johlln 11111 2( "
6 AG Mlorrsi let "
7 8 O Balluclmanp 4th "
8 Richard iDevan[ 3d "
9 O P 8ko'ihld lnt "
10 Oliver McKitrick 21 "
11 Tlhomas HIall let "
12 A 8 Aucoin 7th "
13 M J McLaughlin 9th "
14 Sol Gotflieb lt' "
1.5 Harri Green . 8th "
16i James A lHyce 4th "
17 Thomas Filnncry 9th "
18 J J lleah 4th "
19 J N Cotcoran 4th "
20 Insac Townncid 4th "
21 Phil Snider 8th "
22 Datvid Dovall 4th "
23 James Stephens 7th "
24 Eugene Iarnes let "
25 C 1 Delatt 4th "
26 William Copl'y 7th "
27 Madison Berhel let "
28 T I' Richards 7th "
29 James Bates 7th "
:30 Pike Babin 7th "
Given under my hand and seal of our
saidl court, this 28th day of April, A. D.
1879. WM. HUBBS,
inay3 Clerk.
Notice to Tax-Payers.
T AX-PAYER8 are hereby notified that
Sthe Tax Roll of 1878 hasbeen placed
in my halnds fr toleotion, and that I
am now prepared to isnae receipts.
feh8l-tf Tax Collector.
Wi ILL teach German, Hebrew, and
SViolin Lessons. For terms, etc.,
apply to J. L., care of 8. Gottlieb.
'TAPLE Hardware-We are now pre
) pared to fillorders for articles in this
line, at New )rleans prices. Nails a
specialty. David & Ganrig.
ID you ever-Well, yes. In fact, we
I alwayd s buy our groceries from
Tavid & Gnsing.
t ci'f' ii
wanawnoo wanas
00.. r , FRON AND I.AliB L 8.,., . t-.. ý'-, ,ý0-.
. H . J.t f,
tN a }e t{
,NTATION D T ' I ` F `.r
, + , ; +, p; "ý ' ' +
' Ir i
AMBOAT PI,,:D"ST,4 "F OxN h r,
is s'rn {- '~. A w.&mW uaNv- a if
CTO l G OD P . "
(Nrar he erry La, iding, ) '
S es oto , TruO .lks,, LA.:
M. J. WILLIAM ., So,
Steam Trains, Strike Pans, hilers and " t . s,
A. RTOSL JI. e W D," ' "
S o es, o tins T r e i e, ,, .. ,. o,.
lolVesalses, Wd Saessseellon
C ARSh A TTIN, N l, Er, O tt, i.
H-;TE am ltf Economikl. Theansy Wire s an d:'n ip ro
T osHIR n ofE a lArg, wire pI TINo )he abr, J,,....4
ma-ers nit're "dg 'nd reta" bing res
o, A he l N ohTer OMoo, VA .e
n ecelyto felarge upo ntei rit er . pii .e ,
makesg aP ti edg, andPre tsitsb , press ed
ec T, f Ur for a.b
excelentfeaure.Gua~tee£ fr vyea. ,2feb
(Established in 1870.)
Keeps constantly on hand a full and
fresh asortmentofDrngs, MedIines,
Chemicals, Patent Icedichas,
Toilet Soaps, Perfumery
Nail and Tooth Brush, Faney Articles,
Cutlery Fishing Tackle, Night Ta
pers, insurance Oil five and ten
cent Cigars, Stationery, etc.
Re a s& o" pot
orer Church and la treets.
Staple and F s itagdqir,
Artcle / £Wr~i.Zte.
B ". HW., O8M*01[A, Agent.'
TeE CArroLUAN always oL mlnd fr
sale. tebl1
*4It ' 'A4 O 1t
IIE1·"i; 1 t ft ý;·;" :; b f+t~ i
C r
,a; t,'~tt j fiili kA +yls
oern St. Loaf. ansd 1irtkB
2*1r mm T*n~ umt JpI
Sjj 1IF
MJ . 4'
And allotrs rpprbnprteni or $ftavm,
A large aae1trbii of TIN WARE;
a wa)r on huafd. I
VAWO GOODSurrr,il. 4'
ppr or st Auw ! 111, I
·' re . Si :t: s ; iii':Til kl 'ý"
AUCTIONEER ANDi eol1mISSI'n Mrn~ornt I
SfolA8 13ATaN IOU4?4G, .LAo,
G. ·SELLV, .
W('1 4, RA I R:7G;
41111 ' r
oorqv!A~w~* O 1i.NA1 D;41,
CO IN01 'iOU), A PC i'Y
GLS$WAr~w c$E~%CI;St, ;Qi~
4 (11jTT~i..ER~, , ,:
Oornwr L~iafaetesra dr aliSt..,
.felb1 '. JIATON ROIX*EI A
Sumte~ Hous~e, .
-6asA soawerua. ~'.''
lis-rooms srad flraihtlt8..uirIe ith
CAPnE, ao eLAkt~ANI
aioterboranI of WaIIfCYi~P.
Bcart brands of QLGABIsalwajrs on hind.
Pisi~tersind others in need ~
kiss, Shovels and Spades, ml th
,jo~tr~ Implehefit.1:* ~ in ..,a~z~l otbt a
o C<.
' I
L f
- I,
tl etI
+ ý 1. G . fR
1 1i ' k .flt : n Si
.. 111P, P
T' ? ' the` ,eet I
ý N m ,albl
OUýEEt I will ind Iid r
SiALAD dr~eam swsV~iek 'ud tron
~blej ni° i vey eF'or sakat David
OofW a avtoi4d S
O Uc U=A'Srg Odtofbpen
'JUS~- f ' ',hl I qs.
r . Ida1J1 ý fi :o 1.. rM . 1Nf * Vº'!'
9 l1mlg.leMIEvreba an6hut
nd ucj~n " reaktfaiE
bottlom ilk at s of WM. 0%1111G. d~e
S TU I3LE lG Gha E Sh a on hand
a l lotok, Ypzauh A"Mallon's
Sltubb DIkers, whaol I sfell 3t faat
r c .' 1 _ W . GIefAEXO.
a and earals of wb0ch iwlA offer
.bargain:. ; WML. OARIGF.
Sl&5-f have Juel ýeled, direct
T imp ones all sorb orr~meune
ibri n ZIr. r on 6111
-~ ~tioNi··Joli~rood oi Bli~nd Qa
B~i~aA~pOK~¶~e~akins cart
isU,. lldleibnd0NciAIg, Which will be
at prices to compete woLt say In the
pwwEAs-i have at meno handr a ull
Auuppm i of Jamges H aldl ( (a
cElelj~sted Plowsa, ~lkit1nds 'and sizes,
4l~f' celebrated Urnt Ple Wgof all
slsean~d kladi( !havo 'alsoal ·ot
adq tor alway on hand, which I offert
lIWIA ~lCOTTAd WhjI~-p~J'h ·Va.
rlqeS ~ Aan~r ln g Baskts~k a$ Lawn~I
at ces. to competewhnyin to he
tLwties, a·t ~ Ydl~tIWM. G* 'i,

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