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Thersda .... .....Ja.lataary 16, 1S'GS.
&s. A~olseNTYIRa is our duly author
ised ageut at New Orleans.
During the- past week we have had
several very chear-y rains, which caused
the River at Grand Ecore to rise about
three feet, and is still rising rapidly.
Up-freights, $3 per barrel. Cotton,
44 per bale. Passage, $35.
The weather for the last several days
lhas 'been rather cold, rainy and d(sa
greeable. Yesterday morning it cleared
off, moderated somewhat, and the pros
"pets k are fair for it continuing so for a
short: period.
STlhe Telegraph of the 9th instant says
the Ouachita River was still rising slow
ly, with between 5 and 6 feet water on
the bar.
A,mong the many signs of the times
is an ornamental one, of most excellent
workmanship, executed by Mr. T. J.
Stimpson, for the Spectator establish
mont. It is one of superior skill, and
speaks well for the artistic ability of Mr.
Mr. L. Hanson has been appointed
Town Constable to fill the vacancy oc
casioned by the resignation of Dennis
Maj. Cromnie, of the U. S. Volunteers,
who was recently mustered out of ser
vice, under an order agreeable to act
ofCongrres, has been re-appointed Sub
Cornmissioner of the Freedmen's Bu
rean for this, the 4th District, comprised
of the parishes of Natchitoches, Rapides,
Avoyelles, Sabine and Winn.
In the Black-and-Tan Convention, on
the 9th inst, Mr. Solomon R. Moses, a
gentleman of unmistakable color, offer
ed a resolution to the effect that after
the 20th instant, no member be entitled
to his per diem. The resolution was
rhid on the table forthwith.
* The Alexandria Democrat of yester
day morning reports the river as having
risen about 20 inches, and still rising.
TTpon the recommendation of Gov.
Baker, Gen. IIanoock appointed, on the
0th instant, G. W. Compton, sheriff of
Rapides parish, vice A. J. -Sypher, re
We are under many obligations to
Major Cromie-who has just returned
from New Orleans-for late favors.
\he Shreveport Gazette of the 11th
instant says the River at that place had
risen 30 inches within the past ten days.
The Store of Mr. Harris Jaff'ra was
robbed, on the night of the 8tl instant,
of about $100 in money, and several
See advertisement of Carver & Snd
dath, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, etc. A complete and select
stock is constantly kept on hand to suit
the wants of purchasers, and will be
sold at moderate prices.
The Arkansas Menagerie convened at
Little Rock on the 7th instant.
The Georgia Convention levied a tax
of one-sixteenth of one per cent. upon the
people to defray the expenses of the con
cern. As yet the members have failed
to receive any money.
. nEw GOVrrn~O.-On the 2d instant
Gen. Hancock appointed the venerable
Joshua Baker, of St. Mary, Governor of
Louisiana, to till the vacancy occasioned
by the forced resignation of B. F. Flan
ders. Gov. Baker has been duly mus
tered in--or rath'er, sworn inl-and en
tered upon the discharge of his oftlicial
dluties. It is to be hoped Gov. Baker
"ill see that everything is well done,
and that some of those leeches around
the public crib will get their "goose
We are in receipt of the February
number of ih'e Modenwelt, an excellent
illnstrated Magazine devoted to Fash
ions, fncy work, literature, &c. Each
nonthly nulmbeor contains a large pat
tern-sheet and diagrams of embroidery.
Published by 8. T. Taylor, 349 Canal
street, New York, at $3 a year.
WT learn from Mr. McCain, Clerk of
the Court of Wiun parish, that the
arish Court House was burned last
Sunday nlight. Supposed to be tue
:ork of an incendiar.
A old widower ays, when you pop
the iPetsta. do it with 5 kind of laugh,
as if ysa were jokimg..-If she accepts
you, ver~y well; if she does not, yon can
ay JSo ere oul" in fan.-4-~acange.,
Tha rame is played oat. New-a-days
f fair ones lniv a way of looking a
fEalliv~siital Ii  ae eye and asking
Mu. n ,tesily ia anestW'
On the 30th nIt.,now fell in Jeffer
sea e t to the depth of 12 inches.
l: . , . ,. .
Convention Tax erdLinance.
The Or.linance as repot ted by the Fi
nance Committee, and amended by M3r.
Cooley, was adopted, as follows, by a
vote of 16 yeas to 19 nays:
Sue. 1. To pay the delegates and of
ficers of this Convention, an"d to detfray
all other expenses nccessary for the use
of said Convention, the following tax is
hereby levied on the property of this
State, both real and movable, viz.: a tax
of one mill per cent.
SuE. 2. The Sheriffs of the State,
except the parish of Orlepus, shall col
lect the above mentioned tax, and that
they ret'er to the assessment rolls made
by the State of Louisiana for the year
eighteen hundred and sixty-seven (1867)
as the basis for assessing the tax herein
levied on real and movable property,
and in order to facilitate them in the
collection of said tax, they are hereby
authorized to employ all summary rein
edies now given by law for thle collec
tion of State taxes, and shall receive for
their services the same compensation.
paid them by the State for like services.
SEC. 3. The tax herein leried, and
which shall be due by the parish of Or
leans, shall be collected by persons now
charges with the collection of State
taxes in said parish, and they shall pos
sess the salnt powers and receive the
same compensation.
SEC. 4. The Sheriffs and other per
sons chargeed with the collection of the
tax levied by this ordinance shall pay
to the Treasurer of the State, at the end
of every month, except the tax collec
lectors of the parishes of Orleans and
Jefferson and Orleans right bank, all
sunts collected by them under this ordi
tnace, and shall settle finally with the
Treasnrer on the 1st day of April, eigh
leen hundred and sixty-eight (lS;iS.)
But in no case shall the State Treasurer
give a receipt for either a partial or tinal
settlement without requiring the sheriff
or other collector to take or subscribe
an oath that he has paid all the money
collected by him to date of settlement,
less his commission.
Sac. 5 The tax collectors of the pa
rish of Orleans shall settle with the
Treasurer of the State every ten days,
reckoning from the day of notice which
the said Auditor shall give said collector
of the said ordinance and the tax there
in levied.
SEC. 6. So much of the tax levied
as may 1)e required to pay the delegates
and officers of this Convention, and to
pay all other expensss necessary for the
use of said Convention, shall be paid by
the State Treasurer upon warrants sign
ed by the warrant clerk and counter
signed by the Presidentof this Conven
tion. The balance of the tax levied
shalljbe placed by the State Treasurer to
the credit of the general fund, and re
served until the meeting of the General
Assembly elected under the provisions
of the Constitution adopted by this
Convention, to be used as they may
Sec. 7. As soon as the Treasurer of
the State shall be notified of a loan hav
ing beeni effected by this Convention lie
shal! pilae the funds received by him
under this ordinance to the credit of
said loan, and the said fund, or as mutch
thereof as may be necessary to pay said
loan shall remait, specially pledged to
repay said loan.
Sic. 8. The tax levied by this ordi
nance shall be paid only in the'legal
currency of the 17nited States.
On the 7th instant, Mr. 'Cooley, of
Pointe Conpee, offered the following re
port, signed by himself and Judge Talia
ferro, majority of the committee to a horn
was relfri "d the above Ordinance :
To the C('nstiituinaln Conrention of 'th
State of Louisditan: The nndersitneld,
appointed a special committee by this
honorable body to consider and report
upon1 the ordiuance introduced by the
_ion. ,V. Jaspei Blackblurn, in relation
to the warrants issued by thile Conven
lion for the pay of members annd officers,
which said ordinance proposes to makeý
said warrants receivable in payment of
all taxes that are levied by this Conven
tion, the different State taxes, municijpal
and parochial taxes, and the purchase
of public lands; antd also the substitute
offeired to said ordinance by the I on.
WY. IT. Cooley, forcing the Sherifth and
tax collectors throughout the State to
pay into the State treasnry only such
f'ulnds as were actually receiveld hy them
in paymenIt of the tax levied by thei
Convention, and requiring the Andi*or
of Public Acconnts to exact evidence
I'rom each tax collector or sheriff to the
effect that the funds or warrants oflired
to be paid into the treasnr-y by themn
were in payment of tax referred to, beg
lea\ve to report as follows:
TI,ey are of the opinion that this Con
vention has not the power to make the
warrants it issues for the pay of mem
hers and offleers receivable in piatyment
of any other tax thlan thatlevied for the
puri'po.e of delfraying the expenses of
this (Convention.
Practically, this Coinvention cannot
carry out the ordinance it passed on the
24th of )December, levying the mill tax,
which they undoubtedly had the power
to pass under the reconstrnltion laws.
The Courts of the State would eQjoin
that ordinanee,but the con m itte (though
they ure not certaiun hle will de1 so) hopel
and believe that the Commanding Genu
eral will enforce the oe iginal ordiniance
in question, and remove jiudgs deciding
against it as imlpediments to reconstruc
The committee think the Commandl
ing General will enforce the ordinance if
not hanmpered by the clearly illegal pro
visions of the ordinance proposed by
Mr. Blackburn. They therefore report
unfavorably upon that measure and in
favor of the proposition of Mr. Cooley.
Blackburn, of Claiborne, presented a
minority report, as follows:
Having been appointed one of a
Comamittee of Three to report this morn
ing on the matter of the ordinance which
I had the honor to introduce yesterday,
ogether with the substitute thereto of
fered by the houormble member from
Pointe Oonpee, I respectfnully ak leave
to report on my own behalf in favor of
the ordinance as first introdneed, subject
to any verbal changee which may be
deemed necessary by the triends of the
REeoNsTrlUC1 TroN,-,Tho following is
the lReconstrnct ioln bill as it passed the
hlouse of Represcnitatives on the 1Sth_
alt., yeas 104, nays 30 :
SEa:TION 1. Ile it enacted, That so
much of the 5th section of the act passed
lMarch 23rd, 1867, entitled "An act
supplementary to an act to provide for
the more eflicient goverment of the rebel
States," passed March 2,1867, and to
facilitate their restoration, as requires
that a majority of all registered voters
of that district shall be cast in favor ot
the ratification of the Constitution
before it become valid, be, and the same
is hereby so far mnodified that amajority
of the votes cast at an election for the
ratification or rejection of the Consti
tution, shall be considered valid and
confirming or rejecting said Consti
Sirc. 2. Be it fArtlher enacted, That the
several States which may be recon
structed under act of March 2, 1867,
and its supplements, may at time of
voting upon the ratification of the Con
stitution, vote also for members of Con
gress, who shall be entitled to take their
seats at the next session of Congress
after their several States shall have
been admitted into the Union, and
until a new apportionment election for
said members shall he according to
districts as they existed in 1858 and '59,
except whlen otherwise provided for,
and the same elective officers who make
the return of votes cast on the rati
fication or rejection of the Constitution
shall enumerate and certify to the votes
cast for members of Congress, and give
certificates of election to those whom
they may deem entitled thereto.
CoNvENT'rio.-Th-e Galveston News,
of December 20, says the registered vote
in Texas is 104,096. The white regis
tered vote 56,666! black, 47,430.White
In 1866, Throckmorton received for
Governor, 48,631 votes; and Pease re
ceived 12,051.
Allowing that Pease was somewhat
ahead of the Radical strength in that
election, it is still plain that his vote
then is a pretty good indication that the
Conservatives now--when the white
majority in the e Hate is only 9.2.30
conJuk not reasonably hope to defteat a
Convention by voting against it.
Itis suplposed that thie Illinois prairies
were once the bottom of a lake. Timber
is found buried thirty and forty feet
below the snrface--pine, cedar, hemlock,
and other varieties.
A young man generally gives a lop.k
of his hair to his sweetheart boibre lie
marries her After marriage she can
help herself-and use no scissors.
If the happy days of wedlock are call
ed the honeyimoon, why should not the
unhappy ones be styled lunar caustie?
. .. --- O 4 --- . .. .
--T'he New Orleans I'icayune, of the 2lth
ultimo, says, parties shilpping cotton to
that port should see that it is $hippemd
according to the requirements of the
law, or else they uaty get into trouble.
11enceforlh all the taxes to be collec
ted in that district will be taken up by
the officers in that district. Collectors
friom other districts will not be allowed
hereafter to receive money in New
Ot leans for taxes due upon cotton
shipped to that point.
The Maine palpers are comllaining of
dull times in that Siate. No vessels
are being built, hundreds of working
muel are olit of' employmlient, and nearly
all kinds of business at a stand still.
A WVestern minister, who didn't know
that $2t0) watches are never sold for two
doll:rs, is now loud in his (leniinciationi
of New York gifr. enterprises, and thinks
it. wicked to imuvc;t in thitem.
'The more manr icle men you have tlhet
f'ewer cusimes tiihere will be. Marriage
'reinders mlait virtollns anld lmore wise.
.\An unmarcried an,:i is but half of a
Iperfect beincg, and it requires the otlher
hall to make things right; and it cannot
I)e exlpected tlhat in this imlperfect state
lhe can keep the straight plth of
rectitude, any more thui am Imt with
one our, or a bird with one wing can
keep a straight co'urse.
The twenty second session of the
Louisiana Methodist. Eiscp:)al Confer
,ne closed on Modal:y, )eccmuher 1G, at
New O)rleans, Iishop 1. Paine presiding.
'The attendamnce was rather small,
many of the prmachhrs being straitened
in money nmatters, and utnable to py
traveling expenses. The, proceedings
of the conference were marked by
earmouy and good will. The next
session will be held at New Iberia.
The following is a list of the apoint
imerts for this district:
Shreceport .Disirict-B. F. Alexander,
Presiding Elder. Shreveport, B. S.
Txippett, Greenwood, S.B. Snrratt, J. L.
Chaipman, supeltnumerary; Keachi, W.
IItl. Moss. Masfiild, Johln Pipes;
Pleasant Hill, J. S. Laite; Manny
Mission, to be supplied; Springviile,
Jesse Fulton, J.C. Reid supernumerary;
Bayou Pierre, to be supplied; Pierce
and Paine College, J. S. Laine; Bible
agent and colored work, W. E. Doty.
What is the difference between a per
son who is transfixed with amazement
and a leopard's taill The one is rooted
to the spot--the other spotted to the
root. -
In the counties of Craven, Jones and
Kenair, North Carolina, great alarm is
experienced on acconnt of assaults com
mitted by armed blacks on nouoending
whites, and prompt measures are neces
sary to restore quiet and oonfidence.
There never was any party faction,
sect, or cabal, in which the most
ignorant were not the most violent.
The wife of James RIobb, of New Or.
leans, died in Washington on the 6th.
The Latent News.
YAsIIrrGiTON, Jan. 10.--Proceedings
in the Supreme Court are attracting in
tense interest. The impression that the
ltncl will decide adverse!y to the
constitutionality of the reconstruction
acts gains ground.
The Kentucky election case come up
in the House, and after three hours dis
cussion, Judge Trimble was sworn in.
The reconstruction committee had
their meeting this week; they are'toler
ably sure to report a new bill at an ear
ly day, in accordance with directions of
the resolutions introduced on Monday,
by Upson and Boutwiell.
The judgment of the Comlnittee is
fully settled that the work of reccoustrue
tion must be put more directly -iude
control of Gen. Grant. They are also
considering the proposition of Upson to
allow the removal of the present State
officers and the appointment of their
successors by the reconstruction conven
It is confidently stated that the radi
cals have agreed upon a bill requiring
two-thirds of the Supreme Court to con
cur before pronouuncing any act of Con
gress unconstitutional. In this connec
tion it is stated with equal confidence
that the pending questions, involving
the constitutionality of the reconstruc
tion acts, will be postponed until Con
gress takes the proposed action.
WASHINGTON, January 9.-Several
companies of soldiers have been sent
from this city to the Southern States
within the week to aid in preserving
order. It is done by order of General
In the House a petition was read from
the Alabama Constitutional Csuvention
praying for the removal of Gov. Patton
for political difficulties.
Morton called up his reoslution in
structing the Judiciary Committe to
renort a bill abrogating existing State
Governments in the rebel States, and
providing proper governments in lien
GALVESTON, Jan. 9.-A meeting of
the Republicans at Marshall, Texas, on
ihe 31st ult., was broken up by a mob,
and Judge Caldwell, the speaker, was
fired at several times. lie sought refuge
at post heatd-quarters. The dlisturbers
of the peace were arrested by the mili
tary authorities, and afterwards, under
Gen. Hancock's order, taken by the
civil authorities, and released on bail.
NASHVILLE, Jan. 9.-There was a riot
between the whites and blacks at Pulas
ki, in which two negroes were killed
anld five wounded, and one white man:
seriously hurt.
Nuw Oh'LEANS, January 4.-Ord
inance passed in the Convention fixing
a pcealty of 25 per cent. and 10 per cent,
at month for default of payment.
Article 14 of Constitution was adopt
ed, as follows:
The right enumerated in this title
shall not be construed to limit other
rights of the people not herin expressed.
Articles 15,16,17, and 18 defite quali
lications of the State Legislature, the
length of its term, its place of meeting,
NEw ORLTE.ANs, .Ian. 9.-Trinehant,
colored, introduced a resolutien that a
coimnittee of five be appointed to wait
on the Conmmamnnlinlg General, elntreatinig
ihimm to issue an order in relation to the
collection of the Convention tax. Lies
R. J. Cromwell, black, introduced a
resoluticu to be interpolated in the con
stitution as one of the articles, that all
persons born or naturalized within the
United States, except those who have
taken an oath to support tile constitu
tion of the Confederate States, and who
have resided in the State one year, and
in the parish six montlis, shall be euti
tiled to vote; none of these disabilities to
be removed by the Legislature until
1888. Convention adjourued without
The tollowing was adopted as part of
article 48 of the Constitution
No person shall ihe eligible to the office
of Governor or Lieutennnt Governor
who is not a citizen of the United
States, and a resident of this State two
years next preceding his election; nor
shall any person be eligible to either
ottice who has not attained the age of
twenty-"one years.
The term of oftice is four years.
AnT. 50. The governor shall be inel
igible for the succeeding four years af
ter the expiration of the time for which
he shall have been elected.
ATl'. 51. The governor shall enter on
the discharge of his duties on the 2nd
Modday in Jan. ncxt ensuing hiselection,
and shall contimione in office until the
Monday next succeeding the lday that
hi.s successor shall be declared duly elec
ted, and shall have taken the oath or
affirnmation required by the Constitution.
A IT. 56. The governor shall receive
a salary of eight thousand dollars per
annum, payable quarterly on his own
ART. 69. There shall be a treasurer
of the State and an auditor of public
acconuls, who shall hold their respective
offices during the term of four years.
At the first election unlder this Consti
tutiomf. the treasurer shall be elected for
two years.
ART. 71. The treasurer and the au
ditor shall receive a salary of five thon
sand dollars per annum each. The sec
retary of State shall receive a salary of
three thousand dollars per annum.
Snider, of De Soto, offered a resola
tion declaring the present State govern
ment an impediment to reconstruction,
and calling upon Congress to establish a
temmporar- civil government.
Judge Cooley thought, if the matter
were thoroughly sifted, perhaps the
convention would be found the greatest
existing impediment to reconstruction.
If it had gone to work and framed a
Constitution in fifteen dayus the State
could have almost been-in the Union by
this time.
Upon motion of Pinchbeck, colored,
the reeolnution was laid on the t;able.
The R~aiojls of Tennessee talk of
building a mgansion or Brownlow. His
hther, the Devil has one ready for bli
- xCl protected from the qgld,
k foreign journal announces that the
railway from Paris to Strasburg has
znow three-story cars, for the first,
second and thiad class passengers.
Price of a negro snpremacy constitu
tion-Ten dollars a day and twenty
cents mileage, with a heavy scent.
The Russian possessions just ceded to
us cover 370,0000,000 acres, seventeen
times the size of Maine.
The interest of the national debt is
about two thousand dollars-day and
night-the year round.
Sumner says he wouldn't trust the
President alone for an hour. Sumner
will not trust nobody, not even his own
Sixty-four million miles of thread are
made in ten hours in Great Britain.
A Western paper says that the
Cheyenne Indians have only killed three
men since signing the late treaty and
that was only to try the new guns
presented to them by the Commissioners.
A member of the Virginia "recon
struct ion convention has offered a reso
lution that "the property known as the
Virginia Military Institute ought to be
The resolutions of the Ohio Demo
cratic State Convention oppose negro
suffrage and urge the taxation of bonds
and their payment in greenbacks.
New Orleans Mlarket.
New Orleans, January L0, 1868
Corron--Ordinary. ............a1212 tc '~ tb
Good Ordinary......133 (I 3)c
Low middling .......... J414; 14c.
Middling [email protected]
Mo.rarr--Gold. .......... ....135i t36
Silver.......... ...... 127139
SUoAR...........4............ [email protected]
M Or.ASSRs, Choice............60an2c 4 gallon
Fi.oux .................... [email protected]$14 50 per bbl.
CoR. ................. ....... 1$l5 l 9 bushel.
OATS................... 8.......3c ' bushel.
IA............................ $2..... 9 ton.
Posx, Mess... .......... na$20 50 pr bbl.
BAcoN-Cienr sides............. 15ca20c. V lb.
Ribbed sid.'s.............. 14c.
Shou:d rs.............. ..10l1 lc.
hnams (sugar cured,)..... .15(l 20e.
InrA BAoI .....................3c. '9 yard.
BALE ROPE.. ....................10c. pr lb.
Coca OR DW'RIn:T-PinAolsO DNs NArTuTOCurrIocs.
Selina II. Snead,
cont.-e No. 7213.
Estes 'V\hitted, son mari.
uans ce cas, on raison de la loi, et 'evidence
Etaut en faveur de la demanderesse dans le
proc~s ci-dessus, it est ordonnue. ad.5uge, et decretd,
que la demanderesee, Selinar I. Snead sit et re
cuvre du defendant, Este:, lhi.ted, la somme de
i'rois Mille. Cinq Cent Quatre vingt r.euf piatres,
et uente deux sons avec les interdis sur cette
sommne a raison de cinq pour cent. par an i partir
du 20me jour do Novemnbre, 1867; jusqatl'L parfait
paiement, et que l'hypotheque legalo de la deman
derese suit reconnue sur la propriete immobilidre
du deifrudant afin do guarantir le paiement de la
dite somme aiusi qu'il suitL Le dit hypothdque
ntffc taut In dite propriged di defendant le ler jour de
.luilet, 1 848, pour guarantir la sommo de Dixscpt
Cent Cinqaante Piastres, reques par le Difendaut
ai ectte date. Le ler Mars, Icll, pour guarautir
In samnme de l'roit Cents Piustrcs, recues par le
defe.ndant it cette dd toe Le 10 Juillet, 18533, pour
guarautir la somme do Quatre Cents Priutres,
rc'u s par le defendant 9t cette date. Le Icr
Septmrubrc. :. 59, pur guarantir Cent Piastrea.
re-nues par le dlfau.l;aut iit ctte date. Lclcr Jan
vier, :856, ponr guarentir Cinquante Piastres,
rea;uer par le dtfendant It cette date. Le lcr Mai,
18CO. pour guranllir Cent I'iastres, re:uces par le
defendant it cotte date. Lo Ice No oenmbre, 1865
pour guarantir Cent I'estres, reoue; par le defen
daut coet le date. Le 20 Aoit, I1866, pour gnar
antir Quatrexingt Cinq Piastres. requeo par le
difrndant it cette date. I.e ler Avril, 1867, pour
guarantir Ctnquante Piastres, rer6ues par lec deofen
dant t cette date. Le lcr Octobre, 18GG6, pour
guarantir Cent Pia-tres. recurs par lc difcndant &
rette date. E. le ler l)'nc bre, 1865, pour guar
antir Ctnq Cent Cinquantc Quatre Piastres, reques
par le dilendant it la dernitre date menticonne, avec
autorization it la demadleresse de saisir ct de
vendre la dite propriiud inmmobilitre au6n de satis
faire cc Jugement- Ii est do plus erdour., adjug.,
et decrete. aue le conlunnnuti d'acquets et de
gains uattrefots esis'ant entre la dlemanleresse.
Sl.hna II. Snead, et le defendant, Estes Whitted.
son mari soilt, et est par ces prserLtte t dissoute. que
la dnnmanderesse reprenne Iladministration do an
nroprietd .sparec et qu'eile nit le droit d'administrer
sa dite propriate scarde sans I'intervention on le
ccntrole de son mart. et quo le defendant ait a
payer lks frais de cc proces.
Fait at signa in p!cine Cour. cc lime jour de
Idcembre, 1867.
ISigu.]j W B. LEWIS.
Joue de Ditric'.
e ctertific par ces pr.ientcs qu e e qui est ci
J desus cst une copie fucle et corrcete du
Jugement original duns Ic poces ci-dessus designe,
en numerautld n liaase, et enregistra dues mon
En fi de quoi. J'ai'appose le sceau de la Cour du
9me District, ii Vatchitoclhes, cc 9me jour de
Janvier, 1868.
jan 1 G. 5t Greflior.
DxsTRmer COURT-PaRmsn or NATCHtrocls.
Jams 31. Elliott
vs . No. 6987
Madison Mobley and T. IT. Hamilton.
I y virtus ol a writ of lieri facsas issued by the
S. Honorable District Court, in and for the
parish of _Natchitoches, and to me directed in the
above entitled and numbered suit, I have seized
and will offer for sale to the last and highest bid
der, on
Satnwday. 1st day of Febrauary, 1868,
within the usual hours of sale, at the Saw-Mill
of Mobley & lHamilton. near tspringville, in this
parish, the following described property, seized as
the p.:operiv of the defendants, to-wit:
ThL; ty thounind (30,C00) feet of square Lum
ber, (assortecl.)
TlRMS OF sAr. :
Cash-with the benefit of appraisement.
January 16. 1868. Sheriff.
James M. Elliott,
contre No. 6987
Madison Moblev et T. R. Hamilton.
(i'n verto c' un writ de fi. fa, tmis par l'Honora
E' ble Cour de District dam et por la Paroisse
des Natchitoches et & moi addresea dans e proces
c-desuas nomme et nunarote, J at sait et offriraid
en vente an phss hautt dernietr encberaur
Samredt, es ler luar de Fevrier, 1888.
entre lee beres ordinaives de venbe, an momlina
sio de dMobley at Hamilton, prat de Springrille,
dens cette Paroiese oi Is proprhat ei.spre d&rite
et saisie conmam Mtast L propriati des dfuodaents,
savior ;
Trente MUlle (30,000.) pieda de boil carn.
Jaurier 16,1863. Sberif.
Selina Hi. Snead,
vs. )- No. 7203.
Estes Whitted, her husband.
1u this case, by rcason of the law and evidence in
I favor of the Plaintiff. on the trial, it is heaeby
ordered, adjudged and decreed t.ishnahaa.. .i,
elinas H. Snend, do recover, from tho litbdk ant,
hEtes Whitted, the sum ofr T1 *ive
H ucdred and Eighty-nine 32-Q Xli i five
º per cent. per annum irterest thee e eoth
4a of NIovember,1867, till" i
tiff's legal mortgage be recognieon
all the immovable nroperty of r
said sums as follows; said moagan. afting
said property of Defendant. On thelat day of
July, its48. to secure the sum of' q ua
dred anti Fifty Dollars, rece.ved-by ' t
on that date. On the Istof el e41r
cure Three Hundred Dollars, b
dant on that date. On the 0lOt 1fd 8t ,to
secure Four HIundred Dollard, r*ieif~ t i -
aot on that date. On thel st of
to secure One Hundred DIollars, rddei
Defendant on that date. On .the lt ol
ary, 1856, to secure Fifty Dollars 'b
feudant on that date. On thie lai'b s,
Sto secure One Hundred Dollars iaehive d
Sdant on that date On the let of `.o
1856, to secure One Hundred Dol00h:avd by
Defendant on that date. On thei tftaPu` a l6.
1t66, re secure Eighty-Five-DoHlla eio y
Defendant on that date. On the 12stdf 9
1867, to secure Fifty Dollars re .
ant on that date. On the st of. ,1866, to
secure One aundred Dollars ei' the Do
t fendant on that date. Andton t'he'i -f' Tn.
her, 1865, to secure Five Hundred ad Fifty-four
Dollars received by the Delengpat og the last men
tioned date, with leave to plaintiff 4 seizean t4ell
said immovable property to satisfy.thl4drý,A nt.
• It is turther ordered, adjudged and qd ~j tat
the community of acqucts and gaaige tJtn-j
tfeeno the Plaintiff, Selina H. Snead; d t. ,e;De
fendant, Estes Whitted, her husband, bi, iid the
same is hereby dissolved; that the. Defendant do
resume the administration of her serat property,
and that she have the right to adn nlhstr the ame
free from the control or administrati~ bf her said
husband, and that the Defendant do pay th6oi bs
of this cuit. -
Done and signed in open Court, a $ .la1th
day of December, 1867. . ,-. .
(Signed.) W. R. LEWIS,
District Judge.
I certify the above to be a correct and truecopy
I of the original Judgment in the above entitled
and numbered suit on file and of reccrdjn my office.
I testimony whereof, witness my head uana = of.
ficicl seal at Natchitoches, this 9th day o3'January,
1808. A. . HAMILTONf "
jan 16, 5t Clerk.
Louisiana M. Brown,
Edward S. Turner, her hnusband. '
In this case, by reason of the law and 1vidence in
favor of the Plaindtiffon trial, it ~ls ,oxlg d,
adjudged and decreed, that the PlaintiffL'ogiaaai a
M. Brown, do recover of the Defendant, l"*^Il
S. Turner. her husband, the following property :
The Paraphernal property of the Plaintfff, anw in
possession of the Defendant, viz: One Bed' and
Bedding. It is further ordered, adjndgad'ahd de
erred, that the l'laintiff do recover from thq e-"
fondant, the sum of Seventeen Hundred and tlifty
Sfive Dollars, with five per cent. per annuua.interest
thereon from the date of this Judgment until paid;
that the legal mortgage in favor of Plaintiff be
recognized as existing upon all the immyv be:
property of the Defendant, aff ctiug sai.Jimro .
ble property on the following dhates, securing the
following amounts : On the Ist day of Septe-m.
' her, 1859, securing the sum of Two Hun I1ed and
STwenty-five I)llars. On the 8th of January,.
I86O, securing the sum of Eight llundred. aid
Fifty Dollars. On the 18th of February, I~ilv,
r securing the sum of 'l'hree Hundred and'l'wently
five Dollars. On the Ist of July, 1862, cc ring
tfhesum of Two Hundred Dollars; and oil the 1,t
of January, 1866, securinu the sum of One Mlltn
dred and Fifty Dollars. Said anotnnts being re
ceived by the Defend not at said dates, and tie
Paraphtrnal funds of Plaintiff, fand that Plaintiff
have the right to seize and sell said immnovable
property of Defendant to satisfy this .rudgsnto;
and it is further ord -red, adjnd ;d anid de .reed,
that there be a separation of property between
Plaintiff and efenidant; that the community of
ocquets and gains, existing between them be, and
the stme is hereby, dissolved; anl that the lWitntiff
have the riglht to administer her separate prolierit
free from the control and interference of her sadt
husband, and that the Defendant do pay the costs
of this suit.
Done and signed in op -n Court on this 11t. day
of December, 1867.
(Signed.) W. R. LEWY"
ID)istrict Judge,.
certify the shabove to be a correct and true-c.fy
Sof the original Judgment in the above entitled
and numbered suit on file and of record in my
In testimony whereof, witness my hand and of
ficial seal, at Natchitoches, this 9th day of Jan
nary, 1868.
Jan 16-5t (1 rk.
Louisiana hi. Brown,
conre No. 7174.
e Edonard S. Turner, son mari.
l'ans cc cas en raison de a ioi, et I'evidenoe
L Stunt en faveur de la demanderesses, dans
Sle procs ciddesus, ii est ordonni, adjugh et deerate,
a qne ls demanderesse, Louisiana hi. Brown, lsit et
re·onvre do l)efendant, -Edonard S* Tcrner, son
mari, la propriktt suivante, la pIroprieta parapher
nal, de la demanderasse, et slant dans Ia possession
Sdu Defendant, savior: Un Lit, et linge de Lit. ii
est de plus ordonni, adjuga et decreae, que is de
manderese ait et reconvre du Defendant sla somme
Sde Dixsept Cent Cinquante-cinoq Piastres, avee leg
Sinttretu A raison deemq pour cent. 'an sur ha dite
somme de la date de co Jugement, jusqu'au plarfait
Spalement, que lhlypotheque legale do Ia dea de
resse, soit reconnue conme existant sir toute Ia
Spropriatt immobilmere du Defendant, affectant sla
dite propriete immobiliere aux dates salvatear asia
de goarantir les somma snivateas: Le ler jour d
Septembre, 1859, guarantissant la somme de Deux
SCent Vingt-cinq Piartes. Ie8 Jaonvier, 1860,
assurant la somme de Huit Cent Cinqusate Pis
Stres. Ie 18 Fevrier, 1861, assurant Is somme
Sde Trois Cent VingtCinq iastrea. Le let Jail
let, 1862. assurant la somme de Deux Cent Pissa
tre; et le let Jauvier, 1866, assrtant i somme de
Cent Cinquante Pisatres leesdites some syaut at
requs par le D~tendant aux dites dates, et les fonds
parephernaux de Ia Demanderesme, et quae Is De
manderesse ait le droit de gisir et de vendre I.
dite propriat immubili~ore du Dfeudat ao de
satifasire ce Jugemenot. 11 eat d plu ordnlonnt,
adjugs et decrfet, qa'il y sit sepmatio deblem
entre ls Demsnderase et le DOeadset qua a con
munaut ds) bies uatrefois eaimate msit, et eat
psrcos prasentaddimute; et qo Is Doinuesa
asit le droit d'sldnioitrar as popridE dprae mea
e lecoatrole eo I'iaterventio de mn dit mai; et que
s Ie Defendant sit 6 payer lea frai dc ma proes.
i Fait t sign, c pleine omr ea lime jour de
Deceambre, 1867.
S (signaa) W. B. LZWT s,
SJugs de District
J a.ertik. Om e qni ,,d mma st u.n.a~I.
,le prteeot ci-dase ntentitooa t tmers t aM ma
et emaregistr dasn men oee.
S1 aid qoi, Jais ms sigmase it
eppoa le acua d Conr ce mJ aa-em fanvier,
1868. A. O. RA ILTON,
jan :, St Unrcr.

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