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Wee Adam a er 1 0 rPue.
-lt. moIroa-Pleme aa onaee m+ M
Xate fo r TeleCti1te theob9oe of A II
*of Poa#e. Eloio, to ,tiw ild Qt y
AprtLth pros. ý., , T. B., .
EDrMOIM'OI OLtA-YoM will piw la Mouneo
the name of Mr. W. P. KIDD,ot the A ee of
Admintltrator of Police, subject to the vote of
the people, at the mudcapal elcti n to be hold
on the 4~ of April aMt oblige
rn AdmaIltratorP "f n eSe.
We are anuthorised to announct MICHAEL
C4HAMBERS as a candidate for 4dmnlal*rtot
dtPllsmce at the approaching n3uniciptl a
tien, on Monday, April 4th, prox. i
(E:DTOCAPrOLIno AlU PIease ansaPtA Me1t ar
,7011N J. WAX and JONRf GRRA Y as Candi
•dates for Co.ncilmen, First War . Municipal
Election to be held on the fourth of April, ext.
EDrroaCr CPILIAN'-Yo- will p!hase announce
the.name*of MOLIERE LANGE. Enq., as a
eandidate for member of theCity Conicil, from
Ward lo. 1, at the ensuing Munioipal election.
Subject 'to the decision of thq people, and
oblige A LAROK NUM1EinOF VyrEBR.
Editors Capitolian-You are authorized to n~
nounce HENRY SCRORTEN, Egl., as a candi
date for member of the City Cornell from the
let ward, subject to the decision 'f the people at
the ballot box, on the 4th of Api tl next.
Editor Capitollan--Please ailtunye the name
of Mr. GEORGE N. BUtCHEL i ,a candidate
for Councilman, from Ward No 1.
Joesus Beal,issnes a anotcein to-day's
paper, headed, "our latau t " Wherein be citi
gives a graphic descriptior$ of the many
good things he has in sterc, all of which is
can be had cheap for cash'
On yesterday, while Janmes I. Willie, hai
a blind musician was at lIr. Chambers' swi
store, a little negro came in and carried car
away Willie's satchel, containing some hol
twenty-five pieces of music, Catch thief. ers
The license tax-payers df the city of ho
Baton Rouge will consult !their interests to
by referring to the uctice ini another col
mnan from the Administrator of Finance. w1
It is in reference to lioensps for the year is
The committee appointd by the West go
Baton Rouge sugar pla4tters to inter
view President Wheelock, regarding the
location of the line of thi~I Branch road b"
to the N. 0. Pacific, went down on yes
terday, per steamer Clnnot. le
Mr. George N. Ruchel appears as a lt
eanlidate for Councilman from the see
o1141 ward, in to-day's issue. HeI is an Ai
active lbsinesas man l and a good citizen,
iand will doubtless receive a strong sup
port at the hands of his friends.
Mayor Jastremski luas a letter from gl
.Judge T. B. Lyons, one of the owners of hl
the Clinton and Port Hudson Railway, of
expressing the desire of that Company al
to co-operate in furthering the construc- pI
tion of the proposed railway between
Clinton and Baton Rouge. The letter C<
will be referred to the Eastern Louisiana ii
Railway Company. to
The friends of Judge lHe'ry Schorten, ti
are bringing his name forward for Coun
cilman, first ward. While we differ i
with him politically, we cannot but do
him the justice to say that as Parishl
Judge and Mayor'he performed his duty 1
in an acceptable wanner. lie is a public- 4
spirited citizen and would, doubtless, if p
elected, prove faithful to his trust. c
IMr. G. W. M. Reed, the manufacturer C
of the celebrated Reed's Gilt Edge Ton- f
ie, called in to see us on yesterday andl
entered into an ad4vrtisingeontract with
the CAPITOLIAN. Mr. ;Uleed is all affable
gentleman ; one with whonm it is a pleas
r'e to do business. In a few days his i
advertisement will appear in our col- 1
unes, when we .will give him and his I
popular colmpound, a more extended no i
TDv. FnaRRY IUEsE.--The Committees
of the City Council and the Police Jury
of West Baton Rlouge, have declined to
accept the ferry boat Hamilton, and in
conseql'nce have declared the contract
off, with the lessee. The privilege is
advertised for sale, on Monday, April
.tlth, prox., at the old schedule of rates.
In the meantime Mr. Walter, the pres
.ent lessee is authorized to continune till
his ricctessor is ready. also to charge
tccording to to the ol schedule.
IIherville South: iht!ow will be found
a recipe that shonhl he, posted in every
man's hat. It. :Iwas givein to our esteem
ed friendl. the presenit Aunlitor of State,
by Professor Fontaine.. the great Ameri
can Scientist, who has used it suocessfitl
ly ill many had cast.i, ;a-i an tirdote for
lnaike an id ll'sec't hit's:
II grains lodide'of I'tassjlium.
J" oline.
1 oz. soft watt It .
1' or ,xternal aiilhp(liion.
Tl' (i.; Ni'C" ,N-lIs iewher, will hte
illud an adL v'rtisenlllit of the Giauntl
t'orn, to which we call thle itt4ntion ofoh
planter . We have sl,:n grailns of this
coril, iuid helievt it tp be of ininiense
v:alue to fnrlllers to aifse it for stck
food, neal. ,tc. It celit.inly will he a
great. saving if the pialter caln llake by
it two bushels where hei now makes one.
and as thile grain is so pntch larger than
the old corn, we are ot' the opinion, that
if properly cultivated, it will do even
better.- Americus (Oa,) Republican.
Jead advertisement. !
Under this Title, tf t-l
dared to complain of thos "geuerqusa
Noat Batop Rougea3s3 hes
t awvn red with indai¶N1 l itN't v
liil et f aitnk, it ,Riouge - me
with the N. O. PavUit road, by means of had 1
a branch which is to p se stamgm to lthe8
say, through their l tlqa . tp.
,r The Railroad, s&a Panole Harry, *111 t 4
d meet with n'ppositioi'$a big, hipr- Bato
ishieiers, i the track will be run inth praes
rear of their plantationsaon 'an eibnT- hI
meat ah)ia i l ,serve as a protection iqstr
L levee agatlst'the back watpr of the Mis- awai
' s~ssippi. SI,
In viei of the shrewd propeitisp ad-' l~v0
vanced by our confrere, we take every- sent
thing back that grated on his ears like an
L- accusation tht he and his neighbors are Re
al ox-teamists in rI,predilections.
t. We see through the milk in the cocoa
nut of all this opposition: able
e The West, Baton Rgugeans will gener- z.
a ously allow the Railroadto build a levee bnll
i in the rear of their .plantatiois, to pro. - sp
d tect their lands. In consideration of the oftc
great favor granted the Company, the 3.
latter may lay its iron on the embank- you
li. meat-levee. That's it. isn't it 4.
be We must admit that at the first glance, Own
at we had failed to discover what eurover
the-river neighbors were aiming at.
Nobody will eves take them for ear- you
me dines after this.
to So far as Baton Rouge is concerned, it pris
has no choice as regards the location of 7.
m the line, so there is one.
If the Company is satisfied with the not
he right of way through the swamps, our hap
citizens will say amen.
ny One thing certain, is, that if the line tow
is located where brother Hyams and his
constituents want it, the tramps will iav
lie, have nothing but swamp olives and you
r' switch cane to eat, instead of the sugar esti
ied cane with which they were to till their 1
Die hollow teeth, so said the Bruly'Landing- scr
lef. ers, the. ether day. Then the niggers for
of hoeing in the ficld would'ut "knock off"
,sts to look at the locomotive when it passes
ol- We sincerely hope that the company
ice. will he satisfied with the half loaf that
ar is otffered thetn; but Baton Rongeans int
will never set down as railroad men, the in
'est good people of whom the Sugar Planter se
is the very liberal-toned mouth-piece. te
ter- To satisfy Uncle Ilyanis. we pleadl th
oad guilty to the charge that Baton Rouge e
wants railroads, which. of course, are
es' going to be laid on somebody's land, un- pa
less they can be put on stilts, on the
is a Broadway elevated railway plan. lni
see- -+-:---------
an An Earterprising Clothing House-
ten, A aimioth Ettablishment
Its Greartveeoes. s
The wl oii,lerful success anil giint
rom growth of thel clothing trade of this eits y o
rs of has been uln-eu llil to the great iiillght
ray, of such men as Leou Godchaux, who has -l!
any always anticipated the needs of the peo- i
rue- plc. t
een The recoguition of the fact that ex
tter celleuce in tit and good styles in clothll
,ana ing, with ever changing newnwness would
meet tihe walnts of the mnasses, has been II
the means olft advancing the clothing s
ten, trade of this holluse in a great measure. fi
un- Perhaps (,,dchaux's great success lies Y
itler i the prodluction of clothing patterns ti
t do that contain every essential quality for I 1
Irish the formation (of first class garments, bh
duty and for .elegance and .newness of style. fi
blic- With first class patterns everything is '
R. i possible in the way of success in the a
clothing business, and knowing this t
urer Godchaux never fails to suit the most t
Ton- fastidious customer.
al IEverylody wnho visits New Orleans t
witll knows tile elegant and spaciolls cloth
hble ing establishllent of Leon G(odchaux. at a
l ieas- No. l inlid 'I Canal street, and it is I
Shis generally regarded an one of the best
col- places fir ready-nlade or custom cloth
1 his ing in New Orleans. The stocks at this t
(11o establishunent are always kept amply 1
provided with large andt full supplies I
and asortnieits of the most durableand 1
Jtur fashionable goods in the clothing line. I
J The goods made by this tirm are inva
riably true-fitting, and they are consid- 1
lid n ered ias atlung the best garments sold in I
t the South" in fact. their good quallities
have popularized this famous house per
April haps more than anmy other simnilar inllsti
ra tution in this eity.
Mr1 r. Godchaux's stock for the aplproach
ic ill ing seasolt is the largest they ever man
iarge Ifaitured, owinlg to iln ilnllrecedelnted
denlu (l lately for tlheir goods. This
toulld gen'lllemlnanl lijoys n aill viallle repulta
u-very tion, the result of luinny years' indefa
teem- tigabll efforts to produce tile, redly
State, mIade clothing of the highest stanlldard
mneri- at astonishingl~ lo w inices.
ssful- FuIrthermore, the goodls at Leon God
t 4 for chaux's arlt ~,lhctedl with regalrtl to our
Clilm:ate and the ta stes of the people, and
nmadtle ulp witll, great care anld attention
as to luralliliy in neiltnlless andi tit. At
any tiliu of tli yea'r onlle is sure to tind
at this estali'hislllhuil, al ilumueunse stock
anltid of great variety. MeI, youths,
•ill 1, llovs and clhildrellu are easily fitted anid
Gidit suited. A large lorlls tlf polite salesmen
ion otIf aire alwaysl illn atltentldance, a11da Caustorn
f this eri' is Iltver kept waiting at Mr. God
stc k-lli -
Ii a William Sulli-an, anman whlo has been
ike by employed as a hostler by Rev. C. Dela
es one, croix for the last two months, suddenly
r than disappeared about Tuesday last, mount
i, that ed on the Father's mare.a Sheriff Bates
o even having been informed of this with his
Ilican, usual promptitude, et "his triggers to
catch Sullivan. lH oon adiaoveied the
]mI d been aroueed, w wo ,_
th herif of hi rishi Mr: Colli -.
t i he iel , l r ain
I va ust! SullEvan itnow il
Sawait i e coutsof:
s Captainl
i had been aroused, was a Ito no U
Sths Sheriff of his parisli Mr: Collins,
' lypi ben tried, found lty, and
sent to the penitontiary for to years.
Reelpe for the aking a J e Town.
1"Sei youir buildhig lots at & keAson
able price.
. 2. If you can afford to do so, donate a
euilding ot to some large buildnypR en
. Azprise, and thereby enhance the value
enof town property. r for
e 3. Induce busine's men to locate in
your. town.
4. Patronize the business men of your
own town.
5. Always sum up your owe expenses
when you visit places outside of your
your town to buy goods. on
6. Speak well of worthy public enter
it pr ise.
of 7. If anything should be uodertaken
that may be of benefit to the r town, do
be not speak ill of it to others because you
ur happen to be prejudiced against it.
8. Speak well to strangers of your
Ie town and people.
is 9. If you have surplus money do not
invest it.in far off speculat.ions. but give
nd yourself and town the benefit of it by
r establishing some profitable fmat ory.
ir 0. Eni wourage youf ortwspapr bicy sub
ig. scribing for, advertising in. and payiug
for it.
Penitentiary Birdj . Wh
It, will be gratifying to the law-abid- I
ing men of the parish to learn'that duii
3 ing the present term of the District Court, T
r several juries were formed who acquit- tBa
ted themselves of their duty by finding Ron
the accused guilty of the ofleuses charg- oftt
ed against them. for ,
e The following are the names of the bsnt
parties sentenced: and
e Aleek Gill, (c), an old offender; s1 old
months in the Penitentiary, larceny.
Johnny Painter, (c). an old offender. Pre
1i l months, larceny.
Win. Sullivan, (w). 2 .years, hor.eia
t The above were. deliveredl to the keeper
. on yesterday.
it ,laike Shield,, <o), Manslaughter. teni °
is years in the Penitentiary. Appealed to Pa"
. the Supreme Court. for
Thomas Fisher. (c). Manslaughter, 2_
o. ten years. Appeal taken.
1 Claihorne Guardian: A man by the in
n name of Yosset was killed by his step A
g son. Johnnie Book, last week. The af
"t3 fair occurred five miles north of Vienna. Se
es Yosset was an intemperate man, and atr
as treated his wife cruelly when drinking.
or He had been on a spree, and Mrs. Yossat
ts, had been driven from home in self-de- I
le. fence. As she was travelhng in company U1
is with her son. Johnnie Book, they were
he met by Yosset. On meeting them he
,is turned reound and traveled with them
)et trying to get his wife to retarn home }
with him. She refused, giving his cruel y
us treatment as a reason. When they come M
th- to the Vienna and Shiloh read, Yosset 0
at attempted to make Mrs. XToset take the ,r
is Shiloh rodtl. Shite wished to take the C
st Vienna road. He caught hold of her
th- I horse's bridle and jerked the horse. He
his then picked up a stick and struck the F
ly horse. making it jump amof v ry near l
lies throw Mrs. Yosset. Johnnie Book re- I
end marked to him that he could not treat
ne. his mother in that way. In a few see- p
va- oends Mrs. Yosset heard a pistol tire, (her
id- back was turned to them,) and thinking
tin her son was shot she exclaimed "John- l
ties nie, Johnnie," by this time she had turn- !
ner- ed her horse. and seeing her son still
sti- standing, and her husbanding missing,
she looked behind a clump of bushes and
ich saw hint lying dead. She exclaimed,
nn- "oh. Johnnie, what have you done !" to
ted which he replied, "Mother, do you sup
'bhis pose. I was going to let him shoot mi!
ita- I down like a hog." The pistol used was
,fa a derringer. The ball entered the left
Aly.- temple and passed into the brain, caus
ard ing instant death. The nlext day, John-"
nie Book come to Vienna and surrender- t
rod- ed himself to the sheriff. On Tuesday
our last he had his preliminary trial before
and Judge Graham. He was released hav
tion ing made out a clear case of jusiifiable
At homicide.
tiid Marksville Bulletin: Last Friday
ock Mansura and Core Droite were visited t
ths, by a hail storm which destroyed the
and young plants, in gardens and the young
men corn in the fields. We were told that
orn- the damage done in gardens was consid
jod- I erable. The corn will soon sprout out
again. We have not heard of other sec
tions visited by the hail.
ela- Minden Democrat: We understand
enly that the witfe ofJohn Johnson, eolored,
unt- living near Batcliff'u aill in this parish,
ates gave birth to three girle, weighing seven
his pounds each, perfect iform and allliv
a to lug. The fathe is 4~oag as wlLaas could
)the be alopected.
Bieho4 Mp ed a sermon at
the Ep~e ~ cl i :iat;
beftre uAp4 J *4,iThe e4if&4
1 was crop ' of 4i6
worthy and toi. e wer
please th 1a itBi oj' hi"is
idea of establMt qihA~lam ile' ie
in Ba stuiaug ,Me and iwill b
elconie : pwIm ,idp t· .
TEA.. Finest NdW Seasea's Gunpowder.
TEA..Finest New Season's Oolong,
aflZ.K..Fresh MNae "Eag,"
MILK..Fresh Make. " "Crwn."
('OFFEE..Whaleli * Eqated. Excellent.
('OFFEE..Fancy OM
S'G_ u ua Canvassed.
" ER. olest Iuxn. +
RENINWI .N Excellen
OKRA anM Tlb tinas, Jhea
GREEN _RN..Beet .
HNER4!. .Fanc r am r
OAT MEAL. .Choice fresh Milled.
PRUNES..Choice New Crop, Turkish.
OLIVES..New Crop Spanish Queen.
PICKLES..Onionsand Gherkins, English.
PICKLES.. Fancy Mixed &Gherkina,domestic
GRAPES..Canned Muscat, California.
GREEN GAGES..2 pound Cans, N. Y.
EGG PLUMS..ypound cane, N. T.
STRAWBERRIE. .Extraand Standard. 2s.
CRANBERRIUS. Choice Michigam .
CRACKED WHEAT..Extra Fine. Ohio.
FRENCH SARDINES t. Choice Quarters,
FRENCH SARDINES. .Choice Halves,
TABLE PEACHES..Cnoice, 3 pound tins. .
SODA CRACKERS..Chu ce, fret baked.
NIC NACS..Choicest
TEA CAKES..Fancy Mixed.
I The articles named will be received Wednes
day and Thursday of the present week, and will
be :or sale at the family grocery of
Whittaer Hams!
New Cure. Canvaaned and Strictly Fins at
family grocery of JOSHUA BEA..
1 running a Steam Ferry betweeen the city of R
Baton Iougs anl the Parish of West Baton
g Rouge, will be sold at public quetiana. in front
of the Court House, in Baln Rauge. at it it., on
K Monday. April 415th, 1881,
for a period of flee years, .to the highest re.pon
sible bidder. subject, to the conditionl ouf the
e ontract, as may be seen at 'the Mayo's olomice
and at the Court Honau, in West Bato imIge.
Rates of ferrate to be the same as those fixed in be
8 old contract of .Gibbne & Holl. .rTic right to
reject any varall bids is re-erved. at
Signed, C. J. BARROW, ft
r. Presid't PoliceJnur WesA Baton Ronne Parish.
Mayor of Baton Rouge.
S Advocate antd Sugae Planter please copy.
N, Notice to City License Poers
Mprlch 28th. 1a81.
I The period se.t: Ic ,t4he fiit' Charter for the
to payment if Licexst's for the year 1881, having C
o iexpired, all par ties indebted *ill ipleas, come n
forwardt and settle M. LAN icE, C
S1N.hw Administrator of Fhiance. I
TAE GER 09NT. . 4
he (;Grains I inch long anil :+.4 in. broad Yields (
imruencely in the South where other cern fails
ep A ".Bonanza" ',r the fsrmUrs of the South.
af Send for a bag. Only $1; 4 for ; 5 for. f,75
or7 for $3. 'There is bnm a small lot of it letf.
Ia. Send at once and sectnr. some of this wondeirful
nl| coin. Address, W. M. JONES, 36 Fil1hore
Street Atlanta, Georgia.
Boneless Cream Codfsh !
Very choice, at fanmily grocery of
de- Mardl 24th. ', JO1HUA BEAL.
any Cider Jelly !
ere Three pound ca--choiceandcheap, s t family
gnrcery of JOSHUA BEAL.
he Corned Beeft!
e 0cu ne and Two ponnd Canss fine quality and low
me prices, at family grocery of JOSHUA BEAL.
Yeast Cakes, Oat Meal !
tel Fresh stock, best quality, at family grocery of
me March 24th. JOSHUA BEAL. 1
iset Okra and Tomatoes! I
S 'lThree I'oaPound 'Pis. 20 cents each, at fanily 1
t grtcue-y of JOSHUA BEAL.
SCheolate and Cocoa !
her F1'resh stock, at family grocery of
He March 24th JOSiHUA BEAL.
the Flne.Creamn ery Butter !
Just received at fami: y grocery of
ear March 24. JOSHUA BEAL.
re- Jlarge Mlominy and Pearl Meal !
eat sh stock at hand this Ida. BEAL.
See- Pesalnt. Oranges.
hr Apples and Lemons!
Received per Steamer Blanks, this day, at
llg famnily gro.ery ot
lhi- March t24. JOSHUA BEAL.
tn- Maearonl ad OCheese!
Italian and domestic Macaroni, Imported and
still domestic Cheese, at fhmily grocery of
iag, 'arch :4. JOSHUA BEAL..
alul White and Bed Beans!
l, ust received, at store of
Macl rcha4. J08HUA BEAL.
Dried Green, Spilt and Lady Peas !
Nilp- Now ic stock. at store of JOS EAL.
SMarch 4.EAL.
-I AN-TED--Twoor three Rooms furnished,
W with or without board. Addr.-s. with
terms, this office.
Registration Notice,
BATON ROUGE. LA., Malrc 19th, 1681.
be opened on
Wednesday, March 23, S1 1,
at the Court House. for the purpose ofrevising
the registratl,"n afnd registeling those that have
not registereed. for t"u coining City Election, on
At ril 4th, I~M O1,'e will close on Saturday.
April ', ,JOS. T. TYOUNGG Registrar.
}T [TTE GOOD) , Victoria Lawns, Swiss
V Plain avid Dotted. Organdies. Mulls, Linen
Lawns, l':,r Munlins. Linen Cambric, Persian
Larwns, Imlia lawns, Tarlatanes,Piques, Nan
sooks, etc at tos ltleld's.
Oranges and Coooanuts.,
i Fresh stock, at family gocery df
febl5 , a iyOS Ua BIAL.
Garden Seeds! .
New crop, at family t aoer" a of
feb15 JOCHUA iEAL.,,
F'eh s t
N.-L P , -.,
F rench Pa 04sI.ot
SBATo,t . ..
SR. SET. _;r
be *uti e Orders oedwithe .
i, reeivefir lateln., alryt o t f la:
FInow JEr t trnRmeh
ND ever seen in aton T WA qge
.... lwi.eeiigoodha.lOWAS he .ie .l.ty .,c.ý
n a.t" G.. . ..... ... -·. " ili 1. . !'
Sto . Thankftl oCr liberal patonagei oie at1
shallN be feir n ing try to u ne r
' RE Corner Third and Laurel Stret,
W. .KIRSTBY, Proprieto
SHAVD E WRNt r St. Louis, fromý
the Gren & ClaRk. two hS Lf.rrelSE pure Apple
ving Cide il ell n inRooIce o other goods. and Ianm
omei now b eeopare to furnish familie with Frqeh
Oysters at She lowest prices. 9r.1h goods al.
so walon hand. The bet ive ent tcitar.
ce. waysron hand. The best five rent cigar.
Oorner of Third and Laurel- Streets
BAR-ROOMS and families supplied withl
1 Chanspagne, Port, Sherry, Claret and White
Wines: Iish, Bourbon, Olive Branch, Chicken
Cook and other Brands of WHISKY; Western
lager Beer, Ale, Porter, Ginger Ale, etc.
Kaufminn's Celebrated Premium Cincinnati
lager Beer, always on hand in suitable quantity
Best Brands of Cigars always on hand:
Piano Tuning and Repairing.
rBIL C41A5. BSRUTTLEr, of the
SII house of P. WERLEIN of New Orleahs,
announces to the public that he will attend to
all manner of Piano Tuning and Repairing dp
ring his stay of about two weeks in Bvaon
Ron e. Charges moderate. All orderts left at
the verandah qotel will receive prompt atten
r tion. March 1.i, I w.
Baton Rona an Duhallsoanile
Daily United States Mail Steamer
XMorning Sta, .
H. W. PENNYWITT, Master.
Will leave Baton Rouge every morning,- ex.
cept Tuesdays, at 6:30, and connect with; the
cars at Donaldsonville for New Orleans.
Returning-Will leave Donaldsonvsl·s eerye
day, except Tuesdays, at 12:30, on the arrival of
the cars from New Orleans, for Baton Rouge I
and ali mail landings, carrying passengers and I
baggage OTLY. 1i
Through Tickets to New Orleans feb2 O
Dentistry. ...... D-- tstry.
DR. B. C. DUPREE, Beiltist,
" flee with all the latest improvements of the
art, offers his profisdonal services to the citizens
of Baton Rouge and surroundingceuntry, r
Office at residence on Main 'street, between
Chlnch and Fifth streets. a
1, t Calls will meet, with prompt attention. i
:h A11 w or done with satisfaction to patrons and
fully guaranteed. " mchbv.
Pork, Bacon ind Lard!
You will tied a good stock of Pork, Bacon and
Lard: also Bacon Shoulders, at the store of (
She eal, Mleal!
L I have in sto 150 barrels Choice meal, fo 1
sale to dealers and consumers.
, Flour! Flour!
)n I have just received another invoice of Jack.
y. son's Beat Fancy Feamily Flour also 'a large
assortment of other grades for sale at the store
ias Notice.
en MAos's OFeciC, CrrT OF BlTON Rovos,
a Friday, March 18tb. 1881.
S Seal'd hids for the sale of City Bond Capital
Loan of 1880. will be received at this otlice up
to i M., April st, id1l. Cash to the 4mount of
two thoA dollars is red their purchase,
ad ifl state the hheg od 1r
chases ch and lowest for sale of d The
S;; ..: W.Z
t S ý ,.
ers' JToLsI ' T 01
I :G. GE. ~E
Otetr' icdi Iat de
- 1 ally that he will: mak
m from, 15.0; tph 0 s . a
A pion of vestu a l .oee ,
r. r aod to l oos,
en ew O e r
l N [email protected] to4vtle taper tl fA
SourG MashE
frogL Made Sour Mad0 b h WhiskeyO u, ai . a
I have in stoe h ti lar at-s0he an l
era Wlly Andtt to their akterest ne sam
bef oreon $15 .r0 l a1 g els o eewa h ee,.
rodered Lie dker t
en ool, A.
C0r. Fla sd learl leal
pe d i laaº, .wei,
crsn ma tipnyztpatqppa asc
t bard aidr t 1
DR. ;BROOKS. Baton lrR~ug
.L_ m4n44

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