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Louisiana capitolian. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1879-1881, December 17, 1881, Tri-Weekly, Image 2

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W:rt. A. LAPPUL1I ""11" .Wi"/Nbaber
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So continuously have the New Or
learns papers asserted that the me
tropolls pays more than its share of
Sthe State taxes, that they have sac
S eeded in convincing that it is so,
not only her residents but very masn
.f the country people too.
Hence the strength they have
g athered around those who oelmo
for some system that will raise as
sesaments in the parishes.
Let us see how far thisolsim of our
New Orleans contemporaries will
stand comparison.
We'll take the city of Baton Rouge
tor an example, which one of the con,
temporaries alluded to facetiously
qualified as a mere coaling station,
some years ago.
The assessment of the property
contained within the limits of the
city of Baton Rouge, foote up a round
S million of dollars.
_ New Orleans is down on the tax
; roll for about one hundred and four
Surely, Baton Rouge does not own
as much as the one hundred and
fourth part of the value of the real
estate, capital, merchandise and per
sonal property contained within the
Ulimits of the great metropolis of the
Southwest, which lines for fifteen
miles, the banks of the great Missi
'j sippi River !
If Baton Rouge is worth one mil
lion, we maintain that New Orleans
is worth at least two hundred mill
liones if she is worth one cent.
Consequently, if the. rural districts
are to have their valuations increased
: we ask that New Orleans be made to
"dance up" also.
We would like to hear from our
contemporaries, regarding this mat
ter; those from the country and from
7. New Orleans, as well.
The question of providing adeqate
revenues to support the government
ef' Louisiana, without erippling her
industries or arresting her march to
wards the rapid development of her
resources,is one that should command
the closest attention of her publio
men and of the press, through which
the various opinious expressed are to
reach the public mind.
We will preface our remarks by
saying that we do not think that there
Is any set of men in the State, who,
actuated by sinister motives, would
suggest plans detrimental to the gen
eral welfare.
That there are those who would
prefer to see their neighbors fear the
burthen instead of patriotically plac
ning the same upon their own shenl
dersle a feelilngo human that we are
prompted to admit, that much a elm
asight be discovered upon close ex
We have an idea that even those
would be willing to compromise on a
balsi which would place them on an
equal footing with everybody else.
Wdrecognise the absolato neceesi
ty of restoring the pablio credit, as
a pre-requieito towards progreasson.,
At the same time, we believe tha'
to.attempt to draw the sums necessa*
ry to effect this object, from the real
estate cannot result otherwise than to
tmender sOuch property burdensome and
Sundesirable, cheek its improvement,
prevent increased produetiou, and
drive the emigrant to more inviting
If we want to encourage invest
ments in lands, we must lighten mna
terially the btuarthens resting upon
No man will build or improve who
tknows that by so doing he is leading
himself with annual taxes.
That is evident. Where then i.
We believe that it lies in an intel.
Sltgent system of nladirect taxation.
O. astibsoes iadfreaes,ast in termsed
Sladebtridden Frasce, ad lntveul
Rleksse as it is known in these Uni
ted 8tates, where the ?ational debt
is rapidly fadipg away.
It mist be conceded that the In-i
ternal Revenue tax system has prov
en a ceyulete success, aid that its
weight has by no meaens been felt as
it)kod, bad the anuooal easumr total
realdied been levied fbom the real ees
tate of the coatry. in addition to the
8tateg enty ad mauanipal taxes.
iE-neasl estate been sabjected to
Xsltnklsalet taxatlon,three-forths.4
-mUl kira'haaa mati
it With ItPraa ' .r
dousdebt t
II."Wye throw out
oration of all p1TiOtt  bkiag
minds, leavingmit to al seue to at.
slat as in tie MtliI laoberatlng
ir- the method. through whieh it might
. receive application`
TO *Oi a*sii .
re In view of thie r-eestaWshlioe t of
a. the departsmts of the lStat governo
ment here, which event Is In the ear
II future, ye propose to keep pace with
the growing importages of Baton
i' Rouge, by making such laprove
ments to the COnPTotUn , as will
1, render it a creditable representative
of the Capital of Louisiana.
ae To do this, the expenses of the pa.
Sper will naturally be greatly 1ioreas
x ed. Hence the necessity of swelling
r its receipts, which end can only be
n reached through the additional pa
d tronage ofa publio that etanot have
rL failed to noties oar oeforts to bring
I it to the first rank among the press
i of the Stare.
n While the CAIrroLuts has trod
den frequently on the coat-tails of a
Il good number of people, it has steadi
ly fought for every object of benefit
to the greatest number. It has never
evaded a public question, unmindful,
o of the antagonisms it has from time
to time excited.
That it has sachieved results ad
n vantageous to the geaeralwelfare-of
this community, especially--many of
its opponents have willingly acknowl
a edged.
• Its way of talking "with gloves
r off" has given it the steadily in.
creasing support of all liberal mind
ed men, who admit that an effective
o journal ought to have an opinion of
i its own-something that cannot be
a done by attempting to pleas% every
f In extending our grateful thanks
to our kind patrons, we would ask
I of those in arrears to favor us by re
mittlng the same at their earliest
convenience; and thus assist uas ma
terially in pushing forward the con
- templated improvements.
SIt is pretty generally admitted that
comomeroial travelers, who enter in
more ways than one in direct com- I
B pititlon with "resident merehant. I
I ought to contribute something to the I
1 support of the governmente in whose I
jurisdiction they sell thouasands of dol. i
lars worth of merchandiee, with no I
s other expense than their board bill
. and chargeo for carryingamaple pack
i ages, etc.
Many of these agente after selling I
to the wholeeale merchatturuaround I
and sell to the~aller, and frequent- I
ly to the customers of both thee I
elaseces. All this is done soot freen
from any taxation whatsoeover.
Having observed in the License Act I
now anderooneilderation by the House I
of Representatives that traveling
agents, who are to pay a license to
the State--are to be exempted from I
licenses imposed by parochial and mu
nicipal authorities, Mayopr Jastrem- I
ski, sent the following dispatch on
BATox otoe, Dee. 14, 1~sI.
Ho,. 8amuaol . Robeeseo, Hos of d.opmre
teaveoe, NwOrflan:
The proviso in the licease act '
which prohibit. manleipal or pare. I
ehial suthoritiees from Imposing a II.
cease on traveling ageints,will deprive
such atherities of the power to ob
tain revenue from that eeuree and to
puteach agenta on anso equal footing a
with resident merchants, who, In this
city, are as far as I know, In favor of
imposing aliceaaeon travedingagents.
Its wise to impose such a license, b
but unwie sead uademocratic to pre- a
vent local authorities from udag their
option regarding this matter. Please
remometrate agasinst the adoption of
the proviso.
Leou JaarsBMax, Mayer. L
By a joint resolatlon the 8oath
Cartoliaa Leg-latare  to close
up ehep togol in a [email protected] to the A$
of thrie fromt iteS oEaf '° !
rn fom the House, to etend ` vtme
In Louolaana to the Preah visuitIiJ
to'the Yorktown Getonlial rilebra.
idon. Messrs. PullooK, Plar1nge and
on Augustin, were appointed on the
e committee:*
The approp.iatioa bill was amend
rill ed so uas to read trom January let to I
*e July Ist 1882, in lieu of for the year
1882, and the entire appropriation
acoordingly reduced one half.
a- After numerous amendments the
w bill was passed to its third reading.
A memorial asking for assistanoe
og to the University of Louisiana at New a
be Orleans, was presented by Mr. Au
Sgntin. Seven thousand dollars for
,ai month was allowed the State '
ve Militia.'
Eighty-seven members present.
The report of the Jackson Insae I'
Asylum was submitted. '
d- House bill No. 14, making appro- y
prlations for repairngthe State House
a at Baton Rouge, was finally passed.
I. The license bill was considered anad
discussed at great length In commit
toe of the whole, but no final aetion T
or was taken thereon.
'ol Five thousand dollars were appro- .
priated for repairing the University
oe building at Baton Rouge. A
The bill to pay arrearagie to the
veterans of 1814-15, was referred to
the committee on appropriations.
'1- The State House Commission held
a meeting' in New Orleans, on last A
Wednesday, at which it was deoided
to provide for paying the plasterer a
" proportionate amount of hi, contract
a. to finish the plastering in the two
re prineidpal stories. Tie reporter of the
d Democrat, took It into his heada, rom L
what be heard in the committee and
) from what he knows about building
'- State Houses that the Baton Rouge
Capitol will hardly be ready for oc
ks cupancy by the next regular session.
k We will sustain the far seeing re- J
porter In his opinion, if we are as
e- sured that "snail pace" is to be the
st order of work honeneforth,
s. We feel cooident, however, that
. If the State supplea the mosey
promptly, the edifice will be pusbed I
to rapid completion, which end the ,,
State is greatly interested in reaoh- -
In Mr. Frederick T. Frellaghauysn
-. seuceeds Mr. Blaine as Seoretery 'of
SState. He ais a man of reepetable
ce antecedent.. He served ten years in
s the U. . Sernate, was one of the
i. founders of the Republica party, I
o and was prominently mentionead at
11 one time for the Vice-Presideaey..
L. B. Horrey, Judge of the Met
g phis Oriminal Court, has ordered the
d Sherif to seize all pistols, dirks and
. murderous weapons, deposited in
, hotels or other publice places. The
Swa~r against "walking arsenals" is
thus progressing in Tennesseee. It le
t hoped that it will soon be taken up
, in Louisiana.
The English papers ridieole the
policy of the American Cabinet in
the Chill-Peruvian difliulty. The7
look upon it as a childish rodomon
tade. h
Washington and Tangipahoa par
slebes have prohibited, by the popular
majority, thbe rale of whisky, to those
who drink it for fun. It can only be
. used themre for medsinal purpomses.
e Near Skipwith, Miss., fifteen con
victs, on their way to piek cotton,
overpowered the guard and made
Stheir geopo.
In a few bours, no les.s than seven
, hundred and fift? sixs bills were offer
- ed In the lower Bouse of Congres,~
: by the ulodrions representatives,
Sfresh from home.
Beed's Gilt Edge Tooln regnlitas the
SBuy your Christma sCandies from L.
List, ad be happy.
- ..-.
w .. 0t a rd DnO .
o n 0 live, Bte. a
dGrv soeae r
S ta . adlbe Oil
to 'ine, Plain s'oabls Ollred yiI, eD. luh
qDuid o t alad Oil.
I uport.d aocd Dmle 4esUU..
II line Donelese Sardinea ID Oil, Tine lrdeia
with Tomtto knce. $aidlusue In ou
ye kailtd .ýik,lA,.
almIon, Lnbster, Frsh Meeoke d,OytererOa
ulam aid 'lsh Ohkwdt, and Grab Meat.
3e C Oed aoid Poetted
w Coeked Onts, era4sert Be, o ,tihmned Tsr
I+ I or rkbl.rel at fItlow. ,
is Flain and .litaitdg of dneet gatiUty.
Butter and 9gnrpe.
Loolrlans (lane Ipp, Oreasmery and GeeOkbea
and Cookinkl BuitEr.
Ie FoaeyNewYorkC remane Pine AppleCheese,
apsago Grayoere and Itoqueaort,
Patks and Stai dard. -
SFaln COrackeers oe varirsa kinds, Tea Cake,
e lod nad Cream Crackers.
M racont acnd Vermeds.i.
Finest Ia mprite MsarolI and best Demset
i Vermlelll.
ý. Osoeolate aed Tee.
T The nset goods of their kinds to e be bd. Good
fPaOy and Standard.
n-. Java Coe ofa very best' qullty, Fney SmUatoe
and Pr nmo t ni laitee. ,
ITA. Other Bt Cetera.
Alsn all the other et ters lthlat are gaOUy
ie kept la a well stoked Mhanoy rosy sad n.
a cTIareater o be el lletu ar ole during the
I, preseot edolday a~eo. Oa. b
LL P3RAOk8 taving ailes against the
neoesale o/ Marik C11se" deesseed,
Id a equeated to present them wiAbhot dday
AId the 000ADAl,
at Attorneys for Nary Ctue Admlstvetor of
Id Sot n Knnge Dee. 14th, e81t.
a INSURANCE OIL-tor *isl by antehrity of
5 the Company, at E. WITTING'S Groesry
C cod Crockery store.
18 ilO rooery and Cruokery tore.
s low PuleesI loom Weok I
'a - oam'TTQLLAý
Soo Jod 1hig OI,
8- Jeatmec t Pvmpmel
NICHOLA8 MoOHAL........nsperlntendem
7 & Ptal adrV, Basn ms I 46,
L Bars mlanuonfactured teorder. Coutrats
- esjpecldly rollblted. Good work and peie
Sstonl guaetionrantesed. a'qg ,
SParlr, 01ice at C0n Stite
And al u ot r aoat orStove as a e
alw ny ao hand.
Irh  t wet COr of Idi ia PiM Uk,
, ebel he BAToN RooU, LA.
oLiTe,lleop0glel Fateat Aet.
All orters or Goods in the above line wlI re
ceive prompt attentlon. Deala only in Atlass
p artlchib, such as are suited to this sectJon of
country. Clll ad examine forn mPeee
Mach 4, 1550. vil4v.
3 1 patlxfn in my storo, and to Vko rom fa
i largo atk o good fo the IIally, Iwit
j e., ecr., AT C~ fe1k lau ineln .
Ceromon, 9r.30, lasto fr nm# IS o
laes each. JOEI JOHNSON.
Ueaih Go4Voooai , t
AtFlaB1 y e JOSUA BEAL. i
doses ao onor $1S Ask to te the
L above. Conalsetla gqui casmesbIa
1, l'ow. Ji t l'EOSENbIBW
utterly saosed when ye. knorw a what le
I b are aWillag at the Dsoanth ab.
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Bliannk "lookr.
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