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Natchitoches spectator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1867-18??, December 12, 1867, Image 1

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,,,,' Art.t" l A`
a. WasW inu,, s.. C.'Ca jIPbiy2
. t T0eAPLIN 6' ii0Ni t A-.;
A P''" "Wff S' A.~ 1'AL AA.j
? y! T?$OR(XYA1 , dý 1 r,!.
Na.;,; Ntcira~ch s~ ".s
ý,.~iiJACK & PIERSON I 4?
Ofce on St. Deuis strest--.
.1ýtaiohicona; a
0ffic ont. iUanis street - .Ait.s IA.
s. ][. IW1YXU, P. A. 303536.,
HV.k'Y~IS ;&1WOiR~~i~8N·I··
Ofice oi lt. Denle street
A.' LEMEE,:>
lBe on St. Dennis street
lKatchttolee. 1*~:..
C. F..Dd ýI
Otr d on St. Denis street-- *.
A. U. PUfl KsD, W. VY L4iYt.
A rfr o z N S r AT A W,;
Natchit~ochc , La,
It W. TURNEfl ,
A ttorney at Iaw, Bellevue, La., All business
entrusted to Win will receive prompt and
e uerzctic attez.tion.
Atto.ruey at Law,
Ske' epoit, Let.
W. l..,GULLETT. W'\r. CRTOs.
aw/Lt1,, , CARLOSS & Co.,
Commission Merchauts,
No. 33 Natcicz streot,
d5 1mrn New Orltans, La.
g..Liberal advanceu nmade on Cousignments.
dLy No.46 Union street, N. O.
D. DeJllA PEI,
Comnmissiton Merchants,
198 Grnvier street. New Orleant
Mco ombi.e dI h r ida
d6as y 61 Broad Street, N;ew York
J.M. '1rooks Ilngh MacDonaldl. L. H. Legay
Comntission Mierl'au ts,
d5 9nm 59 Carondeletstreet, N, O.
0o0 . S. RNatLL. 4O. M. PRArTrIn.
- and
Commission Merchant,'i
No. 13 Carondelet Mreot, N O. .
8.Au'tL. BAnRRIr. usae LS.Sasiuau
General Comanlaulok Merelatmt.
No. 118 Carondelet street, New Orleans.
Thee. M. Scott, Joo. T. Sibley.
8. D. Oliver. S. 8. Heard.
THOS. M. 9sOTT A. 'o.,
Geaeral Ooammission Merchants,
.=24 Ctll.deldt street, New Orlent
No. 48 Union street, ew Orleans.
IR L. CAPERS, of Claiborne pnrish, Agent
fo LmteWlasa north of Red River.
. . m t Yt'Y dA Co,
Wholale e.Grocrs ined
S . 4 Canal and 61 Colnmmon staveta, N 0.
Are~7 to.make cash advance. on Cotton,
gua, s #ri produce consigned to thew, .and
dti te ptege of their friends and the publip.
Cf omaslun Mer~besat, o. 10 Unmon street, New
Orleans, La.
giUibebd& advanceneIts on aonaii entts.*
Oit. L. Perot, late of NatcLahochs perisbh
will be foun there, and 1 be happy to wee his
e d Mriends.
maintenance th rities
41 it ,W t igs m tar
Sfthe lvt au thore
siit-t Ie reaow. W I a
-a i... r ." ..,or
ptech nt s are th andm wfllht to
r .,t|r :"urea tieinn -ilta.r po_ wetU
e iOituion' hl leianly tiet i"at
igstfa pbin Ii airifiipress o
inducem&enws, tha Geead ra adnourmtes
Smaintenance of the iie lae oif triea
ntud thfittibn t lambe and
. t u ahewful'it eritleoii e o
Shoulher, b vort se oud be. .The
by f are no' t ifinq d Xsintr y the
i bvl litr -, o thob fltbeai corpusn
th aijf'i e p re.s to1f 'ae byo of
na ntural ~g its of per
tsnd e rnaights ofe property muow.e
,bre oeed to .. . e. a.. ..
q upr 4r ,ea " will "`'it e he m afb
d tee .d iitiuton. Swtlm tey ar eaen
-ti1 is thi v!e, tertl an. a'idinegs' ofs
t y. pPlq ae, p. Tiurful the strongest of
ad offece commit:ted in this d betrict
musto be referedt tnhe ceusrileration
rnd judgment of tlie reular civl triba
nals,piud the nautib als willbt supper
Shouland there be violations oo existing
preawe which are n. t inqinired int y the
tivil magistrates, or should failures in
tne atmiusitutotion of justice by the
otilute coph iaiutd oe theap aes willof
,e.re opled to iee'ea d thatersr, wheng
luei. yders ~ pec ade asni my bes
wh.tle tincs committed thu indh Districts
must. be trefpect r the colirties oflthe
-aeopte, he wa hes all to understand that
ar .d insurrectiof ts or forcivble tri
naf~, th i t will be instantly'be sup.r
thould there be violations ot existing
resed bwhic arem s.t ir int by the
fivl lodgistraugs, or sthould fatlures in
The r.avmiEislftion of h tice fy ithe
sdour shia coh jthe ec of, tione' 'cses will
most .ikamte nt of theeidtal papers, then
lhiae rtdieria Evening Expressa, editori
a:ly irse the u ead ers tnshat "retures
afrose. Lousid rwa tct the liertipeope oft
ethat S4itc, Zt a iarp ta majoit, nare rotedw
to hold. a Gonsthtutioatl tOontention."
eThis is sily all to und. Tine ptopthat
arofm the ttrectiof oisiana, a a ge neral
eleigoln. Aof exatmpue that. has been
etfollo thed tnr hout ti be iSouth.tl san
prTies provions of ine Military Bill
nler which ohureleeionws were hneri,
iDrel>" provides hat a majority of tIn
nmostil l or otcrs regitf rl papermust bce
Prlacld to secure a convExpress, i di thi
aly tiheurie: er of negrs thatoes regetered
about. douaed that of thle whites, plt
veawit h thie, s a lar njoge, ity e rotewly
o .sil d. a Cit. Our ntionll rn frieniods."
Tahi rlys impl the facts tliit these coen
vfollntions abo.t t to aenbie Sin th li
ire rovirions of trresntatini ot the ne-ill
direct aitagonisn to tions nterests and
les to help ourselves, we aro e necessarily
dorced to rsiguedly submit to what cacn
oily bte rear dcd f gigantic wrisred
about aoubleN tNtY of the  rhiteV, Th
his gTlsh this arovantaei-o it natrobwlg
Paris elyp reveal a n ew style of thecftn
by wtion Jewelrut t i a ess timised. The
pro e or of the inrgentious device tie
sets himselt io tIhe iop ula detaler in
dictamonds angonim to tprl, ind tersks to set
some small unset uones. ele is well
pronpper of our hpe al. Brinag dofwsr
hiess to l prove, le isarobliged to bessrilyg
his eye o sinear to tiue ms that he can
pick theu upwith the tip of his tonigue,
ond ie keeps them i his mntouth until
out of the shop. If he fears deteti
Ptreasurwhen reve a tnhe sl name of t
swallow-iteraw" given ito this cass ofhe
professor of thre it lou u don e ppice pre
artists bimsy tin thieves fof raternity. Oine
diamonds c ad prls, aindl onks to sene
of them wahc aught recently. The di-a
o nd njerchant, put upon lis guard by
soa etim, ald he had no small stones,
hut would have a large scpply the next
dOamrdr wereh td out uepon paper hre
dviously npregnatd with an extreamely
Tih stones arelid befoe hin, scoriad o
litter drag, which, when the thief gavel
onhis lick, acted so violently on his sense
of tasfte that ho the a oin to reject wnat
he had just takem. The policeman ap
pearel, and the res"swallow-it-raw" was s
taken in the aect. ner
FoR LoVERts ONr.'-e'.Why is a kiss
like ..scandal. Beicause It goes from
SChloroform wasdiasco'-eedtl adout thui
]ty sears ago .ani hihn~ot at the same
ally brought along bagsI g n bakets to
[put it in.
:Tcup n of V areauns aptea
: select seemnittepce 4 150 geatteamen.
-'the names of whom we o pit.t .
ino! isile the Prelident "4 iCoe grees
relative topthoe'iresenti eoiodtioi oft the
state, wlai i;tW"e4y 4i4 ollowir:
The undereigte eithies of the State
orLoaiuislan, respectffallo repesent that,
the potticual developmeeto of the. past
!w months have demonutraited the fa+t
tbt't the ieconstratiou Acts of Congress
itll, if persisted in, produce a ioutliet
't ranees, whiea must renlt in the'deso
lation of thae ountryi and the serious, if
ltot Irreparable, injury of both races: in
thae Sathern .States.
•That through the stringent interpre
tilo of the disfranchilsingelause of the
netion Acts, so large a number
ohe hite citizens have been excluded
from :registration that the white voters
are redaced to nearly. oeb-half, the ranm
ber of colored, though the census exhib
its an excess of white population,
That vast frauds and irrgularitie
have been committed in the reg stratiod,
whioehare sufficiently indicated by the
registration of one voter for every three
of the negro race.-against one for every
ten of the white population. That in
consequence of these frauds and irregu
larities in the administration of the Re
construction Acts, the. white population
are powerloss-subject to the domiuation
of the negro race, which, through the
influence of indiscreet persons, has been
incited to bitter hostility and jealousy
towards the white citizens of the State,
whose interests require them to munm
tain relations of kindness and good will
to all elasses and conditions of persons
residing in their midst.
That sountd, policy, no less than hu
inanity, demands the exercise of the
kindest feelings and the most liberal
disposition of the white to the colored
people; and, that nothing is further from
the purpose or desire of our people than
the adoption of laws or measures to op
press the freedmen, or to deprive them
of the benefit of just and equal laws for
the protection of their persons, their
property, and their liberty.
That so far from displaying any con
tumaacy or falctious opposition to the
recoustruction acts of Congress, the
white citizensof this State have gener
ally endeavored to register, but have
been refused, as your memorlalists be
lieve, in much greater numbers than
was contemplated by Congress.
That the negroes in this State are or
ganized into secret bands termed loyli
Leagues sworn and combined against]
the white citizens of the State in order
to obtain control of the govcernlmenlt;
That this credulous race has beenl de
luded by degigning men into the be'ief
thalt the property of the white citizens
will be divided Amongast them;
That under thesell de:nloralizing influ
(cices, they are daity refusing to fulfill
their contracts or to labor lor tihe sup
port of themselves and their families;
That in conseqlaence of this demlloriali
zntion, planting in this State has result
ed in the ruinous ftilure of a large miajor
ity of our pl;anter, andtl, of course, in
the necessity of its abandonment;
That before the close of the piresent
year the negroes, with but few excel)
tions, will have colasutned or wasted all
their wages, or share of the crops, !ilndl
be destitute of tihe mloans of subsistence;
that thlie white race will be c)mpelled to
liimit their planting in:ainly to their own
families, and the lnelrn.es will not have
the meanls, if they had the capacity., to
plant on their own account. Under
these circunanstalees, famine, willh all jit
atatlndanmt horrors, must soon come upion
this iinprovicldent race.
In view of these impending calamities,
the undersigned would earnestly suppeitll
to the Presient and Congress to give
prompt attentioni to this vitally inpilor
tnat nmatter, and provide inmntediintcly
such remledy as in their wisdulhlm can be
devised to arrest the ruin which, unlless
arrested, imusit speedily come upon uis.
Immigrants bring into this country an
averlage of t we hundred dollars in gohl.
This gives us an ann iaul total of sixty
mnillions in gold from thils soullrce.
The sales of 11. B. Clathin & Co., tiew
York, for the yoar 184ifi, reached the
enllOrmlus stint of sleveint.-tli'rIe umiliions
ot dlollirs, being time largest ibusinuess oft
any strictly wholesale house int the
There are patient spirits, suggests Dr.
Holmeacs, that hiave waited lioln eternity
ianld niever founld lplarents lit to be born
The Augnst.i, Georgia, Clhrolticle begs
thecottoll plantetrs of the Stare to give
at least one-fourth of their best lands
this year to wheat, assuring them that
thle latter will prove thie more profitable
The majority against fetnale srnirafcfra
in Kainsas is 845,, out of a total vote o"
18,511. The nmajority ugailtst Inegro
tsuffrage is 7368. Thle majority for the
disRranchiaeneint of disloyal piersons is
651. The Legislature is largely Itepub
The Charlotte, N. C. papers sa3 the
people in that neighborhood have dis
countinued the nse of smoke-houses, as
neither bricks, locks nor strong bolts
could keep the black confiscationists
from their bacon.
Nothing was so much dreaded in our
sbeolol-boy days as to be punished by
beingmade sit between twogirls. All,
Sthe force of education I In after years
Swe learn to submit to such things with
out aBeddnag a tar.
Eitunied Ge. Mwwew,
On the 3rd.it,.; Gem. U mcook tammed
tbefeollowin order:
iieut. Col. W.ar. H Wood, lst U. 8.
Infantry, will, without. maseesary ale
lar, relieve, temzporarily, Brevet Aat.
Gea. Joseph A. Mower, Colonel 39th . I
8. Infantry, from duty ase omsmander of a
the District of Louisiana, emabraxcing 1
the State of Louisiana and the poste of
Marshall and Jefferson, Texas, asd Shilp
Island, Mass.
Lient. Gol Wood wall also relieve Gen. a
'Mower, 1emporarily, foom duty as Colt- I
missioner of the Bureau of Iefugees, I
Freedmen and Abandoned Lands for I
the Startoof Loulaiana. 1
Uptou being relieved from duty, as a
above required, Brevet Maj. Gen. Jos A. a
Mower will proceed to join the headquar
ters of his. regimeont, which will be es- I
tatblished at Greenville, La.
KIssMa BY IBULE.-A youhg lady i
writer, , whom practice has doubtless 1
made perfect, lays down the following
rule for kissing, which we are willing to I
adopt-on a fair opportunity-merely to
test the efficacy of her sweet rule:
Therec is as much difference in kisses f
as in individuals, and I am sure I woerd a
not like to be kissed by every one. No,
indeed; for some would give such an a
overwhelming smack it would almost I
aeafeu me. Now kissing can be reduced
to rules, one or two of which I will give.
The head should always be turneds slight- t
ly to the right, as such motions give.
grace, and prevent the concussioni cG the
olfactory organs. The lips aihouldt then
be pressed closely and sweetly together
as you. sip the nectar of the long kiss,
but no smack should be hiearsd. I speakl
particularly ion this subject, because I 1
consider kissing a part of our nature,
and because few people appear to nunder- 1
standtl the value of a kiss, and the usaIa
ncr in which said salutation with the 1
lips should be rendered.
CUnrIOSITY OF PI'rTOGtocAl y.-Pllo-.
togralphers have taken 'the sun himself,'
when in eclipse; they have caught an t
mnpression of a shell whizzing through 1
the air, discharged from the mouth of a
32-inch mnortatr; they have caught the I
wave as it broke on the shore; the sun
depicting even the drops falling from its
toppling crest; snore, they have not tail
ild in getting a "good impression" of the t
head of a, criminal executed by the guil- ,
lotinll, catching the head in mid-air as it
fell into the basket below. Photograph
ic Iook-marks and visiting cards are t
sol Iby thousandls, while the photlogra- t
plaic shirt studs sand waist-coat buttoiss, n
orunnsentted with mnicroscopic miuiia
tIres, are (mow being daily prodhuced in
countless numnbers at the Il tton alman-x
factories inll l'rllssi; portraits of a pop
tlpen'la.asou, (oarihaldi trinstance, h eing
ordered by the hunldrted thousaand iat, a 1
tiuie. Oil the authority of a ear eaful
English writer, all this photogralhing
requires the i se of no less than twenty t
tons of silver per annmiass.
whole vote pdlled at the electisix in New
York city on the 3rd l)ecenlaher, was
1014,132, a rediction of :about 8000 lroulm
theI vote alt the election I:rsl; Isamotlh, and
31,00) less than the registered voters of
the city.
All of the Aldlermen elected arl D)Ienl
ocrats, and:ll l hibut three were, the T''.lll
ismmay noininees. The cosucil-ena elke
tedil wire all Tlm'mnap sl, aen.
Of'seven scllool carllinsissionslers three
are tepul)llliCani. '1. 11. L:ane (Taallllllanslv)
was elected civil justice by a large ama
The election w:ast one of lthe quietlest
ever held in the city; haut fiw arrest.s for
illegal vaoting were made. Ms.etilngs
were helm) at variaius political heahlg nal -
tars sand speeches were mia:dtle by Isaiah
)n. JiiINsscaN LO)V5I) TIrE NuvsPA
PI+:R.--Ir. Johnson ;u aed to appreciate
nleWsllapers. lie onllce wrote: "I nle\'Vle
deri\e more benetit, or see more pleasure
for the time, than readingt a ni,,wslc:aper
which hais lattely issalste froon thie iress..;
I do really believe tlhat noting adds so
munch glory to my country sas newspa
I le's. Liberty is stamp)ed leagilyl,- 11 eon
its pages. and even th, IsailI is mark-d
with ireedomis. Do "oa1 wanist to hailow
hlow your country thr-ives ? I moist you
to the press. Tlsieri yui sala:l lind lt
piecea under the head of h,-isl-.ti\ye. Are
you fnsd of misc cellany? look lihele I
WIshat hook essn isfilm.h studh gos.dl sass
coilsnts of misa rdler, rw hlrsy, ns,.tidtxl tsa,
xImaarsi;sgcS, sncs.-li ta. s, assi(x saa:xsay other
such tising's ! itiader all thiem, (-,nisialer
ationss, who is the's i " h is sltI 1"is lad of
iletelo:n that wiil not :sitteali to ;ass oI)bject
so worthly Isis regardl."
P.SNKRUrT(v..-It will bie seen bi- re
fereince to thie Intexrnal ]teveanue Iecord
that tlhc period is 1passisag rlapidliv away
withina which insol\va-st debtors of p:Ist
years may sam uil themsslsei's ot the Na
tional llankaru)pi Law, with sta.is sslavsaxa
tages as they IIo\w possess.
After the: 2d of Marclh, 1Si.t, no debitor
wi!l ble able to outain a dischlrsge in
blankrtplatey n!ess Ishis assets shall pay'
lilty per cent. of his inldeltednases, ,r by
assent in writing of a mn;iority in snrn
bcr and value of his c-reditor.s.
This tact is not gener-ally known, andl
anay one desiring to olbtain the beneit ,i"
the act has no0 time to loss'. Not qnite
thlree months remain and a diseharge
cannot in asay case be obtained in less
thian three monthls, and where there is
opposition more time is required.
In Madison, Florida, a boy of fonrteeu
was joined in wedlock, recently, to a
mrfty old widow with Aive children.
. si. s Aute'iriA J. Evila =-.Who thatm
has read Beulahor, BtL Etiae, -has uot a
deeire to see ou nor InorPWtt pt isig of the
personal .appearanaoe. of te" fasir ou
teores of those almost flbiltless literary
proeaduieratl We haive" often wonder
ed. and asked ourselve'whlat' smaUaer of
lady slle .uuldIbe who had poatributeld
such alsdalnt feasts to, the rowmance
lovjng world, and electriaedt the- entire
comtiieunt with her eloqueneee and
!attos---iad In our imagination bad,
ofcourse, painted her as we thought
shue haboid appear; but we were wide of
the mark. The following pen-portrait,
by a correspondent of the New Orleaos
Picayune, sketiihed from observations of
her dAring a ride in the ears. will be
read with, iteresot by her many admirers
and friends :
"1She was habited plainly-but neatly,
in a blue mruslini dress, which fitted her
aduii'ithly and which I was told was
cut out and made by hmerself. A fash
ionable hat, triummed with blue, suited
the dress. Two veils, one black and the
other blue, entirely concealed her fet
tures, which vexed we. because I was
curious to ascertain whether the features
they hid .ecrrespouled with the faultless
form of tl:oe lady. She was of medium
size, small w.aisted, with a well develop.
ed bust, a neck very fair and a perfect
model for a sculptor. ITer feet nud
iands were those of a. Southern lady.
very small and tidy. She looked as if
slhe would weigh about 115 pounds, anill
to the eyes of an artist resembled
Power's 'Greek Slave more thttu the
Veitnus de Medicis, or the Venus of
Canova. Afterwarils I 'had the pleas
are of seeing lher face to facee, aid was
surprised to find her a blonde, with light
hellsnut hair, soft exlremseive, but bril
lilnt hazel eyes, Grecian featuires, with
a nose slightly aquiline, fiorehead a little
higher and broader thall Pl'syches', eher
ry red lips, well curved with Cutpid's
lhows, iand slightly llptiurlned at the c,.r
lers, iudicating a smothered pro pensity
for lfun. 11er cheekli were ineantifally
tinted with the uitaiden blhitsl of he:alth
and innocence, I was told that she is
thirty years old; but how younig site
looked I I decideald that her age could
not, be Inore thau 21. I was anmused at
her blue dress, but there was niothinig of
the "blue stocking" about her. Lhe
were the blue veil to relieve a. temporary
iutl:inmmation of the eye lids, caused by
too much rcadmig and writing at aight,
or other imlprludence. I was told by an
icquaintance that the itfectiou as no;
ionstitutionlal or habituial. I have said
that her hands are small a(nd tidy, but
they are not dimpled. There ne.ver was
a paitnter, poet. mlimsicnau, or any itige
nious, indnstrious, or lusell womani with
iilldIhiet lands. Ilers are beautiful, but
madtle to work as well as to soothe, to
knit anld sew, to touch the cherds of
musice, aiml to wield the p-In of genins.
Iler voice is eClear, solf t, anid iielolioans,
aiind its tones sink into the hearl't ; atid
wl.hen I hea:rd it soothing anid chieeriiog
tle, I felt nlisell strengthened for mn"
ALT.1A 3AMA.--l)ispl;tches firom Mlont
gomnery of the 41hln Decemlber, say.s:
Alm'anmiing excesse.s have recen.Ltly been
commiittehd Iy blicnks inll lillock eounity,
in I he neiglnl'mothood of Perote. The
colored loyal Leagtuers organiized and
resisted pltee.+ses, issuaod b the civil
authuortie is, unitder instructiom s f.om 'ol
oedtl emi.ss:ariecs. They hIlnt'e lformnid a
demtli of I -s to governm thI negro )oili
;ltioll, anditl e(liu' t :t cintt t, ofllielerel d :i:td
org.iatized, arrem.ting by ighllt all blacks
whio opllpose their iunl:wlul a uro:eellime,
and ilzave ,arrieid IUmislimeit Sui 1na1r t aii
t lair \ ia:timns aliplied to t he civil :lllluthor
ities for plrotectionll. The hlirck sherliii'
aind his demputy were finally arrestltd,
buat the otiher inisurret lionary lead I_ t.- oi
g:.'tized uegroies at t matde amried resiN
tanlte. Aid f'rom other" learguars wa
'l'ih' Iliack,s flocked to Tinionl Sprin s,
thlreate-ninlg a gtiuei'nal ri.in, :m itd " t'i'r
litialatimll of tie whiitm.s, atild taking lip
s'ssiiti of thle comintr . The bl:mtai 1ll.
erms wo'n t to the plantations and bre d
laborers to join t.hall for veni.It e
showin~ l retentuded o'dehaims looimi Gml-it mli
vi.Iayne-tihat thy hail a riaght to iailn
all resistinig ltheir authority. l;A tini
thin- ex'iiltiamin-nt liht nle ro church ait I'
rat t- w:i ni , ie hy l nkiv it mlilm :l I:n i-,
allegied by the bliek hlmen;maems, lt i:dl:1
tIme negroes. 'T'me whites uni'11 ,et al y
regret it.
The white' citizen.s ormganize(d " pr
teetion and mGeil. SwVaylie was :i ll4,i liii
to, wlHi sellt a, detalhriellemt oi trool,
promptly to tie sRc·ellmct af troilllle leto ric
store aimdtcr. m Filtelen bIl:iick it;r atreic t iot
"st IihaVe lit-a-tn at te.-teald mnni I laigdg in
intl. 'l"im-y will hi' ttied by the civil maim.
thimrites. At last :Iaccouts ordur \was
r.eAitordtl anid all was quiet.
A Geraman forest keeper, eighty-two
years. ohl, niot wishing to carry to llie'
gr.lve witih hiim an inltmortanl s;ccr-et, has
ilbilmlihtited in t1ie Leipsic .Jamn 1 urll: re
.inilpt hIe iihas used for fifty yeaRs, ;l lll
wvlhicmh, lie says, has sa iva-m s'eve'ral mmmii
nildl a gret a itiiinmimer of a:ii lllmls fromil a
inmirible dcleath l-y bhydiroplhohi. TIhe
hite imuist be bathed as h noint as paio.ihhe
wil withc rmim i-,- l-" aind hwater,miand -inllti
his his dl ried, l few ilrolls of nlmuri:itic
tnidl !poiiedl uitoii thie wound will destroy
time poi ont of the saliva, iania relieve the
ipatient framti all prcsctit atitl futnre pain.
Ill New York Iotmnan was elected
mayor of the city by a majorityof 22,00(1
over ltlh Wood and 1)arling.- ,'ood
had 22,000 votes f ntl Iind rling 18,000.
The smallest watch at the Paris EX
position was so diminative that it was
set it a gld peneil ea.
-- It iaase'wg e#.
ail purboitz i
not"as yet ro1w
for thelet. iR
climnate admits, w ui:
wear sandals covering oy tie' 8
the foot. .%, rFe, . 9I~ . t1
whole of he toot apo a
leg, in a material althit
air anrd moisture, and -geher1 ~- -!;
fortably hard and rigid. Thecolor An
jo,1ish of our boots atre dirt1ip ly Al
ted to attriCt -the 6a:utnrayKi a ,!¬r
enamel or patent ,lea ý.Ildttý
tug on. ordinary celf-i te t
and solidify th6e , ub'stnce, oe^`
pores, and mukiing 1 Xli'utight r 4',
portion of the itdy which aezpt4u gprg t,;
leerslapittisn thman anyzoherý a - ,
jectedl to greaterstrpnt.,
Our boots inin ni~ r: i ltbil et,
in a warin 'bath;- ttid tr hwinthlQhtf e:,
them in an icySnvolope;' It is: 4 p4Ui'
if wet feet are, in themnaelvas, very eon
!deiuro to ilishi , % "liedl~ac inlent tt;,J
oontrary notwithtsandtag; -bn r-.ampf s
confleaoment of the feet ian7t. "y i-old.
envelope, generated by perspi'tiDn
chilled by the exteriat'aitiioslhti t
shutting the iimprisoned feet amost air
tight, is as unihealthy ad it:is icomfor-.,
For hot weather thorn is' hardly any
shoe so agreeable as that 1tUtroawe,c
within the past thiee pr ..fo as,
kuown as the army siroe, and e.save
ly used by base-ball pia ye.rs. 'rt is of
heavy canvass and unlbljike4d leather.
It is cool amlid remarkably eaty to the
fieet. The texture of the canvnse allow,
the escaieef lf tlih Irlliiatien. aud: th1
color of the shoe does not attract ,thi
heat of the sunt.
It would seem that. theplan of cover
lug ot her portions of bur bedleh" with
material pervious to air emight advarn
tageously be extonded to our feet...
There is no I:latural reason why our feet
shoultl so mucih less sensitjye than out
hantls. They hetoutie iujluriated and de
prived of their natural activity by ,long,
close coutintaent. The people of warm
clianates, who use their tbes as we do
our fingers, :lau the bare footed rslhool
boy, who aic'ks Ip and throwrs pebbles
with his feet, show that the foot of .the
civilized adult in our clima4te is a much
abused utenlther.
A mIore flexible and pirotoit material '
for ouri hIots ad shoes ( night.i satev us
fiont many of those terribleatinoyanoes,
which, in the form of corns and bunions,
make tour Ipilgr.mlage one of, pa n.-Sco.
What is the ditfference between; a.
child that full trlrot tl telo laudip,..to
the bhotoan one and a traveler Vistitng
Niaa;ara T One falls down the stirs'
and the other stares down the. thisl
NA1 ror.i-ON's N -I.F:Ix.1 GUN.-The em
ipror, antihQr and arehitect hits again
:appieiiarel' its aqn inventor. In his otttli
sible desire to prelpare his nationtl-fo the.
ml:altt'niiwn ' I at vigorous peace, ho bn:
cotltri'ived ai new gunll, concerning, which.
nIothing is real:y known, but reportaf-.
fitlns ise he ltot terrible wetaponl yet it-'
vented, a single dismharg4 heilnr expect
ed to destroy it battalion. The tvork
mltul who are eg.gdll;ri in mantnifettiring
I his arm are Isevetr :Illotwedi tO leave the
It're'iiw, letin lockel ulip day lnid night
t he Eltleror himtself keeping the key.
In the trii!s, the cannon, carriages nitd
aultnit tion are Illhl~ ht in leather iuhines,
andt thle liring takes place hbind a
slc.etln of` o:11rls. It is known that at'
a2l)tit tiet the balls pierce an ieon plalto
.,ight-tet llhs of an incl thick. Each
.llnno;t fir ei t wenty shotS in at minntO*,
and I1 woe nit- sufllfe for the transT1prta
Iinu of tho field-jliere, with its earriage,
ailtl unltit ionn, &c. lays a French notice
of a late trial: "A clump of trees, 500
ti;'et 'listlunt, was mowed down ill a few
mi llutes, like :i grain field by. a steam
mlower. It Wan positively frightful.
The iitihs.-l whoi is nacCserl of
Ilra':skin: a yo'itil' manlt's heal'rt, has teit
i,,,ihod \er'l in the bolnds of matri-uny
to keelC the lii:eces.
Ta3r L: A ,NT. A : o0' LATI.--A t'+'
all thie Lain Ihmrases ill the statlutt so
Iihit, t he c(l1111lojifl people could finder
:1all th,':n. The exq]!site folly otfi tii
a m-.ue:8lii' "v'-. by no ;.ufltis obhviotts to
the great. b.lv of the Assectnbl)y. A
-,l :,l aid : rgmn , nt against it woult
prebaly have ca nried it through. h.h
l:,ti: (');ntpdiket toik the gronnd tbl-t- it
wS 8'i : vi-ianat : - to intre thie phaple
unili'rt:mdl theilt lawI. 'iThey .were not
:ltairl of anyuthingi which thlte uder
s-,ood. It was ti:c.hse Latin words th:t
they w-re a'.:h21, of. "Nr. Speaker,
thiere~ wa a "a:'n: a iln South Ki ngston
:ulout ltwenty . : -r.; ngo, a farl'eet ui
5s2IIneaIutl tobot:. ktmw how to get ri
of him. One day he was hoeing cbrt
:2ld lI cs:tw the sherilT comilng with a
p:iiWr, and hIe asked wlut it, was. . 2ow
i" hle had told him it was a writ, What
would he hav\e earcd ? I Bt hie t~id'ht
it. w':s t ci.-ii:i ad sR:ths. fatriendota;,dgd
the m:t'11 dropped hit- hoe and- ran,. -tdt
has not been iheard of snwe. u j utas
tihe proposition to trandiatt the 1t4iu
wotldds in the stalntee. .- -
Mrs. Howell, diedl at Mi~tit&iibfThe
26th Novzoluer. She mai rted AWtdlP of
G eu. Howell, of'"ei~" eti f r61ellel
tionary fatme,t who ,a' 1P~l
S[ iresident Jefla  n bsw i t . .

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