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Louisiana capitolian. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1879-1881, June 18, 1881, Tri-Weekly, Image 1

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W. A. LeSUEUR, Publisher Offical Journal of the CitY tI CL Parish. {T e
V O L . 3 .: . , , ,
II •• •IN --1.. . . .. .. . .... ... ... ....' '" " .
Sattend promptly to all business intrusoed
to him. Office on Convention street, between
Third and Church streets. Baton Rouge, La.
. Notary Public, Port Allen, West Baton
Rouge, La. Special attention given to the col
lection of accounts, taking testimony under com.
mission, and to all other matters requiring the
attention of an Attorney or Notary in the parish
of West Baton Rouge. apr24 v2n13
. At Law, Donaldsonville, La. Will prac
tice in all the courts of the State of Louisiana.
and Counselor at Law. Office-No. 6, Pike's
Row, Baton Rouge, La. Will practice in the
State and Federal Courts.
on North Boulevard street, near the post office,
Baton Rouge, La. Will attend to all law busi.
ness entrusted to them in this and adjoining
A. S. Herron................L.. Beale.
sF sY AT LAW. Office on North Boulevard
street, Blaton Rouge, La. Will attend to all
law business entrusted to them in this and ad.
joining parishes.
H. M. Farrot...............J. H. Lamon.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Office
on North Boulevard street, Baton Rouge, La.
Will practice in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth
J ukicial Districts.
E. W. Robertson ........s. S. M. Robertson.
SEO. W. BUCKNER, Attorney
L- at Law and Notary Public, Baton Rouge,
La. Business promptly attended to.
JOHN GASS, dealer in western produce, to.
bacco. cigars, dry goods, clothing, corner of
St. Ferdinand and Europe streets.
J OLHN GARVIN, general steamboat, forward.
"e ing and shipping agent, Front street.
JADOT & VAY, auctioneers, commission
merchants, office and salesroom on Third, be.
tween Laurel and Florida streets.
il RS. P. KAUFMAN, dealer in dry goods,
I1 fancy and family groceries, crockeryware
and tinware, Main street.
1IEOIGE N. BUCHEL, dealer in family gro
- ceries, liquors, dry goods and plantation
supplies, corner Main and Jackson streets.
G PICARD, New Orleans cheap store. dealer
. in dry goods, Laurel street, between La
fayette and Third.
L UCAS LITTY, tleaier in ft'nuts and coufec.
tioneries of all kinds, nuts, etc.. corner of
1"'t rd and Laurel streets.
-1 & B. ENOCHS, tombstones, mauslems,
S monurments, tombs, head and foot stones,
Main street, next to Pipers.
_1 MELUELSOHN. dealer in staple and fancy
U. grocerie,. liquors. tobacco. etc.. corner of
Man, anl Lafay ettc .tr'eels.
STE ENSEN, Druggist, dealer in drug, medi- te
cines, chemicals, cigars. fancy and toilet a
articles, Third street. h
1iOSENFIELD, dealer in dry goods, ready
A made clothing, boots and shoes, hats and G
caps. all of the latest styles.
NDREW JACKSON, Cotton Buyer, and I
A dealer in groceries and plantation supplies,
northeast corner of Main and Third streets.
rI. B. C. DUPREE, dentist. Office on Main a
strleet, between Fifth and Church.
JICHOLAS WAX, wholesale and retail gro
1 cer, sealer in plantation supplies, fancy and
etaple groceries, wines, liquors, crockery, cut
lery, cigars and tobacco, St. Louis street.
G. RANDOLPH, wholesale and retail
grocer, and dealer in western produce,
wines and liquors, Main street.
OSHCA BEAL, Family Grocer, dealer in
f'ancv groceries, canned fruits and every arti.
cle needed in the household, *orner Third and
Laurel streets.
IEOURGE H. WILSON, dealer in western
%T produce, groceries, plantation supplies,
saddlery., harness, corner Third and Conven- 1
tton streets.
JOHN J. WAX, dealer in fancy and staple 1
Sgroceries. liquors, cigars, tobacco and Con
fectisneries. St. Ferdinand street
J J. CAI'DEVIELLE, dealer in groceries and
i quors and ear corn, lime, hoop-pole and
lat-boat agent, Front street.
E DW. WIT rING, dealer in fancy and staple
groceries, fruits and confectioneries, ci.
gas. smoking tobacco, Third street.
N1 CHAM.9ERS, Stationer, dealer in station
1 cry, books. cutlery. Violin and Guitar
strings. and fashion papers, Third street.
Printing establishment, on Third street, is
one of tihe most complete in the State.
1 PHILIP BOTT, proprietor of Bismarck Sa.
hl'on and Lager Beer House, corner St. Louis
and North Boulevard streets.
( 1ll A ILES \VIBCK, proprietor Sumter House
Sealer in the finest wines, liquors and cigars
c, uer Third and Laurel streets.
W T. CLUVERICS, Druggist, Bogel's old
stand. dealer in drugs, medicines, cutlery
soap. garden seed and fancy articles.
L M. BROOKS, Druggist, dealer in drugs an
L' medicines of every kind. cigars, smoking to.
bacco, cutlery, etc., Main street.
L) A. DAY, proprietor Red Stick Drug Store,
kee;., .onstantly on hand a full assortment
of d:u al ond medicines. corner Africa and
Someruls streets.
I EIBELMAN, dealer in Dry Goods and
the most tashionabl, styles of ready made
lothing. hars boots and shoes, Main street.
llT s. J. M. PARKER, dealer in Milinery and
i1i Dry Goods and fancy articles of all des
riptions. Main street.
JUIS .IOUMNSON, watchmaker and jeweler,
Oiasler im jewelry, silver ware, pictures and
piCtll'e trami.es. Third street.
A LEXANDRIE GROUCHY. proprietor of the
.i Capital House. Board by the day, week or
month with the best the market affords.
OSEPHI LARGUiIER, dealer in foreign and
domestic hardware, house furnishing goods,
corner Third and Florida streets,
G GESSELLY, Civil and Military Tailor,
SLatest styles, Third Street.
lI. J. WILLIAMS, manufacturer of steam
M trains, strike pans. boilers and tanks, and
all kinds of sugar house work, corner of Main
and F'Iont streets, near the ferry landing.
W ILLIAM GESELL, worker in tin, copper
anid sheet iron, and dealer in stoves, tin.
w .ar .rd crockeryware. cor. Third and Florida.
D ATON Rouge Oil Works, manufacture cot
:1t. ceed cil. oil cake, cotton seed meal and
inttrs. Front street.
A LYTLE. Photograph Artist, Main st.
Photo-albums, frames, etc., kept on hand.
IPERIS Furniture and Undertaking Estab.
lishment. Main street, well supplied with
everything in this line
E1 D. THOMAS, dealer in Fancy and Staple
C Groceries and Dry Goods, corner of Main
and St. Anthony streets.
MISS P. BERTRAND, Milliner, dealer in
Millinery Goods and Fancy Goods, Main
M R. C. MAILLOT, Third street, dealerin
11 Millinery and Dry Goods, Trimmings, No
Lions, etc.
A RO]DRI iZ, ~layette street,
1~ rrutm'r Of Choioo Cigar.
SI di
z 1
o nti
often sold nder th name of Bitters.
ly the tra t a tnre rices
H l a
In every case of' Malarial Fever, and Fever and 1
-Ague, while for disorganization of the stomach,
i- torpidity of the liver. indigestion and disturb
et ances of the animal forces, which debilitate, it
has no equivalent, and can have no substitnue.
It should not be confounded with tritnrated
i compounds of cheap spirits and essential oils,
often sold under the name of Bitters.
id Drugaists, Grocers d'Wine Merchants Everywhere.
Will supply the trade at Manufacturer's prices
State Tax Sales;
-OF- tl
e, 0
The State of Louuiiana ri. DelinpTent Tax Debtors
n Parish f East Baton Rouge.
id vested in me by the constitution e
- and laws of the State of Louisiana, I l
wn ill sell, at the principal front door of e
s' the Courthonse. in which the Civil Dis
trict Court of said parish is held, within t
le the legal hours for judicial sales, begin- y
n- ling at 11 o'clock A. M.v, on
Saturday, the 16th day of July, I
A. D., 1881, and continuing on Monday 0
and each succeeding day until said sales
fe are completed, all immovable property, c
;i. on which taxes are now due to the State s
of Louisiana and parish of East Baton D
. Rouge, to enforce collection of all taxes
ar assessed in the year 18,0, together with
interest thereon fr o1 the thirty-tirst day e
ob of December, l~80,Ct the rate of eight a
'y per cent per annum until paid, and all (
costs. The names of said delinquent
u tax-payers, the amount of taxes due by 1
each on the assessment of said year, and i
Se the immovable property assessed to 1
srs each, to be offered for sale are as fol
lows, to-wit:
Ad ALLEN, Mrs E, Wm Allen, agt-Oue
rs lot no 4, square no 16, Hickey, Duncan 1
and Mather Town. Amount tax 73c.
to. Tax of 1717, SO1c.
ANDREWS, Eugene-One lot no 3,
e, square no 2, Loreuto Town. Amount
Ut tax $5.35.
AR HOUR O & Bro-125 acres on San
nd dy creek, formerly Nesom, 200 acres on
ile White's bayou, 10 acres known as Slo
cumb tract. Amount tax $3.'29, tax of
aud P75 $?.93.
''s ALLAIN, Mrs. Julia-160 acres on
er Middle road, bounded north by public
mId road, south by N. K. Knox, east by I).
Stokes, and west by Mortimore Price.
the Amount of tax, $18.24, tax 1878 $10.60.
or ADAMS-Misses M E and M R-125
acres on Jones creek, bounded north by
fd Jones creek, south by R H Carruth,
's, east by public road and west by Den
ham. Amount of tax $8.00.
or, ADAMS, Mrs A E-100 acres on Bayou
- Manchac, bounded north by Amite riv
n er, south by Bayou Manchac, east by S.
aim T Webb, and west by A B Booth. Am't
of tax $5.80, tax of 1878 $5.70
r ARCHER, C F-40 acres, bounded
in- north by Avery, east by Kerr, south by
iL". Hernandez, and west by Carmena.
:ot- Amount of tax $4.60, tax of I878 $4.28.
mnd ASHFORD C C-160 acres bounded
- north by Mrs. Britt, east by public lands,
d. south and west by boundaries unknown.
Amount of tax $5.80, tax of 1878 $5.70.
ith BEAUREGARD J E Estate-Two lots
1 and 2, square 66, Beauregard Town.
pe Amount of tax $2 18, tax of 1878 $3 S0.
ain 4 lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, square 6, Beaure
gard town. Amount of tax $2 90, tax
in of 1.Pr $5 70.
1 lot 2, square 3, Beauregard Town.
Amount of tax $1 45, tax of 1878 $3 80.
N BASELISCO Thomas-Stock of mer
chandise in trade. Amountof tax $1 60,
jt tax of 1878 $1 10.
BONING Mmr C--Stock of merchan
I dise in trade. Amount of tax $1 80, tax C
of 1878 $5 50. 14,
BILLIARD Josephine Mrs-1 lot 4, 187
Isquare 6, Leonard Town. Amount of 3
tax $4 75, tax of 1878, $9 50. A:
BONNECAZE Eliza Est.-One lot 3, A
square 21, Beauregard Town. Amount 2
of tax $1 45, tax of 1878, $1 90. Am
BROOKS, Mrs. Rose-One half lot 5 3
square 64 Beauregard Town. Amount Am,
of tax $1.45, tax 1678, $1.90 3
61 acres, portion of "Richland planta- 1
tion," township 7, south r. one east oft
Greensburg land district, being lot 33. 2
Amount of tax $8 00, tax of 1878 $9 50. Am
BUTLER, Mrs Jane-One half of lot 2
3 square 66, Beauregard town. Amount can
of tax $1 45. tof
BURDEN, Mrs Emma G-South half 2
of lots 10 and 11, square 3, Hicky Dun- can
can & Mather town. Amount of tax
$21 75, tax 1878 $47 50. One square 22
Beauregard town. Amount of tax $4 35, ant
tax of 17 $9 $950. t4
BARBEE HEIRS-Two lots 3 and 4
square 15 Beauregard town. Amount C
of tax $26 10, tax of 1878 $38 00. nor
BAUM, Louis F-One lot 9, square 14 Joe
Devall town. Amount of tax $6 80. we:
Stockofmerchandise in trade-amount 35(
of tax $3 00. '
BLOUIN & WILLIS-One hundred S
acres, lots 8 and 9 subdivision of section
56 township 7 south, range 1 east, boun- Wi
ded north by Petree, south by Bertrand, ler,
east by Gayle and west by Vautress wel
tract. Amount of tax $3 20. t or
BAPTISTE, Sosthene-- arpents front (
by 40 arpents in depth, containing 20 by
arpeuts, bounded below by Hy Von- sou
phul, and above by lands of Lopez. any
Amount of tax $7 40 14
BOOKER, A J-80 acres on Sandy
Creek. bounded north by Summers, of
south and east by Kelly and west by tr
Andrew Dreher. Amount of tax $3 72. sot
BRANDON Burdo--2 arpents on high- we
land road, bounded north by highland of
road, south by bayou Fountain, east by
Jos King andl west by E Allain. Amount no]
of tax 51 r0.
BRYAN, J W Estate-2 acres, boun- Na
ded north by Dougherty, east by plank
road, south by G N Buchel and R Grand, by
and west by Bayou Sara road. Amount Fr
of tax $11 04.
BLESSING, H C-90 acres, bounded
north by A Louden, east by J C Gayley,
south and west by Dougherty. Amount C
of tax $16 20.
BOGAN, W S-2'24 acres, "China
Grove," bounded north by heirs of Repp, ba
east by L Barillier, south by Pike, and so
west by city limits. Amount oft $11 40 an
ºd t 1878, $12 r3. o
, BUTLER, Ben- 10 acres Port Hollo
way place, bounded north by T S Mc
Vea, east, south and west by Holloway
,d place. Amount of tax $s 36. D
, BROWNING, J T--78 acres on Bea
ver Creek, bounded north by F Loucks,
e. south by estate of P Verbois and Sulli
van, east by Loucks and McCullough b3
s anti west by Sullivan. Amount of tax
BOOTH W S-77 70-100 acres portion b(
of "Richland Plantation" township 7
S south, range I east, Greensburg land dis- b
trict, being lot 10, containing 37 acres
and lot 40 containing 40 acres. Amount s'1
oft $27 40, tax 1878, 5:1 35.
BRYANT Owen-206 acres Bayou Foun- A.
tain, bounded north by Ward's creek V
,Y and Mansur, :south by Bayou Fountain, b
)u east by Willis and Blouin and west by
I Druilhet and Leteff. Amount of tax di
of $19 24, tax of 1878 $30 59. 1I
is- BEHRNES C. F. Est.-66 acres, por
in tion of the Geo. F Behrnes heirs on Ba- s
n- you Sar'a road, bounded north by J CA
Knox, east by Miss Brashiers, south by 5'
Hayden and west by Behrnes. Amount
y of tax $5 60, tax of 1878 $6 655. t
es BABIN Trasimond--30 acres Jones' IF
y, creek, bounded north by Dr Cooper,
te south by Lacy, east by Knox and west by 5t
on McMain. Amount oft. $2 60; t. of 187 1!
:es $1 90.
th BENEDICT Geo W-80 acres, bound- A
ay ed north by Greenwell Springs, south
ht and west by Spring Branch, north by 51
all Chambers tract. Amount of t. 7 08. II
nt BAKER W J-420 acres at the plains,
by bounded north and east by church lands, A
nd south and west by Anuison. Amount of
to t1920. si
ol- BRYANT Rev Charles-158 acres of
land t 4 s range 3 east section 31. Amount I
' of t 3 20, tax of 187 3 0. I
n BALDWIN H-1300 acres, section 78. 1
n township 7 south r 2 east; section 57
c. township 6 south r 2 east, being lots 1, 2, 3
6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, to 20. Amount of t
, 960.
nt BROOKS Emeline-One lot 6, square 3
18, Hickey Town. Amountt 1878 570.
n- BESSY Adele and Louise-One lot 3, a
on square 40, Beauregard Town. Amount t
lo- 3 40, tax of 1878 3 20. c
of BENJAMIN Anthony --One lot 2, t
square 9, Beauregard Town. Tax of
on 18T7 1 90 c
lic CELESTIN, John-One lot 14, square
D. '2, Gusman and Lefever Town. Amount 1
cc of t 3 90, t of 1878 3 80.
0. CROSS, Margaret Mrs-One lot 1 sqr 1
15 49, Beaurecrard Town. Amin't of t 4 35.
by CAMPBEILL, Priscilla-One lot 4 sqr
th, 1, sub Bonnecaze. Amin't of t 2 18.
n- CHANEY, Anna P-80 acres near Lit- I
tle Sandly Creek, bounded north by
ou owners unknown, south by public land,
iv- east by Edwards tract and West by
5. school lands. Amount of t 2 56, t of
m't 1878 -
CHANEY, John J Est-480 acres on I
ed Sandy Creek, bounded north by Mrs E
by Miller, south by 8 P Greves,east by Som
na. ersand west by Sandy creek. Amount 1
of t 11 Od0, t of 1878 13 30.
led CARNEY, Mrs N L-642 acres on Co
ds, mite river, bounded north by J J B
in. Chancy and Comite river, south by JR
. Hackney and Wm Pratt, east by George
lots Forbes and west by Comite river. Amin't
wn. oft 26 40, t of 1878 38 38.
. CONRAD A L D & Co-840 acres Mis
re- sissippi river, known as "Cottage Plan
tax tation," bounded north by Fisher & Ga
rig, south by Martinez and Landry and
rn. west by Mississippi river. Amount of
0. t 20720, t of 1878109 80.
aer- 160 acres on Mississippi river, Remi
60, tract, bounded on upper line by Marti
nez and Landry. Amount oft 16 00, tor
an- 1878 8 00.
CONRAD F S Est-One lot :3, square Out
14, Hickey town. Amount oft 1 45, t of son
1878 80 cts. by
3 lots 4, 5, 6, square 15, Hicky Town. Am
Amount of t 2 18, t of 1878 1 20. D
:3 lots 10, 11, 12, square 16, HickyTown. nor
Amount of t 2 18, t of 1878 1 20. FI
2 lots 7 and 8, square 17, Hicky Town. of t
Amount oft 1 45, t of 1878 80 cts; D
3 lots 1, 2, 3, square 18, Hickey Town. rive
Amount of t 2 18, t of 1878 1 20. eas
:3 lots 4, 5, 6, square 19, Hicky Town. lan
Amount of t 2 18, t of 1878 120. D
1 tot 3, square 20,Hicky Town. Amount nor
of t 73 cts, t of 1878 40cts. by
2 lots 6 and 7, square 21 Hicky Town. Wh
Amount oft 1 45, t of 1878 80 cts. I
2 lots 1 and 3, square 13, Hicky, Dun- tra
can & Mather Town. Amount of t 1 45, ed
t of 1878 80 ets. son
2 lots 7 and 8, square 14, Hicky, Dun- and
can & Mather town. Amount or t 218, 1
t of 1878 1 20. Ba;
Squares Nos. 24, 31, 36, 39, 43, 44, 48 eas
and 51, beyond city limits. Amount of we
t 4 80. tof1878 240. 95
CLAYTON P A-160 acres, bounded E
north by owners unknown, south by est. Wa
Joel Barnett, east by section 16, and Am
west by Monroe Powers. Amount of t E
356. by
, CHAPMAN Robert-* of 450 acres on
Springfield and Benton Ferry road, part F
of the Canty tract, bounded north by Bea
Wm Sharp, east by Succession of Fow- b
ler, south by Monget and P Thomas and in
west by D H Penny. Amount of t 10 60, T
t of 1878 1140. Eg
CROFT A A-380 acres bounded north
by L. R. Chaney, east by Gillingham, b
south by William Chancy & Sturgess ito
and west by public road. Amount of t hei
14 92, t of 1878 1653.
CANTX E E T-100 acres, south end 1
of Trimmel tract, bounded north by said tom
tract, east by public land and C Booksh,
south by Booksh and McCoy tract and I
west by Newman and Hackney. Amn't tax
of t 13 96. 2
COURTNEY A-240 acres, bounded dei
north by John Morgan, east by Amite rf
river, west by Mrs. McAdams and F.
Naul. Amount of t 9 60. of
CLINE B F-140 acres bounded north
by A Stewart, east by Comite, south by ta
t Fridge and west by heirs of Foster. Amut An
of t 620.
d CONVERSE A P Agt for Halliday- of
65 acres Marietta, bounded by Dixon & to
of 1878, 1 90. ta
CLINE, E A-119 acres on Whites
bayou, bounded north by White'sbayou, 1
d south by heirs of Brown, East by Hearsy
0 and west by Cline and Foster. Amount to
of tax 4 20 tax of 1878, 5 70.
. CROOKR, Geo A-120 acres, town
ship 5 south, range 2 east, bounded east ta
and west by E Jackson and south by J
y Douglas. T of 1878 4 75. A
CRAIG, Wm-320 acres bounded north of
by Lea and Loucks, east by lands un
. known, south J' Jack Redden and west of
h by Sandy Creek, sec 48 t of 1878 9 50. of
SCORCORAN, Mrs J M--93 arpents on
Redwood, part of the McCants tract of
n bounded north by J O Penny, east by
M7 rs Muse, south by J Chaney and west of
s by TB Browu. T of 1878, 3 80. A
, CLARK, Louis-Two lots 6 and 12
t square 19 Bnhler town. T of 1878 570. T
DELARODERIE, R G-150 acres of
n- Amite river, bounded north and west by
,k Verbois, east by F Bradford and south 1,
1 by Amite river. Amount of t 7 40. 2
) DIAZ, Raymond-Stock of merchan- 44
`g dise in trade. Amount of t 2 20, t of
1878, 1 55. ri
DELARODERIE, A A-10 lots 1 to 10 F
a- square 3, Beauregard town sup'l plan. B
C Amount of t 44 50, amount tax 1878, 3,
57 00.
nt 4 lots, 2, 3, 4, 12, square 4, Beauregard h
town, sup'l plan. Amount oft 145, t of
+ 1878, 1 90.
,2 lots, 2, 5, square 5, Beauregard town 8
sup'l plan. Amount of t 14 50, t of 1878,
7H 19 00. 1
½ lot letter B, Beauregard town. 2
d- Amount of t 3 63, tax of 1878, 4 75.
h 1 lot 18, square 10, Beauregard town,
y sup'l plan. Amount of t 73 cts., tof
1878, 1 90.
a 1 lot 3, square 12, Beauregard town.
s' Amount oft 73 cts., t of 1878, 2 85.
o 1 lot 3, square '2, Beauregard town, g
sup'l plan. Amount of t 1 45.
of DUCHEIN, Dr B Agt for Hillary and
at Fanny BrunotOne lot 6, esquare 3, a
Leonard town. Amount oft 3625, t of
. 1878, 20 00.
57 28 lots, portion of Brunot'tract, 23 to
2, 32 to 56 inclusive. Amount oft 7 25.
t DUCHEIN, Dr. B-4 lots, 6, 7, 14, 15,
square 4, Leonard town. Amount oft
re 37 25, t of 178r, 20 00.
. 1 lot, 3, square 9, Hicky town. Amt.
Sof t 1 45, t of 1878, 80 cts.
t t 3 lots, 1, 4, 5, square 14, Hicky, Dun
can and Mather town. Amount of t 2 90
2 tof 1878, 1 60.
of 1 lot 3, square 1., Hicky town. Amt. 1
oft 1 45, t of 1878, 80 cts.
re 2 lots 7, 8, square 3 Leonard town.
nt Amount of t 17 40, t of 1878, 960.
24 lots west of Palmer st. and num
b(r bered on the plat thereof as lots 4 to 31
5 inclusive. Amount of t 3 63, t of 1878,1
sqr2 00.
it- half of 200 acres on Comite river, boun
by ded north by Peirce and east by Comite
Id, river. Amount oft 4 80, t of 1878
by DUPLANTIER Mrs Susan-Two lots
of in Spamnish Town, each containing four
superficial arpents less 20 feet off the
on front, appropriated for road. Amount
E of t 7 25, t of 187819 00.
m- DENHAM Wmi-40 acres on Clay Gut
nt bounded north by lands owners un
known, south by Witherell, east by
Uo. Amite river and west by Ed Delaune.
B Amount of t 2 60.
R DRURY Mrs P A-45 acres, bounded
rge north by Manguy place, east by W C
m't Newport, south by J C Knox and west
by W Hamilton. Amount oft 1 60.
lis- DENHAM Mrs E E-330 on Amite
an- river, bounded north by McMain and
Ga- Lacy, east by Larimore and west by
and Mrs McGimpsey. Amount oft 1056.
of DRULHET Mrs Floreska--~200 seres on
Manihac, bounded north by H Mansuar
emi and Brown, south by Owen Bryant and
rti- Leteff, east by Paul Aucoir- tiet a by
tox Bryant. ' Amount of t 8 8 40,
DENHAM Mrs r, Clay
OGut, bounded north by Mrs R J Burris, S B
south by Gardner and Mrs'Burnett, east
by Quine rnd west by public rQad. ,t ,
Amount oft 16 00, tof 178 19 00., so.
DREHER Mrs L-320 acres, bounded,
north by Sam Lee, east andisouth :by B
F Dreher and west by Chaney. Amount of
of t 10 40, t of 1878 14 82. G.
DURAND Jules-50 sacres oi Aulits aere
river, bounded north byDoctor Ambrose river
east by Dan Morgan and south by school 1Pt
lands. Amount oft 1 60.
DENHAM Saul-45 acres bounded Sud
north by Booth, east by 0 Adams, south and i
by Foreman old place and west by R. $119
White. Amount of t 160, tof 18781 90. HI
DENHAM F J, R Denham, Adminis- 8.9.
trator-25 acres on Jones Creek, bound
ed north by McCoy, east by A. Dixon, ship
south by Gayden tract, west by Carruth a
and Adams. Amount of t. 1878, 3 80, 38.
DEVALL.S W-200 soacres on Cypress B]
Bayou, bounded north by Benjamin4 Leo
east by Buhler, south by Stephens and To
west by Pat Greely. Amount oft 1878 On
950. oft.
EDWARDS, Mrs Mary sr-628 acres on Black
Water Creek, bounded north by estate of Gary, oft.
south by Joor, east by Bogan and west Blouin. I1
Amount or tax $17.40. U 64
EARNST, Sara Ann..50 acres, bounded north 1
by Carney, east and south by Buckner and west 1
by Atkinson. Amountof tax $2.18, tax of 1878 11
$4.37. oft.
FORREST Margaret..One lot 2, square 5o, Ii
Beaureard Town. Amount of tax 73c. of t
FRA COIS Fanny..100 acres on Comite river H
bounded north by Pernell, Waddlle and McCul- Hice
lure. Amount of tax $3.20, t. of1878 $9.50. H
FRANKLIN Benjamin..One lot 3 square 66, neci
Beaure ard Town. Amount of tax 3.90. H
FRANKLIN Johnb..One lot 15, square 3 Au. gar
bert Town. Amount of tax $3.90, t1878 3.80. H
FUQUA Mrs J 0..10 arpents adjoining Baton roes
Rouge on Bayou Sara road, bounded north by Mis
heirs of McCallop, east by public road, south wee
and west by lands formerly Aubic. Amount B
of tax $3.20. bou
FAVROT, C D..1 lot2, square 58, Beauregard Tat
town. Amount of tax $2 55. Con
1 lot 1, square 1, Hicky.town. Amount of tax B
$1 28. t of 1878, 1 60. bor
1 lot 9, square 14, Hicky town. Amount of trat
tax $213. Fly
2 lots and improvements on Main Street, boun. B
ded north by Main Street, east by Mrs Alley, bot
south by Laurel street and west by Pete's Alley Ber
Amount of tax 12 75. WE
1 lot 5, east half of 6 Grandpre town. Amount t o1
of tax $1 28, t of 1878, 80 cts. E
I lot 9, square 10, Devall town. Amount of bot
tax $1 70, t of 1878,1 60. Mr
Undivided $ of lot 8 square 2 Magnolia Ville. M
Amount of tax$l 28, t of 1878 80 cts. I
3 lots 1, 2, 8, square 9, Hicky town. Amount bor
of tax $2 55. t of 1878 4 00. tat
1 lot 1, square 9, Hicky, Duncan and Mather by
town. Amount of tax $1 28, t of 1878 80 cts. I
2 lots 1, 2, square 10, Hicky town. Amount of Bo
tax $2 55, t of 1878, 2 40 La
2 lots 6, and 7, square 12, Ricky, Duncan and of
Mather town. Amount of tax $2 55, t of 1878 1
160. by
1 lot 9, square 14, Hicky, Duncan and Mather pla
town. Amount of tax 85 c. of:
Undivided I of lots 1, 23, 17 and 18, square 1, I
sub Young. Amt tax $1.70 t. of 1878 4.00 boi
One lot 9, square 1, sub Young. Amount of Ja
t tax $1.28. A
51 lots 5, 6, 9, 10 and 13, square 2, sub Young. I
Amount of tax $4.25, t. of 1878 1.60. $ a
4 lots 2, 6, 7.16. square 3, sub Yodng. Amount rat
of tax 3.40. 13
One lot 2, square 2. Lorento Town. Amount I
t of tax $2.55, t. of 1878 2.40. Be
One lot 2, square 62, Beauregard Town. Amt
of tax 43c.. t. of 1e78 80c. Va
One lot 6 square 64, Beauregard Town. Amt we
t of t. 85c., t of 1878 40c. t.
2 lots, 4. 5, square 49, Beauregard Town. Amt
oft. 1 70, t. of 1781 60.
Lot,5 and j of lot 3, square 2, Leonard Town. b
Amount of t. 12 75. t. of 1878 12 00.
2 Northeast corner of lot 4, square 4, Leonard by
Town. Amount of t 2 55. Ai
Lot 1, square 55, Beauregard Town, Amount
oft. 425. no
S 10 lots, 7, 8, 9. 14, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, square bo
h 1, sub Bounecaze. Amount of t. 4 25, t. of 1878 6
2 40.
Lots 3. 6. 9, 10, 13 to 24, 26, 28 to 40, 42, 43 and ed
44. su. Favrot. Amount oft. 8 50, t of 1878 5 60. t.
if 312 50.100 acres, lots 1, 2, 3,5,6,7, on Amite
river, bounded east by Amite river, west by B
0 Ferguson tract, north by Mitchell tract and
south by Timms. Amount of tax 85c.
FAVROT. C. D. Agt Heirs Espanet-4 lots
3, 4. 7, 8. square 67, Beauregard town. Amount Fl
of tax $3 40. ea
FAVROT, C D A tEstate Timothy Fay - Ri
lots 8, 9, square 1 Grass town. Amount of tax
$1700, to
FAVROT,  D Agt Mrs M Hernandez- 1 lot
n 8, square 50. 1~oauregard town. Amount of tax s
~2 13, tar of 178 $200. 73
FAVROT, ') D Agt E Briant-5 lots 1.23. 9,
10 square 62 i3eauregard town. Amount of tax of
1. 213, tof 1878200.
FAVIROT , KNOX--Undivided half of 3 lots A
7, 8, 9, square21, Buhler town. Amount of tax
i'17 tof 1878,110. o
f FV OT, CD Ag bfor Missese Favrot-10 lots
2 to 12, square 61, Beanregard town. Amount of hi
Stax 6 ~8, t of 1878, 6 40. a
of lots 1, 2. 17, 18, sub Young. Amount of tax C
$4 87, t of 18781 87. e
FLEMING, A J-200 acree bounded north by
d R. J. MeCallop, east by Dr. Dean, south by 11
SH. C. Blessing and west by Jno A Dougherty
and Vawters. Amount of tax $17 00, t of 1878 $1
of 19 00.
FRIDGE, Jno D-50 acres bounded north by r
to AR Fridge east by Comite, south by R L Pruyn
and wetbst Foster plaee. Amount of tax $2 40. P
FEARSON Mrs Leocadia..80 acres on Beaver ol
, creek, bounded north by John Skimmerhorn and
t M. Greenwell, south by J. McNeely and Mrs b
Youngblood, east by G McGowan and west by p
F 'u8livan. Amnt of t. 1 60, t of 1878 1 90,
t FINLEY A C..260 acres oounded north by o
Nesbit, east by Morgan, south by Mrs Starks
- and west by John heal. Amount o;f t. 10 40, t. of b
90 187812 35. b
FOREMAN, Mrs T A..300 acres on Manchac, o
bounded north by Denham, south by Hereford
t. tract, East by Gardner and west by "Mrs Piker. b
Amut of t. 16 00. e
FORBES Leonard--636 92.100 acres on Beaver p
pond bayou, section 64. township 5, south range
2 east. Amnt oft. 12 80, t. of 1878 15 20.
F1- ISHER Mrs Anna..Lote 1 and 12 and . of b
31 lot 3, square 51, BeauregardiTown. Amount of o
St. 1878 47 50.
, lots 4 and 5, Grandpre Town Amount of t. 1i
1878 9 50.
ed FLANDERS Robert..l120 acres on White's
L1u Bayou, bounded east by Sullivan, south by Mon. t
ite egudo, west by Mrs Sanford and north by Rho. s
Sden. Amount oft, 18781045.
GIBBENS & HOLT..Ono steam ferry.boat a
ts "Irene.' Amonntoft. 18 00.
ur GREEN Charles M..1000 acres, sections 37 and c
he 38, township 6, south range 2 west, and sections
le I and 62. township 6, south range 1 west. Amt
it oft. 16 00.
230 acres, fronting 5 acres on Mississippi river.
it being the wes.tern portion of section 63, town
I shin 7.southrangel1 west,boundlednorth by Knox 1
in- and Jackson. east by Wax and wett by T W 1
by Colwe.ll, located in Devil' s Swamp. Amount of
ne. t. 3 68.
G(REVES S P Agent. Extra heirs of silohn Bird
Led -1400 aclres "Hollwood plantation.' mneasurine
be apents fr'ont on Misissippi riv. bounded
low by "Mulberry Grove planta ion."' in the
est rear by licky and others, above by Sosthene
]iaptiste and Conral and on the south by Missis.
sip i river. Amnount of t. 556 00, t. of 1878 228 80.
Ite GUSMAN A L..One square, letter D, Perdido
bd street, Spanish town. Amount of t 1 45, t. of
by 1878 80c.
SOne lot5, square 12, Beauregard Town. Amt
of t. 1 45, t of 1878 80e.
on One lot10. square20Beaaregnrd Town. Amt
ur i of t. 1 0U9.tof187860c.
and GOUIRVILLE MrM A..One square 32, Gtes
Town. Amount of t 435.
GUSMAN Heirs of..tlndivided * of 791) acres
Sof land. to.wit: 4925 25-100 SniS In otiron 3, T 5,
lay 8 e w.est, amd 3668 "51 aresin aeetion4, T 5,
northneby a Mt' ;f
Eahle Y an l aS
Onedlot b square 19,b
oft. 145. t. of 1878 00.
flot , square we, t.bsW Town.
acre 3at t. of 1878r f4.pt CA Fl8
river, bosuar8eat 1 land bt n n
sothmdaset byz .o;
o lot 10 square 1 T, Gusmnt 0To
moneeae. tamountoft. 70.
HUGUET, Mrs ` E..O a'Tres n.
road, boCrnded northby Dr 0o
aid so at east l y.odr orm o
sHEA2RSEY WmiAg Ho JM .12bt42
,.10, 11and 16 square3, T ousl a
owest bofy ax $435. 1Amount `,
HUNT, d D..80 ares on Comith 
bounded norhby SGO Hunt, south bymoan:
TAcker, east by Frane Tande 1--a
Comite river. kmount of tax $4 84, t 1878
tractship , east byrange Bl water and west by
Bariverou. Amountb of tax
SHEASEY MrsD Zlame.ars ot-'
boundivided.j n ofrth lands unknown, south by,
Berrlot 2, square 12, Brauegard towen. At
SWaddllot 9, suare 2, Devall Town. Amount of tax .7 I
60,t of 1878. 18781 40.
blo t 10, squ are 4, Grass T own. Amntliof : .'
M1A Sdes. Amountoftax9c., t1878 800.
Hlot 1, square 11TOCK, BeW a.. regarpents on Manch:
of t. by estate of Watson east by 109.
atlot m,1 square , Gusmanouth eferune Town.
HEROMAN Gee M..3 lots, 7,8,9, square~7fr
Hicke Town. Amount oft, 3 0.
HOLLY Abraham. .2 lots 33 and 34, sub.-Bgn..
necaze a. Amo unt oft. 2 00.
HARRIGAN A W. .1ot 4, quareRS5, Bem
gard Town south. Amt oft. 4'3, t.of "1878 3
HUGUET, Jors eh ..20 acres o north by4
road, booth anded northbyw south Foand west by W
weLariorest by hi east byroad. moners unt of tmo00
HICAT, divd D..80 acres on Comitd ier:ien .
bounded north by G Hunt, sou ennth by J
Tpacker, east by Frank Tucker and west0 . -4
Comite river. mout of tax $484, t 187811 40.
HERNANDEZ, Thrs Am F..7540 acres on Cot
bounded north by Badle ucney, south by Gradp
tract, east by Black water and west by Comlce.
Amoer. Amount of tax, t of 1878 60 85.
HOENDEAON, Jno eirs..2313 66e00 acrs BeverPo
bonded north by lands unkn5. town shp 5 soth by T '
Berrihill, east bAmou Vinng traxt, west bt of 1est
BeWaddill and town. AmPuckett.oun t of tax 18 7 0.
HORNER, John J..30 acres on .Blackrater'..; ;;a.
ISRAEL Joseph..108 acres, bounded north by estate David Brown, 'stt bty
wards Batris, eastby A Jackson and west bAmt of
M Grand Sides. Amunt of tax96, t of 187813 80.
HUNSTOCK, WV R..100 arpente o Mancha# 4
JbondedAnorth by estate of Watson east by o -
tate vm Hnstockne, south by Hun Corcoran, weut
'bymount ofteard. 9 Amoun. t. of 1ta78 O. '
HEARD, Joseph..175 acre crbounded northunded
Booth and RenSmith, east by Jonesaw south and West by WeL
Larimore, east by owners unAt of t. 6 1wn, Amt of 1unt
i oftax$820.
JOHICKMESA, mel..40 acres bounder, bound-orth
by Addison tract west and south by Pennyrs. At
SBoplace,east by Sorrellf t. Amount ofta 5 0.
Favrot. Amt of t. 1878 4 75.
HAYJEFFRS, MrsO J Fmy..47 acres 'betweild ands.
erry and Comit ras, bounded north by Florida Buckaer, south by
east by ooksh, south by Shea and ewest byBlaycks
tAmount of tax 4 360, t of 1878 2 85. 70.
HEKNICKDERSON, Jno G Keirs..313 6lots00 acrd 7
s w 4 ofsec24 nuw 4ofsec 25. townsip 5 south .
t range 15, Gates and wcomb. Amoun t of ta78
13 30.
t HEBERT. Patsy.. lots 1 and 10, sqnare 4 Beauregard town.
Beauregard town. Amount of taxtax 78 7 60.
t ISRAEL Joeprh..10an Cres, bounded north by
Sam Lea tract, east by public lareher, north by Robrt
t ards tract and west by Vinig. place.Amount of ta
t. 340, t. of 1878d, Succession.. of lot 10 n.
.t JOHNSON Margaret~One lot 2, square I,
Grndare Town Grass mtoftwn. 290,Amount of ta 8 7380.
SEAot squa SORREL. Grass town.cres, oundet north
by J t Hackney. east by T HCorcoran, south..
d byot heirs 7,of , 9,G edden and westby Cageof13, Hplace.
mount oft. 9 00of. t. of 16780.
t JKIGHTSO Bejamiu.. lots 9 acres, outher
north biono squith, east by Jones south and Amet
e boundaies unknown. Amt oft. 612 t of 18790.
f8 608.
JOES Aoelhn..80 acres on Blackwater, bound- Creek
SJACKndedSON Amh anda..Ones lot 12Jno, square , souh
Favrot. Am0,t oft. 1878 4 75.
A JEFLLYRIO J F..70 acres beteen Bentody reek,
it Ferry and Comite roads, bounded north andi
east by BooL Kelly, eouth by Sharp and west' anby
2 RBilov Amt oft. 1878 760.
SIINE, Maria..One lot 4, square 1, Auhert
towpub lands. Amount tof 1878t 5 60. 70.
t; KNEIPEOCKER, rs A ..2 lots 5 amid 7
,x squaroad.5, boundGaed north by Pvost east and oftax.
73 c.
by Laots division and 10westby Spanishtown. Amt.
of ta 48 090.
4 lot 6, squ2, 3, 4, ar 4, Beauareregard town.wn. A
s Amount o4 tax 4725.5.
ts KIRKWOOD , John..85 acres MacFarlandoth by
o tract boundedatby publi land, north by Heath east by Krumberlt
and west by Rodrigues. . Amount of t 4 20.
S79 acreeks on Cyress aou, bounded northby by Petree and Kinpeter,
east booney einptract, southd sout by oMrng, east by Donh. Am
erof t. 1878 t K m30.ut of ta 0.
LBLA, 12, snareC Thomas-1 town.ot 5, square t4, Beam 8
by r gard suare, Grass town. mAmtontt.of245, t. of 18781tU.
S LOUCKS Mrs Anna..40 acres on Comite road,
o bounded norths by White d lexa l, outnderr, south
Sby CpomiteRoafs, earegt by Wm Pratt and west by
erf otghe t l oft. 640, t. of 1 8950.
:rs oLEFEn ER Mrs J J..One lot, square 2, T rky
dwest by VDunI Gnan and MatherirsTown. mtof Tate. mon 65.
b Amt of t. 1 45.
ks0. TownELL. Amt of t. acres on Blackwater re45.e
of o Undivided and of lots 6, squareJno Ihian, ky Townth.
ic, of Amt of 1t. 73c. 64c.
rdStok of merchanise in trade Amt ofnt. 7 20rek,
epT own. Amt of t. o 60 45.
of by r I Lane and west Miss MAc King. int.
of ot 5, 800.Town.Am o .80.
Les IPEot, be A , square ontan..One
t. lot 6 square 16, Beauregard town. Am!ount o
at squaflo , equnt town. rnion tract. Amt 570.
ene Towns. Amt oft. 290.
F 5. [to¶2v5~R OX 921 1'A(t.J

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