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Louisiana capitolian. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1879-1881, July 24, 1880, Tri-Weekly, Image 3

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JEuON JI(il4rn, .iuly 17, 1MrQ.
u th t.('e itt Ir l Execuate ('o ( niV ' 1tte(l
of th e Natif olnal rebwiHek Laborpart y
of t1hi purisl4 of Elat lnto llt Itige.
(;I 'ENTE.IMEN--Iaving lbeen iiterlTogat
t , at day or tw'o mince, biy some of the
'aders of your political organization as
, whether I sympathized with the lead
g ideas of your political cLreed, and
iving answered vaguely that I syin
itllizId with aIll that is goot in4 every
r'cd, I t'htll4I2'tc, the occiasion of your
'li ligT to d'ehl ire i rlelll i i detil
I "news \l ich I entertain itn hlrmtl'il1Oy
itll e (ircllr til cl k I liatk r tilvln'lit.
I. Thi, lalor plank of thef (clin'ilnlati
itfiorin is helirt.ily endorl ld byll ,e. If
1 does: gl in to f l lit Illt lispecilica
,n of the IS  nsurec inleetlfiil to miake it
,elit1ial, I 1olhl that it coveys anI isn
hiLt pledgo to inautlgurate lsuch inels
res as will¶itrengtltcn and cons oli 11t e
bor in its striiggle with tle cinnolidflat
I foro1' of caNpital. Winht Iieasius
,ese llt nil to that desirable end,w alre
trill ait Jlibc ly til discuss freely.
Iori my own part, regardlitg theI r'ehla
'ilitation of' tho old systtn of State
In;m ks 1 likely to clindo nl't tite great
It\iilcalnelnt of thei interests of the
'r.tlllcl. ll'sd llnllctic, 1d toul the intro
I ntlc I of ia stroll g cotlritrlecting forcet
Sthe licntralizing tendencies oft  he
Lptenºi of" National banks. I stand
dledged to al)p)ort lltn inerll' foir le10 re
nIal of th1 Fe2deral law iiposinii a tax
Ij ll the issues of the State banks, as
here arc no lSt 8atei bank isIues to be
axed ; all als the law is so anifestly a
lnad letter, I can see no' good retaion
vhy it shouli longer enoumber the
tatute book. These State batnks, when
onstituttd by Legislative @hprter, will
ll'vitally le governled Iby, 1 finiiticil
Iolicy friendly to the inlterliOts8 of Ul4
ariner aiand ItchauiLo; and ift the ontt
oaks a lon tupon 1i crop$llaking or
lade, and the other asks help to fillill
. coltract regliring a large'gtlleh outlay
Pr material unld labor, lio will ssuretl
o accollmodatedl Uipon filal t.o - IC,
tmatorially advlantageoN to tel farmi gi
ndi mechanlo and to theo , Stle boiad.t
Vhilo restoring to those caiiies I liuani
ial fagilities of which they are virtulIIl
leprived under the present finaitifllll
ystmni, the same lino of policy would,
ii iy opllilnion, require tihe gradnual en
arging of the cirjpulation of the tState
unlik issues and the gradlual itullllln
l'riling of the N'atlotial Iblll tllesi by
hiealthy operation of law. Thus: and
9 (oll It Iadopt the' (Gr~inback and pee
rito ; I favor a linealuro to pauy tili each
Nationall hond, which now forms the
)arisi of 90 lper cent. of National bank
iilenlition, as fasti is it tllluliresicl i1
ricnliack, thus increasing the volitune
- if legal htender cutrrlency 10 per cent.
,ver the presotlt National bank cur
'tncy ; thle lnd to ho paid only on pre- t
i'ntation of all the National 1aunk notes 1
h vliclh were circulated onl its faith. If -
at1ilttill lhnds ill greenibaeks should o
isIo I ohibit the creatlionl of any i.rle d1
, :liks; il ity opilihnll, a ip auet, hItilthy
' 1ohll i01, 'it('O f1loni all 'oIllln lltioi 4r
ltrniuliiance oif the existing flinacial s.s- t
R cli will ilhave been achielved, attllu vitil
Sllthoullt. 'l'le neglected alintl oppre01 sed a
itrmer lis 1I( nitechanitcs will itha'o hlad a i
Ntrong lile of r'te~lrlt t If nit rll y f'ieln -
y 'allies raliied Ill) for lthei, 1alu the ,
'titc', Strong alnlcit rliliblt friends in ll
ilO(I of nieed. Anld the centraLlizilg ten- b
Ilie ci'les of the prueseit system will hlii I
Ieen (t'l 'iecllhl'd, it' not entirely t lilin-hi
'l'hl, gentienn, Lis as Ifar s 12 luilU will'
hng tO go ini the alphptlictilin of g'ren -t
ll(il2ks to the Ililalyi(ut o44 any. potl.ioni
iif he publuiO debt. And I only accept l
SuLt policy' to the limitctd extellt, luc
caltilS the National bankt built their cir
c'ilht ion ulion the govcrzitienlt's promin t
!cls to pllay their bond, and it does nlot
strike lilt , i incjiuitabhle that. tfhey should
he 1li2id e, to ie't eile', the gover nuillent's
4l41i,(, to pay in liqi h iuit0o1 (If' their
14Your idea ot4 payig 1h4. etil'i, Na
itilial deblt in greenbc lcks, 1 t lihohiil t
eject olr ,several ret'('25oni' colcltusi\e to
iyv jtudgnelnt. I will illustraite by stat- tI
,ig o(ie of the ahsurditie, to which it
,,:1d4. 1' ll'oit iutiol has 24 righ, to dis
hlulrgt' htl debt by the l'isstiancc of her
ill lii4s 10 tllY. allnotbier .Las the sialne
2ri:,!ph. P', 'r' hlt , ji'it o,, ill r'e
. iing lihi ('hlilj i \ 'inv sion, iliciTI 0o11
' ii i i ti) to 14 v(\ e'-ii'42,' l green- ' ti
14c I " hnl O 1211ir i4 gellM wiil bity i1i
I I' 4 1' C lu2i 4h 1 , linj't' It'f oi 1 ('041i - n,
fi( thi''4 i hol]4'1 . l ' t g]ll " lc f ir'kS o t
,Pel' ' T11' l 4 ;<, it i" 24pe jd a' d 1ili 12
u 1.I1 a 222. 20 2 i nel' . 4i,,2i22.t do i' iot 2141h
1 h:1 I t'i 'ii lio \\ iel2' ,iiiity' I'4i: 24\V
of :: cl i-2ick leid('4, of 2]*' Illi: of
i"a," l:,,htoli Ionige an4 l''iectiil'ed then: 1
1l42., 2 : 2144' t 124, \!Ul 'eratil.e ('llth21 t , 12
242iih i2i l24 i' ll 4 4l' fe l to liVllit't, 1141' that th vy
21 ip lt', it" I 2'2 iv'e iln2 ,t nic i24ted :1 i l llc4i
o" lit.Jr crI' d i is l4 ' rral'( lnlt'd (l d4 ll
i r 1'gard ti ltnill un 5 ,ens anid ciomun i 14
'honiest3 : 14 illf have, I uigaill aphel l i
-to thiu to C14 c 41 it 4n help tue insis of l
Ihe 1elniocrTatic.-Coiscrvati.l'e parts to
wJaor'k out to fruitiolt the leading leas- em
BACKISMI res which have beaen shadowed, 'iandathat i
º are many friends insido the .Demovr, or Ip
Conservative organization to the t.,lat
t t7. ºI. cial policy I have suggested; wl 'r shall h!
te, v your help, they willprobably fail; ball boe wil
Lro I,'c your help, they may become edenbktht t
etaotlugh to lhapl thel policy of the plall be use
iternrogat- in the desired direction, whether ,out to fan
no of the come ortrtay where you are. 'There arc
nization ai o 1 tot
I the lead- Believe nRle still your sincere fio ',l on1 eOg to
reed, and 11. SKII'1 t nformsn
.. .. underst
hat I Hynt- l ' I iTn ,; , July 19, 1id1 t lerlefil
inl overy i r, 11. Mii p ith: rtrence t(
nof aiirhe bank
n eti 'Ill:A, Sil--Your, commulnitiation l otnli
ill d~taii ;of niouf
ni detiol the P'arish Central ('onunitte6 of (thout a 41
National (Greenback Labor party, iund it. Thi
t. date of 17th intst., in Ibfaoro me; atd at high
Cincin:ti while plre of duttic prevent 1uy devt3, to r
S''. If ing Ias much tilue ap the iniportanrce 'iind Ia
u 4cifica- the 4uIJOectsM you mention de(mands, yislation,
to make it it'afflords m Pleasure to acknowlel4 Ip)ople.
ys tn - t1111i rece'it of your letter, and at t!, Ia1k
S RR.nlle tilr Iti , p len his hlasty a:nd i plercfe.l their
.unsolidit) reily. *
rclnsolidt " he ree
eaur 'lTl "labor pliIk of thle (Cinnni.er rom
nd,wo are ºplatform" which you say you "heartilthher po
indorse,' read fthuls : "The DemocratRl'r fr0'on:
p ltrty in the friend of lahor adil the h\ .II ie
bolring Iruan, 111d pledges itself to proteoCndud1 it
Iof ýt4ti him alikte agiinst, tin' corantlllRls anolt'et till
the grealt the conirrtRn." To declare thile party tthe toil
"n f 1 , 4 )11N1 to(
1 of 1I1 he "thel friend of labor an1 the labori1r handtI
th intro- n1a'" solunds v'ry. well, but, does noi,ls thei
in f lc 11 prove the proni.se, therefore w Ihs.la, toly bI'l
c olf I' look ~otr proof Ibecfore accepting the lstatel'to do
mn ieit usi fact, for hlrl'e is o0n of4 the Iolloast, a11h
inr trhi l imporItant charges agailIst the D)en-wcidinl
inYR a talx cratic party flatly denied bly tlhat lprtylort an
IbanksM, ts itself. When we (the National (Grcen-'an o)1
ucs to be lack Labor party) say laborer, we Iiedanll' t
enifestly a (lery toiler, (every prol(ducer, everyone 'ueltii
od reson who ('n or produces, by laboring ' votA
tber We either with Iead or hand, as distinguish- it
s, when 'ed from those who live offt' of the fruits
r, will of the toil of others without lalboring,
naci4l anid In 1many cases, without giving an r
t of d equivalent for tlhe "fruits" which they ay I
e tie 01e consume, as, for instance, classes iado by
ki "priviledged" by enactment of laws
to llflity operating. solely in their favor andis lfic
h otlty against the producer (the great nmasses
of our citizenship) ; notably at this time, luth
the National ,banker, the National bond- 1of tf
ao friiui holder, the great railroad kings, with bofl
Eote lu .: their land sub~tdiesand other privileges. 4ble
e We realizo that the most potent power
1 virtually in the hands of those who are made rich daror
l by "despoiling the producer," is control tt
y would, over the eiTrrenC'y used in the necessary tlne
dual n.' exchange of the products of labor, and twhi
thile tte Ihence we adRscate, first of all, currency I', by
Srbnl~ll- reform. BIy reference to our National rithl
lm l by platform, you will find that our party intio,
Itus: ad floes not hesitate to talie up this subject kr ,
i letd p f currency reform, nor to .lay down hge'
3 Iel'csla principles for its adjustinent, which are b"
at once declaratory aund aggressive, an tl
lal bank which demanld relief for the toiling muil- uui
lions of our people. Articles one alnd tl
o volunie two of our platforIn read thlusa : stIe:
er cent, flttio.
rlnk cur- 1. 'l'hat the right to llake and Issueo 4 p
money is i sovereign powerjto be main
1y on pre- taied by the people for the conmmn pio
Ruk notes beefllt. The delegation of this right to trey
faith. If corporations is a surrender of the central we in1
ofte attributo of' sovereignty, void of consti- of y t
tutional sanction, conferring upon a sub
s shou1l ordinate irresponsible power alsolutoe otoon
any more (dominion over industry and columerce. inl iul
ihiintly All mlcney, whlether Iletallic or" paper, 're.
S shouldl be issuedt alld its vohune conltroll- u
otio ,r' ed y tlhe govlernmuent, andl not by (il'
Icial sys- through Ianking corlaoratiot s, and, uc.ny
Sit when so issuitl, shouh bo a full legal Jrsc
itlin oar tender for all debts, pillio and lrivatlte. "'II
''. 'l'hat thl bonlds of the llsited Staten co tl
prIR'(''d shlouldti not be relifuided, but paid a rnp- l nl
ivo lld 1 idly 1s 1i practicable accordin to conl- o pI1
I friilid- tract. 'l'o onlll tile the governmentlt to lotont
l th meet these obligations, legaIl-telrder Cra'- nal t.,
rency ~lould be substituted for thile noten b tlitl
rletl inl of tlhe National banlks, tlh National r re
itg telt- banking system aholished al d tlhe uni- mies
ill have limited colIage of Milver as well as gold At,
establishced bIy law.
v eliinin- ''Ca
Fully realizing that tihe J)emuo- nloblc
ltl 'ill- cratic larty is divided uIpon this lues- tle
If grel- tion aoftinance, the nirjority of t Ihen, illtf'
iortiton llbing willing to coltin ' thile present "a- .ol'
' accelt tional a k ,n1 , ,l Ir, r to a, sulplantit, only tion:
etit, 14,- y rbnitliti4g4 oth1r b2k,· I of inuur,. nMulch 'T
as thel clhalrtered Stat'e hankM yout pro- ce
prolm ose; 'we can'1 hae 2o hop) o(f a,'Clmplaishl- ih u
dos rot ling ourr rR. ''il"within youRRr l,:trty;" give I'
hob 111the great leaders 1f 1'hiV are u11 linli- l'e.cy
fule ilt' y ledly lonittl t,, h R lhc)net'y Ia'ow'',r- lrni
that "powelr 1'hind till, sMcelncS," 'whichi tRtiORl
is now 'shapiRg t~l' iLnanciaul piolicy of oflb(
both the RiaIublicar n andh I)lnocratie 'rail
tirI Na- parties; ld whih threathns the "'iber- Go
lIies of our toiling l sfse. IM ll y (
Sby xtat- conm)enfing upon 11h, ]latbfrms oft hpelC
14' tat- the "three grout political partiCs" "o(1 nltion
lplcen ople L an bl writer tilhuls tlrawIs c(rt- gat
S lU ,iariRn hrtween tlhe "')emoclatic" nt ,ig
lith the "Greenhaek" lahlt fori.l:" 'il gI
h11 o i ,t* t st,, thei ot , t - vital to the l o pr\i·(- e"i, bl
It "l h cre'dit 4
Ii b e ll 4M'stio of, thile 011 'cur i.i'cr, Neifher Calh
z t h e lt .ep t h l ,i . ,a n n o t lt h I e r a t i c p a nrtl
t y have I word wo :Iv irn atuor ll' greie- "No
b l'ks. ' t " ertlllllt
forlI Il They are tlial tlactisalty in ha\'or of han
yit cd l maki1tf1in the only hegal-tendmr tar sial
l;lln h i oi t lV , ,r 'lttrrlenl v te.
Tnc Natity al party 'aket a distinct i'l- Gowrs
armt yta ithe Grthbthe ehl parties onr the vilitate
;el ls- e ofm.ph ti and ilver, and in greel'ywk, it rnol 1
1 th paper ,'urrenct ' twhich
thr,q' athecmntr,,wy. It blw's both lhot and ,
l .,)hl. I I'nh' w h' rses ati t e ait le I
friIs emlphai ally on the nte pllatfrm with ,,,
T Ils the Rebl'l,el,':j s 11 t] Wes'Ht thle ... I" " "i"
,alt ,nd~ha --t hat, ,i, they woul have ,i p .,."i ..,
by due 'oi athe l f.y legal-tender, an a all orih1
tuonlsn l plalper niosy n'de0.mnahle ill eoin, a elll xtient
appleal that 1papler nmoney all bank notes or all r
gnwiee of genhlacks, or itrwould leave things .'s , .....
The Greenbackers, on the contrary, are tale tin
mean- emphatic on these subjecte. T ly de- prove 1
1. 'ptand'that all currency, whether gold, and p
Inoeoiver, or paper that passes no money to per iI
h 2iv debts, shall be a legal-tender for cardhi
l ts, that the coinage of gold and ll- uing tl
Wiler shall be unlimited, that bank nqtoes J0
il ; ball be wlthdrawn from circulation aLnd
e st enbacks shall be liut in their 'laece
S <d that the ie~enaeks thus itsued trans
the 1 all be used to aid the paymeutof bonds aper
thour out to fall due.
There are some people who are foolish t
f.i.cn11 gh to think at it iwon't make any whoa
' eroneg to the people which of these tomot
'Wl1'tfornms are adopted. Such persons do beari
?t understand the questions involved, will t
V1,, '~d therefore make fearful mistakes in silvor
ference to thile malltter. they
at ion The bankers now nave about $345,000,- cansl,
Si) of monuey, which Witn gi'ven to them
o f hlout ia day's labor asill tn egiivalvent 1I
y, ind it. ThI'is mnoney they loan to the peo
nt; at high raten of interest, ipayble ofthte
, ,ry threei months. They use this. I refi
Y t'Vy to 11prop up great corloratiols, t a
rtaIce' iul lahtor', control elections,, bribe
rids, yislation, lunbsidio the pri&s, andl rob) ii,
iowlihd people. l, ex
d -Irat )em1ocrati . plurt,' lproposes to let tlnt
Sait t, bIankers keept thelir moey id coil- r
ilperlileO their schelnlwe to llhitider the peno
,lie (lreenlbakers would wrest this noilt
ltcinlllier from the lslkers at oncec. On Vol
'heartilther point the Greenbcll platformn
noclratel.rs If'1io the otller two, itiduiihait is in
the iitenct the paymnot of the public not t
the . The old llpsti want the debt r1so0
l rioteoihled into Bonds beauing 3l. Iper cenit. ii
nuts antllt'st thilt ecilinot ho litaih, thus liak
platyty tothl toilers work aillll swelat for gen- xtoi
t iNs to piy the initeirest. On tihe (for I
liior 11'ir hn, the G(heenhck plintform de- pom
Ioes lIu liot i payiiment of 1 liet honds1015 fiast
lhave , tOl y htelil i d lll, ant poihnts o l°t tihe 1p 11
lie stute,- tol do this. We
the i it V any workling man, alnyl farmer or cre'i
Jt uiti siholi h]esitate oniie iloment aibo
ih'nino-iding which of the1o l piItforims to
at liJrty ort intd whlltt Cuiislidaltes to votsuin
i Greent- .ln onlly le expilained on the lrolund otei
the uti:ority of tihe .voters o lnot they
we iiCiIea tstailndL the question. If this flinan
tve.rynioe 'llestionl was thoroughly understood IC
rlboring i voters of this country, Weaver syste
jihilheh- hl ei'hers would lhe elected by a whilt
ui it of tnie to oili. trol
c fruits
o fruits foregoing conclusively shows that In
loir 'your iilt'I nIor !onrs'Clf have "ieC- offer
i tlly as liltlch ofoilr creied 11t iN war woll )
li athe1 dl y duo regard to c.onliiosil e part;
l olliOl Ihocsl!y." Wyo lolleve that will
of la idf-evident that 1 liberal volume prop
Strency, largely conli osed of paper, last
s timenl blutely essential to the develop- of gi
al bond- of the great resources of our colun- lea
; with *' effecting an easy oexhango and with
vilges. 4ble distribution of the fruits of Frt
t powerg a We believe that it is a connmoll 000p
ado rich spropositiou to say that it is safer op01
control trust the control of the volulnj of form
tlue of paper money to thle gorer- lung 1
aor, c ry ti which we demtand shall be of the not
or, Ind
'irney I, by the people ind for the people) of p
national rtlhan to corporate or privileged cont
r art intions, whether they lt National, part
Sarty Skir any other kind of Ilanks. We an e
lowt gther; we believe that "cosumuon vote
y down
icih are ly" deanlnds that the people, lpa0
tlhll their Government, iusumll and Ai
ite, anil- uint entire control over the issuing cipr
ing mil- ofairrenucy; that they may have a you
tmal tediunm of exchange, as free from trios
flitions, and the coirtrol of the it a
id ssue "fly power," as now constituted, is of p
olnlOl poe. In our position, in favor of ings
ight to trey nlotes, instead of lbank notes, 1n11
coltral we intrenclced behind the opiniolns w
consti- of y inanuciers and patriotic statc5s
Isohluto nimo some of whom I feuel justified as
nmerce. in dug a fbw extracts. Plato said: Co: l
lpe'r, trnet y lloultd il tlhalt whlichll is l
ontroll- monlhliale to 11 StlitO, illid o1f 11o Yal- si
by li' c nly other country." cip
11 legal *3son Maid: *te
arivlte. "i not antoug tlhose who fear the pov
1 States co they and ntot the rich, aire ollr no
11 rapl- elnctlce or continued ficeoedIo, ali the:
to colt- o prve our indep]enheono, we lmust
ett t otour leaders Itiad uis with pcrplet- sla
lt' cur- nal t." Ant d again: "I sintlcerely gre
o notcis belitthat tile baliking establishmn ts defi
atiolal are ro ldaigerous tlhan i stanlidig ar-Co
he un- nll v
i gold Anw Jackson salid:f
"Corations which create tle lepapcr
])CeO- uthtlhanniot lie relied uljp)ii to keep
ticws- the ulathing niuediui in utifornii
Vt a- ,JolIuskill said, of the ltialnce qlues
it,only tioll:
sllch "'Tlilltricacy iof the quilestiln has
beeIn th ilncreised by thle hitherto no
tpro- ccnsainse of nlarketible connmmodities, '
itpliNh- such Iold, silver, salt, lshells, etc., to SaI
Irty ;" give i'insie value and security to cur- vat
IllJili- 'rency ut the final and best dehluition thi
ofmor is, that it is a documelitary
wr- pronitratitilieudand guaranteed by the l
hiih nattion give or find ai certain quantltity the
licy of ot o ltaor the results of Ilbor." out
ivratic Fratln said :
liber-. "Gollltl silver are ilot of ilitrii lti
eally oiltal valuel with iron. Their
value lrs chietly in tlhei cstintion thley of
rms of lialiiel bhe in atlong thile generality of it,
' o,. n!atiollnsAiy other well fountded credit for
i s,; i IH n1 iilltl f i vllillulel t tIi golil or sil
ver. Per mollnt' I well founll e, has pa
<i clt- r'iat l flltnlgt Iveri gold llld silver, Ine
'ad Iiting li,t Iand cotvenient for handlitlg in
hIrgi slk.l, and not likely to lhavel its I
volutiel dluccd liv deitniiids for eXllor
i, ; 1l tit tionl. 'i th whol', no ntethod hal ( hith. l
iS.lcri- ''ehi IEt'Dril'(tinl to c.,tablish aj inilditt m If li
phlt- ]trtdr eqtl inii all its adrai't aOrs/ to bills f' bhl
hat is ci dit a ta Iructeral hlfJdl tc(('4r. tin
rither tCalho.ltalid: ,
"'- No oli cni dotlt but thiat thie Go\- i
lrnile'llult'itl'it is iettier thiani that of antit
tt it. ;lk-'lu l stable and uot sf,. ''... i
,r ft r llink pair is cheali' til those who niitke t
"et ' Gioi't'uriiit, while it wolitd gr'atly fll
i lh,, I vilit;a\t il fillllainClil oli"'lltiotlln ., \\'e tl| I c
coi""- ("St uiotl i or it't tt, ll tili, g both to I]
btiks it itd thqu ll-,lite ail| woull of coiile, le
t llyu' a ilot lthig tol the cost of ,1o|citotiiwlli,
I which wold give every lralnch of our
hCidistrlies agieultitr, CotiiltrCe tliild
td on tuiitfial'ctle , als flr its its cirt'uhtion sh
it ii liiht rxtid--g'eit ldvanlltgc both at :,ti
iutiio e nol |ihroad: - " ' Ail I now lilt
ts arc ihertllke tottlinI, Jitid withOiIt the least hi
iI lrL fell' tlinhat Ian i;e .JLwC'CI , that 'I- Jll
i withll ,r issul iv the (hovernnllllet, withi the i
y i~ir siiniie pllIroLisc to recei've it foir its dullelN, I
hav\ leaving its r'editors to take it, or gold
allr t silve\i, uitthieir opittlon, would to the tl
, .iil extetit it coud circutlate, form a perfect "a
or all laper circuiation which could not ,le "
tgi i bLbIIWseld by the Government; that it
would be aunniforn in value as the me
ry, are I tals themael es; and I shall be able to a
y de-i prove that il is within the Constitution, n
Id, and powers of Con eo to issue such pa
to per in the oanag t'of its finances, ac
for ording to to t otlrigid rIle of constru
il- ing the Con tion.
toe Joffersoni also said in 1813:
ad.The 8tates should be afPlied to, to
transfer the right o faeisig cdroulathng
paps aer to Congree 0o asvelyinl porpetum i
if possible : b ' * " Ban paper must.be
suppressed, and t*ie l~ne of the circu
ish lating medlum rettred to the Nation, to
any whom It belongs.' Treasury bills beot
D8O tomed on taxes, bearing interest, or not
do bearing interest, thrown into circulation
edi will take the place of so much gold and
in silver; *" * Let banks continuer, if
they please, but let them discount lfor
10,- cas[.ljcoi] alone, or for treasuryu notes.
em * * « w
rit In regard to your reference to payment
bl of the ent ire national debt in Greenbacks.
his. I refier you to our 1iatfortn, to show you
, that we n ronot proposing such a mnens
ol) nire, while many of uits believe it would
be expedient to dq so; yet we do claim
let that the vast sums boarded in the U. 8.
oi' Treasury, amuounting to near $200,000,
o00(), should be used in the paylinent of
his so miuch of tltp bouds falling due.
Oi" Your comparison as to Pern falls liat,
Swithout force in argumeont, as we iare
ilic not to be compared to l'ern ilt point of
',ot resources, or even flu ancilii polic'y. 1Peru
"i s lm issued li.oM'1ins0 tlop./ coi,, to suich an .1
n. extent that it is well known site cannot rt
She (for perhaps la few centuries) fulfill the
lde- iroise, even 'if she have the peace and wll'
prthe os1(eriity. " We propose 11o such things. Ing
We have aulple resources, a Inugnilicent
r or credit, and a governmental revenue of
etc about t'200,000,000 annually; and in is
te siting ia reasonable aimonit of treasury
Intl notes, based upon this revonue, we know
not they would be more secure than / hank
SpIerlr, which latter under our present
Xver system is endorsed' by the government
y i while issCed(by corporations, which con
trol its volunme.
hat in conclusion, 1 would say, 1 have
'ie- offered a fewu reasons why we cannot
var* work for our reforms inside of your
ese party. There are many more that time
what will not pefmit mentioned. You have
ino proposed, through Mr. Bayard,* in the
per, last Congress, to retire the 350,000,000
ol0p- of greenbacks yet in circulation, thus
tn- leaving the way open to supplant it
and with bank money; and through Mr. CO
s of Fernando WYood to refund.tho $780,000,
non 000 of the bonds soon to mature. We
afer oppose both these measures. Your plat
u of form is evidently not in favor of assatl
'ern- ing the National Bank system, .and does
the not favor governmental control of issue
ple) of paper money. The money power is
lgcd controling the party machinery of your
nal, party, as of the Republican party to such
We an extent as to stillo the voice of the
oon voters in your ranks, making reform im
ple, possible. C
and And we are eminently justiflbd in re
uing ciproqating the courtesy extendehl us by
to a you, and of inviting you and every pa
Pronm triotic reformer in your party to leave
the it and rally with us around a platform
i" of principles designed'tobeenre the bless
r o ings of liberty and equality to the groat
otes, masses of our people. In Gen. Weaver,
poias we haye as pure and as gallant a leader
iied as can be found in any party. Then,
id: conime rally with us, and in the great
s i struggle now going on be found on the P
sa ide of the people in their efflirt to eoman
ciplato the prodlucers of wealth fromt uin
due servitude, to * heartless mnoney
the power and a system of corporate mo
olr nopolies that must, if continued, reduce
nld them to a v assalago but little less than
m s lavery. Come, join with us in ant ag
rely gressivo fight; the schemers cannot be
iti defeated by endorsing their schemes.
Sr- Come, join with us in liberating our be
loved country from a merciless foe, and
futute generations will rise up to lesscn
aler you.
keelt A. 11. BOOTi'l,
,for ,cretary Parish Cemntral Committee
National (tEnback ]Labor party.
'San.' swaid a customer lwho mounted
c, to Sain Wagner's bootblack stand and ole
Icur- vated a tremendous foot, 'yon don't
itioi think that I'vo got an extraordinarily
v th large foot, do you ? It's notnmuch above
ntity the average size, is it Corc, now, youl
ought to be a judge.'
The foot was a stunner, and it ulhnost
broke Sam's heart to think of the amnonnt
they of work that would 1,i required to shine
ity of it, but he saw that the man waited conm
reuit fort, and he felt that it was a duty--a
a lpart of the business-t otlige a custo
ilver, mer; therefore he beg!an a critical exam
dlinlg iuation of the fo,,t turnled lup b'efotre him.
e it lie walked round the foot with one eye
i, artially clot;sed, ad, as he vigoronsly
Il I cltewed his quid of Ibest Virginia to
Itl 'i bacco, seeoied making some.kind of es
"Well, what do you say, San--tnot
"'' much aove the average, In it f" and the
U 1ann :aLIxiOtlly sBanllled Sam's serious
itake and ]rat her perplexed countenance.
to l It was a tough case. Sani did not
t thi wish to hurt his custmner's feelings, still
woult lhe had a conscieuce to look out for. At
tl to last, hlowever, with a long-drawn sigh,
iitre, he said:
i "Well, ty friend, dat foot is not such
inl a fiarftul tig foot as it Inight ie-still,"
lition shutting one eye and giving the member
otli t another critical look, "it can't be denied
i 'da:t do, toe :an' heel i a, lonlg ways
a-t apart."
tli the
1dueN, A lady renurked to a popular divine
ld that his sermons were a little too long.
wrfct "Ah, dear madlam," replied the divine,
"ot it "I am afraid that you don't tike thesin
int it core milk of the word?' "Yes, I do,"
ble toaid she, "but you know the fashion
tution, nowadays is condeneed milk."
'Wi~. Ge UA:NDOn
les0Xe a Retail
Q O(OMAs J' WOODS' 0.1` ,S1'4 D,) T,
3 aA ZNr S2'IU~sDD I ~T ~ nYA.ML C I.Arrn1Ie p·sd
f e h l~ B AI T O N R hO U G ~ ·t.: ·A . ·' · ~ ·a
Highest Market price pd to;r cato 1K ';
a -1'
II .1 tkok gaent. plinnro fi ninimialrig tr ay heoeniN mald thai iroplo Mast 3and eWltW Baton 1totaib.
miid i1Tn IDf~t~llttll pnlrjblili, that I have tJuk oitlued baaIlnaasin tll atie ty ua Blaton mtoipo' at tho
It northiwest cojuor ,l'1'hrui mi ad Ylurlia Mtroot". I have on hIant a variety or etandard 8'fIsV av,
U tlliiOet frimi thie aiaauiictoiy whtichI am enabled to isellat aetolInhinglOw prleti.
My OROOKxjYWti ntAe of a beautiful aaeimartnwnt, which i* attraotlv In AW
d well we ~ia u i 1t".il qu a . IOi WORK, tnwh we making &lut vreSot11 CuttinB , R,.:
, Ingo RepiriSnga, iimto in workmaniaaken manner at thq iiogine 6 .
It 'LVOtida'e Maihelteil, mintii atlauleftion (1 aarasltd . vn8y 0
Steam aains, Strike Pos; Eblergs ai au, ;
r -AND-
w ,lt Ps a- ," •
febs * BATON ROU&fB, iA.
__ . ~ i.l LI
-a --Manxufacture -t
"' FRONT STREET, . Le7l] , Above the Ferry Landing.
• m I H ll'
Plantation and Family Supplies,
-AN ,D-.
Ceneral Steamboat, Purchasiq and Collection Agent,
Corner Main and Third Streets,
ST. LOUIS STREET ................................ COURTHOUSE SQUARE
Wholesale and Retail Grocer.
u aT t A I ? C I s lE , W II , t1MS;
Agent for Blats' Celebrated Milwaukee Lager Beer.

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