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Louisiana capitolian. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1879-1881, November 24, 1881, Tri-Weekly, Image 3

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O. W. C;efibrers d
SAll, who were, o;ar . ft ' .n oti.
-d liguher in the hos b tE of natri.
many friends, we srish the App. couple
lo]at Jife and pness. Thanks for
'r/bnk. fo 'th
Woedbury, N.J., land eora ate, Canada,
Lsboratorle o e pre. atl of thq
'we fdi ru!eranl if
Augnast fli antl Green% re'e iTon- I
quenr has foveref us with ant advance r
Mltd uiai f 1ii a v . It'ehztu s t
a hroli'sare of valuable I formation. 1
0Midn t I .r. Itre, former.
jly and' of thl '4ljgt fel iowe" of the
river navee, naw a sleek loking tray.
aer for the house of Hireel, Felbelman
IJ~ o., of New Orleans, is cirunmmnavi. t
j tting out city in its interes . He leaves t
to-day for Points Conpee, nd will re. t
tarn in a fewdays to take II .orders In t
his ias. IHe is in the somae of his 8
friends whenever ho str kes Baton ib
Rouge. He looks delicate, lst now. i
MR. LoNAiw Wrruso...We were
happy to receive the visit of this hand
some and spirited young gentleman, oni
Wednesday. Aeeompanied by his sister
heoibew to establish blares dencein our i
comaunity, where every or~e hails with
pleasure the arrival of jnsu such ener
getie young men. He is th brother of
Mr. Edward Witting, Jr., ho Will be
ragembered lethe talented ,riter whose
unique style of advertising was an at- an
trabtlve feature in the coliumns of the no
CAPTOLOUAZ, last year. no
-adgate b s ftr proven a for
complgte success. During the heavy tat
rtlas'f 8the lAst two or thre days. the rte
Wite S thich asually lIoid C ttfibtown, '
have fonfid an easy outlet to the river, qni
through the substan'tial condnue just L..
erected through the levee. While this ala
outlet eannot beoof service duing a high ns I
stage of water, yet foy mnaths and ai,
months, during low stages, the lower Car
part of city will be, jheuc . pith Mug
the Intended adibihi'jg
macinte tg heet t antru i ne, Iha
k aosour drainage systern as b soa
sated withblthe city ltmit ls this
most excellent. Besides rel the ed t
elty proper, the Hall's bottoeti river was
roads will also be muah impr ved. larg
" Tai d4.k; f ,ts Uuyg Tf lXAs kLers
BAn3aoAD.e- T City Counc , on lasst '
Tueday,, at the reqpst of '(1. A. & Mon
Herr; aittorney for she co y, ga. h
pontaed a committee whose d ty it ad tid
be to report back to theC noll seh tion
demands for right of way as the thbie
company may 'make. Jud`' y the r
namses-of f oai e 'e rrMe con- havi
ducting the enterprise, we a 1lined sevet
to the belief that the .impa f ians mInrt
business. 'ihe copaio o Mjor 8. and
large force of si lrod habnds, mor
wph .oan .be depe t jP at, all dllopn
tbnose o p4.ll 'work f nsly. 'thl tb Stoi
wnlgtfe t4 hdeanpsonyf 4ry grdalt ,d lot.
vantage, in view of the dlfafltiles in ing ns
obtaining reliable bodies ,of 1raled not t(
l!lde..., W I b thli '# t0e~tle dvery vane
W6 have been fivstat iriwth a hsst- direot
somely gottei dp map oe the line ithe wreiic
Mid-Louisiana lulfirad. It ldr'beet
lithographed by A. W. lHyatt, Stntioner, corps
73 Camp Street, New Oftlansi, fromt end ith
dhawing made by CH.H. ikinson, civil ac
engineer, now tn the empl of the
company. The table shows t*e flpiow. ng di
aing dist.aes from Baton Bouge: To Mr. D
Opelousa, 61 mleosl, V'ermilionvll, er's in
6,9 miles; to Ponchubitin, lmiles; to ght.
the Pearl River, 90 miles: to e 8able to gin
River, 147 miles. T'ire ditors of
the company are full of he in the rnel
'early construction of the , shold gin.
they be enabled to secure th necessary rd
rights of way, privilegus, etc. On Mon- to od
day next, a comsaittem will to Grif- theYI
fin's store, in this parish, to fer wt he
the people of that neighbolxhood wiit Thn
regard to the matter. On the Monday bkow
follpwiIg they go toCeter Ota, in Liv- ove
lnjtou. - . oral .v
It was a devil, a thousand rmiles from at the
here, who did it. To have 4 plasuro effect
f yreqIyIg oemunholoation trough the nd io
s 8aip , h]o had frequenty written
abreed (r rice-llsts of aoIs of every Reed
deserti 12w t4
iadia rfob bandfri g reiooter.
Stb jpge came porl g in, be
grew beldc d And bolder, unti the ltmt
nous idea strnok him to addr a andy e hd
house' fo-r uab of thle sa e, with be. 4
compuanying rIc6-liste. T at postal j B
order had already been mailt I, when he cn,
"dropped" the intelligeye ta the editor, C.IOe
who oolly informed him t he stood a APPL
good chance of having .hi ped to bhis Ca.,a
addres, a box of~ndy.sau. lee lnvoie. cane '
drat perhaps ift. dollnare, w kh amount
he would have so "pot,sy~tp,' or fall lnto
the olutehes of the "ehlef"' That devil
went nick to thepost o , and b
ehfavor succeeded in gettingr his Ibeet 1
petal orderoat-of til mail Whn he trhe I
Iad tore in ap itoe thuad ,hred -
B 1dlnlp lplatioaner. n r .l
hJ_..8,1dtd1'd 6"~-"·'
utth iai klfe.
isalirf eet'
bharles eho: a1 t I
oe Oian Iag Warren Clark of our o
ariobout thirteen ye
couple o ithe ar I
ks for was with hinm ' aii a aeihnpt
lit.). onifewetr e re 'ta
ite and greatly pr Ce;
mad Sh, Shreveport %s: Mr. George W,
)f thq Vlyristian, whoi eqnle in jail oehaag
6e's td With maklig aiHrir ,s*.ilt upbn
don- his daughter4n.law a few days since,
vauce and who is thpfpght to be insane, Wed
pi.i ` a erJa ,tfigs h/ a d olothes in
thrmn to` h eds and made a rope with which
ion. he attempted to hang himself, but was
rm.er venO fro "peding to the other
f the side" y thie opportnee arrival of Deputy
Sheriff lames Martin.
Iman Terrebonne Times: On Sunday last
navi. there was quite a curiosity, on exhili
.aves tion at Mr. A. Zeringer's coffee house, in
I re- the shape of a fine watermelon, which
re in turned the scales at 25 pounds. It was
f his grown on the Myrtle Grove plantation a
laton by the father of Mr. James Lunny, who I
informed us that he had several m
as fine, still on the vine. These des"
were atrates the possibilities that can be
and- achieved by perseverance and industry 0
oi with our tfertile soil and mild climate. ,
ter Sugar Planter: On Friday night of 14
iur last week, two gentlemen of color got ,
i nto an altercation with cane knaves, :y
sier- which ended by one nearly severing the
Sof head of theoth..r from his body. By this
Ifoe mode of decapitation the poor man died,
and, although the deed was committed
itn presence of at least twenty witnesses,
noone attempted to arrest the murderer.
Eight hours aftdr, the sheriff was sent
sn a for, Imt the murderer had taken advan
avy tags of the omission and is now beyond ha
the reach of justice.
wni Terrehioe't Times: Mr. J. E. Na.
rer, qint, who is making the sngar oil Col.
not Lvel's plantation, Grand Caillon, and -"
his also on the Le Carp plantation, informs
igh us that the grinding is progressing favor-. At
nd ably on these two pla:es; on the Le
ver Carp place 55 acres made g) hhds. of
ith sugar; beshowed ns a sample of yellow
Ig eari4 sughfg mhde on Mr. Win. L.
v a sfer's Ilace (Cha-bhouh,, where his
sbn Cloy Naquin is the angst a:tket,
this being the -first year he has atttaimjp
be ed to takeoff ctop alone, Ihe sample
er was very flue, light straw color and
large grain, and one that old sugar, tl k
A kers woultd take pride in exhibiting.;
6 Franklin Sun: On last Monday Mr.
Monroe Grilling was shot and killed by sxoe
tItthesrn.law Mr G. G. H. Dunn, at the o w
SMldenceot the latter in the lower lpor- pflo
h tioun of this parish. The lparticulars of wae
Stblsad tragedy are as follows: Mon
e roe (rfflg was a son-in-law of IDunn's, sn
Shaing married his daughter who died i
Sseveral pars ago. Two years since, he
madrted 'is Dunn's ytnger ldaughter,
Sandl it aplpears that unpleasant feelings
a ab , e i fbgtwen hia and hifather
SIn-lhw sides te last mariage. On the
morning of the death, the parties had a at 3
I disjpute concerning thejginning of someo
S6tton. Mr. Dunn was nhAlde his houseJ:
lot. Orilang advanced in is threaten.
lug manner aud armed. Dunn told him 20
not to come inside, but G;rifing still ad
Vaooed, when Dnnu stepped inside his d
s 'e tOok a gun fired at Mr. Grifllng, g
who fell, but not dead, one shot going
drlirectly through the body sideways,
wrich tlimIphysician who examuined the
corpse says would certainly have caused,
dleath. Dunn then took a piece of boardl
and beat him over the head with it,
lacerating the sealp severely. Mr. Grit- MY
ring died in a few minutes. We append th ln
Mr. Dunn's statement before the Coron ever b
er's inquest, which was held Monday
night. -"lHe asked me ifI was going onlgy
togin to-day. I told him the weather propon
was fine, and that I could not gin. Hie
cursed ne and said hle wonuld make rmeel
gin. I told him nol to come in. He I o
coned me and said: "You are a nice on h
to order me not to come in."' He was in where
the yard comiig in, when I stepped iid
the room, got the gun and shot him. wayr
Then I totk a Ilint piece of plank anul An II
bit himnt on the headl several tues. C
krow he always went armed." Tlhe:
above statement is supported by collati
eral evideneoo, and the ojury empaneled
at the inquest reodred if verdict to th
effect that Mr. Donn was justifiable
md acted id self-desemse.
Reed'e Gilt Edge Tobic caree Chill All
IOw in SeaOui.
P PBCR BUUTT.. 3 pound Sealed Cans
___t U UTTler .. 3 panid Sealed Cans.
BA*PSXRRY BUTTZR..3 pound ' redl
ý"'B 'A MO M BUTTXR..3 C Btfo; Aw.t; pound saledi
APPLE 9LM A1.t)3..3 pound Sealed
Cans. acid. ;
PRACUt XARMALADU. . pound Sealed
Cane, aold.
J fader *od Ounraat, at ehall
All N(eW paeking; at rrc o
Nov. 15 dOEA B1tAL
m nnt--Frm too oeca ., .t _ cotton it tL~r
best t44 York, Bhrst Fluci Spies{ c CAM '#~
Linea 8b~tfa& At% SPr~tri. sesxr
Uh~ LvLarnCarAFB
t Y
pIaltwllrO tlanho'lre~ln imwoouthuto aid Cosa~
ilaºonUWibg to~eeIfi 44e~l sNpasa~g .
/plat naL~dhu a ýh baIs.il ýr d to the
Change of yJta.
IS will asl" ed maeupe1 tomoe tamW fmtnmhl
as ae astageof datulopoaes*. ?1hetiadrmqaoi
s ow uhum ebouhh,~ylej,.eiyy g,~
Iingag j., Grkwtaai..wea
idslbur Nit i G
IaYUiD & W& ~fIWIt 1
netlo rIr...Ir~~' i s
Dlaayaorleean. . Bid lee
Id. Adiim. uuholwi D4 msht.J~
116m o tlm M I~ewlasrt W SLpltAIiSa>
wSd byrrot t aeNl:r dWualuta..'fa
AT ol byal Dro&ta.16
ITANTKD'Tn-Ad tlriit.tlras Blaohstulth. Also
IIa No· I Wheelwrlnht. hhan of steadyl
habUts only nrod apply. Vail on or address
1' 0. lIar Al. Baton 1tong, La.
twel' *'r fenartreu 'ears old, as , urse.
Ap9pl At thli offce. C An
VY nt l'Inuu NnlI1' six o'cklok, . Ma t. uia all
set of books to keep. Host of rerfernces given.
Addrsa EKNTRIY, Warie Cjtitolian.
BA ( ANls
Ir. I would rlýspectfully call the attention of ,tile
general publao to rnt new and well selected
by sloek or Dry lioods. Boots, Shie, iats, aid
he [ r;me' or lionsa Good. paueh'ae nnldPer my
men xVtP!,rvlc nb . ,lll wehieo I ant offering t
º,r- prlces nnbe* r before Iln this oumtltrft. I
would alll alll claeattlenton to mny Inw lhao of
Drews G oode, comprising itn part of
, Blak and Colored Cashmeres,
Bilek and (olled Delalnas.*
Black and Colored Silks,
le Blclk and Colotred atL .
TP, Black and Colord Braldes'
: Novelty Cashmeres 1"
Sat 91e folly Waort Hoa. Opera, Basket ,t,!'
- o ita Ula1l i.ll l..t defeik6 .spblade.j
+ sttd relvq r o o forF salel aNew _f k
S200 Doz Linen ToWels
o-nly'l o, worth #40. . .
I dleh' and Misses' Hoiort n endIa Vsareiet
f Genalae Alexander iM4 Olvel i
g ,,stn........*.ti:,O ftW t6n.........t.ul
i onsda!e Domesttic
Only t0 cont. it yard. Prints at 5 centd,. CI
My stock of Clothing. Gentl' urlisrhin
Goons, Hat., .loots and Shoel is replete le il1l
I the t sty, na l larr r and cheaper thani
ever before. MUNDEIa L er
Solar Tip shoes
1only l100 per pair and all other Shoos la llkp pg
r proportlon.
I would also call the attention of denlor, to my
Wholesale Department I o
where I offer all goods at ew York prices. of
Politunld attentire suleasmen, who are at
ways ready antd will ig to serve customers.
An inspection solicit'd before pnrchasing.
Cor. Main and Third ste., BATON ROUGE.
All persons interested in the snecessot she
MidLouisiana Railroad
rdeutidt oth4er Oi e s r6que....
-di to mss, ar i l A'li .
MofdlAy, Dee. St*n, 1Iitsi
-A speli Comnitt eft tbh b  .n .ld
dtas on.I Ib
W Nt # z
:,,b~i #,ii l' 'i
UPIe! .. -..
IR e
o Ladie* b
h Shoe is d. h
ts improved labists; itreplshe
a0 d costonly , .
aBelw is .epresetth
No child shold be without i .,
SDurable, Corn-.
fortable and solid
Thousands of
Spairs in use. ,
. .Avoid il ciei nts :.y ", ei' i:
R E D •S T A R 'p rin g Hl ho e .."
All the very beat brands of Ladies Misses Child."
sale at the "Red Star Shoe Store," ew Orleans.
PThe haui has to brach
Thouandsbf ,
) uwne.:
Li e 80 16 ",Alorders ti Goode s Govh..b~ tleii ru
calve pro~,mpt Pttantion,'ýtti'~~` ~%;i~ib
aartices, inch as ar . e tted to º4.fI
4S ` , O~.b ' s,
Prop 4eto#.r
Pa =Nr :unil AT ALL wIII
The Celeb1tated Metliushek.
'The instrument wras brought ,here by teCnrtTop ic. e huAe
of Tenness~ee. It cpn be a the Unlvef'ailty., A
For farther taaticl !r A L
RDO AJIDD. At ti. Warblel. L
_ 185 C irel& ow Orleans, La. $
qulitjv in a t
'ý LD'S.
' r1
` d "sler"ed Wsýhtarelt Q
SS. a
7 ~l~ OW.M, Q
ndP 8O(JgKT~j PI~b Q~X~1-.
i ! Vv
f ll c oQ'eI in '
MBatt n 6tr9 off t. ::'
tt AU Ioblth lder owes, foe 4t
' Tboro vo eraaget i
o h C .Corset..
pea 1Iollae40gpacethe
!hie~ote el~J uloid ~srroa....".","",.. jý
Lne O~nfLohu~reut a
died aliot-of ;
s' il ':t
i" dprttj
_ .;5j
3 9
.,ý i


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