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Mr. M1. Chambers announceaile arri
val of the magazines for July at his ,
stationery establishment.
Parties wishing to purchase a second- f
hand engine, in complete running order a
will do well to refer to advertisement of I
Messrs, James 'l, Laws & Co., which s
appears in another column. It will be a
sold at a bargain. e
Mr. A. Levy, the new merchant, next
door to Lefevers, is now open and fully
prepared to wait upon the public. lie
has a very handsome assortment of va- t
riety goods, which he sells at remark
ably low prices. Don't fail to give him
a call. You will find Mir. Eddie Calla
haIn, one of our town boy., ready with
his usual politeness, to give you a hearty a
welcome, and in furtherance of the in
terests of the indefatigable pIroprietor,
will show you goods without complaint.
The Annual (Conluencenienlt Exercises t
of the Girls' Department of the school of
the St. Joseph's Catholic sisters, will a
take place at the Academy, on to-morrow F
2d diust., at 7. o'uclo'k, P. M. The ad
mission price is unt 10) cents. The cakes
and refreshments will be sold at moder
ate prices: all for the benefit of the 1
orphans. The programme is a very in
teresting one, and we doubt not that a
great numlber of our people will show 4
their appreciption of the efforts of the I
Sisters by attending their exercises.
The friends of Mr. Win. Bryan will
read the following, from the Iberville
South, with pleasure: "Win. A. Bryan,
Esgq., of the City Item has been a guest
of ours for three days this week. Mr. B.
is an experienced journalist anti is thor
oughly posted in all the minuti:a of the
"Art preservative of all Arts" and we
are happy to state that we have entered
into satisfactory arrangements with himi
respecting the management of the Iber
ville South which will be edited and
published by him after July 1st, next."
are informed that the Sister's of St.
.Joseph, owing to the scarcity of teach
ers, will be compelled to give up the
Boys' l)epartment of their school. 'To
fill the void thus created, efforts are he
ing made to induce the Catholic Brothers
to open a school for boys of the Congre
gation. Those parents who desire to
eduncate their children in their faith, at
the same time that they are acquiring
worldly instruction, should organize so
as to provide the ways and means for
establishing and supporting such a
Fo,;us Daowxlas.-.Justice C. W. Pope
held an inquest on the body of a white
man found floating in the river about
eight miles above the Court House on
the morning of 11th inst. From papers
found on the corpse, the deceased was
supposed to be named Warren Dillon,
front l)ougola, Ills. 'T'here were also
foundl two certificates of deposit, one on
the house of 1". M. Flillard, Jonesbloro,
Ills., and tlh other on J. D). Kelley, at
lotngolu. and a letter from Miss Wooley,
of Dongola. IllI., but no money or other
valualhl. The le tt arnm was broken and
the botldy so ninh duc;ictled as to Iprevent
renmoval and had to I,e Ilried onii tihe
bank of the river. Further Iirticilars
may be had bly addlressing C. W. Pope,
P'ort Allen, West Baton Rouge. W'ill our
city exchanges plea~sc notice ?--Sgar
While on a dlying trip to the rcsiulhncc
of llint hospitalilel anil niolel old gniitle
nian, Mr. Willianm Hobgood. Sunday alf
ternooni, the publisher ihad occasion to
note with regret the parched coliditioli
of thle orn crop. Alonig the entire route
the necessity for Ii good rain was aplpar
ent to the most inexperienced eye, andt
if the planters are not fortunate enoullgh
to sncure one in a short time, in somnein
stances, seed will hIrdly be realized
from the labor expended. Cane is also
sutfering, but the cotton looks comparn
tively well. Of the latter Mr. Hlobgood
exhibited to us about as thrifty a field
as it has ever been our pleasure to see.
Scarcely a sprig ot'graiss to lmar thie leau-i
ty of the plat, the stalks were of' uniformn
size and line height. Indeed his whioh
place is in this cleanly conlitionl, whi lei
his stock, cattle. !iigs, etc., piresented a
healthy and thriving aslpect. 'IThliolugh
of at(vanceld age, Mr. 11. is active enough
to keep upi his reputation las a model
ftarmer, the secret of which lies in the
fact that hle lives Iat homle," and is just
anld lionirablel in all his dealings.
At the Iynagogne.
On last Friday evening, we attended
service at the Synagogue, on the occa
nion of the visit of Dr. Weiss, the Rabbi
of Morgan City, a gentleman of culture I
andt of cprepossessing appearance aId
manners. At the conclusion of the ser
vices, Dr. Weiss took up the suliect,
"''The Mission of Isral." which hlie treated
brietly, in a forcible andt conmprehensive
manner. Hlie salid substantially that the
duty of the sons of Israel was toleration
towards the convictions of their fellow
men; the practice of morality; the love
of all men and the exemplitication of the I
principle of equality amongst all, the
well-born, the lowly, the uich as well
as the poor. We were much pleased
with the liberality of his views, which
hbe expressed with great iluency.
Iaereased Value of BeSal 't*te;i
Batti"n aRoue.
On Saturday last, Sheriff Bates began
at 12 M., the sale',of real estate for par
tition among the creditors of Hart & 1
Hebert. The blidding was so lively that
by 2 P. al., that officer had concluded his
For several years past, real estate of- 1
fered at public sale, has seldom brought A1
over two thirds of its appraised value. E
In this instance most of the property I
sold for more than the entire amount of I
appraisemlent, which is an indisputable
evidence that real estate in Baton Rouge
and in this parish is at last rapidly ap
preciating in value a fact which fully
sustains thetssertion of the CAIrroLIAN,
that this city and vicinity are fairly
on the road to prosperity.
We invite our readers to examine the
following account of the sales referred
tThe Rosenfield Stores. on Third street,
appraised at $10,001,, were sold to Mrs.
J. M. Parker for $10, loo.
The llausey Stables, appraised' at €'2,
51)0, were sold to Mr. George Henderson
for ,2,4-5o.
'[Tha Hart Residence, on Church street,
appraised at i,;lt0t,. was sold to Col. i).
F. Boyd for 4.,Iei.
A two-thirds interest in the Newell
Stores. on Lafayette street, appraised at
at $4,0)to), was sold to Mr. Henry Newell,
for x4I.0o0.
The one-half interest in the HlarIey
House, appraised at =,(I000, was sold for
'5,000, to Messrs. John D. Fisher, Henry
Badlhy, Sr., Jas. E. Bllouin and William
The one half interest in the house n!*
cupied by Mr. F. G(stabel, appraised at
$1,000, was sold to the oc.nupant for ,ou.
Another property appraised at y~it0l,
was sold to Mr.. Joseph D. Blonin for
The Shelmire tract, at the Plains, ap
praised at $,S-00, was sold to Mr. hlenry
Badley for ~Poe5.
Several other pieces of property. con
sisting of vacant lots, were sold for more
than the appraisemen t.
Other sales of property to the amount
of cl5, also brought more than the
appraised value.
The Catholic Sisters' School.
On Thursday evening of last week,
there was a large gathering of people of
all ages and sexes, in the school yard of
the Sisters of St. Joseph. A stage had
been improvised on which the boys of
the school displayed their youthful tal
ent, which has been developed under
the skillful care of the good Sisters. At
intervals the Independent Silver Cornet
Band enlivened the occasion with ilusi
cal selections, which were, as usual. ren
dered in excellent style, to the gratifica
tion of the audience and also of the boys,
whfo performed their parts most credita
bly. Everything passed off in a very sat
isfactory manner to. All present. while
the parents of the boys. especially, were
delighted to note the progress they had
made in their stildies during the last
At the clohse of the examination the
distribution of the prize. awarded was
mnulde as follows:
I.'l:s'r Cl.As--Mecdals of hlonor award
ed to Masters Robert Schreder. Eugelne
Jastremnski. Alvin lhebert. Henry .iJas
S,(2N Id C I.As-Mh'datls of S:ttisfae
tion to Masters Aic. 'Grouchy. t ubert
Wax. Anthony (.'aedessus., ,Toselh ,%hut
Tm'lili'd ('L.\ss-Lewis Arbour.
1out'lfll CI.As.s--JohnI O'Conlnor. Elie
"ln'I T (,.tss - Eugene .Jawtremki,
Roicet Neirdeir, Alvin lb-thrt. John
Mulcrhy, illenry ,Jatrelnmki.
SEcox'NI Ci,,\s.-Aleo Gronuhy. Hu
bert W'ax, Anthony Cazedessus. Joseph
Schler, J.selph Pino, Ben Schrwd'er,
Thomas C.(stello, Anguste Strenzke.
TIlmulI CLAss--Eugene Cazedessus,
Clay llebert. Joseph BaRlaski, George
Heroman, (;Gaston Hearsey, Louis Ar
Fouwrrn Cr.o.ss-Johu O'Connor, Jos
eph Wax, Joseph Mulcaby. Elie Petit
jean, Charles Baker.
FIFrTH CLa.ss--Frank Grouchy, Nicho
las Wax, Henry Sehrieder, William Mc
Qouah, lIeury Schuler, John Barker,
Jacobl a Hnm, Lawrence Balaski.
The Work of Restoration.
W inspected the Capitol ,on Monday
evening, anId fond that since the last
minute report gxven in the (A'.Ir'rrol..Nx,
the followiung described work ha Ibeen
done towa:rds completion :
'The floors have been laid in thile Audli
tor's, T'reasurer's, State Engineer's anld
Laud othces, each delpartment having
two rooms. The iloor in the Senate
Schamber is nearly completed. Thile sla
ter has tinished the roof over the Senate
chamber and will have completed that
over the House of Representatives by
the middle of the week. The furring
of the walls throughout the building has
'been completed a nd they are ready for
the plasterer. The keep dloor has been
placed in position, and the Court walls
carried Lup to the proper height to re
ceive the iron story, or keep. The roofs
Sover the North and South curtain rooms
Sare being placed in position so as to ena
ble the slater to place the entire building
under roof, with the exception of the
1 Court, which is situated in the center of
Sthe edifice and occupying a space of 44
by50 feet.
Thejoinerbae all the window frames
in ýosition, reay fortrt e~io  ., t
out the first and' secoiid stories; '`whth' o
comprise all the offices for the State oflt- e:
Cials, committee rooms, and both the n
halls of the general assembly. A large v
quantity of door frames, window and n
door architraves, mouldings, doors and Ih
sash for the inside fluish are stored in d
the building and ready to be placed in b
,position. The plumber has placed and p
secured all the gas and water pipes, o
throughout the structure. All the iron fi
angle turrets and battlements whicl p
surmount the walls are in position. The ft
painter has given one coat of paint, san- d
ded, to the iron and wood work around ti
the Senate chamber, the North curtain Ii
rooms and in part the iron turrets ; his S
work presenting already a very pleasing n
appearance. tl
Patriot Democrat: Two more emi- n
grants from Germany. "'ho have rela- 0
tives in this parish, uarrived here during b
the past week. 11
St. Charles Herald: Jan. Woods, who v
was so badly burnt last week, a full ac
count of which appeared in our last is- a
siue. died at his residence last Saturday. e
The old man had been sick and feeble t
some time. and this accident hastened ti
his death. r
St. Charles Herald: There were six
sunstrokes in the neighborhood of Hahn- e
ville on la.it Wednesday. Two on the 1
Home Place, two on Latitte's plantation
and two cross-tie cutters at work in the "
swamps. Ol Sol is getting his work in
on suffering humanity.
Feliciana Sentinel : We were pleased t
to hear a leading nmrchant remark do
ring the past week that the credit fur
nishining sales, pll to date, are much
btelow those of last and previous years.
This is a h1uppy sign of the times. IMuch
of this is tdue to the. system of truck r
farming which is fast becoming general l
with our farmers. I
IDonaldsonville Chief: .Jimn Roberson, t
a colored man aged 54 wears. employed
as a laborer on the Nolan place, near t
Donaldsonville, was drowned in Iayou l
Laturche last Saturdahy evening, while
btathing in that stream in front of the
plantation a short dlitance below the
railroad bridge. It is said that Jim was
somewhat under the intinence of liquor
and that some of his companions endeav
ored to dissnadle him from entering the
water. H-. insisted uponU doing so. how
ever.: and venturing beyond his depth.
sank to rise no utore in liht. The boldy
was recovered Sunday. 1
City Itemln: For several years Robert
Maginnis has been employed as pressman
onl.tlhe P'riceCutrrent. Notwithst;unding
the fact that he had the moral influence
o' a newspaper .onstantly about him
antl had access to an occasional exchange.
almintdin,_ with moral advice, hlie fil 1
frtio1 grace. aid it now appt[ears, hasbeeh
systematically robbing the office of paper
and diisposing of it to outside parties. It.
is alsio b)ehe'ed that he, was the :.nte
of the two attemlpts made lately to es
itroy the Price (Cu'rrent office lv tire.
Maginnis, linding that he \a :t- getting
at the i-ld of hiis rope, skipped the town,
anlld his wilerieaholits ar' now 1 l0nktownl.
Laf:iEvtte Advertiser: C(elestin, col!
Sored, was arrested la.st w(eck :iand iar
cerated in the pairisi prison on a cbarge
of tuirgiaiy. Oi W\edniesday mtorning,
16th i:st., ,n opening thel jail. the ja:iler
Sfoiund that hIis IMilesN t o way \. all that
was left to answt.r the chlarg,. A iJost
m0lorte'lll exlamination dtis'losedt e het tct
that tltath resulted from apopllexy. An
other prisoner was in the rooml with the
deceased, but hle Naid he knew nothing
of his detath, that he did not h.ar Inio
call or coillda in dutring tle, ni ht. No
marks of violence were tliund up1n1 thel
body of the deceasedl, au d the nattural
suppositionl was tthat death resulted
from apoplexy or some disease prolducing
instantaneouls dissolution.
Opelonsas Demnlocrat: On baturday
night, the 4th nltimo, a negro by the
name of Sandy Jenkins living on the
Clanp place near town, for some petty
oftlnse conlnlitted, was givenl the option
of the "law" or a cow-hiding. Dreatd
ing the law, hIe preferred taking the
whipping. Hie was accordingly taken
andt in the "olt style" was divested of
his ilnlenlional)les lalld about one hlin
tdred lasl's given him on thile nlakedt skin
Sand with mauny thanks for his escape
from the law,he went his way rejoicing.
i If others, coniuitting minor olfettnces,
w re treated in tih same way, it wouldt
I le'ssen the eXplenses of thie iarish a great
ideal. Try it.
: Feliciana Sentinel: A lprivate letter
fronm MIr. A. J. Ierrrin, Justice of the
Peace of t~he sixth wardt of this parish iu
formns n tlhat on the 6th of June, the
dead body of a mlan was: seen floating
down the river, in the vicinity of MIr.
John Clark's residtence. The Ibildy was
r rescued, int was so far disfigured by dte
Scomposition that it was imapossible to
discov er whether his lift had been taken
by violence or aiccidertal drowning. In
I the hople that this may reach the eye of
Ssome one who nlourns the unknown's
loss, we give the only description possi
I ble. His dress counprising atgray colored
pants 1Iand vest, (11no coat) a cotton shirt,
a knuit undershirt, and a pair of cork
toed btogan shoes. Nothing was found
Son has person to furnish a clue as to his
name or where he may have come from,
Sneither did he have any money.
Shreveport Standard: On Saturday
s night when the eclipse of the mpoon took
midst ofthW ej mntjd ' rt bolored, jt f:
vidual stepped. in itan so itable: m-n '
ner and dalled a hat, sayingthe last
.had come, the world wasM covered wi
darkness and the moon was covered wi&'l
blood. Therr was a.sadien soai.
per for the door anjl when the condition
of the moon was discovered maany
fell upon 'their knees and commenced
praying, while others took out for home
full tilt. It is unnecessary to say' the
dance was brought to a sudden termina
tion, and many of the participants be
lieve yet it was their sin of dancing
Sunday morning which caused the dark
ness and tdie blood on the moon, and
their prayers that saved the world from
instant destruction.
New Iberia Sugar Bowl: Lpst Monday
our town was 'a scene, of great excite
ment in the vicinity of Justice Langlois'
oftice when it was learned that Consta
ble J. M. Senac had shot and instantly
killed a colored man named Jeff Hill,
while on trial for beating his wife last
Sunday, The facts obtained by us are
as follows;. During the trial of the
case, Hill grew indignantover the state
ment made to the bourt by his wife and
attempted a second assault upon her;,
refrsing to obey the judge's summons to
keep her quiet, Constable tnaq was
ordered to take him to jail. Hill was
persistent in resisting the officer and,
finally, making a motion as if to draw
,a weapon. Mr. Seuac drew his revolver
and fired, killing him almost instantly.
Mr. enace immediately gave himsel f.p
to the authorities and remained in jail
until yesterday when he was brought
up b,efore Judge Fontelieu for prelimi
nary examination. and admitted to bail
in the s(um of 50.,
During l,nday and Tuesday it was
rumored that some negroes intended ta
king Senae from jail and lynching Lhim,
but a strong guard was placed around
the jail and no attempt was made.
Shreveport Times: For several weeks
the police have been on the alert for a
negro man named Willian Green, who is
wanted for larceny. Last evening bet
ween I; and 7 o'clock Policeman Wimbish
got on Green's track and soon discovered
him in a store near the ferry landing.
i The negro saw the officer approclehing,
broke and ran toward Jones' saw mill.
and wa:s distancing Wimnbish so badly
that he called to several to stop the thief,
when Mr. Wiley Downs rushed out from
Jones' mill and captured Green and held
him until the ofticer arrived when he
turned the prisonerover to him. No
sOOnler" was Glreenl, who is a man of
superior physical strength, in the custody
of Mr. Wimbish, than he grabbed him
by the throat, began t'hocking him and
swearing at the top of his voice that
there were not policemen dnrough in town
t, aire.tr iim. Mr. Wlinmbish managed
to get his pistol ,out and dealt the negro
se\veral blows over the htead before he
could 1b indc:wed to relax his hold. Mr.
D owns aga in camle to the assistance of
tihe officer and also another gentleman
;land Ibet ween the three they soon secured
tithe desperate negro. Meantime a large
number ot negroes had assembled and
violentl': opIoeleC( the offiaer and Mr.
Downs and tihreatented to rescueo Green
at all h}azardls, and only for thie coolness
and dltet',nination displayed by the
white men rihe negroes doubtless would
halvtre v.arrritd their threats into execu
lion. Las: ;night Chief Austin instructed
the force to arrest the ring leaders and
lock them nli.
KELLY-In this eit. on Tuesdayt , June 9th
1'l1. at 1h 'clirk M.. after a long illness, MARY
CW('ECIA, wife of Thonmua F. Kelly and daughter,
of I.. C. C(il;rrotte, aged 2i years and 9 nmonths.
Fancy Crackers! -AT
NIC NACS..........
FAN('Y MIXED.. .. june21
Canned Fresh Apples.
GRATED.."3 pound cane," 20 cents.
Q UARTERED..3 pound cans, 15 cents.
QUARTERED..L gallon cauns, 40 cents.
At Family Grocery of JOSHUA BEAL.
Flavoring Extracts,
Lemon and Vanilla, Standard and Extra, at
Family Grocery of JOSHUA BEAL.
Apple Butter.
3 lb cans, extra quality, at Family Grocery of
jute 21. JOSHUA BEAL,
Canned Sausage.
PORK SAUSAGE.. "Potted," 2 R cans.
IHAM SAUSAGE .1 to cans.
LIVERSAUSAGE. :Imported ' tIt cans.
At FaImily Grocery of JOSHUA BEAL.
Pickles. Sauces, Olives.
Fresh receipts at Family Grocery of
june 21. JOSHUA BEAL.
Concentrated Lye.
Excellent quality; 10 cents per can, at Fami.
ry Grocery of (JOSHUA BE4L.
Fruit Butter.
Various kinds, at Family Grocery of
june 21" JOSHUA BEAL.
Coffee and Tea.
COFFEE..Java of very best quality,
COFFEE..Rio, various grades.
COF FEE..Facyv Cordova.
COFFEE Fine Old Crop Tea Berry.
TEA .Oul ngand Eng. Breakfast.
TEA..Finest Gunpowder.
TEA .Extra finue iixed.
At Fajuily Grocery or JOSHUA BEAL.
Sugar t Sugar !
CUT-LOAF .Extra Louisiana,
COFFEE A.. Best Double Refined La.
LIG HT BROWN.. East Baton Rouge, (Knox's)
At Family Grocery of JOqSIJ A BEAL.
Chocolate and Cocoa.
Fresh and Choice, at Family Grocery of
Piekled White Onions.
mall Bottles, Fine Quality, tam lGro
ceryof JOHUA y t.
Stl 4 I
The swift ast palatial steamer.
JESSE . I3ttB1
S GRO. .0, RAMLTON,, Clerk.
Having superior. aoeonamoda
tions or p ae s l l oNew
Orta ns every 8Pturdar s P.
M., arriving at Baton Rouge every ;Stla
morning 4t 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Bato
Roung tor New Orleans at 9 o'lock A,;., epey
Passage to and from New Orleans $4.00.
For freight or Gassle, apply on board, or to
JOHN GAfVl. Agent,
apr2noy Baton Rouge"bs, ,
Baton Roue and Donaliolnvil
Daily United States Mail Steamer
H. W. PENNY WITT, Master.
Will leave Baton Rouge every morniNk, oe.
cept Tuesdays, at 6:30. and connect with the
carn at Donaldsonville for Neq, Orleans.
Returning-Will leave Donaldsonville every
day, ekcept Tuesdays. at 12:30. on the arrival of
the cars from New Orleans, for Baton Rouge
and all mail laudiug., carrying passengers and
baggage OsLY..
`through Tickete to New Orleans. feb22
Architects and Builders,
and Fstimates, and execute all oity and
plantation work in their line, on the most fa.
vorable terms. apr2Otf
Sewing Machine!
Two-thirds of all the Sewing Machines sold in
the United States are SINGERS.
The best is the cheapest, and the
Singer is the best.
It will last a life time. Send for price list.
85 Canal Street, New Orleans.
-Branch office
Main Street. BATON ROUGE. La.
B. H. KEYSER, Manager.
Lafayette Street, between Laurel and Main,
Good work and perfect satisfaction guaranteed.
PEtKY, Houston County, Ga., Jan. 28, 1880.
In the year 1873, there were two negro pris.
oners confined in the jail of this county, who
were very badly afflicted with that loathsome
disease fy vhilis. In my official capacity as
otrdi ary. I empal, ed Capt. C. T. Swift then a
resilent of this place, to cure them. under a
contract, "no cure, no pay." He administered
to tiem his celebrated Syphilitic Specific, and
in a few weeks I felt bonnd, under my contract,
to pay hunt out of the conuty nteasury, as he
bad effected a complete and racical cure.
In testimony Tilereunto set my offl.
ISEALJ cial signature and seal.
Ordinary Houston County, Georgia.
CIA'rrANCOOA. Tenn.. February, 14, 1879.
We take pleasure in saying that the S. 8. S. is
giving goodi satisfaction.' We have had excel.
lent r, suits from a number of cases. One ga.
tleman whohad been condined to his bed six
weeks with Syphilitic Rheumatism has been
cured entirely, and speaks in the highest praise
ef it. It also acts as well in primary as in
secondary and tertiary eases.
etors, Atlanta, Ga.
Sold by W. T. CLUVERIUS.
Call for a copy of "YonngMen's Friend."
To House-l.eeperm-
My stock of house furnishing goods, such as
Table Damasks. Fringed Table' Covers, Nap.
kins, Doylies. Sheetings, Bobbinets, Towels,
Marseilles Quilts. Nottingham aces, Curtain
muslins, Cretonnes. Window Shdres. Mattings,
Oil Cloths, etc.. has just been replenished and
I am prepared to sellat prices that dety com
petition. A. ROSENFIELD.
Silver lted Having avery large
Silver-Plted ock of SilverPlated
'WAEitln. Ware on hand, I will
sell the same, for the next thirty days, at a reduc
tion of TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT. Now is
the time to buy TEA SETS, CASTORS, CAKE
DISHES, etc., etc., at a GREAT BARGAIN.
The above goods are warranted to be the BEST
that is made. JOHN JOHNSON.
Bargains I Bargains t
Ladies'. Misses' and Childrens' shoes slightly
damaged atone half the original cost at
june l1.no.54. ROSENf'IFLD'S.
.M ea. , 1 _eal
I have in store 15, barrels Cnoice myl, fo
sale to dealers and consumers.
L line of Soap. Starch and Candles t
W HITE GOODS, Victoria Lawns, Swiss
Plain and Dotted. Organdies, Mulis, Linen
Lawns, Paris Muslins, Linen CambHic. Persian
Lawns, India Lawns, Tarlatanes. Piques, Nan
sooks, etc., at Rosendeld's.
C Che ai A ·eapeats!
SCat" wb!r l ! lo'w h Ie" will, in
order tosll t the low price
Smay 4*
C· -1iS : . -
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E. D.
BATON ROUGE..,... ..... :..;,4
Fancy Groceries
Liquors, Western Produce,
And Everything usually kept ifna teneral Siu
ply store. Goods sold at the very lowest
tor Cash. Highest price paid for Cotton madn
other country produre, v83py
(Established in 1849.)
Foroln& DomestluHar a ri
Agricultural Implements, Blacksmitha', Carnpe:r
ters' and Coopers' Tools, Oils, Glass, Paisn,
(Big n f Rd Ploto,;
INFORMS his patrons and the public genir '
. ally that he will mnake Casinfhre suits at "
frto, $15.0 to $d0.00 per suit, and a fine sep :
tion of vests at $.0O0 each. marl-70.
The undersigned begs leave to an
nounce to his friends anil the ublic
generally that he has open a
at the corner of L af.ettd nd Maind
streets, opposite Cluverius'drugtor
where the Choleest Wines, together with
every delicacy in season, to e found here or '
fromi New Orleans markets. The HOTELabove
the Restaurant, hai been thoroughly repaired
and renovated, is no o pen for gute.
Latest Styles ! New Patters I
Iu CALICO from:................ 50 to$l 00
In PERCALE, from................1 00 to 1 50
In CHEVIOT, from.............. 1 25 to 2 00
In WHITE, from............... 75 to 1 75
In ' Linen Bosom and Cuffs (a
Bargain) ......................... 1 00
A complete new line of Laundred and Unlaun
dred Shirts, at the very lowest prices for cash.
The Gent's Clothing and Futishms Depart
ment complete at A. ROSENFIELD 8.
y -E
With. the Anti-Malaria.
OURES pep*a ',r 1,
Slate, Kidney ADe
arce, Female Comp
noess, Palpitation, a
Diseases without med
e ing--no inconvenience, and apositlve cure.r
SPrice including aBottle Anti-Malaria, e.oo.
Sent by mail to any address upon receipt of
price. Principal Depot, 92 German St..
SBalto., Md. 86ld by Druggists generally.
Buy none but a Patent Liver
and Stomaen raa, others Ere bulky,
i, ard and troublesonme to wear.
All of Dr. Flagg's Preparations are sold by
DR. BROOKS. Baiton Rouge.
W WANTED"est Cah i
.p.d for the
0s 000 sameat the cot
-BALES O0 COTTON ! n Lror Main and
Third street. Baton Bouge, Louisiana.
ANDREW JA(dCKSON. Cotton Buyer.
.Sour Ma Whisky
St Made Soar ;WmaW ke, Franklin Crosar
Roads, Ky., so0d b.E
- Tobao Toboooo I
I have in stole stock of btu es
to be found In thi , s
era will findit to their ]e ame:
before purchaslainzg e

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