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•*» «. • *•—
VOL. I.-'-NO. 1.
don the
i»»e I« »»•'
p|nrhtNi<'k Thrmt-m to Hedgn.
f%e »taM||whlp HtllMo IKniIiI.
y |iiui u»n Retire« In lH«Hrnst.
S f „ or lean* flii»*»k|r Rln« to In* In*
:t (ndlirnant nt the Dran-BarriH
* to til.) IT. O. D> im*'r#u
Wa(*hin»i t on, Hoc. 1h, 1873.
the President, with lunula of depart
ment», we 1,1 1'hiladolphi« on « visit to
SOentennlnl ground».
On Tuend« y Speaker Kerr will nn
afle the eommltti'i'H, und -Congres*
-jll (||i«n adjourn to Hie 5th of January.
Th© IjoUlHlann question Im* Uol Itwti
lljly nettled yet, hut will come Up
gnd |>e thoroughly ventilated !
" nu - - - ,« lf(
1Ü« the expected memorial
Convention Is presented to Con
The Louisiana delegation will
* be heard from. Pinoiilmok'«
aoefi am not encouraging, and ho
taaten» to resign.
♦ The Judgeship ie «<111 hi doubt. Bit
agi' name 1« said to have been sent In
thth* belief that t will be rejected.
, H. I Ace y I« West's next favorite,
d he will I** pro'oably confirmed,
inlator Foster hss b"ou mentioned a*
pBbM''appointment would give
"ml satisfaction.
'n Investigation <'f the New Orleans
ulsky ring is agitat'd. It. is said that
»Hogg. Casey, We.it, Herron, Cock
, Hflffikditle »nd some New Orleans
IcuWlfjirc implicated. To protect
jwdti convenient United States
l£jndtapcn»uiblo. Williamson
ta nforning in disgust.,
jinents from New Orleans huve
! placed lu the bauds of a Republi
ken« tor, showing West's, Cock
and Lacey's adm In 1st rat tou of
Dcpartini-ut of Improvements and
ce of City Attorney, als«.* Herron and
rest'« liamwtiun * a* United States
'«xihal atld.Deputy. Ri.-h exposures
*ylie looked for and comebody will
rteponilsIndignant at Loan's or
rotative to Hkrreù . He believes It,
lustig* led by Kellogg and Packard,
fia» ink'd foi satisfactory explana
nstrem Packstd, or Ids ret Ignat Ion.
rdRt Iimci fohvardcd order and
tgW of Inttuimtlon «gainst both
ekard aud Kell-gt. rnckard, in a
(Iircatcts to îerlgn unle-r
rrett b removed, IMevrepont rvfusee
I« dictated to. «Ul v ill make It worm
or fho Bo»,. *
. th« «kutln-rn »iHtAflundft X»1«s;r»i'!i OWu
J '*ur.earner • «r-'B-lrami Gr«'1«r stte»*e.
»fin I. ütiu*», ; K, Lol -tu*. Mau
WwatKOTOK. IP Oen. Babcock
Mpucted to arrlti rt Kt. Louis to day
y pl.*d to the Imb-tmont again;,t him.
"te cao' will probibly bo corrii'd to tho
înlted Btates Cimiit Court. Junuary
rm. 1
1 )« rresldeut fid nearly «U the
act having g(to to Philadelphia,
! has Won s puotlful lack of (tenio
He White Houe and departments
today. Few Cougosuicn remain in
the nt) - , quite a uunber having return
CdtCtnelr homes ft view of the fact
that no business i * tt ir done, when the
Boose meets on Motv.iy to adjourn for
Uto tpilidsv*. , H i' pot certain the
till engaged In
dbunimer dull
ni l'ers t urc pro
menus certain, !
Hen at or other
fkjfliat day, as I 10 1 *
■Vising tße list. A
wand a midwinter
'shew. It is by n
(onepradlet , thr.t
■ u Mr. Ferry will ''©(chosen
iÜIf officer of tlm !3cbte. Tho reso
, ,VB offered by Mr. Dmunds yester
i providlag for an ole ion, look* Mm
. to bo filial dot.'rilnsllen of (he
. itlon os to w hether Vice ITesident.
.i'll»oa having dl(Hi," ?•. Ferry is law
ly President of tae 8 into pro tern,
r. Edmund*, ape ikjig for himself,
, he had no doubt tut he was, and
s ta probably the oyilon of the ma
ty of tbs Senate.
here are some, how» er, who believe
;»at Mr. Anthony, b' reason of hin
R»n*sen1ce', ha* aepor r claim* to the
potmen. Be this as I may, there Is
•wnvely a reason to do*t that the mo
Awnt Mr. Wilson diediMr. Ferry be
taine luvest wl under t » Constitution
titli the functions of i<n President
« the P ulted States, ad'that of the
wnctlona he oamiot be < vested except
U r tapcaohment To p the «*a*o still
palnar, had the Présider of t he UniUxl
•tatet died, the day folwlng the de
Jta#e af the \'iee Treaii'nt, it would
•av* devolved Auxin M Ferry lo at
•ui» qualify auu enter i*on the tils*
thanre Of Oio duties of C Iff Executive
sf the rutted States.
U«s N«en asserted tit the Senate
ma the right to cbaugi its presiding
imcer j»ro ter». ; aud the ;crcf*e of that
■wer. when that orHce has lawfully
■btrtted the office of Vi I'resident, i*
|^vcry doubtful proprly. to say tho
An amendment to tho institution on
tatapwnt would b A nrdrable t('any
^wdrot which thu Sene mav make
annouBmthe »'ommlttecu
* bl January, sfic precodcuts 1
«•frequently disregard^ j
ktSHÄ"? 4 .»w#»«» (" I
•» IPUsury at the ck^f bublmxa
r!»i Currency. »9.54M11 special
»51,447,080 ;
outdndiug legal !
lerst. »327, 471, 162 .
Yowt. Dec. 18 .
" cb !.°F davs
^ ûlUil, D»6
,w»d the thcncoin.
10 wca'hct',
>t has been
lonly turned
1 , 7 * luviLuomor this morn
Buwu to fifteen dogt, above zero.
auy tiKov has flou thus far
^ '
^waeviHoctj'wie race for ug di«tan<'e,
ggpi on6hip and ^ 500 , tw een A. F.
«^oger and W. E. Hai ng, was be
S»»*-. 1 * , Klnk l-'t o nmg. Bv>th
tart ptwfc, at § o'clock :
T^wtU ttut;h »1 5 o'cloei o nisrht.
l^^ger comploted tnitv miles nt
""Butée past 1 :»\ ; lock, aud
^^ngeou.j,'«t«.j the t 1 « distauce
P 10 o'clock.
cable specif trom l^ou
don any» the Permian le^nt Ion In
thl* city announce-? the suspension of
pnyrneUt on the «'qupona of bond« of
I the Republie due urat next Jnnuarv.
The result of this announcement is a
rupture of the Peruvian contract with
the " Sohlet« Oenoralc." The Lima
I government Is unable to meet the
money orlsla, which it says Is only tem
porary. The Poll Moil Gimttc writing
editorially on the subject imivb the tiji»»i
therefore has eorne for bondholders to
white tor protection of their Interest.
The default of payment on coupons af
ford a formal pretext for forming an as
sociation, for this purpose .-ommlssion
... -
must neg tinte dite, tlv with th*- Peru
'fVn « , t\ t 'rntn«M for. the management
W it'' to ]h ,! !n.'
Nrw \oBKj Dee. is. -A. special from
Savannah, On., says : Nick Thompson,
negro, who kili.-d C*|»t, James A. Hun
ter, at Quitman, In October J874, was
bung in SHvannali vesterday morning
Oov. Smith refused to reprieve 1dm.
New York. Dee. is. Weather to-dav
Intensely cold, with piercing wind. All
the iMind* In the vicinity are frozen,
and the skating season is now opehed.
Central Park lake, however, is not yet
in a lit condition for skaters, but tie-ball
will undoubtedly ojien In a few days
should the present tgs-M of Arctic
weather continue.
Tlve steamers sailed for
day: The F.nglaud, Halt.,.
tWer and City of Richmond. They
carried« largecargoe, hid fewer iiasscii
g(«rs than at any time dur Jug the your
ninety-three cabin and
450 steerage
! pnssenger« sailed for Europa lo-day.
A velocipede race between Harding
and Messenger, at the Rluk, attracted a
Fiirone to
HuUi.'* ii,,iivi„
- 1 - *"•
IHMtf!LLA>EOl S. •
. ........... ,
At'uUHTA, Cla* Dec. 18.- The race lie.,
tween Basil Duke, trotter, and pacing
mare Lucy, billed for ki-day at Aligns
ta race track, was witnessed by a cou
pie of hundnsl (tereoue. The stakes
were f 11RN1 on the mare against f7.M) on
the horse, Lucy to puce to a uiuety
pound wagon aud Duke to a fifty pound
st||ky. Tim track being heavy gave the
horse a decided advantage, and the
crowd was surprised to*iM> the horse
win the lirai lient ; but Lucy changed
the aspect of thing* by taking the pole
on the lin t (plotter In the second heat,,
and keeping It. winning the second and
third heals. In tho fourth heat Duke
again g(d ahead and won the heat. At
this jwdnt It was so loto they concluded
to p<•*!pone the Ufth iieatuiitll Monday,
when t no tirât Hghtof t ho main between
Georgia oud'Tconosaca takes place at
the race truck. On Tue »day aud Wed-j'J
nesdav theto will 1«' ten tight* each
day. There were a good many scratch
.,„ 0 ...
tight* to dfty ; uono worth reporting.
Monthkai., Dc«*. 18.—Tho Common
CouucllJiuve made arrangement* with
tho contractor:) of the various dojart
inoUt-'», who have agreed to tak»' <>n a
number of men at sixty ccn1 1 a dny.
! This, with a number of timu lobe cm
ployed on tho mountain work, etc., w ill.
It Id believed, glu- work to about wo
men. This will yet IctAo Revotai thou
tend tuen lu a «torvlug condithm, and
the end yet.
Every tulug I* (inlot Imro at prciont.
fluting the nlgnt the armory w*
utrougl) guarded. Tho police are ©till
under arms, ready for *ny »•niergcm'.v.
Dis*urb« no© I* feared io-tuorrow, Tlie
weather Is extremely cold.
raovtnxNnc, R. I., Dec. 1« Mcs;,r*.
Greene oud Craiulon. one of tlm Hid
ing banking house* of tliL city. > 11
pen-led to-aiy.
Whbrliko, W. Vs., Deo. 18. -Fer save-.
r«l year* tho people of Macon and Put- 1
........... * '
nani couutioe In thh H<ate have boon
subject (o th« dppredftljoufi of a regu- j
ioi>n" j
hcadquartcra in the mountains.-six
PUU.|*;ll ID IU« Dl »» I
larly organized bahd of robber*,
styled them Halves "Fiiondly Brotll
or "Red Legs," and who had 1
miles from Wlullold, the county soa« of
rutuara. Last week a person Introduced ;
lilniBcIf to tho band, pledged bimrolfj
fricudiv to tho cause, and procured evi
donee of thoir complicity in a largo
number of robberies ami other criiues.
This Informât Ion was couiniuuic ited to
tlio Citlzcus of Winfield, who organized 1
h com pa u y ami Mailed In purMifi of the j
robb»'r?. nineteen of whom wore cap -1
turedand lodged In Jail. Tho captain I
nn ,| several of the lain«! cacaiH»»!, but |
are being pursued.
ClHfTRHATT, Dec. 1«. -Til" Sept .♦ Home,
ut Forest, Ohio, wan destroyed l»y Hr"
with its contents. Ltei
heavy; nolusuron»-»'.
Tile murder of Webb, the colored
man, nt London, Ohio. Thursday night,
Inis beeu protty well tautened on Geo.
Burncs, An officer b in seureh of him.
Ha is snpp*»s*'d to hav# gone to H),ring
tic bi or IJrivinn.
This was tho widest morning of the
hohuou; flic thermometer indicated s
di'gi eeb above zero.
James Donougho'.s tannery, ou Brldg
water street, was burned yepteixlav.
Iaoss #4000; no Insurance.
u •imt n*8!
^^TvÎtnkÀtV 0 TV<' U lif — i fire broke out •
♦liU^m^TOlfi^Si ^ba'an^hMahment ofl
J Ç. ÖÄ fkn.Ti West dJOnJ |
street, aodjruttoJ thOjulldlag F'S«,'«
l()»s about wooo on stock. The building, |
belonging to Fold & Henry, was dutu-j
ugfxi to tho extent or »5000. !
W, Bsc 18 —A illspatcli nuelred !
at tho Morohuul»' Exohauge «tatcj* that |
#120,W ip. ,
cludlng »20,000 in indorsed paper. The 1
nominal aoecta are »3ü,0uo, of which
aii non ta in iwuib
Mim-ron* Dee 18—Slater Jewell !
aged 98 yearn and 11 months, dic'd, list |
the brig Julia H. Dalllugham, of Bos
ton, Capt. Euieihou, from Gotnoz for |
Marscilics, wan wrecked on tho 5th of ;
December near Mount Bugglnoso. «U'i ;
all but two of tho crow wer« lost. A
part of her cargo will bo saved.
J. N. Goldsmith A: Co.'a nnvnl utorc? ,
have failed. LiabillUea '
uight. Ho uud hie wife were the oldest
married couple in this county. Mrs. !
,< r" * ,u "".j" ■'.""" 15 :. ;
AAorcvbter. Mate.. Dec. 18. - A vvicjjon ^
1—1. _» *-------- houeeu, occupied ftt :
bad been made to 6tart a fire in each of ;
the unoccupied houßoa. Leas » 8 *W 0 .
Tho weather was so intensely cold that ;
the firemen were covered with ice. and
the hose froze as soon as tho water wac
DtraoiT, Mich., Dec. IS.—The iu. w
tonnage added to the lake ninriue lu
1875 constats of two side steamers, thir
teen propellers, fourteen achoouors and ;
two bargee, aggregating 18,780 tons and !
valued at £L47§,0<K>. The dccrca.efrom
last year lc 54.518 tons valued ut »2,388.
Kkarkvt Jükcxioh, Neb., Dec. 18.— j
Last night tho jury empanneled in tho 1
case of Jordan P. Smith, indicted foci
tho murder of Milton M. Collius, re
* * *
v**^. ...-------------
{o be hanjed oa tlje 4 tb day of April, j
turned a verdict of nullt y of murder in
the first degree. A motion fpr a new
1878. 7'he ease has excited yonsidcroble
Interest here.
Pitthbcdo, Dee. la.- The river in the
pnst twenty'-four fumrs has fallen six
Inches, leaving four feet six inches In
(he channel. The rivers arc falling
above the eitv, and cold weather is
slightly Interfering with u«\igntloti.
The b-'ats on the Ohio, however, will be
able to run f-.r some time yet.
Bnoom.Yjj.'Dee, is .During the pn«t
week a number of daring attempts have
been made t»y scoundrels to burn the
village of Astoria, and so j*.rslst<*nt had
they become In their endeavors to carry
I out their plot, that to Insure protection
j residents wei ■'eomfrallod to form n vlgi
! j, ir ,oo commht?>e and nightlv station
themselves a( various points id the vil
| lego. The villains are riot now to be
1 <>al
Oalvemton, Dec. is. A partvof Mexi
cans crossed the river below Man Felipe
yesterday, und stole 800 head of cattle
und sixty horses. Citizens are organ
Izing and will pursue them.
Pfilt,\p).i,MiiA, Dee. is. - This morn
ing, nt Hi o'clock, the Cenbuitilal t'on
gresslotial delegation, the President and
party, and tho Justices of theNupi-etne
Court, and other distinguished visitors,
worodriven to the Cetiti-fiuinl groumls,
and inspected the various building*.
the strangers expressed the greatest
i surprise at the ne« rue** of the work to
I completion. At I« o'clock they all
assembled In HoiTleuItural Hall, which
had been turned Into a grand -
lug hall. John r. Hu I lot t, of Philadel
phia, preeldrsl. President (Irani oceu
j>le<l a nut at the main table together
with BishopMlmpsoti, of the Methodist
I rated, and Hazel's bonds played <*'.■
grand Centennial rcectithui march ns
! the guests took thejr nom*.
r " „ ,
j DBtnotT, Mich., Dec. ts. Meetings oi
! «encrai frefght agents aud repretenta
1 ^ -'' rt trunk II ncs with repicscutu tlve»
of roads running out of Boston, which
have been held several days this wt-ek.
have resulted In no agreement on
freight rate troubles thus far, and eon
ferenoe will be re-uuned Monday.
Gat.vkston, Dec. 14. -Advices from
Mstamoro* state* that at the municipal
election there Nnturdny tighting occur
red. Morgan ami Ftmnlez, eandldatos
for mayor, wore wounded. Three mon
aud ono lx»y were kllId. Honor Filou
tax. Cortina's Candida ta for mayor» wan
elected. Tho city is now (pilot.
HouTltWKsT Pass, t»cc. IS, 6 |>. in.- Ba
foincter 30:fl0. A^'ind, northenst, light,
! Weather eloudly ami cool.
j Arrived: Hteamshlp Geo. W. Elder at
this a. in., Read, master, from New
i York, to C. A. Whitney & Co. ; British
J «hip Adolphus, Rose, master, f,5 days
1 pas -' d the Thonipsou Dean underway
' the first hour out
fioiu Liverpool. In ballast, to Hull A
Vaughn: British chip Andrew Lovett,
Durkec. master. 82 da> from Liverpool,
<11 balla d, to Haynes & Co. : Hpnnlsh
bark Fells*, Aug-', master, if. dux.» ft'-ou
Havana, in bollmt, t«,chas. Green.
Hailcl *l<'anisbip City of Havana.
Pass » i/Orisr. D> c#J8. f. p. m. -Wind
N.E., light. Weather cloudy and mid.
A.rived —At 2:2<) p. in., steamship Tnp
pahaunock, P'udlctou, ujacter. from
I lav ami aqd Florida l-'il -, to I. K.
Roberts. No deporturm.
AMate«dvh'e i Red River w* falling
at FitHoii «nd Shreveport.
|Rv 'I rl-sirncti!
Bwor Haha, Ii*"'. 17, 1873.
To ID m la» A Wav cl : Dcnu arrived
hern'll 8 o'clock a. in., ahead of How
«rd sud Pargoud
W. B. MtLi/RR, Master.
Bayou H»r ». Dee. 17. 1875.
Pu Bell A Mongo: Tlic Janie* Howard
B R Pros au. Matter.
A r i(-)tpHi so. Doc. 18.
To J. Wood A' Co., 1 at Ca rondelet
Ujfroct: Htoamor Bismark will arrive
Saturday evening.
,T>o. Hr.vNr, Matter.
NATCHnoCHES. Dec. 18
To J.*'. A. Atkeu ; Thirty-two iuchef!
in Boyc**-and fHlllug.
T. W. Hem ill,
Master R. T Bryarly.
WishihotoK, Dec. I«. For Hunday
In tho H-'uth Atlantic and tiulf Stater
stationary or falling barometer, warmer
: 3
suuiUcrlv winds »iipi^ncrcnsiiiir cloudl
ness, and poabibly lain in AVebtern !
Texas. !
„ t ....
Hxorsv, Dec. 18.--A conforcncc of the
Ç iii Mt im rcgri'sentft iv.m of B.vdilu, wns
h,'l.l at Jauiaiea yeslenlav for the pur-1
j.o t ,». ot »Ibicuss ngthe pmnnt aspect of
the »'oiifiicl with ih*» Torte, and of agree
ing upon « plan for united action.
Ltgbty ropraeeutatixes were, ijrceont.
It was uiiHuimou dy resolved to con
tinue the conflict till tlio Turks were
I expelled from the territory.
0»'n. Foulovitch, the national Gover
1 nor of HcrzcgovcnH, will visit, tlio eapi
, tain and ask tlm j>owcrs to accord bel
iigi-rciit recognition to tho Hcrzegoviu
or pool,
iHii'ii'i uemni'iiH. in. 10 - 0 «,» , tuiO pro
• ''eeded. The sUauusiilp Nevada sailed
from I » Iv «n > ooI for New York ftt noon
| ffJ'ÄJl,, T ,t'® 'iSÏÏ'^VlRS' *'«
«VÂÂfîl eïï m
| M ,,0 }° 0 0 rn : . ,
Roc uns Toixt, Irnhind,
! P- ni. -Thn steamer V Ule
! ™Z£'l tttSr
| kl ;" ,,1or . J ,, u ' r,_____
Dec. 18, 0
lo Brest b
Havhk, Dec. J8." f>t«'fttiisliln France,
of tlio General Tranijitiautio- Lino, Bail
ed from thb )x»rt for Now York ni 1 p.
m. to-day.
The Foreign Telegru|»h.
Tho jury, after deliberating threo
, hours, rendered a verdict, that the vic
1 1Imt* canto to tl'cjr de»'th by exposuro or
drowning, nud thut (he .Primary cause
of tho wreck waa that tho captain, in
! consoquence of the state of tho weatlior,
| The"'jS^ltakta
i.'! 1 ' f, j J t o ^b** ^earottod tl?at t ho
! tb' V "..'y'Y'v n "Æ^ t ü jL3n
; itodfiïï«
itppliauecs for ascertaining the d
^ j j ^ nl boat lowerinf
g appa
croc of t ho tug Liverpool.
Fari a, Dec. li.—In the Assembly to
dav, M. Fourcand. deputy for tho
Gironde, aud a member of tlio Loft, wae
tho only person ©looted Souator. All
tha otb»'r candidate » failed to obtain the
. . , * n _ .
ftbSainod from voting to _
the suect^s of the Extromo Republic
Farts. Doc. It—Tbo Frouch Gc-*grn
phi- aï society bar elected Gen. Audrew
A. Humphreys. Chief of the Corps of
Engineers of the United States army, a
corresponding member.
Bïbuü, Dec. 14.-In the Reichstag to
day clauses of tbo bill fortheamend
' "* ' ^
^euts, ÿi i,wo strong, bave ««Ted here. !
requisite majority. It i» believed that i
t.cveral-. LegiUmtats and Bonapartiste j
*d « train't
'* SSd 1
mont of the penal code, directed
;offcnbe 3 similar to Vou Arnim 3 , r «u^
CViNsTAttmoM.r., Dec. 14 —The Arts
trlnn Embassador askcl the grand vizier
on Saturday to suspend hostilities aud
open negotiations fa the insurgent dis
Home of the Ministers are urging the
Hultan to reject the programme of re
form emanating from tno Northern
! rowers, and lu justifient Ion of such re
ectlon to refer them to the plan of ro
brm which the porte itself intends to
promulgate to-morrow.
The items of Foreign News above
stated are taken from the Northern pa
pers of the 14th.
biw tenu. Do*, in.-Cotton quiet; middling
. rksias lai. ; middling Alohanm 13 7 - 1 »; tuiu
dllna MidmidS i:< 5 in ; »Irlet low iniddliuic upland
I3 l i ; low mlitiiliuK ualnnd ir, ; strict ordl
n*rr iij.liin't 13 !«, ;«■>•»] ordliiary ualaud u*x ; ur
Ulnnrr nr>lnii>t It.
F.xrluuujo (|»iict; cvlinnc'. bunker», 3 (Ur«,
4.»»K;ao, iw iliiiH, 4 .H 1 A.. T:\riintia''--''cniin.ir
(?lal, »*) iIhtm, 4 . » 3 . ruinrc« nmy : .Inminrr m 7-ao
Foliruarr I» 7-io. Mnfli 13 u-lo. Atuit i» r ,
"'1(14 10, MHV I4'Ç'|4 3 10. V(>.M.n|l»T 13 0-32«»
13 3-to. D -l'llUS. O.MRt inl'MIili« 13 11 to; nii'l
dliiiU fuir M S ; fair 13S.
Vlniblo Mil4*1,1 V 3,®4\:>I7; Auc rt'dll. 1.772.717.
Vi'»il>ln pugalv Muni,, Um<, lait Var. 2,040,348i
American. 1 . 001,4 to.
Nxw YoSK, Dt'c. in. Hate* f»r futur« d»<1lv»>rv,
8500; .Ihhihu v, )ü 7 j-.io |:o, ; E«l,runi\-, in li-nxct
in 7 I»; Mnn'll, 13 31-32*11.1 }t 10; ,\|,|U, 13 11,-33«'
13 10 - 10 ; Mhv. 14 3-32*014 !» ; June, 14 Wit II T>;
Juif, 14 10-3"'V14 1,-33; Angölt, 14 JK 12 * 14 '«;
I»*'". 13 3-3?'<rtn 3- 111 . O',111 114.
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1»X«0|3 3 37. April 13',"»13 22-83. Mm M I l-vrf
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low, luit «t,'i„ly for M«ti srii'l' ». flu rln v n«'trl«"i
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llv« llrru but 'jut«i. (>>rn llrinlv li«id Ui"uali
n«w in liHcdly «•> linn ; "Id I« ••»-•»,» enl«ul,|,'. M«»*
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Cut iii«hI« <jul"l but f'b'H'Iy ; di"luijp, N'»t«r.
Lul't dull but i<t«n0y. WtilHkv "imli r »• i»K\.
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to grout ItrttaJli 82«; witca Iteo; a|.»'k nn 777 . Mar
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-flr«.|t Itittain ir.ur,, Frni)«*' l'AIA; C - u» i -
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middling upland» id, Oriaua tka. ba)«* to*
di»v , 0 " dhI««. of whteh toon bHl«« nr« for •■rp' , rl
and «p«v'ui»tioa. Il'-y'lpto t",»«« bat««, of nfdrh
'pn v or« Amerl 'in. Arriv«]-. u«ik und 1 A»d
2 r. m. -Cotton un«h«ns ,v I. 8«l«a Aui«ri''»»u
3 lety.
Ill' n Do». I*, pninand go«,). "IT«rIn»n* IlgM.
Tr«-* ordtimlr« «nd Ori 1 '»"" oath« ?!'"t 8.7» :
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oYmkS wickma I
nlfkr .-(«ti'lv;
Hr. Cmaki.es Thkatiu;. -L»mt night flic
! Buffalo Bill 8 e»nit Troiilio rlosou their
! spirited »'Ugagemctit at the old Drury,
mid to-night tli*v newspftpcrs will have a
I benefit for thoir hoi!iie, which, we trust,
w jM , wnl , pairdulzcl. fhis colti
. w , V)th , M . , H vor | r ,J,, ro oU m OM0 p< K ir
W|lfs ftnd benôvohjn licnrlft ought to
n , m 0 , k ,„ i . ( | tf Almm and rcn»h'r
j lino | v „„„btane»'. J 2 <>ttft charming,
I, s . wr< , t , Htlo p ( ', t (y>tT)0fi to-mor
| lt)w Bm , tho ,, ullli) . Vjll si nothing
! barrel
more tlian tho ui'tic»' of her arrival to
attract It to tho St. Churl»'*, for among
Now Orleans thoatre goers tiiiabdwitch
tng little »t«r lias always iicon a favor
ite. Tlic Ht. Charles wiis tol»>rablo well
attended IhsI ovonlng, I'onsidoring tho
extremely cold weather.
Glouk Thratbe.—T his theatre Ptill
continuée to lie a iiopu'ar resort, and ie
crowded almost nightly 3 vith tlio boys,
who are fond of tho can-can, which is
extromelv livoly, rich, rare and racy.
Next week n now company is to arrive,
among whom will be the TVI ineo Brot li
on*, Mr. Charles and Mis« Annio Galla -
ghor, Huunoecy Brother» and Mr. John
R. Wcover. Mis« Albortlne and Misa
Mille DeVorc ore the chief can c<in
danseuse«, and exhibit much gnu'*» and
spirit In their dancing. Mr. Charles
Banks, as a negro »'om*)dinn, 1« really
very Uno, und 3fr. Murphy handles the
bones os well und got« os much out of
them as any mtnetrol wo have soon.
His imitation of two race horses run
ning a race reminds 11 s of a horse racer
vividly. Next week Mr. Flyunowill give
us some female fathers.
Af ExtraordinaryB rinne.—Tho body
of a young man named SHunder» was
picked up in tho Thames rivor last
week. In tho pocket« of his coat was
found some monov, a number of papers,
and the following lotter: "Should my
body be found, which I devoutly hope it
may not, I think it a-i well to givo eotne
explanation of what will be called a
rash act. Having written to the editor
of the Family Herald, oud received euch
an answer as to lead me to suppose my
self mad, I have made up ruy mind to
kill myself. I might, f-*r aught I know,
go raviug at any moment, and do some
ono olse a miscülaf. The only thing that
haa hitherto restrained me from suicide,
has been the fear of causing sorrow' to
my parents, but that may bo soou got
i over, whereat, if I wore to live a lunatic, !
j thov would be always in trouble about j
me'and bv doing this, i. e., killing my
self, I end their trouble and my own. a
I have not,-written this with tho hope of :
getting my body buried in consecrated
ground, that being an affair of little
' * ' 1 order that
should be
moment to me, butslmply in order that
the cause of my death
-London Graphic.
ot )i,., »vM^rruo'h of the !
1 , to consequent» of the approach of the j
Iholidajs all fruits have risen an.l,
J!holidavs aU frulls nave risen T
0 * ue * ed *** ^
Nr.w OrttCANs, La., Dec. 9,1875.
Hon. W. L. MrMlUcn. Sonfltor cleat of Lntlalann;
Pear .Sir—I have read, with regret,
your open letter add reused to inc,
through the Associated Press, dated
yesterday, in which you express the
opinion that the struggle of the people
of Louisiana, Tor the right of s»'lf-gov
»»rnrnent, lias been determined against
them, and announce the wlthdrawal^f
your credentials as Senator, and tender
the people of Louisiana, through me,
the trust- committed by thorn to your
In my judgment, based upon all that
hns oecnrred since tho inception of our
dilReultles, you have seriously erred in
the conclusions at which vou have ar
i ou address me as "Governorcleet
of Loulsliinn." If I mu "Governor
elect " since 1872 wiiat estops me as th»>
chosen Executive of the State and vests
that right In a usurper? The means by
which lids lias been accomplished are
well known to the public, and they
never have received, and never »'an re
ceive. the approval of the American
I 11 November, 1H72, the government,
of which 1 am the otlleiai head, was
elected by the people of Louisiana. Tho
resuit of the election was legally ascer
tained. and declared by tho Legislat ure,
of which we were a member, and in
which there was n quorum of legally
elected members of both branches. In
January, 1879, I was inaugurated, and
acted ns Governor until I was prevented
bythoarmoftln FederuLVdininistratlon,
unlaw fully exercised against me through
the military powey or the nation. The
right tonet I still assert, and that right
t cannot and will not. surrender.
You were elected Senator bv t he Leg
islature of the State in 187:t. If your
eredentlnls wore valid then, tliev are
xnlid now. In your letter you say, "The
Senate. »<> this date, has hold the <nics
tlou In abeyance." Then, whv ivttli
rlrtivy vonr eredentlnls ami abandon
youf trust while the Senate, the onlv
C ower competent to judge of their va
dity, hns never passetl upon them?
But you state that other and equally
competent partie» have, praetienliy mid
finally, determined the <|iiestloii, and
you refer to the " Wheeler adjust mont, "
the resolution of the Louisiana Législa
ture acquiescing in, but not approving
tins oetnuj governnient of Mr. Kellogg,
the action of the last Lowor IIouso of
Congress in the same elTocl, an»l t<) tho
s«*»ttrig of Mr. Morey, on th« 6th inM.,
upon credentials signed by tlm person
who is acting as Governor of Loulsaua.
In my judgment, your interpretation of
these mai tors is not sound. They can
not possibly hear on the issue of the
legality of the State government, be
cause —
1. The Loglslatureof Louisiana of IH75 i
had no constitutional power to displace
n State government elected by tho
people in 1872 and Inaugurated in t873,
or to retire its claims, or to substitute
for it a usurpation.
2. That Legislature did uot declare
the validity of the Kellogg government,
but merely accepted it »in Hie artivrj
government until such ttmo nr. the Fed
oral Congress, where the question of ito
legality was ponding, should settio it,
:t. Even this resolution 'if .-ufTerance.
w ldcli erpre.s'fii»/ irWihcld any approval
of the Kellogg government, was passed
by a State Senate of w hich a majority
wore ucurpora.aadrr.iiiutoof legal right
as Mr Kellogg himself—by the rem-,
liant of the people'» House of Ropro
'whi-h II..,,BO opn. dp
Irobrland ba<i expelled in January, |
1875, from the legislative iialls of tlio
Htflte, and composed, not of roproRonta
I bers «elected by the majority of tlio
Wheel» 1 !' Congres ionaI Committee.
' Passed by n Legisiaturothus oouipoBod,
It wnri ftlgnd by flic usurper Antoine as
Liemtenaut. Governor, approved bv the
usurper Kellogg as Governor, aud pro
mulgated by tlio uaurping Hecrotary of
At if« beat, it recoguizes the existence
of a dc facto, not tlio legality of a <fe
jure government, and vn« passed, sign
ed, approved ajjd promulgated by the
very usurpers whose h'gal ttntu« you
seen, to think it rooognlz"«» Wlmt pro
vision of our law, State or Federal, eon
stitiitcd this usurping governnient tb»
judge of its own legality or authorizes
the Hubversion of a ne jure in fav or of a
bn stal'd dr facto 'g»>verunient?
It must also be remembered t hot. tlio
advocates of thl« adiuat nient declared
that I» referred solely to thb difficulties
growing out of tlio election of 1874, and
had no reference to those of 1872; and,
besides, that the Wheeler committee,
in their report <0 Congress, declared
that they had not Investigated the eloc
tiou of 1872, and flint their resolution
recognizing Kellogg they based not on
facts »'r law, but on their surmises and
opinions of what the people of Louisi
ana were willing to accept, and of which
they knew absolutely nothing. If they
had sought the desires of tho people,
they could liuve found ample evidence«
or their stubborn mid heroic resistauoe
to t wo years of oppression and wrong,
in the formal resolves of every parish
and community in the Btntt*. aud in
their Imposing upheaval of September
14, 1874, which swept away, as with the
hand of fate, every vestfge of a hntccl !
As to tho notion of Congress, I neo»l
not remind you that the House Im
peached Judge Durcli because of tlio
'midnight order," and seated Gen.
Sherldau on tlio official returns, which
evidence my election; thut the Senate
has refused to admit. Mr. Piueliback,
has announced thut the Kellogg gov
ernment was not elected, and that the
declarations of tlio Lynch Returning
Board were false aud without the sem
blance of integrity. Logically and le
gally, there ia but one conclusion from
ihe findings and act ion of Congrues, and
that ic the overthrow of the usurpation.
In seating Mr. Morey, on tho 6tti inst.,
the House did not recognize Mr. Kel.
logg other than a« acting Governor.
They expressly expunged ull thut would
imply their recognition de jure.
I therefore, bb Governor elect of Lou
isiana, iu the uarne of the people, do
deny that their right to govern them
selves has been lost, either by their own
acquiescence or by the Wheeler adjust
ment of the Louisiana House of Repre
Bontativec, or by any action of the Fed
eral Congress.
On the 6th of January, 1876 , a conven
tion will be hold in this city, and the
people's representatives, many of them ,
already elected and instructed, will de - 1
maud of the Federal Government tho
overthrow- of tho usurpation which its
! Executive alone lias created, and whose !
j official hrnad, Mr. Kellogg, hat confessed :
his inability to mainto in his position for
a single day without the bayonet aid of :
: its author. f
This demand will be intensified by the
appalling fact that the usurpation, |
through its elcotiou laws and returning
boaraj wields the absolute power of self -1
æ tuation, in defiance of the popular 1
ind that resistance on tho part of
! the people may jeopardize, iu the next 1
j olec f loi * the p ^ a J Ç0 thp jJtate. i
Regretting your course, in resigning ,
I vour position as Senator, I have no on
, tjoû but to accept the resignation, aiid ;
T Eenrettine'vour course in resitfnincr !
_ . _
n - b - t. Jounfo Bowwtt. bv Un-'lc
w ...... ... -
I will forthwith appoint your successor.
In conclusion, I would add, that for
myself i wUi never abandon the post
<° which the people of Louisiana have
called me. So long as I have life ami
strength I will continue to battle to the
utmost for tlio inalienable right of aelf
govornment. Before the prostrate form
of my stricken ^tatoT shall still hold
the mgts of tho .Constitution, and no
alien hor domestic hand shall strike at
her liberties unresisted l>y me.
With a still unfaltering confidence in
the Justico and good faith of tho Fede
ral Congress nn»f the people of the whole
United States, I shall never cease to ap
peal to that justice and that faith until
1 shall have secured to Louisiana the
right which alone is denied ta lier, and
which she will never surrender, of liv
ing under the rule of the lawfully elect
ed officers of |»er own sovereign choieo.
I nave tlio honor to remain, very
respectfully, your obedient servant,
John McEnery,
Governor of Louisiana.
----—- ——
This week th<» principal attraction in
amusement has boon the races. Tlio
weather hns boon very fine, but the
track was a little too heavy for any
good time to be made. On vesterduv
evening tho attendance at the closing
races was very poor, ami tlio betting
not very spirited. The entries were for
(lie »
First Hach^TIi« ll"want «takes, for chIIm and
lllll (,8 ill,ii two vonr« old; *25 ontraaco, p. |>.
AVitli fÔOO j Mw'orid hors«'to iccnjV 4 tf Ilk», ntiti
tbo third Mu; wiimnr of tli« »loeomb Htaki« D>
(•ai ry 7 II«. extra : on« mil«.
It. A J. HowettV sb. c. C'haricy itowntt, by Und"
VI«, ilaiu Mm mi,ini, t>y imp. 8ov«r«lgi, ; i<m>
JH/ajuls! ""Ioih— orniiK" jiicKot aii,t bln«rii
R. A J. Itpwi'tt s c. Hurry LlwnnlH, byUnc
' ic. (tum Ada Konnott. by Honnie Lad'll«;
11 « iionudH; ix, lor»—orange ia«k«t and blue
W. FottrUr« g. ", Johnnie n.. by Fireball, dnm
Jennie 0., by Duui»»l Ik«, ne. ,
VV. Cot) rill a eh. c. ponaugb, by Blarney »ton«.
dam Lillie ward, by Lexington.
VV. ottrlll'H eh.f. I.eiuonade.by Loamlngtoii.dnni
t!ri''k«t. t>\ Pan loi Jt<
1, y Danld Boon", dam
lek ; 100 pmtnuH; 12, 1 -
. -------.... .. -----3014'
VV. Ceil rills b, c. Mediator, b
M"anui««,by Itrown Dio.-. ... . ,
or* ««arid, wliito Iv-lt. ««iirld can.
J'3lni t'imk's t»r. ". Harry Hill, by Virgil, dnm
Lark, |>y Lexington.
<i. VV. Mtewarl « di. f. Toi'alo.bvOlon Athol, dam
Volga, bv Imy. (ileuom, ; \n imumlH ; eolijr« -
lilne nml blue, I,lack snub.
(I. VV. Hlmvarl'» «'Ii. «. Miillni/.ti", by I'lani t, dam
l,ntl"iii", by L'xlngbm ; mo poùuds; c,(or*
bln" and blue, bln«k »(»«h,
JennlngH'.V IlinitV b. c. Oral» Orchard, bvAiis
tmlian.'lam bv Heytlilan ; D« ivjuintH ; eoloru
blue ]ii«k"t. wultocan.
1. dam
lorH blue
VV m. Jennings' b. ", Ashbv, by Asl«ri
lb: 11« Di (indou ; ino y und
iiu'kd., white «(»i,.
Wm. Jeuiiings' ch. c. I'm Plot, by Phaeton,
Halil« Ferrlll.
Win. Jiumlngs' ch. c. Dengal. by Ilr'rwti Dl«k,
ilnni Hatlowa.
Win, A. Wyalri» oh. f. Currency, bv Un«li' Vic,
dam Oreeiibncks, by Legal Tender.
Springfield A Clay's L>. «. Illne Osit. ny Jack
Maliine, dam by Hovereigu,
Isnao »Hover's ch. 1 . Amanda W»rren, by Marian,
dam by Dig lbisUm ; 87 pounds ; colors—black
aud black.
This dasli was won by Malmiztie,
with Mediator u. good second. Time—
1 ;53, the others distanced.
Heoonp tt ie.K. Donsolatton lta-'e; Club pure»
iim for hot««" tha* tiave run nml not v on » rn< «
during tli« meeting; » 22 « to in,it, r«o to so-.'oud.
j. » b, third ; ono mile.
H. V an Llew's eh. m. Lnuni. 4 r. o.. bv Rod
Bores, dam Fanny King, bv Dig Boetou; 101
pounds; oolor» msroon ana rod c»p,
oronge tciuli
L. Bronanax, oh f- Carrie Fish. 3 v. o., bv Daniel
D'ion«, dam by Dill Cheat hum, s/pounds,
color» -Kr«on »nd r«d.
F. O. Minor, b. b. lalmouth, «god, bv riano».
dam Dei Roes : 113 pounds ; colore -oluo. rod
;,p|| whltS cap.
M. W'eb'h'ii K « Fort Losnord, aged, by Vouchor,
(him Prunella; 112 nound*; oolorr. -groom
Jam«,, II. Hunmor. '»Ik. 0 HtarUe, 3 v. o , bv VV«*»
Itovburv. dnm f«" 1 Worts ; WtotUMHOnOfl
bin«, oraicc' and arson can.
T. Joan to Ro'
.ifftiJv'» f- Molli« D.. 3 v. o.. I>y Ju'lfc-e Leo
nard. dnm by D'xlnsfton : «7 pound» ; colors -
r«d nml blue.
W. Cottrlli. «n. f. Dn«n Brnndniw, 3 r. n.. bv
Pnnlol Doon«. dnin Emelin«; «7 pounds;
"• ,|orn S' i)i l«(, »vtiHo tw-lt. ynrlet cop.
J. McMahon, oh. ir. Kllburu, 4 v. by lnncntinB
t«r, dnm Outorl'*; |ni pound»;eoloru lilac
.ii«l blur,.
This raco resulted in an easy victory,
for Kilburn. Time—1:62|.
The event of the day was the
'Jitii o Hi* r. Club i5ui so *i')oo, tvr oil 8440 »;
*«'») u, m t, ,70 to eocond ; four roll« h«nt»,
it. Abk«y. ti. c. Mara Harper, 4 y. o„ by Ret*»!,
(lain ifurv Klnibrow. by Kupoo. 104 pounds;
color» - bfn- k myl bro« n.
VV cv,14rDl, b. p. Ool. N«lllgon. 4 r. o., by Harry
"I tho «"»1, (1(4441 Emoltne; 104 4 ,ouuds; col
or« c arl«», v» hit« Ixjlt, L.CHrlet «an.
Ja-knon A Owens' ch. c. Georgs Gr«h*m, 3 y.
o.; by BoKora; dkm Hunsbhi«; 00 pounds;
«olor» pluk and green.
1rs !.. Drid«, eh. c. Oxinore. 4 v. ».. by DAy
Dlck, dsra lo Oliver; l<u pound«; colors
blue, white snsb.
A. Wordel'« oh. e. Pompey'« Pillar. 3 V. o..by
Undo Vic. dam Amanda Buford; »o pound» ;
oolors—red aud r«d.
F. O. Minor, b. Ii. Fnlmoutb. nfl«d, bv Planet,
dam B«d Kos« ; HB pound»; colore -blue, red
sash and whit" cop.
In this raco 8 am Harper was de
cidedly the favorite. It wa» a very
spirited run botweeu 8 am Hari>er and
George Graham. In the first beat. Col.
Nelligan. Oxmoro, »Falmouth and Pom
poy's I'll 1er wero all liadlv distanced.
Time- Sum Harper 8 : 01 , George Gra
ham 8 :»3.
The second in'at was more animated
until tho last quarter, wlicu George
Graham took the whip severely, but
faileil to accomplish tlio feat of passing
Harper, who came under the string
without whipping three lengths ahead
and un easy winner of the race. Time,
8 :33.
Saturday's raren closed the event, and
the next races will ho run next spring.
Mary ltabuck was found dead In her
bod, on Tchoupitoulaö street, this morn
flenry Thompson was arrestod and
locked up in the Fifth Precinct Station,
charged with cutting and dangerously
wounding R. Cunningham and John
Healy. Hcaly was acut to the Charity
George Morris, alia 3 Reader, and his
K uI Frank Carroll, escaped convicts
, ),ni the Mississippi Fenitentiary, wore
sont back on the 5:30 train, in chargo of
Officer Cain.
I'liins.—The shod at tho corner of De
lord aud Peters street, caught fire Sat
urday, hut was extinguished without
the necessity of an alarm.
A fire occurred at 7:30 a. m. Saturday
in an old frame building, on St. Mary
street, by Martin Koxemer, and occu
pied by Matilda Valter. No lose.
The fountain presented by Lotta to
San Francisco has become a popular
t"* W«i<>réln)
Vo a i ni? > VHo«« t ha
basin, the ïriscan thinks he hoars the
far-off tinklings of her banjo, and goes
, and fires stones at a Chinaman, to flow
1 music.— Orleanian.
The con of a clergyman was deliver
! ifig a college valedictory, when, lnpull
: ing out his pocket handkerchief, he
pulled out a pack of cards. "Hello!"
: no e-xelaimen, "I've got my father's
f coati" *
| "What becomes of <fc>gs when they
die?" was what ajuvenileIn Burlington
asked his pa. "They go to the happy
1 land of canine," he quickly replied,
1 Kossuth tried to learn to ride a reloci
i pede and gave it up in dispair and foin
, cd a base ball club. This ie rieht iron
Hungary by cab
; o ^.—Ddroit free
! cd a base ball club This* is right from
Two Orphans I p Vovin-TM» Timu
they Turn Up in tin• I S. Circuit Court.
The case of Sliori'lan, Shook & Pnlmei'
vs. W. J. Cogsivi'll. H nl-*.. was called on
a rule to show cunse why tho cas»»
should not I»
court from \vh
Judge Wood
advisement, itml
'le red to-morrow.
rcmnii'li'd to tho Stati*
ic' it was taken befor i
i'li" rule Is now undet*
a (|('i'islon will bo ren«
Third Wan I It its 1
Club mot Inst ('Veiling
,nor Notre Diimc 11 m
sOvots, Wm. C'imviH,
chair. Th" following
nominat»'d n 1 i|"l"gaii
Convention: .1 F. If'
Stewart, Herum ft Felt
Lyons. The «lut. Un
meet next Thnrmln\ > v
'• le Demooratid
it 1 heir Iml* cor
I i'elionjiitqulns
lie , Ident, ift tho
members worn
• to the State
•nderHun, Archie
■rsteln, Mielmol
n ndjourned, to
; 1 iii> 1 1 le mi.ilnk" wen
iS I nd in 11 employee.
I '.O' ,1 ie. I lie owner of
I Sut 11 ni, w ired to u
of I lie name of Mpg
l<,k i»l M.i 1 urn*s rlng'
owever. I hinking
Hnppnrenl igno
AIr. I'<,g • >n. 1 1,«>
An ahiuslng Id
ri'cently mii'lo bv
y\ gentleman ul Nl
a race horse mille
V 7 »>t»>rlnnry surgeun *,
soil, to "eotue and b«
botu's." The eierk,
tij correct the sendi
ranee, telcgraplic'il t
Madras astronomer, to "look nt Sni
urn's rings," Mr. I'ogsun nccordingl v
bi'grtn to study the jilanel thnnigh bn
teleseopOH, and ims sent the ro .idt ,.r
Ids ot'servations to the various j<>uj uni 1.
London Graphie.
Here is a modern poet'a response to
the editor td a newspajier, when ro
qu«'st*'d to give ft eotit rlbutlon :
Once on a time I scribble rhyme: t
find if never pays. I could not hntrk iv
single dime from any of iuy lag».
You ask a poem that I pen nil, Inspired
by my muse ;
Your are too Into, niv dear AM friend,
for now I must refuse,
Ab I've retired from the field when
once the poet stood,
A mightier weapon now I wield—1\ .>
gun»' to »'hopping wood.
Bcbhino OFTHP, W, 8. Pikb.—A t, 4 o'clock la-'t
Thursday morning tin) Davon Kara packet W. ;4.
Pike, whloh nrrlveif tli" evening bsfor«, amt
land«d at the h«ad ut »'anal utreot. Mkn dl»cov.
«red to bo on (b e, and In n few lulnulo* «li« waa
«nvoloped In Mam«», ntid doopltn th««\crtto»is of
dm I'll" Department, whb'li was promptly < t|
tjni «pol, burno(l to th« water's «dg« and sunk in
thirty f«"! of water, with the greater portion of
h«r sorgo on l*,ard, whh'ti «',,ii»|»b>d of mtv bah*
cottou.MS «a«ks oottoft need, 15 Backsneed cotton,
3<i« hints. Hiigar, «»3 bbln. amt 2 lmir bbln. »olns
soo, and a largo list of sundries. About jnobab*
noltoii were rollod oslior«' lirimodlat«lv uponjier
Tho wrecking bint Frnn<ln Wright was at
work yeslerdoy, and lu a f«w daj-s will lia 'o
everything mornhl« from tli« wreck mdior«.
The Plko wan built by l»«r owner tud com*
emnd«r I apt. ,T. J. Drown, at, Loulsvlll* in 18 J.
at a "oet of ms.oo». Him wnn lmiurcd for *1«.
In city oftlcnn. Her loss, at thl» tiwu. in an al>
m«3t irreparable on« to hor owner, and wo hop*
to »00 her replaced permanently ere many
months by », boat, ' jnal In every respect. Mr.
Donne, third olork of tho boat, was an loop at tha
time of the Are, and beyond a doubt poriuhed in
Hie flumes. Mr. Thon. Di'fl. a paneenßer on
Mard. Ip also ntippor.ed to have been lost; b«vw
rot etb«rs on board wore burned more dr lew 1 ,
but uono fidollv.
Which Is the blasest fraud—Kellogg
Motropolltnn Poll"«? Wo «Iv« it up.
a tie*
A »bt,l«o l«it»h for tli« O«t«nnlol to r«pr«foi.t
Lminioo« of to-'lny- K»*I)"kk, Lmlolln«, Hnn •
kin». Plnchbook. J. It. Wrwt,
A oonundrutulfor J. It. West—Why did you fo
to rallfemla?
Another -What did you do when you w t
Whv is tho Chief Justice of LeulsJann lit a
Keliofm? B«obu«« h« Is a fraud.
-------- --------
W'hai kind of a fipjoel <lid the crook«<l w'.ilsk j
rn«n no"? A.-Bab-w.-k.
No Tuinr, Term for Grant.-—M e.
Springer of Illinois, offered a resolu
tion lu the li"unu of Ih)|,rosentutlvW 4 ,
on tlio ir,tit Inst., declaring that in tho
opinion of tho House the precedent
established by Washington and oth» r
President« of the United Staten, in re
tiring from Presidential office after
thoir second term, has become, by uni
versal concurrence, a part of our repub
lican system of government; and that
auy departure from that time-honor* d
custom would bo unwise, unnntriotlo,
and fraught with evil to our free insti
tutions. Adopted—Yeas 232, nays 18.
Among the nays wero Harrison, of
Alabama; Hope, of South Carolina
Lehymun, of North Carolina ; Nash, of
Louisiana* Smalls, of South Carolina;
Walls, of Florida : Wells of Mlssissip
pi, and White, of Kentucky.
On motion of Blaine, Rainey's resolu
tion abolishing the House Committee
on Freedimm's Affairs wa» agreed t«».
The House passed a concurrent resolu
tion to adjourn over from next Monday
until Tuesday, January 4.
Tho Cincinnati Time « figures it out
that Governor Ho'hdricks will be tho
Democratic candidate next year, and
that tho general result may be deter
mined by tho roeult In Indiana. If ail
this bo admitted, the Indiana Republi
cans will insist strongly upon the nomi
nation of Senator Morton as Mr. Hen
dricks' opponent.
Wo hone that tho noble little speech
which Mr. Randall made In promptly
and magnanimously moving that tho
nomination of Mr. Kerr for the Speak-,
er; hin bo made unanimous will lie re -<j
mombered by tho House. Tho Démoli
eratlo partly, if It desire to quarrel—
and It aoos—will do well to «rtufiÿ Um
I mportance of a harmonious auarrol
with tho Republican party. Wo bel leva
that there is occasion.— Cincinnati E:\
Bishop Haven'« appearance as a third
term candidate does not please tho Cin
cinnati Gazette. It says sarcastically
that the action of tho . Boston clergy
men prohabta* makes it unnecessary to
call a natio&l convention, und adds:
• ßlBhopÄÄe'e reason, is the 1 nblio
sotety.' TfllcflllÇMftMlc safety would b« .
better served by 1 aTHapuMicau candidat»
whopould bo elected than by one who.
IfwOvan for a third term, would bo sure
of defeat. The eottled conviction
a t ^ird term would make Grant the
tveokest candidate tho Ronubllcan dho
h 06 Kepuoncan par
JC uli û m "
' "^
Tho poscibility of an equalization ».)f
party influences in'the TmitaKb States
Senate is not remote. Bruce and Spen
cer will probably lot»c their scatb in con
sequence of charges of briber» and cor
ruption. It ia almost ceitata* that Pinch
back will not be seated-. /'The Senate
would then stand thirty-eight Republi
cans to thirty-two Democrats. Ala
bama, Arkansas and Mississippi wij
roturn Democrats, who, ««ether wit a
members who ocaupy independent po
sitiona, and who can net be relied on by
the Republicans, will make it a tb .
The ixiiitlca l outlook in- the Senate J *
____ ,_____

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