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Louisiana capitolian. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1879-1881, December 13, 1881, Tri-Weekly, Image 4

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POtUli? DAY.
Twenty-seven Senators and a quw
ram preseat.
Leaveof tbsence for five days was
,granted to Senator Steele.
S -oesu or napsclPsT vimt.aa. p
Seventy-three members present.
Mr. Garret, of Onachita, ras an t
Snounced and sworn in as a member 9f bl
the House.
Mr. Billia wanted a eommitti of p
A ive to visit and inspect the Hosplital. ,'
Adopted, and Billio, Archer, Jaok
son, of Natchitoches, Millandon andt
St. Clair were appointed. W
Mr. Aitken then offered the follow
ilg,resolution : ri
Resolved by the House of epreen th
H kes of theGensral Assemblf Lou/ i
iliaoa, That as a standing committee
on the State debt. t'r'e said com
mitts shall have power to send for bI
persona andpapers, and to administer lam
oaths, examine witnesses and have at
all times fall access to the books of ab]
the State Auditor and Treasurer. It
shall be theduty of said committee to me
make an examination of the validity in1
and character of the State bonded and tri
floating debt, and to report to the
House from time to time, the result of ani
its findings with such recoimmenda- ani
tions in this regard as in their judge- on
wment will afford relief. Said commit
t4ee shall, if necessary, sit during the Ms
faterim, between the termination of
'this extra session and the next regu- im]
lar session.
Mr. Dudenhefer offered a resolu- era
-tion to pay to one representative each an
ofl the Picayune, Times Democrat, 00c
German Gazette, Bee, Item And de
States the sum of $50. Adopted. d
Mr.Hisll offered aresolution that the shc
Auditor be authorized to pay to one e4
representative of each of the following del
acity papers: The Picayune, States, dei
'Times-Demosrat, Item, Bee and Ger- gan
inah Gazette, actually engaged in re
porting and publishing the proceeds po
log. of the Pegeslature theaum no n
$50; and that no increase of compen
ration be allowed to any employee of thi
the Legislature during the present or
session. Adopted. lim
and read for the first time: fLi
An act to amend and re-enact see- the
tions 1 and 2 of act No. 94, of the sea- mu
sion of 1880, entitled "An act to reg
ulate the number of employees of the tioi
Register of Conveyances for the par- Cal
ish of Orleans, and to fix their sala
ries." we
An act to authorize the refunding
of certain amounts of money to cer- ing
tain parties for lands improperly or Ne
erroneously sold as State lands, the cop
aame never having been patented in fur
the State ofLeuisiana.
The Senate Committee on Dispatch ap
af Business sent a communication to of
the House, requesting that all bills
be considered in joint sessions of mit
eimmittee. Agreed to. bil
Bills21 to 2S, inclusive werebrought Cot
Some discussion over the printing
Sf bills was settled by the decision the
that bills could only be printed by Pet
t rder of the House. the
Mr. Stringfellow offered a bill ma- Th
. king the appropriations for the sup- of 1
port of the State Government. Under n")
Sa esuspension of the rules it was read i
the first time and referred to the
Committee on Appropriations. me
Mr. Coegrove was called to the of
chair in the absence of thq4Speaker.
There then commenced ~ liacusesion p
over an attempt to reconsider a res
olution of Mr. Dudenhefer, paying
*50 to one each ofthe representatives
~etertain city papers reporting the an
SLegislative proceedings. th
Mr. Hall wanted it reconsidered. As
S..Mr. Dudenhefer defended his reso- aPj
lt ioon; but it was finally reconsid- the
Sered and was then laid on the table. Co
The ?senate met at 12 o'clock.
Twenty-sevez' Senators answered an
to their name. mc
Mr. Marston asked leave of ab- th(
sence of one day for Mr. Foster, of St. Jac
Mary. Granted. of
The concurrent resolution from the be
House, continuing thebusiness of thisleg
session, if necessary, into another wa
session, to be called within thirty
days gfter the adjournment of the wO
present session, was referred to the
committee judiciary.
The Senate then went into execu- no
tive session. th
" Speaker Ogden called the House to to
order at noon, 86 members-a quo- by
Prayer by the Rev. John Percival, it
Mr. Phbmls, of" Orleans, was grant- up
o tm i be _
o0f 188. Fs ý f
los or Sthe aS
bly, with I am .t1.
amended by *i:
of 18w.,
On Bosos blWNok 06,au c
tbtori~slbe State. Trareicý topy
to thf Bolet of a1the
Louisiana' Statse Ui i erslty sa d
ricultural and MsehiSual Colle, ,
the old badancs on his books. belong
ing to the Seminary fund. Favorably,
On House bill No. 85, an aot rak..
ing an appropriation to repair the
building now occupled by the Louis
lana State University,.and Agrlctiltn
ral and,Mechanoal College. Favor
ably. To provide meati by appro
priation to pay and sattef+ the judg
ment against the State of Louisiana
in the case No, 8,9314ate Sixth Dis
trict Cort, pe bf Orleansa enti
tied T. C. W. Eli. vs. State ofLouis
ana,, was returned withbut action,
and its reference i. the committee
on claims recommended.
The following resolut4ou of Mr.
Mahoney was taken ,from t table:
Whereas, Before urta ling to
impose exactions upon the t spay
era of our State, assoelatl with sharp
and rigid penalties for their rapid
collection, itl simply proper, and in
deed but just, that the general oon
dition of the people as to  prsperity
should be inquired into, and reported
ed upon as an essential an. plnorier
deal step, that impositions "tpo bur
densome to bear may ,* tbi t *4sely
guard against; there be fIt
Rs.6ed, That a committee be ap
pointed to ascertain and report the
rats of taxation now being levied and
collected in the different parishes of
this State; whether these are within
or in excess of the cobstitutional
limitation, and at the same time to
report with respect to the existing
financial condition of the people of
these dbove referred to parisheh and
After some discussion the resolu
tion was laid on the table, subject to
were taken up.
House bill No. 5, an act authoriz
ing the sale of the State House in
New Orleans, was recommitted to the
committee on State House for the
further amendment.
House bill No. 30, an act making
approprintions to defray the expenses
of the General Assembly.
The House resolved itself into com
'mittee~f the whole to consider the
In committee of the whole, Mr.
Cosgrove in the chair, the bill was
read section by section.
The bill appropriates $31,080 for
the mileage and per diem and e
penses; $25,000 is appropriated to
the House and $6,080 to the Senate.
The warrants ire made payable out
of the revenues of 1882, or out of the
unexpended funds of 1881, not other
wise appropriated.
The committee decided to recom
mended to the House the adoption
of the bill, and then rose.
The IHousned resumed its session,
Speaker Ogden in the chair.
The act was taken up and passed
to its third readitg.
House Bill No. 33, an act entitled
an act to amend and re-enact section
three of Act No. 72 of the Genernl
Assembly of the State of Louisiana,
approved April 7. 1880; to enforce
the provisions of the ordinanoe of the
Constitution, relative to the indebt
edness of the Statetoite Fiscal Agent,
etc., was referred to the committee
on judiciary.
House bill No. 34, by Mr. Qninn,
an act entitled an act to appropriate
money to pay the judgment against
the State of Louisiana in favor f
Jas. W. McCracken, was declared, out
of order by the Speaker, as it had not
been included among the objects of
legislation specified in the call and
was indefinitely postponed.
A motion was made to adjourn and
was lost.
Mr. Roberteou, of East Baton
Rouge, asked the Speaker if it was
not absolutely necessary to take up
the general appropriation bill at the
present meeting of the House, so as
to get through wthin the time limited
by the Constitution.
The Speaker said he did not thin
it absolutely uecessary bot conesiQer
aile time could be saved by taking
up the bill, and it would iperlmsp)
.legslaVon, ad thVi waf
Mr. Mahoney, of OrFea; ast ed
the notice ia the Governor's' card wds
not s tlefent.l
The Chair held that it was not.
Mr. Allate, of Iber~ille, moved that
the mChair ewa not asusaed in t' ral
leg, dlelarton, and the bill outof order.
Mr. Aitken, of Orlehas,. moved to
tabtArtle the motion of tMr Allan, and
the motion to table prevailed.
Mr, B nlger, of Orleans, amoed that
the Chotair be ot  thed to itr dead on.
Some diseueon followed, and the
motion as put nd carrie, atfficnt.h
The Speaker heaouncd thatat it a the
tMr. Ae Pinter of ehad declared that he
tould notfrnish the printed, copy of r
the general appropriation bill until
early Monday morning.
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