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Louisiana capitolian. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1879-1881, July 23, 1881, Tri-Weekly, Image 7

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Reed's Gilt Edge Tonit cures Dyspepsia (leo
Every person who do(ls a smiple deedu i1no
tc make hir own town more beautiful, thel
more healthful or more attractive is a cant
public betetactor. the
ro thnalorto 1
No though:s purely origintl; allour the
deductions are but continlatiUns of the
avenues of speculation opener up for 1111 Hna
by those who have gone befor t. If
The hotly of the unfortunate young tho
man, Lewn Peters, v'ho wav drowned on 40 r
last 8mulay evening, was recovered, we in t
learn, on yesterday, near I'lahiuemine. er t
'the Miayor has com1lnis~moi'e4d an otth
cer and an emdloye on the ferryboat the
Irene, as special otlicers of th , city, tohe
preserve order aboard, and, it i'et(l he,
arrest offenders the
Alvan E. lReatl, 1:1s(. 11115 returned!
from a recent tour il 'Tens tosee, looking ,a
as handsome as ever, ready to attend to tilie
the extensive; law htssnesi ,I his tirtn' it
that of Realle & bhoodtle' the
Men who make their 11iii1'5 u eccess al
a henelit to a town and, people. by doing I
good with their money anal inttitnutr. Wi
a.re the ones who leetv'e paitronelgte.
It siluII iIncreases their capacity fou r "
I le wore it guilwol-elicke:P r"+ired hel it;
met lint, I,, totinld mn form. his a black
mloustache, ts1irlhs about fIv"1 liun itr 111
P0111411 ;1111 reprew'tnts :I \1 : trleans toa
hlt'u e. lie left hers this 11o1. ning i l a
buggy, going itlp .,treaui .ti. fy'. ',aha v, 1,11
hye' I 'n n to 111 It
It it hes Veen vouenlu'iivel e rovI'' that ed
it'; 111;(1 wlalk, laonu II t;,' unshi on all: do
iir It ri'(l e his hIiI' v,111 ' int-I .
fr-et funrther tHill III t' a. II' cour 11
w ith t"1nl r ll :I te n t ;'I..1e fir 1111 t,1 ,
Id n't :itt IIp I r en'Itat I ( I .
I 'll: oI !:I -l. i l, I \. ' . 0
.4ll ) ' 4 f'i : t ' 1 ; 1 ý I I ' ' I 1 , " X 1 I
:I ;II \Ii -fii.' 1'1 I ' 1'i a' 1'
u lt' ',a I l t . . , ' 1 1 111.11
1 1111t ':- I i I I fit' I 1 '1r , It ( i 'i :111
[ 1t. ' A l I :0 1 111' ( II11'I, i1141 tI l I I'
111 ',', ti 1;.ol t e r ' I, ' 14 Itli 'ltre l 1,1 tII
Vnt it 1 ". ' 'h " t in -ojto , 11111 Iit\\l o'
thitit1111r1 Me4(s t 1'i 1 t ' \ the It'4r SiI gair! I' i :tnt 1
i tt ^ : ' 1 ' 1 I I I . ', ' 1 t iiii I ' t i
the 44 It t't\tli'ti '1 n111:i 1 h (l ri',i iii at
Ill I. H rit' iii i ' 1 11 '1111,.1 N1 It'"4' 1'"
11 t1, '1111 , l' . 1, 1;1 . I 'll l \i ~ 1 4' .' I I. . 1
1 1" I'.hi~t V. l i ll t,111 fill 1, 11 t\ :I 'I' -'I ;I I- I t,
Th l-chn TIwu- ua
T i, 'I ,tI' 4 14 11 1 1' 1ii I i 1111 ', 1, 1''" 111;' 11 i 'II I
ne tsw lt 114n 0' ('.j 41411 i fIn\ 11 i; '-,i
m t1. It I l, 41'1' 11: t 1, fl l, i I } :
prin edt ;flt l 1, il 1' t 11,H . n ,it t'. uhn
n. T nth he T oin l, wt thte ill o el. t"1
hWrll (III') till ýHru 1Vpo '' a a to 1onhtll 11
rec'1eile', to d f i;f a i 1 11 h l'l 11:{ 1.11 11't- I'
sl~l Iide fantu "1111'. f
"\ 111+n 11t r\' 11I'rth 111 ' lntee In know1'11
111.o~~ ly he U io l in, l l re--,', 1 +11 1',} ' '11111,a
Ial b u a Iw .. .,.I I.. 1.,..a, u I I
Senteneed A, Life. Ti
At noon. on last ýuesday, a jury of
cunscientious men, after patiently lib- seed
tuning to the evidence anel the able Hart
argiunents of Messrs. Cross & Jones for Asei
the defense, and of District Attorney troe
°teorge W. Buckner for the State, unan- brnin
I ituously agreed, almost upon reaching they
their room, that Alonzo Wells, the ac. Pee
a cased, was guilty of having murdered ti
the young woman Annie Rounds, and alV
to have thrown the mangled body into at ti
r the river, last fall, otof the little trading aipm
e boat that was moored opposite the lower Bhi
s end of the city. Ban
'rhe evidence elicited before the jury,
K though wholly circumstantial, was of
u so strong a nature, as t6 leave no doubt
'e in the minds of its members that no oth
er than Alonzo Wells had committed the
bloody deed.
It The accused had been seen entering
t the boat, while the husband. who was
intoxicated and had the keys in his
pocket, was under temporary arcest at
the jail.
The noise of a scuttle, the thud of an
1g ax striking a human body, the groans of c
em the victim, the splash of the body when
it was threewn into the turbid waters of
te' Mississippi, all had hben heard soon S
5atte'i WVells' e'nti'v into the Ii ttle clehili,
ST'ltecn he' had been seen shortly after- -
wards I ntying the bolat, when it passedl F
e, be another which contained two wit- of'I
ll .e-s, and whe'l the west whid refsied the
to allow it to do ccmoee' than drift against bee
tine shore to a 411 crt elistanee 4,el N from 1,i1c
it: m~ou ll . 11as t
After the release' of the shecred bus- silt
I hand, wll), fitiding that the hoot was thi
tcissinig, suspicioned i fol pliiy, and call- iec
R eel upoei cher:tiec' licite's 'iiil hii t of Vii,
o c' Ml' ee iliei. to iill' him in recovericeg of
it, \'e'lls, tintally. in te..poni e to re ee'at- chic
at ill lcnork frl'm these officer.. opened till sntr
S dilly fromu till iii ide of the cabin and ;Inn
III IoIn t lone wcith 1"!othe-, ' t'' hly to
on ]fil on, wýhlle ihosr hl' wet t h t sni t
ig ir ccr' l:e'ncilg ci'I tine dios, wet 1s if ci
wti, i wacho. hct bcarijg *,ici of the
b Iood eith wlcw'ii the' 11l1' . ihiiio t froni tut
ie cliii, X\ i'' iiiilc'~iie 'ci cc
iis:i ec-iC ' c- li he' a
1 1 t 1 " t h It l u e a n n d " . t h ai t 1i I ' I
ii' tc p I u 1 1 .1 '`~ 'Il 1 1 - 1 ! ! ' ' " i f ll ce
' ' t H ith .!n 11 ..1 to i , tii
1. e!. C ciu ' it ::i tic l
III! 1 , til 11 11 (1l lltls h r0 0 0 (! - 11r
tii 1.111' hide iii 1. l 'Xh i ec i''llrl c:t 1,Iihi 111
I i c f 1; it lie ' 1111 ;ic' e, ; I c ht l e'I ' ; 1 I t i lc l ` ' e' l "
tit tt; t rc 1'11 u' ;1cc; n si cc. .
1t - 1 e'e 1ii " i le til cl. 111 c 1t ;1" ii c-' cillC' It ; l Ii.,
1 1 1.i, ii tite"!.'c - thl' 1 i dici '.Ii'i Ididdi \il1l'1cl ,l
1 I \ Ib i t i i c lie " -' e e l ' i t im .
It- n mic iiic'ii.itc' uhfn~ ti c'ehicici cc
ilicc'ct te' dcc:cii 'eet iiniiil. c e ', C ie l iee
( i'" c nl ' 1!1'1e ..,1 led it I c- 1 I c jcii'o' i"e
; jIc' \\c'hl.` :11 d11 1:i .1cc c If d c1'1 - t'rilie tll l 11
Sie lee' l d li" ccci tierlic e' l Ic t I lit 'ccle icl" t
reelw , heic 'he c'ec l, ii' hi'lecc'c': i'c'u . . htr
X1- ' e'I e i.ce' 1 1 t c t eIlleciel uthi i h'e 'hit
I t c tiec to lotk ciii a lhiickicl eiry Iccl cc
tve' Bm i etemn eute
te 1. 'it leIi i 1'1cliilletee ci cet' ns i e it ie'l cit t
ect' the' 'le' i-'tc en1 c tie'. ecir flittl' cit e c'ul es e'
10 i- ('n ei ' If 'I l i .' tici, i eeci. i ' te e t h e'" ; c'" eit's l' '
':ig' wlc Nee'O 'l'is atie alelou itwev'l ei'o s te c
1'" ee1 tlll\ 'ics el' t e' ll cel'111 111 l t 'I I~I'eI', tII l a'i l I li
"i - o i the' n l li ' k ti 1 1c ' t 1 e in l ial eI t. ' i ts h ec' theA t
1111') ;1111 itke abili in h-a
Cihichilt; 'uectwieci heel Icc' e'li:,el'c te (
ccciii ' \e , 0le ic htl : i iiel11 e ui - i hu'a cl il
t eil, in the iienee' ilc'l'ieliyti l l i l etn itl ll' h of
he t'xs. A aciitee (l 1' lit 'euc e'x toucehiug ,
inht ee issus-in theei is ii the. te''' hearl ofe
hay- New rle'. ,adaottwlehust
iii' th lie' ler t ie d auich he alt iiv e t :ari t's. i
eteu iu'' h eacicis, thee' icccth 'e celiiigt eie'''t's t ee '
'ea h lie , ti'c wcec'heati the' clk v o- tulle 'ic it ce
m. iilc''d thiic'i thus Iletticlc. a trace liii
wifeit dcciii tat cii resielcict hltec'meesmu ccli
h letili cmrl' aon euelessi he' ccli' i'hue' Ii'
Icl- hoteen' ii JR'e lc'ivI er 'L ilan i'n ' anied hice
itciicc ( wheichii c it tee bri't'c ot th~..eres'ei. tentr
1e'f thee gut" e M!i'c'c''. pi"'Cc 'c'' t i nc ai fe'ei'i
htcit Aec rcli Ice ihcc'ic cili, ect e'. ie''
eintoIl 'iccsi i X is 'ia' he ; r';erec lecc ilc*e
clclini Ic h ueiitc tis b l' cite' ti c'
cire '''i ' i ' ihe ret i~e ic I lie he 'd' hie '? s tic'''
ccche 'hoc thcCe clcrfi'iec'l ciec t ee 'he e ic'r cc cc
che thI alcli vi X btee-c' lie'e Iceeceiv,'.o
m ilie' h imi, 'cit'ehe 'i'hct' e n i'csbeeii'lces ire
icca th ci nr.WilihX'n iesu
iie ic" ' th i gu'e h ccl ri'i thiltl d ay iwt eal , exs,
throwci lice' itithi aci 11h cif, n rext inirmuth
haio ige nit teidaic' s lemeekeel for. i sl
Re'edhws. (het Edge 'I'lc nic e'entar malaria
The editor of the Baun ener gavr "
in his garden a few stalks of the a al -
ed "woW, proof Cottonl," gI'owiI from
seed obtainedl tfrom the Ho. Win. H.
Harris, Coninissioner of Agriculture.
As he is desirous of thoroughly testing
the claim of this plant to being "worm
proof," be reiuestp his neighbors to
bring hlin the first caterpillars which
they my find this season.-Polnte Con
pee Banner.
We've lost sight of tihe planters who
always have caterpillars in their fields
at this season, so that we can't call any
names. Don't all speak at once, but
ship a lot of the "critturs" to the bold
Banner man.
ýýtlljtil s tttý11. Vitt,'
fittllpttyR V****** ern 1
of fit
Coming by Raill 't
pllda~ Awl 7ht e
Say, A«g 7th, 1881! 'eve
Flor some titie 1past tihe tomb, fuo11 id
min(liittee of tile' association ot the Arnie
f t''ennessee, Loisliia DIivision, iude'r 1't 1
Ithe 'Presidency of (nCapt. Jenkitns, has toint
h'eti negotiating with till! New Orleats din
P'teilhi' ronld to 5 ir'llr' lthe tir't exin'ursioli
train trout this lity to lith oil 1 olitg , so
I11s to org nili7ze ali extil1sioni to 0111' titit1i' Wuu
Mtlithih lld iut-tresting (Unpjiital. lEvei'y she
Sthing has now 1 ii'i'i Mttled, tihe roadi is tin
i'onliletetl to within live Iildes of Ithaton
. onge, and trains twill h, lin to rtun front (oml
New Orlens to litnto Hniuigil'o till' first 1n11.
Ilof Atugust inext. 'l'ii ci ituittee ill i
liarge of the xcsi'i ioii ftolt till' Artiy of
" TeltillMve hovi' setirel nt exenorstiol 1
tanfrom 1 Stn intl , till ast enth of Anglist, till
1 11a11 at'' in:iking ''exIt sivie Iiriporni'tioo taI:
t ti, iivi' .ilait stlitatt'ractil to tihe l o''w hillt
41iii. A lni'lirt. «1h1 1 u1rhi talent as is
lit V. is Itl 1)1'(f' it (it lr. ins ons, to h' 11'1
' iv'n at Battal on 1,1-. Maniiy otii1t-e i d o
i tt';'itimb i al' Ill :ii l, i if which will l
' h lly si' t lit i l.t11 i if hh hra:111rIn n . t he I
t. ill lt I':libiilirhyi i i ai' ne a l t'.-i. - 1
! ' ita to tneir (ai. . ti l, hog the ltl
it o t. I tl o'.1 ' ia t s , 1 1 t ' '" l o n ! t i t l
Sill-l .illi ij of I',ii'erlle ll iii trihall M1 1
t ;1 l"1, 2ur nitu \ :, .I;iu1'.1 1i. 11 111
or ui outr the ) ilifi rat \'tr ii.' AM..ii
ist iu- anof ttit I0 oi, thatw Ii a it lie'
i cl.ut1' Wa1 iitoling, a 1ie," li'1t ' t u iati I'iiinc1it
0ý I 1'l!, : 1 1111 1 atl' I wth; eir ' t'clllln is. l il y 1 1
l et tte visitin stlti tot vne nt
Soshottked gun thist v nwhitt i the Ieea
f'I,111,' ,loll~ 11t t111i', Vt".)~ 1'1!1'1111f1'
1 1 it I .('1' 11 ' ;L T eli i I iel 111; 1 .t1 .
Ill t e Aiv it' 'i' i ire
ig Ii( Il'l t 'l~l t'tIesda , 'lie 11:1 It " "'I t 11o (co h'i
ThI epirte illt new the Fuu'iiiiihv iasstedr ati
I t tion t 'i" . oft 'eh d li re1 t! 1 " 0 11 1 ,' 1
itt M' . oi' livet' ho u r 11tter r11' ',lviii' 11t 1' hr
l it S T 1h 11ed the l (1 1 h t' tl til l-i iie l .t'ý tO ',llt'i i- 11
at iii's JI n.
111 .4
ri- 11'iii "' ill tlei e ' I r et, wh, i it' eit i g
1 I - i it ts, forn ii Ii .'wIb Ilt- .ii it r i' ihi
hthatte livn ith mu ihutrcisule hoimd:iii
Ih tli iy ihif uit i l t'l n a l i t ; ouhilr Ii toi'
it t itil tith l t iltthi viili riu te o
th Ie hi''try iadt w.aoiuli thke a rill
1t 111'11 1i1 hit. at ths t e':ls. I ii . ~/ '1 'ill 1 1
hi'ion h ii't 1ioa Atthi al heav ownerat'
Is tha t f t'l wl i, :'iE ti ('oltu W'
i t- r n I ' i t ; t' l- '1n .' 'toi lse h obwlir k
h1,eni'kly enagdi tryiiing it-' it K i thtaic
11:11111' 1re :r11irttil'tr ari itiitiv '. e ll i 'e ,
I t tiI5 to re d hie i . , ' ;rti .1it, thir th e 1r11 .11 J.
l ofv' he l-Cr itt, ov1' twhem thh ic on-y
clt fhp t w rw reh rig d a ly
ctc I
foa r 1' o jii. w i hs toil mll i h h i l , t iit ir h o t ' 1 "i to l
he "t issiles at n advan ing otrt tiled'
oflwa th0 Armyll Ca iol, through till) Arks 1
tl- 01' the llhl'-I' at, otlerae Veterahe AIron
ja i ion ofcs Biton lonetat. hI t wilnle
i4calara Fuidelewhernit that isoe Ismsne.n
1 i VS. 'll h ip ofd fol' ter . holding lthe ll Ar sy
tllofmissal's at h andthirali griey tagt
Lot. the~ visitingy veteralnns atvanlce· not
trol sho~trlted glns this timel(, but amlid theU 1
;o of , th trn ilvoqIi tTf: chceoaf
ti- ll' (0tltul', es t 1I1(1 vi , i,1' tl;'' 1'E !l.
no1I resf~tored Caplita~l Of lottiisiantn.
ighi o~iis oni Tuesay:tl, when~I at two, o'clock it
.ol Ennaholi( n r:ealched hcre alt excsictly· P .
. o s., o~r livei houirs aftecr the~ Adlvorlate he1r
a 18 ldedlL~t thle "previonic" news.-Cc~?flo
. 100 w\ill thenll givc Its c'redilt olf be(ingl
rtel- the any wit~i, th igtlad-dvn
Arll ipIrophelt w\ith hl f an11';1 (! (:'111 un i have.
m forchtot tliat partl. whlich rceintrs to,
th light lod twud aeas
th fi rs :lc tli. hunt.llll 1,t tI1I I(nse,\l'r that~II wil
pus It ra th~i· polcrint inrlth e on el. Tr'. J
an it ove:~rcl. nec'itlhbt 'ft~'~olr nS
1I f~ P1''1510N's t" ILlll ITls ('llrtilH ltN He
/no il iu :1Pit ltinn to~lp ;ho armnient Its
Inialllll anter ni~trtit il o thiR is ~lowedrb\T)
It would be hard to say whaS abnbr*
mal shapes human iature light not ti
take upon itaslf if only ultivated with lid
sufficient Industry and intelligence; for to ch
it is no doubt as far possible to, alter it for w
and create altogether new types of mind M
and heart as it is to alter ,the physical Are
odtlines of the human form and give us of ye
shdrt and guarly-headed bushman of and c
Sonuth Afris and the colossal and well of cut
proportioned Pstagonian giant. It is get a
no cause foajpeoial wonder that, In bar- Le
barons times, what we call the Christian little
virtues should cease altogether to gov- It; tl
ern men; but we have a right in our own is nc
day, and in one of the oldest civilized used
countries, to look with mute astonish- that
ment and just horror upon a type of rest t
of fiendish and sordid avarice that has to th
prospered these many years In the is pet
world, but has now, happily and in a pleas
violent manner, gone out of it forever. ferma
Baron von Sothen was an old man who Unit,
lived on a handsome estate a few miles cents
fronm Vienna. Ils fortune was so large A c
that. oven among millionaires, he wan pi.d,
entitled to distinction. Ho began to ble Li
snake it in the noble occupation of trad- pUos'
ing in lottery tickets with the poor, and stn e
even after lhe retired from the lottery troche
business a rich man his habits of grind- and it
not nl
ing the helpless wretches had so deeply Wntn
set themselves in his. heart that he still 'eti
iund a lleasure inll oppressing atind scol- lie s'p
dins; ivery poor creature whose krout- itren
zero motid add anything to his own ....
wealthi. His hiaroness, exemplary as
she piny have been in her youth, got
finally to he for hlin a quilte worthy
coitmpatioui. Never did servants get
trll e f(ron her or her lord than the
h, haru iaw set apar't for tlhem..
idl ail nil apple fall in the orchard when
thte wind was blowing, and did a sir- r'i
voI ntt itake it tillfor Ihis own. the punishilent andt
ittlic tid was the loss of a week's wages. It I
v Its'
vI ertI iiartli, stables and pens they kepit with
" j anlal watch, tand no pig or horse ever n iit
not more corn or oats than the prescrii- anti
fl id stllplas allowance--which was not eh
as il-n so good as ern ' and oats. In all r
tih -iS' uatters there was thrift, andt Soth
. b:llttil lull Rareness found ill theum one
tit' thic'r t'lich f drelightn . Mecanwl lile they
11 t,;i ill an ill po. in atl" 4.1 rr1, . r
I bat 111t iis ia'k. and oil dei t ett ale
1' v*ttlniil, w«ti it CA sIee within their
t an'h. t i'he art', alt, all, degre' Si'' oit
bSenitemih which til worldly succet's stu'
slut out tai the .ene.al eo niu -
"` B th the olhi nlister and hil wit' wtele J
dt .ted t to t he Cluirch of litume. Near
ii thei highhind ciastle at a place' kitnown
Sa, "i1er Illinitinl.,' they puit ip a hand- '
ilt , clt lusttel, anid fit this a patal deeri'
" n 1 iiu1et then) to their rank. F1reely, at lit
;ie states when nit griu(ding the 11001, Itt
I-:abuttsng ih.) servantis. or wattelonig thepe
t ho , t hal '.it htrwy, 1 tand pig, t"11
'` owld. ales lilth leaed with t dre o
tiot ti hi, to stu'iaugei'rS. migjht have lite
ti00,n.1 very hiinutiftl in its etlrne'stness. en
'. rlittiout ciorporationsand to charity Re
' til l. gave it their substances largely, ith
ii.' it'us r peroitns inl high plit ers
telib ti a tnati io tho ws ot hiis wf ti'.n
''tt nod lie itli tI the h r~ing of a coire
Hrtitt ,v pi'rft' h wtll ciiitnta ot rn is witht.
many plol. c'fl'lrthme inl aordancILe withl thel
l tw ofh te ituti hit lived in. Wheti the
Intlroti, aftftr tiei yiatil'S of siiletncu. rmnaihi
strateti wvitht his gamier-keleleli' fr rhis
i mumor l lite, the' gaie-keeper iirtiseiroistedil
iii'rr tite 'ititan it' thlit' haon would a,
Itit th iot' ti ithetI cereumiony . Tlit i the i
manil itt iira'eu's Indthe flit inheer of' a to
chin pc re'ftse'i escornt'ul lv to ito, mud
i'trthtwvith ttismiii'ti the ntui from his fr"
sel'lr't'iC'e. Withiin a few hours the game- ,
to keeper r'etitpned and trgeld and urged his
tho tintt once titiore, bumt receivltei onily deri- th
h o sion and lore l t deunncnieations for his thi
o paiti'. ie then shot the old utiser dead tv
iilpont thIe bPc' i'h. dlelivered himself up ,
to the' ptoliCe efltkerg. iii
'"i, Vicitna wits for a week in great ex- i
kctitrie'i'it iver this traigt'dy, and violence c
'i, 'i eante ue'ar resulting fromn it when the si
I. haront's remainus were taken to the grave,
ier- i'C(to'd lafter crowd wioide&'d its wany upA't
-i the height that leads ii tthe castle, until
'itig it wa' as 'sitilmtatid thtint ten or twelve e
I'i I thlmiitsaitd pterIeons hala got teire. Police
tiw't hail bee''inili''erel out iin gotidly
Itntutilhe'ts, anti bit, fot' thteu, it is feared
i'iitti c II. i t', r tshii wiih it (lotn ti he hill-side i 1
ig itt ntd tiilt' a ei''horitt' speiithce' itt the
awill ''uiitti' As it wais. alboii one-hitlf the
Uliv ii Iih o'leti'i'MSieini, tinel the remainder 1
it I't tired in aitling tihe trees etf thu
1 i tilwtd it 1rik atit t henr uttIereti tlhrnetts
a t ni teti' g yi'llv
till' I '.'p'-'p's a nitt n aIti l hlen foiti' c il-
iio ii itt litti'etth' i adntIstililaI tail,
a' lutre iiil a'elti'i sihld ''Nithlenu lottery
t t ofascociatis tickind started sanbcrihe
J"uS, holns itt t'icentt. whric leave w lremady
r 1. ito reelldten thisbhalnd fioni and pron dm
ise iunwch tie imtasoe1co that sum. This
how oman-sh ubtnortpy he ldge nmo
flie in it if ThstfatU rt1dfi ot wised
to chck end coitrdl its awfdal pO
for widepriead htatiiý.
MOtbherOU M4* r, 'oth*erW)
Are you disturbed *t hightandbr oken
of your rest by a sick child sufering
and crying with the etxerunoitlii$ palq
of cutting teeth ? It Sb, go at onue and
get a bottle of M rs.. WIszow's Sa*r & "
1Ko SYnuV. It will relieve the poor
little ansuferer immedlate)y-depend upon
it; there is no mistake abont it. There
is not a mother on earth who, has evei
vded It, who will not tell you at once
that it will regulate the bowels and give
rest to the mother, and relief and health
to the child, operating like magic. It
is perfectly safe to use in all oaase, and
pleasant to the taste, and is the proe
scription of one of the oldest and beat
female physicins and nurses. in the
United States. Sold everywhere. 2 65
cents a bottle. [hly
A Cough, Cold or gore Throat should be stop.
pod. Neglect treltuently results in an Inure.a
ble Lung Disease or Consumption. BEowN's
BIuoiNCHIA, TnocHse are certain to give reli4f in
Aethmna. Bronlchitis. Oonihs., Catarrh, Oonsump.
lion and Throat Diseases, For thirty years the
troehes have been recommended by physicians
nndl always give pierfect satistfaction. They are
not new or untried, but having been tested by
wide and constant use for nearly an entire gen.
ci ation, they have attained well-merited rank
naon, the tew stadple remedles of the age. Pub
lie S.peakers and Stingers use them to clear and
strenithen the Voice. Sold at 25 cents a bout
erywheru ie . ,
A Il i ll ' 8o51i9ld !' l
Cooking Stove I V
and easiest iunaged Cooklnflg Stove in the world. TEt
It will bhiurn eithet coal or wood.
lv a wonderful invention one canl light a die
without kindling wood of any kindtl. In fifteen COI
mlin jttea after lighting a li tir t' Stove in rosily
to do better woriik than iliv other in use. Call ItoU
aroiiilu at imy store, kill Ma:in street, anti examine lIC
this wondler. Beat pleastrle will le taken in t13A
'uil iti ii its nwrlit. it . JT WILLIAM4.
''I I''
i* I' 111
'1.Tombs. lib nt .l nt ýt~l y, .I' Ii B ailin , etct. FL
1.o'14 call tht- atteution of those ill wantonal ny l
it Ihr shov articles to their new place of berl. a
1 :f
prmp at $et~endon, at redce rlr- ,1 anW IG
h1 u tun, with i ftw white spoia an her OA
in,,a Ilad, h ns. markS t iii right ear crop.isplit P FL
and underit : in the. left tans clop ant upper half
Stcrop, with d i t olti tin I liot three anth o haold. BE
. Rportl 'IIhv P, 1'. Simpson, i the third ward.
TFi nlilbi'ti n All ninma tillng tet law, at (0
tr lint h a' ieli ie, at 10 A. ..ion i' aturday.ulyI
:i th ck 41 . it, h iit po n mr
anit tinilttrlitit itt I h( liftI ~a r. cir at, and uppetrhalt'
rio, aitpa iid heifer alllout three reonth old. SU
1717 mark. n" htoul. Icpolectd by Thomas Mc.
tir.(l ter'l thI V. P. Mb. Ten, i. the animal winl be. I)L
'li at lianel wi nie t it. raci'lldingl to h lw, on at
dtlh' a y.in: h lia ', i. at l iiatly. .JyST
SI'l lIP 11lt'h'IiEL. lii ish U il naer. W1V
- M
A bay urll with a long straight back; sink
» in her oiusp. alsout. thirteen iands high. about
rihlt ' i'is old:i Texus brand indistinct. Re.
ol'ted by v %harles W" ldil lIn tht filth ward
Lt ' animal will he sol aecoritling to law, it il
Valentilne's, tin Maturdu Ai'. Aigustt 1th 1 a8t, at HA
P2 ii'clocik St. MI
If ILIP L tBUCliEL, Parish Ranger. DI
. now Seventeenth Judlicial District Court, CJ
ptasil1 ot EastBaton ltonuse. Favrot and Latnon C
Svs MIrs. iAdeline Arloutr No. 2Lf06: and Execi. BI
tfrs o .tohin li it oIII' tis w'it'i vs. Mii. Adeline (U
( A bour, ai" Cotunrt. No. 21i8.
eo lIB virtue of two writs of Flri Facias, issnued ai
in the above cltitl d nrlI nitubered cause antd go
i t~ cp di rected ittrot the hIonorabIle Court afore.
tsid, hiolden inll and for the said parish and State, er
I hatve ilscld and will expose to public sale, in ro
is front of the Courthouse door, of said parish, on tin
atunrday, the 8th day of August ex
next, A. D. 1881. hetween the hours of eleven
is o'clock A. M. and four o'clock P1'. M., of said e
day, all the, right, title, interest and claim of
- the Defendalnnt, Mre. Adeline Arbour in and to C'
t the following described property. towit:
Lots numnbers fnour and live of square number
i two of the supfleminental plan of Beaureogard
Town, city of Baton Rouge. lying west of Nat at
P cihez treat. fo
Also, lots nulibers four and five and south ac
half' ft' lot . umber three of square number 1T
. three of the supplemetnt tl plan of Beauregard w
'Town, city of Baton hionle, lynl wesat of Nat
Schea street, the same being the oonth half ofw
Ssquare mnarketd "A, on which was the old Ar. n
bout Saw Mill.
0, The above being the sariae property purchased lii
Ith Defendant at the succession sale of Frederic ri
t Xrlhtoron lthe first lday of Aiugust. 1868. 8
til seizedl to pay andt satisfy the amount of udgtg ni
meat, intirest allnld coAts claimed in the above
VO entitlel and ni tumlerel canse. b
m'IT'msl of Sali--tnash, with the benefit of ap.
praitsunmnt. JI. W. BATES, lSheriff .
ly ---b1
I now 17th Tudicial Dihstrict :Coutrt, M AR A
do i RET YOUNG vs. N. K. XNI)X. No. 260i. t
he liv 'irtuc oft writ of' deil fatias iituetl iin the t
abitvOi' i'tit.lei nut Iiliiuti'rlt 'hn:t1e and to inc
It' tiiri'tedfrtmnl tfl' Hli aliltl. (''Crt aforesabif.
hltlilnli ini aniii fur l1th' 3tid Pailtsh anl State, I
ha izul itd will txp o' ii tiulic sale in
br 1trint oil the Court. Ilottse tiootr.f I' i4 l'ariah, on
thue Matrday. the 20th day of 'Anguut.
next, A It., 1 t, Iteitweeln the huors of eleven
So'cil ock e. M., and ount o'click '. ut., tif a.ii tlam,
all iti ir 1i uht. tit'. itlitevrit tnut cliti i if Lieftenil
ant N K. Knot. in ited to the ftllowiiig de
r agilhedt 1Iroverty1 , to.wlnit
lit' Ii A ( EltTA'.l I\' LOitI' till PAkClUEL i F
w s nfltuuatte'd it that jilt ' teii Citv ol Pa,
Vs W st tii ni 'if loi Ni'. 4 tutu ii aIaprt
i'u- ii 411 tljp mingill iIu~sItty feet tront it Aftrit
rg " itr lit h i 'r S. i uiiiiin2 Sr. 'liaiRlea StreI tiu.
gethfler thei Iiii iltinhuit l u'.s andkjynw ut'letus
itt il An (ERTA IN1hA\IFLOT' GOF UttND
Sin th't tt part nohil ' itv the itatltur l tint. tat
ml- ' 'Flit II' inieiarr1, beini west. luau' iif of l
In'Nit. ' iif s'i ers.' Nit. :5, toi ther w th ttll tb
btbitldin -n aiiptl l'roy inat'Is I the
in- lii. TIA' C ElTA IN LilTS! 0!" GRIOtTD.
ir !hat lart liit lie City of lUaton iloini l'ttliitut
tin- I b Elie Heiatitegaril. ind designated on the pdiii
pet theteof as to's Nut. I and 10. of situare No 46.
Swith all th' btuildittgs anil iiuproiveiietts there.
ri-oSeizedi to ttav ant .atilify the amoont ofjnitig.
atly ment and cost a claimed in the above entitlad
Ol. nTertu ifase-ASI. with thebhensfit of np.
This praiseinent. i. W BATES, Sheriff,
ý ý " b ids;" fi2~s~
all atgill
p ~EldS.Doems ý
OLIV1 EN AD C": t"i+l
4 o st- toitl;
, mll cmf d s
PLUM Ptd -fl T r t *We Wojafdtlli
A at lardH and trk'ni ms '
8-firbl. b'o~a 4~a~aM artidge..
CUIUUfED Oft2aUeitoysierela
wANi rmL On ll IW-Ful l W ei· w ght, ; good
OX IT k I7E hole 4ag ini lledt.,Binge ` V
tpundd ctns.f
BARD IE$..Boneless v tomato Utond i
ARDTfl ..ln olive oil, and )boies.
SARDfiNES. .Domtestic, spiced, and with mim.
tard, hboaes.
SCAUNR D 0'..iialmon, Lobster, Orabykeat
alnd clarns.
cANN ysaED V AnET iABLES..A tie} G
CANIpea), tomatoes Ad wegh, a ,gooodh,
nmphin, squash atd mnuhroom .
CANNED MEL.It ..Ergte, Crown id M .
BtITTEIR.File oremea¶ dalry atidhokiilg.
C(IEESE..Faucy donm e° OI d. FL Oqeb,
Master and eufatel.
MACARONI..Flest importel, and damestih .
VElMlCELLI.. o est domestl. .
CEOCOLATnE..Sw et and plain aimtdasr.ad
C) CONON feite Londtlon pound s adod cane
p. TEA Japan, Ooloug nu g. Breakao6t', ott-a <
lCyson, lupowder rond Mind 0aod
BUT Fne ream t dste,
Sc;Of"E..>R 7yCordova, Javna, Maraolbo adti
famre Basion.
1 lASTC0fIR..iei Good quality; wdolebsati. ,a
V RICE..M est neL' crop Louisiana.
SSTGARS..ut and owdered loaf, coffee A,
lig ht Grow d and M dowII
i ARLA Y..Choict e nw crot ; peritled.
SAGO AND TAPIOCA.. Best new, pearled.
cORN STARCH..lacker's improved, culinary
STARCHl..Best Inmtdry; Cineinnatl.
STARCII..Rtoy aloess, jltup,
Sl'IWES...Nuttmi , clovcs, nicc, llspice, oinm.
mnon, atd rin Ptr; whole and ground.
CAYENNE P PER. .Best tfresh.
ULACK PEIPPER.. Whole and wrundishoice.
SMUSTARI) .. English, Frenc, Russian and
S Domneottc; wet and dry.
0 CREAM TARTAR. Pure ground cr stale.
Bl.CARBONATE SODA... Extra qlty; white.
r BAKING PO)WD)ERS. .Hiornford's, Royal. Pres
ton & Merrill. Gates and Sea Foam.
Y1'EAST UAKES. .Twin Brthmems, fresh goods,
(ACACKERi..Sodla, cream. ole oea, fancy fee,
C ci'iiiktills, gingei; snaps, etc.
SYRUTP..tant L..ois nand ew Oreanus.
M MO!LASSES.:Rehboikd Louiniana.
1UCKWIHEIAT FLOUR..Best Eastern, plain
1 and self.raising : Octtober to May.)
FLO)U .. 'lat's extra, barels and HBialves and
at retail.
FLOUR .Fancy XXX and extra, barrels and
S retail.
- (cOlIN MEAL..Best the market afifrds
IHORi.NY ANDGRIT5..V erybest to h bad.
WHEAT G RITMti..PiZ and elsteam cooked.
itr OAT MEAL..Plniit and steam cooked.
lit. PAM..Dlred greten, split, hlacktye and cow
i. EE \NS .. Medium, Marrow, Red Kidiney?, s
1. butter beasn.
at (ODFISH..Finest selected boneless; 5 povnd
IS hboxes and at retail.
MA(;CKEREL..Slall fat 3s and extra ge.
Iii, MUGAL CtJRI)ED MEATS.. Hams, breakfast
ic- bacon and tongues.
it t stndlard malke,
STOVE POLISI.H ..Ilest American.
WASHING FL71AI .HUtrl's nlaical,
MATECIiEM..n sgood as can hle hil.,
LAMP AND CA NDLE W1CK..Allthensual
uk siesn.
LAMI' CII IMNEYS.. Assorted sizes, good
i'd LAM nNERS..Three sizes, good kinds.
R1 ROPE..Siesn anitable fror ltw end clothes lines.
SHIOULJERlS..Dry salt and stooked.
HtAUTSAGIL. .Fino quality, lunch.
Bt00IMS.. .Hearth, clothes, and parlor.
DUSTERS..Rest feather, ostmich.
IIRISHEiS..Scrnb and blacking.
WATER 1'AILS..Ordlnary, painted,
E' SOAP8..LnLandry and toilet.
rtl CANDLES..Church and house.
,or COAL OL. .Choicest high grades only.
ll. BASKETS.. Willow andasplit wood.
ltee GARI)DE SEE 1W. .New crop; Ferry & Co.
Cigars, cigan en, cigarette-paper, smoking
led and ataOwoI ti' toco, unsurpasefll in general
tI~d goo0d qnaltles.
ire. In presenttng this last I would remark that ei.
ate, cry article enumerated is kept insetore the year
in round, or during its usnal season, less brdaks
on that will occur fronm time to time frotm temporary
it exhausation of stook. F
can The latest novelties in fa gods will be add.
aid ed from time to time, as they htper.
of .OS BEAL,
to Corner Thhrd and Laurel strests,Batonltouge,La
ard Strayed before the undersigneti Ratuget, in
at* and for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, the
following described animals, which 1 will sell,
uth according to law. on Tuesday, Augost 0th, at
her Ii o'cloek A. M,, at 1. Pnjol's Bltoher pen, 9th
;ard ward:
let- A White and Brindle~apotted helfer, with a
of white spot in her forehead, about years old,
Ar. no mark or brand,
AIsil, a palC Red Cow, with a white apot on
he1 her forehrad, about 7 years old. marked in the
eric right ear, swallow turk; in the left ear oapper
slope, no bradl, with a red hefihr oalftbout 0
dg. months olci,, n, mark.
Also, a Brindle Cow with a whlt4 sepot tinder
ap. belly about 5 years old, marked in the right ear,
under slope; in the left ear. split nod tinder bit,
branded on the leIt bip W., T., with a spade,
bull calf about 9 months old, no mark or brand,
Also, a p.le brindle Heifer, about three , ears
T'r, old, no mark or brand.
ti/A Also, a Red Cow about 4 years old, mark in
the right eat, crop; in the left ear, split: no
the brand wita a brindle boil Celf about a year
f lfl old. no mark or brandt.
4 On the same day, I will also selI in the Stb
oin Warn. at 1 o'clock C. M.. ared, white.slpottiet,
h on muly cow, about 4 years clii. mark in the right
s on tt tfilt eara, Asmooth croi* blrauded on ihe left
ust, hip, II upsidie diwa, with a roi and white
even .pott*'iI heitleu aolt'. I, nimnik oii ribranld.
dai, PiIILIP I31CHi EL. Pat Ih Ranger.
ii Pa. ei at the bt. ClaiR PlanlatiOnu for thirty days
nwe tur liii ld i ug a argo \\n',Itchuse auiui Nabte,
'rho plaiti and spociftLcatnlli' cani Ihe sucn at
said plantatiet. Address propos It , n
GEORGE CO)LLI NS, i~tosly LaRndi tg.
315s 1un e 14th, 1i,4 1mli.
ed at the 'acish A;:ruitora tarn a, for the
IT XD. next thirty data for the buildiug of Joors'
iii hutllt ridge.on theCeonite River,
pli bids oltut be are Rnivenied with plans and
'a o 46. specificatiois, togetber with a gnafatclaujneae inRt'
t tere, high wate r for itve years. and attliject to rejec
tlon by the Jury. 0. P. SKOLFIELD.
fJu tld g. july 14th, l 85t. P arish Auditor.
titleil Apple Butter.
of op. I it cans. extra tquallty, at Family Grocery of
ertif, june21. JOSIIUABEaL,

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