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Louisiana capitolian. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1879-1881, November 26, 1881, Tri-Weekly, Image 8

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.fr i : o h i t .,. : -
teis foti . iSte, or k
hidevelop en ecet p ! I rop
{i~ We t o fte. Tfie re
' their omposition . bol a lbe
*d slentqr sood Si
:Fa)eth e lement sn rahe: im the s
i erth beg arts laut appai , or
to t rwhich otu dw.vel nt
4tkt enter I ,ma itsd compodasition. to
iieop an e elleni that wherop a
W the as farmers do not sinl oeotls
stud te ompothop good crop feP
t ps, akind the elements e takenl
uf entil farms nust ontan in avsila
Sele form fort isem to feed ithin
rdgr togow artnd deeloally applied, or
.to which er po m fldoet not eloped
i l sad pter,fectdears in an soil de to
develop an proper ntxcelliment in crop.vala
ie form, It ers folly to go oien trying
st udygrow the ompostioe n of our diffear
Syear onps, and the saelement touhend, if
tcee. rye be any better way, a way
of our farmswe mu assist contain in aerai
ibe form sor them to feed npo atur
whetimeshasrty. Whe canntimeot expect a
to grow with finely developedes.
Fertils and perfect of any ind are, thsoil de
f nlcent in proper noatoime in availa
eble form.p It is folly to go on trying
- stedh toe d one, first, whi t ctertttes
to grow then try to folkndlow a crops year
Sinrop which we fomayd ass ist mother Na
ga. alritt least qi that same element for
liadenelopment. Ald alltthis while
Snatre in her elabxhratory isng atnd workexhaust
yie efforts. Poor mother Nature
There idle four a momentstorint the b
s ometimes has a hard time virtuesy
lug to make up deficiencies cdased i
lby our mistakes. ehes eh
Ferhat tiose of any kind are toldu]
botud to find out, first, what certain
will crops require; itsecondlf if fare assist atrpos- It
le, the general compositiones of outher
Ssoils.and rainhen tryll those laloing ela cre-op
hich whicausts onhave belemen t, by thel
cropinth we soil avell fbeoiberated in or work inst re
Squibrming leastof that same element for i
its development. Andruit ain this bwhile
. nr, inof her laborat ry ui atre, or itsk
Sxhausced soil anew with, more real virtues
ore thasienti pose rssearchd of old. Weld fare told s
hw soon aaern otheir piece .wi land
little what turning arthe pleased to cally up
wbookfsrming.e Yet yot will hkear ,
to these ssmeolersving influences of the Eir
un and train n eighbors agacking some- I
hig !which have beriene haeld taugprisoners ]
in them was notil well befor them to work in
Yoh ee theyis no pursuit in th busyook
f nrleof ours that reuires, to fore et
down in al papeursuit, ore reabokl tood
lagage and hccuate figurigas, they l
woult r ineer at it ayo wook-fa~lm, ch
thend nrme rm teink of ceioing it ei l
SAllo or thneighbor a gainst soe-lih
th arem s h nor we for the bto do.
o. natrlent bot i, .itadle rano set
menit wnit apll to it horstl t teodin
wlakn gage aeen cuinrt ciguringh to tive
a, in pla hilnkure. Ge tinhep eSul'tS
I have r sarense eto! to p , e Ie
fPtaillrest gsr atuc.. WiW mstIi n
co:u..nty sftte. it w idth t itsj tacr- e
ians to our reoin hisloudr, e sriy IC
the relirements o fn o then soil. t
If ur neighb or, whuosel soilais the
hta tiont of crops a suces, ly yont
aore lo omuch the better fo' iiP hsvin
wellt old you ourit it, and can set jbot
.ou hi town rotation fit ahoati teel
igs tht it ir only experimentl and
wherteqer eonrce of caur.oii s ve.
the smalleso t gn inl bof nformati n .
4i'smOnly sift it ith tde acertotin c-re
from the cropffsd tarues bhfyo you
p arn it for use in our mfmors. We
are told ttat one of te greatest flac
` ars in te .tirnge ly. ancceafhl fr
waer of orr late lamented President,
the and allel kinds o informatind n.
n all sorts itw peolhe atd storing it c
fromther ctharfa tsr. No pereon onu
i planto iwork blindly, and lea of W
r shoold we, on f taers, workeatet
aud 1kiknio i fmin.. jo
well arraep he a-s
oAa late meeting of tht .-gld!.
Bistoril Solety +the + e Ui
see reMty mredd te following task
Smerit, fIound, among the 'ithty .r,
mains of ,Col. Thoma.s ·W nsin of
"Gold$btry," Esex county, "an ar
dent rebel who was with Washingto_
at the batty of Trenton and Prine;
". Old Englnnd, being in a very
g weak and langhishing state throuh
r voluptuousness and loss of Blood, do
make and ordain this my last Will
and Testament in the manner follow
-ing, via :. ,
- "Itprinas: Ido give and beq.eath
a anto the Bishop of St, A4aplaid Pe-
-Iterborough to be eqstaly divide
"Histor give all.m Society the erien to the
Worthy membemains of Col. Thomas Waninority of
at the batHouse of Commons. and Prince
". I give al mybeiknedge in Pol
itice to Lord Camden and Lord Anguishing state through
r voluptugdousness and those ther noble Lord, do
I make andho opprdain the Ministry n Cast Will
a warnd Tesn American the manner follow
"4. I gide to my sister Sgand all
e unto Pride and Haoghtinessa
"2. 1 give to my sister Ireland the
- Wone-half of my Poverty, Distress, of
Sruin. I give all my w n Pol
"tics I to Le to the Earl of Bte and
r Lord North allse oth Treahr nobley Lords
SwhoTyran pny to' the eqMinistrally dinded bed
tween them.
for their Treatment of the American
my Pride and Haughtinessners.
"5. I give all my sister Irelaning to
SLone-hord Mansfield and Lord George Gess, &
"9. I give all my strpidity and ob
etinat y to the prmesent miistry.
"10. I give my PLordowe a and
by Lnd to the Frent of the Amerin.ican
S"ll. I give my integlow cunningty to
main. of,8pain.
"12. I give my Trade and Com
merce to the Stte ofHollaministry.
"13. 1 give those abject Mortals,
the Tories in America one To. of
IHemp to be equally distributed
amongst them by J. C.
"14. I give my right and Title con
tained in that most glorious n'Tract
Hcalled Magn Charta to the United
States of America to their Heirs &
Assigns for ever.
•t. I givYe unto my Colonists in
Amurica, Vis: Canada, Nova'Scotia,
E:a. arnd We.st Florida, the Wesp In
dies, thit other half of my Poverty,
Distress and Ruin, and I do appoint
the Utaited States of America to be
the gnardians of my said Colonies.
• Lastly, I nominate, constitute and
napp'oi;lt :h4 Count D. Almodover to
be the execdtorlgf this lmy Last VWill
& 'Testament. Th Witness whereof I
hav' hereunto set my Hand and Seal
in t;he Palace of Necessity this 19th
day of Aprl, just four years trom the
fatal day o(, which my last opportu
nity was lost by shedding the Blood
of America ;at Lexington, in the year
1779. OLw Exat,L.o. [Seal.]
"Sign'd, seal'd,'pronounc'd and De
clared to be the last Wilt and Testa
ment of the said Old England in the
presence of us who hayve cheerfully
subscribed our names.
"His IHoliness Pope.
"Hlis Impndence Mahomet.
"His Ignorance Pagan.
"The P rinters of the United States
are desired to Register tl · iy last
wviii i, thejir News Pals for the
benefit of those Legatees tvho reside
in America.
"ler last Words.
"Test-by a Nova 8coti Refitgee."
A tin box, bought for ten cents at
a sale of unclaimed express pacges
in New Orleans thie other day, was
Sfound to contain a gold medal award
Sed by the Howard AssociatiQo of
Memphis, Tenn., to Dr. J. C. Legane,
for services during the yelow fev~r
,, Dr. s prent
S in
OMfPLETE i nd 5t ie Deuýtabnents, wo t
'jgreatlylorwesaeq oapaoetv
A Large and Prh t tber s et t
Drugs and Chemicals,
More eatensie than any Ither bouae in thbi
olty of the kind. Mannftatr of 9M
I 0*1' Uhfl and over Tale ,
C 08'! alisaya Br arand Iro.
10018' II. . P. Isseane of Jaai c
10018' Uriveresal egetable Tontanke
IDr gC and ruemi Tarl
DR. J. C. AYIR'S Melolaes.
DL. D, FAfIB & 80ON' Medslelaes.
DR, JU.O3 &80N'S Medlolnad.
rnd Alnm Spring.; ,
JROEh DInfootant.
A01I' plF or Emball Ing.
A and All the popular Patent Medlotlnes of the
d tam prepard to compefe with Lany Southb
house. Fine Qnuality and Low Pries. Oll, and
examine. it, P . gBRO IOe.1 i
Cobkian Stovet
and easiest mahwged Cooking 8tore in the world.
It will barn either coal or wood.
By a wonderful invention one caTn Iiht rtes
itnut. und wood of any kirnd. I. ftae
inunateaftr gofa Are te Btove ila
todo better' wore th any other in upee. Ca
aronud stmay store, on Main street, said eaine
thi- wonder. Grat ileasure will~ e te ila
exhibiting its ments. AL. .J.
(aOcdpo st Courtbouase, Et ide)
KRiepaTonstdr on hand a fMlli aseottent of
Bed ~bIS and Parlor Set itting soom and :
Kitohep Furniture. Also, a fll stock of Ar
oirs, Bureaus, Wabhstands, Chairs, etc.
Having emplored atoompetent workman, all I
kinds of rvepMring will be done at short notice
ABlso deals in Dry Goods having a nice esiock
on haind, suited to the ianblic wants, as well as
Boots. Shoes, IIa, Caps. etc.
A tne assortment of all kinds of FAMILY
GROCERIES kept ,nonorantly oni hand and
sold it the loweat cash rates.
.Scroll Work, Triaming, Etc.
Anything Required in the Erection
of a Cabin or a kansion.
P 0. Box t08. BATOx Rot',a, LA
Dealer in
Fancy and Staple rocerldes,
Provisions, Plantation Supplies, Cutlery, Wines
and Liquora, Tobacco, Glassware.
Urookery, Notions
Corner Lafayetteand Main Streets,
feblo BATON ROUGE, LA. (
Dealer ia
Western PidluI&oceCIIe
• MISS.R BE l~
ilg to.lICai . ..
• . ,
.A. ' . . . u ..
.. me4nt weneve so L+~ae
New S.
Latest, a, o°les in "
oroO. t. N
We take pletjse in showing goods. Com / on
'and rem them at ones.
L. Lard 011, Reed Light Oil.
sAa Brooka, SNe Drug Itote In qustL.
es and prices to s ths oe.
rt.ior op e kind to the b , o - M *
ivTriVSAL, Vt ble TootJhsobe i
S AV Time Tauesey-If you have Chills,
uee Brooke' T~oic.
Q AVE Your Rair i hle yon hIeit, ls ing
) Miller's Shampooning reparsat.on.
WTARR4NTED toeuro aCorn ln 8lats*
ERD Young's Old Fashioned Copper Distill.
ed Bourbon Whisky.
'he Railroad Cheap Store.
. Westeru Produce,
Jaudies, Tobacco; Cigars. Dry Goods. Clothing
ltoots, Shoes, hats, Fancy Gooi, Gro.
ceies and Plantation Supplies
Corner St. Ferdinand and Europe Streets,
febI Baton Roege, La.
Main Mtreet,
ATON ROUGE................ LOUISIANA
Fancy Groceries
Liquors, We ,trn Pouce
AIltt the ve wst e
r$igpYJBF ow- -r8
U rrcrvas L *
4,,,ie ~hn;I~l Y~e
2' 1 ~ ,,,
ý . ý [
., - ý ý
ý . f _
ýý2: -
t ý ý ý - ý '

ý Y
ýý F
ý v.ý,ý i;fý zKF l
ý ý. ý ý S ..
ro p( r1
iý.R .E 4 ý... t ,++^ý'ýký is . ýY.,` . l .. ý .. G ýý
.i: i
t i ' .ý iy l-.Y ý 2ý'I ý
a_ 4I
Corner Mlain an: ..r.. z..
r. . d--·4·"
Steali n'2lflR MfIIKH alIi ad
0 &111 % & $3,
STEAM rPre £ND hsaX £X'fl Of ·1
ALL KINiST '0 r18GA ) i I' E WoR1(,P
iworunwea(ijjp j a; ~
ST. LOWS STREET"-..::.. ..-- ---...- f- O
Wholesale and Rt 1i4±oer
Agent for hatts' CelebraM I,
w, . RMW, K OO
W hol Isa Y I ff .«
__ Q~ro;r5
ýr -tie ý ý
n `` ý r
'Sý _`A " ^ jm? 'ý9t.
I k ''ý,,eý ,ký; -ý 4Rv ý4ssý y=,t r ý.d -'ýi.-ý -
y 4ý , x~Ofr -ýý ýýý, y ; ý,i·f.,. ti: ý ; ¢`cý
c.; v
. ý ý_ +"

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